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Episode 648 Scott Adams: Gun Crimes, #FentanylChina

2019-09-01 | 🔗


  • President Trump’s joke-jab tweet about Iran’s rocket explosion
  • Banning Muslim immigration…
    • …till we figure out what’s going on
  • Should we ban gun sales to white males under age 50…
    • …till we figure out what’s going on?
  • Straight-Pride Parade yesterday
    • Is “pride” the wrong word?
  • 340,000 Chinese students currently studying in the US
    • Send 1 home for each American Fentanyl death?
  • Rep. Max Rose proposing sanctions on China for Fentanyl
  • Joe Biden’s forgetfulness and older candidate mental concerns
  • The polls are clear…
    • Any Democrat candidate can beat President Trump
    • Does ANYONE really believe that?
  • @Teachable has tools for creating a class you can post online
    • One class creator made $550,000 in ONE DAY
  • “Life Strategies”, skills benefiting people in the workplace
    • An Elon Musk course, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett?

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hey everybody in here what fun it's another episode of coffee with scott adams in that features coffee and letters you're not either one of those things you're not coffee you're not scott adams but you can join long doesn't take much to participate all you need is a couple of regular classes die in the chelsea tanker thermoses plastic cantina vessel of any kind fellow with your favorite liquid like coffee enjoyed me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dough between his other the day the thing that makes everything better the cycle lady sip go
ah boo uh we're uh good stuff so the president tweeted and i'm paraphrasing to iran after there missile launch failed in their rocket blew up on the on the launch pad the president tweeted that the united states had nothing to do with it and he hopes they figure out what went wrong now i have to admit even i am not sure what's going on with that except that i like it three u s had nothing to do was that and hope you figure it out now i'll tell you what that leaves as a possibility that israel had something to do with it um
but i thought it was interesting that the president said out loud that we had nothing to do with it because i thought to myself wouldn't it be better if they thought maybe we did or at least yes they you know that at least i thought it was a possibility wouldn't that be better for us but i suspect that they still have to look 'cause they don't believe him so even though he says the united states had nothing to do with it there now to believe it so they're still going to look or any sign that we did so it here's what this felt like and they may be over interpreting this do you remember the big breakthrough with kim jong un was when the president went funny so when he tweeted at him purely joking insults
and that got kim jong un to kind of deal with the president on a human level where they joked at each other they insulted each other and they said i lets you crazy guy your big old orange crazy guy let's just get together and it looks like the residents trying to play that same play i can't imagine it working in iran because it's a different personality but he's basically between is something playful you know in a sense i mean it's it's provocative and is challenging but when he says the u s had nothing to do with it we hope you figure it out off course you're gonna read that and say he's kind of just joking and jabbing them at the same time it looks a lot like when he was calling kim jong un little rocket man it feels like it feels like he's trying to human nyse something that is otherwise statecraft and and
political and and all those things that have not produced anything like a solution so yeah it's it's a little mocking as a little sarcastic perhaps and other if it had been anybody but around there probably would have gotten more of a more of a response in kind so if he can get around to match him so he's you know he's putting something out there and essentially seeing if they'll match it and what they would matches his tone and his tone is sort of yeah that is a game and we're playing law long and this is not the end of the world and yeah let's let's put it in perspective sort of thing might be useful will say it's worth putting it out there just just to find out what happens do you remember how much trouble
well let's say how many uh what would be the best word not trouble i guess it was trouble how much trouble the president cause when early in his administration he said or was it before he got elected that he said he why to put a ban on muslim immigration but there's a second part of that a ban on muslim immigration what he meant was from certain countries that came out later maybe you didn't mean that maybe just meant put a ban on muslim immigration until and there was the second part that was the important part until we figure out what's going on here and everybody said racist racist because they always leave the second part out until we figure out what's going on and i remember thinking to myself you know there's one situation where bigotry is allowed if not encouraged
and that's in the military so in our in a regular the same society in business life and personal lives we try to drive out all forms of bigotry and we pretty much all agree you know ninety five percent of the public would agree they're getting rid of bigotry in every business social you know everyday experience you know school your name if you want to get rid of all that bigotry but there's an exception the military the military is specifically allowed to discriminate like crazy if it makes sense now they still have to support it for example of where
men typically cannot lift as much as men and there may be some other physical differences so the military discriminates against women the military discriminates against short men the military discriminates against men and women i sue uh who have physical disabilities because it could have some impact on safety so you we see that the military is a discrimination machine in and it's the one place where we say uh all right you know if they need to discriminate because it gives them some statistical advantage that's the one this will let it happen no of course historically there was also a discrimination against african americans on the military but that did not prove out to be useful another one because it was a it was discrimination that didn't have the benefit of science behind it there was
you know it wasn't supportable and so what away but my main point is if the military can support the reason for their bigotry meaning that there's some actual safety you know rich management thing involved they can get away with this one place that that you can discriminate and so when the president said we're gonna ban immigration from muslim countries until we figure out what's going on i saw that as a military homeland decision which was bigotry but it was the kind that as long as the second part was acknowledged until you figure out what's going on i thought that was fair because we do we don't know what's going on and where do you see where i'm taking this by the way with hold your judgment until you see where this is heading right
and then when the administration in the public wait in they said no no you can't ban an entire culture even you think you don't know what's going on and whether the government dug into it in the public way down in the pond is weighed in the decision i ended up let's put some restrictions on countries they can't properly is that their citizens some of them would be muslim countries someone dropping north korea for example so so it ended up morphing into something that that was a little easier to swallow because those countries that had good records were still allowed in now here's where i'm taking this week yet another mass shooting yesterday and of course there are lots of conversations about changing the laws
and let me let me toss out possibility you're ready for this i guess i felt like trouble today some days you wake up and you say i think i'm going to cause some trouble so here's me causing some true maybe we're at the point where we should consider banning gun sales two white men under the age of fifty until we figure out what's going on let that sink in for a little bit if you were ever in favor of the muslim country band because we did quite know what was going on and we couldn't that you know we didn't know how to protect against that risk and we thought well temporarily temporarily let's use bigotry that's what we did the country code
electively used bigotry said alright if you're from this area you're from a muslim country will be and you until we figured it out and it looks like we did figure now we figured out that if we could check their records we could still be safe enough so here we have the situation where for whatever reason you initial white man keep getting high powered rifles and killing a lot of people and so i'm just gonna put it out there what would happen if we just said you can't buy a gun if you're a white male under fifty until figure out what's going on right now i wouldn't want that to be a permanent situation would you of course not of course you wouldn't want that be permanent but you certainly want to figure out what's going on and
so now i know that nobody would ever take that that example seriously but i can tell you that as a you know a white male um i probably would have been willing to live with it until we figured out what's going on maybe not live with it for more than a year but i wouldn't mind trying it out uh now here's another suggestion by the way if you're new to this periscope you should know context wise and i like to throw out
ideas because sometimes they they spurrier thinking to think of something related this a good idea so i'm gonna give you some more bad ideas just like the last one you don't need to tell me is a bad idea the that's obvious to me is that in the sense that you could never guess assigned you to agree to it but here are some other some other bad ideas suppose you pass a law this says you can you can buy a gun under the following conditions you ready here's here's a proposed gun control law you can buy a gun if you are a current owner of the gun in other words if you already own a gun illegal firearm you have the right to buy another one so if you already own one you can get another one now we might put some limit on i don't know is there a limit on the number of guns you can have i don't think so 'cause there are collectors who buy
a few guns but let's say if you already own a gun you can buy another one because whatever danger you are going to cause well you already had a tool for it so it's probably not the new gun that makes that much difference here's another one you can buy a gun if you're lot of current owner of a gun you can also buy a gun if you've been a member of the nra for three years i pick three is sort of a generic for if you've been paying dues to the nra and i've never owned a gun legally at the end of the three years you can apply for a gun is stuff to pass the background checks and stuff but three years of being an nra peed person means you will at least have been exposed to best practices it means that you're it means that you were thinking about is three years before you got the gun which should reduce the number of
people who are having a mental breakdown in this month they got crazy and this month they decided to buy gotten this month they decided to go if you if you decided three years ago that's probably tells you that it has of more to do with a long term desire to own a firearm if you were a member or x number of law enforcement or the military you could buy a gun so again if you're just joining i'm throwing out bad ideas for how you could tweak gun all right i'm not claiming any of these air good ideas i'm throwing out ideas they might suggest something that is a better idea so i would say that if your law enforcement or military you've earned the right to own a gun i mean everybody has right 'cause the second amendment but it would probably be a safer situation they probably could get a gun
so just consider that one how about this women can buy guns just always if you're a woman the rules don't apply if you're female and you're over eighteen you can buy a gun how about that and it would only apply to men the restrictions about this some occupations can buy a gun let's say you're a security guard or you know some kind of job that requires it you could buy a gun how about if you're male and over fifty you could buy a gun now maybe it's not fifty maybe it's forty whatever but suppose that if you're male and you're over fifty you could buy a gun if you're under fifty the other restrictions come into play or how about this you can buy a gun if someone vouches for you who's in one of these other categories so if you're a man
a man under fifty you can't buy a gun unless you get the agreement or signature from somebody in law enforcement somebody ex military a woman or somebody over fifty again these were not a good iess than just throwing out different ideas things you haven't heard before um so anyway those were some ideas i thought i'd throw out but what i'm the only thing i want to introduce is the idea that when it comes to death and security ah bigotry is allowed then it's allowed in this particular case what i'm suggesting is big three against people who look like me right i'm i'm literally suggesting that we look at young white men and say maybe they should be carved out as a special special category
we should do something about it here's the challenge to you the second amendment proponents of which i am one so i'm pro got by the way in case in case that gets lost business i'm uh i'm one hundred percent pro second amendment and gun but i'm also pro do what makes sense that senator so if you're pro gun here's what i think is a requirement for you you have to ask yourself how many american deaths are you willing to put up with for that right if you can't answer that question then i would suggest that you don't have an opinion you don't have an opinion because you've got to be able to say i like the second amendment
like this set of laws or no set of laws wherever it is if you're willing to say that's what you like you can't stop the conversation there that's not a full opinion the full opinion is i like all these rights and what i'm willing to give up is that x number of people will be slaughtered by guns per year in order for me to have these right if you can't say that in direct language you have you don't have an argument so it's not that you're right or you're wrong is that you're only pretending to be part of the conversation and you're not you're not saying anything so let me let me go first um i'm in favor of the second minute i could accept up to twenty thousand gun deaths per year name one person who's ever said that before name
one person years and years of gun conversations name one person who ever gave you a full opinion until i just did the first bob you've never seen an opinion on guns until i just gave you that's it now how many people actually die from guns for years about twice that right so that's that's my line in the sand i'm pro gun up to about twenty thousand accidental or murder deaths per year that right is worth that much to me now of course it's easy to say if you're not the one getting shot you're not the one whose families die i acknowledge that and i'm sure i would change my opinion the very moment somebody close to me got shot so would you we understand that but that i gave you the first full opinion you've ever heard on guns i want the second minion mend it and i'm willing to uh
to put up with twenty thousand gun deaths a year that half of where we are now in other words i'm willing to try some stuff to see if we can get down in this trying some of that stuff put a little restriction on guns i'd be willing to try it now i might want to try it for a while and then if it doesn't work stop trying it but we should certainly be experimenting our way toward getting to another level now how much did that uh mess with you mines 'cause everyone of you on here has a a real opinion on gun dess let's see you do yours i gave you a number twenty thousand gun deaths a year that's my price for the second amendment that's what i'm willing to pay course is easy for me right 'cause i'm not the one dying you know i'm i'm trading off twenty thousand lives mostly stranger
for me to have the right to own a gun that's my price if you can't save your actual opinion that loud shut up actually that's my new rule if if you if you put out an opinion on gun ownership you're not willing to say what your prices how many people dead for a year i don't wanna hear you don't have actually anything like an opinion all you have is blah blah other lot well but i want to go so that's my challenge to you so there was a sh straight pride parade my low you know plus i guess was the head of ceremonies or whatever parade master maybe and of course the whole thing was just sort of a walking troll right i don't know that straight people need any parades so i'm not
exactly what the objectives of the organizers were except to have some fun guessing attention maybe they had a point to make i don't know what it was but here's my point about this so however long ago it was that there was the first black pride event or or when black pride was being used as a phrase probably made sense because it was a time in our history that maybe you know maybe let's say acknowledging hayden who who you are could have been important step to getting society to the next place likewise when the gay pride parade became a thing probably very useful probably useful for you know the the lgbtq community to say hey we're fine is society these
shit we have pride in who we are how about you society changing instead of us that was probably important but i feel as though we've society has evolved and improved to the point where pride feels like a wrong word doesn't why would you take pride in something you had nothing to do with how much how much of you for your good work was involved in you being born the way you are how much work did i do before i was born to arranged my d n a so that i could be the person that i was born s none why should i think pride why do you take pride in someone else's work like i never understood that i didn't i put no effort into who i in terms of my genetic makeup i didn't put any work into that even my parents barely did any work
they enjoyed it when they made me but the point is pride is use the wrong word i feel like we should understand the world free of pride because what is it that what is the issue the fundamental thing that makes white supremacy ridiculous it's the thing that makes white supremacy ridiculous is that people who are the white supremacist premises if they exist by the way i've never met one i do not know even one person who would identify as a away supremacy
ste even even we even if they didn't use the words i've never met anybody who would make an argument of white supremacy i just don't even i've never met that person ever and you know i want to live right i mean i hang around with a lot of republicans as original never met even walking person who privately would have those opinions but let's say they exist it doesn't make any sense to have pride in other people's accomplishments does the whole point of of the white whites of premises gay white people invented a bunch of stuff not you not you people who share your pigmentation invented things that you're taking credit for that are you taking pride in what other people did how the hell's that work how about how about working on yourself period don't take pride in
strangers then for god sakes us the dumbest thing in the world anyway on that i'm just saying that we should probably acknowledge that we will we would be in a better place if we didn't try to take pride in things that we had nothing to do with certainly you should not feel guilty or bad for who you are but you also had nothing to do with that it's not your fault and is also not something to be proud of it this is you just happen to be whatever you are i just happen to be whatever i am can't we be good with that i mean i could give full respect to anybody yeah
should his lawyers were playing playing within the rules of society um that should be enough respect should be the thing that pride all right um ellie alexander was tweeting yesterday that there are three hundred and forty thousand chinese students in the u s did you know that three hundred and forty thousand active chinese our citizens who are students in the united states now that's probably a good thing because it it transports our culture and you know our capitalist beliefs and stuff probably translates that over to china and maybe in the long run they have some value bring us from war and such but i put out the following suggestion which again might be a bad idea but when i hadn't heard before why don't we ship home one chinese student for every fentanyl overdose death
now some of you say wait wait you can't do that because then there would be no chinese students left and we would lose the benefit of you know that the cross cultural exposure and i wouldn't want to lose that but here's the thing after we had shipped home the fifty thousand fifty thousand chinese student which would be fifty thousand and three hundred and forty thousand after we'd shipped on fifty thousand of them how much center do you think they would ship us after that well the people who have the money in the connections to get to school in the united states i have i think of the people have a little more influence in china than the average person i have to think it's it's money people who can afford to send somebody over here my guess is that after we sent home fifty three
one thousand students they would say maybe we shouldn't spend so much fentanyl to the united states and don't believe anything you hear about china's working on reducing the fentanyl there they're not they know the name of the person who's doing it there's one person who who's in charge of the whole deal apparently he's like the main fentanyl guy they know his name they know where he lives he still alive as long as he's alive they're not doing anything so any you here is nothing you just congressman max rose out of new york is sponsoring some legislation to put sanctions on chinese pharmaceutical companies because the fentanyl i back that's so if you want to follow somebody on twitter who's actually doing something useful look for a max
rose i don't have his twitter name but will pop right up if you certain should max rose so he's my new favorite politician i'm hearing a lot of people say that we yes irrelevant if we go after china because somebody else will make the final if they stop doing it and that the root it's really the responsibility of the person taking it and that we should just focus on personal responsibility the people saying that don't know anything about addiction they don't anything about free will they don't know anything about how people work if you believe and they don't know how to solve problems if you believe that it's personal responsibility end of story do you wanna take fentanyl and i'll go ahead and do it then you don't understand how the brain works you don't understand how dick works you don't understand how much of the world works but
the most important thing is that you don't understand the solutions and causes don't have to be connected for example there's a burglary and crime problem in this country
meaning that there are such things as people who rob your house now how do you deal with that has the responsibility for the decision to rob your house is the robber shouldn't they take personal responsibility and not rob your house well yes they should will live no they won't so does it help to know whose fault it is not all it doesn't help you at all to know that the fault is the criminals because they're not going to fix it likewise the addicts are gonna have a tough time fixing it themselves so when you're worried about being robbed you lock your door so you do something even though the personal responsibility is with the robert but they're not going to change so you have to do what you can do likewise you need to push on the dealers and try to shut them down and try to execute them as you as the
opportunities arise because it might not change the situation but it will certainly change how the situation is viewed it will certainly change that we think about it if you see bodies dropping of the dealers uh you're gonna you're gonna think of fentanyl differently you will inform you for exam
huh just just the higher visibility will tell people that the rial fentanyl problem is not people deciding to take offense a lot of it is people who think they're taking some other drug legs addicts but it's actually a pill that's been pressed by a dealer has got fentanyl in there and none of the active ingredients in san ix that's how people are getting killed so you have to go out after the pill pill pressers and execute them all right um so i'm seeing discussions in the news about you know joe biden's forgetfulness and and ignoring the facts and making up stories and stuff then people of course are comparing that to president trump getting his facts wrong
and shelling the fact checking eleven thousand times and they're saying hey is there something wrong with president trump because of his age to which i say i don't know that he's doing any more of it that he was doing before in other words i don't know that president trump is departing from the facts in a bigger way is the ever has before i don't know maybe we should keep an eye on it they're all at that age biden bernie less i warned but trump where i think we have to look at that i feel like that's a a fair thing to look at you know what i want to suggest this idea if you're running for president in your over a certain age let's say the
ages seventy i'll just take that as a random page if you're over the age of seventy in the running for president here's what i'd like to see i'd like you to tell me the three family members that you trust to to validate that you still have your facts please so in other words if you're running for president you over something i want you to name three people that the press have access to who are also close to you on a regular basis so if you're president trump you might say okay here's the thing you talk to of all the talk to jared talk to don junior whatever so who are whoever is three people are could be family members yeah that have the uh the press have access to them so that they could ask all right you're watching him do you think there's anything we need to worry about but also those three should have direct access to um the physician of the
candidate so that they can give their personal opinion to the physician without without it being public so i would like to see now you're saying to yourself oh yeah but their family members they're not going to say anything maybe may maybe they wouldn't say that they might not say anything publicly but i'll bet you a family member would say something to the doctor because of a family member sees the president of the united states during things that seem out of character i think it's a family member is gonna say okay i love my father but yeah the country is a risk and i i think you can count on family members to course be biased in favor of their loved one but they're the only ones who might know might be the only ones who really are close enough to know so i feel like we need
some kind of a system in which there's a known set of people watching the candidate over the age of seventy and that they could be queried on a regular basis and say alright if have you seen anything is there anything different i don't know if that would help but i'd like to throw out that as an idea maybe somebody has a better idea so what i i just wanted to say this about biden why is it that the democrats have one primary complaint about trump there's one thing that they say well it's not a primary complaint but someone that's true
one complaint that they have about trump that even his supporters would say well okay that's true is that he departs from the fax in other words even if you're trump supporter certainly you've noticed the eleven thousand departures from uh from the fact checking now you might say to you self ok at least two thousand of those are fake news and he really did not depart in a real way from the facts and that's probably true so probably two thousand of the eleven thousand are not real 'cause that's the world but that would still leave you nine thousand that he departed from now most of that's hyperbole and exaggeration and typical typical politicking but what's interesting is if that was the biggest problem and so when you
the most people say he is a lawyer he lied as president trump can't stop lying if that was your biggest complaint why the hell would you would you run joe biden against that you can't think of anybody who would be a worse match up can you biden is literally famous for that flaw he's actually famous for just making stuff up why would you run the one person who doesn't have an advantage in the category that's the one you care about the most it's it's exactly the wrong person precisely the wrong person if you took seven billion people on the planet earth and set yourself
who would be the worst person to run against trump if what you care about are the lies it was the worst it would be joe biden you can't think of anybody who is more famous for lying so i think you have to ask yourself who's making the decisions over there i doubt there's anybody
on the democratsside who actually wants him to get the nomination including maybe people on his team i have this feeling and again i have no facts to back the substance is just speculation my speculation is that even the people who work for biden on the campaign at this point are hoping he doesn't get the nomination i feel like that's the case that there's probably nobody even close to him who wants him to get it at this point all right um yeah obama
it's not even coming out for him sh but is there to provide cover for a worst candidates somebody saying i don't know i don't know you know the interesting thing about a second term of trump is that when trump was originally running for president we had we had worries of things he might do and the the entire attack against president trump or k today trump the entire attack fell in the category of things we worry that he would do well we worry he will round people up and put them in concentration camp we worry that he will deport fourteen million people
we worry that he will do this that started a nuclear war but now by the time election rolls around we will have had four years of really getting to know what he is likely to do and not likely to do and it doesn't look anything like what people expected now they're gonna twist it and say oh but we knew he would greet these concentration camps and sure enough he's putting children engage as just like me told you would happen well really it's the same cages obama was using literally obama built them but i'm not sure that matters people will still use that if they can so the slaughter meter is at one hundred percent right now so there's nobody in the race who could be trump and up
i don't even know at at this point that if anybody on the democrat side thinks they can win which is interesting 'cause the polls are just so out the polls show so clearly that everybody could be them but it does anybody believe those polls do you believe those poles um yes i think so i think the first election two thousand and sixteen was about what people imagined trump would do the re election campaign is going to base be based on what they are action that he think about that the the first election was people imagining what he would do if he got elected
and now we have four years of hoaxes and so the re election campaign is already focusing on the things that people imagine he did that he didn't do it like the fire and people hoax right the pudding children in cages you know they imagine that that there was some option to that or they imagined that obama didn't do but there's it's an entire imaginary scenario of what we imagined he said this now we imagined he called people shit holes no didn't happen we we imagine that you said this that didn't happen
so it's an entire imagination based campaign um is that always the case for every reelection campaign ever you know it's a fair question but i don't know if we've had this much imagination about what actually happened i think we've had maura meant more difference of agreement you know the more common re election is you know you change the tax rate and look what happened that's not imagination or you attack this country and look how it turned out that's not really imagination but this this election is almost entirely imagination based um oh let me let me tell you about something that is kind of
sighting in terms of understanding in the future i ran into a start up they've been around for a few years called teachable so you can find them at at teachable teach of all just like it sounds and they allow people to use their tools to create a ah class so i'm usually on one topic so one topic class you could put it on the website and you can set your own price and then people buy it and download it online now what's what's interesting about them is that they are already making 10s of millions of dollars in revenue so it's it's a serious company with serious revenue then
and in several years and the quality of the courses is really high because um for an obvious reason they just announced that one of their creators in other words one person who might have been a team created one class
intent that made five hundred and fifty thousand in one day let that sink in there was one creator who made one class i don't know what the what the topic was doesn't matter made one topic class that made over half a million dollars in one day one day now when you hear that how many people heard that and said to themselves uh i think maybe i'll try making a class but it's not easy you know it's not like you can just say i think i'll put a power point together because they've raised they've raised the bar about what would look like a proper class partly because you use there you use their tools so it's sort of guarantees you have a good format itself and but once you reach a point where you can make that much money by selling
intend online what is the big change the big change is who it attracts because hollywood is gonna start noticing if you if i said to you hey guys i'm going to start an online school and you can add content to it you'd say hey that's great i could make you know maybe thousand dollars and i would attract people like you know you and people like me who could put together a little class with the powerpoint thing and we try to sell for a few under a few one thousand but that wouldn't be a change the world kind of a situation but
you hear that one creator made half a million dollars in one day now i'm sure that that creator put a lot of work probably a lot of money into creating that class content it probably was quite impressive i don't think it's power point exactly but it's some kind of presentation format and suddenly don't you think people in hollywood just said uh what are you telling me that i could pull together a team i get a content person the presenter somebody to do the graphics will really just kill this thing we'll make we'll figure out what's the most valuable class that people would buy will make some content it will make a half a billion dollars of the day because that's what's going to happen you're right on the on the cost of the big teams that the corporate entities saying hello this is where the money is i'm gonna stop making movies a new star making class content and the next thing you need
which i think will come naturally is a credit accreditation i believe that you'll see something like teachable or some other company in that business who eventually puts together enough classes that they can create a call major the first major i'd like to see is something i would call life strategy i've said this before but it's worth reiterating i would like to see the federal government um create a set of requirements for a types of classes that you could take online and you would learn life strategies now life strata
his would be everything from you learn about persuasion public speaking how to be a good communicator how to write well maybe you'd learn spanish if you live in california so maybe learn how to program a website etcetera i'm talking about skills that you could really use in the workplace but that that they affect your life as well so somebody want to it got a may major in life strategies there would be that would be fairly qualified for a lot of different jobs that then they would have to be trained for specifically but that's the current situation so i would like to see the federal government a credit a series of classes what they call a life major or life strategies major and
um make that a thing so that you could go to college for a few one hundred by just downloading content that's gonna happen it's gonna happen so look for that all right that's about all i got um it's a sunday it's a holiday and you want to go do other things i know you do so let's go do other things um somebody says why does the government need to be involved that's a fair question so i don't know enough about this topic but who is it who does accreditation for ecologist the problem is you need some entity that everybody trusts at least trust enough nobody trusts the government entirely but trust enough to say that if the government says anybody who takes this set of course is gets a b a in life
vanity that would probably be enough that corporations would say all right well you've got to be a and lifestrategy the federal government said that's the thing and i'm looking at the courses in hell yes i would like to hire somebody who had studied this set of course is because they're they're gonna be pretty powerful so uh all right we'll get rid of this trouble good bye joel somebody says i don't think accrediting organizations are a government strategy you might be right but whoever whoever does the accreditation if they don't want to do it the federal government could all right there's nothing stopping them from doing it they could certainly do it if they wanted to um and indeed if the government doesn't want to do it i wouldn't do it
so if somebody wanted to create an online said of course is that they wanted to call lifestrategy uh i would i would be willing to endorse it if it were if it were a bag of classes i thought were good um yeah warren buffett could endorse set of classes bill gates couldn't endorse a set of classes elon musk wouldn't you take if you learn musk said i would hire somebody who took this scent of course is wouldn't you take that seriously now of course in the technical world he needs people our engineers enough technical courses but even tesla must be hiring a lot of people for non technical jobs if you on musk said anybody who takes this set of course is we will take seriously at tesla that would mean a lot that would mean alot alright that's all i got for now and i will talk to you
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