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Episode 682 Scott Adams: Trump Campaign Ads, Chinese Tainted Pork, Subjective Reality, Citizen Participation

2019-10-03 | 🔗

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  • 2 top-shelf campaign ads released yesterday by Trump campaign
  • Has North Korea ALREADY received a “security guarantee”?
  • A million pounds of tainted pork from China discovered
  • Two-way communication: President Trump and the people
    • Eliminating the middle-man media filter
  • WaPo article mocks President Trump’s followers
  • Quid Pro Quo attack on President Trump is now…
    • …Quid Pro Joe
  • President Trump’s typos, so what?
  • CNN Cillizza’s funny article that wasn’t intended to be funny
    • Karma has come to visit Chris Cillizza and CNN
  • “Biden and his son are stone cold crooked and you know it”
  • Why isn’t Narcan anonymously available to the public?

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bum bum bum bum bum bum hey i just notice people are coming on line to watch maine grabaseat gather round there still room still room in the internet so what a fun day i love it when the news is all funny i think well in this country right there's a tragedy in france but news of this country seems to be all the funny kind kind i like and we can enjoy it together with a little thing called the simultaneous coming yeah it's coming at you fast and all you need is a couple of my glasses diner cellist anchor in terms of alaska camp david grail a goblin or vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid
i'm partial to coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine had the day the thing that makes everything better oh it's going to be a good one this time simultaneous hip go oh simultaneity of that it was sublime well of course i know you want me to talk about to video campaign video ads he just came out with he meaning his team two of the strongest best campaign ads year ever going to say look what time it is i mean we've got a lot of time between now and the election apparently they
smelling blood in the water and they just unloaded the just unloaded the magazine into joe biden so the if you didn't see them they're just classics and here's here's something that we can now say with a certain degree of confidence is probably going to be a scene for future trump as and the theme let me funny because funny works funny works every time in this letter the latest two as well talk about a moment were both funny without a punch line they're just hilarious just because of what they express just let the ideas themselves are actually left the fall down
hilariously funny so what the most famous one that he did yesterday or was released yesterday was showing joe biden saying that he'd never had a discussion with hunter biden's son about his overseas business with ukraine and i think that cups immediately from by the saying that to go back to the band i guess there's a video in a music video which they hold up a photograph and place of whatever photograph was there in the originals how long was the golf photograph of joe biden his son and the ukrainian board member who was golfing in there for some some other random guy so
it's hilarious because of the way they juxtapoz at and the way they throw in the nickel back because when you see the nickel back you left anyway you just automatically nickel back because nickel back is the only bands well are they there might be another one but i can't think of another band where would you just say the name of the band is start laughing nickelback and so many people have you know a feeling about nickelback now of course unknown music expert and they've been hugely successful so i'm not the one who says that art is subjective i would just note that the way the public receives this band is sort of with that a little bit of a priming to laugh because they are used as a punchline so often so it was sort of the perfect video
because when you see him saying that i mean you see the picture yes it's really devastatingly hilarious because it's so effective and because his nickelback so sort of ridiculous at the same time it sort of perfect i mean you couldn't you couldn't make it better add to that now if i'm being objective i don't believe that the photograph disproves will biden said because he was kind of specific about what he said said i haven't discussed it with my son that's not the same as saying i never met a guy you work with i've golfed a lot and i've never talked business during golf while i haven't golf that much but you know i've golfed and i don't really talk business
just doesn't happen so well i don't think it's innocent when somebody golfs with the vice president a sitting vice president you know it's sort of always business i think it might be technically true that he didn't have anything like a substantive conversation about hunter biden zone he's actively pot the campaign that is just as effective in the way because it looks like in the answer to the question that makes might look like a liar so the people will receive at the way it was intended they probably won't lawyer it up like i just did the other one was just as good because it showed a whole bunch of older clips of trump impeachment nemeses sees all saying that impeachment is taking away the will of the voters of course they were talking about clinton i think
so is everything from maxine waters to nancy pelosi you too we his name the penguin i can't remember his name that'll it shows all of them saying in the clearest passionate language that impeachment to simply change the results of an election is wrong it's devastating i is really effective so i would say that the trump whoever is doing their digital stuff man i got some good people so i don't know who's in charge of that is that brad park scale good where it is is there a calendar sorry that was a lot of fun indeed predictably it looks like nickel back probably complained it looks like there was some kind of a take
down notice for it but of course as soon as it's taken down somebody else repost it so it's hard for twitter to stay out of it and i'm sure i'll say this with complete certainty the team that made this new that it would be taken down they knew that right they knew if they put something up with some some famous rock bands song on it in a political context you knew it was going to be there was going to be a complaint you knew it was going to be taken down but isn't that part of the fund you know that is part of the fund because the taking it down is not is not a bug that's a feature
one is the only way to get this two bumps up publicity one is when it goes out and it's funny too when it gets taken down that's your second bumper pull it publicity and then people want to see it even more and they're going to go looking for it say where can i see that forbidden video it's sort of perfect i don't know if there's any kind of and me that you can get for making these campaign videos that's like two emmy worthy videos on one day and it's like months ahead of the election i mean how much how much better it can they get between now and that's pretty impressive let's talk about something else um hour
i guess our border patrol discovered one million pounds of infected chinese pork headed our way and they lied about i guess whoever was shipping it lied about the contents now you might not know that pig ebola which is a thing may have killed two hundred and twenty million pigs half the population of pigs in china that's how big a deal is half and they just sent us knowingly knowingly in other words they falsified what the contents they knowingly sent us one million pounds of infected chinese pork now i'm somebody said well i don't think that poor he can get into our pigs and less you know there's some weird situation where
are pigs were eating the other pigs so i don't know if that's true is that like mad cow or a cow has to eat the other cow to get mad cow i don't know uh i don't know how that works but here's what i do know if another country sends you one million pounds of infected pork and they lie about the contents that country is not your friend that's not a country you could do a deal with you do a deal with that country not even a little bit so yet more evidence that um now yeah and the other thing if you get chinese pork
do you ever wonder how much of that is actually prisoners like i'm just going to take their word for that most of it comes from pigs but does any of that meat come from dissidents would you know the difference just going to put that out there all oh my oh my oh today there's a bill in congress i may have mentioned this before but it's worth mentioning again it's bipartisan now why this is important is that with this impeachment stuff going on that it seems as though nothing can get done to even if both sides agree so let's watch this one there's a bipartisan bill to add more transparency to the pharmaceutical pricing apparently there's this middleman situation
i think doctor shiva explained this one side one of my calls but at night we did it so you can see the details but there's a middle man that controls the pricing and that's all that's all opaque to us we can't see what's going on we can see how much the middleman entity is charging the pharmacies therefore we don't know why the prices are so high in the united states versus other places there's just something missing so the build the proposed bill that's bipartisan would have would make them show you the prices so that you would know how much overpriced they were and that would of course for some
lower prices 'cause it would be embarrassing i guess so think about the fact that there's a bipartisan bill that is just dead simple hey you guys who aren't showing us the prices and your costs you have to do that now show us the prices in the costs dead simple republicans agree democrats agree who do you think's holding it up right is not the president the president isn't holding it up it's the government who is wasting their time uh there literally wasting your money time you go to the pharmacy you can thank nancy pelow see that you paid twenty percent more than you need to do 'cause apparently the solution is here they just have to pass that bill both sides like it
just have to do the damn job that's all just do your job safe and save you twenty percent at the pharmacy or something alright n korea is says they are optimistic about their upcoming working level talks about denuclearisation now here's something i don't know about this process if you have a working level meeting about denuclearisation does that indicate that the bosses have already decided in principle or is it reverse is that the working level meeting that will try to produce something that the boss is on the meeting trump and kim jong and can see they can say yes or no would you which one of those do you think it is do you think the bosses of the has had yes in a broad a broadway and now they're working out the details or is the opposite the bosses haven't said anything because they're waiting for somebody
deals to percolate up it could go either way right could go either way here is some speculation i'm not sure all make this a production but here's a speculation the key sticking point seems to be a from the start north korea getting the security guarantees now that that's the language they use and whatever translated for they talk about north korea getting some kind of sick purity guarantee from the surrounding countries as well as meaning china s korea and the united states being the important ones in the region so they could get some in russia i suppose they've got a little bit of a border with n korea so here's the thing do you think that president trump would ever offer that he could under
the right conditions meaning that the nuclear program was more transparent do you think the president could ever give security guarantees another word saying not only do we formally end the war the korean war but will guarantee that will tip will will help you with any of these other countries want to attack we've all agreed that will not do that or some version of that do you think president trump could ever offer security guarantees under the condition that we get what we need and that is verifiable and it's like a real deal not a not a bs deal i think he could i think he could i do believe that this president could say to kim jong on and here's the key there small relationship was unnecessary
building block of being able to say i think we can give you security guarantees and have kim jong on believe it do you know what to do you know it kadhafi did not have the advantage of a personal relationship with the president of the united states think about how who kadafi was to us he was just sort of this nameless villain not nameless but uses villain we don't know personally and then what kim jong un is to president trump they have actually a legitimate personal connection do you think the president trump would be ok with killing kim jong on as long as things were moving in the right direction at whatever pace i mean it could be slowly but at whatever pace were at least moving in the right direction do you think president trump
who would ever approve of a situation where kim jong on his taken out no this is not an art it's not in our interest it wouldn't be considered with their personal relationship again just assuming everything's moving in the right direction and it looks like it is so kim jong own and trump seemed to have solved for kadhafi number one you get rid of bolton 'cause boldness the guy who the libyan model in the first place right so you gotta get rid of bolton step one complete and then the other steps so that in a personal relationship and they need they both need to show the something positive is happening so they can show their their their team that is a productive relationship it's not adversarial but is been transformed into some kind of a a mutually productive forward looking arrangement i believe president trump and kim jong and have pulled that off and it could be
it is working level meeting is actually a details meeting it could is that the big guys have said in principle were not promising this yet but in principle if you could come up with some way we could really keep an eye on this nuclear program and feel safe about that there's a deal to be had i feel like maybe the big guys have agreed but we'll see could be the other way too all right hum so we still don't know who the whistleblower is and this ukraine situation now i don't want to start a new rumor about who is the whistleblower might be but i'm just going to point out a fact again you can connect these facts anyway you want i'm just going to point out the fact justin trudeau has a lot of disguises that's all i'm saying
we don't know the whistleblower is but justin trudeau has a lot of disguises that's all i'm saying connect the dots anyway you want all right what are the things i love about the trump administration is that it seems to be a two way communication street two way communication is always open between the presidency and the citizens in a way we've never seen before i was watching for example i was watching the miniseries about roger ailes and in that and who knows how accurate this is but in that you saw that the who was it one of the guys working for the president bush called roger ailes
asking for his help essentially managing the news to be consistent with what the white house want and i thought i'll bet i'll bet before the trump administration the best way you can describe the relationship between the government and the people is that the government would make decisions with their experts in with their advisors and with their lobbyists and everything else so the government would make decisions and then they were trying to sell it to the people i feel like that that was a model up in told trump trump has a superior model of dealing with the public now i am maybe someday in the future when historians look at and go hey we didn't know it at the time but that's a superior model but we give an exam the president is often mocked for having his is tv on during the day quite a bit watching fox news but also we know
watch is cnn at least he's probably watched a little msnbc so we know the president is sampling the news from the both sides whereas we imagine that the bill clinton or a president obama were reading the wall street journal in the new york times and tony upscale magazines and things that would be a higher intellectual plane than mere television which of those two models gives you a better idea where the country is at which of those two models rapidly ab test messages so you can see what's working in real time see how people react to it tv is the pulse of the country
this president is doing the smart thing he's watching the polls you can see in real time somebody tries a message whether it's on you know fox or cnn and you can tell how it comes across you can tell how he feels about it you can ask the people in the room usually people in the room as your president yeah that's what they think about it how that go over to that work maybe i'll try that so the president is created this this interactive realtime relationship with the press but it's better than that because the press often reacts to social media and vice versa right there's a semi i symbiotic relationship social media and news government and the private and the present this president has made those three for
things almost one unit of a machine where as it used to be sort of a top down hey we're going to try to make you guys do what you want do you not see examples where there are individuals on social media who come up with a good message a good approach a good meeting for example carpe duncan creates great memes and next thing you know the present sweet again so what we're saying is something we've never seen before which is that individual voter just a citizen can have a good idea put it on social media or it could be just a good message or a good way of express' something posted on social media gets a bunch of likes gets a bunch of retweets it bubbles up somebody with a blue check notices it they re tweet it maybe
other blue check and then suddenly the office of the president notices that there's a good message that's getting a lot of traction and then he uses it it's it's amazing the entire system of government has been completely rewritten by this president it is one of those things you're going to see in hindsight much clearer 'cause when you're in it that you don't really have the same vision to be able to while while you're in it but i've never seen a more interactive approach let me give an example here concrete example i mentioned the other day that there's something called the office of nuclear energy which you can follow at at those nuclear so that our government has a department that's promoting nuclear energy and has lots of information about the newest
stuff and the newest test facilities and what's coming on line now etc so apparently it's a newish twitter account and i called attention to it because my attention was was drawn to it through mark schneider our our resident nuclear advocate expert and so he he called my attention to it and then i tweeted it their number of followers was just a couple thousand i forget the exact number but two or three thousand something like that followers in total that was a total attention never getting today they have five thousand
so two thousand people were citizens who are interested in nuclear and it can be sort of weaponized as advocates display their people had enough interest to follow this account and and i mention it again which will again boost their it boosts their attention so you you can see a concrete example where i tweeted them and their exposure roughly doubled i mean i was a small number of an adult so you can see the effect that the public is boosting parts of the government that are productive and then the government does something for the people so it's is this complete continual two way virtuous cycle that i just don't know existed before it feels like it's really taken on a life of its own here's another example
so earlier i was just talking about how there's a bipartisan bill to lower pharmaceutical costs well don't you think that knowing that 'cause i just a bunch of you don't you think that knowing that increases the chance that maybe it could happen right so there are lots of things that we decisions on social media and especially the blue check people who have a lot of followers we can boost the signal of anything worth worth boosting you know we can do it with a campaign ad i could do it with the after gov nuclear site i can do it with a bill i can do it with china i can do it with fentanyl so you can see that visuals are now sort of testing messages we know that the white house is watching they are watching at least the blue jackson you see you see the president sacked
only retweeted people were not even you know highly visible just people had a good idea that is just hugely inspirational to me 'cause it feels like i don't want to take this too far into into optimism 'cause you won't you won't be able to follow me there but it feels like almost a rebirth of the republic too much much too much it feels like a rebirth reboot of the republic is it seems to me that our founders built a pretty pretty darn good system young given with but they had to work with etc but it sort of evolved into things happening behind closed doors and you know the lobbyist and the power brokers are the only the only people at any power after awhile lucia
like that it feels now there under the age of trump and who knows if this will last or not it feels like the public is completely empowered now completely who saw that coming not maine i didn't see seems to me that an average citizen can today have as much power as an average citizen could have in the beginning of the republic when things were so small that you probably knew what he you know you knew the other people in the i meant yeah you would know your governor you might know him personally because the world was so small there just weren't many people there during the formation of the republic but it feels like trump gave well trump and jack dorsey and you know soccer berg in a sense the the social media platforms in conjunction with this we're
unusual president has created a situation that has empowered individuals i've never seen it let me give example often individual came up with a terrific idea for gun control let's say would that individual be able to get that terrific idea to bubble up all the way to the white house absolutely i you know i never would have said that and the other time would you just just fact checking on this based on your observation you know this is more opinion than fact but based on what you've watched about the process based on the number of times you've seen an individual tweet bubble all the way up to the white house what a great idea from just a person make it all the way to the white house absolutely fluid that doesn't mean they'll use it 'cause you know they get a lot of ideas and you know more than we do about
the variables that are involved but absolutely a good idea from an individual will go right into the presidents hands that's amazing that's amazing and it can happen in twenty four hours it's like it's a whole new world so i could not be more optimistic about the republic because i think the republic went stale and instead of having to get refreshed with the blood of patriots 'cause you know that the the founders there is assumed that every now and then you gotta what's the saying you gotta you gotta refresh the tree of freedom with the blood of patriots or something as luck would have it we've taken that warfare to the internet so there's blood of patriots
and it's in the form of people getting ratio to losing their jobs because of social media so that stuff's still pretty bloody in a in a figurative sense but it looks like patriots are weighing in and they're putting tons of energy people are putting their necks on the i am you've watched me put my neck on the line repeatedly i take risks that you shouldn't take because i can afford it right i am i made enough money that if i lost my job tomorrow would be fine so you get to watch me take some risks that i'm happy to take on on your behalf because i can afford it and you can't so i'm happy to do that as a patriot and your support to maine makes that meaningful right the fact that you support me in this collectively is what makes it doable so you were
individual sort of i would say love and support that you give to maine that neither of those words are too much i think allows me to to boost my voice and boost other people like the ones i mentioned sources it's a good system as long as we have this president i hope the next president that is as flexible because i need to lose this is pretty important all right the washington post has a hilarious article which i retweeted in which they are mocking the followers of president trump for assuming that everything he does everything i say everything he does is genius as opposed to accidental flailing now they give two examples of this uh i apparently there are some people who think the president
cleverly wants to be impeached because it'll be good for his reelection now i'm not in that camp i'm pretty sure if the president had to have a choice of being impeached or not being page you would choose not in page i'm pretty sure that so if there's anybody out there who thinks it's the president cleverly goading them into impeachment up as an as an actually literally impeach him i don't think that's his plan what i would say is and then if you think that was his plan i think here near over thank him what i would say is that he's got an improvised in other words
it's going to turning a bad situation into a good one you want to see an example what did everybody say about to trump's phone call to you crave they said hey you should have done that because you offered an implied quid pro quo so how often did you hear quid pro coco about president trump hey that phone call was a quid pro quo and now let me ask you this what's the new nickname for joe biden quid pro gel this is actually new nickname quid pro jo so this president certainly did not have some long term plan where he would get accused of making a bad phone call and then cleverly turn the complain
into a nickname for his biggest competitor but he did it that's what happened so i don't think there's any chance he saw it coming you know set a trap intentionally he said things to get people calling using the phrase quid pro quo so he could turn it into a quid pro jo but it happened so he took a situation uh any capitalized as we've seen him do over and over and over again grifter jell oi love you whoever just said grift or joe my god i love that if ever if ever the word grifter could be used in a more perfect context grifter joe blanton
well let's talk about and then the other example is that is that people are saying that he he doesn't misspellings intentionally and i have to confess i'm probably the one i probably have to take responsibility for the fact that people think that he missed spells intentionally i have personally i don't know if i've ever said he's misspelled and ten
only maybe there was one time yeah there might be one time i suspected that but in general i would say the misspellings or not are nothing but misspellings there are typos misspellings auto correct whatever here's here's what i think is the case he doesn't care he doesn't care and you know that makes me care about will not is typos but the fact that he doesn't care and you know he doesn't care because it doesn't take the twenty back and correct it would be easy just a tweet back correct the reissue it it is a it doesn't do it i freaking love that it went from oh you know it's kind of a it's not an optimal look i mean in the early days you see a typo or something a grammar error can say huh
maybe it would have been better if somebody looked at that before he sent that out but we've gotten to the point where it just seems genuine am i when you see his typos what do you know for sure he sent it with his own fingers like he actually he probably almost certainly typed it with his own thumbs you're seeing the actual president of the united states the most important person in the world i think you could argue you're seeing a message that you know damn well came from him and his two little thumbs and is what came right out of his brain i kinda love that i'm i don't think i could like that anymore than i do so typos i'm all for it
because there they're little markers for authenticity that originally struck me as it would be better without these but now that is sort of just worked into a somewhat of an expectation that he'll have a misspelled word or something now and then i just the most authentic now it just looks like yeah i know where this came from it didn't didn't go through a committee that's for damn sure came from the guy that you voted for it didn't come from his advisors didn't come from handlers came from the person who voted for i can't not love that really i can't and the other thing it does is it e humanizes them in a way you can relate to how many of you have sent out a tweet with a misspelling i did it twicsy yesterday i think one for sure but if i'm not
taken i may have sent out two misspelled tweets yesterday i may have become but conflating with some in my mind but at least one so when i see the president do it i think it's authentic and i kind of bind i bond with him a little bit 'cause i go i did that too i did same damn thing yesterday litter yesterday but i love the fact that the washington post wrote a story and which you're trying to debunk the notion that the president is playing chess while others are playing if you don't know i'm probably the author of that idea that he's playing the chest that was me back in two thousand and fifteen saying that and people mocking me until he became president and now they're still mocking me indirectly but i think it's funny that they feel they need to complain about that because it feels like sensing there's too much truth and it may be in my reading too much in there
am i doing a little too much mind reading that they wouldn't do an article about it if it wasn't getting to them in other words there's something about this situation that matters to them they need to know they need you to know he's not playing chess but if he's not playing chess could you explain that to quid pro gel because he probably thinks they are quid pro gel that's the best and by the way i think quid pro jo is another example that bubbled up from just a twitter user i don't know who it was but i think some twitter user or somebody said it first and it was good so bubble up that she had new republic right there amazing chris cillizza has the funniest article that wasn't trying to be funny today
crystal is as you know cnn i guess pundits slash analysts maybe political guy so he's one of the top anti trumpers he's anti trumper to the core and he's i don't know if i'll ever stop laughing about this this is so funny so he even article he's talking i tweeted this if you want to see it just talk about there's a new monmouth university poll in which they are asking people about the ukraine transcript the president's phone call with the president of ukraine and he said that according to the modern till the monmouth university poll just four in ten republicans
leave that the transcript even mentions by this name sixty percent of republicans don't thing binds names even in the transcript well of course it is is there twice as they're clearly and unambiguously as a comes from the president's office himself so there's no there's no question on the facts the facts are as a
qnective is in fact a baby every single person who participated in the call in any way knows that biden's name was mentioned an still six out of ten republicans say that trump never mentioned biden is called wisla ski now it could be that the poll was worded in a way that people didn't know that's what they were answering exactly 'cause it could have been something like without seeing the question that could have been do you think there was some quid pro quo with biden or something so it's possible that i'm not seeing the full context of this but it is still hilarious and i'll tell you why that crystal is a is complaining there's six and ten people can't look at a transcript and see what's right before their eyes you know i that's funny does crystal is is one of the biggest pushers of the fine people hoax what would it take to debunk the fine people hopes the idea that
they know the conspiracy theory rumor that's not true the president trump called the neo nazis in charlottesville find people what would it take to debunk that just read the transcript that's it just read it right there that he said the opposite if you read half the transcript you could be confused and that's what most people say but if you read the full transcript there's no ambiguity whatsoever he clearly said i'm not talking about those people he said it directly i'm not talking about them and nobody even asked him to explain it he explained it on his own just to be clear i'm not talking about them all you have to do is read the transcript so one of the biggest pushers of the fake transcript another
is the idea that he did call then neo nazis fine people is cnn and crystal is a and so that i it is turned karma has come to visit and karma comes to visit and says well i don't even think trump mentioned by danette fogel all right so here it gets even better and this is chris liz's comment to his own observation that six hundred and ten republicans don't even see the name biden in the transcript he goes with periods are period you period kidding period me period uh and then then sluices goes on play this listen to this he says this poll finding doesn't seem so unbelievable the primary work of trump's candidacy and his presidency
central road the idea the idea set of that objective truth exists so crystal is of cnn says the president trump has been working to a road the rode the idea that objective truth exists that's exactly what he's doing he is eroding the idea that objective truth exists is that bad well it would depend wouldn't it would depend if objective truth exists if it doesn't exist well then it would be good that he's the president trump is teaching us that objective truth doesn't exist if it does exist well then that would maybe be bad 'cause that would be untrue right but
in a real sense and this is something i told you back in twenty fifteen i predicted that trump would change more than politics i set it directly publicly and multiple times i said that what he would change is your understanding of reality and you see it happening so liz is understanding of reality is changing 'cause he's like he's saying how can it be that people could look at the transcripts and just not see the name biden's right there well how could you crystal is a think that the president called neo nazis fine people when the transcript says clearly i'm not talking about them i said the opposite chris alisa has been introduced to subjective reality while working at a news news organization that's gonna be that's going to be a mind flock
that's got to be that's gonna be hard to process i work for an organization that puts out the objective truth who is this doesn't exist how do you process that i i don't work for a news organization so i can i can live comfortably in a world where objective truth isn't really a thank but how do you work for a news organization and believe objective truth doesn't exist what would that do to your mental health it's going to be hard to process seriously now clarify i know there are a lot of science pedantic people out there we're going to say scott scott scott there is a base reality just because some people are fooled and ken see it that doesn't make the objective reality go away still there well i'll give you two answers to that doesn't matter
because we don't use any objective reality to make our decisions so when i say it doesn't matter i'm talking about the realm of political decision making objective reality doesn't seem to be much of a factor in anything you can see it on every topic people are all over the place on what they're saying and they're looking at the same
stuff there is no evidence of objective reality in terms of how we make decisions and how we process things but is that you ask still outside the realm of our ability to perceive it accurately all the time is there an actual objective reality and maybe that reject the reality can affect your life if you walk in front of a truck whether or not you see the truck abu doesn't affect the fact that it will kill you so yes there's an objective reality in terms of the room there might be a truck if you walk into and it's going to kill you even if you don't see it so that so that sense yes but if you're trying to decide who what do i think about this ukraine situation what did i think about russia collusion what do i think about health care for everybody any any of these big political topics you're not using objective truth nobody is we're all just using our subjectivity and org
that is based on objectivity but suppose we're simulation suppose our reality is a under the simulation worldview is there an objective reality well yes there is but the objective reality is our programmers reality not ours our reality completely subjective it would act as though its objectives that many cases again if you walk in from the truck could be a simulated truck but your simulated self is going to get killed by the simulated truck so yeah in some sense there's an injective reality but in terms of our shelters on the world we can't really see in any reliable way so that was the understanding reality that i said would change we see this happening in starke it in real time in a very stark way where we're
the people can literally look at the same document document no longer than this they can look at it and some of them won't even names that are on it they won't even be able to see sentence is they actually there only to see objective reality is so weak that the inventing on the fly all right this is something else that solicit claims he says so as cnn claim okay there is zero evidence that the whistleblower in the ukraine story is a partisan do you agree with that because i think your news sources most of you is telling you that that's just a fact that we know that the whistleblower is a partisan have you seen evidence of that what's the evidence of
but do you believe that it's a fact that the whistleblower is a partisan i believe as possible i also believe that i have never seen evidence of it have you have you ever seen evidence that the whistleblower was a partisan i've heard people say there is evidence but i haven't seen it does that blow your mind 'cause i'll bet you've watched news reports to say oh yeah it's it's a partisan well it might be if i had to put my own money on it i bet on it right if you had to bet you'd betty was a partisan but where's the other day the ic ig reports stated he was a partisan but where is the evidence now i know so i'm not to say that the cnn report is true but when
he says where's the evidence and i said to myself well i don't know i haven't seen it either i've only heard it reported that he is now i would say is the ic ig report says he's a partisan it is very likely is but i would still want to see the evidence when you i'd want to see the evidence so i wouldn't say there's zero evidence i would say now i i could use a little more support on that point uh let's see the other thing that oh the other thing that salissa says there's no evidence for he says specifically independent fact checkers don't give credence to the idea that joe biden called for the firing of ukraine's top
ask uber to avoid an investigation into his son so cnn is reporting that there's no evidence that the reason joe biden called for the firing of the ukraine prosecutor is to avoid and invest asian into a son have you seen evidence to the contrary i have i haven't where is the evidence that that's why he did it i'm not saying he didn't do it for that reason i'm just saying ok i haven't seen the evidence either is it evidenced you wouldn't golfing with a board member and then that really it's not really evidence of anything there is evidence that i don't know i i would agree with this fact that i would agree with the statement that the fact checkers are not buying into joe biden doing you to get the investigator office son but i don't think that matters to the story too much so
he says the video the video is not evidence the visit the video is not evidence that he did it because of his son video is evidence that he did it we don't have is evidence of why right but i don't think any of that matters because the hunter biden was taking a lot of money from a ukrainian entity was well as dad was vice doesn't doesn't really matter what did joe biden did okay can doesn't matter what joe brightened did or did not do with the prosecutor sort of a relevant because you have all the badness you would ever need just the fact this son was taking all this money from the ukrainian entity while the vice presidents
folio including ukraine and then there was also the issue of hunter biden went with his dad to some china event and met with a banker and and got some got to deal with some bankers in china wall on a trip with his father was a sitting vice president come on so what the president said if you saw this part which was really good by the way did you see the president look in the camera i think it was yesterday and he said that as strongly as you've ever heard him say anything you look directly at the camera and he said joe biden is a stone cold crook is stone cold crooked you know what and i know did you see him say that
that was really good in terms of persuasion because it looked different from other things that people say about politics when somebody says blah blah's eracist your brain automatically says no maybe yes maybe no sounds like something that people say in politics if somebody says somebody's crooked like hillary may be true maybe false sounds like something you say in politics somebody says somebody's incompetence at least crazy somebody's impulsive somebody's dumb all of those things you automatically put your political throughout don't you you just say yeah maybe maybe that's not inside by political opponents so your filter it
but when president trump looked at the camera and said joe biden is stone cold crooked you know it and i know it that didn't sound like politics did it that felt like he is broken the fourth wall or something you know that's not quite it but that look like that looked like reality peeking through the politics it looked like he believed that to be stone cold true and then he was selling it pretty well now again i'm not saying it's true what i'm saying that the way he said it was i don't know that's a ten out of ten for sound incredible even if it isn't true is really sounded like he believed it and he knows you believe it
here's what i believe every one of us sees hunter biden taking that money every one of us thinks is crooked even the democrats right even the media there's nobody in the media who is defending hunter biden's are so when trump looked at the camera and said he stone cold crooked that's an amazing turn of words mean i don't know if that was spontaneous or you thought about it a little bit but those are those are daggered words it's like stab stab stab stone cold crooked and your debt and then we said you know it and i know it that's like the next level of of persuasion is one of the the main strongest parts of persuasion is when you they were somebody else is thinking as their thinking it you can never do that
it really gives you like a a super power for persuasion so he said if he had said i believe it and the public believes that that's politics this week but when you look at the game and you say you know what and i know what that's persuasion all right when you when you tell somebody what they know that's a gold plated a plus persuasion if it's true are you have to actually have something nationally known to be true or it doesn't work anyway so i got some i have some questions about you know what is the the truth of all the joe biden stuff but we don't have to wonder about the hunt
biden stuffed up the park looks and crooked on on just on the surface you don't have to dig into the details to know that that's there's something wrong going on there all right as i've said before it looks to me and then here's the thing the somebody on twitter asked when i tweeted that around somebody said is there evidence ukraine didn't know the funds delayed that's interesting right because how can it be a quid pro quo phone call the president's phone call with ukraine if as it's being reported the ukrainians didn't know that funding was being held up they weren't even aware of so
not even aware of the threat part even existing how can you possibly receive the phone call is quid pro quo and i thought good point so i'm not sure any of the facts really matter 'cause we'll make our decisions without them but um that's what's going on all right uhm and brian has a history blah blah blah biden son sun is not crooked but not good optics either well hands on your definition of crooked if crooked means illegal then i would agree the hunter biden has not done anything that i've heard of this illegal besides the size of his personal life perhaps lesson of the story but but when you call
grogan i mean i would call a crooked on prime is is is is a legal term i heard some lawyers say it was at the i forget who said that but prime of primus ac prime faith promise promise facial or something of that on its surface is obviously crooked you don't really need to dig in and it had a deeper you just look at this okay well let's go look at seems that way to me
but legal probably perfectly legal list cricket there's a news article in reason reason dot com talking about nor can i think it's called there is a drug that you can take if you're a somebody has a sentinel overdose and earlier works really well so if somebody overdoses on functional or in there they're in the process of overdosing on they're going to die if you give them this norcom drug apparently it revives them and and works really well and there are lots of success stories of people have done that and i guess is not available over and
except by asking the pharmacist so you have to ask for it at the counter now imagine just here's the situation there are drug addicts who are likely to have a problem with fentanyl remember their drug addicts and in order to get the thing that could save their life they have to talk to the pharmacy just in their town probably do you want to do that if you're a drug addict do you want to talk to the pharmacist about your drug addiction maybe not maybe not so the idea is that maybe this narcan could be available from vending machines and some method that would allow you to avoid human contact to get it because if you're a drug addict you want might want to keep that to yourself right and i thought to myself that is so common sensical
currently there's some law that prevents that from happening yeah cops have it for example they carry it with them i think in many cases but not every case but many since they have it with them it seems to me that's another simple tweak
why in the world if you can simply ask for it and the pharmacist can give it to you is you know is that is safe it's not a regulated thing apparently why not get it from the vending machines yeah one one again from amazon of course in that case your name would be on a record you might not want that but a vending machine is perfectly anonymous right so me excuse cassian i guess all right so do you get ideas out there to fix in the world number i told you that the golden age which we are entering will be defined by simply having to design better systems what's a better system for pharmaceuticals transparency and we've got a bipartisan bill to give us that would be a better system it's a better system for the republic the president guess ideas as they bubble up from the public hey that's happening now our our system has even
hold on it's own nobody did it intentionally but we evolved to a fairly good system or the public and their president or quite quite connected and they communicate everyday so there's a lot of good systems and nuclear energy is another one of those i just between around i think i tweeted it maybe i just liked it an article by steven pinker talking about what needs to be done to store nuclear waste
safeway now the skipping the details the bottom line is we know how to do it we know how to store nuclear waste and we're developing even better ways and we could use it for fuel if we developed the right kind of reactors etc so that again is a design problem we simply have to design alright i'm going to have to get this so i'm going to talk to you later but think about design bye for now
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