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Episode 593 Scott Adams: PART 2of2 Census Controversy, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media Summit at WH

2019-07-10 | 🔗


  • Creators Social Media Summit at White House tomorrow
    • CNN prepping the world to not take attendees seriously
      •   Isn’t CNN primarily fake news conspiracy theories?
  • Are the Democrats ruining “Brand USA”?
    • Losing our patriotism, what are the consequences?
  • Brainwashing children is necessary and good
    • Current Democrat unintended consequences

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There would be no point of a summit of those people. So the whole point of the summit is to get the people who were, who kind of in that dangerous zone and to see how they were treated 'cause. It's the people who are saying dangerous things that, maybe you think are inaccurate. Maybe you think are a little bit to Haiti That's where you need to figure out where the line is there, the people defining the boundaries. So, of course they invite. So whether or not they've done things which you don't like or they haven't. They are the very people who need to be invited. They they define the edge, but the next person he throws into the list is: are famous meme maker carpet dumped him so see then mentions the carpet on to Miss invited, in the context of saying it's going to be like a star wars bar seeking.
Now. If you don't know carpet anthem, he makes these great memes. The president has tweeted his memes two or three times so far, so you sort of the premier meme maker, for the political right but is also the most normal person you'll ever meet like there's. There's nothing Controversial at all his memes get a lot of attention, but he's the most normal average guy, except that he just he is in the right place in the right time with the right skill set. So they get he's getting a lot of attention. Deservedly so, but John Avlon throws him in that list, like he's a freak based on what that he's great at making means.
That makes you a star wars bar freak, think about think about the bias that's being put into that Presentation and then the funny thing is that CNN says a lot of the people who are being invited are quote conspiracy, theorists now I'm, sure that that's true, meaning that I'm sure that some people who have spread conspiracy theories or probably invited because they again would be exactly the people you would invite because they are the people who are defining the edge
and that doesn't mean that they all get their way or that the presidents going back. Every conspiracy theory that this group of folks is promoting. Nothing like that. But there's simply the people who define the edge and that's the whole point of the summit is to find the edge uh but anyway for CNN to say that this group is a bunch of conspiracy, theorists, sort of begs the question: what was the whole Russia collusion?
what was the whole fine, fine people hoax. The primary news on CNN is conspiracy theories. It's fake news, so uh that's sort of the pot calling the kettle black there. Now. Let's talk about something else, is it my imagination or are Democrats little by little making the brand of the United States racism that my imagination
Because what happened with the make America great again hats and magna- I said to myself: okay! Well, that's really about trump. You know people a trump, so they're they're going to say that if you were a child pat, you must be a races. So it's a racist symbol. So I I thought to myself: well, that's not going to far. You know, I don't like it that we shouldn't happen and but the they're just it's just a standard political process, no big deal, and then there was the attack on the best.
Ross flag, to which I said well: they're not really they're, not really against the flag, they're against this early version of the flag, because it reminds them of slavery and and a bad time. For you know some people in this country a lot of people, so I thought well, okay, that's a special case, but then we also think you've got you've, got a cap Anak and Rapid now and disrespect for standing for the flag and maybe the flag itself love flag burning going on, to which I say: well, it's just the sort of in the margins. That's you know. People have always been burning, flags didn't really change much and then, but then I saw a story that apparently in the elite
learn omars district, there's a local is a board meetings where they've decided to not have the pledge of allegiance before the meeting, and the reasoning is that they they service. All of the residents of the area is the local government, so they service everybody who lives there. and there are so many people who live there, who are not citizens they're, starting with a pledge of allegiance, was not appropriate for their local public, because so many of them were not Americans, to which I said said to myself again well sort of a special case.
You know. Most of America will probably still do their pledge of allegiance, but there's this one little area where people cared about it and well, how much difference does it make? You know it's just a local thing, but I'm starting to feel that when you start putting it all together that the Democrats have made USA a racist brand, it feels we're, not quite there, but it feels like the ruining brand USA and You might say to yourself. Well, maybe we should maybe we should ruin that brand because it has a legacy of slavery and bad things do whatever. But here
problem? The reason that the United States works as an entity is not the constitution. Constitution is very important, but it's not the reason everything works. It's not just the capitalism. Capitalism is great, but it's not the Reason the one reason that the United States works. The reason the United States works is a common set of thinking. if we don't have that common set of thinking that all of the other things are irrelevant. If we're not thinking the same way, you know nothing works and that thinking is built into our young citizens. This is largely through brainwashing. Now I say brain washing because it's a provocative word, but we do brain wash our youth. We brainwash them to put their hands over their heart.
and pledge allegiance to actually give their life for their country at a time when children can't make decisions, if you're telling the children too to literally stand and pledge allegiance to a flag. Children don't have critical thinking, they are literally being brainwashed, is the same and I'm not saying we shouldn't do it, I'm going to come down very strong on the side of we should brainwash our youth, not just for that, but for everything, that's It's good and um and useful children have to be brainwashed. They need to be trained, like dogs with treats because they're not capable of making indypendent good decisions their children, so you have to simply give them their programming so that by the time they can make their own decisions. Their operating off of some base,
that they are already biased toward the country right, so even people who end up growing up and turning against their country still fuel, probably some allegiance to it. It's hard to get all programming out of your body, even if your higher thinking it overcomes. So here's the thing. If you get away, if, if we accidentally got rid of the pledge of allegiance, because let's say we decided that there are so many classrooms, they don't have a high percentage of of citizens yeah. There are non citizens there. If we can, that thinking and extend that it will get further and further until if you have just one or two non citizens in the classroom, perhaps he that angel said well, let's not do the pledge of allegiance. It wouldn't be fair to these. These two kids. If
If you get to that point, every decision you make along the way will make sense. So what I just described actually makes sense right. That teacher would just let's say one teacher of one classroom will say you know I like the pledge of allegiance, but I can see how it will bother these two students. Don't need that let's just skip it, so you can imagine how you would sort of accidentally get to a place where the brain washing was no longer effective, and that the brand of the United States was racist and nobody would have planned it. It would have been nobody's idea to get there. It just would have sort of happened by a whole whole bunch of Decisiones? Now I'm seeing in the comments that people are saying, Scott Scott, you say the slippery slope is not a thing,
that I'm saying the word slippery slope all over the screen now and I'm going to confirm that I don't think it's a thing, because here's why some things are slippery. Hello when you notice is happening. If you don't notice, it's happening. It's just something. That's happening that you didn't know about. That's not the slippery slope. The slippery slope is when we all can see it's happening, and then it just keeps on happening forever. I say that doesn't exist in the real world 'cause in the real world. If you see something, that's sliding toward doom. The fact that you know it's lighting tour doom is what causes you to get together and fix it. So everything that sliding toward badness gets fixed in our in our human history, because we we were rise to the challenge. This is different because we don't
I see it coming this all of these independent decisions. One is about the I fell kneeling one is about some local administration and the pledge of allegiance. Another is about. Colonial flags is a little bit about taking down George Washington every one of these things has, pretty good reason I'm in favor of taking down the confederate statues, because their offensive have pretty good reason. We don't need to talk about that, but what I'm suggesting is. We should all be aware that the collective effect of all of these small changes, even the sense I would say is part of this larger picture that if we're not aware that this would chip away at the brainwashing of our children, we should be. And once we understand that brain washing the children is necessary and good.
To maintain something like a coherent country. I think we can understand that these little things might be heading us in a direction. This counter productive will get rid of this troll all right, So I'm I would say we should just be aware of the unintended consequences of making lots of individual decisions which look good individually. We have to do be aware that we don't want to lose our brain washing of the children, because that's what makes us and effective country and now here's a question. What percentage of non citizens in the United States
would make it patriotism disappear. Now you know how these things work. You don't have to replace all of the people in the country. You are patriotic with you know a hundred percent people who are not in order for patriotism to essentially be in fact, but what is the percentage? Let's say we, let's say twelve, percent of the country was not born here and maybe they're just sort of going along with the patriotism thing, because it's is asked of all sins but they're not really buying into it that much they just like their situation. Here. At what point do the number of non citizens become great enough? The patriotism has to go away at what point are there enough people in the classroom that nobody has the pledge of allegiance anymore right? So if, if, if
the average classroom is, I don't know what percentage it over the entire country, the average classroom five percent non citizens, maybe for the whole country, is it the higher than that twenty percent? Thirty percent, but there's some percentage at which we have to stop doing the normal things that brain wash children such as the pledge of allegiance. So we may be creeping Tord that, in one way we could know is by a census, so the census might understand whether the brainwashing we're doing is going to work in the long run. All right, I think
and at least one other thing I wanted to say yeah. I think I hit the big points. Alright, how is this productive? I was what productive yeah, so I'm making a distinction between the slippery slope that you can all see coming versus something that's happening that you don't see coming so the LOS of patriotism falls into the category of things that I don't think we fully understand is happening, and if we did, we probably would stop it. So there would be a counterforce that would club somebody says: do you think patriotism is bad? Now I just said: patriotism is essential to keep a country together whether this country or another country Patriotism is the the idea glue that that allows you to work collectively
Other smart people have pointed this out, but that you know human beings. We naturally collect into family units, and that is not much harder to collect into tribes of one hundred fifty people but as soon as you get beyond something like a hundred or so people and you become country, size or state size? You need a common set of leave some rules that can make you act cooperatively, and this brainwashing is a necessary part of that Why does the pledge of allegiance equal patriotism seriously? Somebody is asking me why the pledge of allegiance equals patriotism. The pledge of allegiance, is literally the brain washing if you make people say by the way. If you don't know this, maybe there's a part that I should.
large fly one way, one way to brain wash. Somebody is to get them to say out loud the thing you want them to believe that they don't already believe So let's say you wanted somebody to believe that the but the Boston Red Sox were evil, I'm just picking something ridiculous: alright, so somebody likes the Boston Red Sox, but you want them to believe that they are the worst team in the world. Let's lose. Example, so you would say that the person hey, I want you to repeat everyday. The Boston, Red Sox are a bad team and then the person will say well. I don't believe that I think they're a great team, their my favorite team. Now you say to them: now, I know why you believe, and I'm not even saying they are bad team, but I'm going to pay you twenty dollars a day to say out loud fifteen times a day that the Boston
socks are a bad team, I'll, just I'll just pay you to do it, you don't even have to believe it. I'm not even asking you to believe it just say it. If you came back, you would find that if you paid one hundred people to do that and if they started loving, the red the end of the hundred people, maybe ten of them a few months later, would actually have changed their opinion so and the book influence chill dds work shows this effect. If you can get somebody to write or. something that is not their opinion and you check back with him in a year. There's a high likelihood that it has become their opinion because they said it. 'cause, they wrote it saying and writing things actually changes, how you think about them. That's a well known phenomenon, so the pledge of allegiance when people say the pledge allegiance to the country to the United States causes them to have a mental state.
It causes them to be rewired, surely permanently. Do you have an allegiance to the country? It's what it's! What allows us to have a military if we didn't have a minute if we didn't have a a legion still country, is good luck forming a volunteer military and that's pretty essential. So the pledge of allegiance is a necessary part of keeping the country functioning. it's the brain washing that makes a difference and likewise sporting events When everybody stands up at a sporting event to salute the flag, what happens mentally to the people who were not, so the people who were not as respectful to the flag. Well, they look around and they're in this giant stadium and they see all the others. All the other people stand up and put their hands over their heart
place the flag and the people who are just like I'll just go along with it. I don't want to be the one everybody looks at. If I don't stand, there's no law. That says I have to stand up, but everybody else is. ending up. I I'm just going to go along with it. What happens to you if you just keep going along with it? Well, you become you become that. simply pretending you are going along with it, will actually make you um more respectful of the flags. So all of these little customs that we have are not for fun they're, not to feel good. They have a deeply important functional absolutely required purpose. And if you miss that- and you just think it's a. it's a tradition, is just ceremony. It's a stupid thing that conservatives do if you think any of those things you're missing
the most important aspects of human existence. that we have to form beliefs that the come who we are and then collectively who we are as a country all right, uhm. And just looking at your comments, social cohesion, that is correct, team building. somebody says he likes opening doors for women or standing when they come into a room and they had those days are over. I'd like to ask that question. So there's a generational difference. Obviously how many of you, if you're on the lets, say you're on a date or you just with your spouse or your girl ' run going somewhere. How many of you the guys,
walk around and open the car door for the woman that you're with yes. In the comments, tell me how many of you, if it's just you and your wife for your girlfriend, and you're, going somewhere? How any of you will walk around and open the door for the one So look at the comments for those of you who are watching it and replay. If you don't see the comments, we've got one never, but I'm getting. Usually: yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, I do I do I do me Mimi. I do yes, yes, yes, always now, that's probably because a lot of you are trump supporters are more likely to be conservative if you're watching this periscope
yeah. So there's some customs that that looks sticky. It looks like most of you do. Yeah. You know I I used to appreciate the the door opening addition in part because it created order. You know if I'm walking toward the door at the same time with Christina, I like knowing That is my job to open the door, not because of any you know. Brainwashing reason: it's not just you know the show of affection or respect, it's because then we don't have to like, oh you got the door. No, I got the door it just. It just makes everything easier. I just like knowing who is supposed to do what in each situation 'cause it's just one less thing to think about.
so I generally appreciate having these little rules that make things easier. We've got one who is not a trump supporter, but a persuasion, student well welcome Molly somebody says do I I do I do but not every time so so I I tend to make a distinction for opening car doors, open, regular doors, any time that I'm near the near them, but for a card or
It sort of depends on the context. So, if I went out to a nice dinner and Christine is dressed up and we're leaving a restaurant heading to the door, the core car, I would most likely open the door. Yes, we stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription and she walks through the door first and she gets the car before I do yeah. She doesn't really want to wait for me to to catch up to her to open the door. So, in those cases I don't, but I I do it when the situation seems to call out for it to come out when it doesn't all right. Yes, car doors are different situation than regular building doors.
Somebody says I don't understand this car door. Opening thing. Jenny says that Jenny, I'm guessing that you were a younger person, because I think some of these traditions probably don't make sense at a certain age. You should carry an extra jacket, just in case the puddles How many of you have had this experience? Uhm? Have you ever gone out on a date and you check the weather and you see that it's going to be cold later, it's not cold at the moment, but it's going to be pretty cold by the time, you're driving home and you're. The guy Talking to the guys. Now I want to see how many have had this experience, and so you say that your date hey, you might want to bring a jacket. 'cause, it's going to be cold and your date says I don't need a jacket and you say: well, I just checked the weather.
Three hundred and sixty you know we might be sitting outdoors or something you might want a jacket, and your days says I don't need a jacket now could because it doesn't have a jacket that goes with the outfit could be. And so you say all right. Well, I think I'll be cold, so I'll bring a jacket for myself and I made further. You knew that was going to be cold and you could bring a jacket too. Now you get to the restaurant, you sit down and there's a draft and it's really cold in the restaurant. What happens to your jacket? Where's your jacket go. Well, you're not going to be sitting there with your warm little jacket, while your date is freezing on the other side of the table. Right, you give up your jacket, it's the first thing. You do you've all done it right. You give up your jacket. Somebody here says
Never will never give up my jacket. I can't tell you how many times I've said it. I'm send someone somewhere very cold, as I remember to bring my jacket but, but I gave it up so he says I keep a straight jacket in the back seat, for somebody says: bring a spare jacket throw two in the car. I have done that. I have. I have brought two jackets in front one in the back, just as the emergency jacket. Looking at your comments and I'm laughing, because so many of you have had the same, the same experience and send somebody that somebody is saying she won't bring a jacket
ever I keep a spare in the car most of I've seen the guys here just laughing, because I've never heard anybody talk about this before, but it seems to be a universal experience. somebody says I stopped giving up my jacket, so somebody is using under wife I teach my wife freezing, is awesome. Somebody says Oh somebody's asked about what about walking on the road side of the sidewalk, how many of the guys choose the side that you're going to walk on if you're. sing somewhere in public, so that you're on the defensive side, in other words you're closer to the street or you're closer to wherever the day, How many of you will change your position make sure that you're on the protective side, how many guys do that Let me see that in the comments now
I do that when it's obvious to do that, but I don't do it everywhere because most places, I Walker so completely safe, that it doesn't make any difference, but I'm always thinking about it and there's some places that I'll walk with Christina, where I have to keep changing like I'll, be on this side, we're on the side of the street, but then I'm gonna change the other side because we're on the other side of the street. So I'm continually like changing sides, to be on the one. That's the more protective side is some. I see somebody in the distance walking down the street looks a little sketchy. I like change sides again, so I'm continually changing sides. It's a big pain that he asked. Somebody says they wrote a paper on this subject. It looks like most of the guys,
yeah. I have to say that. Can you believe that I got to the I got to my current age without ever hearing that was even a thing. Christina is actually the first person who told me: that's even a thing: I've never even heard of it. I you know instinctively I, of course, would always put myself between the woman I'm with and danger. So if I saw a danger, I would of course position myself. So I was between the danger and the person protecting you have always done that. That's just automatic! You can't even turn that off. If you want to it's just automatic but I've never thought that walking down the street in a safe place. It would make any difference and I've been informed that at least from a psychological feeling about whether or not you feel that somebody is there for you. It does make a difference. It makes it Psychologically, and so I'm willing to buy into that set of manners, if you will, because it
if it makes somebody else feel good. That's ok somebody says if my husband did those things that might think he lost his mind. Elevators to somebody says man should enter and exit elevators. First, two. I don't know anybody who doesn't let women and and the elderly out of elevators. First, I think we all do that and I'm worried about the day will come when somebody starts letting me out of the elevator first, I think that day I think I'm I think I'm done with that happens I'll pack, it up. Here's another one. Have you ever? Have you ever gone for a walk and when you're getting ready for a walk you don't want to have
lot of things in your pockets. You don't want to you, don't want to be caring. Anything 'cause, you're going to go for a walk. The last thing you want to do if you go for a walk, is to have something in your hand, right. I hate going for a walk. If I'm carrying something I would not want. My my hands to walked right and so you'll say to your your date or your wife. You say I'm going to go for a walk and I'll clear, my pockets I'll make sure I'm not. I don't have a camera with me back in the days when people have cameras and and your date or your wife will walk out and she'll have something in her hand, you say you have an extra pocket and the next thing you know you're sort of a pack mule like all your pockets are filled with phones and chargers and and lipsticks and stuff, because women don't have pockets and we don't have as many pockets. So somebody says not in Japan. I wonder if it's wonderful, it's different, so it's very
hard to if you're a man is very hard to plan, taking a walk. Oh Larry David has a funny skit on that I'll bet. He does. I haven't seen it. cargo shorts, yeah, I understand. There's a there's a can versity about whether men should ever wear cargo shorts, some say no. I would. I would extend that controversy to say that beyond a certain age, let's say the ages, thirty yeah, maybe mid thirties. Beyond a certain age. There are no clothes that look good on men, except maybe Woodrow tuxedo or something, but in terms of normal, everyday clothes, close Don't look good on men over thirty five or so there's just no
thing you could do you could wear cargo shorts on your head? You could wear a dress, it doesn't matter, there's nothing! You could do. Men do not look good in clothes over maybe thirty five period. Now here's a little exercise for you, go to your local mall and go to the men's clothing department. Go to the the casual section where it's you know, casual shirts and pants and stuff like that, go to the casual section and then find a man's shirt that you like, and you think would look good on you. If your man over the thirty five oh in the dressing room and try and that shirt and you'll say to yourself what the hell is going on, I'm in an entire store full of shirts made for people who are male and not a single piece of clothing,
looks good on me. What's up with that and then then here's the second part walking. The changing room and walk around the mall and look at all the men who dressed themselves that they presumably to go to the mall. What are they wearing one hundred inside of the man at the mall are wearing t shirts. They got for free, they have usually a company name or some kind of organization on. One hundred percent every man who decided how to dress himself put on a t shirt he got for free, then look at all the clothing in Mason user Nordstrom or whatever that's the casual clothing. You won't see
any of that on a human being. You won't see anybody wearing those clothes, the entire clothing industry for men. I don't even think they're pretending to make clothes for men anymore, I'm starting to think that the men's department in clothing, yours is just because they want to make sure they have the men's department. I don't even think they're trying. I do have some on target shirts and the talk insurance on the first time that I've seen the company say to themselves huh what if just gonna, spend all this. What, if I don't? I don't think anybody's tried this and maybe there's a reason. Nobody's tried it before, but I'm just gonna throw this out we're crazy idea. This is the I'm talking people having their first meeting just go, throw this out there. What if we made a shirt for men, the look too good on a man and the other people in the room said I
can you do that like it seems like somebody would be doing that. You know if Tell the thing, I'm pretty sure somebody done it already right, and you see the crazy founder of Untuckit say no, no nobody's done it, but I think I think people would buy it if we made it, and so he makes his company untuk. It is one of the huge success stories because they made a shirt that looks good on them and nobody thought of that before now to be fair. As soon as I saw this, I said I gotta have one of those. the first day I saw the commercial on tv. I said I will own that shirt. Somebody actually is trying to make sure that looks good on a man. I've got to measure, so I went out and got a few untuckit shirts. I was like these are great. I'm going to buy like all of their clothes, I'll just get everything, that's my size and then
find out that the first few shirts fit you perfectly. The other ones are weird and they get wrinkly in their strange material when they look terrible. But I will say that I did find within the Untuckit Universe, pretty much all of the shirts that I wear that are button up. There's there's nothing else. I don't even see another shirt from another company that I would put on my really somebody saying Tommy Bahama Bahama makes these big shirts for overweight people, let's just all I want is Tommy Bahamas- is a story that makes clothing for overweight people and, if you're, not overweight, you can't wear any of that stuff. It also big people, you just gotta, be big
for the, where the stuff anyway, how many v! Next to I own, all of my v necks are from the same company american rag, and I just bought a bunch of a man. I just wear them until they wear out, then I will buy some more yeah, I'm going too long, so I'm going to and now that's all for now talk to you later bye for now