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Episode 512 Scott Adams: PART 2, Chris Cuomo Continues Promoting Debunked “Fine People” HOAX

2019-04-30 | 🔗


  • Chris Cuomo still promoting the “fine people” HOAX
    • Guest Steve Cortes corrected, castigated Cuomo for the lie
  • Cuomo SAW the truth, refused to acknowledge the truth…
    • …and then he changed the subject
  • FOX host Charles Payne pushed back hard against “fine people” HOAX
    • Big networks, big names are now aware and pushing back

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now i want to quickly shift topics to i dont know if any of you saw the the chris cuomo primetime show in which steve cortez was on and another proper as they are talking about the the charlottesville fine people hoax now i was just gub smacked watching chris cuomo lie about this to the world in a way that i've never seen such a grotesque lie in public grotesque meaning is very dangerous is a dangerous lie and spend debunked this week by every major outlet including jake tapir on cnn now when i say debunked i sum
they mean people who include the second part of the quote because the second part of the president's quote makes it crystal clear that he is specifically condemning the neo nazis and wait nationalists he called them out by name and condemned them in those words and if you leave that out it looks like you saying the opposite which is what chris cuomo and his staff did they left out now i used to think maybe maybe they also were fooled by maybe they ve already been
and taken in by the hawks as well because has been repeated so many times without the second part of the quotes that i think a lot of you likely believed that president called the neo nazis fine people so i'm watching this last night and i am saying this is a different level now this is the level where they absolutely no it's a lie because their own network is told said is a lie and i mean that simply by repeating the second part of the quote is clearly debunks the the fine people hoax and the the boldness with which he told this lie multiple times was astonishing but it gets better so then steve cortez who is armed with all of the counter arguments in the actual quotes and the the sources he goes on and in just castigates cuomo for completely misleading the public and
i don't think you used the word but just lie bold face lie about something so easily proven i'm is right in the actual quota is talking about i have to do is show the rest debunk slowly so steve calls them out and here's the interesting part and you have to see this clip aye aye retweeted it just before i gotta watch for this cause you get to see more of this in its fascinating and i want you to see if you can take it home and recreate this effect so still cortez reads the actual quote the says the president trump condemns totally the neo nazis and white nationals that should be the end of the conversation there's nothing else to say it's part of the same statements is right there is
its observable it's you can play the video you can look at the transcript now what did chris cuomo do when steve cortez showed him exactly the debunking that's objectively easily provable an unambiguous what did you did he did quill risk almost i know you got the wrong and hears why you didn't did he say that's not relevant to the question you didn't he changed the subject and acted like the words never came out of steve cortez mouse you have to see it because then steve repeated a number of times because chris wasn't acknowledging that it was
even being sad like he couldn't hear it or it wasn't even there and then of course cuomo needed to say stuff but he couldn't say stuff about the fact that had just been debunk right in front of them unambiguously unambiguously debunked rain fry them just like his own network did
just like every other now we're dead this week so unsteady changes it any each one point he tried to inflate the president's comment that there were the two were bad people on both sides and try to confuse that with the hope spots where it was claimed that he said there were good people on both sides including nazis which he never set so so his first while trying to confuse it then he then he tries to show how the question was asked to indicate that the present wasn't really answering a question about the statue avenge but rather it is about nazis but he also left out the part of president chums quote in which he specifically said people were there about the monuments and that that was even
so again cuomo just flat allied by leaving that out because that was the the important part of the quotas that the president was talking about both sides of the statue controversy not all sides being isis versus the neo nazis isis i call eighty four isis because i think of them that way so and then then cuomo sorts doing the thing that i i humorously predicted they all do when you show them that their main belief is debunked that the president did not call neo nazis fight people you prove they usually say marching marching with an cuomo just starts repeating this like there's some there's some kind of a reboot problem in his brain marching with marching with marching where there were marching with he was trying to make the point that anybody was marching with nazis would be not is now
now who agrees with that that anyone who is marching with the nazis would be bad people that nazis everybody president tribe you me every person in the world agrees with that and is not irrelevant because obviously the president wasn't saying oh sure they were margin with written racists but they were raises the present obviously wasn't making that point and the river voting does not show that that everybody there was marching in fact the reporting and actually talk to a witness was there there were a lot of people doing a lot of things and only some people marching so all those other people were doing other things there is no reporting there is no investigate
of why they were there or what they were thinking with the exception of the new york times that actually interviewed somebody who wasn't with and not be racist and and this is out them so we know that there was at least one small group who did not think they were nazis or not arching marching with we're not standing alongside their we're just there for their own purposes so and then then cuomo tried to change it when so he didn't let's steve cortez debunking on the marching with part because that would have been the second level of going down the hoax well here you start with your first oaks and gets debunked and you just move to new things that are not true and then and then finally chris without admitting that everything he said had just been tabled he acted as though none of them had happened and just changed the argument to while the
president made a moral equivalence between the neo nazis were terrible races and the people who are protesting against them that argument is a different argument if you are you say that you ve already eve already agreed that the entire premises first party you shall was a lie but instead of ok ok i hear you quote steve so it is true that everything i just said last five minutes is a total bold face absolute unkind sure vertebral incontrovertible lie he didn't say that he acted like the argument was always something different and then he moved it too
this equivalence thing here is the right way to answer the equivalence thing anti far is a bunch of masked armed anarchists who want to destroy the world if anti far took over the planet i would be in jail let me say that again if anti far took over the government i would be in jail as with a lot of tramps trump supporters so if you're telling me that they are morally better than the neo nazis who if they were in charge would do some pretty pretty horrible
things i'm gonna say that you are trying to argue whether ices is not as bad as heller if that year african argument well isis isn't as bad because there there their body count wasn't his highest hitler if all you have left is arguing the ices is not morally as bad as hitler because they haven't killed as many yet you die you have an argument you ve gone to a ridiculous point of view the the rational point of view for the president of the united states the chief law enforcement officer of the united states in effect the the only position i want to hear from the president is that both sides are a hundred percent morally reprehensible you can tell me that anti far is alive ninety nine percent bad and the neo nazis or a hundred percent bad you are a african idiot if you're making that
if you're making that argument you are not a serious blow you're a liar you're a liar or you're stupid if you're saying that that ices is only ninety seven percent evil and neo nazis are under present you're not honest player in the conversation they're both frickin absolutely terribly bat and here's the worst part if you tell me that i can go to an event where i can watch these frickin a holes the the horrible horrible anti for people who wear masks and hit people who believe that the president is doing a good job they hit them with clubs and and bicycle locks
if you believe that that crowd having a fight with with clubs against neo nazis is not something i would stay to watch you don't know me i would state a watch lad i would pay i would buy a frickin ticket to watch anti far and the neo nazis beat the shit out of each other that's what i would stay for especially if the police were letting it happened and were protecting me so i wouldn't would be to worry now get ahead is just an excellent place because nobody was attacking the police right and the police work stopping fight say to stand next to the police and you have the best show on earth which is andy far neo nazis b each other to ship that's the show i wanna watch if you tell me that any reasonable person would left that show you have never met a human being right it's a cage match we literally have paper view events that are not nearly as interesting is as if we are
a cage match of mme wherewith yo fifteen neo nazis we're going to mean the cage was fifty at these are people you couldn't charge enough to make people now watch let people would would pay a thousand dollars per year per paper view watch let you know i'd be a thousand dollars to watch anti far and neo nazis of the cage fight and if you tell me that is a fight between the ones were a hundred percent bad and the ones were only ninety nine percent bat as agents of reckon area if you can say antivirus bad can offer tv if you get a hedge on anti ifor anti far being a little bit good just get often tv you and you're not you're not you're not a patriot you're not a
you're not a good person let me say this clearly if you'd have you defending anti far you're not a fine person you're not you not even close you're not even in the general zip code of good people if you make an african argument serenity now but the good news is that there is a lot of pushed back i saw a fox fox news yesterday charles pain i'm not sure what the word right word is on air how stir personality or host i guess
he was also a show and somebody tried to pull the fine people hoax and he pushed back how much did i love see a black man push back on the fine people hoax with actual facts i loved it i loved it and you didn't see that before right the first time the first time you ve been seeing even far louis pushing hard on this hoax is this week in its because people like me people they steve cortez your jaw pollack people like carpet anthem we're making is safe for people to say the truth because we we sort of went first and we took the arrows you saw how many arrows did i get in the back are you are you counting the number of arrows i have in my back for
the hammering this topic on and are not what arrows right candice owens as well as other people too and that are not limited to the small group but because some of us when first and took the arrows and knew we were gonna get that arrows we have made is safe for people who would not reasonably would not want to take that risk to at least repeat what we ve said or at least repeat the second part of the club so i think history has been changed and i hope this was a good periscope today little different than most and i will talk to you later
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