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Episode 666 Scott Adams: Coffee…NOW!

2019-09-18 | 🔗

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  • Was Corey Lewandowski’s testimony, Trump inspired technique?
    • Making a mockery of the process was hilarious
  • A suggested plan for gun control policy
  • Saudi Arabia isn’t positive Aramco attack was from Iran?
    • If NOT Iran…then who?
    • Response options and outcomes
  • President Trump understands human nature like nobody else

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i'm the one up up up up up up everybody where are you goin in its time for coffee was got arabs arms got out i had my coffee and if you're anywhere near prepared you can enjoy the simultaneous up only discovered my regards to sign a shower staggered count abandoned by muslim thermos alas again in the grail a vessel of any kind fill with you ve ever liquid i like coffee and join me now for these i will tell you cept the unparalleled pleasure the part of the day this the best and makes everything better go first of all let me start off with my apologies i literally just woke up literally sort of literally
some i fear to literally just woke up meaning telescope so i do not have coffee in my veins accept these speeches saw my preparation is poor and law i have to thousands of people this is one of those lessons on the value of humility i've told you before that through practice under trial and error i've i've learned to damp down my shame reflex so my ability to embarrass myself in front of us it is a very high you'll be seeing a little bit sad i normally on the list with little bit prepared but i've got a few things to talk about their fun first of all congratulations to my search like salvage baby i believe the most active aggressive voice
on the topic of a democrat donor named at buck who had some kind of a history of people dying in is his home of drug overdose is that were part of some reckon it's no use having sex with homeless people and shooting up with drugs allegedly or something like that that roughly the details of any just got arrested for that stuff looks like he's he's judea he's gonna be in trouble so make sure which was on this from the beginning and were saying he's gonna do it again is gonna do it again gonna do it again i don't know how many times i saw a tweet from my side of it telling the world at buck gonna do it again gonna do again do something and it does so maybe you're right again
i say again because bakers quite the track record of big where people on a lot of stuff including the presidency did you see that the club of joe biden miss speaking and saying that his plan would help seven hundred and twenty million american women there are three under it's a million people in the country but joe binds plan is gonna helps out another twenty million while he's lost it so combined that the burdens did you call it disintegration that strangely enough hasn't been affected his pole numbers you have to ask yourself
why wire brightens pull numbers now going down because everybody should we watch you were watching right but here's the thing though not the not because most people don't wash the news i think correct me if i'm wrong what percentage of the voting public deistic actually watches the news and i say watches because i say because because if you watch it just reading about it what do you say we just misspoke immense seventy two million or so maybe it was seventy two million him he met now if you read it and you said yourself ages misspoke it wouldn't be much or if you didn't see it it would mean much
somebody if you didn't following the news now all and you end up to some say you haven't follows news at all who delight for president they may say biden because they ve heard of it still so you and i we follow the news right and we figure that everybody must be following the news this little bit right is hard to imagine if you're one who is following the news is hard to imagine why are you telling me there's a citizen who if i went out to them a voting citizen the united states and said what do you think a peep due to judge that there is a very high likelihood they would say who think about it there just there probably at least a third of the voting public
it was never heard the name peep taboos judge wouldn't over corey booker was vaguely might have an idea who elizabeth warning from the last some last election pagodas it could be the by president trump giving elizabeth warm so much attention was pocahontas put her in second place in appalling i guess that's why she is she is not burning up so it could be that at the present accidentally boosted her because at this phase with so many candidates people have heard of her
just another she doesn't like the president like i further name she isn't joe biden i know she doesn't like the present position is calling your book artist that's all i need to know she's in second place so late lays ball looks like warns new support all came out of birdie where's is where we expect it to happen so we all expected that by their war nor burn you one of them will have to fall and support for the other and it makes sense that it will go to the younger person it makes sense it would go to the younger one those the hour a female body is a much better bernie if your democrat would you agree because they get it too for one thing it is policies but then they get a chance for a while
present so as to reason that warrant would eventually cannibalize bernie and that's happened to say that that keeps happening what will happen when there's a little bit more attention on the race and we had a little closer to the primary reason people start thinking i guess i should start paying attention and then they start paying attention for the first time and they see these compilation clips because you know their common of biden having these missteps it's the compilation clips there's could push off right if they say but also if they just pay attention because he s seventy gas at this point that just watching you in public as i did he doesn't have ever a gas per se cause he so confused and when bumbling in public now it is obvious is he's not qualified even so when that happens where will his support
well surprisingly buddha judge popped up into a fourth place just above harris actually solidly above harris so has to hold the position this gonna get the nomination problem the whoever whoever vitamins votes go to probably gonna win so if all of those who want to harris she would be the nominee not only will it is my prediction by thy anomaly keeping the prediction because it was my original production is based on a theory that she had told she had all checks on the boxes without being too offences so that there is still true
she's still checks a lot of boxes if you just stand roadway and stop being terrible which he could it so i'm going to keep my prediction just to be fair and other you'd be fair if needed changed my prediction you know every every ten is as the process goes locked but do you think that a judge legitimately just moved into force i say no years why i say no because i think that binds votes would more naturally a little bit more naturally go to hers so i think that his position is close yang i think only got up to four percent of these sort of the strongest of the weak so strongly now let me give you some more advice to couple harris
excuse me for sitting in your ear i'm just so tired but almost awake now so i think there is talk about the the a hours all rifle so called us all rifle by back and by the way do you know they are stands for i feel like there are at least three different series for what error since where it doesn't silver is all rifle at least one person who knows more than i do have some issues on the light somebody else was it jack pacific or i don't want to remember this is wrong so don't believe me by summer that they are super arkansas where it was first made
somebody saying are more like but be that as it may i call them all out all the family of weapons is all rifles so cobblers is joining the the better side the says will take your ices will will do a buyback it now the implication of the buyback is if you don't give your gun in the buyback that the government will come and take you got away here's how to fix that nobody's gonna get elected president say we're gonna get it we're gonna go take your god would you agree would you be the nobody's going oppressed become president periods there's just no chance zero chance of becoming president if you say we're gonna go take your guns annie the house period i simply says jack the subject was being sarcastic that which sounds right because everybody always argue about what europe means so
it looks like in the comments since so many of you are i swear if i would get a form an army i will just take all of you watching periscope cause i know your armed to the teeth i probably have the most probably the best armed audience that isn't watching rush limbaugh something so so here's the deal people if the country falls apart i am going to form a militia urim so if here's how it works if there's an mp attack we lose our communication i guarantee that somebody in the town a pleasant and can find me a busy defined so you know where to report to me you'll have to use polly expressed in munich
it but you know where the report i will be in charge and it'll be temporary saw just be in charge him to leave out i saw beer emergency militia leader seriously the sexually serious offer i'm not getting a bit i will do your emergency militia officer you will know that if we all lose communication that you should find me and i'll be your starting point everybody find me and find a way to connect to me i will simply coordinate you as best i can with a smart is again to stay alive and stay safe and then once we can communicate better will have something like an election to see if you still want me to be ensured
of your militia until the united states such as self right now you don't have to joy of course is voluntary i'm just saying what you're other thing what would be your other plan if you lose all communication in the country this the serious i'm dead serious if the country loses all communication through the other that the trouble goes down i will be your central point of contact because everybody can find me you'll know where i am i mean if you can find california you can find pleasanton at an all time high map if you get the pleasant and just ass somebody where i am bilbil was rightly so here's candelabra camel hair says if you aren't you gonna buy back her problem is that she is she is ambiguous about what
happen if you don't sell your gun back i'm gonna fix it for a gay i'm i'm gonna present a plan that you don't like but that's not the point i am fixing her politics are now saying she's gonna do it and i say she's gonna be the nominee nasa you like it i'm just saying that she's doing something incredibly stupid and with our policy here's how to fix it i will pretend i'm kamel harrison i'm trying to sell you a gun buyback or i'm or umberto sell you on a gun buyback here it is this is me salutary you people those your guns you bought them you on the bottom legally i'm not going do your house and take them away by the way wouldn't that be the dumbest thing anybody ever did there's no way under any conditions mind ministration anybody's ever gonna knock on your home is they give me your gun unless a red flag situation
in which case ninety percent of the public a sort of on the same page with them but if you're legal gun honour and i see no problem nowhere anyway anybody's gonna knock on your door period what will have a gun buy back window it will last i'll just say too every two years will pay you full value for year air and here's the catch they will be illegal to use after that point i'm not recommending this shortcoming in late this is not my idea i'm not my proposal on just describing a proposal they wouldn't be stupid asunder and by here's the deal if you don't sell it to us you won't be able to be able to use it in public again you'll never be able to go to the the gun the shooting range
you'll never be ill you'll never be comfortable taking down in front of friends you bill you owe me comfortable having it in your car you just won't be comfortable having it won't be the same thing he thought it was but what happens if somebody breaks into your house you still haven't they are you didn't give it up it's totally illegal use air to defend your home successfully what happens on the plea show up there's a dead body in your life roman here you re hours leaning against the wall and you say yeah didn't give up my are accepted i used it a shot this guy came into my house the law has to be no charges still take your gun unfortunately still take your gun but the law has to be no charges if he kept you got any kill somebody anyway insult fettes
likewise if there is a mass shootings in the church across the street and you take your around and you gotta street you killed monsieur you know was insulted as on your part again no no charges so if cobble harris had that plan and said we're never gonna carry out and taken away it will just be a sore if a worthless thing unless you want to keep in then somebody attack curiosity using or or less say there's a let's say there's an mp attack any need to take out your gun to go get to go take airbus's in that case it would also be legal in fact about this that this would be the most extreme democrat plan that you'll never see she could say if we're ever if the country
is ever attacked or there's any kind of a revolution situation you're a hours automatically legal again about this you can put a gun luck on your air and keep it if you demonstrate that it's a certain kind of luck in you can keep it at home but you can never take it out of your home even with a gun luck now that will work as you have moved sometimes sometimes you have to relocate your home spyware smooth moving through the possible is in my opinion a gun buyback could be marginally successful in reducing the number guns that a bad good gets her hands out so you you don't want someone living in your home who does not own again who can get ahold of yours that's a pretty big deal
a gun buyback would reduce the number of opportunities for that debt is a mistake to happen how much would that matter probably now you're probably talking you're probably talking dozens of life barrier that would make a difference in the best case scenario if all your gun back if your entire gun buyback programme work how many people would you expect a live who would have otherwise die but should guess let me ask you this is so he says on barking up a red herring i'm programme very programme and i understand what you're saying i understand you ve got a slippery slope argument another just work as is the thinking of it
i believe i have the only credible opinion on gun on gun right it's in the country big stable right because it again i believe i have the only credible opinion gun rights because i have the only complete opinion everyone else has the incomplete opinion that probably include you to save you can join me in completing it lies a completely new and i don't mean that it's not complete in your mind it might be completed but in terms of what you're willing to share i've never seen it completely
i'm gonna give you the first one hears a complete opinion on guns i am i favour gun ownership the second amendment and here's the second part here's a price i'm willing to pay tens of thousands of innocent american lives per year if you can't say that you're not favour guns said ella say with me if you have ever guns say you're willing to pay the price that some low tens of thousands are not the number is guiche after you might want to subtract outer suicides or whatever so maybe it what is it that fifteen thousand was the net after suicide of dundas net fifteen because members net you have to look at that as as most of you will as most of you
we'll let quickly jump on say what about all the people who were saved moldova lives were saved by gun ownership rights it right that the accounts you can ignore all the other people were goodbye began ignore them i'm saying there's a net here we may be we ve protected fifty thousand people and its causes fifteen thousand not counting the suicide because that that's let number so those those of you who were programme said aloud i am willing to risk my own circles friends and family there all risk is where a country it's a risky country lotta guns i explicitly accept the risk of fifteen thousand people who didn't need to die for the for the right of gunnar version if you say that
have an opinion so that other now that said i also a reasonable person doesn't sound like it maybe but i am a reasonable person and if somebody could come up with a plan that when in august speak in general terms is something came up with a plan that infringed on my gun rights five percent book is reduced by half the number of god and ass i would listen to that i would like that i would not say i don't know gun rights are absolute i would say yeah gun rights other ways written in the constitution is meant to be something closer to absolute and that's where prefer it perhaps but i am also a human losses citizen i have empathy i care about people dying i just said it was
prices will buy it i didn't say that care it totally care so if somebody can come up with an idea that has are you a little bit of impact on my total ability to do everything i've ever want to do with a gun but the saved him thousand people a year i was we listened to that argument and if you wouldn't i would question your your credibility on this topic does mean that like it that listen to all right cora lewandowski heavily people saw their how many people saw the show coralie ask he being interviewed by congress i started watching and i suddenly came off and i couldn't finnish watching it but i guess i was almost entertaining things i've seen a long time i said this before her well president trump entertains
binds entertainment literally with politics he does it in a way that makes both of them better nurses is jokes or funnier because or thereabouts real things we wish you relate omen there in the news they matter to us up so as things are real personalities that makes us funnier but the part that his critics dont gap is how well he makes the politics better by adding the humor makes us pay attention at frames things away was the problem as all kinds of benefits it brings the energy we ve talked about all this but the thing that is fun about this is how many people is influencing to adopt is his method i would say the andrew yang is absolutely influenced by tromp when you bring
worrying i think those laser that you said that andrew gangs his game is persuasion game anyway it is trump like but without the anger i thought yeah its trump like without the anger what was the part that got trump elected well the anger it was the anger because he was angry about the same things that supporters were angry about what as part of his persuasion which is part of part of his coat his magic so everything is he does have all of trumps game except for the anger and this was a four percent if he added daggers that deep you'd be probably red
i probably if andrew yang added anger he any won't any politician but if he did it's too late now probably be running second because he has enough of the game that even if he added because remember your fear in anger those things are basic leading those are so power and yanks yanks doing his own version where he's getting lots of attention and issue a sort of everything positive quite quite well so if you do everything positive what's your upside four percent apparently but oddly enough i'll bet if you pulled republicans bet if you pulled republicans entry exit
the four percent what do you think because is actually kind of popular whispered republic it's just for not being a jerk most of the time and for being then see the thing that makes you trust andrew yang in this big pack of the grass correct me if i'm wrong for the thing that makes you trust him is it it seems like he cares about the facts and so even if he disagreed with you he probably shall use facts you say as we do that but the others of acts so easily desarving that way every time he does something rational ok i was rational you're thousand dollars dk give thousand dollars other will be robots there will be a lot robots so every time you wanna do you want to attack him for is his policies alike
he always go well you do have a limit of appointments it's worse things i appreciate that i will talk about lewandowski now what was funny about it was he was clearly there to stall and make a mockery of this of the process can we all agree that currently within those keys strategy was simply to make a mockery of the process and give up nothing we all agree that what was happening right now given that we knew that was what was happening watching him do it with a straight face for however the hours he did it was reckoned full areas i wasn't it watching watching that were being watching that were being to lie by his own side and the other side and corridors i ask you to was one of the most entertaining things you ll ever say and i'll tell you what a question it answered it here's the question that i think i knew the answer this
but if ever really really wanted to know the answer of the follow up question so what is it the trump season corey lewandowski i guess that was answered what who watch rob season corey lewandowski other than loyalty very close eye what is is that korea lewandowski understands he understands sir he understands the shell and therefore he understands trump in a way that no other people do the saloon dusky knows how to certainly energy he knows how to create energy he'd know said be the show he knows how to use the show in a productive way a mandatory they let you know because of the nature of our where he was just a resisting question it's not like you get an it nobody gets an award for that there's no
academy award for not answering questions and there's no you pulitzer for not answering questions but if there were any kind of a prize for a guy sitting there with a straight face and making a total mockery of the system and walking ended it looking better than he walked in if you if there was a petitions that correlate lewandowski wanna yesterday it was one oh i didn't i didn't somebody said party what you wasn't good so i didn't see at all so any in the comments those of you who did am i right therefore why he was trying to do i don't think you can have done that better that was that was just eight whilst all aware for what he was trying to accomplish so he i never would cry now look really bad at that
there had adler just ok everybody say did you did well fairly is gonna run for office at some point and i think that will make a difference suck my ramp sue i'm a little behind on the story but i believe the saudi arabia is saying or up positive it came from moran did you hear that so the united states was a lawyer certainly with narrowed down to her aunt ellen groove specific i wear it around came from so states is all specific yeah ran came from this place and then saudi arabia who was the one actually attacked says witnesses we haven't seen that evidence what will i you say that we haven't we haven't you
under the evidence to saudi arabia now they could be reason flat and i guess pantyhose going over there maybe he's errs on them and using talked him in person it could be that there are some things you simply can't or shouldn't communicate in any kind of electronic away this might be one of those because it so could be that we ve got secret monitoring devices somewhere her secret human assets somewhere and that if we told saudi arabia we know they're gonna ask how do you know in order to believe it and i gotta can have to suggest that we have some assets that we don't want them to know about so if that's the case and i wouldn't be outlandish you can imagine this we would have to go in person look look lee leader of saudi arabia and in the eyes and say we know where i came from then the leader says can you tell me how
nowhere came from a look in the eyes say look i'm not going to tell you how we know it but look at you in the eyes and tell you there's no there's no question about it we know it with a hundred percent certainty as all i can tell you and look at new eyes i promise you on my word we notice for certain and if you act as i was true nothing will by you in the us and you have my word on that now something like that might be able to communicate effectively that we do know and that's how they re view my trust it if they
ass the people because it is a human does this after all so that could be the purpose of the trap and they may be after the trip saudi arabia will save some version of the united states shared with us what they know maybe the din but miss and our convinced so that might be the outcome here's another theory the united states is not really good and knowing why things happened at our yet away the odds of these two theories one is we don t really now because this kind of hard to now probably don't know
maybe we will build find out think about it isn't in confidence always the first explanation for everything when you have a thing that sort of a little bit of the mystery about it you're trying to get to the bottom of it whether its epstein death or anything else is in your first impression maybe a little bit of incompetence you remember what happened when we first heard epstein killed himself and must do you probably were saying they he as somebody got to him he was murdered it was really emerge shut him up and i said anne day one well you know could be murder but the most likely explanation for anything you don't understand is incompetence and then we hear that cameras working in this guards or sleep and all that he didn't have a roommate now you can
still my say scots gus you fell for the you fell for it that's all to get you off the track it really was maybe memoranda say it wasn't i'm saying that the odds always till toward mistakes if there's a mystery always weapons of mass destruction in iraq what was more likely that we didn't know what iraq add or that we did know well we didn't know so is it likely that we know where some crews missiles or jones or whatever they were is it likely that we don't know because i think were that the bad guys are pretty good at launching those things and keeping them below radar wouldn't you how hard would be less say we tried to do it was a russian treasure topic and others
superpower solicit russia will try to launch crews missiles or i think the line between critics missiles and drone that's a rocket power drowned is there's not much or anything so whenever they launched do think russia could launch several drones lash say droughts and get it to a place in the middle east without being detected on rate are in a way that tells where it came from could remember one of the things you can do with the with these devices as each of them in one direction have circle around and attack from there direction so could it be that the only thing you know as the attack factor assuming that you picked up a writer
so you're not even where they came from so do you think we have the capability to know where they came from how many of you think we have the capability actually no where they came from satellite imagery not a night a lot of people say us here's my opinion i believe that we have the ability to know where some things come from sometimes because that would be a better description of any war zone and generally speaking i'm gonna call the middle east a war zone right now so if you believe that we have the capability to nowhere drones recovery from two we have the capability to nowhere they're all coming from because that i doubt i really really doubt
we can tell where all things come from we probably could pick up a lot of stuff but i'll bet the people who is sending that stuff may have done test run so they may even they may have already tested and found out that they have an attack factor that would not be spotted they may have then maybe they said national plain that plainly prodigious and another drone first and said well will send one c c if they see it just bring home ok didn't see it for some time so and then just before i got on breaking news was the trump was going to increase sanctions on around what does that tell you what it me is it doesn't have confidence that it doesn't necessarily also necessarily it tells me tat
doesn't necessarily have confidence that we know that a ram said those missiles from uranium soil somehow in matters of a game some came from with this i haven't figured out why that matters do you know why wouldn't matter if the iranians train and equip the whose ease and they fire the job versus iranians fire from their own territory should we treat those is different things saudi arabia wouldn't so then here's everything if it's not around who the hell is it so it's either ran rainy and proxies or who who is the other country that could potentially in your wildest imagination have been behind it anybody anybody else it'll measured right people talk about false flies and stuff but really did
thank you think saudi arabia blew up their own or refinery maybe over this way if you got into a false flag attack you could pull back a little bit you could blow up just a few things and maybe kill somebody they care about if you do not a false lag that will be enough you don't need to take out a half of your industrial united take out half of your own airport in an oil producing country as a false lag aria what would you do that somebody saying israel read before the election probably not read before the election unless that was the play but i don't think so
were they jones or missiles yeah i don't even think we know for sure if their jones or missiles if we don't know that we don't know where they came from go we agree on that can we agree if we don't know what they were whether they were copper missiles or just drones some sort if we don't know that we don't really know where they came from doing so my my expectation i don't think i said this allowed but what is it what i was expecting is that we would take these sanctions to drew coney levels
on the assumption that around was behind the attack and that we would not get kinetic with them meaning firing bullets bombs stuff because it is not just as it makes sense yet if they did this and if they wanted us to find out they did it they were trained prove oak war if somebody is trying to provoke worth less than you wanna do is give it to him now somebody smarter said that what they really testing is how far this this non death work go so we can we can have a material impact on her by through trade by constructing their trade they can have a material impact on us doing anything except they ve noticed naked mess with an oil tanker and we didn't shoot anybody
brad maybe they're testing that because nobody died on the oil tanker and then they attack a whole an oil facility and didn't kill anyone so maybe they're testing the theory of how much stuff like and blow up in trade negotiations i feel a little crazy to me but there are getting a little desperate when you think now i'm going to say again that i am positive there some conversation going on in iran at the inner circle level in which certain jesse how and when to take the ayatollah out that's gotta be happening because you know that any time you have a situation like this at the very least people
disagree on the best path there is no way in the world there his inner circle is all agree anymore than than bolton and tramping pump air would agree you can't put people together at that level give them this high importance of the question and expect are on the same age does or not is now human they wouldn't would the normal if their own say page so you know there's some conversations going on and ran about the competence of their leader at his age is gonna be part of that question have you ever men eighty year old who is just as good as a seven year old problem so you know they're having a joe biden questioned over there and it's probably a serious one and it
here the united states you probably have some insight the little that is happening and so maybe you let that play a little bit let let their process do what it should which is remove an eighty year old guy when it's time now i guess he's ayatollah for life re so it wouldn't be easy it wouldn't be easy but they might know what they need to do and this attack on saudi arabia if we go easy on iran even say we will say this let's say we find out that ran was absolutely behind the attack i think that an process of elimination tells us we probably war it will reach that point as well will be and so i say we reach that point was our best play if we attack the ayatollah support increases so
day we attack airbases darn it look what i got his undue but we got it we gotta protect online so we're all on board now i ll tell us what you understood that might be our worst play the best play might be to say look where your leaders you ve got an old man who just attacked a country that had the list not militarily just for you at the risk of complete destruction but guess what he did destroy you completely because we're going to shut down all of your trade now who knows what trump stories as is strengthening the sanctions i honestly other know how much we have left this real they even though you can type
this will give this attack would give travel a full free pass to tighten sanctions as point where the public is in serious trouble the other already in big trouble but there's probably another level of trouble after that its literally starvation and i think that if this attack is pinned on around for good the smart display is to squeeze the economy in a way that we would not have otherwise and make sure that iran is now that the newest squeeze the one that hurts even the inner circle the one the one that makes people die in the streets that that last squeeze was because of this attack and if they do another attack then you take their economy to the next level and if he had to do something kinetic i like you snacks it makes me sound like my tv pondered who knows this military stuff which i don't
but if we did an attack don't you think we take our power grid right we probably together patrick we are squarely on your side cause you're cool because guess what the the the population over and i say this also they article call people love to me internal change the way do that is you don't go in hard and kill iranian people you say rainy people were on your side the people and ran we're squarely on your side because you're cool because guess what the the the population over and i say this also they article call people love to be allies with where the rat if we could be if we could sunday because allies with ran it was eight non ayatollah around i'll be the ultimate outcome that would be the ultimate and we should and we can't i think you can say that our countries
do we could never be friends with maybe but rather than while the other is i think our dna that we could get along if we just get it out i don't like the way and i think the iranian people with the pro western segment which is huge would agree with that state so i think trumpets smartest person in the room when it comes to this that's what i mean by this stuff is human nature nobody understands human nature like president trump it's what made him president is what made him successful as the present is wise talking to him genuine and the bodies is why in your heart and china is still be respectful very respectful to president she is actually y know you seriously respected all the democratic candidates because it takes it takes is a ban on
if he went harder at them they have more to push it back against police leaving them with nothing to push he gets guy respect them all they do a good job so present europe understands human nature like nobody else maybe this is turned from a political military situation which of course it always is to a human being situation once you reduce the military problem to a human being problem the waited with north korea the presence of redefining it as a human being problem can come on over workers out
the moment he did everything good happened everything good happened when he redefined it as a human being problem not a military problem and now the president will never be able to be with the ayatollah i think we agree right the present note this present no presence everything to me with the item because the ayatollah won't do it and if you did it would be wise stuff but the next leader of our end is probably going to be selected in part because remember it's a selection process if you don't know how the process works it ran my understanding is and i'll give you the idiots near the idiots description this is the dummies version so i assume all the details around with the basic idea is that there is some kind of your high council of clerics worse or the us call them they're like the supreme court plus by analogy pattern
algae but they're they're sort of the leading group they got their through whatever combination of political machinations were religious machinations but away there the group the selects from among their group the item and they have to be supportive of the ayatollah for that i told you stay now i presume that once you become i adore you you take care of controlling everything to the point or even your supreme council whatever their called can't really remit if you very easily once you get the job you're probably pretty bulletproof but you know they're talking about it and you know they ve got number two already picked out because wouldn't you i mean if your leader is eighty
look around say was a backup plan backup land so you know they ve got a backup lamb is the backup lamb guy is willing to meet with trump just conceptually if he became the idle and if it were ass if the situation were right what are you meet with job well
you ve got something then you ve got something i've been saying for a while and it's actually in my book i hope it doesn't show up the reality that changed before my bookshops november death squad loser think it's getting grave reviews already from early reviewers you will love it probably be my biggest spoke but was a went to sell bookseller modern completely lost my train of thought so i'm saying is in the bucket and saying now is that the middle east might be one eye it all away from peace could think about it all countries are either not militaristic directly you how they might be funding somebody was doing some terrorist stuff but rather a sort of the big problem you
how do you rabies in israel seem to be willing to get along egypt so most of the arab countries are willing to at least live in peace israel which is most of the gay rights serve you if it is a ran were to come into the very silly the nation of people of a nation of awesome people how close are we to that happening on his own were this close because what what is the somebody you as a second device open google for me the life expectancy of an eighty year old please sir
the comments what does the once you turn eighty what is your life expectancy from that point forward five years is that stretched at five years maybe i was at the next five years the odds of him dying her i mean it could be six months right could be six months on average so if you ve got a guy who seems to be the problem and his within i'm see lots of membership of the elderly gases see lots of people saying so that the source of somebody says nine for women seven four men so my have seven years really nine you want in the night we wanted the u s
ok so it might be longer than i thought i think i think the trick here is that once you reach eighty that tells us that tells us that there's something healthy value in general sir if you reach eighty in your soul in good health your odds of going a few more years probably pretty good so i say it's the same seventy years max if it seventy years max is probably something closer to knock happy and x you they can expect you to live that look back at me right there's no way that an eighty year old is expected to have seven warriors that can't be right i would expect that are well whatever it is my point stance if you're eighty there's a good chance you're gonna be taken the dirt nap pretty soon
the leadership has to be talking about that and maybe they can be speeded up because you know maybe there's a way to retire but probably if you're the ayatollah you can't retire because somebody you'll kill you so maybe you don't have that option so trumps instinct to push on the economics instead of to get military and unassuming you won't get military if if so if nothing else comes to light if we don't learn a new shocking fact about this i would not expect him to get military i would expect him to go draconian on their economy because you want them to see that that's the response yeah you can block another refinery yup you can
you can block another refinery and we're not going to start a war your economy will be completely done then like completely will block aid you maybe but we're not gonna start or block as much if as you want you'll just be destroyed yourself and i haven't you you're hitting yourself an item you you haven't yourself stop it yourself is there anything else gonna anything else interesting i think so i think we think we got it and today all right so that's all the good news and i will talk to you absolutely says was the slaughter meter slaughter metre as at one hundred percent better the the odds are present from winning reelection if everything in the definition of the slaughter meter
is that if everything stayed the way it is today and we just extended to election day with the president when and if everything stayed the weight is today yeah hidden under the sun so something big would have to change between now and then i talked about a book and saudi arabia just confirmed ran attack don't go until i check that out there because pantyhose her look at her headlines here new security adviser who's the deuce cured by sir robert arrive he's a hostage shadrack ok i don't headlines
some fox due to it just takes while it's probably on the life to use products live news before it gets to the eyes i will check on that and as we have enough argue later have a greater
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