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Episode 513 Scott Adams: PART 1, Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs

2019-05-01 | 🔗

Topics PART 1: 

  • Challenging true believers in the “fine people” HOAX
    • Read the transcript of President’s words out loud
    • Triggers cognitive dissonance, they won’t be able to read it
  • Summaries are NEVER as detailed as the underlying data
    • Summaries NEVER capture the nuances of the details
  • Can the President be indicted for doing his job?
  • Physicist Murray Gell-Mann’s observation
    • On topics where he’s an expert…
      • …he noticed the media doesn’t understand the topic
  • Monroe Doctrine and Venezuela
  • Tucker Carlson poses a fascinating question
    • Has intervention by the US ever worked out well?
  • “Government in a Box” concept
    • Target country must request the setup
    • Country creation teams set up a functioning government
    • Safe exit strategy for country leaders for sake of progress
  • Joe Biden asked if he has a campaign slogan
    • Nope, he says he doesn’t have one
    • On the fly he said…”Make America Moral Again”
      • …the acronym is MAMA, nice one Joe!
  • “Sleepy Joe” label controls Biden’s actions
    • To counter, he’s forced to present himself as high energy
    • Mis-speaking is a natural consequence of that forcing
  • The “HOAX Funnel” process
    • Muslim Brotherhood being considered for terrorist designation
    • Pushback is that they aren’t ALL terrorists or sympathizers
    • Shouldn’t those that aren’t…condemn those that are?

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pom bump bump bump bump so tat in some new instruments so that my theme song has a little more character drums bump bump on everybody got in tyler and of funds owen baby no hope offices as a funny name for your to give you know i us well i'm glad you're here because you know what time it is time for coffee with scott atoms the other time for the simultaneous up and all you need is a copper among your gloves some kind of tankers diner cellist perhaps a thermos fellow with very little i like coffee and join me now for the in parallel pleasure that i call the simultaneous
i have a question which has been bugging me all night and i care wait they ask you shall be looking at the common sphere for your answers so on twitter i presented a challenge is the psychological challenge and something you can do at home and i'm wondering if sorry i'm wondering if any of you yet and the challenge is to find somebody who believes these charlottesville fine people hope someone who believes we believes that the president actually called the neo nazis and charlottesville fine people find somebody who believes as absolutely true and then show them the transcript but here's the key park to read the transcript the specific sentence in which tromp said i
damn totally the neo nazis and the white nationals in my hypothesis is that if you somebody to actually read it aloud to you that they won't be able to do it and when i say they won't be able to do it i dont mean that they'll be weasels until they changed the top or gordo or they'll simply claimants a true those would normal normal things you'd expect my hypothesis is that they actually physically can't do it let me say that again the hypothesis is the somebody was very invested and that being true will not be physically able to read it out loud and that there will be a cognitive phenomenon which has a hypnotist i've seen many times most of you either never seen it were never noticed it when you sought
so as a hypnotist this is a very predictable thing which i get the young in the lot of different contacts i can manufacture this effect most of you ve never seen it you'll never see a situation probably this is perfect so clean and simple and which you can just say alright i'll get it i'm gonna induce intense cognitive i'm gonna make your worldview that you think a solid indefinite i'm gonna make it dissolve right proud of you and then we'll watch your reaction you'll never get that operate and the normal world where you have so if you saw my twitter feed you saw the transcript his errand you can just printed out or shut you're phone and say to somebody i wanna see just see if you can read aloud
i believe that they will look at it and they will immediately find an excuse that their busy they will tell you that i'm not gonna play your little game there will say what can a trick you up to their will say all this doesn't really matter because it's about something else but the hype this is is that they would be unable to actually voice the words on the page now that does mean work every time but i would guess something like eighty to ninety percent of the time somebody said i tried us all i'm so i'm looking in the comments for somebody who actually tried it and somebody said they tried it and it's true it will freak you out it will freak you out to see you actually read this see the person with the sentence and they watched their eyes watched her watch their brain reboot so what you should say or do other impression i saw this would
somebody the first would be but he was not experiencing cognitive dissonance they still disagree with you but they don't have a cognitive business like all of you may you already bubble bob bob lie and they read it and then they will tell you why is wrong or why they don't believe in whatever that would not be cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance would look like this that's what it would look like you would see somebody in in a state of sort of mental confusion and panic i would make them temporarily unable to speak so look for primarily unable to speak that's your telephone cognitive dissonance once you see that in this controlled exercise you can get closer the same the world the way i see it as a trained hypnotist
i'm sure a trained hypnotist you can see me was brains rebuilding work for you didn't notice he thought they were pausing to think or something but once you could recognise that the changes everything about the way you see the world because you'll see we're getting triggered into it dealing with it and then coming out of it and it will be a completely different felt around the world we want to talk about i know you want to talk about the bar the bar situation now so the story he is the signal the day is that mahler allegedly wrote a letter to barbara saying that that mahler disagrees with how bar summarised the report now of course the news
plague because apparently there is no letter in which my mother said that he disagrees with what bar said in other words there is no suggestion that what bar said was inaccurate the real story which they dont quite say see you then at least not in these words is that the real issue is that the way bob are summarized it left that was some texture so the would be misleading to the public inaccurate but the public and the way the press is handling it mostly suppressed the present handling and away they didn't seem through to the underlying stuff to which i say what did you expect from a summary now i'm a writer maybe this is just glaringly obvious to me because i quite often creates summaries
larger bodies of my own work now if you create a summary of your own work which i do on a routine basis the writer does the summary capture all the goodness that you would very very much like everybody to say well now how good it how could a summary be as accurate as the underlying body of information that's what a summary is there's no such thing as a summary that has all the details of the original the original thing i mean you can imagine some special case where that might be true but with all of the complexity of the underlying stuff was there any chance that a summary could capture it as well as the author of all the underlying stuff but this should have been captured that wasn't a thing so if somebody says to you
wrote letter and he's complaining that there oxygen in the world without the outline news headline news look you look at yourself say well there's always sort of oxygen i think oxygen is the basic quality of the work oh i don't know that as news right it wouldn't be news because his white everybody knows is the obvious reality you living so somebody says i dont believe that summary captured all the new ones of the original work have they said anything is that anything goes we ve pretty soon the underlying work we don't have to wonder where you see that now and of course so i turned on you i caught the story at the end of yesterday and really pay attention this morning i woke up and i said along gonna dig into this a little bit before my periscope
find out what's the issue so i to cnn and is our clicking on some links to find out what is the problem specifically mahler say is getting wrong not in terms of what bar said wrong but in terms of how the way bar said it has allowed the media to misrepresented i guess so i guess the question is what exactly does markham mahler complaining about so i thought well that will be obviously in the article right if i read it it's all about the story is can tell me what specifically mahler had a problem with the bar said where the media's is getting all i couldn't find it did find it now it might be there but it seems so hidden in the way
covering the story new covering it like its gossip the recovery like the details of of what it is that there are differing on if anything don't really matter the covering it like it's a personality against a personality the recovery like as a team sport recovery like it's a he said she said situation or were one bet against another bit i'd i couldn't even tell what the problem and they seem to have their deeply trying to to manufacture something out of nothing now of course on the other side so i flip over the fox news to see what the the other world looks like
and then the other world there saying there's nothing here there is nothing here now as far as i can tell the closest i can get to what the issue is is about the legal technicalities of whether there were something their work qualify as obstruction of justice through didn't seem to be any disagreement on the fact the trump was not involved in any russia collusion their part seems to be both sides agree but molly was still saying that sounds like there maybe the the the way the press is saying that the president's least press on the right the saying that the president is essential cleared of obstruction of justice and mahler i think this is as close as i can get was really happening this might be wrongs of fact on us
i think mauler was indicating that you could maybe make a case of obstruction but that in the special case because it's a setting president that mahler wasn't sure if there were no that the rules against in demand and cetera whether that may enough of a difference and then a top of that although they are not supposed to take into account that the underlying charge the collusion wasn't true because keep in mind you can be found guilty of obstructing just even in a situation where there was no justice to obstruct me that there was no crime so there was still a justice system that you could obstruct but there was no justice being lost because there was no crime that that anybody was trying to get away with so so i think the questions are something about whether you can and data sitting president
and then the second one is whether the president just doing his normal job under the constitution could ever be interpreted this is the ellen dershowitz twist could it not worse by his explanation that could present ever be charged with a crime for doing the ordinary things that you do in your job which has hiring and firing directing p how to do things requiem not to do things so so those are the things that were that mueller apparently i think i might be getting ahead of myself here so pleased you bring me back if i've gone too far but it looks like little factual things which if he were not the president that's the key
we were not the president doing the job of oppressed and under the constitution and if there had been a crime which flew wasn't which isn't important part and if you could in data president under those conditions you might think that this could have gone forward as the gates but given that it is he was the president and we don't die presidents and he was just doing the normal things under a president's job is a little too complicated for me mahler to make the colonists so i'm just go lay out the information for the public and for the attorney general mostly for the attorney general then the attorney general decides what the public seas and then the attorney general will handle it from their now did what i just described says that the president was cleared of obstruction now now young i can't go so far
to the blind hundred tree that i'm gonna say that equals cleared of obstruction but he did say there's no russia collusion and so i am not a lawyer i'm not sure i guess lot of judge a liar if you tell me the citizen of the united states what we want is justice that's the main thing were whether or not a country who needs to obsess over the young the dot the eyes in the details of stuff if it conflicts with justice if he had a choice of following the law or achieving justice and those in europe two choices if you follow the law you don't get justice but if you ignore the law you get justice which is a far higher standard which would you do you're an american and you talking about another america
the citizen one your teammates somebody i your team somebody you our task to protect and the law says something bad is gonna happen that isn't fair but if you do something as fair and my nobby exactly technically compatible with law which warrant which way do you go if you're an american justice every time so mahler has made the case there the details if you would just to ignore everything you felt about what's right if you were to ignore everything you felt about was just if you were to ignore about everything about what's good for the good in the country if you could ignore all of those things on some technical level there might be enough stuff that you could indict could you ever could you ever get a connection probably now our think so can you imagine finding twelve jurors there were convict the president for doing his job
and allegedly obstructing the investigation into the biggest which hunted history about a crime that the president alone knew he did not commit i mean he's the only one who knew for sure that there is no crime so there's no way this ever in a real world could have turned into like a court case with a conviction you could not find in any circumstance twelve yours who would do degree oh yeah less convict the president who the best economy in the world and is keeping us and wars less convict him for a technical violation when he was trying to avoid a witch hunt into something that wasn't a crime no y know frickin way but having said that wasn't enough with what mothers mother found to get an invite an indictment
and if you don't know that the old saying is you know you could get a hit you could and then they have been for a ham sandwich so is really easy to get an indictment use that ever a pretty strong suggestion that there's something worthy of talking about an that's my non legal an explanation so when when if mahler is complaining that the public and we politicians are are over over interpreting is finding that's probably true i think that's true because if you just talking about could he get indicted if he were not president just doing his normal job probably us do you think if he were not the president if he were guilty was she wasn't young that that matters in terms now people feel about it now so much law and if he could be indicted and all those things that were true
yeah probably mahler has gave so on a very technical boyscout occur law i don't what my work to be misinterpreted i guess ebola would have appointed as a trivial point is an unimportant point is completely irrelevant to anything that woman the lever be the ultimate outcome of all this stuff what is the point now if you will let me let me give you another yellow man look on this so so gale man was a physicist to famously noticed that when there was a story about physics i topic they understood better than most people in the world you can tell that the story was usually wrong but if you looked at a story on some other topic in which he was not an expert gell mann that's his last name two words i think
he couldn't tell but he believed the other stories even though a hundred percent the stories that he understood the topic better than the news understood it he knew that there were wrong so he was saying what are the chances that these other stories raw right when they we think i understand is always wrong so that observe asian should tell you what to believe so in this case if somebody rightly summary about something this is very similar to win their news stories about me so i have read maybe if i had put an estimate i would say i've read maybe a thousand
news stories about myself over thirty years of being a cartoonist of those thousand dish stories i've read about myself there all summaries because you can't read an article about a person that captures or all of the complexity of those i've that's not a thing is always a summary how often rather summaries wrong pretty much all the time but all the time now they're not wrong like necessary will you lie the not always wrong because in fact go wrong although that certain very common is very calm and have basic facts wrong maybe two thirds of the time and but the fact is that when i see some reason me i know they're all inaccurate in this in the way that i would want that story to be told so of course smaller thinks that a summary doesnt capture everything and of course
things the public in the press or take it too far you gotta context there was no other option but it was a summary there there is no other option of course it doesnt capture the flavour of the original enough about that and as always i always caution you two weights were alan dershowitz opinion on this whole thing if alan undergraduates says that everything i just told you is a bunch should be ass you shouldn't immediately it leech injure opinion to whatever alan's issued says so waiver him away and i'll tell us if this is something or nothing but it feels like desperation we ve got to find something we ve been so embarrassed we ve got a fine so by playing circulars mother
thanks a psycho venezuela you now it seems to me that the monroe doctrine is going to rule the day in that year we can watch venezuela as long as we need to until we don't need to bud i'm pretty sure that the monroe doctrine meaning that the united states is gonna take care of business and it's on hemisphere whatever it takes working take care of business i think the russians know that i think the cubans no then i think that is well and those that but we're not gonna do it prematurely we're probably won't do it just for humanitarian reasons because there is already a humanitarian crisis obviously and as far as that the girls and pointed out on his show i think it was last night when has the united states ever militarily
intervened in another country to fix things it all worked out well and i'm not a historian and i thought to myself is really no example of that no i'm willing to believe that's true because i can't think of an example can any of you think of an example it it could be your son south american country we must within the shit these so he sang south korea well you know you can't accounts conquered countries germany in japan kosovo granada special cases panama animals probably what's the situation in panama right now what's the situation in granada right now yes i wouldn't i wouldn't include
ban in germany because we went to war with them because it was a war so i would not include countries where we went to war for war reasons and then we figured out what to do after the war was up that's a different situation but granada we actually invaded there was like one the eight hour or something so say granada has to be treated as a special case because they did not have any military resistance so i don't think you can compare a country with no military to them as well so is there a country that had a military some people say in kosovo and i'm seeing other people saying that's not good enough simple subleasing liberia south korea's summers aim panama some people are saying qualms lose asking about that nicaragua nearly nineteen hundred who's that
i'm not i'm not debunking these by the way recent israel israel is an interesting example chile argentina versus the brits i don't know if that's appropriate kuwait wait kuwait was really not in kuwait was not a situation over yeah maybe that's good example although you can argue that that led to the iraq war eventually indirectly so close an open question another issue enough to know if we ve ever intervene didn't get a good result but then i heard services the society this is what i am we don't want to intervene without one in vain because
if there's any intervening it should be the countries bordering than as well so it's gonna be fine if the united states if the united states does not intervene but those bordering countries they get a little more involved literally is more their backyard than it is ours are literally right there to which i say where do you think they're getting their military advice in their military weapons and our aid are we just gonna give that stuff to the neighbouring countries dig too employ in venezuela it's not somebody else's our special forces are there is each answer were not already there with military though you do you think there's a hundred percent chance that are some form of our military probably special ups is already there frazier already there do you think
then our special forces are not already preparing a kill shot for madeira do you think we're not on the ground figuring out where he is at all times do you think we're not tracking digital communications so that we know who is doing what everywhere do you think that there are special forces can't shine the laser on madeira office and have a missile go through is window anytime we want i'm pray you sure were kindly ready but not with not with uniformed forces on the ground i'm sure let's drink to that and so this brings me back to my idea that i i often bring up it seems to me that one of the things the world needs is governed until a box and by government in the box i mean a a country
there has an organization within the country and as usual example was saved switzerland will say switzerland decides to for me you know a unit that might even be a commercial unit doesn't have to work for the government that will go into a country as advisers and they will become the temporary government for three years or one here whatever is in they do is they go in and they set up a new form of government and they don't they're not even part of the country there are literally advisers brought into form of government and they are actually the president so the president of the country would be just some swiss guy that comes with this organization they were set a government gonna working
and then they would transform that government back into a local government so they were set up elections i make sure the elections or fair they work with the government but basically you just be government in a box in and overcome it now you would not do this unless invited so in other words it could be the way to settle a dispute where they're two sides and they can just never agree sebring in the government in the box and the first thing that the government of box does is they set up a safe passage for the dictator was always a dictator right you know all these problems end up with strong person strong man strong woman in charge and that person if they lose control of their country probably gonna be dead or in jail so you can never get a deck dictator to leave if the if the alternative is they and their family rock help so you
i have a way to solve a problem because there's no exit strategy from the deck so the government in a box would come and say look we ve already secured an island state for you in another place or will service situation where you can have your own little area in the country i want just make sure that number gets out nobody gets in somehow create a safe path for the dictator to get to a ban any state than dead end let them live out their life with money they could live a good life just in isolation they don't have to be isolated they could envisage stop it i just gave up can have a political influence anymore so he says use bitcoin yes i think there's some kind of crypto currency layer to this where if the if the economy is broken need some way to have some real some money
they can buy and sell things might be a crypto to that i don't know enough to know that does not make sense here so we need a government and a box it probably needs to be something like switzerland because nobody would expect a swiss team to come in and for any kind of a long period of time be the rule my party of another country remote nobody would put up with that you probably at the minimum you price to the military in favour of it because the military could guarantee the gun in a box at the same time that they would have to be the ones and invited the denser previously supported by the military at a minimum hey wait there's one idea software some other things the psycho joe biden ok the funniest thing about it
a binding and there are a lot of funny things about joe biden uttering or to start so he was asked the human gas machine icon he was asked by was a robin roberts asked him if he had a slogan for his campaign and here's a funny part he didn't have a slogan because he and thought of it he had thought of a slogan that sort of running for president one or one you gotta have a slogan and so we each risk him up with the slogan on the fly and he goes make america moral again and when joe biden is trying to act extra sincere his eyes get really clothes and he leaned so sincere my camera moral again soon sincerity louise eyes was now very sincere closes here i'm more sincere
burgeoned locomotion of course he didn't realize the his the other the acronym for make america moral again is mamma perfect milk america get money anyway since the first bathing plague involving did you see the deletion of the clip of him awkwardly hugging hillary clinton and therefore uttered a vague in service let me see if i can show you is it so he's hunger and watch your give issues giving in the tap on the shoulder tap tap ok let's go tap tap tap let me go
and then she just put your hands down and just hang there like the ultimate sign and let me go then she goes back to tap tap tat let me go ago you can let me gonna look at it i'm just hang the let me go let me go let me go now that the club was actually looking so look look more exaggerated wasn't long life but this was just an introduction to my actual funniest point the funny point is have you seen the latest video him campaigning and is going up on stage and everybody when he got up and stage that's usually when there's some handshakes in some cases and somehow and he doesn't know how to handle himself because he knows everybody's watching how he touches people so watch it is reckoned hilarious if you're looking for is funny if you feel
lucky for you might not notice but he doesn't know how to interact with people because he had seventy six years of interacting a certain very physical away and now that he knows he can't do that he's he's you can tell that he's completely out of his element because he's trying to navigate me too world where you can't touch anybody and so he looks he looks awkward to me because he hasn't figured it out now there is also this viral video other went around that put together all that the little bits of his speech in which he seemed to be slurring or searching for a word if you see them altogether looks like he s a mental problem worries very old door it really does seller picture of him having some problems i would say this misleading because you could probably do that same clip with all of my periscopes
if you if you took any microscopes and took all the little times searching for a war and rice laura were i say a word wrong don't look just like that maybe because an old baby i wouldn't make too much of it because i think you could do that with anybody but here's the other viper this is the best pardonable so when we heard the tromp was calling him sleepy joe sleepy joe biden yeah there were some disagreement about whether that was a good or bad nickname because people said well creepy would be better but i think the president wisely stayed away from creepy think it was wise because the president has his own you grab by the whatever stuff going on and so if you use the creepy creepy label it will probably be thrown back at him so i think it is good that he avoided them
sleepy is one that the president can win every time does good money let me just give you the scenario and if this doesn't make you laugh you're dead inside so now sleepy joe has to deal with the fact that he has to deal with this label so he has to act as whatever is the opposite of sleepy when he was on stage do you think he was thinking that that he had to look like it was presenting a lot of energy oh yeah he was thinking he was thinking that hard because if he had done anything that look low energy it would have been all the news that what about the news i want a matter what he said that night if his energy was low in anyway that you could even interpreted as low even if it is adopted
that would have been the only story so trumpet by now is absolutely in his head he's so far into buttons head because now everything that sleepy joe does has to counter the idea that he has low energy what does make you do too overcompensate while the first thing it does to make him overcompensate is he probably has a ramp up as energy a little higher than normal for these events and it almost certainly would make him miss speak because if you're if you're adding a little bit too much energy compared to the energy that you normally add the i think he actually as good energy but is a great political argument against them is seems to me the maybe that could have been a little bit
of what made him miss speak then maybe was try a little too hard or how about this do you think that biden got a good night's sleep the night before he gave his when he was when he was going to sleep the night before and joe lays down like are tomorrow i'm gettin announced for president i'm going to save the world is calling me sleepy joe guest can't sleep don't sleep i'm not gonna get eight hours tonight i'm gonna give five hours tonight because i'm not sleepy joe i'm not sleepy joe he's not gonna make me sleepy joe i'm gonna five hours that's all i need and i'm not gonna let anybody see me take a nap ever
i'm going to go home early i'm not going to cancel an event because i'm tired i'm not sleepy joe so i think i think president trump has used what i would call it a sports trash talk model that is very active meaning that is going to make his opponent onto it it's an active insult i think imagine if you will present in trump has a long day and he wants to take a nap how does he do it he probably says something like this can you cleared my skin rule after eight o clock tonight i want to spend some alone tiresome family time than the present goes off to his private quarters and goes to sleep early i don't know yet if he ever go to sleep
i suspect he doesn't but he could and nobody would have any question about it because his brand is high energy so if the president goes and privately goes into his private quarters you just think well he might be asleep he might be family time you the gathering of it so the president can sleep as much as he wants because it's brand allows it imagine that you're you're a sleepy joe and you ve got all these advisers people you dont know them all you don't necessarily quite trust them yet don't know who is leading to the media he had on off here the more you don't know what's stories are getting it out and you're tired you can't say you're tired you can't hold you can't tell your closest adviser you're tired because s gonna come out some
you can't say cancel my events this afternoon i just need to catch up can say that you cannot take on an event even though it will exist if you don't want to look like you couldn't take an event because i was exhausted we can't even go to sleep early spoke suppose it's eleven o clock at night and the advisers who still talking with biden and what he wants to say as i need some sleep i don't know if you can i dont know if he can that i think you stay up to midnight so that they leave on their own so that he doesn't have to tell people is tired so i think the president is so deeply in sleepy jos head that i'm gonna make a prediction ready for this if this is as actively power framing as i think it is he could exhaust biden before election day if binding makes it that far
i'm thinking you probably won't but if he does make it that far in two years he will live run himself ragged at age suddenly aids or sex or whatever the hell and the as of him now stumbling or getting sick or showing some fact of all that work spree love so is possible that the trump the trump as presented a ticking time bomb of a kill shot and i dont we ve seen this one before this is one that has a timer on it on day one when you heard sleepy joe didn't you have the same impression i did which is you know he doesn't like feel let us leave it to me i my impression assorted the opposite he feels like he's
pretty high energy guy and i said before i give him very high marks for fitness of you seemed joe biden like he is really only listen to resume his way it and his justice persona and these obviously had a lot of work done and his face and stuff like that but i don't like to criticise people so that there is a personal choices but i would say is the opposite of sleepy lookin but it's got a timer on and the longer he tries to prove he's not sleepy the more he's going to wear himself into the ground the more he's going to expose himself to mistake so you might not have made so i think it could be brilliant but we will not have to wait and see if it
see if that little thing that will see takes root i sat around an article since all of you know i should mention again so yesterday i wrote a blog post i am not written a blog posts in a long time because i've been doing the periscopes nor again box and stuff but i thought it was time to take everything about the fine people hoax and put it into a written form because inform just travels better it can be viral to more people because people read things they want watch a video and and i realize that there was such a consistency to help people responded when when revealed to have been hoechst and that they believe the president really said that there were that thirty or not we're fine people if they believe that and then the transcript is not true they almost always go down what i call the hawks funnel they start with this big claim
president said neo nazis are fine people shown the transcript they got ok says exactly the opposite but he said and they all revert to what were these other people had these fine people were they marching with nazis how can be a fine person if you're marching with alacrity and so in my blog post i talk about that's actually hallucination there is no claim and there's no reporting that all the people there were marching in fact it was sort of a chaos there were some martyrs and then there are all kinds of other people doing all kinds of things in even in reclose who knows what those people were thinking or why there were there but he did a survey nobody talked in the ball nobody knows so worst case scenario the present maiden assumption but he also detail this
gumption he said i believe that people there about the statue so he said that clearly in the same context as he was talking about fine people on both sides so is obviously meant both sides of the statue controversy anyway i'm bob solution is the people start with a big hopes and you can you can t bunk each of the lesser hoaxes their retreat to down the follow until you get to the end of the funnel and develop any usually turns into questions if you can turn somebody from a statement of fact the president said neo nazis or fine people that's a statement is not
you d bunker they go down to another statement well those five people were marching would nazis but that's not true there's no evidence no suggestion no reporting and all the reporting says that people were not marching marching with nazis or just lots of people there so that's not true when shifty bunk that you end up every time and you can
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