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Episode 678 Scott Adams: PART1 Taking Guest Calls on Any Topic. Critics Welcome

2019-09-29 | 🔗

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  • Ask Me Anything Episode PART1
    • Guest questions included Outrage Theatre, Persuasion, Politics, Nuclear Energy, Climate Change, Presidential Candidates, and more

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Pom pom pom pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, pom, hey everybody, wake up, wake up it's time for coffee with scott adams today will be an off the hook, episode totally off talk Because I'm going to take calls from guests and if you haven't noticed, I've got a few critics lately. Yes, I do hey bill can watch the show, it might be. A might be a lively one today. Now part of the reason I'm taking questions is because there's no news whatsoever. The news today is just repeat from yesterday. Just if you look at the news should just say see yesterday, that's about it, but before we get going I know you want to enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of the simultaneous sept dopamine hit. That makes everything
and all you need is a sing along sing along a copper mug are glasses sign that child is a tanker to thermoses alaska county in the grail, a goblet of vessel of any kind filled with your favorite liquid. I like coffee, join me now for simultaneous separate go. Ah, alright, as promised. I'm going to take some calls any topic you like the only thing you can't be is long winded and boring got it, so it can be any topic, but well, I probably stop here if it's something x rated, but it can be any topic. any criticism. It just kept a long, winded or boring see we got
Looking for somebody who was looking for a fight, I'm going to I'm going to prefer people who show a picture so Let's add to song. Well, that may have worked tucson sun. Can you hear me. Did, I pronounce your name anywhere near correctly, yes to phone, that's exactly what I said perfect all right. What is your question for me? I have a question regarding because I read your book when beckley you talked about it and you talked about movies in your head. Yes and all the Movies told you that trump was going to come to win correct, but you recently said that the movies in your head
telling you, the camallo was going to win, but now she's on the ropes? No, the I've made predictions based on different strategies. for predicting. So when I've used persuasion as the primary variable when, when there something special about the situation, where that one variable stood out, which is rare. Normally everything is a multi. I'm trying to keep my cables with my cat was going to. Normally there be lots of variables and you'd have to assess the mall and that's difficult in the case of trump running. For president, his his toolbox of skills was so extraordinary. It was sort of like watching We go to a stick fight, but instead of bringing a stick, you brought a flame thrower. So in that very special case it was it was a mismatch. So that's what allowed me to to call that correctly. Now, in the case of kamala, I did not make any predictions based on her
persuasion. 'cause. I didn't really know what it was. I haven't really watched her to know she. Persuasion. Game turns out. She doesn't. She has no persuasion game, one of the worst I've ever seen in a politician I facing entirely on what the democrats would think would be their best chance to win, which would be somebody who who checked enough boxes. You know senator california, woman person of color had experience as a senator who was young enough. So is a demographic call which, under the only way that I saw that that could go wrong way. one of the ways that went wrong so either something weird happened. It should pull down to then I'd be wrong and, of course, you can't predict that the other thing that I suppose I should have been more aware of, but I didn't see coming yeah, I had a blind spot for it. Is I really didn't imagine any candidate who could be that bad,
actually it just jumps off the page. When I see her in public, I think oh that's worse than every person who, in an interview on every news station today, every part the senator every congressperson person, every every non political person who is just a pundit one hundred percent of them do better every time they appear on tv, the well comma does every time she appears on tv. I was a follow kamala on twitter and I hate to see pictures of her laughing. It's so unpresidential. Crazy. Yeah- and I don't know if she has any friends or advisors who can tell her directly- is your cackle. You have to get rid of the cattle that doesn't work for anybody. Add to answer questions. Yes, thank you very much. I thank you yeah. We will. Look for another guest and don't be afraid of being a critic.
Looking at your pictures, looking for whoever looks like they might be contentious so alexander, coming at me who apparently alexander has left is left. Let's go for richard richard come at me. Can you hear me? How are you I have a question for maine? Well, I'm wondering about adam shift in his of testimony the other day. Wouldn't it be perjury in less he later later that it was parody before he did it or After he it even now, no because it was close enough to being obvious parity that you have a defense. You know you, don't really you can't convict people on main big us stuff. You know things like that would have to be really really cut.
I did and that wasn't. Even when I listen to it, I remember listening to it the first time before I knew it was parity, and I even I could tell well he's making stuff up and then we got toward the end and he explained why he was saying it was a yes to was parity. So if there's somebody who's a. A regular watcher who can tell it's parody it not a defense that maybe somebody else could so so this site, your question. Well, The sound like that everybody takes away, though, and it's it's play the song. It's not one thing. What's up with him up Just laying low is dishonest and it's an very effective, but it's also what both sides are doing,
all the time he did it in a particular way, when every time, every time either side make some wild exaggerated claim, you know they're all, even if they become falsified later the claim is still out there. Yeah, unfortunately, that you just have to look that look at that as persuasion, but it does Fall into a protected class, he is legally allowed to do that with no penalty whatsoever, except whatever, whatever penalty voters are from games, but there's that
yeah, it's a really bad yeah all right. Thank you for the question. Thank you take another and by the way you can come at me, don't be shy. You got a problem with anything I've done and I'm sure you must all right guest. Can you hear me thanks doc? What what's your name? Darryl? What's your question for me there well yeah! I was going to comment on that of shifting, also just how effective it's gonna be r as the persuasion, but the other caller covered out. So the two movies thing: what can we do to try to merge the two movies because it looks like the country's just? So why did in living in two different realities?.
How what what can we do to try to bring that more to gather you can't just impossible yeah. I know you can't you can't bring the bulk of the people anywhere. People are so locked into their team and because it's a team sport, the people who were as let's say, the thought, leaders on each side. I don't want you to change teams. So as long as your team is saying, no no don't go to that other team they're all bad and we will mock you and the people you love, will no longer care for you. If you go over there, people are locked in there's some few people who are in a strange situation, in the middle, who maybe for whatever reason, haven't committed, maybe they have a single issue that would flip them. One way or another I mean I could think of if I thought about it for a minute, come up with a single issue that I would care up about enough, that it would-
probably pretty easily. I could do that, but now it is not a reasonable goal to try to bring it all together into one movie and by the way it's never been one movie, there's never been a time that that was true. The only thing that's different is that we can see that both teams at this point, can see it's a different movie and remember for those of you've been watching. This is what I predicted it would happen so in twenty fifteen. I predicted we'd, be here roughly in the next few years, because of the way trump was teaching us about the fluidity and subjectivity. of truth. Now what I mean is his style was so freewheeling in terms of the facts that he completely ignored You know the details of this is technically true and most you said well, nobody could get elected into those circumstances. An eye
that. Not only will he get elected but he's going to change, how you see reality and this two movie thing is the primary change I think before. If you'd said, why do people disagree In fact, I'd be on this use your own memory, um, say five years ago. If the two sides disagreed. What would you have said about the other side? You say their stupid, their uneducated there. they're selfish and they haven't looked into it hard enough. And you would just say well, there's more people in dumb people in the world. Thank god I'm one of the smart ones. Meanwhile, the people you're talking about would be having their own conversation and it would be It's just like yours. Well, they disagree with me 'cause their stupid and selfish, and they haven't looked into it. So that has changed now and we understand that people of similar intelligence are
full size. It was never about intelligence and it was never about how much you understood or researched, those things changed. Nothing and you can demonstrated by watching person after person who does the research you know, and there smart people on both sides. It there's just no there's no way to do and the idea that all the smart people ended up on one side is objectively observe a believe, not true. So the model that now what people have moved to is that even smart, well educated well informed. People can be in a bubble and they can see the other bubble, but here's the change this they couldn't see their own bubble. That's what I'm going to change with my upcoming book, a loser think so loser think is designed so that you'll be well the other peoples bubble pretty clearly, but you were already there. You know
I think most of us could see the other people's bubble. What you can't see is your own. So I'm going to help you see your own at the same time using the others, so you'll see your own through the process of seeing other people in there bubbles and then You'll you'll learn that maybe you're the one in the bubble on some topics, not every topic also. I also have a guest recommendation. Okay, if you could get back brad course scale on talk about social media and what they're going to try to do
I think that the really informative for it's real good, that's real good idea. All I will add him to my short list yeah, because what they're going up against google and facebook is probably going to be the biggest challenge. This means that I have yeah for sure all right. Thank you. So much. Thank you. Scott all right, we'll take another color yeah brad for scale would be a great gas would. This is swift.
Is missus with live hello? Are you there? I am there. Do you have a question for me? Yes, are you did such a good job? I thought with your letter to the children regarding climate change. I was wondering if you would consider doing something like that about a talent, stacked children, for example, in school kids, are given goals. When I encountered a kid the other day who said well, I'm not going to do anymore because I reached my goal of doing you know problem saying you need a system to go forward. Not just is wondering if you could still take that with a letter or an essay or something like that. Well, so I wrote
I wrote in my book: it had a field, almost everything and still win big, so that book was written for somebody use fourteen or older, and it has these systems versus goal at the talon stack. A lot more to put in context so is really written for some of the who who has learned a lot, might have potential, but they haven't figured out how to have a strategy to put together all the things they do into something that, and I know that a few people have summarize the book if you can believe this or somebody who who writes books there is a summary of other people's books and puts it on amazon. So, if you had to, you can find the shorter reviews, the shorter book version- and I think, if you google, to find other people have summarized it, but you make a good point. There might be some kind of entry level,
right summary of that they could go to go on to pages and we make it digestible by the class. All think about that. That's actually pretty good idea. Thank you. All right, we are. Your signal is breaking up, so I'm gonna go to another caller. So that was an interesting. I I might. I might do that if I get a little band as they say, let's go to cancel. cancel, can you hear me hello? Are you there? Do you have I'm good? You have a question for you, of course, the you know what I like to say: I'm a big fan of your work. Thank you live from singapore. So how do you see? Did you political situation with pan out, given all the saber rattling by the democrats presently
Which situation in particular the car move to impeach? Well, I would you know, I think, the I I see we lost your connection, but I'm going to guess that I can still hear me or you can hear them play I I don't. I don't think anybody thinks impeachment is going to happened in the sense that it would go all the way through the senate and the president would be removed from office? So I think most people see that as a political effort there. Maybe I don't know what percentage of democrats are there. You are again hansel. I we lost the connection, but I'll give you the answer publicly here. I don't think there are too many democrats who think this is really a an impeachable.
Rises to an impeachable situation and anything that the president is doing, but for political reasons they want to, they want to act like it is, so I think it's mostly theater and by the way have you ever tried calling people out for theater. I've done it and it just stops people cold. You can stop a conversation like that when somebody has the fake outrage online or something- and so is like my god, my god. How could this person have possibly said that? Can you believe it all what words? The words are hurting me with their words? Yes, all you you get that person online. Have you ever just said to you, your your theatrics are noted. Your shakeout rages noted. I I'm sometimes uses your your artificial outrage or your fake out. Your phony outrage is noted. When you
call somebody out for phony outrage, it stops at like that. You should try it at home. The next time you get there. The phony outrage just say you're funny is noted and don't don't treat it like it's more than that, because it is completely phony don't, when people are outraged on behalf of other people, there not outraged, that's theater, people are socially acting out their outrage in a way that they think will position them well with whoever's watching. So, if you call as outrageous theater it stops. It because everybody knows that's what it is when they're doing it, so you probably have noticed or isn't done appointed that I rarely given to outrage theater when I'm outraged. I want people to die. I mean like I have real outrage. Is so, for example,
when I'm outraged that china is sending us boatloads of sentinel and killing tens of thousands of americans, I'm not that's, not pretty and our age when you hear me say that when I say that I want to chinese citizens dad that's literal, I want them actually not breathing anymore, a lot them executed for killing tens thousands americans. So when you see me outraged, I try. Maybe maybe I failed one point or another. but I certainly try to make sure that I'm not going to pretend I'm outraged. Unless I want somebody dead or be on, Removed from office or something important otherwise, if it's just because somebody got upset, I'm not going to be more upset for them. Then they are then they are for themselves if you've offended whatever group or entity. Maybe you could be offended and may
you have a good reason to, but I'm not gonna be more offended than you are on your behalf. You know third party offenses in the thing, so call it out call out the theater of outrageous stops immediately. It's it's a good track. Alright, let's take somebody else. Let's go to steven or steve. I can never tell, but we'll find Steven or stephen. Are you technologically connecting to me? It doesn't look like that's going to happen 'cause. I hope that we are steven steven is a steven receiving steven. I know I do I do this 'cause. I have a friend named steven. Alright anyway, so can do you have a question for you? Did I lose you bad connection on palm strikes? Somebody else.
Uh somebody has somebody has an account named to the jacob wohl bravery museum. I'm not not going to pick that one! That's pretty funny! I'm a super badass. I'm choose people who have actual photos for their profile, hello user. Can you hear me caller you very well great? What's your name? Thank you. Sergio good to have. You do have a question for me: yeah the the questions on the used, so I want to say that again on the what are the what used to be there crestor? Yes, yes, yeah so a few days ago, are you notice that it was being juice? He like a weapon
in the usual sense of it, and you said: I'm gonna be activated the war right and I still okay, you start using it and there are still ever. You know if you had seen that you had been working for the wrong two years ago and yet seen jill being used very dark, yeah and right word. What would you have done back then to deactivate award or is that what you're trying to do now? The dark word? is really hard to deactivate, because it's a tough one to turn against your enemy You notice that the fake news is something that the president has been using. Quite effective To de legitimize his his critics, both in the press and and otherwise and fake news, was originally used against trump, and trump supporters, so is originally used against them, but he says he
as the more powerful voice. He gets. All the attention he's good at brand. He just took the weapon out of their hand and said no you're fake news, and I'm going to make that my thing about you and the debt is one of the greatest persuasion. Moves of all time is taking the phrase fake news snatching the gun out of their hands, turning it around and using it effectively. Now you couldn't really. You could really do that with dark, because dark is designed to fit a specific candidate right, there's something about trump. The people were worried about in general, and then they put a word to it. Wouldn't have worked as well on hillary. He would need a different word that people already were primed to think about her, but grifter is such a gym. Let's say such a fresh word answers and it's flexible enough that it kind of works on everybody which is part of its power. What part of what allows you to deactivate it is that it can be overused.
You know, in other words, dark is something that people on twitter are unlikely to call each other. It was a very specific word that kind of couldn't work for anybody, but trump at that time. Where is after you can call everybody brister. So by over using it you can you essentially dilute it until it's this homeopathic, a bunch of water? That means nothing. Thank you for the question. Thank you, sir. Alright, I thought I was going to get more critics here, but I suppose that's ok. If I, if I don't. All right lease a lot coming.
You can hear me liza. Do you have a question for me? Well, not really a question so much. I guess I want to push back a little bit and something that you said the other day about reddit turn burke. This is a, I hope, all right grant. So there is a word that you had called her in people like her. They have there on the autism spectrum, but you're talking about hold these cut. People can't really lie all they can. The cat is just a it's. It's very different in their situation was you're. Just gonna fax me a lot yeah a little bit just because I have a lot of people like.
That my family and I can tell you that they absolutely can lie. That was really really well, but they just happen to believe their their lies yeah. So that would be a fair thing to say. Yes, everybody could lie. I don't think the probably not many exceptions to that, but the difference is that. People on the spectrum are more likely to be socially honest because it's a little less obvious to them that you might take it wrong So what I'm talking about the canali? That's really more in the social contacts, but anybody could let's say if they, you know wrecked their car and they needed to lie about it, stand jail or something whatever the situation was. Everybody could do that. Yes, you're you're, absolutely right, okay, the direction that was where that was worth saying. Thank you. Let's take let's take route, one.
Raul, if you connect in a minute, your technology is working role. Are you there hello, Do you have a question for mirela yeah? I thought I just take a little bit of a critical side just to give you a little more of that perspective. Thank you, yeah. Just to help the conversation. One thing I'm really concerned about is what I call conflating the bad guy with people who the bad guy, whatever they've done. That's bad, a perpetrator or whatever, with people who share the same characteristics such as the same nationality, ethnicity or a particular characteristic, such as gun owners for nationality, be chinese, and when I mean specifically, is it if for a lot of people as a foreigner myself and my background, is I'm particularly sensitive this, but as a foreigner myself
What happens is a lot of people? Don't they they don't really make it a necessarily a distinction lose your connection a little bit. I think where you go, bring with that was, we should speak with more precision about when we're talking about the government of china versus the people of china. The people of china, as far as I know, are awesome. As far as I know, I mean the people. the chinese citizens who immigrate to this country you first generation the second generation all awesome, some some are members of my family as it turns out. So yes, it is. It is that's a good, that's a good that that's a good practice ever once in to step back and say you know when I'm really against the chinese country, that's about the government and that's about the government situation, but the people
love them. I'm always careful about that. When I talk about a ram The iranian people are amazing people and we would love to be closer to them. It would be productive and the official for everybody, but the government over and this problem. I could do that better. When I talk about china and you're absolutely right, I think that's a good, a good correction. I'll. Take that correction. Now look for opportunities to make sure that I'm clear about that. I think that's a fair statement. All right- let's go to dan dan just jumped in here, he's ready to go.
Dan dan dan. Can you hear me dan hi thanks for taking my call? What was your question there? Well, I spoke to you a few months back about the death penalty and I don't know if your member id asked to fire. You mean ninety seconds and I could change your mind. I didn't but that's, okay. I you're very influential and I appreciate all your work and I just wanted to know if you made any decision on changing your mind on support of the death penalty. Why would I change my mind what nothing's changed since I made my mind up in.
but that the reason I ask is because I I noticed that your statement basically is if you support the death penalty if found guilty and now let me let me that's not exactly my view. So, if you're going to go to criticize it, you need to stop, and let me give you my view and then see if you still chris, okay, sure yeah. The only cases that I would be in favor of the death penalty would be is if the crime is somewhat horrific and I'm not gonna to you know, identify the dividing line between what is horrific enough, but, let's just say conceptually something horrific enough. For example, if you were a major fentanyl dealer and responsible for, doesn't ask that, would that would be the death sentence. In my mind, that would be horrific enough. I was just just as one example, but here's the thing in order for the death penalty to be effective, this is my own
you you should need something that would guarantee the person was at least present at the at the time of the crime. Like a dna. as opposed as opposed to a an eyewitness that's unreliable. So if you can't place the person scientifically with let's say a video, a picture dna print. Then I would not be in favor of that, even if they got a conviction, because that leave a little bit too much doubt in my mind that you've got an innocent person. I would never ever support the death penalty based on the eyewitness account alone or plus you know, I plus some. You know. Trivia information is supported it. So, given that distinction that you'd have to know the perpetrator was in the room at the time of the crime and and connected to it,
Go ahead: go ahead. Do you sell ice? Is that no that's fine, but if you're, where the amount of people that are actually put to death by the state, there are actually found innocent afterwards and found the end yeah, so people that are being released even even up to today can read articles about people being released and the mine being at the police, ng thoughts and and witnesses heads, and that also has to this kind of stuff. That's why my in my room? rule is to work against that, because the odds of somebody being convicted for murder and they were in the room, co, incidentally, but they weren't the murderer. That's pretty low So, yes, there is it's not really. The argument, though, is the if found guilty part I mean there is clearly innocent people being put to death right That's? Why that's why my rule that you have to have some scientific way to place them
pretty sure that close to maybe one hundred percent of the people wrongly convicted to die was based on eyewitness testimony. What do you say? No well yeah, but many incompetent legal system lawyers who are on incompetent, bad bad policeman? That mean there's a lot of you. You need all of that, but that actually happens those see if found guilty, or they don't believe. I don't believe, there's any case where they had somebody's dna at the murder scene, the of big of the accused, I don't believe we've ever had somebody who had their dna found at the murder scene. And then later was found to be innocent. I believe that situation have been put to death for far less than that for just witness. so it sounds like sounds like run the same same side there thanks for the question I
That was one of those cases where we're on the same side. By acting like we weren't, I get those situations, a lot where people imagine they're disagreeing with me, but they're. Not so, let's see, if amber, has something trying to mix up the the elections, but I've got more men than women. Listening to this can you hear me, do you have a question for me amber? Actually I want to speak to and if I can, the first one is a personal thing. I was really intrigued by your description of coffee. After you've got your sense of smell back in iowa. I wondered about in particular what it was like to get your head shaved by christina after you had your sense of smell back or if there was any incident that was particularly interesting to yes. So when I
my sense of smell back after a decade or so of not having smell or taste that that happened recently. If anybody's just joining us, it was at first overwhelming, and I'm sure that might since the snow came back in, let's say in as a whole or if it kind of came back in parts or something because for the first several days, everything's, smelled, flowery and perfume me to the point where it was grotesque, I got there was just so much smell and then and then it started to settle down a little bit, which is what I expected. I expected that my brain had not been used to filtering these new inputs and it took awhile to take the you know the avalanche of of your smells over coming at me and my brain. Presumably this just an assumption that needs to know how to filter it,
keep it from intruding. On my thoughts all the time you know it's sort of sort of just you know filters a down until I'm just knowing things that I care about or that or different or or this is something that might be dangerous. I suppose so I'm giving I'm a little closer to that. But my sense of smell is crazy. Now, hey you know, I'm like my ability to pick up smell. When I enter the room, I can enter a big room and go, and I can see a a little bottle or something in the corner, and I know it's,
actually was, and it is like it's crazy right now. I don't. I don't know the case. Last yeah was the second question. Well, the second one was: I saw an article from american thinker about hillary. Did you see that one? I did not well it. It was kind of interesting because it was talking about her. She seems like she's getting back into her fighting sort of image and that she seems like she might try to get back in the race. Wants biden gets booted out, so it's just I I I I didn't put a lot. Is taking it, but I just thought it was interesting to think about yeah there's one new way that she would find a way back in. No, I I think that uh the odds of hillary, giving in our zero but hillary being smart and hillary apparently liking the limelight, and she apparently enjoys the speaking in the writing of the books and the attention of the interviews and stuff
I assume she would be doing it less. You like that, there's something in it for so it's sort of a perfect situation. Do you remember in in the last election, when mark cuban us sort of publicly flirted with the idea of running for president yeah? I I said at the time that it was a brilliant thing to do, because it it put a man in the conversation as president. So even if you decided not to do anything which you that's when he decided at least that cycle, we all started. Think of it. Thinking of him as a legitimate political candidates, because we've been talking about so I always said it was brilliant to make the country talk about it. Even we no, maybe not to a serious consideration of running that time. 'cause his sets them up that if he ever decides to run the future, while the public's already primed they've already had the convo
asian about him and he hasn't worn a cell by actually running for office. Yet so it's going to really in the winter. You think it's that are you trying to say that it's just not ever going to happen, or do you think it's that she would never really tried, like? I think, there's a shift now says: there's no chance! She'll try my take on it is that she knows that she didn't start early importer best effort into it in line up all of her advisers, and everything was going to happen. Yeah, I think she knows. The country is a little bit exhausted weather, but it's still very smart for her to make us talk about, because the talking about is what gets written speaking she's up at work. It's what makes you want to buy a book as if this nightmares all right. I thank you for that. Moving on and next caller it is I'm going to a temperature? Let's see how closely I came to pronouncing that name right tub
here. Come at us. Will your tech well. You work it. It's spinning and it's doing nothing if it doesn't do anything well, I will try something else. Ok, that one went away. Let's try slow night, slow night, hello, night club night. Can you hear me I can hear you what's your question for me today. So it's a two part question: scott. Okay, on one hand, what do you think is the most efficient way to elect a president, and the second part is being that a lot of people don't have knowledge of sufficient knowledge of politics. Why should that you can be a
how to vote? Ok, the most efficient way to vote, I would think, would be some system where you could vote with your electronic device, your phone, your laptop or whatever, but here's the key that while you're voting, a video, a video is taking of you floating your face and your fingers touching the things that you wanted to touch and maybe give you some kind of receipt and then also maybe giving you some way to electronically check later to see that your vote recorded the way you the way you did it. So you have some kind of a password fingerprints system or something is that you as an individual could check after the votes have been counted to make sure that the database that has your vote, you know you have some kind of a connection to it. You can see I got recorded and recorded correctly.
Now, as long as every person who votes and has a video of their device of their actual face in the in the in the most awful of voting they, I can always check themselves to see their video was correct and anybody. Whoever wanted to check the validity of the vote could check against their id, for example, and against. the actual video and they could look at the id and look at the video and say this isn't the same person and and maybe your your device is giving you a location at the time of your vote. Let's say if you're, not if you're, not within the voting, pulling range that you would have walked to. Maybe it doesn't count unless you say you're an absentee or something so. In other words, there probably is an electronic system. There will be way better than what we're doing like war way way better, because right now you saw on project,
to us, I think, was just a james okay on the last election. He walked into a polling place without his id and they said sure you can vote You don't need the id like that actually happened. You could completely eliminate that with an electronic one that that anybody could go check now. Your second part of the question was remind me. The second part. we lost them. Somebody remind me the second part of the question. It was how to make getting better she. I was a good question to Somebody remind me in the commons each well, maybe if let's see if he came back if you did, I might have to ask him back in the pom pom pom pom the bubble. We lost connection to that.
Darn it, that was a good. I remember it was a good question. I was going to do the first one, so I could get to the second. But let's take another one. Nancy, can you hear me coming out just as it you don't sound like a nancy, hey, I got a lifestyle question sure I kind of I guess, I'm in my fifties and like the last few years I kind of hit the wall, and I mean here I know everyone's different and I'm just trying to figure out a way of
you you're the one you're the wall in your career you mean, or in your life now off physically energy wise. Well, I I will suite. We've got a bad connection here, so I'm gonna try to answer your question without hearing all the details, if you don't mind so my book had a failed, almost everything and still win big. I talk about systems for your for your diet and sleeping and service My observation is that when you're young, you don't need to do anything special you've got more energy than you actually need. But when you get older right, you know you need to do just about everything right and by the I mean you really need to take care of sleeping
and having a system for sleep. For example, I'll just give you a sense of it. Part of my system is, I always get up around the same time real early, and I always try to go to bed around the same time. Don't ever do the well it's the weekend, so I'll stay up till three hundred am because I can sorry my cats getting in the way here. So you need a system, you need a room, that's completely dark! You need a need to not do other things in there besides romantic things, plus sleeping because otherwise you associate those things with your and you don't want to so she your bed with reading and watching movies and stuff. Because then that's that's what your body gets used to in the keeps you awake instead of going to sleep so the whole the whole bunch of things. You know you could just google how to get better sleep, but likewise you need to make sure the not eating too many carbs the other day. Just as an example, I had some french fries for lunch, which I would normally just never
and it ruined the rest of my day. No, you start noticing that if you eat the wrong foods for lunch, the rest of your day is toast it takes you a long time to realize that that's not a coincidence and it probably even be noticed. If you were, if you were nineteen, you probably would even though this difference, but in my current age of a french fries for lunch, I'm I'm done doing everything for the rest of the afternoon. If I don't take a nap, the my old Is gone and so look for that correlation between bad carbs and young sugary things and simple carbs and your and and then the other thing is working on your fitness, because if you,