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Episode 474 Scott Adams: Trump Solving Climate Change, Mueller TDS, Creepy Joe

2019-03-30 | 🔗


  • Bill Gates tweets bi-partisan group of Senators announcement
    • (Clean, Safe Nuclear Power) Nuclear Energy Leadership Act
    • Gen IV nuclear power isn’t subject to meltdown
  • “AOC sucks!” Chant at Trump rally
    • Her persuasion skill set is solid, don’t underestimate her
  • Barr’s 4 page summary being called possibly diff than Mueller report
  • CNN poll on Mueller exonerating President Trump
    • 86% said Mueller results won’t impact their vote
  • The Left have no options to hear the real news
    • Right leaning media offers more of the other sides views
  • Polls show Biden is the clear preference of people on the left
    • Media and the DNC elite prefer Kamala
    • The people’s preference, or the media’s preference?
  • Kamala doesn’t come across as warm and genuine

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about bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump hello lunar girl and nolan add and who's next person coming in bali and and mark and jeff and maria it's good to see all of you and i'm sure that being the prepared people that you are you already with your beverage you probably have a steiner glasser a copper mug you might have a mister taggart you may have filled it with your favorite liquid it might be coffee and now please join me for the unparalleled pleasure of the simultaneous sip ah i think i got the simultaneity just right that time extra good
well the winning just keeps on coming and i say the winning i'm talking about president trump when i say winning i mean as cnn would report chaos in the white house there's chaos it's all breaking down the world is going to hell on part of the world on the other part of the world things are going great let me tell you the most exciting news it goes like this bill gates bill gates let me start off by saying i've said this before but bill gates might be my only actual hero because he here's what i like early in his career when people were accusing him of being a robber baron capitalists who was crushing the competition and everything else they said about him
he was saying way back then that his purpose was to give away all of his money or ninety percent or whatever and then sure enough years go by he this the gates foundation and he starts giving his money in smarter more effective way than anyone has ever done anything like this so he was the best capitalist we ever had at the time and now is the best philanthropist we've ever had and i would go beyond that and say that he may have just save the world let me say that again he went for the best capitalist we're ever known arguably to the best philanthropist i think most people would agree the gates foundation is in a world beyond probably anything
and it looks like and i don't think i'm exaggerating this he may have saved the world and what i mean by that is that his opinion on things carries more weight than most people so in the rare occasions where his opinion is against let's say the administration's in pulses or the or the public you can break through his signal breakthrough the noise better than almost anybody because you can't even tell what party he said with you don't really know is he a democrat 'cause it seems like you socially liberal but also sort of a common sense whatever works kind of guy so i don't think you could really put him in a box which also helps is his message here's what i'm getting to into the yesterday that a bipartisan group of leaders in the us senate how often do you hear that a bipartisan group of senators
watt that rarely happens right but on this topic it had their bipartisan and introduce the nuclear energy leadership act a stab lish is an ambitious plan to here comes excel right the development of advanced nuclear reactor technologies and then gates finishes his tweet with i can't our how important this is and he's right he couldn't overstate it that's one of those times where it looks like an exaggeration but it's not he can't overstate how important this is because most of the world believes that change is going to destroy the world and this is literally the only feasible way to address it see only way so
two parts of the world let's say the people who believe climate change is do bring us all and a lot of people who think it's no big problem and it's overstated and it's a hoax but in both cases only wants nuclear power they don't know they want it yet but they do because it's the only way to save the world if climate change is a risk and the only way to move forward and not waste a bunch of money on solar and wind and things that don't as much impact if there's no risk both sides in order to save the world according well they see it one side is saving the world from warming the other side is trying to save the world from wasting doing the wrong thing to address climate change so both sides see a potential end of the uh at least if not into the world things go wrong and yet there
it's been and always will and always was a solution that works for both sides now in our current split world where if one side wants something the other side automatically says they are the devil the nothing like that can work it's very unusual that anybody can break through that that do two sides noise go right through the middle of that with enough signal to noise ratio as delegates has to say hey buddy it doesn't even matter what you think it doesn't matter what you think about climate change it's still all the right thing to do 'cause the technology is mature mature in the sense that we do know we can build nuclear reactors at less risk and less impact on the economy than every other source that's new new senseless
60s the nuclear power plants we have in this country are sort of sixty is generation they are dangerous relatively speaking because they could melt down the new ones can't melt down there built so that they and there is no mechanism that would allow that to happen physically it can't happen so but there's still much development and iteration that needs to go on and so the big push here is some kind of i don't want to call it a manhattan project but it's in that direction it's it's sort of a concentrated hi and government effort to come to accelerate the development of advanced nuclear reactor technology now how how much have you heard me talking about this a lot right so i'm going to have mark snyder on
next week tuesday i think and we're gonna talk about the technology is a little bit catch people up but here's the thing president trump has called famously called a climate change and chinese how i assume there's some hyperbole built into that but that generally he does believe that the the risk in the projections are are are hoax i don't know whether or not he's right about that is irrelevant to the fact that this is the right way to go but the the weird thing here is that the president who his to is the most skeptical of climate change probably just solved it probably just solved it because
there is only one way to go for a solution bill gates says really looked into this bill gates doesn't say stuff like this you know just 'cause he read somebody's tweet he's done a deep dive if he's visited the sites he has a massive investment himself in new clear technology but no he believes that bill gates is doing this for the money if there's one thing you can be sure if the it's put his money into nuclear technology it wasn't because he thought that was the best place to get a good return on his investment it might be i mean it could end up being a good return but you know that's not why he put his money there right he's doing for social purposes that we that i think we can all trust so this is this is close to being the biggest news of my lifetime it just doesn't seem like it yet and i and i think that that's a fair statement
might be the biggest news of my lifetime because it's such a massive transition to cleaner power that has mass global social civil but more than war i would say i would say this is bigger than the iraq war wouldn't you say i mean because as more impact on potential life and death over time i say this is bigger than say what's a bigger then it's in the vietnam war is bigger than nine hundred and eleven what what is bigger than this i can't think of anything that's bigger news than the fact that the united states just decided to take a full push into clean nuclear power in terms of civilization information i mean even if you think of
but even their ability to colonize space yeah that's right well the moon landing was big news but didn't make a big difference because it's not like we build colonies on the moon right after that so the moon landing was big in terms of ours psychological situation it did help the technological development a lot so a lot of those technologies have well seeped into the public to good effect so yeah that was pretty big i would say not the landing on the moon but the technology that went into it was big but not this big this is bigger than that bigger than a smartphone uh well that's a good one somebody said it is is there's no clear announcement bigger than the smartphone good question it's different the smart
phone is reprogramming what it means to be a human being so that's pretty big you know i would say that the smartphone signals are transition from organic species into a combined organic digital species because your phone is really part of you now so i guess you could make an argument that the that the evolution of human beings two into cyborgs which is what we are at the moment that's a big deal i'll give you that one that might be bigger than this but it's big all right now let me ask you another question how much persuasion does it take for something like this to become active in the government do you think bill gates got it done on his own do you think bill gates
it was the primary mover of this because i don't know how much direct lobbying he does with congress but he writes and talks a lot and i'm sure that people in congress have seen his opinions and others but you've also been watching for the past so for the past year what have i been advising on this this periscope primarily with the help of mark who will be talking to on tuesday large cider who's an expert in nuclear power has been my my personal let's say guru for that category and i've been saying that for quite a while that the united states need to do something like a manhattan project for clean
save nuclear power and that's that's what i think marks been advocating for that for a long time as well and i did this was even brewing did you did any of you know that this was even being considered and so here's the question i ask you who else in the united states was advocating publicly i know a lot of people privately were saying this but how many how many media sources we're advocating for this um because hello a lot of us individually were doing it but how many people were doing it publicly besides bill gates and besides me and besides mark schneider new gingrich has been doing for years of years your
correct new gingrich but have you i haven't seen new gingrich active on this for awhile here's where i'm going with this here's where i'm going hey michael shellenberger yes michel schonberg has been active but i don't know that he gets the same media attention rick perry is apparently on the job here rick perry seems to be killing it on this topic so i think that's pretty special so my point was was that for something like this to happen there needs to be a certain amount of persuasion in the you know in the public for it to happen the sort of thing probably doesn't happen just because some politicians got an idea on their own right
this doesn't really sound like an idea that the senators the representatives were sitting around and one of them said hey i got an idea let's do this they couldn't really get it done unless there were some persuasion coming from the public so i think that all of us who have been talking about this get to claims amount of alex epstein as well yes all of us who have said anything about this in public get to take a little bit of credit for what or are small pieces of persuasion were on this cas congress doesn't really act unless they think the public is going to buy into it and one of the things that is interesting about this topic is you know there are always people on both sides of everything but the people who are against the new cleaner nuclear development our only against it until you explain to them
at they're they're thinking is sort of stuck in the sixties once explain to people that it's not the sixties and that the old technology for nuclear which which did have some substantial risk safer probably than a lot of things but still address that was real that that's not the same thing we're talking about anymore it's it said different ology once they understand that it's not fukushima and this not three mile island and it's not chernobyl noble those are all older technologies once understand that then it's pretty easy to get them on board with the nuclear the only way to go really all right that's enough about that at trump's rally i guess people were chanting aoc sucks and then there's the they're a clever tweet about it and once again name the democrat that everybody's talking about
aoc i'll tell you who had a better week joe biden with the article in the box that he's a little too touchy with the women or aoc who had trump supporters chanting aoc sucks nope test if you could be one of those two democrats would choose a this week not only that but if you were any of the any of the people who were who the who the trump supporters were not chanting about you wish you were arc2 if people are chanting about you you doing something right meaning your team probably is is embracing you because other team has identified you as being too powerful and they have to work against you so every time every time they trump supporters chant aoc sucks they make her stronger mike sir
which points this out often i pointed out often and then you watch it right in front of your eyes you can observe they both mike and i predicted exactly what's happening over a year ago we both said watch this all right now how right was mike and how right was i on this we said don't take this lightly she's got real skills and it may not be obvious but these are real skills this is not lock this is not this is not lock is there's one thing you should have as a mantra the this is the recording you should play in your head every time you see a clip of aoc she will be saying something that you'll say that's ridiculous you'll say she can't to pay for their health care plan you'll say that's that's not you know
that's not a good idea but the whole time you're paying attention to her there should be recording the plays in your head which says i'm not thinking about those other democrats right now wait a minute is this intentional it's not lock it's not lock don't let you think don't let yourself believe his luck 'cause that's how you get fooled alright i told you that when the muller report was public that there would be shockingly little change in people's opinions because people don't make opinions based on facts and i told you this clearly as a production it will not change substantially it will not change people's opinions on trump now the the day the dead enders who are still in that cave in guam
who are unwilling to accept the bill bars summary of it is probably an accurate summary the people who don't accept that yeah they're still saying yeah but wait for the report itself my god there's going to be good stuff in there it might not be enough to convict but we know it's enough to send him forever for his whatever and you know the weirdest thing the weirdest thing is that there might not be any new information in it have any of you consider the possibility that the molar port literally won't have anything we don't know in it as when he says there is evidence well how did how did how did bar summarize it i think this is my paraphrase but the idea was the evidence does not come to the level that you would
seed with any kind of legal problem right which doesn't mean there's no evidence so the anti trumpers have said ha yes maybe it's true maybe it's true this is not enough for a connection but he is clearly signaling that do something like evidence in there and we see the detail we're going to see that ever and we're gonna judge for ourselves how bad that is yeah yeah yeah maybe it's not technically up to the standard of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt but this is politics and that's not the standard and politics so we're going to get this red meat and really i i can't wait for the details but what if what if the details of the stuff you been watching the news for the last two years what if the details are
don junior went to a meeting once in his own building what is what it is like that what is the evidence is that there were some people who talk to russians what is the evidence is that a number of the trump supporters did not accurately report at first contacts with russians which we already know what if all of the evidence is the stuff we already know maybe they'll be a couple of like interesting inbits but nothing of substance just maybe some color on things maybe things are a little bit different than we thought they were but what if there's not really anything new but there is some stuff that looks like well this is
sounds like we should look into kind of stuff which would be completely ordinary for any complicated situation alright so i think that let me let me read to you some text from cnn talking about the polling so after after bill bars summary of the miller report this is what cnn said about their own polling while nearly every voter cnn talked to said they want the full mueller report to be released among most striking conclusion was how the little the probe changed their opinion of trump a fact worn out by recent cnn poll that found only thirteen percent of voters thirteen percent said muller's findings would sway their twenty twenty vote
now you say to yourself well thirteen percent a lot right that's a lot except that of those of the third eighty percent seven percent said they are now more apt to back the president well six percent said they are no less likely to do so so all it did was there's a few little people on the fence about half of them fell one way and half of them fell the other way now i suspect that this poll is misleading like most polls are and limit let me give you my potential spin on this just in terms of the this is possible i'm not saying this is the case i'm gonna say this is possible is it possible when you say the six percent are less likely to support the president and seven percent are more likely is it likely that the six percent who say they're less likely were already never
we're going to vote for trump who look who what reasonable person could hear bill bars summary of the molar report and say based on the summary that exotic is the president the based on his exoneration they're less likely to vote for does that sound like a real number do you think there's one person in this country who was pro trump and likely to vote for him but once he was exonerated from the worst charge any presidents ever had against him now there are less likely to vote for him because he is not a criminal does that even make sense so here's what i think i think the six percent said they are less play vote for him we're never going to vote for him anyway they're just angry
people who got angry or because that's what they do and guess what if you check him again next week angry or still you could do this poll every week forever and you'd find six percent or more angry this week then they were last week they are less likely to move from this week oh sure he solved global climate change yes he did but i'm a little less likely to support it now so there is going to be the people who never would've supported but here's the interesting part seven percent of the people in the poll there they are now more apt to back the president's were they also the people who were going to back him anyway maybe and it could be those the groups in both ways are just identical could be that they were always just going to vote the way they were going to vote
they're just saying they're more or less apt but really not really right it's just the way they decided to answer the question but i have a feeling that there are some independence who said to themselves not many maybe one percent that's it who said to themselves i am actually going to wait for the results i'm at actually going to make a decision based on what we find out here are it does matter to me maybe one percent and i guess the point of that and then they said the up a combined eighty six percent said say that they had already figured out whether they would vote for or against trump and that the investigation won't matter even though they are undecided now what
none of that even make sense it's like the public just when suddenly crazy or the poll was crazy or the interpretation of it is crazy but none of it none of it quite make sense which shows you where were at alright i'm enjoying watching the job situation now as you know opinions are not independently arrived at in this country if they ever were i don't know if they ever were but certainly at the moment our political pins are assigned to us by our preferred news stations now that would not be the case if people say old news from both sides of the political spectrum because they probably get a taste from both sides and then they say huh different yes i'm on my own i'll just make a decision but people don't do that for the most part
the people on the left especially are locked into a silo where they don't even hear the real news the real news is not even available to them i don't have an option of hearing anything like real news there in there in there cielo people on the right also have a strong preference for their new sources and if they only stuck to their new sources on the right they would never hear the other side but because the mainstream media is the person pervasive one that's everywhere people on the right even their new sources talk about the news on the left if you go to fox news you'll often see them reporting what the people on the left said so that they can give their counter boy and show the other side but the left doesn't do that the left makes fun of the right for you know the crazier stuff but
then i will showcase the other argument or at least i don't notice it as much it seems that the left wants to keep you ignorant of what the other team is saying is the right says here's what the other team is saying here's what we say this is why we think we're smarter and the other team is now both sides are biased as hell i'm not i'm not going to tell you that one side is unbiased you're not going to hear that for maine i will tell you is seems to maine but the people on the right are getting both sides more often not not as completely as it needs to be i'm not even close but far more often uh and the the joe biden scituate is a perfect example of this because apparently msn msnbc and cnn are not reporting the national story that joe biden is a hair although let me take that back let me check the cnn homepage page i think i might have
track that because i was reading on fox news that they're not reporting it but then i also thought i saw so i'm looking at the home page of cnn i'm looking for the bite and let's just search for it oh there it is a former nevada politician alleges joe biden kiss the back of her head so here's a case of the front page of cnn not on top left which is the headline news but the it's a little bit semi buried in the middle of the page i couldn't see it right away at the look i had to we do a search on the page right so cnn is reporting it while at the same time over at fox news it looks like they may have changed their reporting 'cause it wasn't long ago that they were saying artist and entertainment section of fox news the headline is cnn
open msnbc ignore explosive misconduct allegations against bible now that might be true of their television coverage so that i don't have an opinion on but it is not true of their web page so here's a case of of fox news having a false or at least misleading headline 'cause it says very clearly cnn msnbc ignore explosive misconduct but you can over to cnn and there's there's a report so if i'm being fair cnn it has fake news on this topic it might be that they're not talking about it on air which which would be a valid point and that's prob play closer to truth and not true right so here's my take my take on the the mainstream media will
determine who is the democratic nominee the public will believe that they decided but nothing that will happen whoever the news decides to back is going to make it through the final though it might be and it look like initially that kamala harris was clearly the establishment choice but because she's fourth i believe now in the polling the end and the and the media doesn't want to be on the losing team in order nor do anybody who's now i dropped they don't want to be in losing team they're sort of in the dilemma because it looks based on polling that the people who are most likely to have a good chance against trump are not their first choice it looks like kamala is you know it's just going to have trouble break
into the top three weirdly all all white men in for them are elderly white men and so the democrats have a problem the size of which you rarely to see in politics because the only people who have a chance of winning are the same people who had no chance of getting a gay nominated at this point because bernie or biden would get torn apart and beta better would be torn apart by trump and part of the problem is i just don't think the democrats are going but the people of color in the women to support aggressively and the a white man that might be nominated yeah that at the moment having a let's say a thirty percent a jordanian the shield of sixteen that might be his cap
remember what people said about trump early on in the process he had the most votes but people said that just name recognition and he could never be above twenty percent twenty five percent clarity and probably isn't so they might have been right about that but you know obviously far more popular among the republicans hum i should correct that when he was at twenty five percent popularity that was just among republicans and he's climbed from twenty five percent popularity just among the republic to something like ninety percent you know and uh an amazing an amazing amount of persuasion to get from twenty five to ninety amazing i mean that's hard to hard to top but you know you can never convince the other side
so biting in my opinion is the weakest candidate the democrats have to offer i'll say it again match up one on one against trump the weakest candidate on the left the one who is leading in the polls by far now keep in mind that when people compare their their image of this great guy biting to this horrible monster trump they say to themselves how could he possibly lose biden great guy trump monster how does a great guy not win against the monster i can't even process but the part that they miss is that it hasn't started yet the fun hasn't even started the videos in the
the attacks against biden for his over touching of women is a complete kill shot it's a complete kill shot there isn't a chance in the world that joe biden could get elected and under the current conditions now if it turned out some new thing came out about trump that was worse than anything we've heard before well maybe maybe in that situation but your you end up praying for some new information after trump is the most vetted and research per person on the face of the earth you still have to hold their some do stuff there that we don't know about or else doesn't have a chance now do the democrats know what i just said do you i that the people who are that the movers and the shakers the people who know politics people were are the main democrats
do you think that they know that the guy who's dominated in the polls biden do you think they know he has no freaking chance whatsoever i'm mean none he has no chance i don't know i don't know is even the stacey abrams rumor turned out to be a horrible choice it just look like an old man saying old white man have i apologize enough i don't think i've apologized enough for being an old white guy what can i do i know how about all i'll pick a vice presidential running mate with is not normally done but i'll pick an african woman yeah yeah that'll solve my problems everybody looking at it will just say yeah that's how you solve problems forty years ago now it just looks like tokenism because it would really look like that and that's no insult to stacey abrams i literally don't know anything about her politics so i don't have any
was never negative things to say about it whatsoever but the way the public would look at it was in there i don't know looks like you're trying too hard whereas if com waris were running if she were the nominee nobody is going to say to kamala harris hey come you're trying too hard to be a person of color because she doesn't have to try she sales nobody would say yeah you're trying too hard to be a woman 'cause she just is one so those are just going to be a given and then she can do her political stuff so she's by far the strongest candidate on the the intersectionality stuff and she's got good enough experience and she's a senator that's better than being a mayor yes she's got going for plus she's got the hillary machine
or some part of it as as moved to her but here's the problem she is seriously boring she is boring she's tried to make herself self being with her look i really have a personality i'm not cold come on i laugh at things i try on funny looking and fits in public i have a good laugh all i'm so funny but none of that comes off as looking hum what's the best word all the videos of gamula laughing and having a good time as she doesn't come off as genuine i don't maybe that's that just maine it could be that's just a biased observation i wouldn't rule that out maybe a registers differently to different people
she just doesn't look genuine authentic yeah i will give i will give a beto o'rourke the following complement that whatever he is it looks like that's who he really is in my opinion i mean obviously there's you know everybody's being a politician so it everything's in exaggerated an exaggerated look at who they are and i'm not saying that that has good policies or they you'd be good at the job because i don't see evidence of that but it looks like he's presenting something that looks like who he actually is so much that's good all right i'm just anybody have any questions 'cause that's all the news for today but i love you so much i don't like to quit early oh
ami club achaar inter one trillion dollars for infrastructure to give you my monologue now on amy club insurance groundbreaking play for one trillion dollars in infrastructure planning
okay i'm done and that's all you need to know about infrastructure right there somebody says i don't agree he feels insincere well the political stuff is insincere meaning that the policy is you shouldn't take the policy statements or the criticisms of trump's policies as being literal that's just a political thing so that part nobody is sincere about that's that's part of the game of politics and we accept that because they're all playing the same game as long as we know that i don't give anybody a bad bad grade for the policy part but the way better personality is the way he uses his hands and he stands on things and no his mannerism that all seems pretty authentic to me i think
now that doesn't mean it is it just means it registers that way no wire hangers all right peter budaj eg honestly i have avoided talking about him because two reasons one i can't pronounce his name to he hasn't made enough of a dent to take him seriously and he's he's another white guy is he gay i can't remember as he is he publicly gay or do i have him confused with somebody else can somebody confirm that and i don't know if that's anything use
i'm just looking for your answers here so i haven't really paid attention to and i probably won't pay attention to any mayors the odds of a mayor getting elected president feels like if you're a voter don't you say to yourself well i like you you're a mayor but maybe try to get a job as a representative or a senator for first you know maybe do a little national stuff first the governor every now and then i'll take a governor at least they ran a state but a mayor amare probably has a city who's doing all the hard work anyway depending on the city um an oprah interviewed ben oh yeah
yes he is good tv yes he is gay well i like him better just for being gay honestly if i'm being honest just feels like a plus i don't think it will necessarily help him was married to a man alright so i'm very much in the camp who says wouldn't it be great to have a gay president right now it's a small camp i'm not saying i'm not saying that any of you are in this camp and i'm not saying that you need to be in this camper i think for the same reason that i supported obama i know you don't want to hear this there are some things that the country just needs to get past and then once you've done it you don't have to get past it again because you did it once and having our first black president
what if you don't like the job you did was insanely good for the country and in a way that's just permanent you can because you can never again say well the country would never looked black guy because we didn't twice a lot of people love the job we do so it's good for society to move past these these little stumbling things and that put us at each other's next likewise and i've said this many times they hillary clinton by winning the popular vote coming so close and really she didn't should lose because she's a woman i mean i think he claims that once in awhile but it's on our list of forty five reasons she lost and i think hillary clinton broke the glass ceiling in the sense that nobody thinks nobody thinks that being a woman is a disadvantage running for president this
it's not a thing anymore and thank you hillary clinton because you did that for the same reason eventually we got to get ourselves a lgbtq president sooner or later and i'm not saying that's a plus i'm not it's like some kind of advantage i'm just saying that let's skip past it would be nice now it doesn't have to be this this time i'm just saying that in general wouldn't it be great to have some say who's a member of that community who is just so good at being a politician that people can see that anymore alright somebody who is so good they make that invisible to us as voters that be great it would be a great thing for the country but i don't think it's his time it is not his time but i like the fact that he's such a serious candidate alright
so he says no we don't have to get past this well we don't have to do anything but it would be good to take it off the table as a social barrier somebody says race relations got horribly worse because of barack obama well is that true or is it true that the media who was anti barack obama weaponized is people who follow that media to believe that he was far worse than he really was i leave that to you as an open question yes as long as game this isn't his or her agenda somebody says yeah i mean nobody
i don't think anybody wants to see it as a some kind of primary plank at this point because unless there's some rights that are not yet granted that need to be speak six languages is a combat that i mean he's he's a solid candidate someday someday gay men will be present just don't office which is going to be so all right sunday will be a you know a lesbian woman someday it'll be everything right that's all i have for now and i will talk to you later
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