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Episode 587 Scott Adams: Happy President Trump Day, TDS, Portland and B*tCh*te

2019-07-04 | 🔗


  • Death threats for providing fireworks…on the 4th of July
  • Death threats to miniAOC funny parody family
  • NYT’s thought leader Charles Blow…now has blood on his hands
    • “The drift toward the unimaginable is unmistakable”
  • Progressive YouTube is also losing big from censorship
  • Portland Chief of Police proposes a “mask ban” for events
  • Antifa intentionally attacks the heads of their victims
    • Head attacks should be a death penalty crime

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unbundling them but on one among them come papa everybody commanded here i know it's a holiday but you got up so that you could survey you could there could join me for these animals eighties i'm so happy president trump day i thought it was the fourth of july it was on my calendar is the fourth of july historically it knows when the fourth of july that past few weeks all i've been seeing is reports from anti trappers that today is really a celebration of president drop
play there's going to be a big military parade and biggest fireworks of all time and i think that's pretty exciting so happy president trump day i don't think the president planned it to be a celebration of him but his critics have made it so i know you're watching blue in the background here she's she's gonna be watching the shell apparently so let's talk about all the interesting things happening today i think we might reach peak tedious today trumped arrangement syndrome here something's happening in the news so no particular order these are things happening lately the company that provided the fireworks for today's celebration in washington c is receiving death threats death threats
for providing fireworks on the fourth of july the the very hilarious kid in her family who are making the parodies of elsie was a little kid who looked like a racine would do all the same things they yossi did they move their account on youtube because a death threats so the fireworks but he got death threats the many o elsie parity get death threats and then there was the cartoonist to the entire trump comic and he got fired for that because of the nature of the comic but is replacement
somebody was offered the job and the guy who was offered the job said no thanks to heart no thanks then of course is the anti for beating of anti now that happened recently so tedious cracking up here's my all time best example charles below i'm not making this name up his last name is below bill or w away charles blows job is at the new york times i'm just tell me
the news charles blow his job is at the new york times whereas a writer and he said in a tweet today there are tanks in the nations capital in concentration camps at its border the drift the drift towards unimaginable is unrealistic the drift towards the unimaginable is unmistakable so charles blow whose job is at the new york times says that between the concentration camps he calls them and the parade we clearly thinking into way hitler like situation now when you hear that do other same reaction i do which is you can really tell a few serious i mean no that he means it to be taken seriously
but do you think that if you had a private conversation with him and he knew that you weren't gonna talk about the conversation and you are in your just private setting and he said charles charles i am i saw your tweets spray funny but you know i actually think that why you're saying this the lead up to eighty dictator taking over the country you don't think that's actually happening do you know what would you say as here's the fun park i actually dont know i dont know if he believes this is true and you do any of you can you tell i really adele so that's amazing here's another amazing thing the same year that peat bondage edge is running for president and president trumps said in the tweet
that alfred movement will not be president mad magazine just announced that they're gonna discontinue publishing new content so and so they offered newman will be looking for a new job maybe president maybe i tweeted ante an article by new gingrich in which he is he's predicting that come let us will be the nominated for the democrats and he says he's in predicting since january and i wondered when was the first time i predicted it so i went to my predicted account to see when i bought stock designed really bad come up i didn't better than anybody else right i've only replaced one bad
and i warn you when it was it was eight months ago so they were so november but i'm gonna tell you somethin enough most to tell you you might believe me you may not believe me but i'm gonna tell you because it's fun last august you probably i heard was read it i was invited to the white house and got to chat with the president now of course one does not repeat what happens in conversation with the president but i will tell you one thing that i said because i think that's fair i predicted in the oval office just about a year ago eleven months ago that the would be kamel
no we don't know if she will be but i would say at this point it's sort of obvious that is that is shaping up that way there was a period not too long ago when i lost confidence in that a prediction because she was just this appearing on the campaign trail her tweets were beyond boring and i was starting to think she actually just not a good candidate but then she came alive the debates and the entire narrative is changed and now it looks like binding is just slipping in boerne slipping and is really going to be between warren and harris and of the two of them we harris's i would say i had to so if it comes down to work and harris i think the safe banners with harris although there are no guarantees in this world all right so i'm going to go on record as being the earliest predictor of paris and i was predicting it publicly before
before then i think i think a year ago was the first time i said i saw a tweet by temple who said that even the progressive youtube accounts are losing followers like crazy apparently and i didn't notice i just found the sound that youtube moved against all of the news and political stuff so it didn't matter if you are left or right which would explain why david pachmann who would be more associated with left
we would explain why he lost a bunch of yours as well yes you're right we have not enjoyed the simultaneous opiate let us pause now grab your cup your mug your glass grab your stand you tell us your tankard yours are monsieur flask vessel of any country with coffee i like filled with very lookin like coffee and now from the dopamine hit of the day thank you for reminding me the day would not have been the same without so the way given that youtube is decided to suppress if that's right word or thrown back news and political content from both the left and the right i don't know if that's the best decision in the world but
it's their decision here when i found out i signed up for bishop so bitter shoot is the computer to do they have a new tool and i was just looking into it and apparently ellie alexander was behind at least he was i don't know how deeply involved he was but he was part of making this happen i'm not sure who actually did the code could have been could have been part of ali's design or not but i when he was central to getting the tools it would automatically move your videos from youtube over the bit shoot just before i signed on i agree that an account and i'm doing a test of moving one video over now are probably just be mirroring the content through so
but given that you too has a fight but the outside it i'd say a thirty percent chance just can't me off the service entirely when you say thirty percent chairs i'll just get kicked off entirely no i don't think would happen unless i start making a difference in the election if that happens i'm sure pressure or get kicked off but i've gotta backup now so let you know about that let's talk about portland so as you know the reality is subject given were living in a big old simulation i dont know who's the author of the simulation i think it might be me because things certainly
seem to go my way quite often but it turns out that the chief of police in poland where anti far attacked india now in the end there was that latest dust up there name of the chief of police i'm not making this up her last name is outlaw the chief of police in a town that was having trouble controlling the crime her actual last name is outlaw spelled exactly like outlaw i'm not making it up i swear that's true here's the second part is interesting outlaw has suggested the portland ban masks in public public
frustrations now who are saying that besides me i'm trying to i'm trying to say i'm pretty sure gregg i felt settled on the five but besides us who else and the portland portland needs to change the laws to make masks illegal did we make a difference around here but i ask you that's an actual question did you see anybody else calling for that because i was saying and still say that just because portal and has crime in some violence would not keep me from going their because every city s and crime and violence but my red line was that they have a law that allows you to wear masks in public to do your violence
and under those conditions i will never go parliament so let me say it again we're never gonna portland again as long as that law stands where can a mask and public and beat up transporters with impunity the somebody saying the talking girls said which would certainly have amplified the message a thousand times from when i said it but now and then a spokesperson whose opposed to the young masking somebody from the american civil liberties union of oregon said that it doubts a policy prohibiting mass could be enforced in the constitutional manner in the end as spokesperson says quote a policy that prohibit wearing a mask to protest will have police focusing on the wrong issue will it
because i think wearing a mask to protest so that you can be people with clubs with employee turkey is sort of the only important issue that's happening what was the other issue that there would be ignoring while they were preventing masked terrorists from leading people with deadly happens is it the littering what actually are the other issues that they would be distracted from then she goes behaviour is the issue not the mask to which i say the mask is the behavior you put the mask on to do the behaviour the mask is a big part of the behaviour this is the most
dick list weakest argument i've ever seen and then she then she says the spokesperson goes on to say there are many legitimate reasons people wear masks including political and religious reasons a i'm not convinced and under the to say something now there were probably get me kicked off of most social media and i'm gonna be careful about this but i'm gonna give you my honest opinion that you need you know some background first one watch the videos of andy now being hit on the head and that of course the news shows up clips you can see him on the internet of other people being hit on the head it is obvious that part of anti fuss strategy list of people coming to cause trouble
they're coming specifically data people on the head with blunt objects it's obvious that's the strategy the right going for the body they go for they had and the brain specifically the kind of tools that would make it one damage on the head let me give you some background on my feeling about this many of you know my stepson died in the past year from obviate over overdose including sentinel save her that story save watched you watch tv pain i went through kind of trying to deal with the fact that he had worked so hard to keep him on the right path but couldn't do it and he died this year of an overdose what you don't know is that it's a second time he died
the first time he died was after a bicycle accident in which he had a head injury now he was wearing a helmet and there was just a freak injury no it wasn't my fault was adjusted gordon ordinary childhood injury but he landed in a free casually weird way whether the helmet and help as much as it should he was rushed to the emergency room with a helicopter yeah i think it fourteen years rushed to the emergency room in the helicopter unconscious where he stayed unconscious for a while when he came back that is his brain was bleeding and of course when saw the end you know stories i was reminded of that for the next month or so after he had been released he had to be kept in a dark quiet room so that the windows would be darkened and
it couldn't have any noise and he couldn't have the tv reveals he simply had to stay there coming in and out of consciousness for about a month that was the day that was the prescription medically because when you ve got such a bad head injury you don't want any inputs so for about a month the problem was that when he was awake he couldn't make good decisions and he couldn't stand up straight so if you tried to walk he would fall any would injures head again i was in the danger but you couldn't strap him down i mean you couldn't time up and you couldn't
reason with him not to try to stand up and use the bathroom or walk around cuz he is brain wasn't working so we had to have round the clock for a month an adult laying on the bed next to him and then awake so that you could grab him if he tried to get up he had to physically restrain him so for a month i took turns with my axe in his biological father who moved into the moved into my house at least for the time that he was carrying front the kid i mean we took breaks of course but but we took eight hour shifts or whatever was there we were just stay there in silence next to him on the bed for
month in the dark when he recovered if you can call it that to the boy where he could function and go back to school and stuff he was no longer the same person his personality rule is radically different and the way that it was different specifically is as it was different and a few ways but the way was different specifically is that he could no longer recognise risk for what they were you won from being a very cautious kid who really didn't like the skateboard in any dangerous way didn't like to do anything that was dangerous he was the most cautious kid you ve ever seen but after the head injury he no longer had any fear for any physical danger including drop and his friends came to us
in the following years i would say to me you have to do something because will be at a party and he'll be we are totally sank somebody landed and drugs and we know this way too much addition do it but he will take everything is handed to him he will not stinguished if its hand to him and it always is he'll take it doesn't matter once more well it doesn't matter how much doesnt doesnt matter and it was part of his complete lack of fear he really did other things were dangerous as well so i watched him die twice once from a head injury the child
he used today didn't exist after that he became a different creature and it was a creature they couldn't survive in our world because he didn't have a normal sense of risk avoidance so when i watch any now get he had on the head by people who came there to have people on the head and then i watch me i watch leon i watch the video clips of other people being hit men who are being hit by anti far and i say to myself do we treat that the retreat that like normal assault here is that the same as if you break somebody's arm is the is the penalty the same for having somebody in the head and changing who there are for the rest of their biological lead life
this is not the same as breaking somebody's are i think you should be based on my experience somebody says it should be treated as attempted murder and i disagree i disagree summit comes with the intention of creating had injuries and then does it increase head injury i would treat as the death penalty i am in favour of the debt penalty for anti far the people who came and actually have people on that let me say it again genuine the other one have any ambiguity about this the current law probably treated as some kind of assaults blah blah i don't care what you call
if you come somewhere to injure somebody's head and then you do it should be the death penalty now here's the parts is gonna kick gave me kicked off of all social media it ready for this is by the last time you ever see me and i'm not kidding if you put me on a jury trial for somebody who shoots somebody forgetting somebody over the head and anti far rally low level just say hypothetically and by the way i'm very much not encouraging the speed do not do anything violent and i like to compliment everybody really everybody who owns a gun unlike the compliment
everybody wants a gun that nobody in eighty five ever been shot think about that think about who they're going up against in how many guns that group and their supporters actively own zero people have been shot how many people has of anti far attacked in their head their head when few how many have been shot zero
i would hope that will go through the rest of time and nobody will ever be shot don't shoot anybody do not shoot anybody that said if somebody did and you put me on a jury trial i would not convinced them i would not convex anybody who took out in anti far person for aiding somebody else and they had intentionally when do it now good luck getting twelve people were random citizens to convict does you wouldn't get me to do it so this is probably the last time you ever see me and social media
we'll see other goes but since it youtube is demonetized me anyway that their demanded as in these pretty much automatically now let me just say that we are treating this all wrong retreating it all wrong because if we are treating somebody who comes with a blunt object pipe were you sackful of coins whatever their use and they're going for the head that's the same as murder because those people probably will ever be the same as you say and he now being interviewed not too long after the attack on talking karlsson i didn't ever see him before that but he didn't look like
he was a good shape and i would ask you to ask you what are the odds andy now we'll have no permanent damage from that i the odds are permanent damage pretty high get all the football players is somebody said if you look at the football players anderson pretty big percentage them with permanent problems because of all the year concussions so i think we need to account for the fact that we're smarter and that there's there's more understanding of what i had injury means if you have a cartoon idea of what a head injury is you know you ve movies were people getting had on the and their just for a while and then they they pop up and they save the world that's not what that's all about hadn't had injuries
the person in the inside of the skull not every time not every time but enough that you could really does as murder if it did so so i'm gonna throw down my mistake there i think that the anti five people if they were a mask especially and they show up with a blunt object and they have somebody in the head you should be the death penalty and if there happen to be somebody there and i do not recommend this i hope you do not do this but it happened i would never convict so that's my story i didn't mean to be a downer today but
one of the reasons that i like to think of the the eighty five people as being attracted the violence more than the politics which at which the insiders will admit there for the the adrenaline by no you have to ask yourself what allow that to happen what allow this situation to it best and i would say to a great extent its illegitimate media the other fake news because they have told the story where somebody like charles blow can say and i read this earlier this is tweet today this this is somebody yeah you can consider a thought later this as somebody who should be helping people think better about their situation and charles
blow says let this thinkin i read it again their tanks in the nations capital in concentration camps others orders the drift towards the unimaginable is unmistakable now if you are a young not too bright person and you saw serious adults tell you that president tramp in his supporters are moving the country toward a hitler like situation what would be the most responsible patriotic thing for you to do it would be to resist it and even violently sir charles blow you ve got some blood endurance charles blow you have blood on your hands you hear
the person whose again i can tell how much you actually believe what you're saying how much you're saying of her effect just can't but the way you are creating a situation where people are hitting people on their heads in public wearing mass while they do it s thinking on the side of the right leaning on the side of good not not political right they actually think they're on the side of justice and charles blow you cause that you should take some responsibility for the for the the death is coming out of that and the injuries she really take some responsibility for that as well as the rest of the media
so yes let us keep a little bit later i started the hashtag than i thought would drive the drive the trumpeters crazy because they were worried that he's gonna have tanks present rumble of tanks at his celebration so i agree with the hashtag tanks president tromp was your sounds funny but i have to say for now they mean to be a down but i do think we probably have to do with us into stuff and at the very least get rid of the masks don't hurt anybody don't be violent and i'm proud of all of you who have was sayer kept your second amendment rights and not not abuse them because you certainly have
had every every reason to do so but thank you for not doing that is a great credit to you for control as a great credit to your i dont constitutional integrity let's call it so that's my compliments to you and i will talk to you all later
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