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Episode 435 Scott Adams: The “Nearly News” Headlines

2019-03-02 | 🔗


  • Examples of currently circulating propaganda and fake news BS
    • Otto Warmbier, Jared Kushner, Anderson Cooper, AOC,
    • Michael Cohen, pending Mueller report, Sean Hannity,
  • “Hindcasting” is creating a model that fits past data
    • The model will easily apply to the first few future decades
    • Beyond that, not so much
  • Why hasn’t the media covered the enormous potential of Gen IV?
    • Gen IV nuclear power is safe and our only real option
    • We should pursue Gen IV whether or not climate change is real
  • DOE has approved and is currently testing Gen IV nuclear power
    • President Trump should take credit he deserves for this
  • Elon Musk agrees that we should pursue Gen IV
    • Everyone qualified to have an opinion, seems to agree on Gen IV

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