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Episode 464 Scott Adams: A Lesson on How to Answer Press Questions, aka Media Training

2019-03-23 | 🔗


  • President Trump is an expert on branding and handling the media
  • Here is some media training to help you sidestep interview traps
  • Be ready when they hit you with a “gotcha” question

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but my own everybody come on in here i gotta take some collars today in the context of teaching you will lessen on how to answer questions from the press now i'm sure that those of you listen to my periscopes are ever so close to being famous yourself that the odds of you getting interviewed a pretty good but even if you don't wanna some vague famous and get interviewed it's always nice to have a new skill some getting continue my little le experiment of seeing if i can teach you eighty percent of our skill in less than twenty minutes and this will probably be well
in twenty minutes so the skill i'm going to teach you it is being interviewed by the press and i'm going to ask for volunteers so anybody wants to click the button to little lie happy face buttons at the bottom of the screen wish you could only see if you're using a mobile device i place not on laptop but if you click that you can be in line to possibly go live with me and i'm going to enter you you only ask one question so you each get one question the peace and then i'll tell you what you did wrong and then i'll show you how to do it right ok so anybody was be interviewed jump into the cue
but let me start with some background so when i first became an author and it looked like my book was gonna be a number one best seller which was my publisher wisely said you know what you need is some media training and i never even heard of that what the heck is media training and it was explained to me that media training is learning how to answer questions in front of the camera in front of a crowd from the media and i thought well howard could there be doesn't everybody knew how to answer a question wouldn't it be exactly the same as if you're talking to your friend and the answer is no no it isn't that and you really need to have the training if you're going to be in front of the public and i'm going to demonstrate why in a minute but one of the year the main things you learn in media training is that you
don't have to answer the question that asked and unless you are part of the hard news new if you look at your an author or europe hundreds of some kind who s on something you're trying to persuade you don't have to answer the question you can simply answer your own question and i give you an example say that you're an author and you're an expert on forest fires and in reforestation after forest fires and preventing forest fires that your expertise you go into alive on camera interview in the personal interview you hasn't read the book and so they ask you the wrong question they don't even know really what your book is about and so they say when did you get in
he's dead in entreaty rings and the first thing you said yourself as war gay i'm not here about tree rings are not interested in tray rings i am an expert on forest fires has nothing to do with tree rings directly but i got this question though the thing you shouldn't do as well actually does not want my books about because that that you have an awkward moment all the all the audience wants is that they want to them i have to go get that ongoing door at all the audience wants is some entertainment so when they say tell us about tree rings and you how you didn't come to talk about trade
things you say well tell your trimmings will tell you a lot about forest fires forest fires and the need to you just go into here whatever you are going to talk about anyway so rule number one you'd never have to answer a question if you therefore political reasons or your lawyer on tv then you do need to answer the question factually or least theo some persuasive way but other people don't really have to appear and author you are ready to do that and nobody cares the thing they teach you is it nobody cares the host will be just as happy that you entered an interesting question and they'll be happy that you ignored their actual boring question that was off topic but there are three things you sort of have to keep in mind when you doing and oppress interview you want do you wanna keep in mind the facts as you are in both cases you wanna be accurate so the facts you want to protect your brand
so you want to answer in a way this not only true but is good for your brand whatever your brand is and then there's a third level and this is the fun park the third level and you have to have all these in your head consciously at the same time the level is making sure you don't say something that can be construed the wrong way so you can answer something clearly and honestly but it can be done in a way that's so easy to take out a contacts that you're totally of trouble that's the one you really have to watch out for you can't make an answer that can be taken out of context easily and it takes a long time to get good at that alright so i want
straight how difficult this is i'm gonna take aghast and i'm gonna interview said guest and i'm just looking at everybody here an annual peck ah spic jennifer jennifer's glisten me yeah tralee here jennifer you there and are you ready to be interviewed start on time for you to speak here
absolutely i jennifer i know you ve been running for rather said it for a while and i have one question for you do you disavow the cake acre absolutely and comparing the coca jennifer you just failed media do you not the headline tomorrow is the headline tomorrow is your competitor at a good new proposal for a policy but jennifer stilted denying this supports the cake a gay you you're your answer just paired yourself with the garriga gay if somebody's does it serve you they'll come up with she denied
in the case of a guy she did she disavowed them you have failed as hard as you could fail and that question and by you ve learned something right and later owing to its no one kind of situation that first but i'm sure you're gonna teach us how to answer i will i will teach you how to win lucy if thanks jennifer pop you off here and then we'll take about a collar and we could ask somebody else let's see paul false common on paul you their pocket i interview you paul never danced i have but i'm terrible at it ever tried like every few drinks and trotted moon walk
i prefer not to say well i'm sorry paul but you failed media training because what i asked you if you're a drinker use you said i decline to answer probably an alcoholic he declines to talk about his drinking see see our tricky this is why i am chagrined it gets worse support
did you say that you ve tried to moon walk before actually no i haven't because well i'm awake i i can't do it did well ok do you just failed media training twice so don't say that don't say that what you just said less of that so ever if ever the song billy jean yes i only deal i get you like us on yes i do well you ve got a lot in common with pedophile were eleven we discovered it is around miles so so that one was a little exaggerated you eat nobody would nobody would make the accusation i made but they could easily say well you seem quite friendly with a famous
pedophile is that a coincidence so you can see how easily lee introducing a topic is the mistake so you think yourself now i'll say i'll say i don't like that person i'll say i disavow that precedent and and your one level thinking there would work perfectly at irregular life doesn't work because by disavowing you you made that the headlines and now that's your brand see ruined your brand and you didn't again i'm gonna take another football thanks reply and i have been schooled right so you to turn it around now and i'm gonna somebody interview me right now what she asked me the tough question will see if we can get oh say i gotta pick somebody get here
i gotta say jill you're all good but those looking your profile pictures and trying to get a good mix of people here so i was curious your relationship with europe your girlfriend interested in is that back to you
there again and what made you break up there in the first place but i won't i don't talk about my personal life but i want you to ask me a specific question and then i want you to do that so you will if you'd like a boy i love you too i do i do i'm sorry that staring and see if i can get you off balance there will i was very good but let me give you the question why should it is do you disavow the cake acre ass a year the year the press on the politician asked me the question mr adam's how long have you known members of a k k k now you have to ask a throwaway s s do i disavowed disavowed kkk mr evans that might be the dumbest question over heard of course i do and you should be ashamed of yourself to think that even a reasonable question to ask you know
country as much bigger things to worry about then these little got your questions i think it's time for you to take the trading wheels off and see if you can join us at the big table now let me tell you what i did write and why that's a good answer did you hear me say k k k in my answer i can feel the attack back in my gut avaux elder did you hear that you here did you hear me say kkk in my answer i did not know so you'll never have a clip of me saying those words so i made sure that the clip had to be shown the question and the answer together and i made sure that the first part of my answer was an insult to the asker because of the good or on it as a good around it after the after running the insult then i shamed them for asking the question and i am a true and then i but i did say
i do disavowed them of course but without using the word i just made a clear statement without using the word and it wasn't the first thing i said first i insulted and very quickly so you don't want to spend less time and that you just say that might be the dumbest question i've ever heard of course i disavowed them and you should be ashamed of yourself for asking these these bush league got your questions now i get a hold out when when the when the press runs a clap what what is the interesting part about the interesting part about it is that i went all primitive on the asker that's now the story the story is how i how i attacked the person who asked the question the ideas to be merciless in your response
there used to be interesting in your response in a way that takes attention from the question so you want to take a tension away from the question and put it on the answer that does not include the question and make sure that people have changed the frame to god what a deck who it s such a stupid question and you want that to be the clip and instead of being at the sky at nice for plan i'm gonna run much quicker now having seen in this context i think back to jail
tapir asking president trumbull do you disavow the k k k and try to understand it with new filter that i just gave you if the president had said i disavow them in just clean language that would be compatible with things he said in the past and it was certainly compatible with things he said subsequently so it would have been accurate it would have been consistent and it would have been a giant mistake trump is one of the most we meet here people of all time probably i think as far as i probably one of the most savvy media people of all time and when he heard that question here's what he knew that you did not get until you
media training simply answering the question with the truth yes of course i i guess about them becomes a headline the next day that looks like this hillary clinton has some ideas for healthcare candidate trump is still doesn't is still trying to explain why he's not a fan of the cake ay those your headlines and stay he had no success vector without being is clever as i wasn't my example now i had it
marriage that has prepared for the exact question and i actually told the colored use the question on me so i was ready with exactly the right response you saw a trump stalling to answer the question so and jake said just to be clear i am asking you to disavow kkk and you can tell the jake was not will quite knowing what was happening because it was such a simple question and he wasn't in trump was not giving a simple answer now trumps answer as i would say possibly true which is that you didn't hear as it had peace i've done hundreds and hundreds of interviews involving earpieces and i can confirm that they more often than you would think the work it doesn't mean that we have the european
this bad just the connection so what are the odds that really couldn't hear the question maybe i wouldn't rule it out but it's not my personal destroy my personal speculation my speculation goes like this trump is not like the rest of you were an hour ago he is an expert at the media is an expert at branding he can see around corners a little bit better than you can and when that question was asked he recognised as a trap it wasn't quite as obvious to you as you do you still beat your spouse right there's no right answer to that if you say you do be your spouse than your spouse peter if you say you don't still be your spouse indication used to be your spouse there's no right answer there is no red answer to as yours
for the presidency do disavowed kkk he care as for the question without making the headlines model and he doesn't want that to be the headline so the right answer would abandon closer to what i did and i don't think he was prepared for it you can see is is gears turning and i also don't think look how much explanation attack for me to just explain the difference between somebody who's media trained and someone who is not spray big difference and so when i watched it i had a different filter than most of you did because of media training i said to myself oh that's it that's a trick question
it looks like it's not and that's what makes it tricky right i would say ninety nine point ninety nine percent of all the people watched it said to themselves good lord man could there be any easier question this is two two is four do you running for president disavowed the kkk how is that a trick question that's just i disavow them
nope not if you have training if you have trading you know that that question is designed to associate view with the cake acre because brains do not here not they don't hear disavow they get their kindly he remained in the technical sense yes but you you end up associating the target of your trick question with the bad the bad thing so trout could see i'm sure that's just in smell right and that it wasn't an easy way out of the question because he can't had answered but he can wanted not israel because he didn't want to make that the headline in the association there was no winning winning path so let me take
you too an example where trump did better do you remember when chris cuomo back in twenty fifty or sixty like i remember in viewed candidate trump and the pope had just said that there are some problems with capitalism sir chris cuomo s candidate trump the following trick question he says the pope had some criticisms of capitalism what do you say candidate trump now the track is therefore trump to disagree with the pope puts them at odds with the pulp you don't wanna be at odds with the pope but you can agree with the pope because a great with a pope would say capitalism is bad and you can't be donald trump and say that capitalism is bad so there was no way you can agree with the pope and there is no way you could disagree with the pope it was a great trick question
do you remember how candidate trump answers the question and by the way it was one of the most brilliant answers of all interview questions should be this should be the media training clap their everybody learns how to do this if you remember he looked across cuomo any said i would tell the pope to worry about isis because they want to take over the vatican is yet do you see the genius and that as i remember i told you that media training teaches you don't have to answer the question its optional
you do not have to answer the question so he did not answer the question because it was a trap question instead he moved our minds to ices conquering the vatican you can't get that any your head so what was the headline the headline was trump says the pope better watch out cause isis my take over the attic that was a headline so he turned the trick question into a headline that makes him look like the other strongest player on the field because he was of isis cities your brain bringing isis up again that was exactly the right way out of the question the kkk thing he's screwed up
so that there is no nice way to say at hee hee flood the trick question now if one of you had flood the trick question i would not come down hard on you because less until now you had no media training so have you ever civilians loves a task a trick question like that you say well they were civilians there are really trained on turkey on cameroon stuff you kid see why they do that but if so
but he s experience as from the smells attract question and still floods it s just a mistake lets you have another perspective that is just mistake see at his level he should be able to do the isis ices taking over the vatican move every time you should be able to do that without questions well that was right when the planet but while there is a difference when it let me call out the difference with with the capitalism and and i am pope question nobody really cared about the actual answer and i think everybody knows that nobody really cared about the answer so when he changed it to a different answer about isis in the vatican everybody was happy while some the document but the question about does he disavowed kkk
really not answer that question and you also couldn't answer it without hurting yourself so that's why i e the approach that i told you earlier the periscope was the only way to go right was as useful did you learn anything in did i keep it to twenty minutes probably not right good well media trading is exactly the kind of stuff you could learn if you want to get a personal consult from somebody on the interface by when hoddan so i dont know if we have any experts of that type but is exactly the right kind of expert tab on the interface by women
about so if you were one of those experts and you do media training consider load loading down loading downloading the free up scald interface by went up and then you can say your own price and people will pay you for the phone call it's a video call actually by the minutes that has offered today and i will talk to you later
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