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Episode 62: Khomenie Reads Fire and Fury, the Meaning?

2018-05-12 | 🔗


  • Khomenie appears to have a sense of humor
  • Korean Summit in Singapore
  • No US Ambassador for Singapore?

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And it didn't do bumper pumped. Yes, I'm back can't get enough of Maine. We've got lots going on. One of the things going on is our situation with IRAN. So I'm going to talk about that in a minute after I have a beverage with you. Do you have your beverage, lift you beverage? Ah,.
So how many of you saw the the photo that was on social media of? Can many if I'm pronouncing it right, come any at a book fair and he's browsing through a copy of what appears to be the farsi version of fire in Fury Michael's book, that is, was very anti trump and gossipy and made a big big splash. Now here's what's here's what's interesting about this? It took me a few days to believe that this the real picture. First of all, because I thought to myself: well, that's just obvious Photoshop, but then apparently it's on his I just checked and so on his instagram page. I think that's as real as we have pagers you know over over in the
and if it's on his instagram page, assuming. This is really him. It means he approved the picture. Because nobody would take a chance of posting a picture that would get them in trouble. Obviously, he personally approved the picture now. What is this plus. Now you remember, there was a, I think it was a tweet not too many days ago and which he insulted, the president and President Trump. and said something about Hulu worm food and the iranian nation will go on now. When I first read the tweet, I didn't, I didn't quite know how to interpret it because there's a there are cultural differences. You know it is
The worm food, the worst insult you can say it was it like throwing your shoes, with somebody you know is it is, it doesn't have any special meaning or is this something you say at a party because it sounds funny like guys were warm, so I I couldn't tell: was it almost a a joking kind of insult, or was he just talking in a sort of a serious way with colorful language was hard to tell, and so you know I jokingly, but not completely jokingly. I tweeted that the it looks like there's an opening. Now I was harking back to Kim Jong
twitter or at least public exchange with President Trump and how, when it became personal and joking you're, probably personalized the relationship in a weird way and and may have actually contributed to the summit. So I said to my self is Kameny trying to do something like that, because he saw that they got a good result and I thought well maybe, but you can't really tell from that one tweet, and then this comes out. You know the picture of him reading fire and few, now. There's no doubt that that's a joke! Now it's meant to be kind of patrolling poke at the president, but It's so non traditional to do it this way. It's obviously he meant to the people who would read this know. Maybe his followers more than
the presidents, would sort of laugh at it and say: oh, that's pretty funny that he picked up that particular book to learn. the president now somebody may have handed to him. You know I doubt that he planned it, but he certainly approved the picture, so he approves the message that it was going to send. So what does that tell you? Well at first, I thought to myself President Trump going to have trouble dealing with this guy. You know because you've got The ayatollah who's know serious all the time and then President Trump is sort of the opposite of that I'm thinking I don't know how that's ever going to work where it was obvious to me when you saw pictures of Kim Jong on he was laughing and having a joke, and he was friends with Dennis Rodman and from the first minute you could say: well, I think those two could get
log right, so it was a little bit more obvious with Kim Jong on, but if feels to main, like how many is sending a message, about his human side, if you will and I don't know any reason that you would do that other than to lighten the mood and to at least test, you know in a very small, very small, incremental way. We we walking toward each other instead of away from each other like is, is anything here. you know, there's a lot of reading between the lines. I don't think I don't think you could conclude with any certainty anything at this point.
But this is very unusual that he would respond to. You know us getting out of the nuclear deal. You know a life and death top priority important issue, totally serious, where the jokey kind of social media response, unless he was trying to humanize- and I don't think he would try to humanize it just for maybe strategic stalling reasons or anything like that. It feels like, the carrot and stick offer that the president has put in the table, which is you know it's going to be very bad for you. If you don't play well with us, but it could be really really good for you. If you do we like to make other countries successful, we've got a pretty good track record of doing that. If they're nice to us uh huh,
So yes is somebody saying he's trying to bug trunk and, and certainly you know, it's meant in a troll ash way, but because he's strolling with humor, and that seems a break with the the dark and gloomy you know. Posturing we've seen before it feels like he's trying to humanize the situation, which could be good now check this out. That just happened. moments ago on social media, so I'm going to look up, Khamenei again go and how do you spell his name? Co, Maine. Alright, let me not try that there's things you shouldn't do, while you're live
How can I not find anything on my phone when I need to alright moments ago? Here we go. so his latest posting was just a close up of him. I don't know how well you can see it. Are you smiling right? That's interesting. If we look at his the rest of his page recently he's doing a lot of smiling so. You know, and then you don't have to go back too far, to see if the stern look, so it looks like the the smiling stuff is The recent I haven't looked at it enough to see if there's a pattern, but
If he's got a sense of humor, that's good news all right he has this is weird thing to say, but I think some of you will know know what I'm saying yes Mark eyes command. He does. He looks like a smart guy and, if he's a smart guy with a sense of humor- and he wants what's best for his country- three assumptions that I feel like it make um we've got something to work with here. All right, so that's the only ones there that topic well. Let me bring up a second topic
So you know the the summit with north three is going to be in Singapore and here's an interesting fact about Singapore. Few interesting facts number one: there are a small city nation, tiny little dot on the map number two there so French. They got a crap ton of money and they have a lot of money to invest, and I know this from I know this from my sources that single for wishes to invest some of their sum, or of their vast wealth in the United States, but they have a problem. So Singapore wants to put money into this country. But it's hard, do you know what's holding things up? We don't have. We don't have an ambassador yet to Singapore.
Mind blowing what's holding it up. Well the Democrats and just slow, walking everything We don't have an ambassador to Singapore. Singapore is hosting the most important summit of my lifetime, critical to everything the. What do we want to accomplish in Singapore? We want to go to Singapore and make sure that N Korea knows that will keep our Elements whatever whatever week, we promise that will keep our commitments an were set to go to a place that we haven't even kept our commitment to put an ambassador in place seriously That is a terrible look. We should put the ambassador of Singapore fraud. You know if there.
the that the Democrats and the Republicans can agree on it's that the meeting in Singapore is super super room and you want to get it right- every way you can get it right. One of the ways would be to show Singapore some respect by putting them to the front. Why they're doing us a solid favor here, Singapore step it up, I don't think it's cheap and I don't think it's easy to do what they're going to do for us, which is to help host, which is a lot of security, and we can't give them an ambassador so that they've got a connection to invest their vast wealth in our country more efficiently. This is free money. This is low hanging fruit. This is nothing but us just deciding to do the smart thing and pushing their rat bastard. The front of the list instead of wherever they are. Let's get Singapore and ambassador. Let's show N Korea that we
take care of her friends all right? Let's show them how to make money. We've got stranded money that could be coming to this country in the form of investments. the Singaporeans are saying it. We don't quite know how to make the connections you can. Can you give us an ambassador to sort of be a rainmaker for our investments? So here's my suggestion to Trump Administration just raise this, raise this issue a little bit see if You can get the Democrats to agree on just this for national security. This isn't like every other little ambassador to a smallish nation, though worlds washing Singapore. Everybody is going to be in Singapore and, if that's not good enough- keep in mind that when the sun starts, there's going to be a whole A lot of news coverage before there's much news, so you need
somebody to be on there talking up your side and the key people are going to not going to be talking they're going to be in the meeting so there's going to be a whole lot of secret meetings and a whole lot of news cameras with nobody to talk to for a while.
let's give them an ambassador, even if it's his first day on the job or her. The ambassador should be the the voice of our singaporean relationships and should be part of the story. So, if frustrates me, when I see something this obvious, that's an easy fix. Just moving from the back of the line to the front you make the summit go. Well, you open up those investments that they want to make you tree that you treat a trusted ally. The way you would want them to be treated in the way you'd want to be treated as a win for everybody. Does anybody disagree with that? This feels like that's something that no one disagrees with our.
Um yeah there's no disagreement. So let's do that. I'm going to I'm going to push on that point. A little more. You know one of the interesting things about the the Trump age. I guess is that I have this feeling like its audience participation all the time. Don't you, Don't you feel more engaged in the sort of the political process, far more than he ever did before and here's another example where I think we, the people, can
directly, ask for something! That's not controversial! It's easy to explain! We! The people can say, give up give Singapore ambassador. I treat them with the respect that they are clearly earning. Let let's list must step up our game a little bit. Let's, let's put a good look on this, so I'm gonna be pushing on this topic a little bit more than today, but that's all I have to say for today and well. I might be back later today, we'll see I'll talk to you later.