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Episode 64: The Middle East is a Mental Problem, Not a Real Estate Problem

2018-05-14 | 🔗


  • My book, God’s Debris
  • What and where is the Holy Land?
  • Land = Location and stuff
  • Homes made from Holy Land bricks?
  • If the old ways of thinking got us where we are today…
  • Would God be happy if we all find a way to live peacefully?

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But but boom bum bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum, bum pump. Hey everybody come on in here today, I'm going to talk a little bit about this book. Some of you just got excited some of you are saying what the hell, because we will about well. This is my book from two thousand and one called God's debris. It's relevant to the. of the embassy to Jerusalem of all things. Now, if you, if you've never heard of this book what you should know about. It is it's a safe experiment. That covers a number of topics. I don't want to give away the central plots, because the front of the book is discovering what it's about. As you read it uh
But there's a part of this book in is very relevant to the Jerusalem conversation. Are you ready? So you've got the big problem. About Israel and Hamas and the Palestinians is that they both think they should be on the same land because God wanted them to be. There. so Hamas and the Palestinians believe that God says they should own. You know Israel's land. and Israel believes that God has told them that they should be there Willis. Let's take this to the next level of detail, let's Oh, your God, so for a moment. Imagine that you are God and you've decided to grant some land to one
One set of people could be the elbow, so let's take the Middle EAST out of it and you've decided to gram some land, some holy land to the elbonian people. What does that mean exactly if your God, because what is Realestate exactly. So real estate is sort of location. That's part of it, it's real. Where is it located? And then it's what's there, actual dirt and the material that makes up the land. That's all it is it's it's a location, Anna Set of material by here's, the catch. Can you ever give anybody a location. because the planet is moving. When you are a primitive human. Thousands of years ago, you probably
But there was something called a location and that if you went and you stood there You are in one place this date in one place. but now we know that's not the case you're on a planet in the universe, in the galaxy and you're not there anymore, so wherever that location was that God said, here's your location, that location is pretty far back in empty space right now, so you can say it's about the location
right so that would not so location would not be a way to define a holy land because the locations back in space, it's changed, all the all the things that determine a location which is their relationship to other things. The universe is in a completely different position, so there's no such thing as a location, but what about the stuff? Well, thousands of years ago, the only stuff that was there was some hots. What what the hell do they live in two thousand years ago was a hot, but let's say that those things of all turn to to rocked it that you've got some yep some holy place. this is that are built into materials. You've got some dirt etc. Is the dirt of Israel Holy.
because the location is irrelevant, as I said that locations changed since God gifted it to every gifted it too, but the dirt is still there. And I don't think anybody is saying I don't think Hamas is saying we. She told him that modern office building that you built in Israel five years ago that nobody saying that God gave them the modern office, building that Israel built they're talking about the land, so suppose you scraped off. Ten feet of topsoil from the land of Israel, I'm not saying that's practical, but just a mental experiment, and let's say you put it in trucks and you moved it somewhere Where would the holy Land, be though The holy land be where moved all the dirt that had done Israel
with the holy land, be the place where somebody has a deed- and it says you know: here's my land, but now it's just a big hole in the ground. Here's the point. This whole idea of a location is when people are thinking like humans. If God made a decision about who owns what God was thinking like dot. We can't really think like a but if we don't know if God was talking about the dirt or he talking about the location which of course has changed 'cause, that location is somewhere back in empty space.
If you can't really determine what God had in mind, should you die for it? So I think that there's there's a an interesting question about what makes that real estate the holy Land, because that's what they're fighting about and it's largely a mental problem that is disguised as a a real estate and defense problem, because both sides believe that they have land that God grants but God doesn't think ill real estate the way humans do, I don't know how God would think of real estate, but I've got a feeling that, whatever God it empathetically had in mind there? It's not something we could fathom, and it certainly isn't something you could put a fence around. So
I think if people elevate to a higher level of thinking in which they realized that, whatever God thought was the holy land, May have more to do with thinking, like God now, let's take this to the next level, if you were thinking, like God,. what would you define as the holy land? I would certainly define it as something that everybody could visit so at the at the minimum. Everybody should have access to those holy locations and you know the holy artifacts, but I think they could work that out that doesn't seem like the biggest problem. So to me it seems that there is a mental problem disguised as a real estate and money problem and a defense problem.
now, I'm not saying that that gives you any way to solve that problem. I'm just putting it in context that we're not talking about a physical problem, we're talking about a way people are thinking of things which is causing them to imagine it's a physical problem and then it then it becomes a physical prob so I'm interested to know why,
We have not seen any details about Jared Kushner's peace proposal that is putting together yeah and until we see it, it is hard to say too much about whether it be good or bad idea, but it does seem to me that there is a there's a way out that there there is an off ramp. If people want to take it and the off ramp would be to think of real estate the way God would not the way people do yeah. If you think that God, you is looking at Zillow you know it's God, picking up his Zillow app and saying all right. Well, dudes, do you see there's a boundary around here like this? Is this? Is the legal boundary around the holy land? God isn't doing that in fact, in fact
probably isn't really too caught up on location, I would think God isn't too concerned about tops so whatever it is, that God is thinking about real estate they were. Humans are thinking yeah. You gotta, you gotta, think those are different concepts, so you've got a human fighting over their own interpretation of holy lands. Whi, for example, do you think that God would be angered if the definition of the holy lands was simply expanded so, and so, instead of saying so when God said, you know this, this place over here is the holy land. Did he say just as much as the Holy Land was God that specific did you say holy land is only this much as soon
get out of this little ring. You are longer in the holy land. You're in the unholy land soon as soon as for goes over that line you're totally in the unholy land. did, God have boundary markers and fences? No, I don't think so. Now, I'm no religious scholar, but I believe, Oh somebody saying that the Torah spells out the boundary perfectly well, I love to look into that, but my guess is then nobody would have a problem with expanding the size of the. Lands? Would you what what are we just expand the size of the holy lands? What would that take? Well, it will probably take some religious scholars to say. Look. God is not small, you know, God, God is not a real,
say blood broker? Why isn't it all holy? Why can't we say you know the palestinian properties that they are currently residing on? Why? Why can't they be wholly to? Why don't we just holy fire, the whole thing all right uhm? I see that when I talk like this people, don't like it there's a lot of mental resistance to this kind of conversation by the way, that's very tiny part of. What's in this book, I wrote back in two thousand and one God's debris. I won't tell you how that book turns out, don't want to ruin it. For you, yeah earth is the holy land. Yep God says: don't changes words. Well, let's see how a and by the way, if anybody could for would be an english translation of where the
Torre or whatever the under the do the Palestinians have a similar kind of document the spells and what the holy lands are? Does it work both ways? Do both sides have a specific geography? Okay, thank God gave them and do they are they complete? do the same yeah. It is the palestinian idea of the exact borders of the holy land that they are entitled to. Does it overlap exactly 'cause? I doubt it does right. There might be some places that are more controversial than others. Look in my computer. That's a heck of an idea. Maybe I should look in my computer for things, but I know in advance. There are some types of things that when I tried to google them, they never come up.
I'll tell you the least productive arguments in that. It's one that I just saw go by there are people who are saying here here is here: is the worst way to think about it and it's the popular way. The worst way to think about it is who was there first and who cook? Who kick somebody out and is there a? Is there a something called the palestinian people? Is there a land called Palestine, all of those questions are unproductive and bad thinking. 'cause. Those are the questions that get you to exactly where you are so, if the old way you for this before if the old way of thinking That's where we are. It's not going to get us out of where we are it's got us where we are so, if saying any of the old thinking there. No Palestinian, you know, there's no definition of Palestine.
Means there's no Palestine Land or if you say, God gave this land to these people. Or if any of those things that are part of the existing thinking, that's got us to where we are. So, if you're happy with that, fine now. I've said before that Israel doesn't really have an incentive for peace, because there is Composition, an mostly it's, I hate to say it, but it's not the Israelis who dying lately so from there perspective, they're kind of in a good negotiating position because they're in the strong position, but a red kind of changes, the equation a little bit. If IRAN, just trying to get aggressive and create a situation where, as some point, they can threaten Israel in a more direct.
Way that Israel does have a big mortal danger that they need to worry about, and that gives you something to negotiate with, so it turns out that uh IRAN might be the key to solve, sing everything in the Middle EAST, because Israel wouldn't need to negotiate anything if IRAN were not making big moves, that that are both supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, but also putting assets in Syria the recently got bombed, so if you take a ran out of the deal, it is doesn't need to make any peace. All they have to do is keep shooting people who try to come across the border and they're fine uh, but they do need to make pace because the larger issues of the region
looking to force that appan them, and so I think, there's a way to go, but it won't be with the old thinking, I'd love to see Jerrod's peace proposal, but I think the key will be remember the key. So any negotiation is you need a way where everybody wins, so the people who are dying by the dozens even today, unfortunately, apparently the moving the embassy to Jerusalem is caused a lot of protests and there have been dozens of deaths just in the last twenty four hours. I understand so it's getting very ugly there uh. So let's see Jerrod's plan and let's see, if there's anything we can we can suggest, adding to it or tweaking to make it palatable for everyone else. But can you imagine, for example, that
the the literal dirt from the hat, the holy lands could be bulldozed off from, let's say some part of Israel that they don't need the door yeah and just move somewhere and actually and actually distributed. Imagine if every every Palestinian had just this just a mental exercise, I'm not suggesting this is serious. But imagine if you actually owned some of the holy land. You had a bucket of it. and you have your own house, but it was. You know, on the edges of the holy land that does God care that much we'll find out. I'm Hamas will except peace. Well, you know the thing that we never know about. Let's say Hamas and the Palestinians in general
We don't know what is the opinion of their leaders verses? What is the opinion of the people? Because there could be some difference there? Hamas wants the Jews that that's true because their current situation, but it is not true that all that all Muslims want all the Jews dead, so there certainly someplace, there's certainly a place. We can end up where nobody wants anybody that. Distribute boring company bricks from Israel. Oh my god, that's a good idea. Did you hear that I think I just saw one of the best ideas of all time just go by. So let me repeat
so Elon Musk. Has this company aside company that bores tunnels, it's called the boring company B, o r. I n G, because that's funny, but it's also a great name for a company. He has announced that that boring company, when the bill when it bores its tunnels, will create a lot of dirt. It doesn't need and it will learn to turn those into bricks. Imagine if, since Israel is probably I assume continually building that you could actually be producing holy bricks, and you could actually use those only bricks to build up Hamas in their own territory. So you could actually, I think your house, you could actually be living inside holy land. Your walls could actually be Israel and. that's, a really good idea.
You know it's one of those ideas that if you just sort of started from zero and said, hey Hamas, we got this great idea, forget everything you've been doing and you Israel and everything else, but we got these great bricks for like First time you hear the idea, you go, you get the funk out of here right. This is the worst idea. I've ever heard breaks. No, we don't lyrics. We want you all dead. We want to take over Israel, so that would be the first impression, but If you are eventually going to get to some kind of result, everybody has to give flexible, there's no way around that and if I said to you, let me let me game this out a little bit. I love this idea. I'm not convinced this is a a solution right, so we're going to talk about this for and for those of you who are new to my my periscopes. You know that we saw just talk about ideas that are not quite practical sort of the bad,
version of an idea, because it might inspire you to think of a better version just through the creative process. So this is not a good idea. This is just the start of our thinking. Maybe somebody has a better one: suppose you said not to the leadership of Hamas right. So now we're talking to just an ordinary palestinian. it's, an ordinary Palestinian who Under ordinary situations would support their leadership and they to wish Israel didn't exist and wish they could be return and they wish number thanks this. She went that individual palestinian and said here's the deal You don't have a house work, build your house. We're going to use
the money we're going to use money from somewhere, and this will be sort of a reparations kind of situation, we're going to use bricks that actually come from the holy land from this boring company, kicking him up and those bricks. We will give you four free and will help you build your house when you're done you're going to have a house and you're going to be living in the fricking holy inside your own house right. Is that better. Is that better or worse than renting in Israel? Those are your choices. If Europe Justinian you're, not leadership! You just care about your family right, you're, not so about. Troy is real, but it's part of it's part of the party. You belong to so you're buying into it
but you're more concerned with your family you're more concerned about living. Alright. If you got that deal, a free house made out of brick that literally came from the holy land you can live inside God's own Holy House, your own house, and it's a free cows and it's the end of conflict between. Bill and the Palestinians would you take the deal all right put yourself in that position. You're a palestinian and you get a free house and it is literally made in a bricks from the holy land. Do you take it. So you're saying that they would not take the free house. I think that the leadership would resist 'cause, they'd, say hi,
stop giving us bricks when we need a homeland- and you know God not be happy with that, so the leadership would certainly resist. But if you're just a person who wants to get by just an ordinary palestinian. You just care about your family and living in. You know worshipping your god. I think you take the free house made out of the holy land. That's my and I think that if you were to build entire settlements and of holy land bricks. I don't know that looks a lot like the holy Land to Maine 'cause the location again. For the location has changed. 'cause the planet has moved, since God gifted the land. If you move the stuff that was there the bricks over to some palestinian property, and then that'll property all becomes brick homes that become sort of the Holy Land extended,
so somebody says uh, that's a terrible idea and a terrible argument. I accept those criticisms. I remember we're just brain here, but it would be more helpful if you gave me reasons and so I've. then you a challenge to find me a Palestinian who would not take that deal if they're, not terribly political, right! If you find me a Palestinian who's sort of marching on, front lines and asking their life to destroy Israel. Will that person won't take this offer, but I suspect that number of people who are Palestinians minding their own business as far bigger The number who are actually risking their lives to you know to take over Israel. They want their own land. Well, they would, in this
In this model they would own the land that the the bricks are on top of, so they would essentially, they would be enclosed in the holy land. Bricks. The salads won't pay to help the years yeah things are complicated over there, but it does seem to me that the everybody over there has an interest in a solution, because it's a solution that will help them do everything fight. You know, fight the bad guys insider. It's about votes, not land, solving the wrong route because well that depend on whether it's a two state or one state solution right for the people who say it's a bad idea. Please give you
reasons 'cause, I'm not arguing that it's a good idea, but I'd love to see your reasons, and I haven't seen any reasons goodbye to tear. Wouldn't have somebody said: wouldn't God be proud of us, for finding a peaceful solution? See now that's doctor of re of the situation, Can God really be happy with this situation? I don't think you can Would God be happy if everybody found a peaceful way to live together? That sounds pretty much like a God thing to Maine. I'm no religious expert so the reason is, the Palestinians are. What was that last word, ideological. Yes,
Palestinians are ideological. That's why it's a good idea, not why it's a bad idea, because it's an idea which, which addresses the ideological part the ideology is that there's something called the Holy Land and it's made up of location and stuff. That's all. It is So if the locations irrelevant 'cause the planet moved and the stuff is actually what is made to create your house, I would think you'd be closer to God, not further from God, if you're, literally wrapped, wrapped in Holy day Palestinians, will never compromise. Let me let me put this to you Donald Trump will never become the president of the United States, North Korea
will never give up their nuclear weapons. Palestinians will never agree to a peace deal. we're no longer in a time and place where, where impossible things don't happen, We are literally in a time when the impossible seems to be happening on a regular basis. Do you know? that there's a Tesla automobile in space. Alright, everything everything that we thought we knew about. What is possible just doesn't apply anymore and- and some of this was that it was always mental and we've discovered that our big problems are mental problems. Give me a Palestinian who is isn't a political activist and ordinary Palestinian who does believe in all the things that the leadership believes.
Not they're, not really. You know on the frontline Give me the ordinary Palestinian and tell me they don't take a free house, Badan of Holy holy dirt and end of the conflict? I don't believe that person uh is common anyway, certainly some exists, but I don't think it's common. planet move argument? Doesn't hold water, the relative positions? Yes, so of course, It's real estate on earth is based on relative positions to other things on earth, but my point is that if you're, a God, do you care about only the things Well, let me let me let me let me give you. I think this a fair analogy analogy is: don't are not persuasive, but sometimes they can.
introduce you to a new way of thinking right, so that's how I'm using it. This is not a persuasive analogy, just introducing you to a new way of thinking um when I put on my close and then I walk outside? Have I changed my location? Go your issue thought experiment. If I wrong clothes inside my house and then I walk down the street. Have I changed my location No, I haven't changed my location. It's a trick question you know I, my location hasn't changed. Because my body, relative to my clothes, has not changed, I put on my clothes in the house and I walked down the street My my location, bye, bye body to my shirt, is exactly the same location to my shoes, exactly the same, so I'm in the same place,
Oh I'm, not you say so it's not about my relative location to other objects. So it's really about my relative location, to my house, for example, because I got dressed in my house, so I put my house on one of those big tractor trailers cut it in half, and move it to a new location. The house moved, as you know, that's gay complicated. Now right, 'cause, those of you who are saying. Well, into the trip Rules of real estate, this fence. Or Skype territory, because it is ne of this property, which is by its location to other properties. So it's this big chain of Everything is where it is 'cause of its relationship to something else. So
says it's deeper than physical, Scott, of course, and that is my entire point that the physical we can rise above right. If we're talking, if we're arguing about dirt in real state, then you were at too low level. Let's take it up, all let's take it up to God level, at from a God POV Hour, Human concepts of Realestate are ridiculous. I'm just saying take it up to God level, I'm not saying anybody gives up anything, I'm saying take it out of it is views of what real estate is and means and location and dark. These are human, just human stuff, and we can't make any kind of decision in this human in the weeds.
Take it up a level think about location and holy places from more of a if you can more of a God view, and I'm pretty sure that God would be happy with a solution more. Then God would be happy with looking at your well. It looks like, boundaries of my holy lands have now changed hands again, just like I hoped that doesn't feel. Like a God view to me, We are not God that is correct, and therefore our interpretations of what God meant by holy lands and real estate has to be suspect, and it's something that we could maybe improve on.
When God to have intended his definition of reels of the holy lands to be in human terms, well, if you did, I don't I don't know that he meant for us to be in in war over it. Do you think that God said hey, you know a good situation. Would We need to let these humans not understand what I meant by the holy lands and just so they'll fight over it was that a God POV doesn't sound like it. So if humans could solve gods puzzle, let me put it to you another way. It is as if. I'll, know religious scholar, but work with me here. It seems as if There's a reason that God, if we assume there is a god
there seems a reason that he didn't solve all our problems from the start, because you know the the will save you. Well, why? Wouldn't God just solve all our problems and take away our pain and give us no problems? It seems as though our problems are For us to work through to Get closer to God, so the better. You are at solving your little human problems of working with each other anyway, loving each other. The closer you get to God, so, the people on the palestinian side of the people on the israeli side, they are We are doing what God does not want them to do, which is kill each other Oh God wanted that. What God wants this rust unlocked the puzzle to figure out
to solve it without violating what God wants and just changing what people do and what people do is we have this weird concept of real estate in this dirt? Is the holy land we can get out of that? If we want You know you give me some of those holy Blick bricks from the holy Land and I'm going to feel like I'm closer to God, if I'm surrounded by the end of the land that you believe you blast. We can think our way out of this, and God is not going to be unhappier because of it. Assuming a god exists all right, and somebody said what, if you die and find out that God just likes a good fight, rule it out. I wonder what would happen if there was a peace plan.
Under table in which ordinary Palestinians were polled, and alright here's the deal. This is why it's good for you. What do you say? I'd love to know what the the actual people think as opposed to leadership, knowing the history of the temples in the pre Civilization is helpful. Scott yeah, I'm certainly whatever. Whatever solution you have has to give everybody access to the holy sites, but I think everybody he's on that. I don't think there's anybody on either side who doesn't buy into motion that you know people should be able to visit. Well, there's always somebody who disagrees with everything but generally speaking having access to holy sites is that's going to be the thing. That's easiest, I think um, alright comments disappeared. There are there, are there back again?
then you are misinformed. Well. I do understand that you know: Do you understand that either side the extremists would say my god, you can't have You know you can have a Muslim in this room or you can have a Jew in this room because God will be offended or something I'm saying is that those are not the big problems. Those are the ones you can work. You can work with that stuff that won't stop us.
Let's do now. This will be interesting to you. So I've seen a number of comments go by and say this is the dumbest idea and Scott. You don't know what you're talking about, and that is true. I do not know what I'm talking about when it comes to the Middle EAST. I think we're all on sort of this learning process and we're getting smarter as we go. I hope, but give me was this. I don't know if useful is the right word, but where did to enjoy this, this way of thinking or not so give me just give me your feedback right now, 'cause, I don't know if I want to do more of these right. So I'm just looking at your comments now, so it's no surprise that the comments are very. bifurcate did so you're getting some hard nose and some very hard. Yes, is
by the way, you would not be a surprise is exactly the reviews. You'll see here on Amazon for this book. If you look at the reviews, you'll see, you see some of the worst reviews for a book you've ever seen in your life. I would almost humorously bad there. People who bought this book read it cover to cover and then returned it to the store for a refund because they were so angry but you're. The most of the reviews are five star and the five star reviews quite often say it's. The best book they've ever read the best book they've ever rent right. So that's what this book does to you. It's going to make you hate it really hard or it's going to make your head spin and
skull. So you've got two choices there. All right, you do not know what you're talking about read the Bible, those of you who say I don't know what I'm talking about. Read the Bible, you're right, I would, use that there's nobody who really understands the Middle EAST, so I'm put Well, ideas looking for comments and seeing, if in sort of build our collective understanding of, what's going on over there to just a little bit higher level, I do not, I will not ever profess anything like a good understanding of the Middle EAST.
Nor do I believe anybody else when they say they have one. So you know it's all relative, but nobody quite knows. What's going on over there in detail all right, I think that's the enough for today and I'm going to run off and do something else, and I will talk to you tomorrow by