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Episode 592 Scott Adams: Let’s Talk About the UK Ambassador, Tom Steyer

2019-07-09 | 🔗


  • UK Ambassador, Kim Darroch’s private message got leaked? 
    • President Trump tweets about the “whacky Ambassador”
  • Poll says people LIKE President’s performance, not his behavior
  • Tom Steyer JUST entered the Presidential race…what’s that mean?
  • Epstein story, mysterious way he made an enormous fortune
  • Iran’s supreme leader is key to preventing middle east peace
  • Micro-steps” and other productivity hacks for motivation
  • Meaning in your life” seeking and finding it
  • Ben Garrison altered comics and controversy
  • The future of education is virtual reality
    • Bad teachers need to be removed from the process

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well well well it appears that i have accidentally triggered the periscope so i'm just going to go i was actually typing in the the title in my fat finger hit the go live button so we're live sooner than i thought three minutes earlier than usual so isn't it time for a little dopamine i think it is i think it is let's somebody says i through twitter into a tizzy that i do that i'm not sure which topic you're talking about but anyway it's time for the best part of the day
it's the part of the day that makes all the rest of the day worthwhile it gives meaning to your life yes it's time for the simultaneous zip it's when we all feel together part of something bigger than ourselves something amazing and it starts by grabbing a copper mug or glass it might be attacker his diet steiner a chalice thermos maybe a flask vessel of any kind i like coffee me now for the unparalleled pleasure the simultaneous for those of you who have not yet figured it out every now and then you might want to skip the simultaneous sip and just listen to the content but the simultaneous it gives you a way to do that because
you see my mud go up like this you know that that's the end of the introduction and the beginning of the content and so it's very functional all right let's talk first about president trump's tweets about the british ambassador one of my favorite tweets of all time there's lots to choose among the favorites but the you might know the store pray that there was an uncovered or i guess a leaked email message from uk ambassador saying some negative things about the trump administration president trump decided to tweet to reply
and here's his presidential reply to the very diplomatic ambassador who said some bad things to him first of all let me say this how is it that and and ambassadors private messages get leaked what's up with that i'd love to know the story of how a private ambassadors message got leaked something there's something to be something to be explored about that anyway here's what the president said about the ambassador who insulted him in the private email president says in his tweet the wacky ambassador that that the uk k foisted upon the united states all right already i love it where there's lots more to go but when your tweet starts with
the wacky ambassador that the u k forced upon the united states i'm sorry i like whatever's going to come next i don't even need to read the last the rest of that i'm marty you know you had me on for a stint okay is not someone we're thrilled with a very stupid guy okay could you possibly enjoy politics better than having the the united states say in public in writing that the ambassador from up the from the the uk is this a very stupid guy he should speak to his country and prime minister may about their failed brexit negotiations and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was handled i told teresa
it had to do that deal but she wouldn't tell her own foolish way was in it was able to get it done a disaster is the use of the exposed part he goes well i don't know the best it doesn't know the investor from the u k are our closest ally he's like i don't even know that bass but have been but i have been to
old user papa's full tell him the usa now has the best economy in military anywhere in the world by far and they're both only getting bigger better and stronger thank you mister president so he he ends his tweet by thanking himself thank you mister president that now some of the many things i like about this and there's a lot to like about this is that he he fits in there telling the usa is the best economy and military because it's true true enough anyway and it forces his critics to have to
reader wrote to say that because it's impossible to ignore this tweet it's news all right and if the news decides to it will get rid of all the people complaining about the audio blocked but social media is going to make it a thing even if the regular news doesn't doesn't cover it so it gets his message embedded in this this insult now i saw some people who are just aghast they were aghast our president could act so unpresidential to which i say man you just don't under and the show i call it the show president trump brings
the shell and the show is weaponized the show is his persuasion the show is what gets his attention on the topics he wants he knows how to bring the show if you watching the show and you don't know that it's a show you would be very confused maybe even scared but once you understand what it is and why he does it and how useful it is it's a lot of fun there's a new poll that says that there's some substantial number of people who claim to like now they don't like president trump's quote behavior whatever that means they don't like his behavior but they still
this performance soon that's something that pretty much guarantees his reelection if there is a a starz significant number of people answering polls by saying that they they don't like his behavior but they like performance those people might be the determining people so yesterday my you tube video did not get demonetized so that's good news right so i did a youtube video did not get demonetized most of my video office key words when there's a person who doesn't know what but the we did not the one from yesterday did not get demonetized it did however have have zero
recommended videos so klay my normal videos weather they're de or not it's somewhere in the neighborhood of thirteen to twenty percent of the traffic comes from youtube recommending the video because somebody watched something soon this last video got zero recommended zero so i can see that the periscope is glitching out now usually the the glitches her and replay so and a lot of the the audio problems are are going to be on your end not in the system but anyway so you two bit d didn't demonetized me but they gave no recommended videos and i thought to myself what content and i have their yesterday that because that i realize that one of the things i talked about was youtube's competitor
so the one time i talked about you tube's competitor i got a zero recommended videos coincidence probably not right probably not a coincidence but you can't trust anything in terms of the algorithm at this point there's a new technology apparently in which they can use a lazy from above from a drone for example and the laser can identify an individual by their heartbeat now obviously i guess you have to measure them you have to measure these are the ones that
it is in order to have a bass line but once you have somebody's baseline you can identify them from all a laser from the sky through their clothes something like ninety five percent plus reliability now put it all together laser drone ninety five percent likelihood they can identify you from space and kill you so now we have flying machines that can identify you as a human birthday and kill you with equal certainty wow i've got a feeling that life is going to go underground i worry that our future is that we're just going to have to be underground because
if you get the high ground whoever controls space this sort of going to control the world if you can control the air above the ground you sort of control the ground as well so that's quite a fight we've got coming up so to changes in the democrats running for president eric's oh well is out i'm going to give eric swalwell a well done now he i don't think he managed to get anything above zero percent support for running for president but i'm not entirely sure that that was the end goal of course he would have liked to be president but i don't think he expected at what i did see was eric swalwell making
a big impression on the country becoming a household name even more than he had that by reappearing on the news channels and probably growing in stature and reputation and probably will get reelected easily because he's so it's more of a national name now so i would say that the strategy wise eric swalwell nailed it i've been watching you for awhile and even if you hate everything he said as you don't like his politics blah blah blah blah blah she is pretty strategic so i got to say i can't ignore that he seems to make a lot of good plays for his situation but the funny part is that anti trumper an impeachment pusher tom steyer is apparently signaling that he's gay
enter the race what does it tell you you're my dog dreaming and barking snickers will bark in her sleep she's in the other room barking in your sleep what does it tell you that tom steyer waited so long and decided to into the race what do you know if you know that well i think it tells you the tom steyer thinks that they don't have a chance is his highest priority is getting trump out of office if he thinks he has to run for president to do it the kind means he doesn't think anybody else can do it in other words even democrats are sort of giving up on twenty and twenty
now i don't think it's going to be a long time before anybody says that out loud but i would i would expect to hear lots more democrats saying ok it's we don't have a chance you're going to see that i saw that the president was framing the green new deal that he opposes as something that will crush minorities that's a really strong persuasion framing so if we can for a moment divorce calls from the science and the truth and the models and all that which are fun topics but today just looking at the persuasion framing that's a pretty powerful framing because it feels prove to maine if you were to do everything that the green new deal wants you to do i feel
so that would be really good for the people who own beach front property and very bad for the people who want a better job or a job in general so it seems to me that the president's framing of that as the new deal is yum this is my own take on it as bad for black people i'm exaggerating what the president said 'cause he said his bad for minorities but in terms of the election i think a lot of people are going to look at that and say what do you mean it's bad for me why is it bad for maine and the answer is it might slow down your ability to get a job that would be the claim i'm not sure that i could i could confirm that or not emptying well the the abstinence story is frustrating because of all the things that are important are the things we don't know
right because how that goes and what it means to the world and who else is involved what happened that got in the sweet deal the first time blah blah blah it all depends on what we find out in the future we just don't know enough so
secondly it is sorted into two movies where half of the world is saying look what bill clinton did the other half is saying look what president trump did before he was president i don't know that the trump stuff is going to hold up it looks like this that's the weakest part of the story but there certainly are a lot of questions i got into a twitter what i call it exchange let's call in exchange was somebody who had his hearing that apps teams to fortune is somewhat unexplained and apparently if you if you had money in to call that students said i'd like you to i'd like to invest in your hedge fund you wouldn't necessarily would return your call so while it however he made his vast amount of money the one thing that we can be sure of is the
it wasn't in a normal way and it's also somewhat mysterious so the speculation was that he was luring people into having uh of your relationships with underage shemales and using that to blackmail now blackmail i don't know if he would have had to explicitly black because i think it would be enough if he simply had convinced important people to engage in this activity or even just get on his plane and go to his island you don't actually have to say to some hey you were on my island i have pictures i can make this bad for you you don't really have to go that far so i don't know that epstein ever directly
blackmailed anybody but it might have been just the situation itself that acts as blackmail without ever having to say the words in other words that anybody who might have been involved in this alleged activity it seems like they would naturally want to make sure that epstein didn't make a plea bargain someday and start giving up names so uh i think i think you might see at least one one person lose their job over this i've got a feeling that there's a lot of badness that's yet to come out so there's not much else to say until we know more but and then i saw mike cernovich tweet saying that the but the charges were limited to what happened in new york i guess
so anything that happened on the quote lolita express war anything that happened on his little island epstein's island apparently is not subject of the the latest legal activity so it could be that that the famous people who whose names have been dragged into this maybe they don't have as much to fear it could be it is limited to some new york specific activities and do they weren't involved in any of that so uh i think this is a situation i think this is one of those situations where we may never know what the deal was everybody is going to go away with their own opinion of who did watt which is pretty devastate
for anybody who wasn't involved and gets dragged into it you know they said that they found epstein had a whole bunch of incriminating photos of young looking women and i ask myself what the heck kind of accused sex offender keeps vincent is house as he never heard of the internet it wouldn't be hard to have your collection bad pictures on the internet with passwords and secret places or whatever it's weird that they literally photos sort of an old school waiter to be that kind of a person all right
yes somebody says is common it probably is my prayers go so working with atlantic broadband now were they bands before or just not working tactically all right so the there's more evidence that the afghans might be heading toward a some kind of a peace or at least the framework of path for peace the bbc reported it but i didn't see much about it in the mainstream media's so let me give you the most optimistic thing you've ever heard correct me if i'm wrong i'm going to make his statement that i just want you to think about for a second what would be the most impossible thing you can imagine happening the most unlikely thing you could happen in terms of
the presidency in politics i would say the most unlikely outcome would be some kind of a broad peace deal in the middle east do you agree if you were going to rank the likely i love political events you'd probably put that one near the bottom right so so something we all know to be true peace in the middle east incredibly unlikely right we're on the same page of that right now let me tell you a fact that i want you to fact check not we could have peace in the middle east if one person out of seven billion people in the world just one person decides to do it the ayatollah can however you pronounce his name
iran's supreme leader is really the only person left because it looks to me that the the arab countries have decided that they don't want to have war israel anymore the palestinians depend on iran and depend on some some backing the the various proxies of and depend on iran in so correct me if i'm wrong peace in the middle east seems the least likely most impossible thing that could ever happen and simultaneously there's one octogenarian
who is the only person keeping it from happening you're one person away from peace in the middle east and that person is close to death and that person uh is in a bad situation you know this country is having some pretty serious problems with the economy etc so think about it think about it the most impossible thing you can imagine just one person in the whole world just one person and if he changes his mind the most unlikely thing you could ever imagine could happen you all the variables are lining up i'm seeing in the comments people are telling me that ross perot died i can't confirm that i'm just seeing it in the comments
somebody says cuba didn't change much when castro died i would disagree with that i would say that um to me the cuba is sort of on a path to re integrate with the rest of the content you know the rest of north america that there a slow but steady path in that direction and we sort don't worry about them militarily so i think
in the right direction there too yeah can i talk more about my god to comment from yesterday yeah so that's one of the most let's say provocative things i've said lately lot of people have spent days thinking about that what i said was that well i have to look at my exact quote to the idea was that goddess was left after you take everything away god is what's left after you take everything away
now that's what i like about it and what made people think about it a lot is that it can be interpreted anyway you want it which is really sort of a meta compliment not no i'm not a compliment a meta comment about this subject subjectivity of reality and that's all but people are going to think about that a lot i do plan to do a reading of my book god's debris and put it on youtube yeah i just have to find a block of time to do that so i think you're going to enjoy that all right so if questions it's a weirdly slow news situation because president trump is doing so well on so many things
yeah god's debris is already on audible so you could buy the you can you can buy it but i was thinking of putting it on youtube so you can just consume it that way and we would get much bigger play do i follow kappil never heard of that name how do affirmations work good question probably the most frequent question i get is affirmations work now i talk about that in my book other filled almost everything and still win back and the idea of be tied behind affirmations is that you write some kind of a simple to perative sentence about what you want you do it every day and it helps you fart it helps you focus on now people say what's the exact way you do it and you have to write it down does it matter if you type it what if you throw away the paper do you have to use the pen
cool none of that matters it's all about focusing everyday and visualizing what you want now i have no evidence scientific evidence to say that it works what i do have is lots of experience that tells me that when i do it i get the impression it worked which is interesting because if melody is subjective then my impression that it works might be all i care about and there's been a number of times when i used it too give earliest i use them before i achieved i won't say that they were the cause 'cause i can't prove that but i used it before i achieved it things which were unlikely one of them was to become the best selling author when i had never before written a book and that one of them
just to become a famous syndicated cartoonist very unlikely and that happened one of them was to regain my ability to speak clearly when i had an incurable voice problem that happened to and these are just samples there are a number of things that i can't tell you about that are just that unlikely but they happened in my personal life and i can't explain that unless i'm offering the simulation somebody says my girlfriend is a twelve that is not true she's a fifteen if anything fifteen and a tab yeah i i live a life that doesn't seem anyway to explain and if reality is objective unless i'm just the luckiest person in the world which is possible
the do you still do your voice exercises i don't do them explicitly but one of the things i do when you hear me coming the periscope and the first thing you hear is is me saying bump bump bump bump bomb that's actually voice warm up exercise 'cause i still have trouble sometimes if i haven't spoken for a long time and you're actually the first people i talked to in the morning so i could be for a couple hours in the morning and having never talk to a national living human and so the first time i speak after i've awakened from the day is usually on periscope so part of the benefit of the pump pump am
is that a real good way to just loosen up your vocal cords it's sort of like humming but a little bit more will the voice exercises help people with alzheimer's i don't think so uh oh somebody says their dad does that to avoid morning stammer i'll bet it works yeah humming happy birthday is the classic voice exercise as summaries in the comments do you talk to yourself out loud only if i'm having adhd problems so one of my more popular videos i did quite a while ago is teaching people how to focus when they can't focus
and one of the tricks i use is to narrate my physical actions so there are so many times when i set up my computer and i know i need to do some work and i just gotta do it my brain is a thousand different places i want to click on websites i want to follow the story i wanted to tweet but the last thing i want to do is work because the work often can be so boring if it's just mechanical work such as drawing another topic so boring that i actually can't even my own brain into it i'll sit in front of the computer and my brain just won't do it i have a work around for that which did i narrate and so i say to myself as i sit down at the computer pick up pick up the stylus pick up the stylus pick up the style and i'll repeat it until i pick up the stylus and then i'll say open the page
for whatever page i want to work on and they say select the text select the text so whatever the task is i repeat it until i'm done the task and then i repeat the next task and what it does is it your your verbal your verbal abilities essentially control your thoughts that's because if you think about it you think in words when you have ideas about things they're formed in in actual language within your head so if you can hijack the language in your head which is what the repeating your next step does it hijacks the part brain that controls language it's kind of impossible to be doing language saying pick up the pen and pick up the stylus open the webpage go to this open open this you can't have two conversations in your head at the same time you can look sort of hold two thoughts a little bit your head but not really
really just going between thoughts quickly but you can't really have two conversations in your your your verbal part of your brain is just so dominant that if it's busy that's all you can do it's hard to talk and think at the same time so i and i was doing it yesterday yesterday i just could not finish a comic that i needed to draw and i started saying open the file open the file scott open the file open the file until it was opened and i wouldn't do or say anything else until i had done that next step now the other thing i teach is how to get off the couch there they'll be more of this in my upcoming book but one of the tricks you can use to get motivated to do something big is to not think of it as something big so let's say
set yourself you know i should really go to law school and you'd be a and forget about this being a a goal for you is just something big whatever it is i should start a company i should go to law school if you have that thought maybe i should go to law school that's such a big thought that it's hard to say okay today's the day i'm going to make that happen unless you're quite motivated if you need a little help ask yourself what's the smallest thing you can do in that direction and then do it the smallest thing you do might be too google a list of law schools within driving distance and just do that don't do anything else just google the list of law schools within driving distance you have to break your steps into the smallest and smallest trunks until you
find something so easy you can do it and googling is easy so just do that after you've done that say what's the next thing i can do this so easy i can't i can't not do it well the next thing might be to look at a couple of those schools and just drill down maybe you just want to find out what they cost and you're done for the day that's it you just found out the general cost for a school that you liked you're done for the day next day one small thing i call them micro steps so i use this technique all the time and i often start projects that i don't complete
because i get to a stage where it doesn't look like it's a good idea anymore but i can get there fairly quickly through these micro steps so at any given time i've got several projects going on where i can just pick them let's step microscopic time some of them will take on a life of their own the things the things that end up being important are the things where the energy comes from the project other people say you have to be passionate about it it's it's not a but the way i like to put it is that you have a good example this is writing a book when i sit down to write a book do you know how big of a mental what's a challenge that is
you've never wrote written a book just for a moment think about an author who sits down and says now i'm going to start to write a book wow it's a gigantic daunting totally off putting task 'cause it's so big so what i do
as i write a title so i open the file that you know little lead nope no file on my computer they say huh one like halt and then i realize that they don't have a good title name so because i don't have a good title name should i wait until the next day never you have to take a micro step never ever back off from a micro step if it's too big make it smaller if that's still too big make that smaller there is something small enough that you're going to do so if i can't think of a good title even this that's the smallest thing i can think of to do do you know
but i do i write down the bad titles because a big to having the right title was too big step but writing down a bad title on the note this is such a small step that anybody can do so i do it and then i said to myself i can think of a second bad title i write that down the next day i look at those bad titles like all those are bad titles how about another one twenty seconds of work right i'm starting a book that's going to take me months is going to basically eat up you know all of my free time for a year but i'm i spend twenty seconds the first day just twenty seconds the second day i might spend a full minute because i'm starting to see that the bad titles have a have a path to becoming a good title
then i might open the document and give it that working title knowing that the title will change it always does and then i'll write the first sentence and then i'll close it and i'll do my other work for the day so to start a gigantic project do the micro steps until you've done enough micro steps that the project starts to tap you on the shoulder when you're not thinking about it what you want is that you're doing something for leisure you're just thinking about other things your day is going on you might be taking a walk you might be at the gym and something taps you on the show for your own brain and says you know i can think of what a good chapter would be i don't know the writing of the chapter but i can think of a topic that would be good for that book
and i write it down and the next day i'll just write this would be a good chapter chapter title that's it now at some point after i've written a few pages 'cause i keep microstepping my way through there's almost always a day where i sit down and get excited and say oh this would be a good chapter i don't know if this is a book but i'm going to write a good chapter and this good chapter won't be good on the first pass it will be a bad chapter that's what i have time for so i write a bad chapter have to work on the lot before it's a good chapter so that's how you do you you just pick your way through the micro steps and you keep shortening the microsteps until there's something you can do if you've done
enough of those micro steps the project should start giving you energy instead of requiring it that's the step that tells you you're an author if you can't ever experience that you're probably not an author and spin maybe not the work you should be doing i suppose you could power yourself through a book hating every step of that but as i'm quite you have to feel less thing the says i'm not putting energy into this project in the more than seven this project is now giving me energy it's it's a source of energy is not a use of energy and so i'm looking for that that transition period where it becomes a source of energy all right
motivation by moderation somebody's calling it i like i like my words and microscopes how do you find your purpose excellent question lot of people the what's you know what's the meaning of life what's your purpose i have thought about this locked as many of you have and i've i've come to i think of you that is either compatible with your computer solutions or similar i don't want to i don't want to summarize his opinion but i think there are other people who have he ran similar approaches philosophically here's what i've discovered whenever i'm doing things which are compatible with my basic biological design i feel purpose in my life so that's the standard that i use and
consistent let me give you an example i've never had a day where i had great sex and it was also concerned about the meaning of life that's not a joke i've never had a day where i had great sex and i was also concerned about the meaning of life let me tell you why there's a reason right it's not a joke it's there is a reason the sexual act is even if you're not trying to reproduce your body in your brain recognize it as part of the reproductive process issue most basic biological function is the one you were born to do what are you born to do reproduce and reproduce well that's the second part so if i'm doing something that is supported
of the let's say sexual and or reproductive process no hello indirect it gives me a purpose okay well i get greater purpose doing things that are good for the human the human say that the human species so a lot of stuff you see do in public is specifically because i know that if i do something that looks like it's a positive for human beings in some way that you know it is meaningful that that makes me feel purpose now i believe that if you feel purpose you have purpose
somebody says yeah but i'm sixty three and have two grown up kids if you have two grown up kids you probably feel purpose whenever you interact with them think about them realize that you have created two new humans so i don't think you have to have the kids to feel your connection to your biological let's say the truth but you can have you can just go through the process of doing the things that makes babies without actually may in the baby so i would ask you this if you feel that you don't have meaning in your life ask yourself how much are you doing
there would be supportive of your own reproductive capabilities and for that i would say are you exercising are you eating right are you taking care of your appearance have you refreshed your wardrobe so that you look good could you get a haircut right all of those things you might tell yourself you're doing for other reasons people like to light of themselves and say i'm making myself look good now other people before my own self i'm not doing it because it feels good for me that's never true everything you do some kind of a ripple effect from the from the fact that you are biologically designed to reproduce and to reproduce well meaning the best genetic material you can you can get your hands on reproductively is what you're designed to find so
anybody who says they don't feel meaning in their life the two things you should look at is what are you doing to make yourself look more like a good object of reproduction are you dating you exercising you working on your karere because the resources that you can control through your income etc is all part of that reproductive signaling so if you're not directly involved in the in the sex adding reproduction mode and you still want meaning in your life and there are a lot of people are not really following that that silo if you want meaning ask yourself what you're doing for other people what do you going to support this species what what did you do for charity what did you do for somebody who couldn't help themselves what did he do to make the world more prosperous more happy more less suffering so
if you're doing those things then you compatible with your biological cell you don't need any god in there you don't need any god god is a bonus if you believe in god and it works for you all for it for those who don't know i say this often but i'm not a believer religious wise i'm not a believer but i'm a big proponent and big supporter religion when the religion is used productively so christianity probably one of the best inventions ever it organized people's thoughts and lives gives the meaning is very useful thing for people who are believers all right choose so somebody is some there's a questioning
weather gay people can feel the meaning of life and the answer is yes in all the ways that everybody else does no difference because i said to you that even if you are let's say you're straight and you're just having meaningless sex you're not trying to reproduce you're just doing something that's sort of a theater or a reflex essentially that connects you to that feeling of being part of the reproductive process my assumption is that it you're anywhere in the lgbtq community and you too do anything that's sort of a shadow of similar to remind you of reproduction even if those things don't reproduce but if they're in the same realm of experience that creates those good feelings of sexual satisfaction however you getting it
my guess is that you feel more connected and that you feel that you're not to as you're not as desperate to seek meaning because you sort of already have it yeah not everybody wants kids so it is absolutely not necessary to have your own children to feel connected to the reproductive you know i'll say design of your body is helping the earth with trees helpful yeah i would think that if you thought that climate change was threatening the world and threatening the human species in particular and you went out and planted trees every day just to do your small part you know by your
you're not going to plant enough trees to make a difference but if he thought people were and it was part of the big process you probably would feel meaning from that yes so here's here's the test ask yourself if you're doing of things that are at least mind you love or connect you to the reproductive process or at least if you're not part of that in any way if you're not having sex you're not raising kids you're not a grandparent if you're not part of any that directly at least you're doing something for the species because when you do something for the species you're doing things for other people's kids yeah let's talk about cartoonist ben garrison if you're not watching that controversy he's being accused of some anti semitic cartoons he was invited to the white house as part of this site map for finding out
if the tech companies are being too to now in that context is shouldn't matter that he did comics that some or many people find offensive in the context of your free speech question you certainly want to have some offensive people as part of the conversation so i don't think the white house says anything to explain there he is controversial we know what the controversy is i haven't heard him i haven't heard his side of it so i'm going to be silent on it so here's my thing on ben garrison apparently there are some actual cartoons that he did that are on his website that some folks call anti semitic
a different opinions of will you know what it is to be anti semitic so i'll just say that there might be a difference of opinion there but on top of that i understand that there are people who are doctoring use comics to make them look worse than the original so first all you have to say that there's a bunch of frauds and trolls creating content with his comic that happens to me all the time you can't judge him by that stuff but there is at least one comic i've seen that i say to myself um ben garrison i would like to hear your explanation of why you did comic if i just look at it on its face i have the same reaction that jake tapper at when he tweeted around which is what do you mean this comic is this comic supposed to be your opinion
hello this specific coming up talking about was one i think is a real one of you showed a puppet master and it was you know two generals my masters and somebody else being puppets of george soros and george soros being for or a puppet of the rothschild so between the rothschild reference and the soros reference that's plenty enough to get it to get it categorized as anti semitic but i have enough experience of this biz this to say that until you hear ben garrison explain what he was thinking you don't really know what he was thinking and what he was thinking sort of matters because we're the topic is what does that guy i think that's the question right mean normally i say don't try to read minds but since his comic is out there
that's the comic has left his brain is out is out in the real world i think he has an obligation to explain it i have not heard the explanation if it goes unexplained he has to live with the adl's interpretation of it i think has to live with jake tapper's impression of i think he asked to live with other people's impression of it but if he explains it you know what he meant it could it could have been anything then yeah suppose he says i didn't mean this to be my opinion or rather this is how most people see sex as possible i've done comics that are my own opinion they are somebody else's popular opinion maybe maybe he was making fun of conspiracy theories and issue two levels of conspiracy theories maybe until you hear him explain why he intended by the comic
you don't really know what's going on so i'm just going to say i did it i tweeted something about it and then i deleted the tweet 'cause i decided that this is a wait and see if he explains it in a way that you say oh ok yeah it looked really bad when i saw it but now they explain it you know that changes context i don't know that you can do that but until i've seen his response to it i'm going to say that i'm going to say that's a wait and see that's up to him to explain would be in the position of trying to defend anybody before i even know what their point was for later
well education is going to become virtual reality and i think technology is going to get there and startups will essentially take bad teachers out of the mix i think that's the main thing you have to get bad teachers out of the process i started my trying to ruin my thing here she's getting in with the microphone cut that off your tail all right all right i would like to know more about hypocrisy really hypocrisy i've often labeled as the most boring
of all political opinions there's nothing more boring than if you say accident something bad and somebody said oh yeah well you like this other person and they did something different that was bad or something similar to those that that's the that's the lowest level of political analysis be it besides analogies i guess somebody says a grown man with cats you need a girlfriend well if it helps you the cat will has was left over from the it wasn't my choice let's just say what's the highest the highest type of analysis would be persuasion understanding that people are not rational creatures and that hype ocracy has no meaning it just isn't
it's not a it's not a active variable it doesn't affect anybody nobody ever change their opinion to be less hypocrite and nobody ever got fired for being called a hypocrite you always think it's going to be powerful but it's a placebo well that's the way to say it you say that now even placebos giving it too much too much power hypocrisy is just something that people say for entertainment it doesn't have a swiss of affect all right uhm i'm just looking at your comments and they're mostly by animals and kids now an i think i've done so i'm going to talk to you tomorrow
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