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Episode 671 Scott Adams: 3D Printed Guns, Invisible Biden Support, The Singularity and Delicious Coffee

2019-09-22 | 🔗

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  • Content:
  • What to expect…when the computers rise and take over
  • Jordan Peterson in rehab facility, once again he’s a role model
    • Addiction is NOT related to intelligence
  • New Apple iPhone 11…I’ve been seduced
    • A delightful experience from packaging to product
  • Jake Tapper will guest artist Dilbert this week, beginning Monday
    • It’s for charity, to support a worthy veteran’s group
  • 3D GUN MAKING…works pretty well
    • Can governments control and prevent this technology?
    • The future of 3D gun printing
  • Elizabeth Warren is ahead of Biden in CNN Iowa poll
    • Do you know ANYONE who supports Biden?
  • Open borders: Ever met a supporter of open borders?
  • FEAR is an effective persuader
    • Candidates SCARE adults for their votes, all the time
    • Adults SCARING KIDS into mental health issues
      • …to promote adult partisan politics, is heinous

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump on them from everybody one of courtesy it's time for coffee was got ams luckily that's me you came to the right place cassettes which or even if you now it so before we get out of here before we start the best part of your day
i know what you need you need a copper among our glasses time just attacker determined supply security the grail couplet a vessel of any kind to over the favourite liquid impartial the coffee let's go for their simultaneous separate join me now for the dopamine yet makes rescue day great cup so i updated my phone i got myself a nice iphone eleven the max and i usually skip a few new phones i don't i don't get the new phones is comes out i usually skip a few generations so i actually skipped from the phones they require you to put your finger print not up to the phones
recognize you buy face and i gotta tell ya airily sorted changes how you feel about your phone so now that i no longer need to put him back any kind of her password don't use need to use my thumb my phone is basically aware there is part of my body in a sense because when is near me like my card as if i had my key in my pocket i come near my car and the the accent lights come on my car knows when i'm near it which is freaky from now my phone does so pick it up and look at it comes alive because it knows who i am and here's and here's going
for this you further something called the singularity the singularity is what all these smart people are afraid of it like you lot mosque are afraid that sunday computers will get to the point where there so smart that they can program themselves that they'll go from something like humans programme to be predictably what we want them to do too something that would that will learn on his own and programme itself and it will almost instantly because they are nearly omnipotent because computers will win we have such capability there no human could be a competitive species now here's the thing i believe that that day is coming in computers will be able to learn and increase their own knowledge and connect to other computers and learn everything that's ever been learned so i think that's gonna happen here is why
i'm not as afraid as some people i believe that by the time we get there the difference between human and computer will largely have vanished it is true that cambodia that's right i'm not worried about the computers becoming sanctions and wiping out people because at about the same time they become sentient they will actually be people so i think by then we will have done an experiment in which we can move your consciousness into a machine and here's the fund park
imagine if we could map your brain and move your consciousness into a machine and have the machine run for a little while have some experiences on its own and then could you put those memories back in the person about we can't sunday one way or another so i think that we are going to lose this distinction between a cold lifeless machine and a huge hu as a spark of life and a divine soul once we realise that the computers can do everything our divine soul can do we might not believe in divine souls so much so i'm not worried about the simulation because i think humans and computers will merge into a combined species and by the time there is such a thing as computers they can learn and become infinitely smart so will i will be a human who is parking
here the other the guts of my phone will become more and more integrated with the wire whether i'm connected to it or not it be part of who i am and the moment all computers become sentence so too that part of me so humans are never going to give up your stuff away to computers because we will be computers for all practical purposes says my prediction you may have seen that the news that jordan petersen checked into a real facility now have a lot of feelings about that strangely enough one we wish him well apparently he gets on them those cleanup anything was his wife had it some add some cancer and things get tough and he got in different bodies getting up so here the things i would say about you
petersen if if ever there were somebody in the world that you thought had had his figured out talk about life like how to do life right it felt like you shouldn't william because is literally the most productive adviser of had alive of anyone on earth at this moment tony rabbits as his own deal but in terms of someone describing to you what life is all about this do you have a live it well he's literally probably the most famous living person for tell you how to do things right and he got it acted and he had to go into rehab so here's what i take away from that people need to understand that
is not a choice in the normal way than we think of choice that once once the addiction becomes who you are in other words once you ve added a certain type of addictive chemical teeter body you're no longer a person who takes drugs you are a person who is part of drug that's who you become so if the old jordan petersen curves and no to drugs
once he took them presumably the thinking they were it was a temporary situation once he took him he became the drug so it would not be fair to say hey jordan petersen you're so good with your device or other people why don't you just toughen up and start taking those drugs does really work that way doesn't work that way he is not a person who takes drugs he's a person who is par drug he's mean part chemistry and that chemistry includes the drug now that's who is now he has to become a different person and that's what he's working so sir i have only positive feelings about this weirdly is is tragic number ways is working through it but what we wish him the best are you probably as the strongest signal to noise ratio of anybody ever gonna watch out just what you want to watch videos for maybe the third time
he's probably seen it is video were somebody s question about climate change ere he starts slowly and then he saw that gets you he he gets up to speed and is the sort of breathtakingly smart i guess i don't know another word to put on it and i say smart not in the way that it's going to be you know what intellectual conversation but rather you simply breaks down the topic in a way that people don't break it down so you can kind of see the landscape the way he does i bet you gotta look i am i'm starting to see it now the way you're describing so here's the thing the jordan petersen is one of the most useful people in the eu meaning that when he talks and people listen to it they become better people it actually is that powerful and you see
lots and lots of people who said to his influence than one way or another but now he's doing it again certainly this is not a path he would have chosen one assumes but because he you sort of publicly confessing his addiction and then he's doing the the thing that you need to do which is to help he is once again becoming a role model for people who may think well do i have a weakness what's going on jordan petersen was a young a rich successful smart capable guy who knew exactly the risks of the drugs and he knew exactly he knew exactly the risks before you put them in his mouth he's not he's not a tourist he knows the landscape did it anyway so that should tell you a lot about the nature of addiction for those people people always tony aids not chinese fought for
thing is felt in all people just have to stop taking it well you know that when you say that issues that you don't know what addiction is nobody intentionally guess addicted nobody makes a choice to become an attic maybe somebody does but spree where i want to get back to my phone so i have experience when i open my phone you you all know this to be true that apple makes a big deal about their packaging and they make me experience of opening up a new product you knew i phone essential delightful experience and you don't realize how delightful that is unless you do what i did wishes i i bought some assess reasonably scream screen protector and a case so i had three things to open one was the iphone
and then the two other products i just mentioned i am opening the iphone first i take it this boxes like this nice solid soft and eventually feels good the box and i'm the emphasis he was recovered herself in unthinking apple of you made cellophane cover thing and am i gonna have to guess scissors together this and then i notice now there's little little cellophane tab ticket make us just as nice feel and sound as it comes off the box then the boxes naked and you ve gotta take the top from the bottom and the top is as deep as the box and you start pulling it up and you feel the box justs sliding over the bottom like i swear to god is essential experience and i take it
i see my phone in the phones beautiful design there's a marvel of engineering and i dont know if there were even any directions maybe like one sentence or direction
susan and allowed you new phone in solid needed right now that was my iphone experience right at the same time i get these other two packages so i pick up the first action like well i see how hard it is to get into this i can't i ended up chewing through the package like a fucking beaver with my fingers not my teeth like i think i've ripped off an inch by the time i doping the second package which was as bad as the first i hated the companies i hated the company so i barely paid attention to it was because i didn't want to have somebody specific date apple seduced me my first impression with his phone was so positive that i
feel like i can forgive it for any future errors which may have that's why apple is a genius collectively and other companies and that so they get me that good first experience and it was just amazing and then these other words i had actually choose through the packaging until i hated their frightened and guts and is one of those companies the dye and that was my first impression of the product then i put on my case so i just ordered a random case at the same time as giving the phone and didn't really think too much about it in the first case not this one the first case was a clear plastic and i thought i get a clear one so i could see my phone better but the clear one is also slippery who makes a phone case this slippery like out o try to set it up
we only have again something and i would just go whoop thinking are you reckon kidding me you make phone cases and you never once saw what would happen after you put on your phone is completely useless so of course add by new one which is the one which has a rubber case so i can send up in our slide down at the table they wake that's difference between good design that on monday dilbert is gonna look a little bit different in your newspaper and you're gonna say to yourself what's going on why does delbert look completely different it's gonna look different for a week because i have a guest artist that's right jake tapir of cnn is my guest artist for one week i we just this once couple years ago but we're doing it again and will do you for charity
now before you say hey he works for cnn i don't like that network let me tell you that it's for a veterans sharing specifically homes for our vats and what they do is they find homes they facilitate and variety of ways that the most severely wounded veterans so these are people who really data especial the home and another seventy four some help so i would ask you to for the sake of the vessel to put aside any any political feelings you have about whose i was either whether you agree with cnn her fox news ready that let's let sir show the better part of being human which is jacon i work among us to try to see if its for adoption
the publicity this week will tell you if you want to build on it so you goodbye jake's original art along with the other side the signed finals where runs he'll silent no sign it is well i'm having a frame right now so are you getting those together and they will promote for auction anybody was dead on the money will go to
a very deserving veterans organization now we're not announce a shared by the way some say it i'm saying a here because i saw one of the local newspapers announced it just so the readers didn't get surprise and complain to sort it out there a little bit we'll start our publicity for that tomorrow but look for that and you might like and having this online conversation with three d gotten advocates advocates matches people were talking about it it s one of them as it advocates two's doing limits vd gun making and the conversation online on twitter goes like this guy says i can totally make a gun with my three d printer somebody else's no you can't that's not a thing fired a few times in little meltdown
and i can't take it then the guy who says i can make a gun with might really printer posts a video of him shooting one is the many girls he made up his ready printer and it looks like it works pretty well now when i say three previous three d printed gun the apparently there are still some components which you have to get a different way some people say you have to get a barrel so really some people say you can put me for certain rounds maybe it only that others are technical argument about what is it is not possible but i'll tell you if you ever get it in an argument with somebody who says sweetie
can't be made a good weather and that argument is proposed a video of you shooting your three d done a lot about so so there's any such thing is really gets now here's the controversial part which i have injected into the conversation what i say is that in the future because it will be too dangerous to have people printing off their own guns i have argued that the government will restrict sweetie printers from printing guns or possibly the companies themselves it doesn't have to be the government could be the companies themselves now say right here so people are saying bs bs you cannot respect meaning that it would not be technically possible to respect what you make a three deepening
i would argue that the only thing the only people who think that you can't restrict the taper designs on israeli printer are people who do not have experience with technology meaning that they are not people have ever worked and software development not anybody use ever worked in that realm anybody who has worked in the software development really realm can quite easily said what could be done let me explain how the first thing you need to release on is that three d
entered in the future will be exactly likely are now just you maybe more capable i'm not saying that i am saying that the swedish printers exists now here you probably couldn't restrict anything they can just get a pattern put it in the machine britain but i almost guarantee that were going with this and suddenly screaming but you can hack it's gotta get to you that i get to your bad opinion about hacking in a moment no way the control it can't be done let me explain how can we then have you heard of the iphone probably you have have you heard of it the app store probably have love me says quit attacking the second amendment i'm gonna block you for putting a opinion into my
acting as though so that's my opinion when it's not have you ever do you know anybody who has illegal acts under iphone some of you i gotta say yes i do but not many right now compare that to how many people compare that elderly people have illegal music you probably know a lot of people have downloaded illegal music probably you ve done it erect
so people said to me have you never heard of metallica you can try to prevent people from downloading things too there is ready printer but scared scared scared you can't do it look at metallica look at music piracy can stop it apple did apple stopped it all you have to do is to the same same thing now why is it that music couldn't be stopped but apple can totally stop you from having an illegal act for most to do some of you might be ion high techie who didn't do a jailbreak you usually awesome
weird happier running i'm nothing it can't be done i'm saying do you know anybody do any of your friends have apps on there i found it didn't come from apple no here's a difference music it does not contain code music cannot change the device is playing on right you download music and put it on whatever device you playing all the device can do is played the device is not changed by the introduction of the music is simply place that's different than that an app is software if you down saw if you download software to a device whether it's a phone or any other device that software tells the device what can and cannot do
so here's what the future almost certainly looks like it looks like an app store for designs for your printer and chances are you will only be able to efficiently i must say that a hacker can't break it but if the only people who can make a three day gub are very highly incentive hackers i'm not too worried about ready guns because there's always somebody who can hack anything but there are many on just like i don't even know anybody you as it illegal upon their phone i don't know anybody chances are i would never know anybody who personally used a three day printer hackers who didn't need to use just the special designs that come from the manufacturer and meda
guaranteed is gonna happen but if you don't understand how if you don't understand how friction works i dont know how you understand your world and you see this argument in every realm somebody will say walls don't work because those i that one guy club crawled over a wall one time to which i say i'm pretty sure walls and in the sense that it makes it harder to get over the wall and sometimes i saw you need you know about the gun control does gun control make it impossible to get a gun map but as a direction and african could reduce some amount of damage possibly potentially don't i will talk about to measure
as somebody says is pretty easy to build your own swedish printer ok that is just ridiculous it depends what you mean by pretty easy i will acknowledge that somebody with hacker like skills could put together a really printer and find their own designs somehow polluted air mega got it just isn't gonna be common so that's my argument that the three d printers and let me put it this way in all likelihood the the printers that will be the good ones are usually made by companies like apple right
sooner or later the three d printer industry will consolidate just like takeaway does there might be three major printers and you're going to say to yourself you know i can make my own and it will be about twenty percent as good as the one i could buy from up if i want to really printer for general purposes are going to get the apples reedy printer it will restrict me from making a done i'll be ok with that if i'm a hacker gonna have they crappy printer probably scooby lower quality it's gonna break after a few few uses it might in by require a special kind of whatever the group is that gazprom
did you have a lot of problems with your hacked reedy printer son i worry about so listen word has pulled a head in the ira poles she's disease statistically tied but nominally she's a little thereby that's a big deal that is big deal because psychologically is telling people hey maybe worn is the one and then so i did a little poll on twitter just this morning some of you sought and i realized that i've i dont believe i know abided support right i just don't know that i know any binding supporters lighted up paul said do you know any because if something like twenty or thirty percent of all democrats are favouring him you think run into one like a party maybe you're right
that is an inside the survey and eighty nine percent said they don't know anyone whose abiding splash and amazingly think that people are voting for biden has that some way to be trump but there's absolutely nobody who would be willing to say them in person i can i would love to have a conversation with somebody who's actually following the neighbours not somebody who isn't paying attention so is actually current with news and have a private conversation where nobody else is watching and have them tell me that binding as there is there a guy i dont think that everyone happened because i dont know that that person actually exists obviously somewhere in the world are those people exist but they might be
one common the you'll never meet one where does that somebody who's somebody was mocking me i'm twitter just before i get on and saying there you go again scott judging the world by what you personally can see or worse that fact and they're are saying the remarking me for saying that there is no such thing long time ago i said is that there is no such thing as somebody who really is in favour of open borders and their point being its obvious now that there are lots of people in favour of that to which i say i've never met why you would have to have me in a private conversation with nobody nobody listening ends so there were not judged by anybody watching us in a private conversation i want somebody tell me that they are in favour of open borders now now when i say that
i dont believe it's a thing and some of you were saying i've met somebody or i've seen somebody in the news yellow this governor this so some of you believes that you ve seen these people here's what i believe i believe you ve said if you know of people maybe even talk to people who have said things somewhat like that their devil you people are some things which are reasonable person could interpret as meaning that are in favour of open borders but i'll bet if you put them in the room with me and nobody is listening i'd say you do approve of open borders let's say they said yes what would my next question be do you also approve of universal healthcare
probably they're gonna say yes and that i say you do know you care balls right which would you prefer because if you have universal health care and open borders everybody was healthcare just walked over the border and guess it than he can afford it eventually so as to guarantee that it can work together you have one or the other and so when i say i've never met anyone that as far as i can tell us in favour of open borders unless you have that specific conversation in private i'm not willing to believe it yet just now willing to believe that such a person exists because i want somebody look me in the and say yeah i think those both good work just fine
i don't know anybody can say that with a straight face because some of you say you madam but maybe i feel i'm more persuasive than your and i could talk about it is about a minute now that that is all i have one more point as i have often said fear is a great persuade her so is always good for a politician i won't say good will say effective i don't want to put a moral judgment on its effective for a candidate to scary you that some bad thing will happen unless they were elected let me or will be attacked door one thing or another weapon so is very cup air we don't think too much about it because it is part of the nature of
is is there i'm sorry just recovered was a document of fear she was very common that politicians use fear to persuade but what i was watching the year the youth strike there was what climate strike and they use without their very afraid about the future and i thought to myself is probably fair too frightened and adults if you're trying to frighten them into action and you believe that the way you your frightening them is productive
a little bit of fear might be a good thing i mean maybe an effective unlike us is a good thing but when you intentionally scare children to get a political result that's just immoral in my view now morality a sort of subjective but i can't see a scenario in which someone with an under developed brave should be scared to the point mental health issues wishes what's happening actual mental health issues so adults are scaring children into mental health issues and probably not legitimately because if you add together the fact that nuclear energy plus carbon capture rings rubbing machines are coming on line
we get a lot going for us and i've got a pretty good feeling that we're not gonna have a calamitous affect from climate change so yeah does everything about that screamed of child abuse really did somebody saying child abuse in the comments i don't want to use the phrase but when i read it i thought yeah that's that looks like child abuse scaring children to the point of mental illness for what children no vote they don't and run things and then using them as a tool to convince other adults probably just about the worst thing you can ever do
torturing children for the benefit of a political outcome how bad is it bad i think i'm gonna i talked about jordan petersen earlier really your comments now well who's in charge of is israel by the way
many others to learn not paying attention to much probably matters so i understand that iran is perhaps going to suggest some kind of a peace some kind of a deal in the upcoming eu and leading do you think the railway is going to offer any kind the old doesnt start will get rid of the sanctions if it feels like us just their starting point first give us everything we want second we'll think about your use of them
so he says teach you something from loser think well actually i just did i just didn't label it when i was talking about how friction always works it is loser thing to say but there's that one hacker who can hack it or there's that their criminal who could still the guy or that's the motivated drug dealer who get over the border walk every time you talking about the exceptions here just a neuron conversation because everything has somebody who can beat the system but we create laws and systems and standards and all that because it will stop a lot of people we have we have laws against what thousands of different things and it doesn't stop people from doing those crimes laws are not intended to stop people from living crimes
fences and walls are not intended to stop all people wonder are conditions a any kind of a limit on three deeper into guns would never be intended to stop every person who can ever make three different got that's not a thing so every time you argue that an u n it involves a whole lot different topics every time you argue but what about the exception you not even in the conversation that's losers think loser think is to treat the exception as if this is important as the main thing
one is less important and if you don't do that all the costs in all the benefits you not big very productive oh some possessing while jake tapirs doing my comic strip so if you're joining late jake ever is going to be my guest artist for delbert for the coming weeks discovered we actually asked them that i asked him i said there is an aid you think i maybe read news you bear a cartoonist now issues i asked i realized that that wasn't gonna be practical so we're not going to do that with that conversation just ended but i might i might do it anyway because i could just read the news here on periscope so thinking about putting on a certain time and and doing jake's job on periscope for one day i'll just read this vienna news just that lies just beer
here's yesterday but i wouldn't be also would be as follows it sounds in my mind so may go but while jake and i are doing this were were we're just gonna focus on helping the that's just try to do good things and raise the money for them put some attention back out may be good for them as our trying to account and politics couldn't take it take a back seat for now are it does offer now i'll talk to you later
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