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Episode 673 Scott Adams: Climate Kids, Trolls, #ChiNazis, Bad Customer Experiences

2019-09-24 | 🔗

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  • The charity model doesn’t work when the giver’s experience is monumentally toxic 
    • It discourage those that give, and those that might
    • Should charity be fair game for taking political scalps?
  • Why would anyone discourage helping others for a worthy cause?
    • Tom Arnold, an example of everything wrong with the world
  • Greta’s Aspergers and traits of non-neurotypical people
  • Kyle Bass shows video of #ChiNazis rounding up Uighurs
    • Is the holocaust happening again, right in front of us?
    • They’re sending Fentanyl to us, killing tens of thousands
  • CVS customer loyalty program infuriates me…every time

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come come come come come come come a bump bump bump bump bump hey everybody yes my sound is different today i'm using a different device a little technical difficulty that's why i'm late so i'm not using my microphone i'm just using the built in microphone so your sound quality will be a little bit depressed today sorry about that but it's still going to be an amazing day a great day really and it all starts with a little thing called the
simultaneously news coming at you now all you need is a government glasses find the chosen tanker there's plastic into real in goblet of vessel within the confines filled with your favorite liquid i like coffee and then join me for the a little pleasure of the simultaneous set go sublime okay sorry sorry i worried you my ipad was out of the juice and i didn't realize it until seven and it was time to go or ten a am m for you east coast people let's talk about some things in the news so you
you're all aware i think mostly everywhere i'm doing a week of guest i've gotta guess cartoonist for week for dilbert at jake tapper of cnn who drew dilbert all this week we're going to put together his original art oh both signed it frame it and we will auction those off for a very very worthy cause homes for our troops and you can see my pinned tweet to see how to bid on the auction and i hope that some of you do is for of the what the homes for troops to do is say they provide and they help facilitate housing for the most seriously wounded that's the people who have physical issues that make a house a little more extra do so it's probably one of those were the types of charities you opposite now i
i would also like to announce that after this i'm going to i'm going to complete this week will work to the charity and i hope we raise as much money as possible but i added to our discontinue any kind of public charity in the future because it it became obvious that it's just talk in my case now your your experience might differ but in our current situation that's highly politicized simply giving my own time and money away to worthy causes creates this weird pushback where people who are just deeply broken just a lot of broken people in the come out of crawl out of every rock and i'm watching myself being accused of being a holocaust holocaust denial
this is this all just happened in the last twenty four hours a holocaust denier people saying that i'm pro rape and alleging that they can point to something that actually says that they can't obviously uh and a number of other things that are so horrible that are we going to mention that there's something there are worse than those things if you could imagine so you know i did experiment recently in which i was working with bill cultivating and they gave some of his money as an experiment to mister gomez who's one of the best teachers i've ever experienced teaching dla area and what part of the experiment was i wanted to specifically if i we do it in a way that was
mutually beneficial model in other words that the giver would guess something like the giver in this experiment was maine and then the recipient would get something in that case one thousand dollars to buy school supplies etc and my hypothesis those or i guess my the song wrong word but the operating assumption was that if you create a charity model where everyone wins not just the recipients but the givers there there's something that they get you know that makes the experience worth doing that they would do more of it because more charity is better than less charity what happened instead and
it's actually kind of surprised is that the experience for the giver was so monumentally negative that i would just never do it again and if you look at if you look through my twitter feed you can see what i'm talking about it was so toxic that the giver is actually talked out of it so i know there are people are going to say don't let the trolls win but you have to also be smart right but charity doesn't work if the giver is is is the is crucified that's not a model that you want to promote so i'm take myself out of the game the trolls of what when i was working with bill pulled they were pretty sure that i was part of the grifter data mining scale and
now almost every time that i do anything online central comes and says well don't buy this book because he's a he's a charity question and now that will just like follow me forever as if it's some kind of fact none of that happened right no data mining was that there were no tracks it was literally just built all day who is a friend we've we've talked countless times you we're in the messaging this morning i think bills on the on the periscope right now i can tell you with complete certain there is just doing it for good reasons like he's trying to make the world a better place he's reached that point in his life where he got everything he needed like literally his life is kind of complete is pretty good
he's just trying to help other people now uh anyway the the toxicity of that was amazing now my case the toxicity is sort of multiplied because we're in a scalp gathering mode as we approached two thousand twenty everything is about scallops scalps you'll see all of the you see it on both sides you seem you know reporters and democrats and stuff being singled out for destruction yep so people are both sides of the political spectrum are trying to get as many scalps as they can and even charity is fair game apparently yeah i can literally be giving away my time and money to worth a call us and at the end of the day it turns into the worst experience
deliver have i've never had less faith in humanity than i do right now i swear to god i woke up this morning thinking well what if climate change does kill us all maybe we had to come all this a little bit of an exact anyway so now i'm going to be fully participant participating in the the auction so i'm not discontinue any that that's that's something that's a good heading to completion so if you'd like to bid on any of that art i'm getting a framed right now that will have jake sign it and all sign it and still look pretty cool you like it on your wall so nice little keepsake but charity didn't work in my case so i'm going to retire from it public charity obviously i'll still be try to be as much a positive force
as i can and anything i give will be private because the world is just a worse place than i ever imagined the people in the world are just worse never match let me give you a specific example speaking of bad people so nicholas b you know him from reason dot com no reason as the name implies they're not trying to be political they're not democrats they're not republicans they're simply take a place of well we're just resume taking literally trying to use reason as the as the platform for just fighting what we should or should not do now that makes a little unusual right you know the people who say hey how about i'll just not take sides why don't i look at the facts
that's one reason dot coms so nicolas b is the the famous voice of reason dot com and i i've done i've done a little work with nick did some speaking so so i know him personally from from just let but the nick was retweeting my blog post which was the letters letters to the it was a letter to the children about climate change i'll talk about that a little bit so here i write this blog post which is literally intended to do nothing but make children feel better right so that so that's the point i wrote a blog post to make children feel that's afraid because this this echo anxiety thing is actually a real thing that's a real thing either you know the reports yesterday was that kids
or having actual literal mental issues because adults are telling them that the world is going to be destroyed that's a real and by the way i could relate to it 'cause when i was a kid my generation were told that there was a pretty high likelihood we would die in a nuclear war i had my parents built a bomb shelter in my house i grew up in a house with a bomb shelter in the basement by the way i think by siblings might remember that differently but i remember being told it was a bomb shelter even if it wasn't wasn't going to bomb shelter that would protect you in a nuclear attack but my father wasn't so science so anyway so i can relate to so i write this blog post whose only intention is to inform children that there's going on but is likely to remediate the problem
and it's probably not as big as they think it is and that humans are pretty good at solving these things and we're well on the way with nuclear with technology that can scrubbed into the air it's too expensive but we could get it done did you etc so nothing but trying to make the world a better place trying to help some kids that's it that's my whole the whole thing alright so nicholas be tweets and true to his reason dot com philosophy if you will he preface it prefaces it hi telling his audience that i'm not the cool part is now he missed cab you miss categorize me up at which is worth noting sweet he said that i am pro choice which is not exactly
correct what i am is pro me staying out of the whole conversation about abortion because i i think i had anything i wasn't man whatever women decide i'm going to go along with that so it's not that i'm a pro choice is whether i'm pro democracy and my own value personally is not additive to that conversation with subtractive so to be additive i would like to boost the signal of whatever women as a majority want whichever way it goes so just correcting the record on that you also called me an atheist which i used to be but with simulation theory being so promising i would have to say i'm back into the category of i don't know whatever that is whatever it is if you think the simulation hypothesis is the strongest one but that's it
tom arnold where in about me i'm just minding my own business and wake up in the morning and tom arnold's on main like what the hell how to stop market even know who i am and so he responds to nick gillespie street i remember nick gillespie st is saying he's sort of non typical political voice over really telling his readers not to consumption about what side i'm on and just read the read the piece tom arnold on unhelpfully adds this comment to nicholas bees tweet he says he's a drunk guy dude he's a drunk guy talking about me now how do you interpret that he is a trump
doesn't know sort of me and i should be discounted now what does it mean to be a trump guy i definitely support the president but guess what arnold i also supported all the other presidents democrats once somebody who's president i pretty much always support them and i don't think that's going to change uh with uh text preston what we get another president whoever that is whatever party they are sure the president say hey scott can you help us out i'm not going to say no i mean it depends what it is obviously but you know i've always supported by the president once our great country votes for somebody and put some in place and it's not you know it's not breaking the law in any way that i care about i'm not talking about trivial things
but they're not doing anything egregious and they're doing the people's work in the economy something along i'm going to be pretty supportive it doesn't matter what part of your alright that's it i replied to tom arnold who said about me he's a trump guy dude he's a trump guy trying to dismiss my opinions with that and i he's back at him and i said here's a good couple of everything wrong with the world in one person and that really is everything that's wrong with the world with the world in one person tom arnold managed to synthesize everything bad about human beings in one tweet about me specifically i mean is that he only favored the team element of it if all that mattered was who i was associated with i don't want to live in that world to you
do you want to live in the world where you are limited by somebody you've said is doing a good job like should that limit your voice your credibility or anything tom arnold is an example of everything that's wrong with the world because imagine imagine the world differently if there were no tom arnold type people being terrible all the time i would have definitely listened to tom arnold's argument about anything in fact if he had a point the topic i would invite him on the show i mean i i would have about as a guest and i think you know i would give him time to talk and and fully express his opinion i'm all good with different opinions all good with me being wrong and some be showing it in public and then i say well good job showed me wrong let me change my mind right here in public
i'm pretty flexible about ideas and being productive even if they're not exactly the way i would have gone but as soon as you try to condense all the complication in the world into he's a trump dude that no he said he's a trump guy like that that define me that should limit what i can and cannot do for tom arnold so when i said here's a good example of everything wrong with the world than one person tom arnold and are told tweeted back and i quote ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
i strive boys last name be best i don't know exactly what that meant but really decided to balance the conversation let's talk about something else i see them this station seven collins and who's one of their opinion people anti trumper he wrote this as part of a larger piece quote the storm over trump's self admitted call for ukraine's president to investigate his potential two thousand and twenty election for joe biden may turn out to be his most perilous political scandal this might be his perilous political scandal to which i say
if that were my most perilous political scandal but pretty pretty happy about that that's it that the most perilous political scandal is a phone call he made in front of lots of witnesses doing the job of the president breaking no rules breaking no laws completely within his job description and protecting american elections which is you part of his job description uh if that turns out to be his most perilous political scandal that would be pretty pretty good pretty good let me say all right um so i referred to earlier to my blog post i wrote
so i wrote a blog post you can see it in my twitter feed somewhere near the top should probably be in the top ten at this point it's getting pushed down a little bit but it looks like it's going to semi a viable which is good in what people are saying is that will allow people are saying it's the best thing ever had news it's wonderful and they're tweeting it around and i like all that but i think that i accidentally wrote something for adults by trying to write something for children because what i was trying to do is break down the situation climate change was the topic and the risks of it into this simplest quick statements about a number of topics from you know the new technology being less risky to you know this not a big problem with waste to economic
so i try to keep it as simple as possible but there is sort of a natural limit to how simple you can get on that kind of talk you know you can simplify to the point of being ridiculous and nobody learns anything so simple quite as much as i could and to make it sort of a fourteen and older saying but not every fourteen year old sort of the the ground suburb type of you know fourteen and over in the sense that she's part of the so one of the smarter kids so i was trying to write something for this smarter kids and maybe something that adults could read to them but i think i missed my mark because a lot of adults were worth noting that it seemed perfect for them so that's a good lesson there's there's no limit to how simple you could make writing well there is a limit that you could simplify it to the point where it's just inaccurate but
simpler is better it is just there just is no way around that when it comes to writing if you can simplify it without losing its point do it now you may know that i have largely avoided tweeting and talking about sixteen year old grether thornburg who's now world famous as a climate change advocate now partly because itchy skin and it just an adult and i just don't feel comfortable talking about again
especially in this context because i wouldn't be able to criticize her in the normal way you would criticize an adult and therefore it's just not productive too raider into the conversation secondly i didn't realize until just this morning that she's talked publicly about her aspirin and has noted that she she consider it's sort of a superpower because one of the aspects of that is allows you to dig more deeply into a topic which you suck now i probably have more experience with nana neurotypical folks aspergers being the more common name for that than most people probably a solid twenty percent of my fan base is
on the spectrum somewhere when i go to do events i am surrounded by non nero typical people i love i absolutely love the the s workers the binder typical people trust me when i say that is a community which i have i have special affection for because they have many delightful qualities which you cannot overlook one is that they have a hard time telling a lie if you if you're on the spectrum if you like a you have asked rivers your non neuro typical i think i prefer that i like the neuro typical for you know the the common folks people like me and i like non neurotypicals with the some of that community just just like that turn better
but they do have some superpowers so when she talks about that that's not that's not even an exaggeration compared to us her ability to dig deep and concentrate it's probably pretty awesome likewise they have equality which they tend to be brutally honest uh just brutally honest i like that i mean it can be painful can be a challenge but i kinda like it right you know there's something you can respect about that so i'm a big fan of the non neurotypical environment who and to be fair there big fans of dilbert quite often and so it's a it's a mutual love so i have a special affection for greta than many of you do not share i'm so let me start with that so i have an affection for her 'cause she's a child
she means well and i believe that everything that she says partly because of the sorry non neurotypical element i believe she's an honest player now honest doesn't mean right of course but she is i believe that it's almost incapable for her to be dishonest 'cause that's part of her superpower but let me complete the thought here because she's like a
the lawyer at trial she is introduced this variable into the topic it's not anything i would have ever introduced into a topic but she did and quite rightfully calls into superpower so as long as we keep our heads on straight i think we can talk honestly about this because she does and i think that's that's fair she would probably appreciate it but here's the thing that it has to be said greta is not a scientist is a person who has done a lot of reading and she is developed a point of view that is not so much based on the science she's done because she hasn't done science but rather her ability to trust some people over and one of the elements of
being non neurotypical is a little extra difficulty reading people that's almost you know it is very much part of the definition of what it's like to be neurotypical because the neurotypicals can look at other neurotypicals and say well you're probably thing king an acting the way i would so that gives you a little insight you like well you know if i would have flinched then i see you flinching that probably means something if i would have grimace there in i see you grimace i probably means something is because i would if i would've grimacing and i see that grimace so the it has to be said it just has to be said because it's now introduced into evidence this is nothing i would have talked about except that it's already introduced into our conversation
but there are two things you don't want to rely on when you're trying to tell who's telling the truth and who's credible on climate change number one would be a child right we were all children we can all compare how much we knew when were sixteen to how much we know now it's not the same as it sixteen year olds have partially developed brightness all of 'em not talking about greta talking about all children scientifically conclusively they have undeveloped brains so the first thing you should not pay attention to there's someone who science has conclusively there's no question about there's nobody on the other side of what i'm going to say their brains are partially developed secondly
if the specific problem is you trying to figure out which group of disagreeing people to believe i'm not sure you want to go with the non neurotypical opinion on that because the non neurotypical should just by definition of what that means to be non neurotypical here i'm not i don't mean this is an insult to remember i have great affection for this community it has their big tend to be the big dilbert fans and i love him a lot spend tons of time with natural to non neurotypical i could say i enjoy it pretty much every time you have to say and i think the community would say this of themselves that one there are challenges is reading people so they can't tell new line as well as they would like to and they
they're a little bit do you know a little bit distrustful of things that they should not be distrustful of desert they're just that's the one thing where they're super power doesn't work is sort of like their kryptonite so i would agree with grad who says it's like she has a superpower with her aspergers that's that's a real thing i believe that her power to concentrate and focus is really is powerful and i i'm glad she recognizes it and use it but i'll just put that out there alright of kyle yes who is a big anti trying the guy that i follow and you should too because it's a real interesting voice on china's badness he used the hashtag today the well i'll tell you why first you showed a video which appears to show china with hundreds of a week
minority folks who have their hands bound and their heads i've sitting in rows and then being let off the camps think about this hundreds and hundreds of actual video and it looks real i mean you can't trust you any of these days but you know my judgment is is probably more real than that and it looks like an actual nazi roundup now we in america i'd like to call everybody and not see in fact little greta was being compared to a nazi online because she she has pigtails and there was some nazi icon at pigtails and totally unfair totally unfair you know just like i i rail against people saying that trump is hitler because
it just minimizes what a hitler is alright it's not even close right likewise if there's something about killer that reminds you of greta that's not fair can we keep hitler out of normal political conversation but i'm going to make an excel can refer to china if you are literally rounding up a minority and it's on video and we can see it we don't have to guess anymore assuming that video is real i think it is we're watching it we're watching another holocaust this an actual literal holocaust now you might say they're not killing him but there are certain i'm not letting them live a free life like a regular person so they're killing him in a sense i mean their their hearts might still be beating but they're basically taking their lives away
you could argue that well that's not as bad as the nazis well not yet but how many of them are there yeah and then there's the question of or organ harvesting i don't know much about that doesn't sound good so i saw this hashtag which is hashtag china with z i s added so becomes shine and i thought well let's am i so i'm watching the actual current video of a country that we're doing trade with who is shipping us fentanyl and killing tens of thousands of our people and doing nothing about it while we're asking them to stop at doing nothing about it at the same time we're watching a video of them literally going full nazi literal
rounding up a minority handcuffing them taking them to camps trying to snuff out an entire minority we're watching it like actually with there's a video you know i've been hearing about the uighurs and was troubled by it but when you see it your brain just called you know 'cause as i've told you so many times the the visual element just completely re or any re orient you when something's a concept is easy to ignore doesn't have purchased new rate but as soon as you put it in the picture dan that picture
again ask me it must be demonstrated to our satisfaction that that's a real video and we know what we're actually seeing it's not just some kind of mistake but it's something that is real we have to discontinue all business with china period otherwise we're just betting the nazis and by the way is real step up israel step up right you know how long have we had israel's back lot right the united states part of it well a big part of it is because the the holocaust you know i guess the the idea that the history of at the impact of it it has a big impact on our current situation and how we see things but i think it is real probably used to say we
why hitler looks like and there it is you know the you've heard the same ever again it's happening right now never again wasn't good enough now not rounding up jews but i'll bet they would if there were an equally sized jewish community in china i assume they're just not i just i don't know but i assume it's not don't you think they'd get around it up yep absolutely because they would have a belief system that was incompatible with with the bosses i guess now could be there with the tweakers may have some sheria thoughts that give them a little extra reason for the chinese government to be worried
but there were e cannot justify rounding up and ethnic community as they are so at this point i would say if we do make a trade deal with china we should be ashamed of it yeah we should feel whatever what's the deepest level of shame that you should or could feel is the deepest level of shame would be let the holocaust happen again right in front of you can you think of a deeper shame than that what reinstituting slavery what a deeper shame then doing business with a company that sending you fentanyl by the barrel killing 10s of thousands of where people right in front of us they're not even pretending to
not anymore at the same time there going full holocaust we're going to trade with them seriously would you would you ever buy another chinese product if you do add avoid it alright so i'm going to press again we need to have a law absolutely requiring at least amazon and maybe walmart is something at least the big companies we need to be able to label their products so that we know what is coming from the lacoste regime china is a holocaust regime mail like i'm just going to say it they've gone full fold holocaust
right under your right under your nose and now we've got actual video of it so you can't pretend anymore you know you can't put it off anymore we can no longer do business with china i don't support any trade deal period under the current conditions i am let me tell you about really really really bad customer service you know every company has these customer loyalty programs and sometimes they just help you you know the company get something from it they get your data you purchased date as they can track you you don't care because it helps it helps you you get discounts everybody wins but i'm going to call out one company that has the most abusive custom
or program i've ever seen that cvs now cbs is a enormous good as one of the biggest companies in the country with their drug store prada now the drug the stores themselves are excellent the employees seem the same good so i'd say a good product good to us store employee is great so i have lots of good things to say about cvs and i i frequent them off what you have a customer loyalty program that is designed is seems to screw the customer and i can't leave that store without being
in center incensed a hundred percent of the times i will i shop at cvs i'm happy i got my little products and by the time i'm walking out the door i'm sure you mean with hatred of them because of their customer loyalty program they have a customer loyalty program that makes me hate them with the heat of one thousand suns here's why i've been going there for years and when i pay they'll give me a receipt and this is not an exaggeration that six feet long meaning that i could hold it you know way above my head and it would reach the floor there is enough text on it with potential disk if you buy this two dollars off etcetera the you don't want to throw it away is it as monetary value but there really anywhere you can store it and you don't
i wanna spend time looking through it ok here's the one in clipping it out which i tried to do for a week just as an ex i tried to see if i could comply with their customer service method and and get a good show so christie than i would like go through then we'd find the little one that's like the two dollars off now i know what you're saying i don't need two dollars off right that's not the point the point is how it makes me feel as a customer they've given me this little piece of paper that if i cut it off so now i have to go home and do work right i like using scissors and cut it off now i have to store it then i have to remember to bring it the store and where do you store this little little ripped off piece of paper and what about all the other discounts that i could have used if i buy visine that's you know that was one of the things and if i buy some soap that was another discount do i do i put a three ring
binder together so that i'll remember all my discounts and then leave it in my car just in case i go to cvs so i tried this new plan of trying to comply trying to comply with their program so i could get those discounts uh five trips in a row i walked past the the clip don't discounts there were sitting in my garage so i would not forget them walk past them got my car drove to cvs and then flew into uh age because i was paying more than i needed to because my coupons were left at home five times in a row because i'm not going to keep him in my car and i can't remember to pick them up so i have this just fuming rage a cvs because of their their system
so they made the mistake of sending me emails after my last several purchases asking me for my opinion on their customer service so i took a few minutes to give my opinion on their customer service now to their credit they are i got a response so yesterday their customer service people wrote back very i say promptly professionally again full credit to that group so we're real back to me good job yeah actually offer to a specific suggestion and then also over to talk to me so i i did email back in a minute talk to them to if we can don't know if we'll connect yet but then then she suggested in her email that all
have to do is tell the cashier to transfer me to a digital receipt and i said what all i have to do is ask the cashier to transfer me do permanent digital receipts and then i'll have it all digitally i'm thinking problem solved once his digital all of my manual effort of scissors and remembering to take in everything that's gone all they have to do is pair my earned discounts 'cause they will know who i am they'll know what discounts i earned they'll pair it with my purchases bam perfect but why they ever tell me that right so i go into the store to that same day just to test it and i said to the cat and by the way there's the other good thing that cbs is doing the several of their workers at least locally i think are in their eighties so there are seems that they're consciously hiring senior
dozens and they're doing great work all of the i'm seriously i think about eighty late seventies eighty years old some of their great work so yeah so severe i have a lot of good things to say about the cbs but not this and so here's the kicker i say the cashier like it did you can you sign me up for that very efficiently she says yes ghost were little machine pushes a few buttons and then she says with no for whatsoever she does now you're on digital receipts so you'll get an email of your digital receipt every time every time you buy something instead of the paper like that's great and i go up and then what do i do with them do i have to print them out 'cause i'm thinking
ok then only solve the little of it i'd still have to print it down and cut it with scissors how's that work she goes not enough you don't have to print it out you don't have to print it out like oh alright alright now we're talking she goes the email will have a link and then you can click the link and that will connect that those purchases to your account and then those discounts will be available to you and i said to her why is that step necessary you know who i am so you know what i have purchased and what i've learned in discounts you all so now x exactly what i'm buying next time though that date will all be visible at the same time is that i have to click that link to make my discount effect
and so i said to her you're doing that to make me forget right that's the whole point of it the whole point of it is to make me not do that to lose my fucking discount you absolute cunts you i didn't say that those are the things i was thinking in my head i would say i've never been more angry at your fucking company cvs you pieces of ship it could not be more obvious that your entire game is to make us do not use your god dam fucking discounts you're doing it right in front of me you're doing it in my face using me and you have a fucking monopoly on the goddamn book stores around here so i can't even use anything else really not in a practical way cds owns my old god dam town you fuckin' hassles you fucking assholes right yeah
is anybody else that does anybody else have exactly the same feeling when you go to cvs am i wrong now you have the same feeling this is actually just cussed more and so in your face like they're abusing you so so obviously i can't do anything but have red hot hatred for their and and keep in mind everything else they do is pretty darn good the employees lovely i've never had a bad experience with an employee there there there's store layout the product's even the price is not bad but man man their customer abuse program they need to be all fired i mean everybody there needs to be fired now let's be honest the number of discounts that people
delta claim given the size of that company let me put a number on it for you one hundred million dollars a year maybe i'm just guessing 'cause it's a multi multi billion dollar company how many people like maine don't bring in their receipt and hate that fucking company every time it happens not the only one let me give you the a analog to that it's sort of the local phone company one of our most profitable business lines of business was people not paying their phone bill on time because they would be penalized so we would make not that easy to pay your phone bill on time i could have made it yeah there or some plans floated to make it easier to pay your phone bill what did we say in pacific bell not me personally
well we don't want to make it that easy to pay your phone bill on time because we like one hundred million dollars a year on late fees and then they still pay their phone bill 'cause you have to pay your phone bill you don't want to lose your phone eventually get paid so i do know from the inside the companies do sit there and say well we don't want to make it that easy for the customer let me give you another one apple you know i i told you how how how happy i was with apple's packaging great customer experience on unwrapping my iphone but they don't do everything right have you ever tried to cancel the subscription to an app on your iphone
now most of you say i have i just go in there and i go into my settings and i hit my profile and then i look up subscriptions and look for the one i cancel no problem how many people do know how to go in and cancel an app subscription i had to google it i don't know and i've had apps that have low renewed time after time because i was just sort of too busy to figure out how to cancel the subscription i didn't think was hard it wasn't now i will talk to you all later
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