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Episode 684 Scott Adams: Biden, Pillaging, Pelosi’s Boss, Failed Whataboutism

2019-10-05 | 🔗

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  • Michael R. Gordon’s observation about President Trump rings true
  • Biden families “pillaging” of other countries
  • Unqualified board members…is that normal?
  • A tell for lying…depersonalization
    • What it means and how to spot it
  • Bernie’s health episode is a “cat’s on the roof” situation
    • Bernie’s VP choice is extra important
    • His heart attack eliminates second term likelihood
  • CNN’s weak whataboutism…Trump’s kids?
  • Warren dumps campaign aid for inappropriate behavior
  • Biden worried President Trump…
    • …MIGHT do something bad in the future?
  • President Trump paints Pelosi as a puppet of AOC + three
    • Masterful persuasion techniques 
  • President Trump’s proclamation
    • Aliens must show they can afford their own healthcare
  • Loserthink helps you spot bad thinking in yourself and others

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little pump possible bump bump bump them up i'm pumping bum bum bum hey good to see you jackie come on in here grab a seat do you have your coffee good to see you beth then james what a delight to have you all here again what a day what a day this is incredible day because we're all alive well most of you are alive couple zombies in there but most of us are alive what a great day and would enjoy something enjoy something called was and you said and all you need to enjoy it as a cover a glass glasses the jealous a tanker determines alaska cantina grill double the vessel of any kind shortly with your favorite liquid i am partial to coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure
don't tell me the end of the day is the best part of your day that makes everything better it's call the simultaneous go i don't think it's hyperbole to say that's the best of the day am i right right well let me summarize all of the news are you ready here now my son of all of the news everything that's in the news ukraine ukraine ukraine ukraine grain ukraine trump biden drunk biden trump biden ukraine ukraine ukraine trial by and same all right let's get into some interesting details
i was reading an article by mike goodwin who was writing about the president i guess he spent the day hanging out with the president and wrote an article about him and one of the most interesting uh parts of the article is that trump is enjoying all of us when i say all of this i mean all the the drama the fighting the rumors of scandals the ukrainian mister that the reelection drum is just sort of having fun because he likes to fight and he admitted that he was quoted as saying that it must be a personality defect so let's trump talking about himself he say you must have a personality defect because he's enjoying himself i thought that's like just the best set appointment because as we observe his life it's easy to say man i don't know if i like any of that use getting
is taking fire from everywhere all the time but on the other hand is the most important person in the world so that balances it down a little bit but i wanted to contrast that so you got trump fighting for reelection and from what we can see it honestly looks like he loves it when when i visited a year ago in the oval office i got to chat with the president for a little bit my my largest overall impression was that he was enjoying himself that was that was actually my personal takeaway was i think he's enjoying this it looks like he was completely comfortable and just like he was exactly where he wanted to be the united states so contrast that to joe biden does joe biden look like he wants to be running for president
think about it he looks like he hates it if you saw the interview with them i think it was yesterday where he was lashing out as the new says he's lashing out or melting down depending on which which network watching biden was either lashing out at trump or he was melting down it was all the same thing but you know your two movie situation but look look at biting the next time he's giving an interview and ask yourself if he wants to be there he so doesn't want to be there now of course i can't read his mind so you know be careful anybody interpreting other peoples thoughts 'cause we can't know his thoughts but he sure acts like he doesn't want to be there trump acts like he could do this forever like it's his favorite day every time he wakes up when you see trump going to the press before we get something helicopter tell me he doesn't look like he's having a good time he looks
like he's having fun and don't think that doesn't matter 'cause when you're running for election do you want to vote for the guy who doesn't want to be there it's harder it makes a difference the others let's talk a little bit more about joe biden so trump is starting to use the word pillaging he says the buttons are pillaging other companies their pillaging other countries and i thought to myself when do you ever get to use the word pillage an actual political conversation that is anybody ever use that before and might be the first time anybody's ever said pillaged it's funny as you hear the word as such
standard words for your ordinary political conversation is such a nonstandard words in here college and you think well that's too far off right it given that the average i think the average annual income in ukraine's or monthly is like three hundred dollars a month so the average income in ukraine is three hundred dollars a month and hunter biden was taking fifty dollars a month from this oil company and i'm thinking that's a little pill aga little bit little bit just a little bit piligian alright here i'm going to tell you something that's good that you're going to hate it i can tell you something that's obvious an invisible at the same time that's what's fun about
right so when i tell you this you can say oh that's true and it's obvious but only after you told me is something you already know but you're acting like you don't know it reddit what was the biggest the objection to hunter biden taking a role on the board of directors of an oil company the biggest objection besides the fact that there's a conflict of interest the biggest objection is he's not qualified right people on the left side people on the right side they say he has no prior experience in the oil industry so why is he on the board of directors all right
that's the part you know here's the part of you also know but for some reason it is temporarily invisible to your brain are you ready that just described most board members of most companies a complete lack of experience in the company that you're on the board of that's normal that's a normal situation see what it's doing to your head right now 'cause you know that you see the million boards of directors you know the people are put on from completely different industries completely different experience right well how do you feel about the fact that for weeks you've been told that this is an unusual situation both sides both sides said this is a
unusual situation is the most usual situation there's somebody with no experience in that specific industry is a board member in fact you're going to hate this that sometimes why they do it someday why you do it is to put somebody with a different level kind of experience you know onto the board because they might bring something else they might have some related experience we could have some impact maybe they know people now suppose it's hunter biden and you say to yourself i think the only reason they put him on the board is because he might have good contacts to which i say that's normal if you're a startup in silicon valley and you want to add somebody
your board do you do you number one make sure there's somebody who has expertise in your industry well no you don't do that if that person has contact x that you think could be useful in the future like cats going crazy over there if you think a person has contacts that will be useful could be funding could be for marketing could be for some important other corporate contact you you would certainly want them on your board yeah and somebody saying diversity that's another reason it is not unusual to add diversity to abort so we're talking about hunter biden let's say you're over in the ukraine and you think you might want to have contacts in the united states who who would be a good choice to be on your board who would have contacts in the united states huh
provide and apparently has lots of contacts in the united states so here's the thing when you hear the news reporting that it's crazy because he doesn't have any expertise in the industry that my friends is an example of loser think now let me this is my new book that will is available now for pre order it'll drop in a few weeks in november fifth you can order it now let me define loser think loser think does not say that the person who's doing the thinking is a loser alright so loser think is not about the person this is the style of thinking that's not productive and specifically is because you may not have experience across different areas so in this specific example
if you had experience in business and you heard there's somebody was put it on a board of directors got a lot of money and did not have experience in that what would you say if you have my experience i've been in a lot of companies i've looked for boards of directors so i've had i've had to get board board of and advisors and stuff people like me say oh well it's not as usual all people don't have the experience are often in the news business so the news business is people who don't necessarily have business experience and what does seem unusual to them the sun with no experience is on a board it might 'cause i weather reporting so the point of loser think is if you haven't been at least a little bit exposed you don't have to be an expert but if you haven't seen
did about how economists think how historians think how a psychologist thinks etc you would be ill equipped to analyze the world and so fill in some of those gaps with some of the main thematic elements from the various fields so you can tell where your blind spot is the thing that keeps you in a little bubble is usually you've got some blind spot there's just some things that you can't see 'cause you don't have the kind of experience that would give you visibility just like this number thank you would have the visibility now let me say i'm not defending hunter biden i'm just saying that the fact that he has no experience should be viewed as completely normal for a board member what if he has contacts in the united states that's actually good reason that's a perfectly good reason to have somebody to abort
hey we need better contacts is united states when he got about the vice president son he knows a lot of people done that said is it ethical well that's another question isn't it certainly it gives the impression of conflict of interest but let me go to another topic here which is joe biden defense he himself i think it was yesterday maybe it was the day before he was interviewed and um about you know whatever trump is using above and the ukraine situation here the exact quotes from joe biden defending himself from accusations of pillaging quote there's no indication of any conflict of interest watt there's no indication of any conflicts of interest
while you are vice president and ukraine was part of your portfolio your son took a very high paid position connected to oligarchs hum that's the very definition of the appearance of conflict of interest which is different from actually acting in a way that's bad for the country or something but the indication of any conflict of interest i don't think that could be more obvious that's actually something everybody agrees on that we're all looking at the same thing he was vice president his son took a job with the country how do you knock all that at least an indica channel conflict of interest here is what people who are not guilty say they would say more like there was no conflict of interest we never acted in any way that would that would be concerning
if you're innocent you say nothing happened if you are guilty you're more likely to say there's no indication of any conflict of interest you deeper here's a little trick for identifying liars somebody telling the truth will say i didn't do a damn thing you won't be you know there's nothing i did that is even as close to being conflict of and as well and honest person says somebody lying to you will say there's no indication of conflict of interest they d personalize it and they say here's another thing this is an actual quote from joe biden also on this today within like a minute or so the other comment he said there's shred of evidence anything has been done wrong
i've actually taught you literally if you followed my periscopes so when somebody says i didn't do it they might be telling the truth they might be lying but they might be telling the truth so i didn't do it that did not happen that sounds like an honest person here's what a liar sounds like consistently you'll see this type of answer from a liar what kind of evidence do you have what do you know i haven't seen any evidence of it nobody's seen any evidence that i've done anything you can't prove that i you can't prove that i did something wrong that's how all guilty people talk now let me back up there i said that's how all guilty people talked this is not the kind of rule that you want to send somebody to the gas chamber for like i can't claim that this is one hundred
it's an accurate but i can claim i've never seen it be inaccurate so there's a little bit of an anecdotal well there's a lot of anecdotal flavor to what i just said but over my entire life in the situations that i've monitored in which somebody has talked this is the evidence seems insufficient when did you find out for sure what was the truth the people who talk about the evidence are almost always lying the people who say damn it i didn't do a thing those people might be telling you the truth they might be just better liars but that's why you're looking for if it if somebody if somebody makes an appeal to the lack of evidence that's not a good sign so and then biden also did the
meltdown got angry etcetera and honestly there's just no way to there's no way to soften he doesn't look and lee competent even when he was answering the questions everybody can see it at this point i think am i wrong don't you think democrats can see it you know you have to be careful because you're our perceptions are being filtered through our own biases now to most of the people who would spend time on this periscope your pride probably saying to yourself yeah it's totally obvious but it's not remember is not gonna be as obvious to the people who were his supporters those people are are biased toward not seeing it and don't because he obviously has a lot
to support in the polls my guess this is just a guess that the blind support is probably now almost entirely people who aren't paying attention remember he's got you still got that name recognition he's got the obama connect that set i feel as though joe biden doesn't have any support any from people who have seen his recent news clips because if you seen him talking recently you oh he's not the one you want in charge i think you know that number again regardless of policy regardless of what you think of president trump those
the independent questions anybody who sees joe biden talking in public recently they couldn't possibly think that that looks like he's got his full faculties as he did when he was younger there's just no way you could see it that way so i really think that buttons support is consist with the number of people who don't pay attention and if you just called somebody wasn't paying attention said i got sixteen names three of them you've heard of one of them's biden and you know maybe one of them's biden and one of them bernie and maybe like biden better that's probably the whole thing i had a i think i don't think there's any real support as in people who have been paying attention for biting but trump is taking him out so effectively that i don't think you have to worry about biden getting nominated let's talk about bernie so remember i told
the cats on the roof joke you know it there's there's a job i'll tell you the whole joke with the joke is that somebody's cat died but you don't want to break it to them right away so the first thing you say your cats on the roof when you say you're trying to get it down the next days i know the cat got injured one which they get it down and then later he said the cat diet and the reason is you sort of you get peoples softened up for the idea so that they are ready for it when it comes you don't want to just abruptly ceo you cat died your cat died
two shocking so then we're watching this bernie goes into the hospital and the first thing we here is always got a little you know you didn't feel good so i went in they came a couple of stents gets a simple operation you'll be back in the trail tomorrow and i thought to myself huh got a couple of stents simple operation be back in his feet in a couple days that doesn't sound so bad today the campaign said well it was a heart attack there is a little heart attack but he'll be back in a couple days yeah i got a couple of steps there's just a little bit of a heart attack it'll be right back to work good to go
cats on the roof let me ask you this how would you feel yes yes for bernie had been elected let's say he had been gotten a nomination over clinton and got like he would be the sitting president right now where the heart attack who is his vice president it matters doesn't who's bernie's vice president in the hypothetical scenario that he had won the last election 'cause he's president right now right bernie's president right now for three days somebody else was president maybe our right because while he was semi incapacitated you believe the vice president would step down who was it we don't know because he never got to pick one but that's who would have been your president for three days
maybe longer 'cause we don't know what else bernie's got going on right he's at that age where things can sneak up on you kind of suddenly so if you're bernie and you're running for president now after a heart attack can you run for president without telling us who your vice president joe pec is gonna be i had a time now it's traditionally they wait right they always wait bernie can't do that anymore because if you're voting for bernie you're kind of also voting for a vice president who has a higher than normal chance of being the president during bernie's term you know what if you talk about a second term now here's the other thing do you want to elect the president who
you would not want to elect for a second term and you know that when you elect them the first time do we do that do you want a president who can't make it to terms if they're doing well i that's that's why would you do that because it's like there's so much advantage of having an incumbent who's learned the job to just do a second term if they've done a good job on the first time you're happy enough that's a good situation the second term president can be can be a good situation but with bernie do you get even the option of a second term no now 'cause i think the heart attack closes down in your mind the options of the second term he possible i mean anything possible but in your mind you're sort of ruling that out so would you ever vote for a candidate whose
not really a two term possibility not really probably not hi so i think bernie is done with the campaign but we hope he goes on to live a lie and healthy life and again i have great respect for bernie on the whole bunch of levels not policies not a big fan of his specif of policies but you got a like burning a lot of different levels right he's got a lot of character fight uh i don't spunkiness i think he wants what's best for the country in his opinion i like the diversity of thought i like the fact that you know his views are so different i like the fact that he moved the democrats i like the fact that he changed the convo i've said for a long time that i think a huge mistake that the republicans
is to not adopt bernie's goal of complete healthcare because if you're a public and you can adopt the goal at the same time you can say we don't know how to get there right away i think that would be fair you say we too would like everybody to have good health care and good health care arts and not have to pay as a republican you should be able to say that out loud and often and just say but we're trying to get there yellow it's just it's not easy we're doing it our way by improving the economy getting working where they can get healthcare and there were some announcement the president made a tweet did i think i'd wait for a fact check on this one but he said that medicare advantage
that's where the medicare folks can buy little extra insurance for the little extra care the price actually came down for the first time in thirteen years i think i have that fact right now i would check that fact is maybe somebody else is going to come in and say that there's something wrong with the fact but he's reporting so the republicans do have a way to interest their way towards something like full coverage i think they should adopt bernice i don't want everybody covered the president has said that but i just think you wish you shouldn't be embarrassed and wanted to take care of everybody
the fact that you don't know hal that's just a fact you're working on it don't have to get there quickly all right cnn did the worst case of the worst case of what about isn't that you'll ever say i saw the news it is all about biden and hunter biden and you know their alleged conflict of interest over in ukraine so see you then tries to run a what about what about trump's kids story and here is the they came up with this is their best whataboutism well the trump children mostly i think eric and don junior are running the trump organization and the trump organization is making international deals what
how are those the same those don't don't even sounds like slightly similar one is a multinational corporation that's been operating for decades and they took over and they're just doing what they do getting an international corporation that obviously has deals in different places 'cause somebody says it's worse you jerk goodbye uh so and they didn't i thought it was going to go into some kind of detail i thought it was good and you in one of them sign this deal for that deal with kim jong moon or something i thought it was gonna be some wild specific story and it turned out to be a generic story that it turns
eric and don jr have jobs when they work hard and they have jobs for international corporation i don't know that wasn't the best what i've seen yeah i'm i'm kind of amazed and then there was also the stuff about wonka had a deal or something but there's some kind of a shoe deal and so i forget which pundit was laughing about play no shoes think fit fashion shoes clothing so but i think i thought wonka was closing down some part of her outside business
so i don't know the deal is there but it seems obvious to me that whatever the trump kids are doing i call them kids are all obviously not children but all the of all the joy kids seem to be doing just doing a good job doing their jobs cuz otherwise we know about it i think there's no as we wouldn't know about it if there was some problem there interesting little story elizabeth warren had to get rid of a top campaign ad for quote inappropriate behavior and so i read the article trying to find out what that inappropriate behavior was am couldn't find it but apparently all kinds of inappropriate behavior from a male a member of elizabeth warren staff all kinds of inappropriate behavior so she got rid of am so let me recap let me recap
the the news of the week news of the week president trump gets a three point five percent unemployment rate the best in fifty years ok so that was the president trump news joe biden has a meltdown and he's pillaging ukraine that's that was the by news the bernie news is he had a heart attack while he was campaigning and the elizabeth warren news and this is like the only news this week is she had to fire a top campaign ad for inappropriate behavior as sort of better than you don't know what it is because if it was just me to stuff i feel like they would just say that wouldn't say there was something or a claim or something so there are saying that which is hilarious because it allows you to them to imagine
whatever the inappropriate behavior was and she you will go to whatever is the worst thing i will tell you were mine my mind went because i'll let you have your own but we're all world imagining this hold the whole portfolio of bad behavior and we're describing to this warren young high level aid on the campaign and we don't even know what he did but it sounds extra terrible because they won't tell us inappropriate behavior i think he actually ate a baby he might be the first democrat really baby to save us from climate change all right
this is what this was biden's big concern when he got all he got all meltdown down when he was talking about trump there asking questions about ukraine and biden said he was concerned his main concern about trump is that trump would do something before he leaves office and and that is all hinged so of all the things that biden could say about trump the best thing he can come up with in a press conference where is that trump might do something stupid before he leaves office do you know who else might do something stupid everybody everybody what kind of what kind of a complaint is that that he
do something stupid he's been there three years you don't have a one thing to complain about joe biden the president has been the president three years the only thing you have to complain about is that he might in some unspecified way do something bad in the future are you kidding me are you kidding me that's the best you got you been practicing to run for president you're running for president is your full time job and you can't come up with anything that the i did for the last three years they want to criticize the best you could do is he might do something bad in the future are you kidding maine that wasn't that is hilariously incompetent the president at enjoying his making trouble for the democrats i don't think there's anything more fun for trump than having multiple
grants as enemies because he he he can pick them out individually and go after biden for example you know can pick them off because there's so many democrats he's fighting against at the same time you know for everything from already elected people like closely two people running for office some of them already elected to but running for president so we've got all these targets like he wakes up every morning is like whoa look at this target list man i'm going to have fun today nickname nickname being being making you down list my favorite one was he's that is the frame that pelo is just a puppet of there
and the also the squad is sort of just tagging along with a say so he calls the squad aoc plus three because he's minimizing the other three and basically saying well is there just the plus three is really a say now and then he also says he referred in a tweet is set along with lucy and her boss a say so so trump is calling a or c pelo sees boss i was doing at the same time that they are seeing how the some person situation with the troll who who is complaining about we need to eat babies you know all about that one
uh so i love the president promoting aoc above the other democrats now i have to tell you there's a there's a risk with this strategy is very clever because it gets you arguing about whether a oh so you're close is in charge presumably against under hello sees skin which of course is the point of that policy good job of getting under trump's skin you know in in the given take ways so plus he does a good she gives us garnishing cats i have to say she is very well respected in terms of being an operator and a strategist but watching the president put a or c and airs in policy against each other in public it's over nine equals policies that do nothing democrat and he puts it in quote leader people leader in quotes leader
a receiver boss it he's so good at this i'm just getting in their heads all right so while you were all distracted by you crazy the president issued a proclamation now i know you know what that means to you what the hell is a proclamation the president issued a proclamation this out like an executive order what the hell proclamation i don't know is it binding it is a is there such a thing as a binding presidential proc there's another we know does anybody know but he ordered he issued a proclamation maybe just making this stuff up as he goes uh suspending entry into the usa of i hate this word aliens do you hate that word as much as i do calling
who want to come to this country aliens i freaking hate that word they aren't we a whole country of immigrants in in some sense past or or a current you know immigrants at least is somewhat script if it's like you were someplace and you went someplace else so you're an immigrant i don't love that word but i don't hate it but alien that's the uh the same do you have the same response to that the calling somebody who wants to come and be in american in most cases you know
times they just want to work here and enjoy the country sometimes they want to be the country they want to be americans and it also made an alien i just hate the work just the word anyway he said the it so the proclamations as the aliens have to financially you show that they can financially take care of their own health care so there you have thirty days to prove that they can afford healthcare in the and i thought the president is really chipping away at a lot of different things he's just taking a little little piece here little piece there and you say to yourself well ok that little piece is not the hill i'm going to die on even if you're on the other side of that issue you said yourself well alright you know i'm in favor of immigration but it does make sense the people you know
should pay their own way for health care workers why would i pay for it so you can imagine that there are enough democrats who look at that and go there is the president again oh that's that's not that's not terrible because i would think this would apply to every ethnicity and religion is this doesn't seem to be discriminating accepted by which we accept as being fairly standard now the world discriminates by income all the time because poor people can buy the same things as rich people so this is a very discriminate tori world on incomes and so the president is disk donating a little bit more on essentially income by requiring that you be able to afford your own health care insurance if you come to this country under a visa
so that's like a win right for the president you might not like the like that or or you do but in terms of what he's trying to do for his supporters that looks like a wimp he had a good week all right that brings me to the end of my prepared statements i will remind you again as my publisher reminds me every day that you should know about my book loser thing now let me tell you what this book will do for the conversation i talk about a lot of the techniques you're going to see on social media and then the news in other words the bad arguments that people make the arguments that blind spots and
missing they're just missing something so i talked about those and those and the technique for getting people out of their little bubble so you can get yourself out of your bubble if you're in one and most of us are and they can help you get other people out of your bubble i will say in the interest of of full humility there are no ideas in this book in terms of how to think better that i have not done wrong myself and continue to do wrong so it's not a book where i tell you how to be smart
it's a book where i confess that i've made all of these mistakes and i hope that you will learn from my experience as well so bye loser think it's the best book in the world i just saw that the business and humour category has i think forty four books on it they have something to do with maine oh by the way nude over book is out too look up dilbert comics case you missed anything it's all here 30th believe it or not thirty years um so you got all that going on alright uh washington post op ed said we're looking at the wrong movie yeah have you seen how often the two movies thing is is being discussed everywhere
visa seekers are visitors to our country well they are visitors that is true unless they overstay so the there's a lot of people over state so the the visa people's somebody is correcting me here the views of people are not people coming here to live forever but they might be coming here to to work and live as americans do but on a visa one of my doing the periscope with christina so that will be that'll be a separate thing it won't be the morning set but christine and i are preparing for it we have a couple of little elements were pulling together and then we're going to do something fun and separately somebody says describe my gym workout well if you have read my book had failed
most everything and still wouldn't big you'll know that i use a system for fitness not some specific set of steps and by system i mean that i concentrate primarily on my mind because if you get your mind right you're a fitness will take care of itself and the way i get my mind right is that i make sure i enjoy working out on a regular basis or at least being active even if i don't workout that day and so i make sure that i enjoy it is fun i give myself a protein shake in a little down time afterwards i go to i go to a nice gym because i like the ambience and i have more energy if other people are working out so all i do for my fitness is make sure that what i'm done exercising that day that i make sure that i've done something fun enough for enjoyable enough
that i'm going to want to do it again now sometimes the exercise itself puts you in a good frame of mind and that's enough but i don't over exercise and then hurt myself and then not want to do it then day the whole game is to want to do it tomorrow if you get that right all of the details of your workout you'll just figure that out over time you'll you'll add diversity to your work out because you get bored you'll learn tips because you see other people at the gym you start talking about it people say hey if you try this so the the at the specifics of it you want to build up over time you know building tech i find out what works for you etcetera because what works for you is going to be different than what people do right is so just some specifics because people last i always do weights so weights are always part of my exercise not everyday but i try to do is several times a week and then some cardio the
it's not too bad for my joints basically i usually like the stair machines that automatic stair machines but everybody is different you should not take my model as your model except that you probably should add weight and resistant training and some cardio into your routine so that's all you need to know i'm well at everything i do weights wise isn't busted for age so there are things i would have done at twenty that i'm not going to do it my current age so somebody's talking about pull ups and pushups not at my age at a twenty five yo you wouldn't want to be in a in a pull up competition with me because
probably would what but at my current age i try to make sure i'm not hurting myself so i put a very high premium on avoiding injury because of my age if you for it if you have an injury you lose two weeks of exercise you could really you can imagine you get to the point we just i'm done with exercising i'll just write down my rest of my time on this world and i think a lot of people do that i think people get to the point where they were glad i think i'm done with exercising i've just reached that age i don't think you should never do that um sissy if i keep looking for a new job won't i look bad to future employers with job hopping nope no you will not i would not worry about job hopping for even one second why does the unemployment rate is three
five percent i am assuming this question is coming from somebody working here in america if your job if if the employment rate is three point five percent use your power your power is that employers want you more than you need that at the moment so it's really depending on what your skill set business probably true so now there was a time in the past and the old days that i think job hopping would look bad but if you job hop to a better job it's because you have more qualification if you are an employer and you're holding it against somebody who's rising to the level of their skill what's wrong with you don't work for that guy or woman it if your boss there's an actively hoping you get a better job or a better situation even if you leave get another boss in my bra
a time when i was a boss in the corporate world i had a mol group i was managing one of my principles i had two principles one of them what i had more than that but to the i'm gonna talk about one of them was that everybody had to be learning something all the time so i would tell my people i don't care what you're learning it doesn't have to be even be relevant to the specific job but as a life time practice you should be learning something all the time an ideally something useful but you should always be learning because when we were learning were were sort of optimized as as a human the learning human is the perfect
we're really optimized to learn if you're not learning you're going to feel incomplete in a way that you can't quite identify so i would tell them i will support you in whatever way to be learning i'll teach us something i'll help you get into a class i'll whatever it takes but you have to be learning something i don't care what it is the and then the next thing was i would tell them that my my personal ambition as a manager was to promote them out of department or to get them a better job and i would tell them that i'd say as long as you for me i'm trying to get ready in a good way i want you take whatever you're learning here and take it somewhere else better
you know your job is to go somewhere better your job is to leave me get some skills yes coffins get some experience some people i'll give you a recommendation all train you your job is to leave because here's why i i was simply take people's personal ambitions and i'm not going to pretend they don't know i'm not going to pretend that you're not here for your own good i don't want to live in the artificial world where i'm trying to trick you to stay here for my benefit if you're not working for my benefit you're working for yourself and i can train so now it happened to be the types of jobs were wouldn't have been that hard to train somebody new coming in so i have that advantage you know i didn't i didn't need to keep some highly trained specialists in place
then maybe i would have reacted differently if i needed them for the business to succeed you know don't leave don't leave but for normal jobs especially these were closer to entry level jobs my job was to get rid of him now i didn't say that i wouldn't say i want to get rid of you but what do you think happened as a result of telling people i wanted them to learn every day and i was trying to get them better jobs what do you think the result was nobody wants to leave it was like the best boss ever who wants to leave that would do you want to leave that boss the boss was literally trying to improve your skills until you can leave and go get a better job somewhere else who example that so it is sort of worked opposite of how you might expect
people just enjoy their situation and so i will state unambiguously i'm not a good meaning that i'm not good for the stockholders cuz i i just can't abused the employees the way the stockholders knee do you know depending on the situation so i will never be a great boss because i can't be mean enough when the situation this word but i can certainly be a helpful los you wouldn't mind working for me if you are an employee that's for sure
all right that's about all i got i'm somebody else agree somebody else saying they they want to optimize every employee i didn't manage up yeah how is your driving thanks for asking so a few years ago i set myself i guess a i would say a goal because i didn't have a specific goal but i tried to learn the drums and it was more about keeping a different part of my brain active learning a new skill and it was fun and christina's gifted musicians i would give us something more to talk about and so yesterday christine and i were out my dream in my garage i ended up with two electronic drum set
this one is mine one i inherited from my step son who's deceased a year ago so i ended up with two electronic drum sets and so the two of us christine and i my girlfriend were in the garage having a drum off 'cause she's such a good musician she she could learn problems sort of in ten minutes so it's really humiliating because she's really smart but also very experienced with music and she's very coordinated too you know she just has musical coordination so she yeah i've been practicing for months and months and months she just sounds the drums and she says i showed me what to do and i'm like that watch this see if he could do all this i'll do a thing and she'll look at me and should go i'll okay that was a little too easy so yeah she has the she has the gift
anyway as a lot of fun i'm not good and never will be don't care but it's a lot of fun is the name hunter evidence of the simulation certainly ashley wonder he was at he was more of a gatherer than a hundred when you say do i still play tennis and golf no quit tennis because i didn't like being sore everyday and i was if you play tennis often your kind of sore everyday golf i haven't played i don't think i've played since my step son died i only learned golf to play with him you have to have something to bond over and it doesn't feel the same anymore i think you understand but that's all for now
ever considered running a marathon i've considered it but i'm pretty sure that my body is not optimized for that sort of a thing i think some people are just built for distance some people are built for speed i'm sort of built for speed i'm not built for distance alright that's all for now i will talk to you later
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