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Episode 675 Scott Adams: Ukraine Persuasion, How to Know Who is Right

2019-09-26 | 🔗

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  • Dave Rubin’s cancelled Mohawk College event 
  • Bill Gates support for SAFE nuclear will be seen on Obama’s Netflix
  • Democrats hid a key part of the Ukraine story in plain sight
    • The underling to underling concept
  • The “Dershowitz Standard
  • Ukrainian President Zelensky is a student of persuasion
    • Did you catch all the techniques he used in the transcript?
  • Persuasion concept of reciprocity

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but i'm bum bum bum bum bum bum body come on in here it's time for another coffee with scott adams you are about to have one of the best simultaneous sips of your entire month although they sometimes get better and better so come on in here take a seat we've got a fun day good topics good stuff and if you'd like to participate in simultaneous up let's say this is your first time you might need some instructions otherwise you'd feel like you don't belong but i'm here to give you instructions if you'd like to participate in the simultaneous sip you only need one thing b get a couple of monger glasses time michelle is that ankara thermoses last we can't even grela goblet of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid i like coffee join me now for the soul
except put it to your lips when i give you the signal and enjoy the camaraderie the dopamine hit hey the thing that makes everything better go all right so we've got funny news and stupid news here's the stupidest news of the day you know there's some news that you can't label any other way it's like well this is stupid news so you probably all know dave rubin from the rubin report i'll be i think i'm going to be on this show talking about my upcoming book several weeks but this is dave rubin for if there's anybody here doesn't now dave rubin he identifies as liberal as gay an jewish this is important to the following story otherwise
not important but important to the following story he was giving he was going to do a uh an event with seem bear near who i don't know anything about but maybe is a little controversial and it's going to be a mohawk college and then the local newspaper got into it and the here's what they say about dave rubin remember dave rubin is a liberal gay jewish guy important to know before i tell you what the local papers said he was this is the local paper and say dave rubin is a far right at you two personality that parts right and a signal in part of a radicalization process ushering people into the neo nazi movement are you effing kidding me
according to a recently published study out of cornell university which analyzed seventy nine million comments in three hundred thousand videos blah blah now do you believe the day ruben is recruiting people into the kk it into the neo nazis then supposed insanely stupid defamatory is slanderous libelous ladder all those words sound like to me it is so bad that is so bad i thought i thought i had a bad yeah four of the bill told me i think he's on the yeah the periscope today you heard what happened tries to give tries to give away money give away money is like to give away it is all money
and help other people become part of the process of charity just try to create some kind of virtuous enerji tord giving money what happened to bill pulte for being a charitable good person he had boxed his wife is getting like threatening calls on her on cell phone are you kidding me well what happened to the world what happened now i'll give you a little bit of an update on my situation so you know it was a john cook i can't remember his name but yeah i want to talk about my thing just just say that i'm a i'm pursuing some action against somebody who's just as bad but you know that story all right bill gates has a special on netflix or it's a special enough leaks about bill gates and these bill gates mind and netflix
this is important remember netflix is the obama kind of a what do you call it a production company so obama is working with netflix so nobody would say netflix is something conservatives any kind of outlet right it's clearly identified a little bit more on the left and so netflix decides that the you were the one of the portions of their going to weed out to promote the bill gates his shell netflix the bill gates is one it's not a show it's one one piece of content called bill gates mind i think and they tweet out the part where bill gates is saying that nuclear is the solution to climate change i'm simplifying but that's the sense of it now think about that where is netflix
this isn't some far right hey we like nuclear power it's netflix and is bill gates and netflix has decided that what the world needs to see 'cause netflix as a big footprint right what the world needs to say is that bill gates says that the new technologies and new developments in nuclear are going to be the way i think that's feels like a turning point doesn't it 'cause you got booker and yang and by they're all pro nuclear and of course republicans are almost all pro nuclear so i feel like climate change is largely solved now by solved i don't mean fixed i mean that the path to fixing it is known it's possible
not just possibles durable completely doable so we know how to do it it's just completely practical we can get there it's a lot of work but we know how to get there and here's the hard part the left and the right largely agree now now that what you're watching is the left convincing itself so there is there elements of let's say the the political left who are completely in agreement with the right on this on how to save the world m i don't think you would see this much agreement except that the left the left has also scared themselves into action so as as many people have pointed out if if you're saying that climate change is real in the sense that it's a real near extinction risk so that's the art whether it's an extinction level horrible cataclysmic future
if you believe that and of scared brownside into believing it suddenly the risk of nuclear seems irrelevant because you could actually let me let me put it in direct terms you could lose two or three nuclear plants you know just something bad happens and it would still be totally worth it even if you know a tenner twenty mile piece of land wasn't usable at some point still the cost benefit would be totally worth it now i shouldn't have even said that because as you know the risk for the new techno choose the other the most current types of the nuclear plants have never had any kind of bad event zero never it's only the older technologies that have ever had a bad event so is on board at one about that let's talk about the everybody wants to talk about it you i've got an angle on ukraine the you haven't heard
so you're going to be hearing all the same stories everywhere but let me get it'll take me awhile to work into here but here's the first thing didn't we elect president trump to pressure other leaders for things that we want am i wrong that the reason trump was elected and indeed really the the job description of the president is it should be pushing other leaders it's not exactly why we hired so i was re reading the the ukraine transcript of the phone call transcript yes transcript is because it's not exact in what i saw was a president who is using all the tools of this all and all the tools have been being present basically and he was he was building a persuasive
you know kind of because he did mention things such as you know ukraine's future could be great he did mention you know and of course the context is that there was some money out there that was slated and had not yet been granted but let me ask you this let's say there was no such thing as president trump asking about biden let's say that never happened would you expect that trump still would have uh i told his people to hold off on the money to ukraine until he talked to the leader of ukraine
do you see it yet of course you would because it's what he does every time in every situation the most basic thing that trump does is if he's going to go talk to a foreign leader the first thing you do is you stop that thing you were going to give him you talk to him first let me put it in even more stark terms if you give money to the foreign leader before you talk to him you're fucking idiot am i wrong because the job of the president is to persuade other leaders i'm not wrong on that right we want him to persuade england we want him to persuade china we want him to persuade france we want him
persuade israel that's what he is hired to do so if you send him into a conversation with a foreign leader do you want to send in an armed or on armed armed every time armed now you say to me but wait a minute this conversation was not about to go so if you took the biden part out there wasn't even any anything to talk about it was just hey congratulations for winning your election right so you might say that wasn't really a negotiation situation so why without the biden part why in the world would be held back let me let me give you the answer to that because he's smart that's why do you know why else you would hold back that until you talk to him because
because it makes it a treat when you get it he would pair if he's smart which he is apparently he would pair the gift you know the money that we promised the actual giving of it with the conversation wouldn't you try to pair your conversation your first your first impression with a very large gift of course you so every every reason in the world supports the idea that he should let until he has the conversation you could take biden out of the whole story and it's exactly the same he should not have given them the money before he talked to him
period now part of it was he needs to get the measure of the person 'cause remember there was some question about corruption there was you know who knows what our relationship with ukraine will be exactly until you get the new leader the leaders have to size each other up do you give somebody a whole bunch of money beef are you size them up before you see what what your deal is between leader leader well if you do you're an idiot you're an idiot stopping the money until you have the conversation is always the smartest thing to do if you are the most powerful country in the world an every conversation is persuasion because it is it would have been perfectly reasonable for the president to make it very clear to this guy that he's the guy he's the guy who determines if you get the money not congress
let me ask you this when we send our president overseas to negotiate for us do you want him to go on aren't do you want him to go into a conversation with a foreign leader in for later thanks i don't care about you know because this is the one that gave me the money congress is the one that's i need to worry bout president do you want to send the president on armed into a conversation with another leader now what's the best thing the president could do stop the money from the congress walk the conversation and make sure that whoever is talking to knows who trolls the money then he is armed then he can do his job more effectively all right so take by none of the question and you still if you're smart you stop the money until the conversation i am settling there is something extraordinarily brilliant
in how the democrats are playing this and i don't know that i've heard anybody say this yet so this will be the maybe the first time you've seen it you know i talked a lot about making you think pasta sale so you've heard that from a bunch of times if you can say to somebody just if this is the first time you've heard a car salesman would say well do you do you like the red one or the blue one you know how will this look in your garage so he's making you think past the decision of do you buy the car and make you wrestle with the question of which color is going to be that's a salesman's track to make you think past the decision of buying as if you've already bought it and then think about what it looks like in the future there's a form of that not exactly the same thing with this ukraine transcript and when i tell you you're you're gonna be mad you could be mad because there's there's something they've hidden in plain sight here it's like there's a part of the story this is hiding that is because
this and one on one side revealed that rick the thing they're hiding will just go warp you're going to see it watch this for making you think of whether it's appropriate for the president to let's say pressure another leader and whether it's appropriate to offer some quid pro quo is that's the only conversation we're having right all all the conversation is about whether the president's process was appropriate what is the question we haven't asked the question nobody is asking is is it a fair question if biden is guilty it's a whole different story right if biden was actually do you have something that's all that matters i mean that's changes the whole story because of course the president should have asked about that how about this crowd strike stuff that he also asked about should the president of s about that
yes so the the democrats are making us making the world think past the question of the think past the issue of whether these are good questions the president should get the answer to and they are good questions since president should get an answer to here's the some of the dumbest tanks i've seen them story on on twitter people saying well that's not the president's job that's the fbi his job to figure that stuff out well that's something you say if you're very inexperienced if you have experience working in big organizations you would know that when the underlings try to talk is usually just a road block 'cause underling to underling that the under you're trying to get something annable says not job i don't have authority i don't know reason to work do et cetera
link to underlying is rarely a productive path and when that fails any maybe you try that first but if it fails in a probably did can you move it up to boston boss and then one boss the boss makes an agreement that something is going to happen you tell your underlings and then they can maybe communicate a little bit better and get something done those people who say no it's the fbi you've never worked in any kind of a large organization underling two underlying is rarely a productive path so so it does perfectly appropriate that the bosses talk about that now so anyway did you see the magic trick you also that right that will be made to think past the sale whether not biting thing has any meat to it the whistle you know i introduce
the idea of two movies playing on one screen and we've never seen a better example than this people are reading the same transcript and saying completely different movies and i've been trying to see the other one like a yanni laurel thing where you use use clinton see it and see if you see the other movie on your screen and i can't quite see it which doesn't mean it's not there i you can't really say the other movie is wrong you can only say i can only see mine now here's a little tip for deciding what is real and what is not i talked about this a lot but i want you to apply it to this situation and it's the how to tell who is hello hallucinations are generally additions additions to a scene
it's the hallucinate are is seeing something that isn't there so if you have two people looking at the same data the same content to save anything and one group says oh it's here it's here look at it can you read i mean i'm really is right in front of me and the other group who are also legitimate ordinary adults are looking at the same thing same time and they go oh yeah i don't see it well i don't see anything under those conditions who do you better always better than one who doesn't see it likewise if the two networks i like to use fox news and cnn but you could close to any left and right outlets if one of them is reporting the thing is true and the there is not it's probably not right russia collusion cnn reports is true fox news reports is not
it's not the ones who are seeing it we're seeing confirmation bias the ones who didn't see it were not affected by confirmation bias because they were not inclined to believe true so that people don't see a thing are far more likely to be the ones who are right in the end when try some more i'm going to try some some you don't like uranium one i watched the uranium one scandal for months and months and months people saying it's a big old scandal and i would listen to it even on the surface the way it was reported i would say i don't see anything i don't see anything there i see all the right people signed off i see no shortage of uranium in the world that i see that the mind involved was actually physically in the united states so if we ever dated that we could just take it i mean really we could just take it if it was any like
emergency need and sure enough you've seen no prosecutions i just started i didn't so use that use that standard it's not one hundred percent accurate but as far as i know i can't think of a time in the at least in the political sense that hasn't you can you could do some heine casting with that and well maybe a little bit hard for you to check 'cause if you hide cast with that is going to tell you some of the things you do believe or not real the the embassy sonic weapon attack some people could see it as clear as day i couldn't to me to me that was completely not justin couldn't see a whiff of it and it looks like it probably doesn't exist here
so then the whistle blowers report comes out and just turns out it's secondhand reporting about something he heard in the meeting on the transcript we've already seen so i think that i think this thing is falling apart and then i heard about but i did not see myself so i'll look for some confirma i believe alan dershowitz was on probably fox news yesterday and just took the piss out of the whole the whole ukrainian just no laws broken nothing impeachable i just use the dershowitz standard i urge you wait for dershowitz to tell you what this means in this or other topics 'cause he's the only freaking person on the whole planet who has a shouldn't be legal background who is willing to be honest
is the only one willing to try who also has all the legal credentials the guys become sort of a national treasure in the sense of sorting things out for us all right come here oh howard kurtz had what i think is one of the worst takes on the ukrainian situation so howard says howard kurtz so i am just for context he's on fox news and i don't identify him as being right or left so he's a media critic type so my observation is he tried he does try to play it as close as you can get to the middle one of one of the few people actually tries to do that so yeah i love the show with the way so how records is i'm a big fan of his spot the following
on the the transcript i think is one of the worst here's why what he noted was that when if you read the transcript one of his take aways was at in sort of a test he would put on it to see how important it is you said and i quote but if you flip the script the script if barack obama had asked you green in twenty eleven to help investigate one of the mitt romney uses sons one of mit romney sons republicans would have gone nuclear now first of all that's
true right we all agree that if the situation were reversed because we live in the political world and there's a big election coming up that if you reverse the facts the republicans would be the ones you know going nuclear i think that's a fair statement just because we live in a political world but that has nothing to do with how important the actual event is that's that's a political statement it is politically true that the republicans will lots of democrats do something democrats will go nuts if republicans do something and then if you were if you reverse the situation the other one would go nuts that's true of every situation you can't think of any topic where you couldn't reverse it and the other side would go so using the if i reversed it the other side would go nuts as any kind of a standard reach a decision about how you should feel about it just doesn't connect
i think you should reject the standard of how would you feel if this were reversed it's useful to tell you that you're being biased about it maybe that part is really good as an exercise is for your own your own check you have your bias is really helpful to do so howard kurtz has a very helpful suggestion that indirectly in the sense that you should always reverse it and say oh well with this look like if the other side we're doing it why would i feel the same that's a good question to ask but it has nothing to do with whether it's impeachable has nothing to do with whether it's illegal it has nothing to do with really how you should you should see it because if you're trying to be unbiased
it wouldn't matter what other people would think in other situations that's the least important thing i don't care what somebody else hypothetically would have thought and i think in the local situation i just care about this one all right apparently the president had is given alternate stories for why the money was held one of them was other countries were not pulling their weight and helping you crave i think and i think that was also reinforces the phone call so we judge that to be true then other countries are not pulling their weight and that it was an issue and they had been talking about it that would be good reason to at least hold back the money a little bit just to sort of see maybe maybe maybe a little pressure on other people we don't know if that's the one reason and then another reason the president gave is that ukraine is corrupt needed needed to sort of
feel out the new leader to see if this money is going to go into a corrupt or non corrupt hands and this guy seems to be a corruption fighter at least you know use label that way so here's the thing does it matter that he gave two different stories for why he did it that doesn't strike me the same and and again all use might you know what happens is if the other side had two different stories for something what i feel differently this is now here here's a standard for you if somebody has two or three reasons for doing something oddly all true sometimes you you're thinking about one sometimes you think that's the important one because if you were to say which is more important the the the fact that other countries were not putting in the money not pulling their weight is that more
porn than the fact that ukraine might have some corruption and the money not might not be not be used correctly well on any given day you might think you might reverse those if you're talking in public you might say yeah we're not going to you know it's because the other countries aren't pulling their weight but you're trying to influence the other countries another time if your baby is a press conference or something you might call out the corruption so whether this was a democrat or republican i always give everybody two or three reasons if they make sense if any of those reasons are just ridiculous that you have to reassess but for big complicated situations having two or three good reasons why you're doing it and not exactly knowing how to rank them or which one to highlight first but that's just business as usual the one you want to watch out for is when there are ten reasons i call that the laundry list if you see a whole list of reasons for anything
the reasons why the president is really alien from space whatever once you into a whole number they're probably all bad two or three is normal alright hum here is uh here is my take on that you haven't seen yet president is the lenski of the ukraine is a student of persuasion surprise well here are some pull quotes from the transcript for this look for the pacing so pacing is where you agree and become the other person so watch him agree with and become trump watch this this is a zalenski from the transcript you are absolutely
you are absolutely right mister president say the pacing is already starting we did win big win big win beckley when they when they go and we worked hard for this one two things that trump likes better than anything winning big and working hard enerji and winning the two biggest things that trump cares about zalenski but in one sentence and you said yourself you said yourself well scott that might be a coincidence it might be a coincidence that in one sentence he's reckoning nailing mailing out but is it what when what he did here what he said next he says this is still zelinski says we worked a lot but i would like to confess to you that i had an opportunity to learn from you
since the lenski is saying he learned from president trump then he says we use quite a few of your skills and knowledge and we're able to use that as an example to our elections and yes it is true that these were unique elections so you see is agreeing with everything the president saying and then these amplifying we won big we worked hard and we use your skills to do it now if you say it's just flattery you're operating the 2d world flattery works you know there's no question of flattery is a thing and it works but this is this is nuclear flattery flattery is almost a cover for the fact that these are these are pacing skills here's and then a little bit later this says in response to something the
he says well yes to tell you the truth to tell you the truth that little statement is you just let that in there to tell you the truth 'cause you uncritically here that as truth is coming even though you haven't heard what is it we were trying to work hard because we see work hard again he keeps saying work hard work hard work hard what does this president like better than hard work truck nothing right except maybe money i don't know i mean
loves hard work and he says that we're trying to work hard because we wanted to drain the swamp here in this country i am now of course he is a he was a corruption fighter that was what he was trying to brand itself so the the the the general statement of course you'd expect and say but he uses the president's language drain the swamp remember he's not a native american speaker this lynskey he's he's clever he's clever then the president says something and then solange skinny response he goes yes you're absolutely right not only a hundred percent but actually a thousand percent who who do you know i would go from a hundred percent right two thousand percent
right president trump i don't know any other politician who would speak in that style zielinski is pacing the heck out i mean really really well this is good technique so the whole story that you've been watching is that trump was zhang is a landscape here's the story you didn't watch the landscape was giving it as good as he was getting the los que hacen game and i didn't know that until i read the transcript the landscape is no any at the landscape is learning and he's learning fast it is working he won the election so now listen to try
the negotiator now i said before that you always want to send your your leader and to negotiate he's always negotiating even if he's not negotiating everything a leader does within the leader is negotiation even if they're not calling it that right let's let's agree we're adults all influence use even if they're just trying to be friends as part of the negotiation so there's something the trump sense trump says united states has been very good to ukraine i wouldn't say that it's reciprocal necessarily because things are things that are not good but the united states has been very good to ukraine that's the the print the process of reciprocity
so the president is saying we've given you something meaning generally we're good to you creating a situation where on his own zalenski is supposed to be thinking oh i owe you one right now you're calling it mob talk i would call it just the president doing his job if the president doesn't talk like this is every leader every time he's not doing his job this this is exactly how he should be talking to every leader every time if if you're saying that there's something special about this conversation that i think you're missing some contact this is how the president should talk with every leader fo or friend every time the president should bring the entire weight of the office to every conversation with every leader whole way to the office he should not leave any of that home the whole weight and he's bringing it so like can united this has been very good to you i don't see that
coming back that is frickin exactly why he was elected alright let me be as clear as i can if we send the president into a meeting like this with any any major leader and he doesn't do this he doesn't create the situation that says we've been good to you let's see what you can do for us if he's not creating that feeling he's not doing his job you need another president one who knows how to how to walk into a room and donuts trump knows how to walk into a room and own it now he's got the full weight of the office in the united states behind them and brings it it brings the whole office every time because he's not dumb of course you bring the
call office you bring the whole bag every time why would you leave anything home alright here's some more listen to the lenski do some more pacing so this leslie and that's transcript he says it turns out that even though logically european union should be our biggest partner with ukraine but technically the united states is a much bigger partner than the european union how much does want to hear that he's better than the european union and it goes on and i'm very grateful to you for that because the united states is doing quite a lot for ukraine pacing pacing pacing much more than the your
in union especially when we're talking about sanctions against the russian federation the united states is much better than the european union i saw you watching the stance so trump comes into the dance he says the united states is doing way more than you crane is doing for us how do you counter that if you're if you're just as persuasive as trump what's a good counter to that really good counter that is wow you're way better than the european union because when you say you're way better than the european union how does that trump make trump feel values good where he is that the current situation is good hey i like being
within the european union i love hearing you can set so let's ski in real time cleverly created a new frame which is not the united states verses ukraine who can be better to each other that was trumps frame and it was the right frame to bring the lansky very quickly in real time turns into the united states versus the european union and hey you're winning your way better than the european union this is really really good stuff if you can't see why is unless you won the election your this is actually a good show and then zalenski says i would like to thank you for your great support in the area of defense we are ready to continue and he says frankly we're almost ready to buy more javelins from the united states for defense purposes damn so just told
president that he would buy more military stuff if the president kept being good to you now you didn't say quid pro quo you didn't say quick with pro quo he did suggest that the ukraine has a lot of money to buy some of military equipment that the president would be very happy if was what someone ski is due everything's good easy scouting maybe better he's got some serious game here right trump says the other thing the other thing so when he asked for a favor he was talking about the crowd strike look into the ground straight south but then later on he goes the other thing a so you could you could reasonably say that this is part of the question about i did a favor here here's a lot to talk about buying something the bidens stop the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so
he says a lot of people want to find out about that that's just true right lot of people want to find out about that so so do whatever you can with the attorney general biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it
because it sounds horrible today now the counter to that if you haven't heard it is that the prosecutor was widely considered not effective and not fighting corruption so the work this seems are good reasons that he was fired and that maybe biden had had some good reasons from to be fire that weren't necessarily family related but i don't know what they were so here's the thing is it fair to say that there was some uncertainty both with trump and with all of us about what the bidens we're doing over there the worst right you you and i don't exactly know why it is the hunter biden got paid so much other than it looks sketchy right would you like to know don't we all have a
right now shouldn't we know what was going on if biden is leading in the polls in a match up in the general election it's the most i would say if you were if you were to rank all the things that the president should be doing you can make an argument that should be first if you want to make a rank of all the things president trump should do with the highest priority to the lowest i would say close to the hyest would be making sure that the guy who's leading in the polls to be president united states doesn't have what looks like an obvious conflict of interest with a major country connected to russian how is that not the president's top priority given that you know we don't have a war going on that's a hot war now an economy is chugging along i would say that might have been the president's top priority even if when they look into it there's nothing there there might be nothing there
but certainly looking into it it's got to be a top priority all right then let's ski says i heard the prosecutor was treated very badly no this was still trump saying trump said i heard the prosecutor was treated very badly and he was a very fair prosecutor i guess that's up to debate so luck with everything and then the president says your economy is going to get better and better i predict you have a lot of assets is a great country and he says he has many ukrainian friends so there is the president he likes to paint that picture everything's going to be good for you but it's also sort of suggested that there are good working with each other it might be part of it even though it doesn't state that it's just sort of the proximity to it that makes you think well there's something about this productive you know working with the united states
thanks for your great country something good can happen and then is a let's get throws in that on some trips the united states he stand at trump tower i love that part let's get just like because that and then i stay the trump tower what does that do concept of reciprocity you say to yourself that is such a trivial thing there is no way that the president of the united states is going to be influenced by one guy staying at his hotel he's a billionaire couldn't possibly matter now well somebody saying is flat rate i don't know i wouldn't i wouldn't say that was flattery when he threw in the time that he was staying at trump tower i would say that was closer to the concept of reciprocity i gave you something and here's the thing reciprocity doesn't require you to give the same amount so sales person will say hey can i send you some tickets to the show you know there were a few hundred bucks
so you say yeah i can and then you pick that vendor over the other vendors for a multi million dollar project so the concept of reciprocity does not does not require equal value i could give you a stick of gum for nothing just hey would you like some gum and you will automatically be tuned to being clear to anything that i need later it's how reciprocity works that little comment i stayed at trump tower good stuff good stuff now i don't know who is advising him but i know he used the phrase win big and i would be super
hi is this nobody on the ukraine team red when daily yes i am so i'm gonna run i've got somebody coming but i am just where is the lynskey on the world stage here's my prediction zelinsky is going to be bigger than ukraine zaleski is going to be bigger than ukraine because of skill that's my prediction that's all for today i got to go do some other stuff and i will talk to you later
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