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Episode 58: How Chris Hayes escaped the TDS prison…For now

2018-05-10 | 🔗
  • Paralympics President Trump’s comment
  • “Watched as much as I could.  It’s tough to watch too much”
  • President doesn’t have much free time to watch event or an insensitive comment?

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perfect people bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey everybody come on in here quickly quickly before all the seats are taken last person gets in here doesn't get a chair alright i'll tell you is that they get more fun every day i can tell that's the golden age for you alright we're going to talk about some fun from yesterday in which i don't know if i have any of you saw the video of president trump uh
talking about the olympics and the paralympics and i want to play the video then i'm going to give you chris hayes tv host msnbc i think a tv host chris hayes interpretation of it and then we'll talk about let's make sure we can see this thursday in behalf of the united states i want to thank every olympian an paralympian and that was just incredible and what happened with the paralympics was so incredible and so inspiring to maine then i watched it's a little tough to watch too much but i watched as much as i could it was really fed now did you hear that part he goes it was it was tough to watch too much but i watched as much as i could let's play it again just that part so listen to just that sentence then i watched is a little tough to watch too much but i
as much as i could it was really fantastic and i want to thank you so it's tough to watch too much but i watched as much as i could so how did you interpret that well i interpreted as you're the president of the united states it's hard to sit down and watch much television innocent normal very ordinary thing to say the president of the united states i don't have much time chris say let's see what this is a list of all in with chris on m s n b c an anti trumper he tweets about that but any goes honestly what the hell kind of thing is this to say now you realize that he's interpreted the president's comments as
the president was saying it's hard to look at these people who because of disability is i guess so chris hayes is interpreted the president saying doesn't have much time to watch television as he finds it hard ocean lead to look at children who have disabilities oh my god oh my god so it makes so i tweeted back i helped chris so i tweet back i heard him say presidents are busy so it's hard to watch much tv paraphrasing and then i said what is this sound like in the tts language so i thought it was funny that there might be an actual tds language world all the words sound the same but they mean different things you know it's actually
english words but in the tvs which they actually have different meanings so yeah the same sentence and somebody will say here oh it's time for dinner and the other person will hear your damn idiot it's like the same words but tds language interprets differently so way but there's a there's a happy ending to this story so you're just joining on the president was giving his speech and he said it was essentially didn't have much time to watch the parallel chris says interpreted it initially apparently as saying it was hard to look at the people and then when he realized that people jumped in and said he may have interpreted it differently and then he fixed it so then chris hayes later said
so i've left i've listened to this way more than i should have and he says i think and he puts little asterisks around thinks so he's not positive because i think i've come to conclude he means his stuff to watch too much because he's so busy being president which is exactly right now here's if you don't see what the big deal this is well let me break it down for you here was a clean example of somebody who experienced the the derangement syndrome bubble from the inside he heard something that would have been shocking but of course didn't happen but heard it pretty clearly he heard something that didn't happen clearly that he was willing to publicly go on the record and tweeted so he was so sure that he heard it the other way the two
did it to one point six million followers put his rep asian on the line and did it in public that's how sure he was of his original interpretation now if any of this sounds like i'm making fun of chris hayes i want to tell you right now this is the opposite right this is the opposite of me making fun of chris hayes chris hayes actually sauce something that wasn't there this is really important he saw something that literally didn't happen he saw it as clearly as he could but it wasn't there and then when other people wait in and said no you're interpreting this wrong this clear the other thing what did you do the double down no he didn't double down and he looked at the evidence again and again again and again apparently 'cause he said he replayed the video number times then
then come to a different conclusion literally realize that i think i saw this i think i saw i think that wasn't there it did the honorable thing he did not lee is two here retweeted it correction corrections and said why because i listen to it the evidence yeah i hear differently now i think i hear differently now chris got out of the bubble it's a big deal do you know how rare it is for somebody to do this now i'm not saying he's out and he'll stay out i'm saying he experienced within one day what it feels like in an artificial world where he saw something right in front of them he heard it he sought clear as day and one what other people said no take another look your interpreting this wrong he actually
something the very very rarely can people do he climbed out of the bubble and look but from outside the bubble it's a big deal i know this sounds like i'm making a bigger deal about this then you probably think it is but i'm hoping there's more of this coming i'm saying this as more of a symbol of may be there there's like a crack in reality you know connie hey the card the things a pretty big deal this it's the first time that people probably said that they're racist wait a i'm trying to figure out so this is what people had to deal with this past week there are people trying to grapple with the fact that there were one hundred percent positive that this president is that big them racist there are hundred percent positive that kanye west doesn't like racists and yeah cardiowest likes the president
so how is it how is it sunny this possible people trying to explain it by connie is actually little they crazy is that possible yet that's possible anything is possible right so that would that would at least it would explain some of the observation but here's a better better explanation god is closer to the president than you are he's just got a little clearer a clearer view 'cause he's up front he's he's looked in his eyes do you think when kanye and president trump were sitting privately and talking to each other do you think they sell anything but affection for each other i don't think so i think that's all is well so so kanye got out of the bubble
and chris hayes just had the experience of being in it and then an event in one day which has got to be jarring and it's going to be jarring now i i of course i couldn't leave it alone so i tweeted to chris just a moment ago i'm going getting out of i just noted that he got out of the tds bubble and they said do charlottesville next 'cause this is a perfect analogy or yeah perfect similar example let's say of the people who thought that the president of the united states cited with the actual racists in charlottesville now just like this the crusades example where he's positive he heard that but then when he got to see the other the other point of view
you can see both so he could see two worlds at one at one time which is going to be weird experience think about it think of being so certain and then with no fax changing know facts changed nothing changed and then he was able to see a hoe different world at the same time it's cool alright so i i send my blog post about shows fill in which i explain in the in the blog post how a large part of the world is positive they heard our president side with the actual out of the out of the closet racists who were marching in charlottesville they believe they actually saw that
that didn't happen as in do use words that sound exactly like that but any any reasonable interpretation of what he meant is that a user and other people were there too all right that's what i assumed lot of people probably assumed that's a big old demonstration lots of different people summer racist summer antifa probably some of them are just good republicans who are there to protest the the removal of the statute not for racist reasons they just like their history whatever so the show is real example is identical in set up to this paralympics situation it's it's people looking at the same set of facts and coming to completely different movies and someday maybe the
saw one movie can see simultaneously the other let me say that on charlottesville i can clearly see both movies so to the people which is probably maybe even the majority of the country so to the people who are saying my god scott can't you see he clearly used the words he said there that those races are fine people i see exactly why you think that there are the words the interpretation that those people are putting on it is not crazy and some kind of i don't know how words work mean you no way it's simply an interpretation that doesn't work nearly as well as the real one which is he just thought there were some good people there too you know it was the fog of war situation
i certainly assume that and by the way there were some people who were just there to protest the statues as a free speech point who were very anti racist and said so they did a video that day so there were some good people there some fine people that is documented and true half the world or more thought that he sided with the races that day it's amazing that you can have such different movies from the same set of facts okay so maybe that's a big deal maybe it's not i understand that connie is dropping a new surprise track with the ti diy playing the the voice of his critics saying and then i guess todd explaining in the song his position about trump i haven't heard the lyrics but but i got to say
this this is it this is a true statement here you know i've told you before i'm not really into music that much but one of the few albums i've ever bought was conscious i i like his stuff i like his music while i like windows and when i heard this track was out there see if you had a similar experience i've never wanted to hear a song or that song first that i hadn't yet heard i've never craved i mean like i mean i was almost salivating like
that's all that's going to be a good song and it was partly musical like i thought it would be a good song because he makes good music but partly because it's so interesting partly because there's so much enerji around it partly because this song would have would have so much of himself in it his music always has he's always in his music but this one is so raw and the media to an important like i have never ever wanted to hear a song that badly i i google around i couldn't find a copy right away so so i'll see if i can download it a legal way um oh he killed it you could have a field day so some of you it's on itunes i
i tunes link where is if i get fired up here while you're here i have a bad history with i tunes what's it called there's a song called what's going on with connie maybe that's a podcast was names all e versus the people is that what it's called all right search person more yeah stronger go there right so i'm going to do what i've done one hundred percent of the times i've used itunes and i'm going to do it right now i've been trying to use itunes for many years part of the reason that i don't listen to music anymore as itunes
this is actually the the biggest reason that i don't listen to music because i have to deal with it the user interface itunes is so annoying that i can't penetrate it no i'm not saying i don't know how to use it or that i can't figure out how to use of course i can you know millions of people use items it's not like i can't figure it out but i guess so angry every every time every time i open it and try to use it it makes me so angry that the interface is so poorly designed that i can actually buy music i actually bail out before i could actually find it download a piece of music i become so angry at the interface and i don't know if it's because apple does such a good job as so many other things that i say to myself are you serious why do we
this nineteen nineties interface to buy music when you do everything else so well what the hell is wrong with this universal people somebody saying all right let's test this interface doing connie didn't bring it up the people who watch this network so ye vs the people doesn't give me everything i swear to god i just give up on freaking itunes it's just the worst thing this is the biggest story in the whole world right now this damn song the most gordon song in the universe is this god dam song in itunes will pick it up either on cardies dave or the name of the song the i agree somebody there
if you know itunes better say you idiot you're pushing the wrong button you to do this or you're in the wrong mode or something and i'm sure that's true i could figure that out in five minutes but that would be five minutes of so much pain i'm not going to do it because why be so angry while i'm trying to figure now mmhm all right so i think i have nothing else left to say today i'm gonna go do some work i'll talk to you all later
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