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Episode 65: Politics is an Insult Contest and Only One Player Knows the Rules

2018-05-14 | 🔗


  • Whiteboard discussion
  • Politics is an insult contest
  • Chris Rock did a version of this joke in 2008…
  • “I like people that weren’t captured, okay?”
  • Common Filter vs. Persuasion Filter
  • Flattery as a weapon
  • Prediction Meltdown
  • Bowling Contest vs. Insult Contest

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I do do do Bob bump on well back, didn't take long to come back because you can't get enough of me and I wanted to talk about this fun. Little less side show this going on. Some of you may have noticed That there's a little dust up on twitter right now over some ancient history about candidate Trump long ago, said that he said about Mccain this is Trump saying that hero he's no hero. I prefer people who didn't get caught now. This was tweeted by Soledad O'Brien, who. and then I retweeted that and said you know, it is just a joke
now. That was my short version of it and, of course the short version leaves out all the good stuff. So I was roundly attacked by I think Andy Richter, Judd, Apatow few other Hollywood writers, but people who know what jokes are way to say: that's no joke, and then I explained, of course, of the different periscope out is a joke. and not only is it a joke, but Chris Rock wrote it and performed it in two thousand and eight. So Chris Rock does the joke years before Trump in which he says of Mccain phrasing, you know Chris, does it better, but I'm paraphrasing that you know how hard it is it to get caught. We have prisons that are full of people who did that now when Chris Rock says it it's in the context of a comedy situation, and everybody said that it's just a joke, nobody takes it too.
When candidate Trump said that he didn't deliver it with the same, you know Chris Punch line and he didn't do it in the context of a comedy show. So people said, that's no joke he's actually saying that. That's that's a note on offensive insult well, I think the fact that Chris Rock's the first and it was clearly the context of a joke- is all the evidence I'm going to provide that it was intended as a joke, but then people say but you're missing the point, Scott. It was really an insult to which I say. Yes, it was an insult joke. It was a joke whose primary point was to diminish an opponent And let me talk about reality for a moment and then I'll get back to this point all right. So the
prince in the difference in perspective. Here this is some people said: that's not a joke. What they really mean is not so much it doesn't they're, not it doesn't follow the structure of a joke because it does. It was literally a great joke from Chris Rock that meets all definition of a joke. What they're really saying is that it's not funny. really primarily at bullying, insult all a bullying insult- I give you two views of reality here and then we'll come back to that point. 'cause until you see the context, it's hard for me to wrap up my major point, I've been telling you for a while that there are at least two views of the world that at least relevant to this conversation, there's what I call the com, filter on reality, it says that what we're looking at is something called politics and there
sex is made up of things such as you know, there's money influencing it, and people have facts and there's the old boys network. And there's you know the news and all those things that are going into politics. So that's the common view, the sort of the two dimensional view of life, I have introduced what I call the persuasion filter and this filter. What politics is instead of the you know, two d version: all it takes is an insult test in which the players are using such things as flattery, branding, reframing linguistic kill shots to. build up their side, and to tear down the other side now insult contest. We see that the Anti choppers are insulting Trump by calling him an orange.
weird crazy, clown mentally unfit racist, misogynistic xenophobic, Cheeto Jesus and I'm not all insults. Now they're functional insults, because the whole point of them is to win the insult contest that the people over here would call politics or getting elected now the funniest thing about Could you remember each time President Trump goes overseas Well the news, this news, the two dimensional news will say: oh my god, President Trump doesn't see it coming. These countries are using flattery to control him they're going to play to his ego they're going to flatter him and then he's going to do anything that they want. They were using the
Lavery against him, and then what happens? Is they they roll out the red carpet and they make a big deal about it that look at look it Israel right now, Israel they've got a soccer team, that's naming itself after Trump literally, that was yesterday's news. They've got signs up, you know about make Israel great again, they're they're, doing everything they can to flatter our president, and you save yourself all look at Mister President, you don't see this coming there sending the flattery at you, it's going to change you you're, going to do anything they want. Now. To get more of that flattery 'cause, you love the flattery, that's how it looks over here. Let me tell you how a professional persuader would see this same situation and this is based on some of the work of rubber, chill Deeney, who wrote the books influence and the newer one pre suasion, which you should absolutely re
both of those to understand your world. You have to read both of those books period- What he would tell you is that the research shows that, when people act a certain way they adopt it as if they believe it. Another words, when, when Saudi Arabia ramped up their welcoming ceremony from whatever is normal to extra normal for true These people said either using flattery, it's a trick, but Trump and every who has a similar skills at such. As me said, this isn't working quite the way. You think it is when they read rollout the super red carpet and make a big big deal. About Trump as a leader and and they honor him and flatter him. What they're doing is talking themselves into it. In other words, however important it was before they put on their own ceremony. They
themselves. The Saudis in this example, elevated there an opinion of him, because of the ceremony they put on to flatter him. All of this is working in terms favor. The world is trying to out flatter the last country. talk to trump- I mean Israel's really putting it on there putting on the flatter fest like you've, never seen. They think this is good. This is good. This is really going to influence trump to be our friend, and it does it definitely does that, but what it does even more than that is it influences the country. That's doing it, though, the better more important leader than they thought before they started flattering him. Alright, for convincing their own public of the importance of Trump, so it works totally in his favor. So that's what the world looks looks like through the persuasion, persuasion, filter
And flattery, I include in the insult contest, because what you're trying to do is contrast you're, trying to get as many people to flatter you. So you look good while you're insulting the other team as functionally and this effectively as you can they're calling Trump racist he's, calling them use various linguistic kill shots for you know crooked Hillary to lie and lie and TED Cruz to low energy job. Now here's the interesting part two views the world quite different. I have said for now couple years, then, if you're trying to sort out which is the more accurate or functional or-
useful way to look at the world. You should look at which one predicts the best, so if this one gives you the best predictions use that one that should be your filter on life and if this one does use that one, I would argue, that this view of the world is experiencing prediction, complete breakdown, this view of the world. predicted that you could never have a president trump this view of the world predicted that if you did get a president trump the end of the world that would be. You would be a Hitler like situation, there would be, you know the economy would crash that he could certainly might cause a nuclear war. This is complete prediction breakdown we break down production and it might break again at the midterms, because this is also predicting a good day for the Democrats
the terms, don't know how that's going to turn out yet, but this side has been wrong about everything for two years this side, the side that I live on has been right about all the big stuff. For two years, and I would suggest that if it continues being right, you have to watch in awhile there. You might want to adopt this as your better way of thinking about the world. Yes, and somebody just put a little hash that a golden age in their when you move from this world, which is dysfunctional and nonproductive completely useless and just makes you angry. The people being in this world are in deep cognitive dissonance. They can't explain the world because the things they think are true with a filter on the world doesn't predict anymore and therefore you haven't sent an actual type of we hope temporary, but is an actual,
type of insanity does nothing makes sense anymore. You move over here. Everything makes complete sense. It's all. It's all, backed by science. Everything that happens on the persuasion side of things is, is well backed by plenty of science. There's not really any real debate. This stuff, and, as you saw right in front of you,. from the earliest days, those of you who have been with me for awhile. You know that I said as clearly as possible and often back in twenty fifteen, that I was going to make predictions right in front of you. That would be that would come true and would validate this view of the world, and then you. Some come true, let's go back to and then the the one thing that these two views have in common as the policies right, so some, if if one side says we're going to lower taxes by ten percent, while they both put a different spin and what
Teens are you're stealing from the poor to give it to the rich, no we're boost the economy, but they would both agree that ten percent is ten percent. So there's this little bit of overlap in these views of the world where it comes down to the details of what the actual law becomes all right. Let's take us back to the John Mccain story. I said the John Mccain joke that I prefer people who didn't get caught is both a serious point. You know an insult he's trying to diminish Mccain. Who is his critic, who started at First Mccain started the insults he didn't. He wasn't a victim, he started, it Trump insulted him back. So do you get?
Do you get crazy because you saw somebody who was in an insult contest insult somebody? Would you get mad if you were in a bowling tournament and use somebody bowling, it's a bowling tournament, people bowl it's an insult contest. Mccain is insulting Trump Trump, insulting them back. It's a friggin insult contest. If you over here: your world is falling apart. This big Orange Cheeto Hitler is insulting our respected, cherished sacred cows. The world is when the part we don't know what's happening, what happens next? Will society fall apart? We can't predict anything. We're confuse were were off kilter. We don't know what's happening over here, very simple.
What were those people doing? President candidate Trump at the time and Senator Mccain? They were two important participants in an inch contest where they were trying to brand the other one negatively Each of them were trying to brand themselves positively. They were trying to reef, things Trump try to reframe Mccain from a respected senator to somebody who got lucky with being called a hero. Alright, so these are the two word views of the world. I would I would propose that you watch the used to see which one predicts better. I'm pretty sure this was always going to predict better, but you can watch and find out on your on your own yeah You will be amused and amazed watching the people who live in this view of the world how angry they get at me.
because they don't quite understand what I'm saying, if you saw any of the twitter feed the exchanges, what you saw It is me continually saying things that probably, sense to you. If you spend some time with me in this world, but over there they kept being confused like are Are you saying x, then I'd say no, no, I'm not saying that. I'm saying why and then they would say. Oh I see what you're saying you're saying W. Let's say no, I just said I'm saying why ok so you're saying X. No, I just said I'm saying why so what you want? is that they actually can't hear you talk and process it like language or communicate it's actually just noises coming in and then they just translated into some other weird thing and then tell you why it's wrong, but they're not telling me why I'm wrong
They're telling Maine something that happened just in their own heads confuses them, makes them angry. Make some frustrated makes them anxious, and then it comes out is insane hatred um, yes so you certainly there's nobody in the insult contest who is clean, ever everybody who's in the contest enter the contest yeah when when Mccain decided to be a politician, did Mccain, say to himself out great I'm going to be a politician. Thank God. I entered the business where nobody's going to insult Maine, no nope. He did not say that He said I think I'll enter the insult contest. I wonder
There will be any insults in the insult contest. Yeah Well, that's all. There will be reframed. re, branding, insulting flattery, if you can get it insults on the other side. That's all it is, and that is your politics all right. That's all I have to say for today. Let me give give me a little feedback. This help you at all. Sometimes some of these topics are sure recasting things I've said before about when they, when they are more about the headlines, it just makes it a little more relevant brings it home, somebody saying: what's in EL que you're looking at this, probably a linguistic kill, shot
that's my little name for the low energy jet been crooked. Hillary in the the trunk nicknames somebody said is good, but for only for those who already you respect me, That's probably true in general, yes, people people are going to agree with whatever they already respect
now, you can see why it took me a White Board to describe this, and you can see why my critics on twitter or confused and angry 'cause. I've got this much text to make my point so I'll say it again. I say that the Trump comment about Mccain getting captured was a joke, because we know that, because Chris Rock wrote that joke in two thousand and eight and performed it now, was it just intended to be funny? No, I don't mean it was a joke, as in it was only intended to be funny. I mean it was joke, as in a really good insult joke, it was intended to demean Mccain exactly as it did, and it was successful. I think 'cause. It did actually cause some of us to say a sort of a good boy, even though it's not really a good point. That's how jokes work a joke works
because it's sort of feels kinda true, but if you think about it for even half a second, you realize it's not really a good description of what's happening. That's what makes it funny all right. It was said in anger and revenge that doesn't make it not a joke. Imagine if you will that Trump had said without the joke part of this magic. He said you know. I've looked at. I looked at Mccain's record and I I don't feel like that was you know worthy of being called a hero. Couldn't do that that would have been the biggest mistake in the world, so we tried to soften it. He tried to reframe Mccain
but he tried to sort of you know soften it with a joke format. Now he didn't deliver the joke. Well and people didn't take it as a joke, so he failed. So when people are saying Stop defending this president, you defend every single thing he says now I don't hear is an example. This was just a mistake. Candidate trump should not have touched that joke or tried to cast him as as a non hero, because it would just come back to bite him. So in other words, it didn't work. It was mistake. It wasn't the worst thing to try 'cause. If he got into
you're laughing and people repeated it, it might have worked and by the way it might have actually worked in terms of diminishing Mccain's reputation, so it might have been effective, but I don't think it was worth worth all the trouble that cause them. So it was kind of an expensive move that he might take back if he had the chance after he said it, he thought so too correct. Here's a perfect example. of where I'm agreeing with you and you can't hear it. Ok. So some of the people who are you know set in their ways. They can't hear me agreeing with you. He did Trump did literally mean two diminish to diminish Mccain. He didn't mean to do that. That was intentional. We agree.
but it was also in the form of a joke 'cause. He was softening it and he was in a insult contest delivering an insult. Alright, that's all. I have to say that and talk to you later.