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Episode 67: North Korea Walks From Negotiating Table. Who Saw That Coming?

2018-05-15 | 🔗


  • Why did Kim walk from negotiating table?
  • U.S. and South Korean military exercises at border
  • His request is justified
  • Easy for U.S. to resolve the disputed point
  • A good “walk away” by Kim

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i don't think you bump bump bump people don't want them well well well everybody come on in here breaking news breaking news bump bump bump bum so many of you will remember and i see it comments already there one of my predictions was that there would be a walk away from the negotiating table on this n korea business either us or them maybe both but they would certainly be at least one walk away today we have now it's more of a threat and walk away because the beatings june twelve so you know what's the difference between getting to walk away and walking away 'cause you could always change your mind so those things get a little conflated but n
here's walked away in the topic there seems to be a bugaboo is that there are ongoing military exercises on their border with south korea and united and they're saying what the hell were you were here negotiating for peace and you're on our border getting ready to attack now of course we say these are defensive exercise but i don't know how much of a difference there is between offense and defense in this situation meaning the stuff on the border would probably be in defense mode whereas the attack would come from a different way but we don't have any plans of attacking him so so that's irrelevant now somebody saying but it didn't bother him before why is it
suddenly an issue well let me suggest a reason he's negotiating in front of the entire world right whole world is watching and what the press is reporting so far is that kim has caved in on his nuclear weapons program kim has no go put away his mountain that he tests the nukes on so the news is suggesting that thing is going trump's way nothing is going kim's way that's not really a comfortable situation your best deals or when both people are feeling a little bit of pain but in this case the usa and s korea have a dominant
military positions so we're reluctant to do any any kind of trade until we absolutely have to it was very interesting that he's that kim is getting tough on this point because what what is interesting about the issue that he's decided to make a stand on let to to what is unique about the issue that kim is is making a stand on and walking away from the go she should from here very first the very first comment had that at the very first comment was and then and then another time and actually the two of them together it's justified right this just it's a reasonable thing to ask and number two it's easy to fix
so he's asking for it probably the the easiest to fix the thing because you only have to fix it between now and june twelfth it makes no difference to the u s ready this it makes no difference to the actual military capability no difference right in kim is saying what the hell i'm doing these things which also maybe or no difference you know you're getting rid of a test site so you could build another one right so nothing permanent and so everything that he's agreed on or is talking about are things that are fairly reasonable and so how a look
so i'm doing all these fairly reasonable things you have a short of the final deal what are you doing name one thing name one thing you've done united states and s korea to build our confidence that were good players you know we're we're trustworthy players working toward a common solution now not close to the negotiations and i don't know if we'll stop doing what we're doing we might just let them run their course you know if there's a week left maybe we just wait a week and and and that just say all right done for now so there are a number of ways we could play this but does it make sense for kim to walk away from the table on this issue call
does kinda remember rodman gave him the book the art of the deal an the central premise is you've got to be able to walk away from a deal you don't like and he doesn't like this part of the deal and i some flexibility it's a good walk away now there are two ways that kim can win and this is this is also right out of the trump playbook two ways that kim could win number one we say good point will wind down these wind down the exercises yeah we agree with you you've done some stuff for us will do some stuff for you doesn't really change our military capabilities in a real way but it's symbolic so did some symbolic stuff will do
symbolic thing back let's get back to the table that's one way it could go probably not probably not another way it could go is that the exercises will just finish yeah maybe finish a little earlier than normal you maybe we say oh ok this normally would take two weeks but will type it up in one week because it's hard to unwind it so quickly but you make a good point well instead of doing this for two more weeks will just limit it to a week you win let's get to the table right so there's plenty of ways we can go in which kim can rack up a whim should the united states give him a win if it doesn't cost us anything sometimes you know not every time in the right situation and i don't know if we're in that situation
might be there might be reason to do that because remember it's not really giving up anything it's giving up the impression of something exactly what he gave us he gave up the impression of something so with plenty of room to work here it was completely irrational for kim to walk away don't know it will be solved but it's easy to solve so it will be solved i think we can confidently say that unless there are other issues this part will probably get a solution so this is actually good news
disguised as bad news and remember that i predicted that we would see this so maybe a month ago or so i said you should look for at least one walk away from the table and here it is or at least the first one there might be more there might be a point where trump walks away we don't know uh but it shows that north korea is both serious about making a deal ed understands deal what could be better news you just the best news you've heard in a year right the north korea does seem to want a real deal and they know how to make a deal that's it he's not crazy so uh you know the news will make a big thing this we're already seeing the people who used to think they were smart
who have been wrong about everything for two years there coming out of the woodwork today and there's like a i told you n korea cannot be trusted to get rid of their nuclear weapons that's awesome i've been telling you this for a year and now you see they walked away so they're gonna have a lot of fun for however long it takes to get back to the the table but but i think we're fine swiss now worry about it alright that's all i had to say oh just one more thing somebody made a comment about cnn i was watching cnn today and this is sort of a game i play where i switch between fox and cnn and i see how often this pattern recurs on fox they mostly talk about something called the news things that are actually happening a real person did a real
today also known as the news you switch the cnn and it's just gossip your gossip is like wow if we think he write about a mistress and you know and the other imaginary part is we think that something terrible could go wrong we think the somebody did a thing but we can't find the evidence so they've got imaginary past news with insufficient evidence or no evidence and they have projections of future things which probably won't happen because they're not often right and then the things that are happening today or just gossip they're not even news mean less you call gossip news so it's pretty fascinating to watch yeah
i'm having a whole areas time watching all of the trump critics trying desperately to coax a public apology from you know the the staffer who said something bad about mccain so i tweeted today that people are criticizing president trump or being for insulting people for it in the context of an insult competition which is what politics is they they insult him he insults as critics it's sort of a competition to re frame the critic badly to brand yourself positively but it's all an insult competition so is there somebody in the
insult competition who is insulting that's not news that's just saying that there is an insult competition sort of like saying as i said in my tweet it's like accusing somebody of bowling during a bowling tournament you bold my god what are you doing ut i demand an apology for your bowling and then you say i'm in a bowling tournament and they say nice try apologist try try explaining that to your children i needed the beard for that
alright so that's it for now and if there's any more breaking news i might break back in here and talk about it but for now i don't feel too worried about the walkway from north korea or right on schedule
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