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Episode 55: Structural Racism Plus Iran

2018-05-10 | 🔗
  • President Trump Tweet Endorsing Candice Owen
  • The value of network resources 
  • Iranian people and their leadership
  • Adding variables to situations
  • Reframing thoughts on the battle of ideas

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hello to do bum bum bum bum bum bum blah blah blah blah bomb hello and good morning oh it is a good morning where i am it's and beautiful and i have my coffee if you have your beverage of choice make a coffee because you know that's the good one okay eighty works to any beverage that's fine we're being permissive today it is time for the simultaneous well that's the way to start the day you know i've tried drinking coffee without without all of you doesn't taste as good but when you're all watching and simultaneously sipping good stuff
so how many of you saw candace owens mentioned in president trump's tweet so how'd how would you like to wake up to that so the president just a sensually just endorsed a human being when does that ever happen when do you wake up and the united states that the is the united states to endorse you as a human being that's pretty good but anyway it reminded me of a topic that i and before but i want to i want to really take it home it's a question of let's say structural institutional racism
so if we accept that the laws of the land of the constitution say everybody's equal well it's only part of the battle right because there's still a hearts and minds and they're still you know just built in advantages to up to being born white well let's just say say what it is and i was making the point that in my opinion of all of the various structural disadvantages of being african american in particular is your lack of connection two people who have resources and can help you so the point is people tend to hang around with the people that you know are like them so if you're african can you hang around with other african american folks primarily you're somewhat accidentally cut all
from all of the resources and the network the investments the the hiring decisions and all of the other advice the mentoring and all the stuff you could get from white people because the white people have lots of resources and as i said before the greatest untapped resource in the world for african americans is that why people like to help you know i say that like it's like maybe other people don't like to help but of course everybody likes to help but white people in particular we like to help plus here's the fun part white people have all the resources yeah i'm exaggerated we don't have all the resources but you know what i mean and so i wanted to give you a an live demonstration of this point ok
candace owen got retweeted by the president this morning she's getting lots of well deserved attention 'cause she's doing a tremendous job of expressing a point of view that had been underserved now i watched the tweet and i watch your work and i think to myself wow she's doing really good things and what is the next thing you would expect candace to do in the natural arc of her career probably write a book right now i don't know if she wants to write a book but for people who get provenance and get a lot of attention in the political sphere the normal the normal path is to read a book they give use is speaking in comic give you sort of an introduction to a lot of a lot of places that you just wouldn't get without writing a book and here again
i'm going to give you a demonstration of how useful is to have friends who are white people so again follows me on twitter we've never met we've never never had any communication and since we follow each other on twitter i can i can send her a message so live while you're watching i've composed a message from b candace no i don't know she'll see it because of how much twitter traffic she's getting specially today but i'm going to send this message and it says this if you're looking for a book publisher and i hope you are i would be happy to introduce you to my literary agent in new york city help what would you pay for an introduction by a best selling author
to his literary literary agent who can almost guaranteed get you a deal alright so if you don't know how publishing looks and it would be this while you're here all right send okay so because kansas has expanded her network outside of the in american channel and she is created insanely good contacts in you know in the white world where people have resources and we like to help good things can happen just from that alone and if there was a way to scale up what she's done so that other african american folks have the same advantage of just connection how valuable would that be all right so i just sent the tweet don't know if she'll ever see it sitting in her dms would be uh in addition to one of the top
literary agents in new york city of personal recommendation so you definitely get a meeting would get a look and literary agent likes it some things are powerful enough that working with an offer the author they can usually put a package together that that the publishers want to so the agent is actually the big break because a good agent can get you placed with a with a publisher so so there's an example now i try to try to do this sort of thing anytime i run into anybody who's got fewer connections and could use a let me give you another exam
of this in the not in an african american example but i've ever see the comic cold pearls before swine pearls before swine it's one of the top comics in the world right now it was interesting about that is that the stephan boss this the the author of the comic one of the things he did to transfer to trans transfer from being a lawyer that was his primary job to one of the top cartoonist in the world is he called me he contacted i forget how it said can we have a meeting can we go to lunch i want to pick your brain about how be a cartoonist so in the beginning i gave him
attention that he wasn't getting when he was a start with starting out and that actually created kind of the first attention he got to get published at least it newspapers already online and then we met in person and i gave him lots in person advice and who could give better advice on being a cartoonist really i mean if you were going to go to somebody and say hey i'd like to get some advice on being cartoon you'd want to go to somebody who literally wrote a book on advice and as a cartoonist and his succeeding so because he had an easy access to maine his career was a lot easier getting started and now he's a huge success how unfair is it that he was so comfortable you know talking to
because they use a white guy on the white guy it was one less thing that could have been a form of hesitation or friction so if that same benefit were opened up to everyone could be a better world so that's my point in there let's talk about a ram uh i'm a little bit early on my thinking about iran and you know where that's all going but let's let's do some speculation about situation to see if we can get an early indication of where things might be heading now one of the things i keep hearing is although the iranian people or
presently pro american or at least they don't have a problem with americans and they say americans well they're nice where is the leadership of iran we believe literally wants to kill us and kill israel kill america maybe die in a giant fireball or something like that now what is what is your first impression when you hear that that there are people we're willing to die destroy their own country troy israel destroy the united states and yet they been in power for a while and have not destroyed themselves or done something that would cause us to discuss so so it's been many years of these crazy suicidal people in charge who haven't actually crossed the line where we would clearly just wipe them out or
they have not fully committed to even wiping out israel no one is it look like for a ran to be fully committed well take the iraq war if you if you remember your history a rack and a stronger military but they couldn't make too much headway attacking around this is back in saddam's time because the iranians were just like human sacrificial or whatever just running toward the iraqi army with incomplete weaponry just getting slaughtered but they were so brave and so committed that iraq just couldn't conqueror an even with superior firepower or iraq couldn't get iraq could not cock so we've seen what it looks like when the iranian leaders and the iranian public are committed to something when they were committed
there doesn't seem to be any limit to what they're willing to do but then we look at their language about death to america and it doesn't look like that kind of commitment but as i've said many times if you're israel you have to treat that risk like it's one hundred percent chance of happening so israel has no wiggle room they have to treat it like there's a war that's already happening and you saw that there's reports where israel attacked the alleged iranian missile site in syria so they're very much treating it like they're in the middle of a war and they have to it's deadly serious that but what we're trying to do is understand where the where the leverage is where the buttons are what might be in play that we didn't think was in play what might be an illusion etc
into that world we can be a little more permissive than our thinking because we're not israel who is in imminent risk of being destroyed so they have to treat it like it's just a fact one hundred percent you would never want to talk them out of that position 'cause it's the only rational position let me let me toss out some ideas one of the things that made n korea work twenty three so i think two things made n korea heading toward a good result one is that we added variables to the to the calculation so n korea had been nukes or no nukes nukes no nukes very few variables we wanted them not to have them they wanted
they have one well we're done but when the the reunification variable was at it and then maybe the uncertainty that that we had a crazy president who might attack them any moment suddenly they're also all kinds of variables of the table and we had a then who is willing to negotiate a president who could get along with crazy dictators of better than any other president so president trump took a situation with only a few variables north korea and the and much of variables now i think kim jong and added some variables himself 'cause he may have been the first one who brought up i'm reunification i don't know how this conversations went but the point is if you can't get result you
sometimes add variables so when you're looking at the iranian situation we don't want them to have nukes and missiles and we don't want them to be funding bad people but how the hell could we add some variables to that well one way to add the variable is to expand the conversation until it's in the middle east so you make the covers about hamas about hezbollah about around about israel you add variables so this is just a general concept if you get a result with the variables you're working with and you have a chance to expand
the variables it gives you more options for peace so would iran be funding hezbollah and hamas to cause damage to israel if there was a comprehensive peace plan in which all of those parties were getting at least enough of whatever it was they wanted short of destroying israel we don't know because we haven't done that but it's possible the other that we might discover is that the the alleged believe that although all of the people the citizens in in iran are perfectly rational and nice people that could you know we'd like to have over for dinner that we i believe the leadership is actually literally crazy we believe the same thing about kim jong and we believe the same thing about every dictator who's on the other
what is the normal thing you believe that the other side is irrational my be true this time you do get or your hitler's now and then right so you can say you can't say that any leader is rational you don't know you just don't know so but i think we should push against that hypothesis and thereby wait be away we reached agreement where where matter so much crazy there now let me give you a re frame i save the crazy stuff for the end of my periscope so those of you stick around get a little bonus i'm working on that the following re frame
about it around remember i said that in order to get it a good deal in these big international negotiations the other thing you need besides more variables is you need both sides to have something that looks like a a victory path north korea figured out how to have a victory path because reunification is you know is something that will make kim jong un a legendary figure forever right i mean kim jong on is going for the long ball quite quite wisely i think it's too early to know right but it looks like kim jong just said hey i'm going to go for a long ball i'm not just looking for a good result i want like like the royal family is to i'm not
that's where they're headed but it looks like you shooting he is going for the whole the whole enchilada so is there a is there a path were a rare and the rest of the middle east let's say the hamas and as well stuff user a path where they could have a victory while israel stays a country gets recognized and nobody's tried to destroy the united states or a foreign terrorists is there any path that we can imagine that a ram has short of destroying the united states and destroying themselves and destroying israel and i'm going to suggest the following re frame all right
listen to this and see if this makes sense to you in the in the original days of the founding of islam they had a certain set of tools for war you know so words and steady state things right so technology was was modest so in llamas day they use the tools that they had now how you spread religion in the days in love it like what techniques could use well weapons you use the only tools you could so if you started with the belief that god allah wants you to spread your religion what was the one and only way you could do it kill people right so you would conquer now
what happened as the technology of war improved if you see a modern radical islamists to do a terror attack are they likely to use a sword and spear probably not they probably upgraded their tools right so there's no there's no islamic prohibition about using better tools of or so they could use swords that was fine and now they use machine guns and bombs better technology but it's the same philosophy there trying to use conquest yeah beheadings and stuff we tried to use those tools to further brand of islam now if there were an even better weapon invented
would they be allowed to use it right so here's your thought your thought if islam had an even better weapon to further the spread of islam to conquest you could call it could they use it and the answer is of course they could because that's the history of islam if there are new tools there's nothing that stops them from using a new tool here's the reframe the nuclear weapons are not as an effective tool for spreading islam as the internet is so in the old days your best tool for spreading islam was a sword then
maybe you thought your best tool was guns and you know explosions and mortars and missiles and nuclear weapons but look at north korea did their nuclear weapons help the no so much it actually caused the problem look at iran where their nuclear weapons helping not so much the even the even the development of nuclear weapons caused this problem they are now spreading anywhere because those nukes but imagine that in the year twenty eighteen and beyond we have this thing called the internet
it let's move the war of religion from the battlefield where we used old tools 'cause that's all we had you use the tools you have you don't use the tools you don't have now we have better tools spreading islam is a it's a battle of ideas the internet is what you use in the battle of ideas so could iran translate their version of iran without giving up anything no sacrifice to a war of ideas in which we say look around not only
are we not going to block you on social media we'll give you a full platform you can take your ideas anywhere you want just leave behind the the weapons that were affected right hello so the point is killing people to spread your religion is the old technology the new technology is persuasion and communication
anne if iran does not believe that exposing people to their ideas their persuasion their information about islam if they don't believe that's enough then they don't have confidence in their own god in the battle of ideas in the battle of ideas is god gonna let them lose well i guess the only way to find out is to do it now i see some of the comments and you're making exactly the right comment i i agree with my critics who are in real time saying some version of this my god you're so you're so naive you don't understand thank to even imagine to even imagine that they would
to move from the the war of physical violence to the of ideas you're so dumb scott you could ever this could never happen just keep in mind you were saying that before president trump got elected not you necessarily but look at the world the thought about the odds of trump getting elected it just seemed impossible but then it happened what were the odds the president trump would come would speedily solve n korea how much of the world thought that was even remotely possible not many people i saw coming a mile away and you all watched it in real time you saw me go out in a limb in twenty fifteen
that my entire reputation on it my income my reputation i bet everything on it and then i double down by describing for the past year how we could get a good result in nor career with the president trump and that reunification was probably part of it and this war on companies instead of just countries would probably be a key and here we are i'm telling you also though i'd i don't see anything there would rule out a big win for everybody except the way we're thinking about it there's nothing else stopping there there are no physical limitations to thinking differently about situation but you would have to give iran and the various opponents of israel awitin an unambiguous wind and if he asked me the unambiguous wind is to take the battle from the field
put it into the war of ideas where it belongs the the internet exactly where you should be discussing religion and if if iran is not confident that their god will display their ideas more effectively well then they're questioning their own religion or let me put it another way the only way this isn't a good idea is it ran doesn't believe their own god because if they believe their god they're going to and on the battlefields of ideas you know as long as we don't you know limit their traffic no the interesting thing about this idea is that the biggest obstacle to make it
is that even conservatives in the united states don't give a fair hearing on our social media so you might find that twitter and facebook are the biggest obstacles to success if if they are if they're censoring thought about is club that they don't like right so if we're censoring them just 'cause we don't like it then i don't think we're playing fairly uh you can't out logic and directives from god if you truly truly believe what i'm saying is that the suggestion moving from the physical battlefield to the internet and the
of ideas is that there's nothing under islamic about that air and it's because it's just come perfectly compatible as far as i know you know i'm not going to present myself as an expert on islamic for but if it's true that islam allows you to upgrade your tools of war then the best tool of war for persuading people to to to change to your religion at the moment in twenty eighteen it's not bombs it just doesn't work that well yeah we we saw the the caliph at didn't get that far it is only play god was trying to tell the calafat hey use the internet idiots stop stop trying to beat and military forces that are far superior
she is not compatible with american values that is correct but that's why you load out in the war of ideas on the internet all right so presented that idea your your objection should be i can't believe that iran's leadership would buy that you know that big change in thinking to say let's move our our battle to the internet if that's your only problem if that's the only problem with us it's not impossible if that's the only problem it's not impossible so that doesn't mean so this is not a prediction i'm just telling you that if you can't imagine
if you can't even imagine how this all could be solved well it might be a failure of imagination you hear me say this a lot right sometimes we don't act because we can't imagine there's anything that could work so you sit there and say ok what if i do that well that wouldn't work what if i do that now that won't work so what do you just in your chair you can't imagine anything that would work i'm telling you i can imagine a good result it is where you take it from the war of weapons to
or of ideas and you can't tell me that's not the not the natural place for discussions of of of you know islamic thought can i imagine myself some hair somebody says i can actually that's funny the that's a funny question so so one of the jokester is on here said can i imagine i self with hair and the funny thing is that i always think to myself you know sometime probably in my lifetime still yeah i'm hoping i have another thirty or forty years left i'll probably have a full head of hair but i'll be i'll be ninety five what happens is always say take this bill we can we can solve that problem yet for seventy years well that well i look like a desiccated fruit but i gotta go
there all right give me some feedback on my idea of expanding the iranian question to the whole area and saying hey everybody let's move the war of ideas 'cause the borders aren't going to change uh what about the pleasure of killing infidels well i don't think the leaders enjoy that pleasure war of ideas is not a fair fight so somebody said in the war of ideas it wouldn't be a fair fight in other words
saying that islam would not do well just on the internet in a war of ideas i think you're all of i think it i think is love would thrive and in fact it already has i mean we don't have to wonder ok so it only work if they think they have a chance of winning the idea or do you think the someone who really believes that god is on their side thinks they would lose an idea war if it's a fair idea war nobody's nobody sense right i don't think people think that way i think they think if god's on their side they're definitely going to win the idea or would would it work on you it's really not about it's it's about populations all
so it looks like i have a tepid response is that true it looks like most of you are not committing does anybody think that my reframe would be productive as in it might actually make a difference because imagine if you would the united states saying consistently look you're fighting in the wrong place your your fighting on the battlefield that's that's just not modern times anymore you know that the civilization is leaving you behind because the battles are battles of the mind now and yeah we we can effectively arm or ran with better items then they have now and that's not even a joke if if water and wants is to wipe israel off the map but not in
terry why is everyone so wildly they clarify or maybe it's not clarification maybe it's maybe it maybe they're shading their true intentions but when they talk about israel it's like well we i mean you know destroy all the people we mean israel as a functioning state you know they they would want it not to be a jewish state here's the thing the war of ideas gets you to a place where is real a has to open up their immigration and demographics are abich right if israel did not have war what would they have to do think about it if israel was not in a legitimate state of permanent war with their you know various neighbors what would they have to do they would have two
history would almost force them to start allowing more more muslims into the and in the long run israel stops being the jewish only state now if i said hey people in israel do you want to stop being a jewish state there hello look at all the look at all the work did you get here like everything we've sacrificed everything we've done is to get our own state why the hell would we why the heck would we ever want to lose that and the answer is when it doesn't matter anymore right israel exists as a jewish state in large part yeah i mean there's historical reasons and the other irrational reasons and rational reasons and everything so isn't this number one thing but a big part of it is that it's necessary someday it won't be it just won't be necessary
you know if if the israelis in the you know and the of muslims were living together in peace and happiness nobody would care that much you know about the the composition of the leadership of the country as long as everybody's happy everybody all right you are somebody to be determined somebody say says islam has nothing to offer to the west i say we don't know that we know that in its current form it's sort of associated with violence and that's not very attractive to a lot of p
but what if what if it were not what one of his loan were were feel lost its bad it characters and became literally is really of peace would westerners say hey i don't want any of that religion of peace stuff don't know all right yes which sect of islam well that's that's part of the idea the ideas so islam needs to work on its own its own positions in the war of ideas and along with everybody else alright that's enough for now i'm going to go and i'll talk to you later
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