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Episode 465 Scott Adams: All the Hoaxes are Being Revealed at the Same Time

2019-03-24 | 🔗


  • Top hoaxes by Dems are falling apart this week, one after the other
  • Where is the Tweeter in Chief? Why post-Mueller major-win silence?
  • Fox News Poll: Will Mueller report change your current opinion?
    • 41% say Mueller report will NOT change their opinion
  • Climate change project update
  • Unexplained plateau and cooling  period in middle of rising temps
    • It’s off-model for a plateau and cooling to have occurred
    • How does the pro-climate change side explain the anomaly?
  • Mueller is finished, no new indictments
    • FOX is taking victory laps
    • CNN is pretending nothing happened
    • MSNBC is sputtering and making up stuff

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