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Episode 438 Scott Adams: Persuasion Scorecard For Politics so Far This Year. Who is Winning?

2019-03-04 | 🔗


  • Debate and persuasion are NOT the same thing
    • You can win a debate WITHOUT changing anyone’s mind
  • Fact-checking complaints, show you are stuck in “debate mindset”
    • Facts, ethics, morality and persuasion effectiveness
  •  Persuasion Scorecard – Rating various political persuasion plays
  • Jussie Smollett helped convince a lot of people that fake news exists
  • “Rights” are an invention of government to grant or deny permissions
  • If President Trump promotes Gen IV nuclear power solutions, he wins
    • Gen IV is the only available, practical solution for climate change
  • The Left considers climate change their signature issue, and yet…
    • …they aren’t aware that Gen IV is a safe, existing solution
  • Gen IV is what we should be doing, even if climate change isn’t real
  • What if Dems use Executive Orders once they return to power?
    • The EOs they might declare, and what might happen

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on bumper haiti everybody come on earlier gather around if you will quickly find you mug find your cup your stein your challenge your thermos because you know what time it is we're oh yeah style for coffee was got items as luck would have it i'm scott atoms and you probably have your morning coffee already and if you do it's time to enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of the simultaneous zip join me tankards yes that's the other word iq forgetting your book has changed my life
says chit chat one i won what good like you you know i hear that lot it's not always the same book but people are talking about how to fail in an almost everything and still win big so that book twenty thirteen and almost every day somebody contacts me and says you changed my life which is good because i wrote the book to do exactly that that's what it was for right right he says i'm begging you don't talk about climate right well i got up a block you talk about climate
so let's talk about a let's talk about the persuasion scorecard now i've got a few things i'm gonna talk about in terms of personnel but i want to see if he ever the extra rosy will add to the list so i'll be looking at the comments but let's just let's take a look at some of the more current persuasion plays but before i do this well actually under the stars somewhere else to start on the back yes my way board a front and back that's because and see like that so i had this realization the other day then the realisation was us the people can fly the idea of debating with the idea
persuading and there's a really really big difference and i worry the part of the reason that when i talk about persuasion people they have to full understanding not most of you must have you have come along for the journey senior year up to speed but if you tried to convince if you try to convince somebody you'd never been introduced a whole persuasions filter on life the persuasion is a thing that matters and you can persuade people it would be hard the reason is that there are stuck in a debate mindset and here is a big difference
when you are debating you're trying to convince the judge or judges so debater is not trying to persuade the person there debating with it's a very different process you trying to win points with the judge now the judge is going to be looking for some specific kinds of rational logical things so if your rational and logical the judge groping give your point if you have a fact that's true thing if you can do bunks the other person's fact thing you get a point and so you can actually win a debate without changing everybody's mind think about that oh you can win a debate without changing everybody's mind debating in persuading or just completely different processes so
your persuading your persuading the audience you're persuading the person you're talking to or the people here i can do and where are debating you're talking to the judge now when you watch the pundits on television who were complaining about let's say president trumps fact checking or it could be a oversees fact checking or babies fact checking it doesn't matter who it is if you watching people on tv say oh that fact checker i'm sorry that politician failed the fact checking they did not the fact checking those people who are stuck in a debating mindset and they imagine that the the participants are appealing to the judge ponderous as well i'll be the judge if i were the judge of this debate
i would say the one they had the wrong facts just lost but that's not what we're doing there is no judge per se there are only persuasion persuading he's trying to persuade each other with that in mind home that's gonna the persuasions scorecard and look at a few of these topics in the news and what i did was i tried to pick on topics where however a word or a phrase aura a topic name something that is clearly knew and current let's just go through if you make amerika great again when it was launched for the purposes of the campaign it was a gigantic success probably one of the best slogans of all time i wrote about this my book when bigley
but what about now now i would say that the democrats have successfully turned the slogan into a sign of racism now how many of you just said my god scott what the hell are you talking about mega is not racism how can you say they turned it into a sum there is no way says michel no way you talk like debaters everybody you just disagreed with me you fell into a debater frame because the facts do not support what i just said in a few were debate then maybe that would never but you're not you're persuading do you feel comfortable walking outside with make amerika great again hat
i wouldn't i would not where making miracle great again hat in public absolutely frickin not because there are enough people who will attack you physically for it that it's it's off the table so i'm gonna give a grade mega before persuasion a plus so this is a plus for the thirteen so that's a plus for the democrats persuasion wise they ve turned the best slogan of all time into a racist symbol that is really really effective persuasion now if you're saying to me no scot i dont personally thank you sir racist symbol you're not even on the same topic doesn't matter what you think you are matters that you care everywhere these this close our doors
then they demonized clothing with those slogan to the point where you get him to walk outside with that's good persuasion let's talk about the which president the witch hunt name a lot don't has the witch hunt branding for the smaller investigation than successful i would say yes i would say that it does capture the essence of it is a really good phrase it fits gus historical context with actual which once i would say that strong are given at least the given the least beep that's it that's a b plus for the presidency on that burning new political slogan is not me that us
now if you understand persuasion you know their people tend to read the first part of the sentence and then pay attention to the second part much so putting not me in the front of your slogan is just about the dumbest thing i've ever seen in a political campaigns this isn't have for bernie burning in general is very persuasive there were only having these conversations about socialism because a burning so if you look at him ass a character as a as a politician he's very persuasive he's really good overall but on his lair the slogan messages to failure the president is going to sign a and executive order on free speech so he's getting he's gonna say the college's have to
they have to respect free speech or they won't get a federal money now i dont know if you could enforce that don't know what money they're talking about i don't know if they could in any practical way withhold money i dont know if that the executive order makes sense and any logical level but when i talk about logic this is not a debate its talk about persuasion on the persuasion level it must get rid of this critic work under persuasion level the president has caused the democrats to have to argue to free speech is the funniest persuasion play you ve seen a long time and sort of there to be taken until the president
came up with an idea worth under no came up with the idea but until the president announced it i never thought of it have any of you had any of you thought would be funny if you signs and executive order supporting free speech and then makes make the other team argue against free speech it was there the taking it was invisible to me somebody either trump himself or on staff said you know just say you're supporting free speech at all much good argument on the other side so this this approach a plus plus for the present socialism we're seeing socialism being persuaded in both both directions were saying the people like socialism persuading in favour of it it probably has the highest profile as an idea that is
her head were saying the trumpeters persuade against it we're saying the conservatives persuade against it and one hand you ve got you ve got the venezuela being the cautionary tale but at the same time the socialism is growing popularity i heard that only eighteen percent of the public think socialism is a good idea but don't know if that means they don't like universal health care costs socialism is a bigger concept than just what you do without so i say this sort of the thai right now so both sides are persuading against each other and it looks like the sort even right now it looks like each side is persuading its its own base the kohen the current situation
now it seems to me and i may be in my bubble a little bit but it seems to me that the current situation deflated the collusion bubble or should have or should have i'm not sure that it did as much as we thought it in because the the collusion people are putting and their their seamlessly pivoting from collusion whoever sent collusion we were talking about obstructing obstruction of justice all the time obstruction of just who was ever talking about that while we really meant as the presidents of financial dealings need to be investigated feels to be against all odds the collusion pivot is being six through their own team in other words are speaking only to other democrats but there they seem to have changed the topic without changing
the the alarm or the or their complaints solely the sheep laying stayed the same about the president it gets a little little more attraction now so i think the and trying to find a topic that gets a little little more attraction ill so they the collusion pivot weirdly is working it's not a home run but the devil were actually kind of pulling it off in terms of persuading themselves there not persuading anybody else but the persuading themselves that they were not crazy traders for less two years now in my opinion if this were a debate and there was a judge and there are people here the facts they would have to say oh my god this collusion thing was the biggest disaster ever because they didn't make their case and they spent two years
so the of the near the country's time and money to come up with nothing and now it's obvious that it was never real in the first place but their side is so deeply hypnotized before whatever is bad for tromp is good for the world that there really even care what the reason is so i would say the damn press are somewhat reason independence literally would no matter what facts emerged one is proven one is not proven at this point none of that matters all that matters i have a feeling and the regular maintain their feeling even as the facts change the kohen thing i thought would be a persuasive but it wasn't so
i'm just gonna say it was moreover it was more than not applicable let's talk about these fine people hoax i have refrained my own persuasion so i have been saying and this was a huge mistake on my part and i hope you can see how big of a mistake this was when i explain it but i've been talkin about the what i was calling the charlottesville hoax and what i was referring to is the fine quote which the media generally reports as the president was referring to the racists as fine people when in fact he was talking about the the debate about the statue there are good people on both sides of the statue question so the persuasion game was that the anti jumpers have turned a fake fake news bet
a hoax into a generally accepted truth meaning that the the public at large actually believes that the president of the united states called the marching anti semites the racist neo nazis fine people in public they actually believe that literally happened in the real world it's me blowing where everybody believes that but here's what i've done when you say as the charlottesville hoax you're you're opponents will say are you saying that nobody doggie didn't charlie's help are you're telling me that there were no not seasons shall itself and of course that
some down the wrong road so calling at the charlottesville hoax is in my case a complete failure of persuasion and i should have seen that so i'm confessing here that was a complete failure i should have said it's the fine people hoax because when he says the fine people hoax your narrowing charlottesville to this one question which is the only question that mattered so going forward i'm gonna call at the fine people hoax you can see that immediately recognise this and as i say i write until i explained that there was an obvious was because it was an obvious to me until i got pretty
or a the wrong bath somebody called to find people out there but i'm going to give the purveyors of this my highest grade a plus plus i have perhaps never seen persuasion this good again has nothing to do with what is a fact and what is not it has nothing to do with what is moral and what is not moral just talking about persuasion your are free to make your own moral and ethical judgments about all this stuff and i trust you to do it right ass reading your comments and trade think at the same time and i think that i will ignore them for now but i'll go back some of those ideas so the fine people hoax has become so
sticky that cnn and the other news outlets reported as fact its report it is a fact that some amazing to me it's just amazing if you say so objectively easily proven to not be true i have to do is look when he said look at the context is obvious but the persuasion is so strong that people can see the others the circle of the wall when the president was saying build wall build the wall during the campaign was that a successful persuasion answer is yes during the campaign was very very successful but now in the the governing phase in the running phase the anti trumpery have managed successfully
to turn a wall into a racist image so the present i would say get sir the sea trump i'll give him a grain of f four for continuing to use the wall persuasion after election when when the other side was successfully converting it into a sign of of racism whereas the opponents lessening the thames have demonize the wall to the point where even mentioning it feels like something i wouldn't want to do in public but like actually literally i would not pension wall even the word i'm afraid to say and in public that's how well they ve persuade hence i say i give you the dams plus
for those of you were might relax who often why is it that you say everything trump does is genius and everything the other people do is wrong why an example i would say that the trumps persuasion on the border stuff i would say as an ef i would say that he is completely blown that persuasion as president now the candidate a plus it was totally winning the winning team and i remember if you join me late we're not talking about any facts were not not talking about ethics we're not talking about morality we're just say how effective where it was either side in terms of their persuasion the site well the crime as one of the elements of border persuasion now when the president says
there's too much crime coming from the south that's his persuasion that we need a border security or wall because there's so much crime coming his grade that is an f it may have been may have been the measure was then but during the during the election cycle probably made sense to ramp up the fear and get the basin consolidated and stuff but as a sitting president talking consistently about the crime coming from the south is too for the other side to paint as racist and they did
so the other side using the the crime angle witches hey you guys keep saying there's all this crime coming but immigrants have lower than average crime which by the way is probably not true because if you only looked at the people who work who are coming across the border illegally and you're not counting all the people who came in lausanne aeroplanes from other countries if you don't count that group that is low crime and you only killed two people coming across the southern border and you take into account
that most of their crimes are against their own group nor the workers there's rape a lot of rape within lot of violence within the group that doesn't get reported frankly so it's probably not true what the democrats say in terms of hay these people can cross the border are low crime group factually probably not true probably not true but as in terms of persuasion totally nailed it gives the thames i gave them in a way that
again we're not talking about what's true or what's factual we're not talking about what's ethical was not only talking about who persuaded because we would already have border security if the president had been successful with his persuasion but by talking about crime and focusing on that instead of instead of let's say the humanitarian issues if the president had focused in from the beginning and humanitarian issues on maybe more on resources if they're probably of a number of different ways he could go on but the the crime persuasion has so far it has been a failure because the other suggestions do you must be a racist so i give the gems in a the green new deal green new deal i'll give the democrats in a four
having a bold bold to the power as a board to the point of being impossible vision making at the next conversation so this is sort of aid overseas thing i guess you could say i'll give this now again it doesn't mean it's possible doesn't mean it's a good idea doesn't mean any their facts are right but we're all talking about it so they conversation has completely changed from what we were talking about to do this so given the name the north korea situation the thing that everybody seems to mess with north korea is it if you look at the north korea situation you know the year after year and half gore whenever was we had a big problem that we have a mortal enemy was aiming nukes at us so we had a really bad relationship with north korea
i was so bad a building nuclear weapons and aiming aiming the manners and threatening them with us that this is bad things can get right that's that's the ultimate bad situation the president well most presidents and most so called experts would have said ok the problem is this nuclear weapons if we can just do something about these nuclear weapons there were in good shape what the president did president trump that's was seems obvious now both for somehow was invisible to most of the world is that the problem was not the new i of me already the problem was not the nuclear weapons the problem was the relationship the problem is the united states and north korea's government were such enemies that both were
holding tools to take care that problem the nukes were part of the tools the president saw past the the nukes to the root problem the room problem was the relationship so the president just went right at the real problem this is a relationship problem if you solve this the other thing becomes irrelevant immediately and at least a small enough problem that you can chew threw it over time but you don't need to hurry because you ve solved the problem the problem was the relationship so he fixed it i'm sorry to say the president gives him a plus on ambiguous unambiguous a plus for the president even though they still have nukes etc because the problem is kind of salt
now we're just working out the details and if it takes a hundred years who cares doesnt matter me doesn't matter to you so here is my scorecard is there anything you like to get a score on any other stuff you'd like to see somebody says explain how stupid idea like the green new deal is a persuasive idea well you may have joined us late because i was the first part of the periscope if you're talking about facts and logic and if you were in a debate in which you are debating green new deal versus not the green new deal and you had a judge for your debate the group new deal with lose every time so if you're no debate mindset the green new deal terrible idea just ridiculously better
if you're in gonna persuasion mindset where you're trying to move people sort of direction will toward a greener nurse directional you universal basic income and whatever else is in there then it creates a conversation that were all focused on so the fact that you ask me why the green new deal is a good deal proves my point we're talking about it so that's it persuasion that part is unambiguously true that we're talking about it we're not talking about somebody else's idea or not warm beer the warm nothing i'm gonna offend view by saying it doesnt matter the on beer thing i could give a grade but obviously it doesnt matter we we tend to me
a big deal about individual deaths because were were anecdotal creatures because we have empathy because when you hear the details somebody being tortured and brutally murdered you really do care and if its nato an enemy of your country and that happens to be one of your country people it's just emotionally is terribly terribly important eu but geopolitically i'm afraid with all due respect to other wine beer and his family with all due respect they don't matter they don't matter to peace with north korea and should we should treat it that way so i can assure you that as a issue to ignore to show ye
i think that you should keep situation is not so much a persuasion case the they what can happen and that is fairly constrained was block the troll i've had a lot of he were trolls lately thoughts on the michael jackson allegations resurgence so there's a hbo oh special unlikely jackson which i've read about but i've not watch and actually planning to watch it i have an appointment my understanding is that these special makes such a strong case that michael jackson was a lifelong pedophile that it would be hard to debate after you watch one i'll give you one alleged fact from the special
now i ve read about it every watched it but the alleged fact is that the thieves staff at what's the name of his ranch there overland apparently the staff will claim that michael jackson never spent the night with a woman including any of his wives he never spent one night with a woman in his bedroom but apparently
there is plenty of evidence that he often spent the night with young boys including and uses the word park in the homes of their parents michael jackson would go to the home of the kids and sleep in the kids beds overnight routinely while the while the parents were downstairs watching tv or whatever their doing so i am going to watch that and you should do how persuasive is just these small it well i think the jesse situation is persuasive in the sense that people who may have doubted that fake news exists changed so i think these jesse smallest situation i'm sort of reinforced for all
less how how amazingly manufactured the news could be very very manufacture have you seen abducted in plain sight documentary have nots think so they come thing working with the smallest situation has as created i would hope a great deal of doubt in people's minds about the the news because now you see me coming to you ve seen smaller you saw cohen mere blown apart a lot of big news talk about joe rogan and alex jones so the the whole show i only saw club i saw a clip of georgian talking valleys jones in which alleys jones was talking about the aliens move come too
i've come to earth and their mating with people and creating half aliens have people something like that and its five hours long people saying it's amazing i guess i have to watch all thing i'm gonna reserve my comment until i watch all thing the ghost of john mccain business that topic is the whole limit i i'm so tired
heard of arguing about who has or who has not offended john mccain i could not care less about john mccain i dont have a good feeling about and i think he was he he was a patriot and alas all that's my point of view i think you can people i think you can be a hero and the patriot and a complete asshole at the same time there's nothing there would prevent on those things from happening so when i see stuff about john mccain i just don't care that's it i go jackson's dead so why care about it i care about michael jackson in the
fake news context in the sense of understanding how the world works and how easily you could be let's say miss ladder folder persuaded about something the so hideous and so long long lasting i mean they're really tells you something about how people think i'm twenty twenty winner if it were held today if we had the election today you are usually try to avoid such hypotheticals if we had the elation today maybe bernie burning might win
sure were assuming that he's also the nominee by by twenty twenty we'll see michael jackson documentary i believe as on each video its trump losing the persuasion game well remember trump is persuading against the entirety of the of the news industry the sort of like one person and i guess his followers you say as as people will boost his signal but he's he's got the single highest level of challenge anybody's everyone to persuade against which is the entire yo news democratic organisation so i would say that the president is still doing a great job
overall i think he's totally failed on the border snuff persuasion wise but that could still work out well we'll see do you predict trouble win in twenty twenty i have not made a prediction on that strangely enough but i will right now or should i i was kind of waiting until they have a candidate because you at the moment
none of that none of the democrats there were talking out look competitive withdrawn as far as i can tell but so much is given change between now and twenty twenty in the vote we sort of hard too hard to make that protection but if nothing changes if the if the slate candidates as the ones we see why you should expect is that they'll all look stronger than they are so we were in a phase all the democrats individually look stronger than they will when there's one left
because whoever is the you know the one who starts to emerge as that at the democrat they have to be just going to start taking incoming from their own side in a in a fairly brutal fashion so remember the democrats are going to beat themselves up and and trump is going to be beating them beating them up the same time so i think you're going to see the the democrats point of view completely demolished bye bye election day not complete with demolish nuts exaggeration but should you see so much attack on it that however a competitive using democrats our now it will be less by election day so you
you take whatever advantage they have and shrink it by twenty five percent to to predict that in the future now here are some there are some interesting save black swan surprises that we can have so let me give you some conditional conditional predictions if trump decides to run against the green new deal and against climate change by pushing generation for now clear and makes his case less aid makes the case than that their safe and is the only solution to everything from security call to pollution to climate change of climate changes the problem that the scientists are telling us if trump says let's
let's do the most unifying thing we could possibly do which is to use are massive technological power to find a solution that everybody agrees with and he could sell generation four nuclear cuz he's of the safe designs that don't don't have risk of meltdown they actually eats nuclear waste for fuel the other apparently you can make them so small that you could literally build them in a factory put them on a truck and deliver in there where they need to be so if the president were to take that position there is a chance that the democrats goodwin so let me say that again if nothing else changed say all the other issues the main roughly the same and trumped just did one thing he just said look we got this big climate change problem we ve got all these here we ve got
let's do the one thing that everybody should be able to agree on generation for nuclear it's now safe people don't understand that but i'm gonna tell you would save look into it yourself run some stories hey press press do you thing fact check me on this you can see the generation for is the way to go you can ask bill gates bill gates i'll tell you it's the way sarah under those conditions the as this would have no chance of losing my opinion to present these make a stronger case on healthcare and they to show more progress on that but i think you're gonna see you know number it's eighteen months wherever it is so you see him put some things out healthcare maybe even have some successes by then they may have actually lower the cost of pharmaceuticals it's possible
by then they may have designed some kind of leo low end healthcare insurance does just for the critical part of health care they may have done some trials they may have some special medical startup zones can be a lot that happens but will say at the moment the president is weak on healthcare in those rules biggest problems wait i did say that come allah came out in favour of legalizing sex work legalizing cannabis and what was everything legalizing something else and i have to say now bad not bad at all
those things at another topic that i was going to talk about what is the other thing the sapling renew damage of lhasa show me remember rights are whatever we decide they are so if we all if we health care is not a right but probably showed me remember rights are whatever we decide they are so if we all if we all change law can say healthcare is now guaranteed will then is right rights are not something you're bored with it there's something there are things which the the lock and constrain in the lock and grant unfortunately so
for me the animal somebody mentioned stormy and that the comments and i was thinking about how years or materials lost her whatever lawsuit she had and she was ordered to pay to under some sound dollars back to trump so storm is actually ordered by the court to reimburse tromp for product the legal costs or something and i thought to myself is trumpet the first person in the history of the world to get a refund from a porn star has anybody ever done before can you think of anybody else who ever got a refund from a porn star that's good negotiating right there now of course exaggerated again just a joke but as a body it's funny one
some rights or god given such a self defense no that is not true that's just what you want to be true that the word rights the way our government is organised are a government invention i reparation so didn't khumalo say yes i'm reparations will we'll see about that much is it our reparations at the moment but let me tell you one interesting factoid was due firstly to acquit pole a wall while i see your answers go by i'm gonna talk about my point so first all of you answer this question
many of you are aware the generation for nuclear is safe and already designed in other words there's not a lot of engineering left to do we ve got the basic idea how many of you were aware of that so just say yes or no in the in the comments and we will see the razor bring it up is that i had a conversation yesterday with a prominent democrat now when i say prominent democrat i mean it's someone you know right so somebody who is very well known in the democratic world i just happen to have a conversation with his person and i ask the following question i said as far as you know are democrats aware are democrats aware of generation for nuclear and that the safety problems have already been solved
it actually eats nuclear waste for fuel and that we can build them small and economically and are you aware of it and they democrat i was talking to said not aware not aware now i would say that most people in the right even if their pro nuclear are probably not as in for him they need to be so i'll send the right is largely pro nuclear but even nuclear for the old designs which i think is less warranted right the old designs do have some fukushima problems that they can make meltdown i want that stuff near your home etc but how interesting is it that the green new deal and climate change are considered emergencies at the same time that the
books on the left the democrats are not aware that the technology to address it aggressively already exists it already exists so if you think about that think about the fact that the signature issue on the left is climate change and they don't know that the solution already exists is mind boggling now let's enter let's put that into the conversation and see maybe the country can find something to come together on because some people are saying nuclear is this a bad word wishes we should call the molten salt after the only reason i resist that because i know what you're talking about maybe maybe it needs to be called something different from nuclear power but the trouble is that is nuclear power and i resist i resist pursuit framing that's so blatantly
the ability to the point of dishonest really it is nuclear we just have to deal with the fact that they figured out how to de risk it let's talk about here's the topical strange remember before so democrats are threatening that if the president emergency declaration for border funding makes us through the system all the way through the supreme court i guess at endless aid unless i he vetoes the overturning of it that they might use the same power too ben guns to do an emergency for climate or maybe for healthcare and when you first here that you say whew that's pretty bad by giving the emergency powers to people who might not agree with the things you agree with
but i'm not so sure that's as bad as you think it is good just think this through let's say the you get a democratic present someday and they declare a climate emergence let's say they do what would that necessarily cause to happen almost certainly it would cause generation for nuclear to rise to the top because when it's an emergency you're willing to take vigorous you're you're willing to soar do more than you might have done with business as usual so i suspect that if the damn created an emergency that the republicans would make sure that but he heard anything except generation for nuclear every time they turned on the television
and you would end up with what we should be doing now think about that if the democrats garden power declared urgency for climate change the end result almost certainly would be what we should be doing right now anyway which is generation for nuclear because there is no other idea you could lots of ideas but they wouldn't work there's only one path let's say so they decided to do an emergency about guns that wouldn't happen are you really worried that the democrats would declare a gun emergency and try to confiscate your guns while they might declare an emergency and some small rule change but there isn t the slightest chance the democrats organ declare a gun emergency and
round them up i mean they might try pellet would literally be civil war so i don't think you have to worry about an executive order that literally would obviously created civil war i mean there's no there's no question it would do anything else so i'm not worried about it now healthcare suppose i said it's an emergency to create healthcare while here again who has a suggestion and how to make it work if taxi people physically doesn't work meaning the mass does work it can be an emergency but if you don't have a solution what's the difference the main thing that you need for an emergency as you have to understand that there are some solution the border emergency has also a very clear
there are unambiguous path forward which is our emergency we'll put more border security there right see solution if you know the emergency the solution declaring an emergency to pare the solution with emergency makes sense but let's say you said you say healthcare is emergency what's the solution taxing taxing the country into ruin there is no solution so you can declare something in emergency that doesn't have a solution and it doesn't help you right at the very least you have to know the solution or else you can call bathing waters of emergency it's not an emergency change why you do because you know how a solution so
and then the gun thing is you can't really compared gun rights to any other right it's always mistake as soon as you say well if you're doing that with this topic one about guns guns are so special good and bad that there's just no analogy that tells you anything about guns yeah guns or in the constitution there the other two just part of peoples their identity and to a great degree so he says doesn't change the fact that tramples a narcissist well we have a time traveller with everybody say so high that time traveller who just joined us
as somebody who travelled from twenty sixteen to be with us here in twenty nineteen who believes that the big issue is the trumpets a narcissist haven't we sort of moved on from that you but we welcome you from the past have you heard of collusion are there any time travellers water travel back to twenty eighteen and talk about collusion like it's real somebody says i said hi last year that's what i did you see the way the billboard that pranks authors pull up near siemens hollywood office the say after shouted if you haven't seen most probably have seen it
but some pictures put up a very funny billboard i will show you a picture of education and see what is more worrying than watching one of these when somebody's looking for something nothing whereas artists they won't be able to see it well but i describe it so cnn in big words says cape korea divided it's got a picture of us just sucker the head of cnn and then there's an aspects on keep give career why did they go to the sole comment in the corner says because green as orangemen bad sully the message here is the cnn would prefer
north korea vienna continue still a war because it's good for business and by the way orange man bad so it's kind of canada a sprawling one of the more fun pranks i've seen was down in seven hours i wasn't that's too bad is there a non financial reason for fake news i mean there's a political reason do you have any real stock that i think we might be done for today i will talk to you all tomorrow
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