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Episode 659 Scott Adams: Coffee Time!

2019-09-11 | 🔗


  • Suppression of my “Fine People” HOAX debunking transcript
  • Was Bolton firing a “security guarantee” for NK?
  • Alyssa Milano and Ted Cruz’s CIVIL gun control meeting
  • Is China “getting flexible”?
  • AOC has a 20K student debt…and wants student debt erased?
  • The alleged spy who had to be extracted to be saved
    • Lee Stranahan’s hypothesis checks all the boxes

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but a bum but vampa everybody got in here i know i'm late again trying to fix about twenty five problems and then get off to the recording studio again so there will be my third day of recording the audio for my upcoming book loser thank sir probably bacchus short today save my voice part of the reason i have to do they recording over three days is because i lose my voice after a few hours so let's talk about some stuff so the most mysterious thing happened with one in my blog post some of you know the story but let me give you nothing but before that
or that what am i doing what am i doing crazy you think i was gonna have the simultaneous up the whole no here comes the already are you data's cover mugger glasses time a jealous decorator misplaced can t vessel of any kind shuttleworthy dreamer liquid i like coffee join me now for the sweet smelling sweet tasting coffee and if you're trying to resist me by looking at your cup of tea ass a sincere and telling yourself i'm not gonna have a simultaneous up i'll get you i'll get you so some of you know i might smell returned yesterday but let me just give you not even that i'll talk about some other stuff after twelve years of not having a sense of smell i figured out what it was
my doktor did gimme some lead to shrink some things like sinus station to barrier and i can smell for the first time yesterday so i went shopping at the grocery store and my god you're wit when you lose your smell for twelve years you get de conditioned to how much the smell there is already put it this way when you have your sense of smell you you get immune to it after while in other words you can still smell things fine but it's not overwhelming because your your brain is
you're putting a little bit of attention on your smelling a little bit attention on your visions are so many things and balance but if you haven't been able to smell for twelve years when it comes back it comes back overwhelming like i can smell frickin everything yesterday i went shopping and walking through the isles of the grocery store and like i feel like i could smell i can smell the label i mean i can smell the people i can smell the shelves it was over wellbeing i had to get out of there because there were so many smells and you know you're here were were evolved from animals who had a lot of a lot of reasons be able to smell so it's a pretty overwhelming sense and right now for example unjust full of odor from this room and it's just my coffee yes i did
sunday morning i i did sniff christina for the first time i liked it you know what else is weird i sniffed my dog for the first time i've never smelled my dog and i gave her a sniff and i thought i could have gone another year without sniffing that i was i was not a good smell but since i got news but i want to talk about that i talk about i've got this link to the fine people hoax blog post therefore mysterious reasons was the only link the seem to stop working now what special about does one link is that a debunks lee i the widely misunderstood fine people hoax and i have for the past year and a half been spending somewhere
almost every day pasting that link as a response to every place on the internet where the hoax appears so every time somebody says the president called neo nazis find people out put that link there so that people can see that that's not true thousands on literally if you can't do that if you count the retweet thousands and thousands of this link and it's one of you i'm one of three primary people that then i've been trying to debunk listening so stiff gardez enjoy pollack and i have done a lot lot of linking and waiting to try to debunk it but all of my thousands of links that are out there is a protection against the fine people hoax because everywhere it appears soon after you can see the debunking that i put their all of those links became corrupt
all because all the same link so once it became grub now people said aids sir you're certificate is expiring that's all it is inside problems on your side but you can go to the pages saw the pages work if you go their direct it's just a link broke now it mighty might be because we migrated it to another site we haven't seen the problem and the other page or link yet unshackled that if it is i hope that all of the old links are broken then that would be because migration to the new site that might be the case so figure there but here's was interesting here's was interesting so the length is broken went through bitterly so i shorten it with billy
no technology expert but i believe that the following is true i believe that my shorten link goes through bentleys of course to be expanded to his real link so then your redirected to the site i soon as how asked what if bitterly or anybody who shortening link decides to up the link because another thing that billy do this by the way i'm sure that billy did not do this so let me be clear about that
complaining about them they have a good service i use it all the time but it shows you that there could be bottlenecks where an entire an entire history just got a raised in one day from the entire internet because that link was essential to deepen king one of the biggest most important country shaping hoaxes that have have ever happened it was a very important important disbelief or belief that had to be done
and there was one link you just break that link and the entire history just disappeared and by the way i don't think we can get it back what whatever the problem is its likely the eighteen months of my work putting that link everywhere just disappeared think about that think about that right all disappeared the entire history of all that work is gone everywhere on the internet does it was all through that one link that's so there is a wake up call sweaty well figure out what the problem is there i have a yet i fun little experiment i would like to suggest for someone else to do you probably seen the campus campos reform were campus humor somebody they do these on the street interviews where they put the microphone in the face of unsuspecting people say
what do you think of this policy and its and they think it's a tramp policies over here but then the reveal at the end is no this was hillary clinton smallest policy this is bernie sanders policy or some like that so the point is that the person on the street as a strong opinion on things only when they know who comes from but they actually don't have opinions on the idea itself does they don't even understand us cases i would love to see this experiment using the flyers from the unite the right rally in in shallow from twenty you whatever seventeen i would love to see somebody take their flyer for unite the right and the chain only the name of unites the right only the title in changes to unite anti far don't change oilfields we'd have to change the location and david but
if all the imagery the same including the list of speakers because here's was interesting the tip off that the flier was four and about neo nazis was that the list of speakers were people associated with these various groups if you didn't know the name of the speakers you would have figured out from the imagery does the words did not say hey it's bunch neonazis come join us it didn't say that he had to kind of figure it out and i would love to see experiment where you change just the title you you could probably even to keep it as charlottesville nobody would even though the difference it just says unite anti fa keep the imagery the same showed to somebody with all the names of the the racist speakers still on it and say is this something you would attend i'll bet you there's something like twenty percent or more
or of the people who asked the question would say hell yeah i'm goin i love anti far we ve gotta do something about all the nazis so sure what is one of the main complaints people had when i said that there were not all bad people at the event people said how could you possibly not know it's in the nuts neo nazi event how could you possibly look at those promotional materials and not know it's clearly a racist nazi bent and here's my answer have you ever met people you know like humans show a hundred people anything a tweet a statement a quote a mathematical fact a picture show a hundred people anything anything
you'll get different opinions about what they saw some people will see a completely different image some people read it backwards and sets the opposite way he said if you show a hundred people the unite the right rally for racist i care and threatened to twenty percent of those people won't know it wasn't nazi rally guarantee because that would be true of any experiment with a hundred people why because have you met people people that's how we act the big story days trump fired john bull and of course it's hilarious because who with the people in the left the entitled first who would they hate even more than trump there's only one person who was
in the in the realm of yo disliked by the left and was john bonham so how will see and then in the end but how will they cover story that involves trump doing something that they probably wish you would do how would they cover their story well the recovery as bad for trial of course so even though they everybody does something that they wish you would do it gets better coverage but i'm gonna give you my spin on there so you ready you have not seen this yet in the news the news north korea is talking about meeting again and talking about the reaching a deal now that alone is not not surprising are important at the moment but here's the key thing to that north korea is demanding
as part of what they want from the negotiations a quote security guarantee north korea wants a security guarantee now you don't know exactly what that means or what that looks like but i ask you this is there any world in which you can imagine north korea way for the risks it's the first time you get to hear it and until you hear from my mouth well just listen to me if you're north maria could you ever sign a deal that said the united states will give you security guarantees while at the same time bolton had his job there is a world in which north korea should accept or should believe that the united states is serious about security guarantees as long as boltons
works for the administration so why is border leaving now instead of saying closer the negotiations with north korea i'll tell you why does you dont want those two things to happen at the same time you dont want people to what i just did and tell you why bolton has to leave both of his leaving in my opinion probably for a variety of reasons he is never just one thing but i would think that the main trigger is that worth three said look you need to give us something so there we gas other than it is the main thing we want is security guarantees and there's nothing you could put a piece of paper there we would believe while that guy still working with your administration a you know what i would say the same thing if you were north korea would you agree to something said will will
maintain your security we won't attack while bolton still on the staff absolutely not i wouldn't sign it yo kim jong only is not an area is not with you would sign that it be crazy so i believe the trump somebody says your mind reading and you're you're exactly correct i'm speculating what i'm doing so mind reading when would say that i know this is the case and i didn't his mind what i'm doing is connecting that's and speculating speculating is not saying is true but i have a strong i ever strong hunch that north korea negotiating situation is primarily was behind this now i would assume there are also other forces i heard the golden complained about from wanting to meet with the taliban
that sort of thing but i dont know if those things would have been enough because ask yourself this do you think the trumpet just found out this week the bulletin does not agree with him on a lot of stuff right i always thought the bold and was there for a specific purpose to to represent that that strong voice where trump could be the good cop so i was not born was there as a bad and to represent the strongest the strongest military opinion then trump would represent more the voice of reason and it would be a sort of a good balance but i think the north korea situation tipped it that's just my speculation and i think that the bad cop good cop doesnt work anymore because trump
and can have a personal relationship you can do the good cop bad cop when you're dealing with a nemesis but especially because friendly or you are on the way to becoming friendly good cop bad cop isn't the model anymore so it could be the born just didn't set with the new model of what trump wants to do in north korea as my guess one of the best things that happened this week and i need that seriously like actually one of the best things is there a alyssum olano and ted crews met to talk about guns now i want to say only positive things about the story because most stories there's always something bad you can find out and i you know i could i can dig a little say oh listen mulatto she's not a serious politician
it didn't come up with any solutions and stuff like that i could find something bad to say about it but i don't want to do that today like to focus on the good so i would like to give complete props to elicit mulatto didn't see that come in i have great respect for listen i'm alone because she's not like other actors and celebrities who just sort of tiptoe through the political stuff she nodded worse as using she she's putting in real work she's putting in real reputation she has real caution and she is really trying to make things better in a variety of ways now i dont know if her political goals hills or where they need to be and what our long term objectives are but what i see is it looks genuine and passionate and and selfless
meaning that it doesn't look like she's doing of her own purposes it looks like she has external help the country help the world help people kind of motive i love that i also love the she agreed to meet with ten crews in her view in the world would be sore like say incarnate an amazingly well just watch little video clip of her being with tat were actually interview afterwards and she was actually is couched in that way she was saying that she almost didn't expect him to be here now that's my paraphrase but she was
he had come to the belief that he was almost a kind of a caricature monster not quite like a regular person or else he couldn't hold the views that he has so he makes an offer to meet with her which i thought was brilliant and by the way ted crews i gotta say he wasn't my choice for president but he's killed as a senator don't you think he's like one of the most effective senators now there is is just killing so great job for ten crews a lot of different areas also it is probably the second funniest twitter when you say tell crews has turned out to be an expert
one of the funniest people on internet so props detailed rules for doing a good job props do millennium alyssum leno for doing a good job i dont believe that they came to any understanding about what to do but the fact that they talk to each other like human beings was amazing and there's a quote that i picked out of that a little mulatto and this also telling she was too talking about how she explained to ted crews about through some eighteen month old baby was hit by shrapnel and she was saying that she was explaining to tell crews that no baby should ever end up with shrapnel in his chest and then alyssa mulatto said that she believed tat crews was understanding that and i thought to myself before the meeting did you think that
head crews didn't understand then it would be a bad thing for a baby to guess shrapnel in his chest because that's what she said now i'm not mocking her because that's not the point the point is she represents a body of thought with a lot of people in it who has such a low opinion of ted crews that they could somehow imagine that he was dispassionate about shooting babies literally shooting babies they thought that he would maybe not care about that or by other normal human empathy but if anybody would have an a situation so i would say that meaning was very productive because first of all it showed people can send the same roman people it showed her the he has human compassion i would never have guessed that was important but apparently this apparently there are people on the left
who literally believes that anybody who takes money from the array is a heartless soulless monster who food is ignoring the obvious way to reduce violence but i think she learned that maybe he's a human being whose smart and caring and actually has a different opinion of how to get to a safer world in his case maybe more more guns in some situations maybe something else i've got a question about the chinese economy about how we try to do in economically because amicably and because of the terrorists am i saying opposite stories you just work somebody i'll say it well china's really gonna be there
they're going to help retargeting just thinking you can't tell because propping up temporarily so it's here there are hiding it but it's really in bad shape and that others will say he allows us about snouts abed they just scrambled my sound i was slightly audio is gone her getting here two dollars just garbled some people are saying is good if you having your problems just sign often sign back on because if it's good anybody amuse you need to sign off and sign back up so i have a question about the chinese account is do they need us do they not are they getting serious i believe that every report you see that china is getting flexible about negotiating with us is is fake meaning that china is not getting flexible and that there is no there is no
media chance of a deal when i say no immediate yes i mean that down next year somebody would have to change mentally they're not gonna have a deal unless we have something about intellectual property unless we have something about ending sentinel as long as you have that the top dealer a federal is still alive and we know his name and china knows where he lives and he still just going to work they confirm the role and sunday at the united states and killing two thousand people a year here through sentinel as long as that guy still alive there's no deal there is no deal that guy needs to be literally dead or don't even talk about a deal and i don't think they're gonna kill him they would have done it already so no deal with china not soon maybe not ever and we should just decouple and
and move ira move our manufacturing elsewhere overtime i saw a little bit says abc has a twenty thousand dollar student debt now here's a question if you have a lot of student datum twenty thousands of very serious do that if you ever want to student debt should you be allowed to vote on the question of forgiving student that now in substance or politicians are voting on a tax rates and taxes affect us also congresses
who is voting on stuff that influences themselves so you can really get away with that but it does feel a little wrong there's somebody who has a big stood in that would be in congress of voting to expunge her own student deck you know i just think there's gotta be a question in the future somebody saying trump what we show his taxes are we pass them let me ask you this is there anything that could be in those taxes that would make any difference and i can't imagine won't be in there they make a big difference all this talk about the year the story of the spy so the story of the spy u s by who allegedly was in the kremlin
and had to be had to be extracted because allegedly there were afraid the trump would give way you'd be captured tortured and killed so that's the story the came to us through believes cnn was it new york times and maybe i'm busy think those were the sources i may have one of the sources wrong we see at least a stronger hands strand strand him who sort of an independent investigative journalist kind of a guy he had an interesting theory about was really going on there and i'm not to say the theories true knockers is false i will just say that the theory it's all the observable evidence the best so that
it is true but there are a lot of things that can fit the evidence the best and then later you find out there was other evidence that if you have known about it when you change your mind but here's his theory his theory is somehow this spy apparently was a real person who used to be there but now is not used to be near the kremlin but now is not though he was somehow involved in an alleged brennan clapper scheme to to brand
they eat the president of the united states as a trader so in other words there is speculation that this spy thing has something to do with the original russia allegations russia collusion allegations and that's a spy by getting him out of there somehow it helps brennan and clapper get rid of some kind of evidence i dont know what what that would be and i thought to myself that's not impossible and by the way lee i hope i'm i'm accurately summarizing the poor that breton clapper and possibly this alleged spy who was who was extracted were somehow in on building the russia collusion hoax so
i'll just say that it would explain just about everything it would explain for example why barbados as the story is fake the facts are wrong it would explain why maybe they had to get him out of the country to get him someplace that the other control him better and make sure you didn't talk and it was certainly explain you well i've kind of explain everything so it's a good speculation i dont know how likely it is to be true but i like it speculatively are a scots dumbest arguments about patent control blunt about it are you asking me to talk about that are you saying that the link is broken
does my sense of smell make me sleep better simply asked i dont know because the thing that the measures on taking the spread of his own let me talk about this subject this drug producing and its having some delightful and interesting effects i may as a person so the first thing i want to say is that i dont believe there's any such thing as you know who you are at the core level like i don't think there is such a thing who you are all there is is what you are at the moment so if your chemicals it changes year that person so you're the angry person when you have the right chemicals to be angry and you're a happy person when you're chemicals or in the happy range
so what interesting is that further to exercise that i'm taking this drug which is what allowed me to get my sense of smell back is shrinking some yes everything its addictive and it's dangerous i know all the warnings that i'll get that some others drug and i have to tell you it literally turn you into a different person and the warnings tell you that's gonna happen they turn you into a different person and the warnings tell you that's gonna happen i tell you it could affect your mood they tell you could it could affect your thoughts it give attack it could affect your sex drive it could affect your energy or sleep or just a whole ray
in your things that can influence and i gotta tell ya i feel in all about so so here's what it did to me first of all it actually speed so civilization mood seems great yeah because i'm on speed now i don't also affects everybody the same way but for me i don't need much sleep and i'm wide awake and productive and doing a tonnage of every day so is really really good that way hasn't affected my libido at all hasn't but it had about it is giving me some strange thoughts so yesterday i so thoughts included in my head and i said to myself i haven't had those before so i hope the temporary and
so he says my skin looks bright i believe it makes me oh here's the funniest thing so yesterday i got my hair cut by christine and so it is obvious that doesn't take much work too my air so christie because my our home was just another clippers and stuff cutting my hair and she says you're growing back your hair and i said what she goes yeah all the places they were totally bald they all have new here growth you're growing back your hair said lack can't be true she goes yeah up here where it used to be like a big bald spot and she would know she owes its like half the size it was a week ago and i said that can't be true i reach up and like what they also here i can always hair that i literally didn't have a week it up and
i'm liberally re growing my hair now before you go out and get produce zone let me warn you that hair growth is one the no side effects but i assume its temporary so i'm pretty sure separate it it's totally growing where i could feel the others no doubt about it is substantially different and it's literally filling in the bald spot but a week from now it'll reverse and that's not real but it was going to fund that i'll get my sense of smell back regrow my hair in the same week the other thing it does is it makes you strong is help i have and try not to push that but i went to the gym and i can't even get tired i double by working at the jim i doubled it
literally dublin by work out an an oily i'll stop because i ran in time i read in a time so i wouldn't pushed back as it doesn't seem like is healthy to push my body just because i have some drug in it that that let me do that at the moment so are we to pull back but my god it makes you strong to have better tasted i was well yes substantially now i thought that i had a sense of taste before even when i lost my sense of smell but i believe that could have been a placebo because i i've learned that way you can detect even if you lose your sense of smell can still sell you could still detect sweet sour salty here the basics but now on top of that i can detect the specific flavors and
here is something i wasn't expecting in the past five years ago or less i started eating so so my entire life i was disgusted by it and could everything or see me mostly synergy and alive and christina turned me onto it then i started loving so yesterday i thought to myself how i've never tasted this food for i lost my sense of taste so source of food i've been eating for three years that i have no memory of because i've never even before those three so there was no mental thing that could be influencing me so i thought to myself i wonder what it will tastes like now that i can smell it and i throw these little level crab cake sushi in my mouth it hastily turned
and i'd oh my god it was the worst threatened that yes all fishing turpentine dining now did it without was sobbing because it will see that taste i didn't want to overwhelm it so turns out and this is not a joke i don't enjoy the flavour of life referred because it was literally my favorite food and i guess the only thing i was picking up was the salt that was obviously in this thing the texture and then the the salt of the sauce and it was great because i love this thing i love a texture and i love the salt so is like this is my favorite food now skype protein and it looks pretty healthy i love this body turns out that when you can smell it not so good i hope
reverses will see that's all i got safely today you save my voice a little bit and get ready for recording studio and i will talk to you later yes lee premier zone is short term for those you just ask
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