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Episode 513 Scott Adams: PART 2, Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs

2019-05-01 | 🔗

Topics PART 2: 

  • Muslim Brotherhood being considered for terrorist designation
    • Pushback is that they aren’t ALL terrorists or sympathizers
    • Shouldn’t those that aren’t…condemn those that are?
  • Press has been telling TWO LIES persistently
    • “Fine People” HOAX
    • “Russian Collusion” HOAX
    • The most dangerous political lies in our countries history?
  • What’s the intent of President Trump’s supposed “lying”?
    • What OUTCOME is President Trump attempting to achieve?
    • “Salesperson Lies” for a clear and positive purpose for U.S.
    • Economy lies…literally make the economy better
    • ISIS lies…hyperbole about how defeated they are?
      • ISIS can’t recruit if people believe it wouldn’t end well
  • Older nuclear technology dangers
    • US has mostly Gen 1, France has mostly Gen 3 designs
    • Gen 3 now has long history and no issues with it to date

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what evidence no suggestion no reporting and all the reporting says that people were not marching marching with nazis or just lots of people there so that's not true when shifty bonds that you end up every time and you can you can do this on the person whose being having their their work view annihilated will eventually end up with questions of the question for means i have already given up on the statement so they have already accepted that the presidency did not say neo nazis and find people the transcript says that clearly he did not say that and they end up with so why with these people who were fine people attend an event
leslie organised by neo nazis and races and as i write in my blog post in order to ask that question you'd have to know nothing about reality or human beings so the question is just frickin dumb if you take a hundred to human beings and honoured americans i like to use my example you take any hundred americans and even if they go to the same place for the same event are they gonna have a hundred they have just two different opinions if you take a hundred people and put him someplace as two sites your pro statue and i said are they only gonna have to opinions just two opinions pro statue anti statue now
if you better lie in this world for more than ten frickin minutes and you ve interacted with humans you know that the number of opinions at charlottesville was probably closer to a thousand right i'm exaggerated but there were probably every flavour of opinion there there were people who are a complete racist but don't you know there are some people who were not racist who would never date somebody of a specific other ethnically well sort of racist but are those the same well you can argue that the same or different but my point is theirs part there was probably every opinion that you could possibly imagine if there are enough people you going have every second opinion and i would say that's one thing that you good bet on and win every now was this the one time the hundreds of people showed up in the same physical g
if is this the one time in the history of what the world that they only brought two opinions with them pro racism anti racism now not there's no chancellor so the idea that people came for the same reason or the same understanding or even that they looked at the same flyer and had the same interpretation of what going on some people are at it out organised by races i guess i'm a racist logo i'm sure people said that don't you think that other people guaranteed does are a lot of people were talking about and of all the hundreds of thousands we saw the flier on social media don't you think there were any who said it's a thing about unite the right it's about statues looks like some nazis will be there but what do i care while people are you know they're gonna be people on both sides in others be people with every opinion but this
aristotle me the definitely some of them are nazis i don't think it's a nazi event i just like the the racist or shown up because why when they see it she's right in their right in their their sweet spot the statue controversy so could you show any flyer to a hundred people and have them all come down on the same opinion given that the flier was not it didn't say hey we're raises it just listed speakers and had images and some statutes you think you could get honoured people to look at their flyer and have the same opinion now none any world that you ve ever lived and can you get a hundred people dead the sailor opinion about anything so the president's assumption they could have been right or wrong and it doesnt matter because he stated ism
his assumption was that there were people are just about the statue and then he talked about his belief based on the assumption that worst case scenario is it the president assume there were multiple opinions and it's the first time in human history that's ever not been true that's the worst thing that you could say about this does the president made the most common assumption you could make that there were a lot of different opinions there and it was the one time in human history it wasn't true and there's no reporting or whether it is true we can know what everybody was thinking so away i put together these thoughts debunking every part of the hawks file so that you can use the same structure to to drive people down the phone the fun is watching people go down the funnel sunken says
because the direction they take always ends up with and i think chris will end up with the final weakest question which was why did the people who showed up not leave immediately if there were any fine people showed up once they saw what was happening why didn't they leave immediately now that's a question not of statements and it is a question based on ignorance as a question based on lack of imagination the fact that chris cuomo doesnt know any possible reasons why that it be true doesnt tell you anything it tells you that chris cuomo is ignorant and i don't mean that as an insult i mean a green in the sense that we're all ignorant about something that everybody has something they don't know i mean this is normal text or in the world so not calling crisper well done i'm say that his question is a legitimate question meaning he doesn't know the
so the fact that he doesn't know the answer to a question doesn't tell you anything about what happened it just tells you chris chris cuomo didn't know the answer to the question can we imagine any way to explain where scorn was question why would find people show up and not immediately live how about this answer preschool how do you know they didn't immediately live how do you know they didn't show up see what was happening internally that's not an evidence we have no idea how long people stayed i've also suggested that if i were a fine people and i showed up there and once i was there i realise that there was can be a fight between anti far who i hate with a passion preserve the other there are literally masked armed people who would like to hurt me personally
if i saw that they were about to get him if i would neo nazis who i hate with passion as much as i hate anti far i'm making a moral equivalence yes i am i making immoral equivalence there's they're both completely but if you're saying if anybody say one of them is a little worse than the other while i don't think you're you know you should not show your face in society if you if you're going to if you're going to find if you going to make like a fine differentiation between the masked and armed antifa thugs want to overthrow the government and beat me to death if you say well they're not so bad i mean that's not so bad the least are against racism i mean they got back of informed so they're not completely bad they want to be you to death with clubs but they have these good parts to if you're saying that don't talk in public
obviously you you just embarrassing yourself if you are defending one of those sites as big a little more moral than the other way if i show that there is a fine person and i saw that these two groups that i hate the most we're going to find each other mistakes and beating each other you couldn't get me to leave are you kidding me are you kidding me you think i will leave that show now if i were felt physically in danger i would of course but apparently the police were protecting the people were fighting and letting the people fight want to fight and they weren't guns there is beating i shall stick so you could come to watch the shop would i have left that no fresh anyway i don't hate anybody more than the hate anti thought and neo nazis to me their tens and hence right the most hated me worthy of cattle no nation another group
you can show me in a picture them beating each other where clubs em all and on that i want to see them so anyway if you read the blog post end if you would be nice left to tweet that around its pinned to the top of my twitter you can find it easily now mike's had an interesting tweet in which he was he was talking about how the stress in the world is worse than ever at the same time that the world is better than ever the stress the people are feeling about the world is the worst at the same time the world has never been better i mean not even close we're we're at levels humanity has never never seen this is best the world has ever been buying
pretty good major right and he pointed out that he was nice enough to point out that i had predicted that we are entering now i told as a golden age when all of the real problems were solved or on the way to being solved the real problems being in poverty war crime you know the real problems and that they would be replaced by psychological problems in other words that the way we were thinking about our world was getting worse at the same time the world itself was going way back
and so we are seeing their start to develop so mike was less enough to call that out as a prediction that looks like it's heading toward fruition now apparently trump is considering doesn't aiding the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group and now the push back to that is that the muslim brotherhood is not just one one organization that students and bad stuff there are people in the muslim brotherhood who were terrorists that seems to be just a fact nobody nobody is questioning set maybe the muslim brotherhood does call themselves terrorists but as i understand it it's sort of umbrella term
and there are lots of people who say they are mother muslim brotherhood and especially in some countries where it just doesn't mean that so there are people in other countries were just innocent muslim brotherhood people who violence against violence against their against terrorism but they still like being whatever young that label they like to be part of the muslim brotherhood for whatever the other benefits the organization present so the idea was that it would be bad to designate the organization as a terrorist group because it would have a better and these people who really are on our side in the sense that their peaceful and they don't want terrorists
other marginally on our side the same interests to which i say that's our problem if you can tell me that if he is a nice person i mean that the democrats have just finished telling us that if somebody thanks are nice person marches with neo nazis well there sword and neo nazis and i agree with that which is why that wasn't relevant in chose will because nobody nobody is making the case that there are actually marching with the neo nazis the people were fine people but i think it must be said that if you i didn't find yourself as a member of a group with known terrorists i dont think him is that you personally are not in favour of terrorism does it because you can just change change your membership
just say shoot now these doesn't leave them a terrorist group i denounced my membership i'll join and other groups i also think we should see that is our problem i think that we should very much encouraged the good people who are non violent two maybe disavow the group that is that's not asking a lot so without knowing the details of this it would be dangerous to have a strong opinion on this because i do not think any of us know all that the new once the situation but if the only problem is that are a bunch of people that we really genuinely like and their basically on our side
but they call themselves muslim brotherhood for non violent reasons i think this is something they need to work out i dont think for a second there should influence what we do somebody else's decision to join a despicable group should not be determining our for national interests and are now i know i'm over simplifying but just just on that one point over pretty strong opinion but there may still be good reasons not to do it i'm sure that will get work out in the conversations what so i have a challenge question in
i'm going to ask this question as if i know the answer but i really dont does it might actually be an answer to this question that i can't imagine so i'm going to open up to the public and see if you can come up with an answer present tromp has been blamed for or credited with defending how you one set with ten thousand lies ten thousand lies now i'm assuming that since he started off as now i'm assuming that lie in this context is anything that doesnt pass the fact checking and i'm assuming that ten thousand means ray hearing the same thing though that they don't think it's true more than once i think that he has not ten thousand individual lies i soon i soon right check me
i think it's ten thousand things he said that they say our true but that would include a lotta repeats of the same thing that they say it is not true now on the other side there are two giant lies at the press has been telling one is the fine people lie that they continued adele and one is the russia collusion lie which continue to sell indirectly as they are today if you do a search on fine people you got a million hits almost every one of those heads does a lie about the present because they would tell the story the wrong way almost all of them and if do a search on russian collusion you get one point four million hits on google i'm guessing at least a million of them are blaming the president for being the russian spy so our russian partners something so if you took those two lies the fight
people lie and you added together with a rush of collusion lightness just two things imagine all the wise told about this present let's just tomb and you have two million lives two million but here's here's what i like to suggest to see if i'm wrong on this in fact checking on this seems to me that the ten thousand lies that the president has told are almost entirely what i would call sales lies in other words there there in the service of selling something and for the most part what you selling is make amerika great again so is the thing he's lying about
get you to a better economy do you feel bad about that that's the thing is lying about reduces isis recruiting that bad so let me give you the specific samples is the president says the economy is doing better or they his administration has done more things then he's really done or that the cutting of the regulation is more important to the economy than he says or that his contribution do these start breaks going up is far more than actually the evidence suggests what is the outcome of all of those lies about the economy while the outcome is that the economy and proves that is the point of those lies the point of saying everything is great is to make people think our economies great so i guess i should invest and when they invest it makes the economy great
and he says were higher and like crazy in employment up now everything's good these are good locks these are salesperson lies because this person my love you but you still contain a buying the thing you wanted
there are lots of lies that are probably their exaggerations or their overstating but there for a very clear positive purpose now of course it helps them get elected and helps them be president cetera i'm not minimizing the fact that their self interest involved but the lies are very very positive there so positive they you could argue that the president's lies about the economy are the best thing that ever happened to the country think about that the president's lies about how good the economy as are literally making the economy better thus i'm exaggeration as a fact that would die on i would you put a bullet in my hands
scott say with confidence that the president's lies about the economy are actually good for the economy and i would say i'll say right now are fraudulent lies are good for the entire ok i were i would put a bullet in my mouth and tell you that there is no reckon question that his lies helps you got me take another topic isis so the president said the ices is defeated blah blah was that an over a claim absolutely it was definitely more than what was true hyperbole was maybe doesnt pesticide checking but if you're isis and you're watching news or you're thinking of becoming isis do you want to join the group that is being decimated more than decimated its decimated technically means ten percent worse
so nice is more like ninety five percent worse now and heading in the wrong direction when the present lies about how well isis is doing that's bad for isis because they can't recruit if the news saying isis is losing everywhere it's a lie but it's the best friend i any body ever told i want more of those lies let's give us more of those those are good lies are smart lies those leaders now compare those lies and again i'm not saying those are the only things that that their lies about but compare them to just the two lies coming from the press the fine i in and the russian collusion one of those two things done to the to the moral fabric of this country so speaking
you joe binds campaign see him about me the moral centre of the country what did this i am personally lie due to the moral fabric in this country if reckon ripped its users out the worst political lie except for russia collusion two things are the worst possible lies maybe of all time and because you look at the racial divide in this country so much of it springs from the road the fine people lie as some of you guys now you you could you could throw that went away and the president has done so many other things sound racist that that's just one of them so scott your overstating the importance of that one and i would state that that one line is the one where there sure
the president was a racist and all the other ones are ones that even the people who think he's a racist consorted see that it might be something taken out of context so that so the the shitholecountries countries thing even if you're sure the president's or racist for other reasons you hear that shit all thing and i think even if you don't say it out loud you think it yourself ok cut it was talking about the country's assorted get there is not a good clean one but because the charlottesville one i'm so sure is true and that you really show that he is in favour of neo nazis that makes me think that shit or communist rule take another one the mexicans or animals fake news of course the present was actually talking about amis thirteen if you're someone who thinks the president's raises you hear that stories i ok called them animals but is pretty clear who is talking about him ass their team
our aid as a grey area it feels races to me though not because of the situation because that's that's obviously restocking talking ms thirteen but because of while israel since i know charlottesville really happened these other things seem truer than the facts would make them seem so the point is that charlottesville is the alpha lie for all of the other lies and the reason i'm taking doubt is because it's the is the third leg of the tedious stool so the tedious stool the thing that supports people's insanity about the president are three legs russia collusion fine people hoax and racism etc and the thought these literally crazy fundamental mental problem as time goes by and their results in this country continues to be stellar the he's kind
is he mentally incompetent one is starting to fade on its own you know you have you how does she don't hear them as much as he knows the deadlines are not full of the president is crazy impulsive and all that that just went away as one of the legs of the stool russia collusion went away the fine people hoax is the this last little brittle leg there is also going away cuz is not true and i think my blog posts should kick that leg because it will give you a link and by the way you should say that you should save my blog posts link and you should turn it into a bitterly and you should put her on a nope like i know file so you always know where it is and then forever on social media when somebody brings up that lie send them a link to my blog and it will take them all the way down the hawks funnel down to the question get rid of that leg
so i would say if you compare the the destructive power of lies the russia collusion in the fine people lie were destructive lies and they got two million hit that is the biggest lying i don't know if we ve ever seen big relies maybe world war two or something over bigger lies but feels like them most powerful super lie situation we ve ever seen the president has told ten thousand salesperson lies and the result is a better economy less recruiting for isis and weapon when they said is rise in waste supremacy
and the president downplayed it and they they fact activists of the hour but they're like two dozen people killed this way but there are two dozen plus three people killed this way in a context where more more people die in swimming pools and unbiased cycles then are killed by weiser premises and we literally restarting close there are far more people who drown in the backyard swoon then are ever killed by killed by terrorists in this country so the president downplayed partly because he is the one being blamed for the rise in waste ceramic if somebody is blaming you for something are you going to say there's a lot of it if somebody said hey scott you're you're to blame for pollution do you think there's a lot of pollution i might be tempted to say there's not too much
cuz i don't want to take the blame cuz i know i'm going to get the blame so of course i'm going to minimize it anyway so the president's lies if you want to call them at or seemingly all toward a greater good the lies against the president are not for a greater good the fine person hoax had no good intentions it was to change was in power same with russia collusion stuff i did i cover all of my topics red and talk value so i watched the clever don lemon talk to forget who but some trump supporter who was just
it just annihilating him until the boy were done levin had to just shout overrun and until the guy couldn't talk and that was funny oh nuclear let's talk nuclear so i hope you enjoy my interview with michael shellin burger yesterday a world expert adviser on them
the subject of nuclear energy and you saw a little bit of a disagreement unless you're describing them by be too strong a word but there was a different view let's say older do clear technology verses generation for i wanted to put that in context now so there two points of view roughly so shelling burger saying that the generation three nuclear which is the type france ass and not the type the united states as i don't think we may have a few i think we have mostly generation one which worthy relatively more dangerous designs friend
says generation three and i'll be looking for some fact checking on the schism adamite after has generation three very successful and as far as i know cyril nuclear accidents somebody release of any of any consequence so fact checking on that i dont believe there's ever been a generation three nuclear accident can somebody check me on that i forget what took you she was but certainly chernobyl was a different things revile island with none of those were generation three michael shown burger saying quite reasonably why would you mess around with these new generation for stuff they will take a lot of work and testing in theirs
risk involved on the unknown verses generation three where we have such a long history and no problems and we ve refined it in the point where we ve taken out all of the opera thirty four problems why wouldn't you go with that and worry less about generation threeg as we already have a solution and my taken that was i certainly get that if you're gonna start today you have to start with generations rape is generation four is not quite there so that our we agree in but what i disagree on is that the people and show for generation four is better than than gentry and the reason i say that is some of you saw it of you or i did with the person i call the smartest person in the world of all rebecca who is it
under of angel list and generally considered one of the smartest people in the world and certainly specifically smart in the world of start ups and entrepreneurial stuff that's that's really his is greatest area of at least what the public thinks of his expertise is is it his brain is pretty back but then we would recognize him as maybe one of the smartest people in the world on that topic now need us about nuclear he says talking about it as startups the way you talk about a start ups is that nuclear you can't iterate designs because if something goes wrong and uses long approval process all the blood it's hard to quickly test things the way every other technology
is developed so other things can be tested quickly and then you can get to a better point because if even if things go wrong doesn't matter if your smartphone doesn't work it's not like a nuclear meltdown because something in my eye now the government has funded and there is at least one test site in a world where there are rapidly test generation for designs and a dozen or so start ups in the generation for world and bill gates is a major investor in one of those so i say why don't you do both as hard as we can you why not build the generation three power plants that we know how to do right now and still keep it bringing back in a generation fork is sunday sunday they might be better and it's hard for me to imagine that all of the geniuses and they would have to be geniuses
literally geniuses working on all these nuclear start ups for me to imagine that they don't know what michael kellenberger knows that generation three is has been refined the words the safe smart way to go help and all of those startups not know that now probably overstating it so i don't want to misrepresent michael's point of view but i think he is part of you has more to do with where you put your your emphasis i don't think he's saying that there is no way we would ever get to a better designs regeneration for i think he just thinks s the bad play statistically and timing wise which i wouldn't i wouldn't disagree with because i don't have the expertise to disappear that but i want to make a case for doing both hard because we don't we don't have a money problem in other words there is funding
for these startups bill gates etc so it wouldn't make sense not to push them as hard as we can within safe the safe zone at the same time we're doing generation three if we need to build stuff right away and we do and it and then michael also had a little i say more negative opinion about green technologies potential and made a beta compelling case that the people were claiming the economics are good are let's say them leaving things out well let's let me say that their analyses are being his kind as possible that the people who say they all green solution ready now and we can just role this stuff out new world good to go those people are not quite considering all of the all other variables let's say that's the kindest thing i can say
and i think he's probably right on that but like generation for i will take the the novel point of view which is i don't think you can really know where green technology mostly solar and wind i don't they you can know what their upper limit is i think movements like every other thing in the world people discover new improvements in ways to optimize that we didn't not mistake just the simplest example one of the things people say about solar is that it takes up too much physical space don't you think somebody's gonna invent away to make more vertical and then physical space is unimportant back in a month and we want all news for solar facility built in the desert or what is that due to the cost structure
and you just say okay robots go out there and will check back in a month and we want a whole news full solar facility built in the desert what is that new to the cost structure when you can just point the robots in a direction and next thing you know there is also a solar facility and maybe it doesn't take much maybe it's vertical i i think i will read an article in which there is one plan for turning air conditioning and and skyscrapers yes somebody's talking about this already this skyscraper somebody has a plan and i don't think it's quite as practical as they're thinking but they think maybe they can get there in which an office building with have lots of air conditioning facilities and those air conditioners create heat so i figured
thing your necessarily making something else hotter did you just moving the he you're not you nothing he hid away you're you're just changing word is so something's getting hotter an order for an air conditioning to do it the ideas that he'd put may be used as to create fuel and of the co2 in the air in other words you conversed these our condition to do two things one is to cool the building but the other is to use the heat that they generate in the process as part of the solution for dragging seo to enter the air and converting a chemically into a fuel that could be used where you can't use green energy so that's usually a ship or an aircraft they they don't run is not likely that run on electric energy ready type soon see you crave fuel and it is here to stay
then you put solar panels all over your building so if you imagine a building discuss solar panels all the way up and the air conditioning for each building is optimized to create to poor little seo to enter there and to converted to fuel the replaces the need for carbon in aeroplanes and boats now can they ever build up if i said to you in forty years will we be able to do what i just described build a skyscraper that is energy neutral and actually drag seo to enter the air doesn't require any electricity beyond what is generating and so and
are you watching bar damn it i need to go watch that you have raised the point is nobody can really tell you where solar and green energy are gonna be in forty years anybody who says they can i don't trust him let me let me just toss the sound right now the biggest problem with solar is that you can start right we can't figure out how to get batteries but imagine if you will that we solve instead the transmission problem suppose instead of making batteries we figure out how to send electricity over long distances without losing losing the energy and right now i think you could do that with maybe superconductivity or something but a breakthrough in that would allow you to network together all of this skyscrapers with their solar all over the world so even if the sun were not
ironing where are you are you could be networked by superconductive cables to another part of the world where the sun is shining just great so if you had the entire world network with superconductivity daily batteries like this question would you need batteries if it was dark where you are but your network to the other side of the world were there's plenty islam and there's plenty of solar and it's just sending the electricity from the other side of the world now you would have to superconductivity an underwater cables and and those are things we have been solved but if you can tell me another suggesting that that exact scenario happen i'm just trying to i'm trying to stimulate your imagination so you can say to yourself ok we really dont know what it looks like in forty years there's just no waiter like that so i say guard and everything and go watch bill bar and i will talk to you later
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