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Episode 516 Scott Adams: The World’s Dumbest Tweet AOC, It’s a Doozy

2019-05-02 | 🔗


  • The World’s Dumbest Tweet…by AOC

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mobile bilbao compound problem here but he commanded here i dont have long so you're gonna have to hurry up i know you can hear me right now is you know signed on but if you could i be tell you too quickly get in here everybody ricky christened and the rest of you ah i just saw a tweet from air sea that might be the record breaking honestly anybody ever said and i now i now in the field of politics and in the whole world there's a lot of competition for the dumbest thing anybody ever said but air ceased
it may be the dumbest thing anybody's ever said now one person contacts in this remember on the person who often says i'm not gonna worry about somebody missing a fact i don't care if there's a little like her hyper believe the presidency's using and i don't care if the damage that's use a little hyperbole do that's all fair we will understand at a really care of the democrats they dont pass the fact checking a little stuff
so i'm not the one who's gonna epic oh they got his fat wrong but this is a whole new level and i can't attacked whether this is pure persuasion but nobody would persuading persuade this poorly so i think it's actually stupidity and i i have resisted you know that i have been not agree with abc on policy but i've been largely supportive of her as a positive contrary voice having some good sort of long term reviews of the world in terms of healthcare stuff i have gone out of my way to give her the benefit of the doubt and to frame her as a good persuade her who sometimes departs from the facts but you as you know
that doesn't bother me this latest tweed you ve never seen this level of down before like this is world destroying dumb and that's not even an exaggeration if this level of dumb became part of people's common thinking it would actually destroy the world and kill millions and i am not even talking about socialism that's all other topic i'm going to read it to you now the context is there were some congress had a hearing with witnesses about climate change one of them i talked about on my earlier periscope was a fellow who said
that fossil fuels have helped the world a great deal including health now the argument was that all industrialization and the end of poverty that's going from thirty five thirty six percent of the world was in poverty during reagan's administration is down now down to like six or nine percent and that's almost all on the backs of fossil fuels you look at the health benefits of moving people from poverty to non poverty its amazingly good for your health there's almost nothing this is good news for your health as a good economy and raising people
out of poverty there wasn't any way that that can happen without fossil fuels now if you talk about the future that's a new question but listen to this tweet this is a policy literally the dumbest person in the world and unless brand new opinion i wasn't thinking that until just today she's tweeted this morning one of the things that genuinely surprised me in congress is the sheer mediocrity of witnesses called forth by the geo pe in here eggs i saw no reasons given its just sort of political posturing but here's the good part she says
yesterday they brought in a guy with a broken up boat i backed by oil lobbyists arguing that fossil fuels are quote healthy and then she writes in all caps healthy it's embarrassing elsie just one other record to say that the history we are talking about the future remember we're not talking about the future that the history of civilization has been that fossil fuels have made people less healthy apparently she's she's doubting the the brain bring the entire planet out of poverty until there's like nine percent left in poverty and of course you couldn't have done that anyway without fossil fuels she's arguing that somehow that made us less healthy elsie
less healthy than we were in the eighteen hundreds i don't think so i don't think so this if she's arguing that is won't let me put it in perspective you needed a visual let me put a size on this because i don't want you to think i'm talking about some grey area we're not talking about something that reasonable people can see both ways like well i don't agree with you but i can see why you say that we are talking about anything like that we're not about a political disagreement where just somebody s different priorities nothing like that here's what we're talking about this this big circle represents all the health benefits of fossil fuels
in our recent history the amazing economic boom those allowed at the door hospitals will allow us to build helicopters to airlift people from you know dangerous situations it gave us all of civilization it was the biggest improvement in health in human history our life expectancies yo soon everything got better because a fossil fuels we didn't have any option right but there were also negative impacts definite
there was more pollution than people died as coal minors should definitely no question about it there were a whole bunch of people lots and lots of people who had negative health impacts because a fossil fuels but that's the snake if you're looking up the last couple hundred years the benefits to our health our health capital health all apps elsie the benefits to our health are frickin huge it's like she went on a public forum and said the geography they brought in a person who thinks that the planet earth
is bigger than a marble he thinks the planet is bigger than a more ball and i love the the sarcasm and the snark because to be self confidence and so stupid at the same time and keep in mind the expert with the boat that she's talking about explained what i just explained except much better to her yesterday he made his case essentially the way i am which is fossil fuels were absolutely essential and a big part of our economic prosperity that took people out of poverty and if you can buy people stuff like air conditioning and you can
heat their homes and you can see them their health is a lot better to tell me that that somehow like a grey area was she not listening is she actually that stupid i actually candle because hard for me to believe that literally anyone like i believe i could take a child and here i am not exaggerating could i take a ten year old child in front of my whiteboard say oh here's the deal you know fossil fuels have all these benefits burgo some people died
the pollution accidents yo a number of the other there are definitely love people died no we're not minimizing that but this one's thus big as its entire civilization there was benefiting and all the health benefits that come from prosperity verses this a ten year old would understand that right now for her to dismiss that and i'm sure also dismissing nuclear power as a solution she is now crossed the line from simply being persuasive in political and yeah she's fun to watch
this is dangerous do you know how dangerous it is to put out this kind of idea to her even dumber supporters because i worry that people look look that we said here she's right for fossil fuels are bad for health not just health but health with all capitals hell i'm blown away that this is a level of dumb that i dont know if i've ever seen
in like a public figure certainly there are public figures who will say something that's not true though have a logic gap will have a bad day me it's not like we haven't seen millions of people say done things in public but have you ever in your whole life have you ever seen anything this done i well what gimme another example of anything this dumb anderson than this dangerous its is mine boy so i just add one point today so i thought i would jump here in here with us now also didn't mention and other north any the experts mentioned nuclear power but fancy is talking about club change and nuclear energy is not in every other paragraph she's not a serious player and she's as stupid as you think she is
now i still i still say that she is greater getting attention and she's great at three a big part of the persuasion game she is actually very good at airports wow this is the level of stupidity that i did not see come and you ve been telling me for for a year right you ve been telling me that she is stupid and i kept saying well
i would assume that because you so good at this persuasion stuff and then i say this the the best the best thing i can hope says she's lying and she knows it does literally the best assumption i can make about it because there is no way you can defend this gregg steaming pile of stupidity the kind you you almost will never see anywhere in your life i mean if you think of any topic in anybody's bad opinion on any topic and is not stupid let me give you an example and she also supports socialism
now lots of smart people say a socialism has never worked bagua but you can still make an argument for it is burning position is in a hundred percent stupid we just don't have to pay for it we don't want do you now but there is an argument bernie is actually making the grey area but reason these more arguments were maybe he shading how much is going to really cost maybe he's not quite
you have putting all the variables in their then you might but that's not this this is stupid galactic scale this is this is destroy the world stupid this is almost criminally stupid does anybody disagree with me is there anybody in the comments can argue that this is the biggest pile of stupidity you ve ever seen in public anybody i don't think i'm getting an argument right so i think i'm just repeating myself now because you are all on the same page but i cannot believe that she tweeted that its is its mind boggling and what it tells me is that the experts the expert
you ve got some press and he must have messed up her head so it's possible that this is cognitive does thence that would be a very kind interpretation because it's hard see this as a anything busted and i mean she sat down and thought about it had a day to think about it and composers tweed and came up with the dumbest thing i've ever seen literally the dumbest thing i've ever seen somebody says even wrong about air sea since the beginning i don't think i've been wrong a better persuasive powers because you the fact that we're talking better so a minor percent right that she's got real persuasive skill and this might actually be another example where she's persuading her side
quite effectively but it does seem to me does she believes this because a costly attitude she put into it it doesn't look like just asian now looks like she actually believes this while how how embarrassing i dont know if this twin is gonna stay up but the fact that she ever thought of it wants is its mind boggling so that's all i have i just i just gonna let those moments passed i hope you enjoyed it and i will talk to you later
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