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Episode 436 Scott Adams: Free Speech on Campus, a Patreon Replacement, Trump’s Speech, Healthcare

2019-03-03 | 🔗


  • President Trump is running on a platform of FREE SPEECH for all
  • Patreon alternative option: WhenHub/Interface app DONATE function
  • CNN Chris Cillizza reports “epically bad week” for President Trump
    • Exculpatory information was especially bad, but not for POTUS
  • Low Cost Healthcare – Whiteboard discussion
  • President Trump’s 2 hour CPAC speech was impressive
    • Half the job of persuasion…is getting attention
    • Nobody has ever been better at it than President Trump
    • Visual and “a little bit wrong” give it the sticky value
  • Imagine Joe Biden compared to President Trump
  • Imagine Bernie on stage with President Trump
    • The dried out dandelion versus the flame of energy, sizzle

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everybody in here it's time for coffee adams possibly the best part of your day i don't like to ruin the rest of your day but this might be the best part because it involves coffee or your favorite beverage it involves the simultaneous zip it involves all of you what could be better now if you would grab your cup your mugur stein you're jealous your thermas if you will i hope it's filled with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me for the simultaneous sip
good stuff so how many of you saw the president's speech at sea back i did not watch all of it but i saw lots of clips i saw all the good part and then i saw what people said about it predictably the people who do not like the president said well that's a wild disjointed too crazy thing the me nothing and the people who would like the president even the people who were sort of in the middle said to themselves oh i think i just see the future you know what the future looks like the future looks like that guy you saw the sea the one hugging the american flag the one doing two hours of impeccable stand up riffing for two hours on all of his grey
this hurts owning the audience capturing the headlines bringing energy humor vision you know introduces his new idea for limiting i'm going to college is based on whether they support free speech can you believe this president is going to be running for reelection on a platform of free speech just think about that just just for a moment because the news just sort of mentions it moves on but just think of the enormity of that he is running on a platform of free speech oh my god now who would have thought that was even going to be an opportunity who would have imagined they are running president on a platform of freedom of speech
would even be a saying that it even be necessary so we don't know yet what the president has in mind for his executive porter but just the fact that he's talking about it is politically insanely good you know powerful in also useful that's what you know people always tell me that these they're afraid of the slippery slope you know the slippery slope if things start going in one direction they're just going to keep going and i always say the same thing the slippery slope is an illusion because everything in reality go until there's a reason for it to stop if there is no reason for it to stop one always presents itself because people
like things going forever in the same direction if it's setting in a bad direction so you just watched the slippery slope go pump i think the slippery slope just had a brick wall did it not because you were thinking to yourself man this is a slippery slope you know they're banning a conservative ok you know maybe that can serve if you can understand because they were they were not just being conservative they were being outrageous in a way that that even you know everybody a little offended by it and then you say well that was just that one person though and then there's another one you say two oh my god well but it was just two when they were both pretty outrageous and then there's another one and then there's another one and suddenly you say to be yourself i think there's a slippery slope it feels like free speech is actually
like literally under attack and then something changes the slippery slope is not a real thing it is loosely an illusion is an illusion because we're afraid that israel if we're not yeah it was real we might not act but you see the president acting so that slippery slope just came to a screeching end not it didn't fix all the issues of freeze each you know certainly one to one the way we treat each other is still a big problem if you can't wear a t shirt in public because as an unpopular slogan on it that's a problem but this college censorship thing was a bigger one you know more more central to free speech if you will and it looks like the slippery slope just stopped as it always does
there's always a competing force that rises up let me give you another example you you know that there were platforms that have been de funding conservatives and you say to yourself my god if they keep you know i'm not the funding but well also defined a but if they keep dave platforming conservatives the slippery slope it'll get worse and worse and then patrion started dropping people for things they have done not even on the platform so is that a slippery slope in which conservatives will all be d platformed and cannot get the funding for what they're doing well it would be except forces jump up to stop the slippery slope as luck would have it and this is completely coincidental but my company is app
just released a replacement for patriotic so patrion decided in order to stab conservatives in the back and it looked like the stabbing was just going to go on forever but the way the world works is that counter forces rise and so we did the i won't call it because our original app still does the same thing which is you can call call an expert on any topic if that expertise online and you can pay for their time based on whatever rate they give you but we've added the law just show you an example you can grab go to an expert now these experts don't have to be online these are the these people have signed up at one time or another so that their profiles are in the system so let's say i wanted to give a donation to carpet buncombe
we know carpe carpe dumped the that's the twitter handle for woman who does a lot of the memes that you enjoy all right so let's say you wanted to give him a donation the same way you would do patrie on but you don't want to use bleach on so you can use the interface by one how about it's a free app you just sign up you download i didn't sign up and then you would just go to the search box it's the first thing that comes up i'll just put in car pay two two and he pops up in the list in the search list he's right at the top so here he is you can see it took him probably sixty seconds to upload a picture and then write a couple of sentences about who he is right now if i didn't already know him i wouldn't for sure this was really his account so you might
make sure that you're really donating to a real person so if you've seen it on twitter that they have this or they mentioned on the website that would be a little safer i'm just assuming you know the person but you can make a donation or if you were online you could connect with him to talk live alright he's not online right now and if he had a schedule he could put a schedule of when he's available you could book him but he doesn't have that active right now but he does have but in here and everybody has that so here you starts at a dollar but you can click more let's say i'll give him two dollars yeah this is the future that we just added it's hard to say let me change the see if i can change the lighting on here to make it easier to read
this little easier right so now i just set it for two dollars and i'm going to click either one time or recurring if i click recurring then every month i'll be charged until i turn it off so i can just turn it off the app as well so i'm going to say recurring monthly so this is just what a patriotic does the same function and then i'm to say say your well let me say i'll just put a little note there is a just say hi for now and put my little note yet the pay button it asks for my fingerprints so i'm just put my thumb on there and alright so i just made a donation to the best
server the meme maker in the world right now and by the way president trump retweeted carpet on tom's meme recently you probably saw that so that's that is the the option now so you see that every time there's a slippery slope there are counter forces that usually the free market kicks up or politics kicks up in the case of president trump to counter it now anybody who wants to be on the app can just sign up takes about sixty seconds put your photo there put your price you don't even have to be available for calls you can just put your profile there then anybody can donate to you were
nothing i don't have an update on this i think in the next few days we could be adding a button that you can add to your web page or add to your profile so there's somebody sees on twitter for example that you had this you just click the link and it will take you right to the app by the way the app exists as a browser page well so it works on apple it works like google it works on any kind of browser alright let us go up i saw that cnn is reporting that this week was a what they call it a uh it was an epically bad week this is chris cillizza does article his opinion
on cnn's website that it was an epically bad week for the president and i read the headline i thought did i miss something is there something epically bad that happened that i missed and so i look at his list of epically bad things number one was the kohen testimony and i thought to myself was it epically bad the collusion has just been eliminated from the headlines and that all we learned was stuff we knew before it was the most nothing of it i mean for me it just looked exculpatory to the point where it embarrassed of the media who has been talking about all of these alleged crimes for for two and a half years or whatever so i thought well that's
pretty hard to turn that into a negative but they did the other negative in his epically bad week was that he didn't get to complete the nuclear is ation of the korean peninsula to which i say wait a minute isn't he deman isn't the president demonstrating right in front of the world how to turn an enemy into a frenemy or at least maybe an ally or even an investment partner present eliminated the nuclear risk in north korea and that's called a bad week what would a good week look like at how hard would he have to work to have a good week come on that was one of the best weeks of any president ever the fact that it
come get some specific little goal related result shows you again that difference between i speculate this by the way this is not a scientific statement but i speculate that one of the differences between the left and the right politically is that the left is goal oriented so they went in thinking he's got to get this specific result is gonna get complete denuclearization in this meeting that's the goal and then it didn't happen so the goal was not met conservatives especially in the trump world seemed to be systems oriented meaning that they have a good system in place do you have a constitution your capitalism is working you've got a rule of law he systems and so when they watch the president go to this meeting they say all this is a hundred year plan to make sure that north korea you know stays on the path from more let me
too good buddy with a good economy there's no reason to have to happen tuesday there's just no reason because the system is working the system in this case is to have a purse relationship with the leader convince them what the future could look like work on all the details have a have an open line of communication set up some teams to talk to them on a regular basis what will move a little bit at a time with with south korea until until the odds of a nuclear war slowly go down to zero
so and then the other things that they mentioned about trump's epically bad week is up to felix seder apparently some sketchy russian russian character who was had dealings with both trump and of course everybody over there who has more than a hundred dollars is connected to the kremlin and so and so solutions says the trump had an epically bad week in part because felix sailor is going to testify next week so who who i didn't say that wrong so solutions list of why this week was an epically bad week
is because next week somebody is going to testify and probably will have as much to say as cohen which is interesting but not really illegal and not really news so if that's all you got if all you got for your epically bad week is two things that went great and something that might happen next week anyway yeah i always cough in the morning i'm full of allergies until i take my allergy meds after i do these periscopes all so also in the news a tragic story that hit a little harder than it hit most of you probably you probably saw in the headlines that the founder of square one of the co founders doty
died suddenly at age thirty five the reported cause is related to addiction we don't know the details but when a thirty five year old dies from addiction i'm thinking opioids my assumption i don't want to get ahead of the story because you know today's more more the day you think about the the family in the the departed but it's
it it's i i don't think we can ignore you know the immensity of the problem and so this this gets me to another topic which is how do you get and all connect these dots of a minute but this this makes me makes me think about the healthcare costs and how close we are to a low cost healthcare solutions we'll give you a sense of this just by breaking it down this way if you look at the components of health care from your doctors and your nurses you medicine your lab test your supplies in your home or office m arise being just a stand in for scanning the body in a variety of ways all of these have big changes happening right now that should lower the cost if everything went
right i talked about my app interface by win hub we're adding some doctors on there in the tie into the story about tristan tear is that most of you know i lost my step son in a few months ago to an opioid overdose it and one of the things i learned in that process of you know the i guess i would call it the slow inevitable death of my own stepson is that one of the biggest issues is finding somebody to talk too when you have the urge to use and apparently alex will tell you that it's it's very it's it's very hard to find somebody at the moment you need the most in other words a sponsor somebody to talk to an expert a therapist when you need them because when you need it it's kind of
critical right 'cause when you want to use you want to use right now you don't want to make an appointment for next week and so one of the functions of the interface by win hub app yes i'll give you an example if you put in addiction uh you'll see a list of people who are experts on addiction among them see if doctors drew still in here i noticed that doctor drew had signed up it yeah pinsky md now he's not online right now but he has a profile setup and should there be enough customers and enough demand you would be able to actually
get a hold of doctor drew himself you know if you were look if you were live on the operating and imagine the mention the benefits i'll be able to reach for your and talk to somebody and you're not everybody is going to be a doctor drew level expense but obviously if you're the founder of square you could do you could have to talk to somebody who really really knows what they're doing here but just talking to somebody who's been through it somebody who's had the same issues and by the way this would work for ptsd as well if lot of people with ptsd just sort of need to talk to somebody who also has been through the same situation so i map of course is not a full replacement for alive therapist alive doctor or life sponsor but if you need it quickly you need it and so this gives you the promise of
lowering the costs of the doctor visits or even not having to have insurance in if you need it you just get your doctor advice when you need it i imagine there will be more apps for nurses because they're probably all there's probably always off dirt often the nurse somewhere in your neighborhood who would come to you if you just you know call up your rap and say i need something looked at her bandaged or you know something like that i need to get a something like that so i don't know of any apps that do that have a nurse come to your house but it makes sense that that that will emerge if it doesn't exist that already well and it probably exists by the way i assume it does exist i just don't well it is yeah and you'll see the cost of meds problem
give some downward pressure you see that the trump administration has enough for now to speed generics now apparently the the the economic rule that they've discovered is that of the price of medicine doesn't go down a lot until the third generic i can't remember if it's the second generic in addition to the original or if it's the third generic but something like that you have to get in addition generic in the market before they compete in the prices go down so the administration has sped up the approval of generics which should have an impact on drug prices we also know that amazon is part of the triumvirate with jp morgan chase and the other company is an apple i can't remember who
third company but you know what i'm talking about so they'll probably have an impact on negotiating power of berkshire hathaway right so berkshire hathaway amazon jp morgan chase they will probably have some impact on drug prices so that's good news there are number of startups ups they're looking to lower the price of lab tests so you wouldn't need to go through your
spittle your normal doctor process there there would be an expedited quick low cost way to do it because technology is allowed to the the price of this to go away now supplies we're probably at the place where you can three d print a lot of your supplies or you could have amazon deliver them at what will probably be at a lower cost in the future and then there are number of startups who were working on things like mri eyes and scanners things that would you know look at your body find out what's wrong and you could have apparently artificial intelligence is all eddie better at reading scans than humans if you're trying to detect detect cancer for example you'd be better off having the ai look at your scans then you would having a human being
so these are all the things that are happening right now so the it now if you took this collection of stuff and you added on top of that a catastrophic healthcare insurance so the the expensive stuff when you have to go and get an operation work is and of life situation that that sort of thing
so if the only insurance you needed theoretically was maybe a little insurance for your meds and some catastrophic insurance and they just pay cash for the rest or you pay a monthly you know direct care doctor situation you can see that there probably is opening up what i would call the poor man's health insurance so the poor man's health insurance basically takes advantage of the the new trends the you know the apps the low cost of the the tests the the start up developed stuff and with that some catastrophic insurance which wouldn't be much because it's just the catastrophic
art um so we probably are on the cusp of having something like a poor person option poor meaning you know they'll say a twenty something who doesn't make a lot of money yet so in my yeah they don't have to be suffering they just have to not have high income yet
so this is all good news and if you would like to help make this happen anything you can do to use or promote the interface by when her backup should make a difference for addicts who need to find a sponsor somebody talked you should make a difference for healthcare if this type of thing catches on we're not we're not the only people in the tele health market that's a it's a big burgeoning market anyway let's change the topic of him getting into conversations on twitter about president trump's quoted in joke about russia he russia if you have hillary's emails can be released and people are talking about whether he was really asking them
to do it or was it a joke and i of course have been saying you couldn't tell that was a joke and then other people who say oh sure it was a joke but he really was also asking so maybe it was a joke but that doesn't change the fact he actually literally asked russia to help him win an election to which i say what does it mean to ask for something that everybody wants so in other words if i say to you i want oxygen what's your reaction to that i want oxygen yeah i think everybody should have oxygen you'd say i think scott you've said absolutely nothing because every person degrees with that everybody wants
oxygen he didn't even need to sign up it was unnecessary to say you like oxygen could we pretty much knew that we all are on the same page with the oxygen so when a candidate says any version of i sure would like it if my opponent were embarrassed by a release of their information have you really said anything is there anybody who wouldn't be happy to see their opponents embarrassing information be revealed in the context of an election no there's nobody who one doesn't want that to happen the joke is that he said it it's the same here in public in in in in the way she said it which is the funny part no no some of my critics at sure but what about the next time he said
'cause he didn't just say it that one time i guess he said in an interview where he was in a less joking mood to which i say again is it news if i say i like oxygen is shouldn't because you probably should have figured that out on your own so is it news that a candidate once russia or anybody else wouldn't matter who it was uh would like them to release any embarrassing information on your opponent that they have of course you want that anybody who says they don't want that would just be a transparent layer it would be like some it would be like me saying you know i don't like oxygen i don't like it
alright so i see some of you still having some afterglow from the president's speech that you like so much of his supporters liked it his critics hated it per usual and one of the things you should know is he was talking to a young crowd and you saw how the present adjusted his approach to the audience they were sort of a a young edgy crowd and he you know he uses he said bullshit twice which of a lot of because it was inappropriate which is why they loved it he hugged the flag you know he went through all of his best jokes ah so he put on quite a show now i don't know if this if this transformation has yet happened but
do you remember early on in the twenty fifteen two thousand and sixteen the big the big complaint about trump is that he was just a reality star that he was just an entertainer essentially
and if people dismiss them for being a reality tv star you don't hear that as much do you because when you watch this speech as c back you probably set yourself something like i said to myself which is this is a man who understands this medium like crazy the e understands that better than it has ever been understood by a candidate now i would say that reagan was also you know a genius in terms of the the communications element of it but he was in a different time right reagan didn't have the internet he was sort of a tv personality trump is all of that plus a lot more because he's got the the social media and under
down and use the best social media user of all time i would say i think that just clearly true in my opinion an we watch how he uses entertainment as a political tool now if all you thought was well this is a political realm and he's an entertainer so those are not the same thing so he's out i own peg in a square hole well that wasn't stupid near where it wasn't ridiculous to say he's not bringing the right kind of skill that we accept that we expect could be useful and you may remember that from the very beginning i was saying i think i think they're seeing this wrong because if you're trying to persuade at least half of the job of persuading is getting attention if you can if you can't get attention
there's nothing else that matters so he gets attention better than anybody ever has i would say and then he puts his messages and simple in a bowl memorable provocative frames that become a permanent part of your head so the two parts of persuasion getting your attention the best there's ever been nobody has ever been better and i feel confident in saying that certainly in the political realm no one's ever been better than getting attention than he does that he is so that's half of persuasion the other half is are you visual or your provocative so that people remember it has to be a little bit wrong for people to remember it he does
a little bit wrong so consistently well that it's crazy this is crazy how consistently he gives you a thought this just a little little attenuated from what you thought was normal just a little extra every time you know it's never it's never just here's your cake it's always cake with and here's the ice cream on top there's always a little extra and so what is the best there's ever been at that now when you watch to see packed speech and nick gillespie wrote a great article i tweeted on this in for a reason reason being the publication that when you see him
do i would say to the mature president version of himself because before he was the non president trying to become the president that's a whole different feel but net but you saw his confidence do you see how much confidence he had at that see packs huge it was crazy he was so relaxed and confident that the you just feel that you feel the confidence and it feels good so if you imagine the best democrat in the race whoever you think that's going to be just do this and do this funny mental exercise yeah imagine this the future it's twenty twenty and we're having some debates and we're down to the final two so two got trump he's one of them and the other is you can you can cycle through whichever the faces of the democrats you think is your best choice
and it's joe biden oh my god joe biden just disappears does lee the contrast between them but let me put it this way if you took if you started with donald trump and then you said here are all the qualities of trump our one by one like like a jenga game we're going to remove trump's best qualities floyd okay we'll take it out you know this this is persuasion his you know his current as well we'll take out his sense of humor and everything once you've removed all of that what would you have left joe biden if you took everything that was good
play from trump what would be left would be joe biden there's no way that that match up could possibly be a winner for the democrats if you put trump next to bernie and here's another reason here's mental exercise for you imagine trump and bernie on stage and now do a sort of an imagination exercise where you say what do you think of when you think of trump that's not a person write an object or an event or a you know
thing you want is the thing or other thing you think of when you see trump and what's the thing you think of when you see bernie when i see trump i think of a flame w as it is energy and it's orange and as well and it's red hot is flaming when you see trump you almost see a flame looks like a fireplace right that's that's drop now move over on the stage and imagine burning when i see bernie i always imagine a dandelion in its final days i want to underline turns into one of those i don't know what they're called when they just have wisps of white stuff that you can blow away like that don't you see it now you see a flame point enerji heat life and then you see
this little this this tired little worn out dandelion we can go right down the line elizabeth warren disappears now kamala harris she is probably the best they have but she only looks good to the other democrats as soon as you imagine on stage isn't she just heller hillary clinton she's just sort of hillary clinton is missing and it's just gonna look like you seen this before so i believe she'll probably be do a good job debating she's probably going to have but he just has that that extra sizzle with nobody is going to come close to draws a cartoon somebody says in all caps all right
all right i think that's all i have to say today i'm gonna be next week you're gonna be trying out the periscope upgrade that allows you to add add gas which i've used before but the upgrade allows you to send out the twitter notification also before those two features didn't work at the same time and i think the the new version this coming week will allow me to do that so that we'll have some gas on next week anyway i hope you try and to interface by one hub and i will talk to you later
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