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Episode 590 Scott Adams: The Periscope That Will Forever Change the Way You See Reality

2019-07-07 | 🔗


  • Why did DC Police allow Antifa masks…which are illegal to wear?
    • DC Police also allowed them to carry flag clubs? Why?
  • Antifa no longer benefits the Democrats…so their time is short
  • Jeffrey Epstein arrested again, credit to Mike Cernovich
  • People that have figured out the simulations “user interface”
  • Directionally ethical concepts…North Korea as one example
  • President Trump understands…jobs, jobs, jobs, is the key
  • Energy versus facts…energy is more important, example: AOC
    • AOC’s energy generates results, with questionable “facts”
  • President Trump understands what’s important and what isn’t
    • He’s the FIRST President who knows where the buttons are
  • God is what’s left when you take everything away

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bump bump bump bump and bobo gabon earlier today this will be a very special periscope probably the most special one you'll ever see today anyway and you know we can't have the full enjoyment of this periscope until we ve done me you know you know we have to do first is called the simultaneous up and the only way you can do it is if you ve got a copper bugger glass possibly tankard stein or a jealous you might have a service were a flask of national some kind maybe you filled it with your favorite liquid
be a coffee but in any event you ready now to join me for the unparalleled pleasure the dublin him of the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous join me if you're complaining about the volume today nothing's going to change i accept that you might get blocked for interrupting my periscope that's the only thing that my chain so i promise you that today's periscopes is going to change the way you look at the reality of your reality forever so let's do that you're what would seem like i won't let me warn you again that whoever tells me my sound is bad i'm gonna start blocking you
i'm not gonna talk about anymore i'm still blocked the people who say that again because i can't changer that's exactly the same exactly the same as every other time nothing's different i get nbc has a story about her neck bathrooms idea of the simulation the idea that this reality could have been programmed by some other type of crete and the idea is that maybe it was some human beings who created us as a simulation maybe
mother kind of alien but is the general idea that we're assimilation and i want to start with that we ve talked about this a number of times i don't have to go into any detail about that but the first thing i would point out is the lesson nbc and the number of people who were speaking of the simulation as alleged limits way to look at the world is increasing would you agree there are more and more people who are taking seriously as i do the idea that we are a simulated reality i actually programmed if we are if we're assimilated reality there are some things that you would expect to see
one of those things you will expect is that not everybody in the simulation is real or based on real people because my guess is that if we created a simulation we would leave it will say if we go to do it today yes if the people you see around you or to program a simulation of their own that's english and we're probably because we have big egos take on the personalities of the people create in the simulation so there may be some people in the simulation were based on some ale who was the author and it also stands to reason that those programmers would give some people a little extra resources a little extra free well if you will a little extra ability to
navigate the simulation and i would suggest that there are a number of people were alive today who have been spending much of their life looking for what i'll call the user interface for the simulation to put it in more ordinary terms people live today who are looking for the levers to make life work best one of the buttons you can push and this thing we call life to get them as a result now if it is true that there are some people have been spending their life figuring out the user interface i'm gonna talk about those people and a little bit that you would imagine that those people could get results there would look unbelievable to the rest of you
in other words if it's true that there are people who can author their own lives they figured out the where the buttons are where the lovers are worthy user interface has all of its hidden menus you would see them doing things that just don't even seem possible is that true let's talk about the news hold that thought let's talk about the news in the news of the taliban have decided to talk of peace now we don't know if that were carried out but let me say again the taliban decided to talk peace it's a pretty big deal that they even decided
they have the conversation does you don't really have the conversation unless something something good is gonna come of it or you want something good to come of it so president trump seems to be president coincidentally at exactly the time that afghan the afghan people seem to want to talk gonna be because president trump pushed the right but maybe or maybe it's just luck here's something else in the news a is decided it will go away on the limit of three point seven percent enrichment of uranium two new percentage this quota based on our needs government spokesman said now disaster like good news or bad guys well didn't say look at it you think it's bad news
if you said my god they're heading toward a nuclear weapon but that's not exactly what i'm saying what i'm saying is in the ram that is making a lot of moves but all of the moves are measured all of the moves are sleep proportionate and they are getting in return proportionate or proportional responses so they took out a unmanned drown didn't kill anybody they put a few bombs on some shit in ways that they knew wouldn't sank the ships they said though enrich some uranium but not so they're not saying i'm going to take you from here to the bomb quality or say we're going to take it up a little which probably has more to do with their desire to negotiate
so what we are seeing is a ran who clearly is showing some activity the all suggests number one there reasonable people who make reasonable responses now they ever for a set of objectives in this world but the way they respond seems rational that's the most important thing isn't it because if you going to deal with the music irrational there's nothing you can do but if you're dealing with somebody who is clearly rational and they prove it over and over again as the euro indians are then you probably have some path that may not have been clear yet but it maybe becoming clear and i think that especially with jared cushions
peace and prosperity plan i think the people in the middle east more generally are starting to see that the main obstacle to everything and then at least just everything is a around that iran is the thing that's really the only big problem left over there and if he were to solve that and get around to be a productive player over there almost everything else would work out not immediately but over time prosperity you'd have peace you'd have anything you want it seems to me that
although it looks like a dangerous time because ran is responding in ways that are scary their responses are so measured and so rational that it does signal something good is about to happen now right away there maybe my need have some more pain before we get there but i think it said in the right direction let's talk out again and again it looks like president trump maybe just coincidentally the president when all this good stuff sapling his apparently in newport the president's popularity has reached a new high like
wiser somebody mentioned comments north korea is suddenly whoop will block that person i'm suddenly north korea's being very friendly and that looks good in coincidentally president trumpets and charge now i'm some more news did you notice that the anti far protested in dc i have to see to say that the de see police failed just failed horribly in that situation not only want to be clear in my thoughts here the dc police officers were were certainly under the orders of their bosses to handle things the way they did
so the actual police officers on the street as far as i can tell did an amazing job did a really really good job i want to be clear about that the actual officers who were on the street i mean they looked like they really really did a good job of containing it given the rules that they had to work with players the problem they are working with the wrong rules apparently there is a law that says you care where a mask in public the way the anti five people were apparently the police had decided at higher higher level i'm just speculate here based on what we see in that they didn't want him cause trouble by unmasked them that might have been too much of a provocation consequently i believe that that is incorrect i believe they only had to unmask a few on camera
you don't have to unmask them all you only have to ask a few because if every time you go to an anti far deal the police say look there there are fifty of you wearing masks but you to come over here and they just i'm asking you wouldn't have to unmask them all because the next time people are going to say two hundred and fifty that's starting to get dangerous zero out of fifty unmasked is not dangerous to anna fifty caught on camera well ass a little bit dangerous right so where the dc police completely failed and i'm gonna say just the management again the the people on the streets great i think everybody would agree with that right when you say great job
given the rules that they were working with but i think the bosses need to change the instructions i think they need to say police take off a few masks just a few make sure it's polite to make sure it's civilized and just asked a few people and we'll just take it from there all right i have a theory that when auntie file was first making noise especially around in time and twenty six to you that they were probably helping the democrats in other words they were there amplifying a message that the democrats wanted to amplify which is present or can lay trump is naval evil terrible guy
but it seems to be correct me if i'm wrong does it not feel at this point that every time anti far goes through the streets they make democrats look less legitimate it seems to me that every time they show up and the other side doesnt respond violently there there absolutely shooting their team in the foot now if they could provoke the proud boys or conservatives or republicans were transporters whoever if they could provoke anybody to fight back well they might win then my dear winning strategy but so far there not getting much fight back and when they do is clearly legitimate so it looks to me that anti fought is now the achilles heel of the democrats anti fires there accessory anti fire is there
earrings anti far is the car they have to drive when you think you're the democrats you can't think of them anymore without seeing these masked men masks beating people over the head they have become the democrats brand because the democrats have not been sufficiently say our front in condemning them now you my recognize what i'm saying as the same problem that conservatives republicans have which is that every time the yellow something like charlottesville happens that's a huge blow to the brand because the other team can can brand you with their activities even if you have nothing to do with it he just happened to be a republican the people marching are identified with the right and the next thing you know you identified with the group you had nothing to do with the anti far is doing to the democrats what the what the knee
or nazis did to the republicans again the normal democrat has nothing to do with anti far the formal republican has nothing to do with any kind of right wing races there are completely different but in our national view of things they seem to be conflated so where i used to say into file needs to be stopped i really say that more because anti far has overstate their welcome they ve jumped the shark so speak and now every time you see antiviral you should say to yourself well bad for democrats justin
out of the way so i would encourage everybody who is associated with the right were with with the trumpet anyway to don't engage make sure that the only pictures are them showing up in masks with clubs by the way they all had clubs did you notice that there is any power carrying flags but the flags were just an excuse for them the stick just the club there were clearly weapons so these were masked people wearing weapons that they brought to her people and the deasey police obviously operating on instructions from their boss let them walk around with their weapons in public with masks
their credit apparently they did a good enough job of keeping them separated from the other folks up their free free speech really but i would say at this point every anti far rally is now a victory were trump supporters if you stay out of the way just stand in the way and let a play out it's the best thing that ever happened to you in other big news seeing the story about epstein who so epstein the billionaire who was accused of credibly accused of course of having lots of sex with under age girls and he worked out some kind of great free deal worries you served a little bit of sort of like jail but now it's over and he's been arrested again and as
i understand the story might serve which is the reason was so like servage apparently not legal terms but he got the some of the information route is going to be released on the ghastly some part of the legal proceedings and that triggered the re arrest of epstein some like servage cause that to happen now i was reading the daily beast had a story about it and i thought out to see if the daily beast is nice too like servage because i don't think that their friends and so i read the entire story at his name is in it
the daily based does the story without mentioning mike sort of it how do you not mention it is what caused the whole thing so so that has to be watched you have to watch how he is the ignored because he doesn't make sense in their stories ease their enemy used the bad guy till the people on the left and so they care reconcile that they have done one of the best things that's ever been done in the in recent years i will see how far it goes because we don't know what other names are going to come out of this but we expect it will be we'll be some stuff covered activist so less interesting there was most interesting about this is that most of you know makes room which is also associated with the pizza gate conspiracy theory the idea that there is a massive political pedophile rang and then it was operate
in some way related to a pizza parlour in do you say now that's bandied about the pizza brother has not been associated with anything bad i want i don't wanna say their name is there's no reason making it worse but what are the odds that the person most associated with a kind of oil rig conspiracy theory which who incidentally be the person who broke a real pedophile ring there was operating apparently at the highest levels what are the odds that would be the same person remember i i said
to tell you about that we might be in a simulation remember i told you that it seems like there are some people who are authors of the simulation their life their life arc seems to resemble a movie who else can you say we go into that category that might serve it went into thank you refer to himself on his mother's periscope yesterday which was amazing by the way you should really needs to be there to watch his periscope yesterday when he had the news about his success with the abstained thing it sort of a moment in history hours a key moment in the simulation if you will so watching that life is actually quite exciting side attended to that for wisely but what use is made of it
who has by his own description gone out and upper my own words on it but that he tells you this all the time he has set out to learn the user interface for reality he wrote a book guerrilla mindset which which talks about had a headache worry your mind for success he's a student of the stuff i know is studied tony robins stone study that nepal or norman's appeal for example at others might certain which has found the user interface for reality that's why has a zillion twitter followers that's why changing the united states just sitting at home i mean he doesn't always at home but
i mean you can sit on with his periscope in his twitter and is email and he can change the world and he did when you look at president trumps arc you see that first of all if you didn't know who he is his pastoral when he was a kid was norman jensen peel the very same inspirational person who i just mentioned that makes her which was inspired by and i was lots of other people and you see that trump apparently doesn't have a sense of what he can't do he doesn't have some sense that there's something in this simulation does not available to him he treats the world like everything is available to him and he is the author of the simulation
is it working clearly it is he treats the world like he has complete control over it and although in any short term way you can see that that's not true but over the larger arc of his story it's very bad strudel you you ve rarely seen anybody get as much as he was out of life as president trump and
it looks like he's just getting started looks like the good stuff is still ahead of us so i would suggest that there are a number of people who will follow the same trail and if you go back further there is actually an origin for this way of thinking it came from deal carnegie deal carnegie back in eighteen hundred say yes was the richest person in the country maybe the world uttered but he was used very rich and he got this author napoleon hill he talked him into interviewing other rich people to find out one it was the rich people were doing that made them successful and other people were not doing right you napoleon he'll road sinking and grow rich that was his big bustling now was so interviewed rich people to try to figure out what what they have in common and then learning from the pole in hill was norman vincent peel
and learning from norman vincent peel was a lot of people including president trump including me including a bad toby robins i've never never asked him but all that in all bet and makes a religion etc here is some people that i ve done if i'd as having put in the time to travel only the interface for reality these are people who seem to be able to actually change the simulation at will people who have figured out where the buttons are to get whatever they want if you look at their lives they seem to be accumulating everything they want you're so here's the people you should
follow dimension like servage james elles azure you should follow he knows the user interface for life read his work and follow him tim ferris another one went to end systematically absorbed as much as he could about how other people figure out the use in the face for life until he had their knowledge and now tim ferris can move the world he actually has the power joe rogan i dont know if joe rogan set out to do this or just was a coincidence of the career he developed then allowed him to talk philosophy
who have different parts of the answer but clearly joe rogan is someone who is spent time trying to figure out what works and what does it work in every realm from fitness and nutrition to your your career to you name it i don't know jerome can ever set out to do that but but that's where he is jordan petersen of course jordan petersen probably got there through an academic bath studying everything a good about everything from psychology to biology until when you listen to jordan petersen talk about how to add a live your life it's quite clear he has figured out the user interface and people who
i was advice will tell you universally oh yeah this works novel rather can't i hope all of you have heard his name you should be following him on twitter at at laval and av ale laval does not write books even though every publisher all this i would beg him to do so if he ever wrote a book it would be the best seller there was ever written enlightened like literally it's possible is hard to know for sure but if an of all ever wrote a book probably would be top ten of all time books and maybe number one might be the biggest book in the world if he ever one but he doesn't want to doesn't want to sell what he what he has to offer
which which is interesting because it also makes it more valuable the other there's something about scarcely that makes a valuable novalis has spent quite a lifetime figuring out what works and the user interface for life and these figured it out by by all objective measures it seems that of all can of the world whenever he watched him he can actually change the whole world and smaller is in lille corners but you can actually walk up to the world and just nudge it now you can do that you don't know how to do that novel could walk up to any corner of the world and just push it you can't do that
here's another one mark betty laughed founder of sales force and billy their philanthropist i dont know how much he's don't publicly that you could read etc but i will tell you i spent some time talking to him and its obvious when you talk to him he has figured out the user interface and i would suggest and by the way i'm gonna put myself modestly in this camp people were spent lifetime reading in studying and trying to figure out how life works what are one of the few things you can do to make something work see if you read my books out of failed almost everything and still win big you'll learn the basic framework for how i think life works best where that where the buttons are if you read win bigly
a book about persuasion you'll understand the limits of our rational mines and without that it's hard to understand how your world works and my upcoming book loser think which will be available in november will tell you something the greatest mental traps that you should avoid that almost everybody you see on line is falling into so my only point is that if you were to pay attention to these people were gone before mentioned them again napoleon hill norman vincent appeal donald trump
trump what to read you know the art of the deal and even though he wasn t literally the author it does capture a big part of his philosophy mike servage james elles treasure tim ferris tony robins joe rogan jordan petersen anything in the ted doc nevada rubber can't market benito that's not the full list but those were people who have figured out how stuff works and if you read those people you will learn now let me say something that happened i've been saving us up a little bit but what you learn the interface for life the biggest surprise is the things you thought were important are unimportant and things you thought were unimportant are completely important and trunk
displays that and the way you ve never seen before let me give you an example when trump started communicating in a way that he was running for president meaning that when you started talking as a candidate what did people say about him they said that here was being too simplistic he repeated himself and he was right we are all the details now we know that was exactly the right way to communicate because he connected with people away he understood what they wanted and he fell back to them in clear simple repeatable language the people who do not understand the user interface for the universe said hey game must have fourth grade education because we don't see people do this we simply we see people trying to pretend to be smart by using big words
i need to talk about concepts why is he not doing that the reason is that he knows it doesnt work the thing you thought was most important sounding like president using big words being intellectual trying to be respected by everybody he knew that was an important he did know the connecting with the voters at a very basic level was very important so you did what was important wasn't luck while his critics would say so and say well he blundered into it but look how many other things he does that are along the same lines for small who understood more than president trump that the fax didn't matter to our decisions the facts of course matter to the outcomes and if you have a choice of using good facts or bad facts for making your decision she was good facts but who understood that the
odors just warrant concerned with wax who understood that the way to run a country is to ignore the facts in terms of the details but to be directional lee less aid directly ethical directional true so if his if he is exaggerating about the danger of something bodies also doing it to get something done well that's directional early ethical because everybody wanted to get something done and if using some language in some facts that are a little bit exaggerated you're off is how you get there then the president understood that those details were not important but getting there was very important he understands is this like nobody ever has about president trump making friends with dictators
almost everybody who thought they were smart cities you can't do that don't do that but i guarantee you that after trumps administration is over there all other leaders will be compared to that because it so obvious that it was a good idea so long as you are also willing to put sanctions are them so long as you are also willing to be tough and this president clearly is he clearly is willing to be tough at the same time is being personally friendly so the world said it's not important in fact is counter productive to be friends with these dictators trump said no actually that the only thing that matters and it looks like if you'll take north korea as an example and maybe even with the president xi in china the personal relationship might be the only thing that matters it might be
be the only thing that makes everything else work president understood that everybody told the president trump all the smart people did that you can't run you can't run the country on twitter people said well okay and did work during your campaign but once you become president you're not going to be tweeting are you don't tweet as president you can't do that what did the president do tweeted tweet and maybe he has proven that you can run the world or at least the country by tweeting he does it over and over again you can see that he's completely cut through the middle people he doesn't have is addressed here's to cutting them off at the knees he doesn't have anybody changing his message from what he wants it to be he can go right to the people history will record
there he was completely right in his instinct that this tweeting was not just important but really important like critical essential is one of the buttons to the user interface for reality and he sought and other people than people said you can use these insulting nicknames this is this is no way to be this is great school trump real eyes that those insulting nicknames were the user interface that he can actually change the way we saw people and the world by pushing those buttons so what trump could see was these buttons the said nicknames and everybody else said don't push those buttons you can't push those bonds that would be the wrong thing to do and trump looked at them and said why says
look here work well don't do it again never work again you sure you got lucky with low energy job but you never going to be able to do that again and troops said what's this punk they pushed another button and he just keeps pushing them and people keep saying i don't see any buttons or they say don't wish those bonds or that's not important or that's the wrong direction but he knew it was important here's another one if you are an economist there is certainly a truism that if you can get jobs right now the worse unemployment if you get that working right almost everything else works out people will invest more almost everything works out you'll have a lower deficit this era present trump made it
crystal clear that he had one objective which was to give everybody workin that that laser focus on the most important lever in the user interface this was a little bit unique to president trump nobody the most important variable why did we have to wait for a trump to tell us what economists already know which is that the most important variable it how you feel about the variable is what makes it to tell us what to call him is already know which is that the most important variable it how you feel about the variable is what makes a variable change so i told about the the new ceo move when trump and tents were first elected but before they were even sworn in the few months between the election and inauguration they were out there talking
two carrier and talking to forward about keeping jobs they created a first impression that it was their top pray already in it remains looking like their top priority defences always top priority but we don't think of it that way because because once defence is working well you have the luxury of thinking about other things in the snow where we are right now and even though the carrier in ford story did not turn into a great number of jobs i don't know if anything successful happened that all he knew that making that first impression and going out of his way to work on it before he was even an office set the stage he knew that was in port
and he was right he also new trumpeted that energy is more important than almost anything more important than experience more important than facts he knew that do you know who else knows that elsie she uses energy instead of facts and it works now don't get mad at me i'm just talking about her i'm just talking about her skill level you don't have to like your policies the other thing the president trump understands like nobody ever understood because he was actually criticized for this they will say things such as he's running like it's a reality show he talks about people hires as if they came from central casting their peoples and stop it
stop it you you're a president you're not you not a reality tv show star and i would washington's and i would say its trump the only one who understands how important the show is the show he isn't just the leader he's has put on a show and the show that he puts on tells us we is tells us how we should act tells the world who we are tells the world what i'll watch out before tells world what they need to know what they need to do to get the right with the united states here understands that politics is about being smart and wise and looking at the details it's about the shop and if you get the shell right everything else works well who puts on a better show than the president
you just watch the fourth of july right the man knows how to put on a show when he does his rallies he puts others show when he gives a press conference he puts on a show when he tweets he puts on a shell he's all about the show and her his administration the smart people will grudgingly understand that is the next president can put on the show then i have all the tools
you didn't look at half a toolbox whoever comes and after trump in all likelihood unless they borrowed his technique in all likelihood is gonna look like a president who doesn't have enough tools so look at the fact that president trump just achieved according to pulls his highest approval level ever he's at its highest approve a lumber ever he seems to be defeated at least the territorial ambitions of isis the economy looks like it's doing really well get china seems to be on notice that they can pushes around anymore we ve got trade deals that are gonna be finalized we may have peace in the middle east north korea looks like is heading in a proactive direction this president unlike other
politicians knows where the user interface is to the simulation and you watch it every day you see him being on bothered by things that you know should bother him and he just on bothered because he could tell the difference between things that matter and things that don't it away that special ed i don't think it's an action at all the things are going well the reason that i was an early supporter and predictor of trumps success the reason that i can see it early is exactly the same reason like certain she could see an early we had the same skills that we have the same understanding of where the buttons are to the user interface and both michael
i can see very early on in the process oh my goodness it's a politician who knows where the buttons are first time you ve never seen before first time and the next one may not know where the buttons are look at joe biden do you think that joe biden knows the user interface to this simulation i don't think so i don't think so said out let me give you some closing thoughts to keep you motive in it is my experience that people who follow the people that i mentioned who were who have gone before and by trial and error and through their own study have figured out how the user interface to reality works if you study their work it will get you there faster and you can get to a point where it feels as if you were moving reality how
many of you have watched me if we have been watching for a while i want to say this in the comments helen many of you have watched me walk up to reality and push it and just and just knock it in my direction just one the comments how many of you have watched me do that right in front of you watch the comments so i've called my shots i make my predictions i show you my work i tell you that the roots of all my work is nothing's i invented these are things that i have acquired from those who have gone before its learn about it completely learnable and you can know that because you can see the people who have learned it i just named a bunch of some get there in their own path summer influenced by other people most i think are influenced by other people
their own study but let me tell you another thing that you don't know you ve seen all this things that i've influenced publicly do you believe that all of my influences public no of course not because there's something that does not work if you doing them publicly i would suggest that there are possibly when do you people in the world who yes they worked on the same team could change almost anything and yet the somewhat people i mentioned are those types of people there are others but there are probably
twenty people in the country who could move the country in any direction they wanted and will work more effectively if they teamed up and there are on the same side but you can start to see that these people are you can also see that is laudable one of the reasons one of the reasons that i am fascinated
watching alley alexander's career come together is that you can tell the alley is eight seeker in other words he's on this path he is he is learning from people who got their quicker or got not there to get their quicker but they got them before usually goes are older and he's picking up technique and you watch his power grow if you haven't watch this it's really amazing somebody says the bitcoin kid yet ericsson ericsson is some who's on this path ericsson already at age what does he nineteen and age nineteen can already walk up to reality and push it
and he and he is a student and i know this because i know he is a student of the user interface he's figuring out little by little how stuff works plus easy geniuses figuring out stuff on his own as well but if you were to if you were to follow young people who can move the world well that's a couple em whether i'm going to leave you with one thought that i just want you to grapple with right it is sort of it tangentially related to this topic but i'm just going to give you this one thought and just listen to the sentence i'm going to
twice because the first let me hear you say that one here that again so i'll say it twice it is god is was left after you take everything away say it again god is what's left after you take everything away and i'll talk to you tomorrow
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