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Episode 586 Scott Adams: Answering the Dumbest Questions About Antifa as a Sporting Event

2019-07-03 | 🔗


  • Fareed Zakaria’s “pained” opinion that…President Trump is right
  • Want Antifa to go away? Stop treating them as a legit political group
    • They’ll get stronger…as a legit political movement
    • They’ll get stronger…if you fight them in the street
  • Clarifying what I said about antifa primarily just enjoying the violence
    • Politics are a cover story for them enjoying the violence
  • Antifa planning July 6th event in DC

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bump bump bump bump bump among my shirt off ruffled area come on in here it's time for coffee was got atoms i've got atoms i've got my coffee if you're prepared you ve got a copper mugger glass possibly a tiger steiner chow this might be a service or maybe a flask of vessel of any kind fellow with your favorite liquid i like coffee and jointly now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine ahead of the day the part that makes everything better the simultaneous up go well if i'm right we're gonna have a big crowd today coming into complain about me so yesterday i did that
periscopes the second one was on the topic of anti far and i know you're all streaming in here yellow me for what you think is a crazy take a terrible take i'm hearing on social media but before we get to that few other things in the news scientists either each be they'll microsoft an amazon or all look here maybe moving production out of china it's pretty big deal it looks like chinese gus explaining to do and i have been saying for a while that i just don't know if we need an agreement with china if they're not willing to handle the sentinel stuff we should let the wind down or business because there was probably a time when you just needed china
maybe we don't need him so much anymore so maybe we should phase out like the tech companies might be doing so the big the july story if i can call it that keep in mind that all the let's say the eighteen for journalism are gonna take them week off so a lot of people are gonna be on vacation your best producers and writers now not all home some people after stay around and some of them will be the best but you're gonna see the quality of the news go down quite a bit this week what does eggs were the legally be talking about death unsuitable complaining in the comments is making me laugh we'll get to that we'll get to that
but if the country is arguing about whether the fourth of july celebration is more about the country or more about trump while things up a good can you imagine a healthier situation than that is actually the headline news headline news we can't tell if this fun celebration the rogan enjoy is really more about trump in his mind or more about the country in his mind does it matter you're you to have just as much fun either way another don't matters but i'm pretty sure the country will be able to keep this in perspective it's not like it's not like tromp changed donald trump did not change that
worth of july you didn't he then change it for the driver still gonna be about country for reads a courier who i respect most things except when it comes to trunk he said the bad case of tedious by his opinions on most things if they are not about tromp are quite reasoned enjoy his enjoys show quite a bit enjoy his opinions quite a bit too and not coming
the tedious stuff but even free did a little less peace yesterday saying that the trunk is right about one thing which is that our asylum system is broken and that we can if have ourselves to blame for some of the problems at the border because we ve created a system that encourages it too big deal that's a big deal and it justifies my the same respect for his intellectual agility talking about flurried because it wasn't easy at all thank you for it to the innocents cross lines and say ok ok looks like trumps sooner right on a very very big thing which is that our laws are broken and they do encourage the very thing that we're trying to have less up
so that's a big deal and a productive one and i would say that in this instance to farid is a patriot and meeting that he's taking and possibly an unpopular view for his poor audience because i would guess that he thinks it's the right thing to do i have to respect especially around the fourth a joy i embrace it but everybody wants to hear me and my terrible take about anti far i'll give you a little background somebody didn't hear at the first part so you can what people are all worked up about i'm getting more hate or lease disagreement
in my my twitter feed than usual let me start off by saying this i am pretty sure that a hundred percent of the people who disagree with me are not disagreeing with my actual opinion so so here's your starting point every one of you who disagrees with the in the comments and on twitter and in your own minds every one of you is not disagree with me at all none of you not a single person every single one of you is imagining something that i didn't say and getting mad about do you believe me deeply that's true i do believe that a hundred some of you every single one of you who disagreed with what i said about anti thought is not actually disagreeing with me they were mad and suddenly i didn't say under disagreeing with that so you can see
i was in a number of people understand that some going to reiterate what i said yesterday which did cause a lot of confusion apparently and by the way as good as a professional communicator i'm not escaping my own responsibility we're clear communication so i would have to say based unjust the number of people who seem to hear me in greece lee or misinterpret what i said i will take full responsibility if you will allow me i will take full responsibility for communicating communicating in a way that cause people to misinterpret me at it when the winning when the person communicating doesn't take responsibility i i lose respect now think u s house and responsibility to but as the communicator i think that the private
responsibility aspect was made so here's what i said i said today so a video of somebody was a anti virus insider whose explaining the psychology of anti far and wide said and the loss of examples ears very credible and whose use an insider he was like a and organizer type and he said that the main motivation for the anti far people the the black block people who show up to cause trouble is fun and he was very clear about it spoke about it at length and in great detail and in his theory one that males at its almost mostly men ninety five percent or something that they have a need for some violence ok now these are not my opinions on talking about the anti far person who is an insider talking about he said that its young men who really need it to get get some of them
energy out and they had a biological he believed to do dangerous risky things because young men do not agree with that part and that that was their primary motivation and that the political stuff was sort of an excuse now it's not that they don't believe the political stuff they just wouldn't be motivated by itself it wouldn't be a reason to show up at the street but because it's fun they show up at the straight so you should see it as more of a entertainment recreational sporting event now here's where i went wrong i suggested i suggested one point that we should see it as a sporting event and maybe it should be legal here's where i went wrong when i shall we
then maybe you should be a sporting event maybe i should be legal here's the first thing you should say to yourself he's not serious about that if you said yourself oh he's totally serious about that it should be an actual sporting event that's where you went wrong it's also where i went wrong because the apparel i say enough crazy stuff then is not obvious when i'm not serious no i dont think anti far should be an actual sport and if you believe that's what i actually believed well that's where we went wrong so i take responsibility for that because i said it but in no way should use thought that that was serious but let me take a little further people complained about this they said and this is the part is the funniest they said how could you
say the rioting in the industry should be a sport with all these innocent all who were not even there for the event getting attacked to which i say all if it's a sport you make it a sport you would have to give it rules like if i may just lay boxing just like football all of those sports have as a rule they you're not allowed to tackle the audience you're not allowed to punch the rough you're not allowed to do your fight outside of the cage if anti far were to turn into a sport which i do not recommend i'll say it as a joke sort of a use does just something
you think if it were to be turned into a sport one assumes that rules would be applied and that it would be confined to a space where the only people who would be combatants had agreed to do it so maybe people were agreed to be here the far right who said he i these anti five guys i want to fight it'll be fun then anti fire fighting and the only people involved on some controlled area it could be a public park it could be a stadium they could fight get another system once again i say it's not a serious suggestion this is all in service of getting you to understand that the mentality of anti far is not primarily political
is yours why this is important and there's the part that i didn't say well yesterday or really say it all i just imagined you would connect the dots but it's not that easy so i'll do it for you here's here's why it's important to see it as that their mentality sees it as recreation why that's important is it to term what you do let me let me say if i said to you there's a political event a protest and you understood it to be a political event and it was about something you cared about might be free spirit might be war no war but something you care about under those conditions if i said and it might be dangerous should you still go the answer is depends on the topic if the topic is very simple do you even though you know it might get dangerous
you might want to go because free speech is worth fighting for ending war the war avoiding war that might be worth fighting for so if you imagined it was a political event you could also imagine it would be correct for journalists to cover it right you wanna journalists to cover a political event if you imagine is political event i might even recommend that you consider going even though it's dangerous but if you imagine those not any of those things and that that's just a cover for the fact that people enjoy it what would you do if i said a bunch of people are gonna show up at a place there probably get a cause some violence and is not about politics at all they just enjoy it under those conditions should a journalist cover it
well if they want to but they would know what they're getting into a free country they can show up but it wouldn't make sense because it's a sporting event all right if i said to you should you attend knowing that there are only attending for the fund the fight i would amanda you not attend in fact i would recommend that you stay as far away as past now is there anything i said there was suggest i am in favour of anti for attacking or that i think you should be legal for anti far too attacked innocent citizens and beat them with clubs now i'm not saying tat if i should get away with violence alas is like a mermaid sporting event whereas a controlled space and there are no innocence who could get and get in the way in its schedule
everybody agrees on what the rules are all there they can do anything they want to each other and i don't care how much they are but now there's no situation in which i am in favour of legalizing into far riding in the streets and attacking innocent people somebody says just like charlottesville her what does that mean what is wrong with you are right here's the ears important point you would like anti far to go away is it more and more productive for you from your perspective if you want them to go away to treat them like a political movement or to treat them like a bunch of people in a sporting event there you can avoid which would be more important if you wanted to if you wanted antifraud to go away well michael
is that enter via can be re framed out of existence by simply seeing them as not a political movement the moment you give them credibility as a political movement you of them longevity you give them a meaning as soon as you say you can do whatever you want but we just don't wanna be there in anybody who wants to be their knows what to getting into getting into a sporting event in which violence against them is somebody else other tabled do you want to go there well if you do want to go there under those conditions you know what you're getting at you now i would suggest so he says please watch any knows interview with bread weinstock now now i'm not gonna watch that there isn't any
thing the desk and say there was any way have any bearing unwanted talk about right now i didn't they go to tackle carlson's house others my favorite dumb question what did i say there was suggest i am in favour of them going to tucker carlson's house a lot of people imagine that i was in favour of that in what way am i in favour of them targeting somebody's family or going to somebody's in no way limit let me be let me be clear about this is possible because i can tell the some people are still not getting it serve this might be a little bit if anti far
attack somebody who's and innocent or even just somebody is exercising free speech but maybe they there were therefore reason under any of those conditions i would be completely happy with somebody else sizing their second amendment rights to end that person's existence that clear i am completely in favour of somebody's in the second amendment rights to stop anti far with maximum prejudice any time they attack innocent people with deadly weapons as i clearly are yoke ever that the people who went to talkers house is violated the law in a measure the specifics of law they should go to prison if anti far attacked
anybody who didn't want to be in a fight they should go to prison if anti far did anything illegal any we're at any time they should suffer the legal consequences are yogurt with that is anybody unclear on the point that i think anti farming should be punished legally for every crime a hundred percent no crimes accepted regrettably do they should be punished for are you gave them the help at all what i'm saying is if you want them to go away treat them like a sport ignore them when they show up don't go there to engage them
now some people are saying will they then start making it impossible for conservatives regular conservatives to meet and talk about free speech to which i say how important it is important that far right people can meet in public places and argue for a free speech well probably not let me tell you this or let me give you he's on board it is not safe for me to go into let's say i use the most offensive example just to make the point you did not go into a black neighbourhood and start screaming the end word without expecting to get beaten up
and yet you have raised me right we live in a world where there's free speech but if you told me hey free speech is so important that i'm going to bring it i'm going to put a a group together and we're going to go to black neighborhood and we're all going to yell the n word as loud as you can because we want to support our or free speech if you guys get beat up i don't give a fuk i don't care ok on some on some level you're protecting your free speech i get that but you also being done and you also protecting a right that you already have you already have free speech is
not really being is not being challenged by the government the government has made no move against your free speech tech companies are a problem but that's not technically constitutionally speaking free speech that something has to be addressed if some of you were protesting the tech companies and anti if i showed up in europe was the fight and i became a problem i be more worried about that but if somebody's holding a rally to protect a right that they already have and is not being threatened in the slightest way by the government anyway so the tech companies are definition but from the government why is uneven important wire the far right groups
even having lose rallies please try to take away their freedom of speech naughty it's a whole unnecessary thing it's as unnecessary as if you gotta group together to go to a black there were two yelled the inward because thank you for your speech you can do it it would be really really dumb it we'll be back in every way and a wooden protect your rights because you already have that right is just don't exercise
so i saw you love is an undercover video or not of anti far whose planning to protest i guess july six there's got to be some kind of free speech right organised by somebody on the right and they had a bunch of people that they they were calling out as the as they will call them nazis and the people that their recalling others nazis here with with pictures and brief sort of biographies included just the most generic people on the right meaning that none of them or not i'm not gonna name the names because i don't want to associate the names with the with the accusation but what if you actually see anti furs organization and what their what they think that regular protest against none of it is serious i
use one name i think you mind they might wanna go protest jack pacific what why does it far worse want to go in and protest jack preserving or what's he doing what's he doing this at all like you think about how weaken ridiculous that is worth calling him out by name as somebody that must be stopped what he tweets too much command that we cannot take any of this to seriously now given that their organise again any other people who were named in their little less slideshow personally i wouldn't go
if my name had appeared on that slideshow i would say darn it i wish that i could go and speak in public without any risk but i still wouldn't go because why would i subject myself the risk to fight for a right i already have free speech i dont have a right to i do a right but i cannot expect the leviathan people and go to the wrong place and say the wrong thing that i'm not going to have some consequences so i just wouldn't go there now i have turned out a number of very lucrative speaking offers recently because it's not safe in my opinion it's not safe for somebody who has ever seen
in good about president troms talents issues not safe for me to go in public and very expensive and i don't like that but that's the world i live in when things get safe i go other places do you know how many times i have been beaten up in my adult life guess how many times i ve ever been the victim of violence in my adult life zero zero now some of that might be luck but a lot of it is i stay away from dangerous situations if go towards dangerous situations well i think you know it you get into what he says no rules right i don't know what you're talking about
so those of you were coming late or still angry at something you imagine i think that i don't in case you haven't noticed you are losing that right well let me let me go back to the basic point again you would like anti far to go away because you think they're eroding your rights i would like them to go away because i think they could erode our rights i saw agree on that we'd like anti father go away you would like them to go away and you would like to apply the least effective way to do that which is treating them like a legitimate political movement i would like them to go away and the way i'd like to do that is by treating them as an as a sporting event they should not be taken seriously and you should remove all of their energy every time you
fight with them they get stronger if antifa says they're going to show up and you don't or you leave when they show up how much how much are they going to want to show up next time i didn't encounter a fight how much energy would they have to do it again because it's the fight they want i say starve them of the fun and you can get rid them anybody who says that you should fight them on a political level like with better ideas or more demonstrations and will have more people and if they fight will fight and if they give violent will violent all of that is treating them like a political movement if you treat them like that they become that and they get stronger if you treat them like a bunch of idiots we're trying to close and violence for fun what would you do if you heard they're gonna show up
you don't show up and if they do show up as soon as you see them move in the opposite direction is run away what would happen eventually would they get strong because they were winning so much now oh you would remove all their fund there would stop shown up because they would get algae stop they get on their helmets and they put on your tape and then they get their their clubs everything and they would show up in it would just be them though not nobody else would be there why would they do because all point was to engage people so if you want to win as i do if you want to defeat anti far as i do if you want to avoid violence against
only against citizens as i do you should want to do it in the way that is most effective not in the way that is guaranteed to make them stronger did charlottesville make them weaker or stronger stronger does fighting with them make them weaker or stronger stronger if they show up july sixth and and the the proud boys show up and fight them there's antifa get weaker or stronger stronger and what does that do proud boys turn them into nazis let me say clearly because a number of people said that i conflated proud boys with nazis
as far as i understand it the proud boys are not a racial group does not part of their identity the correct me if i'm wrong but i dont believe the proud boys are the races group in if somebody things today conflated them would nazis there will be the opposite of what i intended and i don't think i said anything like that my understanding is that they might like to show up for the for the violence as well if i'm being honest the proud boys they might like a fight so the proud boys in anti fog it into a fight
honestly i don't care too much for either one of them right meaning that i don't want anybody to get hurt but if people willingly go into a fight that's optional if you're going to an optional fight how much empathy am i supposed to have for you if it's option if you have the if you have the option of being somewhere else do it so what i said yesterday which probably caused the confusion that i don't know exactly what the proud boys stand for i do know that black members so if you have an organization that black people join and other people are call you a racist organization well somebody these dejection facts because i dont think black people join racist organisations at least racist against themselves so i think the proud boys
have a philosophy that not one that i understand but it's not one i need to research either so but as far as i know they're multiracial and i would not conflate them with any kind of racist group so people are saying the same thing they're not racist but that does not mean that certain members have not done things that i would dislike so let me say that clearly just because the organisation is not racist and just because as far as i know non racist people or members of it that doesn't mean that every single persons and unrest is just as it doesn't mean it read every other large group does nelson summer that way
this is pick a because i'd i just take the side are you getting could i be more clear how can you say take aside that's all i've done i just picked decided where did you can pick aside i just said i wore antifraud go away thy clear the the broad boys are just something i don't know about so that they can they can manage their own lives they don't need my help as they like fightin they know where to get it if they like not fighting they know how to avoid it they can choose the adults what about any no and other jurists they don't like well here's why here's how any no could be safer next time if there's
and can we agree that we can change the past there's nothing i can do today there were help no not yet had an end gazette already happened so if we can agree that the past is not what we're trying to manage were trying to manage that in the future we should indeed no do in the future do not be hit with an object on the head by it while he should not attend and anti fraud demonstration if he gets hit in his public life outside of the demonstration then that personally i am should go to jail think we agree but he can certainly avoid going to another antifraud demonstration because it shouldn't be covered it's not a political event in my understanding is that he covers political events and she's not one and when
you understand that you can marginalize them and treat them the way their new subject these well worked out a valid subjects because its fourth of july and there's just no law happening oh yeah i guess around said that around said that it was going to start processing nuclear fuel into nuclear weapons grade whatever and they would do that if you get through way by monday or something i don't know what to make of that because i'm trying to and trying to square these two things are ran has said we have known tension of making nuclear weapons
the ayatollah said we're not gonna do it we don't want any nuclear weapons but there are also saying that if they don't get then i guess some relief from the sanctions there saying that there were process the nuclear fuel until it could be nuclear weapons so iran's messages we don't wanna make nuclear weapons but were totally grooming nuclear weapons so i don't know what that's all about sure sounds like they want to make nuclear weapons can see a common here this is it makes my head heard some of these are so dumb some hissing ask andy know how he feels what does that mean seriously what does it mean when you said in the comments ask and you know what he thinks what does that mean do you imagine that i was happy i had had the idea
imagine that i dont think that the person who did it should go to jail for a long time do you imagine that i think that was a good situation by what does that question me it's just it makes me crazy now i know what's happening is is just cognitive dissonance because people live in these the world whether two choices reader pro or your against and there can be no new ones so i throw him little bit a nuance and people think that i am in favour of anti far like a literally couldn't do you couldn't have a worse interpretation so let me list the things that people are begging me to change change the topic but i'm not going to for a moment whatever you do stop asking me what i think about somebody who got violently attacked in every case i'm not in favour of violent attacks on those people should be should go to jail
and if if somebody use their second amendment rights and solve the situation in the field totally ok with that are we are good are we get so if any now goes to another antiphon event gets his aspect when we say this as clearly as possible i think that what happened andy no is terrible and where we did it should be punished but if he goes to another one and he gets his ass kicked again i don't have any sympathy for it again because he should expect it now this last time i don't know if he expected but he certainly expects it now so if he goes again that's just that thinking
somebody says you realise at all if i have to do is to say the euro faster fascist and then justifying the tec they ve already decided that when you talk about anti far already believe said which is why i would not go to an anti which is why i would not go to an entire for anti far event how do i like it don't like it so i would like it if i were to go away and so i would like to do at the smart way and other people would like to do the dumb way by making them more powerful so choose your bath the smaller where the doorway
i will try to replace pence i don't know i'm thinking not thinking not they'll come for you they ve already come for me you can be they ve already come for me they ve come free online and they certainly come for me financially so anti far and the left have taken thirty percent of my income that's the spray bigot but that doesn't mean i'm gonna go somewhere where they make him hit me with a pipe i'm not gonna do that somebody says you're ok with may him on the street no you frigid idiot i'm not okay with may have on the streets you stupid friction
idiot you could not be dumber than to say that comment serenity down there are still people reading this who book whose whose whose bottom line is that i'm ok with riding in the streets i'm sorry that you're so damn there's nothing to say about that you really stupid for whoever saying what about that guy who was innocent guy had what do you say about scott it's a stupid stupid question in euros dubious stupid person rescue there's no around try not to say that but man sometimes stupid is just stupid
this really your comments you can we discuss ran in the border crisis weller around there's not much happening is set their new threat to process their nuclear fuel to what and spread and the borders nothing new happening this week so i think i'm going to end this because i'm just going to annoyed at the people who somehow believe that i am in favour of violence unless people were doing it willingly i offer now willingly meaning both sides
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