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Episode 457 Scott Adams: Offering to Publicly Deprogram Anti-Trumpers Suffering TDS While You Watch

2019-03-19 | 🔗


  • Taking calls from never-Trumpers to deprogram them realtime
  • What’s your #1 complaint about President Trump?
  • Can I can debunk your #1 never-Trump complaint, realtime?

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bump bump bump bump hello this is a special case it was got elements but this time without the coffee i just wanna try a little public experiments and the people experiment looks like this a jack thanks for joining me and twig it out out of a public demonstration to see and i love this work so we'll find out at the same time you see if i can do programme then the entire trumpery and i dont know how this will go there will be alive demonstration and the the proposition is there's somebody is suffering from something like an elucidation it's either all the people who were opposed to the president or most of them for all the people who support the president or most of them
and i want to see if we can solve the mystery of whose actually having analysed the nation or is it both could it be the ball size or hallucinating but engines different ways so you have that you can see on your screen to become a guest come a guest so i'd like a gas to come on in an audio form but only gonna take people who are anti trumpeters the ground rules the ground rules is our sound are then i interrupt you but it will only be for a clarification or because you have changed the subject in your your ranting but because i don't have a time limit i'll always let you complete your thought so if i interrupt you just know that you'll have time to complete you thought i just wanna keep on topic i have only one volunteer than i see if anybody else was to come on
please join by robert if you're not an anti tramper her all i will move on to someone who is so we can complete the experiment you they're robert i can hear you are you and at each other yes i am what would be your top was say issues my biggest issues the way he's polarized the country different races feeling black people feeling certainly sores why people lawfully were wherewith if you saw a list of the public's priorities top to bottom where would that be on the list you think like would that be in the top five
y see the prisoner s like a leader so someone who sort of brands the country and sets the tone for the environment and so i waited rise the robber rubber rubber i asked the direct question the direct question is do you think is the issue of them polarisation use is in the top five of issues that the country personally i would say so outside maybe even top three i don't know that's the case believe in the top five so so we established that the country cares about this issue and you're a proposition is it the president is primarily to play for that as i crack yes one hundred percent less pick any issue in which the president did the wrong thing so that we can see how this place out with zero
mistakes cause problems what would be a topic word issue in which the president did the right thing and compromise the country which you what's your best example that in his opening speech really enough to running when he said they're bringing dry surveying crime there rapists i think that really the wording of that just pitted mexicans and latin americans against him in a very dramatic and emotional way so imagine if you will the media reported that factually with our opinion do what it have sounded something like this the president to suggest that there is too much prime coming across the border used hyperbole like he always did on everything without eu accurate statement of what the president did he said to me too much prime coming across the border
because i don't think you're suggesting the people believed he was saying that the children and the women coming across the border rivers right you know something that no one why do you think he frames it as its all criminals and nor is the fact that women and children are finding better lives here but i do think that everybody were heard his statement believe that meant that they were all criminals do you think interpreted that though i like all other arguments do think anybody father would you you mentioned women and children but a lot of illegal immigrants are men and their hard working man that our law abiding citizens i think he did refer to those men as criminals don't don't you believe that everyone who heard that ensure in their mind as obviously not talking about everybody here talking about old man did
did you interpret it that he thought they were all girls interpreted to mean as he thought many were criminals and we all know illegal immigrants in our daily lives and that's just a bad way to look at people so you're saying you say the word is wrong but is anybody including you who interpreted into being after the all the men are rivers didn't you didn't attributed that way did anybody so here's my point and further for those of your whole remember the long pause talk about that but if the media have reported it without opinion it would
sounded like this the president said that there is too much crime coming across the board specially rapes and violent crime without the accurate to say the president says there's too much crime coming across the border without real accuracy i guess i'll bet my point is not about what is trying to say it's about what he says and the way he worded thing started about but my point is that your understanding of his statement as a racist statement is based on health reporters framed it not based on how you attributed if you put them in the audience
and you heard him say it was too much crime coming across their suddenly rapists and workers would you weren't interpretation abed my god he just said every person is rapist unaverred recovery costs or you wouldn't you wouldn't have interpreted that that why would you will the liberal media is bound to see the worst parts in his speech so if you just wanted at the way the year wording things where he could have said many people are criminals bringing drugs instead of saying like their rapists they're bringing drugs that's on trump so i would agree with you that the way he said it left an opening for the media to it put it in the least favourable sets do you agree david but the way he said it was a mistake because it allowed the media to interpret it
the worst possible sense right yeah and that's just in my opinion the most glaring example he's done it in a different sort of overlap but but you would also under them a that is the media had been a credible player and simply reported the facts would be no problem the censure because it took two parties trump decided away it made him vulnerable to that interpretation but it also took them to take it interpretation they knew not to be true so who is lying in this example was the media line because i am afraid that as if he really said they were all races the murders whether any individual who is now part of the press you'd better in the audience you said will obviously he's not talking about all just matters too much
what do you say that the liar and the story is the press voted the press ever say trumps at all because i don't recall that the way they reported suggests that he then he means that there is an unusual problem with them cigarettes so that's us that's where the press reports it the trunk ever say there isn't unusual problem with mexicans did easily because really i think rather the press is the way he says it suggests that there is an extra rape and extra crime because the mexican but twelve ever say that i think we really need but by focusing on the evidence that are crossing the boy as opposed to things like overstate visas he did say that he is saying that that is a unique problem that the mexicans coming in
latin americans coming are unique problem waited say that the scrap now are you for this statistic that immigrants to this country of a lower crime rate than the citizens who are here you further yeah i've heard that doesn't does that include the ones the visa overseas which as you pointed out or maybe most most of them unless europe has most recently but the resources are in the number of people who have a low cry brains i crack yeah i think so now the group that visa overseas are mostly people who could have what a plane ticket and knew how to get on the plane come to this country legally and then they always say what do you imagine that a group they can afford plane tickets income or through all the paperwork
do you think that they would have a high crime rate or a lower it i dont i wouldn't know how to end i know i have no clue what else let me leave you with this little that those people get at least afford a blinding so they may have resources compared to listen people trying to cross the border will literally nothing close in the back that's only tat they can afford so what do you say in general the people were resources they can gather the work here which museum in education and the skill they can afford a plane ticket it would make sense that they would have among the lowest crime rate you can match right cuz i don't want to be sent back and they're from a group which has low crime to start educated peep we have enough money to buy up later so when you say that if you will get all immigrants than a big part of that is the visa overseas
that group should common sense tells you be very when you sent us a border with that but i don't know why but let me just to please boy so that means that one across the border are probably skewing the average because whatever cry rather is asked to be measured against the but the probably are very low compared to the public is there a reason why both groups can have a low cry in i mean people who are spending their thirty days on a track walking over here they're not gonna wanna get support they're gonna work i followed the loss to leave early the estimates that suddenly like seventy percent of the women who try to cross the southern border get raped her view that statistic i saw a statistic that i think so
one in four one for this is that i think i have also seen thirty percent so somewhere between thirty percent and seventy percent of all the women who try to get across the border you're right now wouldn't you imagine that among the groups that are illegal that you would be rare for them to reply where the crime against themselves because they re fourthly grandly might get supported so would you agree the illegal people coming across the border would be unlikely to report a crime if they is sacred right when you say well the thing is people were crossing the border rating people are more likely to be carried out as than people actually staying in living in starting our life in this country that whether more likely to be one clear is that the people who like smuggle people across the world it again so but but you wouldn't
that the illegal immigrants crossing the border are likely to have crimes committed against them that they do not reports that you can say that it would be correct yeah did they probably would be less lechner report so i wouldn't it be likely we don't have the estimate but isn't it likely that if given their most crimes are committed against your own group most lack crimes or blackened black most way crimes or white on white i think that's true but mostly crimes happen within the house crimes happened within your neighbour crimes happened within your friends so when you say that in all likelihood be the crime rate of people across border given that we know at least a quarter them on the way when we get and this is the starting point that would be a much higher crime rate than the united states
i shall you probably one probably let certainly more than one in four women in the united states are sexually at some time during the life but if you only about the crossing it doesn't work concentrate a diet of twenty five percent of them were suddenly sexually abused were you attack so what do you say that in all likelihood there is extra crime coming across the border southern compared to the average because carry the resources which are likely very low prime rate educated they can buy a plane ticket they know how to work the system versus the people with no money twenty five percent were maybe seventy percent or getting rate on the trip there once they get here there are also under the eu the low end unemployed group which if there were any other whether was
spirits when it was you that doesn't matter if you like the lowest income group among a larger population the lowest him our group is probably get a little more crime would you say that you just in general low income groups at more private groups would you say is true yes i would have to agree with that but the thing is i feel like right now you're defending the war now which i would i never said i was again sport security must against the way trump i'm not i'm not defending were not offending descending order i'm trying to make the simple point there when the president said indicated that there was an unusual amount of crime coming across the border when you think that that's probably true if you include the fact that the people coming across the southern border
our low income so even among mexicans you would expect that the poorest next we have ira crime rate than the riches let's skins wouldn't you say yeah but are we sure that it's the poorest mexicans even coming here whether the ones coming across offered close their back you if you will get the caravans literally have nothing so as this is where you can get you have not now given that and given the fact also that there unlikely to report crimes against their own group and we know that either twenty five over seventy five percent of them are getting the women are giving rate literally just on the trip together forget what happens after the gayer whose after they cross the border abusing the red goes down
because they're still only hanging around with each other so given given all that it is true that the press that the president's initial statement indicated that the crime coming the boy was little special in the sense that there is more of it and then and then it is alarming now if it had been reported objective way the president correctly points out that there is a lot of i'm coming across the border and if you'd love it in with all of the educated well off in grants were here if you only count with people coming across the border turns out it is a higher growth rate not only that but the mexican going the border are highly hired cried rate even mexicans just the printed probably i read them chickens in general because its spoken
were somewhat desperate and poor now you listen we trust that primary into the conversation wouldn't you agree that there are millions of illegal against in this country already many of them have children were going to school here hard working why does he have to eliminate those people and make them fear for their lives are taking to get deported and suddenly the white till they had good point and that you're getting right that another so the real questions did the president do that biased an accurate statement or do we want the accuracy mean there's there's just order that's accurate or did the press turn it into a problem by framing it he must be racist even though all he said it was the true facts there's too much ground coming across the board
with whose the bad guy in the story the press or the president said something it's true and also important tromp was trying to make a splashes his openings and he intentionally word that way he knew what he was doing that's what i think so what do you say that you're are the president is based on your assumption of his thoughts because we have to use your point and clarify the question is it's the only thing you knew is what he said and then you saw the heavy the press this planet if you believe the president had passed the thoughts you wouldn't have a problem with them when you say again no the president has passed and thoughts so therefore it must be the press was willingness to make his own bat
so it is your arguments based on your leave about his inner thoughts when he said those eggs war if i remember correctly he did read that speech offer teleprompter saw would have to assume that he wrote it and knew the way he was wise thing so if he wrote it yes i would assume that he do you know what he was saying that already basic knowledge economy yet we all agree the day he chose the words and that that was intentional but the you're another level wishes to say that he has evil intention what would but yes the evil intention in evidence or can we always see lady dead it true that if you imagined he had good intentions you didn't see anything the bother you
because all you could use the brazier assuming good intentions and i feel like you're the one assuming one other thing i'd ever said evil intentions i just said intentions were intended to say these things tat may controversy interpret push himself politically oh yeah we agree on that norway don't agreed that he was being provocative and going we all agree about yeah yeah exactly see you agree with me that he did it on purpose to get attention and in doing so hurt the view of her
the people who are in a most vulnerable in our society in danger of being deported they're scared that do not lose their children will all that's true he definitely scared the people who were here illegally so i would agree with you on that day that's that's contention the question is did they the split in the country happen because of the way the media reported it and they also made the same assumption you did that there was racist intention w fair weather characterize what you say would you would you say they yet racist intentions soldier individual pundits on me
yeah and who fell on and many of them are persons of color in there you know prideful people so when they see someone in flaming their base like that that it really gets them and they do say he's racist and i would agree that that is often times assuming that he's racist but it doesn't the fact that he made them feel that way i would you agree with the fact that as they would you agree with the statement that if the press had reported it straight without opinion then we would not be divided that first sale the press has always been reporting on opinion and trump knew that it's not we're all reporting facts until trump started running for president that's not a thing never said it was but so what we did not even saying that is unusual nor am i say that is historically unprecedented so i agree with you with any bad policy under the press
but the question is if the president has said what he said and they had reported objectively will there be any wrong what is the objective activity that civilians made the other the objective way to report it is a probably is more crime coming across the border then we want the presidency as highlighted that is an issue this will definitely scared the people who are already here so that we all agree on and the president chose he chose than he would you scare people were not legal residence and he would favour people who are legal residents will there so that we think again you know legal max skins legal south american immigrants they offer
in times no illegal immigrants their family members were illegal immigrants so he scared pray much an entire race in this country but a bomb against that i agree with that but would you agree that the press by lying about it was necessary for you to be scared now you at the the publicity when you read in the press covered it straight we wouldn't have this problem was the press not doing their job the job but they ve been doing for decades they were not doing the job of reporting yet without opening correct yeah that's what's different about the news you know if you look at the last ten years or so once the news industry could measure exactly was stories got the most clicks they no longer could be a jacket because objective reporting doesn't get you clicks and then your own business
so what do you agree that the news has become more sensationalize opinion based maybe than ever that's a thing yeah i think trump is responsible for that too and reason he is both lolonois suit your table science right both sides are exaggerating it would you read it with our technology which allows us to really measure what s the most clicks that weaken jack people's emotions up in a way that we could not before because we didn't really know what would jack up their emotions and what we could really measured in real time so what you re yeah yes that are not exactly what trumped up to her it was emotions round i fear for their lives i agree that the up people's emotions as you say as well as well as in other ways is my biggest problem with one of our biggest problem wells
that's what i'm saying now there were say we replace them with another republican with the other republican not be treated like killer given that all republicans have and they don't all say things like trump says so george bush rooms where's called hitler repeatedly but i don't believe you never made any statements that were even close to what trump said what would you agree that wouldn't matter too much watch from said were didn't say because all republicans are treated the same relation in our memory the evolving reagan was called hitler both bushes withal hitler and i dont know there's any exception would you agree that even if trot had said the right things were now news situation whereby ever republic in it then even if you use
or should i use all the right language there would still be framed previous awaiting trumpet being framed when you say that we would be in the same place he i think it's a lot death i think it's a lot more exaggerate withdrawn trump i think you're right more exaggerated partly because of his personality boy you would agree that the news is far more hyperbolic than it ever has would you say that that's true i think a lot of that a result with him well but i would say go forward but my point is if you replace them with a mainstream republic don't you think the mainstream republican would say all different things and still get the same treatment by the press you think that's the truth statement because all prior republicans got the same treatment so would it be fair to say the next republican
don't get the same treatment i don't think it would be the same treatment i think you the different public gonna be treated bag like many other that everything the remark that where people were an quarter goes on and she says trumpets about chance of winning the whole crowd laughs and then people on the panel she said i like rubio and no one last known ridicules him a marker video was obviously republican so i do think it's different with other republican nominees well but those other republicans without a threat it would you agree that the republicans that made it and the presidency have all been called hitler the left the earlier agreeing with our staple right why don't you agree that obama was basically called heller by fox news in portrayed as this horrible horrible dec so it is always a common thing yet have europe presents right here you agree with me
so that is that the present general let's let us put the press because i can measure what guess you're emotions going that's those things you click on both the left and the right have scared people beyond where the facts of life so let me say this more clearly it's always been true that the news was always doing with the new stars the news is always liked to be provocative there has always been saying news but what's different and nuala was in less than two years there knows exactly what yes your emotions so high it turns off your critical thinking they were as good as that before would you say that they ve got much better at it because they can measure exactly what does it would you say that you yeah i guess oh yeah so that's true wouldn't it be true that both you and i and everybody watch
they wouldn't matter laughed the middle of the rain wouldn't it be true that all of us are being influenced by the same media left or right no less to be more emotional unless rational than at any time well your experience when you say that we are more emotional because a news knows how to make us that way in a way i've never knew how to do it before do what you said it's true yeah but it wouldn't be nearly as bad without trump before you could say i'm a republican i voted for romney and i have also supported wouldn t even think your relations that never ignite with less let's get to the point which is it would have it would not have been as bad if it then someone else i would say that that is a question but you cannot make us because we didn't have a different revolving presidency not now i think is its
who is it true that the casual awaited this president talks creates more opportunity for people to take him out contacts and due to imagine these unworthy say so i agree with you completely on that and i would say collar i would agree with you that this presidency could do that a lot better get we rather vague adolescent see if i can take another dollar and try this experience again was try out read out a movie while in the moment falling from maine
question question is can offer by today's topic but somewhat personal alas heroic her and even take the answer off the air my question is skype is would you tell us something about yourself that nobody else knows about you and i'm a very big fan and enjoy your broadcast thank you for taking my question well we're trying to talk only two people were choppers surrendered my programme them long waiting for that the question is what do people not know about me what would be something they don't know i am unusually good as sports you unexpected i suppose i can do they want however to wonder what our every good you thought i was a sports i'm unusual even so you would surprising
that's all right you know very much legs ok i think that's enough for today i love those what are you gonna do by one was answering the question in one of the government's was that i got a gun by clock gleamed in this policy europe i see your opinions so you watch my conversation with the first car what did you think happened how did you think you would i remember that i've told you that the long alas is usually cognitive dissonance so too there were a couple of rather more than a couple bucks review tells four somebody's mind that's rebuilding one of those tells is word sound where they start saying sentences than just are wearily conceptual lily
should together but little meaning so if you see weren't salad you usually watching somebody in the distance the other one is an unusual pause because typically the political conversation you you're talking over each other right normally i'm talking so much talking over the omens roughly that's normal aware political conversation but if you see somebody just somebody says you got crushed very few cecily just stop just or silent for five seconds generally is cognitive dissonance not every time sometimes legislating for the next thought but i disagree with the promise of this debate
a lot the premises but i'll see what show analysis to say she was shortly i can hear you yes what what is it you describe so the promise of your debate as that sense trump speaks a casual binocular and ass the calf that he is called a racist in all of these things i disagree because they did the same thing to george w bush they did the same thing to ronald reagan and they do it to every republican president no matter what they say or how they say it well i said the same thing that they do it all the republic your presidency the only difference is their trump has a willingness to talk about things
in the unique way is that are sort of non standard for politics that makes it a big retard because he'll talk about like a person and when irregular person is talking they they open themselves all kinds of imperfections in the way they sat in an office for attack now europe were opinion that he doesn't do it any worse saint george bush i would say i don't have any facts to make their case but i won't i would suggest is likely that because of the non standard way tromp talks i would assume that would be more opportunities to take about a context because the politicians to understand the lane say things like other points say if they always say things that other politicians say then they know what goes on in trouble and one doesn't legged avoided treasure don't trouble go into any field
and say anything you things is useful are true and so but i hear your point is taken and i do not have data to refute it some letters there aren't thank each day you do so you think i didn't say only first com is it trumps casual approach using lots of advantages but it has the advantage that the press can take him out of context and he's he's gonna that so i agree with the first scholar does the presidency has their own some part of how the public views but that you can you can't deny the fact that it is the duty of it spread the wooden your problem now we don't live in a world where the news every person in strength so that
the president the president needs to learn how to savings there are less easy to take out a context he's not good at that but compared to other say is first year office he's better when you it seems to me that he has improved a great deal in making sure it doesn't say something that yes on the job he's good well from bad at it to start to get the hang of it but it is definitely not good at so there's room the ground i would agree with great excitement ass i got to say the scissors any other borders with like they wanna get reprogrammed i'm not going to take the one with the cap the i go here facing the cat in your profile picture
color are you'll get a job a sort of yes sort of do you both democratic republican democrat and watch what is your biggest problem with it well i know you i don't agree with your laundry list idea that if there is so many problems that means you don't have a real complaint hiding someone can just have many problems so it's hard to list one problem is the top one but do you agree with say let's take us a challenge if you could pick your most solid complained his the number one complaint if i could do about it in a way that you would agree with what that guy you have some concern about whether the other ones were real yeah
so what is your number one most solid complained about this present the one the one that if you somehow amazingly found and it wasn't through or you are thinking about iran was a one day they wish not you and to say again just go look at those others not my wandered listen houses didn't think i was wrong what would your one vastly if i had to pick one worst thing about trump and his administration i would say the fact that he seems to be in the pocket of corporation specifically oil gas energy and willing to and call and willing to pollute and strike down regulations he appoints lobbyists at the epa from was industries etc well what's the difference between day in the park and being pro business on every kind of american business because
here you are right in saying these protocol prowl pro carbon energy but is the also pro apple if they're in this country pro business in this country everyone is really is ready industry this legal industry in this country that he doesn't champ he's champion happy and used here in the auto industry i can't maybe he hasn't champion lizard actual business in this country so what what makes him in the pocket of some of them as opposed to just be a person who is a cheer leader for all the companies what would be the other well he's he's for many businesses he's also certainly pro financial interests his hire tons of goldman sachs some in your chin and also but there's a lot right that's wrong say so
you have somebody is in favour of all industry are they just the capitalist well i'm for not hiring lobbyist and i know obama did it to to some degree so i'm not saying it's a purely republican problem but i'm not for hiring people who just work for those industries so that regulate them think that's bad we are i think i think we're all concerned there's probably nobody was watching this who doesn't have the same concern that lobbyists to such power your mother's daily with the whole lobbies situations the everybody was the gorilla lobbies but then you you take the job in your presidency say ok now i got a tiresome people who really understand this industry and then you find other arden
larry lobbyists are literally the only people understand was but then they bring the buyer and seller so i don't i don't think so there's no argument to be had the every president is way too influenced by lobbyists will we agree on that right yeah when do you have any reason to believe that tramples more influence than say obama blue and i'll give you a bother arrogance so the other go here is originally i was pro obama when he said he was going on soft on marijuana saleable but then when he became president he changed his mind and never gave a reason and to this day never given the reason why in change is one for light changed back after well but you have to assume that was a lobbyist impact because you
given a reason that you just had a different thought about so i think you see that obama was over certainly influence the jury law which cause people to go to jail you i mean that's a serious threat to public health williams in jail for offences and is or something similar with trump they you could look doing say that's a decision he would not have made except for the lobbies but let me give you one more minute context why you thinking about that because it doesn't unfair question we know a lot of interviews when somebody says give you one example of acts it's always a hard question answered so why you're thinking about it i'll give you the willy brown philosophy it said that he was big politician in california somebody asked do you use do vote on cigarettes i forget
smoking in public or whatever it was and so he said how can you vote fairly on this when you take a lot of money from these cigarette is it really brown gave the best answer ever heard cameron he said if you can't take me from somebody and then turn around and stop him on the back you're in the wrong business i've heard then turn off into the money in stab in the back now can you think will example in which tromp has bowed to lobby us in a way that it can be argued that we would all see can't think i've taught my head but these are very complicated issue so i dont know all the details so wouldn't it be more fair to say instead of saying the trump would have been warfare savior dialogue yes far as far as we know is better ten out problem probably for the length of the republic
i don't know that there is ever not better tell her tat but i agree with you that on the bed the scales polly attentive so they were on the same page about israel's right ok thank you for that but let loose complete a point which is if that was yours longest anti trump problem it was to serve background noise because it's there problem everybody's got it doesn't seem to be a special so thing whether you are is closer than about the things lower on the laundry list
i'll take another dollar and thank you for that i thank you by interests it was a mistake it alex who does not look like a democrat but will find out the minute alex clearly alex are you in i'm a friend i just have a conversation with like today to go about this but i would say your profile picture is it doesn't look like them you're not listening a friend of mine who lives down in vegas and arm it's crazy message me as i was like a moment ago is kind of funny as am asking about him psyche like i'm talking about him but he literally believes that trap is hitler and what i'm wondering is there a single kill shot that you can
throw it someone were he won't listen to reason to any think he just says no this is literally work so then hitler is the argument that we had and i couldn't even though would go with that because when you have that belief i used to far gone where there is no recovery or there's something that you can do to dismantle that a little bit though there's there's no one kilowatt but i'll tell you can chip away at it the first thing is try to ask him to explain to you why israel loves him more than other presents to the boy were there signs of him special interaction with had he moved the embassy to jerusalem so ask him to explain why israel the very best detector of nazi behaviour
and see it remind them that both sides of the media are brainwashing their people so if you start your media is brainwashing do you get a media resists if you you understand the media is is rampant everybody's emotion not just years but everybody's because they can measure what had landscape clicks now they know what tweets your emotions and that's what i'm gonna do to make money so that's why you haven't been attenuated emotional reaction because the news is manipulating you on both sides is not just you all set this seems to box that does that he believes that like rachel model for example he's under the impression that cheesy very honest journey must even though she's not a journalist and like don lemon our people that are the speaking the truth and guys talk about and don't don't get into
conversation of whose news is more accurate get what they want not bad news on both sides instead them to admit that the news business has learned to ramp up your emotions to overcome your common sense because most people would agree with that because this area they can measure moccasins clicks lastly we now know every improper emotional state in a way that they couldn't before she got them to agree to that get them to agree that israel hasn't noticed and then i like to do the trick of you say what is the one thing he's done as you know about what's your strongest point i did with the last scholar congress point against this precedent and what are you when we draw down it was lobbyists to exist they exist for all presidents
so his strong is a complaint with the president turned out to be a geo engineering complained about capitalism economics will be totally different there so i like to take the fine people hawks so if you look on my timeline you'll see watch and all that love in it so if you can convince somebody that the foundational thing they believed about an argument and are people is that fine people hoax the belief that the president actually call the reasons why people away thank you said the opposite if you can demonstrate in a way they can see to show them the transcript weirdos you been they ve been telling you and i can even show you five examples this week cnn told you that the truth is the said the boy you can see with your own eyes if you not believe this is the truth here's the video of the president saying these exact words
don't try to square see those who say that he called the racist people with the fact that the transcript says i'm not talking about the races they should be condemned totally no that is so unambiguously proof the news is the dominant texture of arm around news information there should at least give your friends and paws but i don't think there's any chance you reprogram somebody recovery here are some himself paraguayan by you indefinitely put them down their mind let the doubt see see if you can grow on its own it does but i've been working on i've been working on doing that the chip away at a level a little bit because he really has the belief that he's hitler and he says some things that you're not only repeat here what do you think's needs to be done in his present ran like do you can't think like that that's airy bees like nobody's worse than hitler like in
still be in our interest to disappear and i really four million not safety standpoint on like do you get a change of thinking like that's crazy that you think that some of you may have a situation where solutions not stable so that there could be a different situation anyway i gotta run into some other stuff and again here thank you foller i'll talk to you all
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