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Episode 685 Scott Adams: AOC and the Parody Inversion, Biden’s Declining Brain, Outrage Theater

2019-10-06 | 🔗

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  • AOC smears President Trump as…anti-semitic?
  • Is it acceptable to incite a civil war for political advantage?
  • Anti-Trumpers NEW spin on the Ukrainian phone call
  • Romney questions President Trump for ONLY pursuing Biden?
    • Fact checking might be needed
  • President Trump is doing his job AND trying to get re-elected
    • That’s exactly how our system was designed
  • Joe Biden’s Iowa sunglasses posters
    • Has The Mole been hired by the Biden campaign?
  • Joe’s “angels in heaven” atrocity of an incompetent statement
  • Election variables that predict election results
  • Julian Castro is phasing himself out of the election

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something and hey kevin come on in here take a seat hello everybody yeah it's time for coffee with scott adams yes it's that time again is the best time of day it's the part of the day that makes all the rest of your day so much better and all it takes is a little low participation in the simultaneous up doesn't think much jackie patrick bath come on in here do you have your vessel your vessel to fill with live you can use any kind of a vessel could be a cover monger glasses tightened charles tanker thermostat flask cantina graylog outlook the vessel of any kind filling with your favorite liquid i like coffee
now for the under a little pleasure the doping being the head of the day the thing that makes everything amazing the simultaneous up go nailed it good job out there your simultaneity was excellent play better than normal so as you know we've reached the parity in version point which i call them in the dilbert comic strip if you didn't see it all last week i was talking about it is the point where you actually can't tell the difference between parody and reality like actually literally you can't tell best example of course was the there meeting in which a troll said maybe we should be eating babies because things are so dire and it was a little bit hard for people to tell if
that was real like legitimately they couldn't tell if somebody was suggesting eating babies to remediate climate change actually couldn't tell i think it's better today you see i guess was last night she retweeted somebody who is saying that it's obvious that the president is being anti semitic because
attacking shift and adler now do i even have to continue talking about this or are we all ready at the point where we can all say together i can't tell if there's real early now it gets better the claim is that because the president has been going hard at chef nadler and a say that proves he is also an anti semite and he doesn't like people of color ok the first thing i'd say is are you telling me that nadler and shift or jewish i didn't know that did you did you even know they were jewish i mean i think maybe if i thought about it i could have you know i want to
is that together maybe i've heard it but was that on anybody's mind is there any voter who was looking at the situation thanks hey look at those jewish guys come coming for the president i don't think so i think always always democrats to me if you're if you're republican do you see anything but democrats when that was the democrat brand democratic brand is so strong that it kind of or parades you know a woman person of color religion whatever that's the branch the brand is the entire point of being a democrat is seems is the whole diversity thank so if you're if you're in a political contest against
regrets what are you supposed to do they're going to be walking a woman a person of color or something now here's our domino's it's not as if should the present isn't going after nancy pelosi on a regular basis he's going harder at joe biden then he's gone after anybody except hillary clinton uh and how about mitt romney so today last week he's after mitt romney biden palosi shift nadler aoc and from that crowd of people he went after and you see tweets around that he's obviously clearly anti semitic now do you think she even believes that
do you think if you had a private conversation and she knew she knew that nobody would ever hear what she said is just just the two of you it's just ava see in you and you say oh see come on did you really mean that do you really think that because coincidentally two of these several people that the president is going after who are who are going after him as hard as they can literally trying to impeach him for bullshit do you really think that that's a case of anti because really maybe the president should talk to his daughter and son along his grandchildren who are jewish and and maybe israel should notice given that they're naming towns after i mean really do you think privately she thinks that alex now before you're tempted to call her stupid it's definitely not stupid it's so you have all i missed
really evil because i can't think of anything the president has ever been even accused of doing now listen to this carefully forget about what the president you believe has actually done or didn't do just talk about the things he's accused is there anything that the president is ever been accused of well i guess i guess the people accused him of some people said he was going to do things hello just take the things he was actually accused of really doing not the things they think he might do in the future or could have done i only the things that are real as a doesn't ever done anything is bad as trying to start a race war 'cause that's what ao cs is there anything he's even been accused of even
if you imagine that the accusations were all true now you can't count the crazy people when he got elected said oh he's going to have concentration camps for gay people and stuff like that those weren't accusations those were like imaginary future things but in the things that people think you really did such as a phone call with the ukraine let let's say the worst case let you know if you if you took the democrats basher crazy view that is not his job to protect the elections and the integrity of our republic let's say you took that view and he was only doing it to get re elected is that it that is what amc twenty to me it doesn't even look close i have covered away those things in terms of moral and even risk of life and death those aren't even close if you're trying to start a race war
like literally calling out anti semitism were clearly doesn't exist uh that seems way worse than anything that it's even been accused of doing if you imagine he did everything he's been accused of it still works and it if you're searching your brain to find the counterexample you're probably saying well kids in cages there you go kiss gauges well obama had kids in cages and well it was kind of congress has a set of laws that kind of made that situation happen and even if you even if you took the worst view of that that the president wanted to inflict some discomfort in order to reduce reduce immigration even if you that narrow worst interpretation i think i oc still beat it that week seems more evil because
this intention i think it's because of intention is obviously trying to create a race war situation at man now what's interesting is as i was thinking about this i was thinking people are worried about some kind of a civil war do you hear people talking oh there's going to be a civil war it'll be people in this meet civil war and i always think now the actual citizens of this country are nowhere near not even you're not even one percent close to anything like a civil war among people 'cause it turns out that the citizens are better than they've ever been the government might be worse than it's ever been in terms of the you know the way it operates but i think
the citizens are better than we've ever been am i wrong are your neighbors worse than they were twenty years ago i don't think so i think your neighbors have come along with everybody else i think people gay along pretty well but as i was thinking that i thought to myself actually i think we are in a civil war but a different kind it does seem to me that it would be accurate to say that something like the deep state maybe it's just democrats i don't know your whether you want to call it the deep state of the democrats what we're seeing with this non stop continue was push to impeachment there really started all the way back with trying to and validate the electoral college invalidate the election the entire process is a civil war because there are republicans were trying to make their vote still key
according to the constitution and all that and keep their president and there's some large faction who is trying to remove this president with non democratic means now we don't know who is the leader of this is we can gas a few names of course but it's i would say this is a civil war isn't that cool now it a coup when you think of a coup you think of something that happens faster right don't you think of a coup as something that happens this week and it's either over or the coup people around it up and you know jailed or whatever so it doesn't feel like a coup anymore it feels like a civil war and the civil war is being fought not even so much by the city
but by different entities within the government and the citizens are just sort of watching it like it's a movie and we're cheering and clapping for one team or the other but the citizens don't seem to be involved in the civil war coup seems short term this is entire length of his presidency with no no sign that is ever going to stop it just transfer turns into a different forms like russia collusion well that didn't work let's try little ukrainian business a little bit so we are in a civil war i would say it just happens to be fought by people whose names we don't know necessarily and the government along those lines how many more blowers do you expect to see we've seen one and now there was this news of a so called second whistleblower now
let me guess we don't know the name of the whistleblower let me guess the things whistleblower is saying will be disputed by p people who also have direct knowledge of the situation just guessing and whatever the whatever the a second whistleblower says will eventually be da bomb to but not until it's done its damage you know in the in the headlines after the second whistleblower or debunked how many more will we say will certainly another one so we're on whistleblower to hoax so far i think whistleblower three hoaxes is probably in the pipeline
i wouldn't be surprised at four hundred and five hundred were already being lined up so it looks like it's obvious what the play is going to be the the death by many fake whistleblowers so look for that there's this is a weird thing that i'm gonna jump around today for some reason there's a weird thing that the anti trump are saying about the ukraine phone call there's saying that what was happening is the president really was doing his gangster talk and what what he really wanted was ukraine to manufacture dirt on his opponent so let me ask you this is that the same risk for every legal and instigation isn't isn't it just sort of like if you were going to say it let's hold a sporting event
would you have to ask if oxygen will be there well probably not 'cause if it's on earth probably there will be oxygen and you need oxygen to have a proper sporting event so you don't really need to say will there be oxygen at your spa about that would be ridiculous likewise if you're having any legal investigation is there ever a risk that somebody will make up make up some facts how about every time is there any such thing as a legal investigation that does not have some risk just built into the situation the somebody will tell you something that isn't true how do a legal investigation without that so to say that he wanted them to manufacture evidence that's kind of a mind reading stretch wouldn't you say likewise when a says that his clear intent is to be anti semitic talk about
president based on what her
ability to read minds the democrats have literally d evolved into mind reading as their primary evidence against the president actual literally there telling you they can see his inner thoughts they're not telling you why he did was so bad minus his internal thoughts think of this if you were to separate what the president did with it let's say the ukraine phone call if you were to separate that from any notion of what his internal thoughts are is it a problem nope that's not a problem because what he did was consistent with the role of a president now you say to yourself here's the other thing that the anti trumpers were saying i think romney said this and this will require the help of my little friend dale
and it goes like this why is it that the president is only interested in this corruption this binding corruption coincidentally co incidentally happens to be his political rival is that a coincidence i don't think it's coincidence one person seven billion in the whole world his biggest political rival is the only one the president is looking into personally yeah that's likely see what is left out of that joe biden is pulling number one in the polls to be the next president of the united states at the same time there's something that looks like two observers an obvious conflict of interest with a foreign country now let me ask you this would hunter biden stand to lose
this money it with his you know his situation with the oil company there and his monthly payments would with joe biden son be in a position where you might lose out on a lot of money if biden did something that you green didn't like right it's a big risk whatever ukraine had some little information either hunter or joe biden 'cause it low like they do i'm not saying they do i'm saying that on the surface the allegations are certainly credible the allegation being that there's a conflict of interest well there's a large amount of money being paid to hunter biden and nobody disputes that and is coming from large company that probably has connections to oligarchs and leaders and whatever so certainly is worth asking the question now how higher priority would it be for a president two
you make sure that the person who's pulling the hyest to be the next president of the united states how important is it for the sitting president to check on an obvious indication that this person cut could be at least somewhat controlled by a country this very important now ukraine is important because of its position and geography the rush hour bobble block so there be a crane is more important than it normally would be just because of the russian connection etcetera how important is it in the scheme of the president's priorities to make sure that the next president is not owned by the u and what priority would you put on that well if we were at war i would say the war is a higher priority but we don't really have anything that looks like a war if our economy we're tanking i'd say damn it pro
isn't trump stop messing with this little stuff get on that economy there's twenty percent people are unemployed but that's not the case we're at a fifty year low for unemployment so given that the president has in fact taken care of a lot of business and at the end successfully the top priority of the country is probably whatever you know loose thread or squeaking wheel is left because the big stuff's kind of taking care of
now i would say that healthcare and and lot of other things need to be taken care of but they're more the domain of congress then the president i mean somebody has to come up with a law that people like rolls the president can't do a damn thing so what does the president have that would be a higher priority then making sure the at least according to the polls the probable next president or at least you know one of the possible next presidents is not the parking if you bring how important is that as a national priority number one top priority right somebody saying china and sentinel china well he's he's doing what he cattle that that seems to be under under control in the sense that there's a lot going on
there so under the condition that a president is doing his top priority for the country and it's well within the job description of what he does and there nobody who was in the position of joe biden which is pulling number one in the polls to be the next president who else was pulling number one to be the next president of the united states nobody well so of course an of seven billion people in the whole world does it make sense that he was focusing on joe word well yeah joe biden was the only one who has obviously ukraine conflicts we don't know if there are probably it's a problem but it's obvious based on the information we all have that there's a there's a conflict of interest there could be important could be not important but it's certainly a conflict of interest and so i treated this
morning i said that we must impeach president trump i'm just using the priority inversion logic here we must impeach president trump for bringing unemployment to a fifty year low of three point five percent he only did that to get reelected when will this grifter start looking out for the american people instead of just himself in other words everything a president does is to get re elected that's our system we designed a system we the founders and most of us had bought into it we have a system which by preference and choice allows your politician to pursue his own self interest right in front of you so long as an here the important point it's also his job now if he did something that wasn't his job and it was just good for him why would say you should look into that maybe maybe that's impeachable
so if somebody does something that's only good for them it's not good for anybody else and it's not their job description while you're going to have to look look into that
but if somebody pursues arguably the top most important priority of the country which is to keep foreign interference out of our government given that the other stuff is pretty well handled at the moment right war would be bigger that economy would be bigger but there under control so the president pursuing his top priority as the president that a president can actually do again he can't you can't fix healthcare by himself etc that's congress has to do that how in the world can we treat that is impeachable when it's the actual system working the way the system is supposed to work that's actually the way the system is designed the president is supposed to look at the politics he supposed to look around and say well what would get me re elected that is also my job that is also my job
that's the part that the critics leave now there's also his job as long as he does his job it doesn't matter if he's doing it because he wants to be elected so you can mind read all day long and say hey i'm pretty sure i can see inside the mind of a stranger in this case the president what i see in there is that he didn't care about the republic
he only wanted to get re elected do you know what that's our system that's exactly the way it's supposed to work it doesn't matter it does not matter what his internal thoughts are they're trying to make you believe that it matters what the president's internal thoughts were doesn't matter it matters was it his job to protect the republic from foreign interference yeah clearly and in fact he's the top guy who needs to be doing that there's nobody else who has that more of their job then the president by definition an was he pursuing one of the two you know not that doesn't have to be the top priority but was it one of the top priorities for the country's benefit clearly you would want the next president to be in the pocket of your brain there's nobody wants and now how much work did you put into it
in other words did he did he cannibalise all the other priorities to work on this one thing 'cause that would be a problem wouldn't wouldn't it be a problem you would have a problem with this too if he just stopped working on everything else to focus on this little ukraine thing because it was good for politics well that would be a problem how much work did he put into it two sentence is on a phone call i believe that was the total amount of effort he put into this priority now it was probably enough because it looks like ukraine might look into it a little bit and it caused a lot of focus on it so it's probably enough but with two sentence is on one phone call he he created some action around the
one of the biggest priorities in the country which is make sure a foreign entity is not interfering now you notice that what the the anti trump version doing because they're trying to manufacture a crying out of nothing by change the words used to describe and you'll see this over and over again they're trying criminalize a president doing his job exactly the way the constitution was written up what's your job description are you doing it yes and yes that phone call is this job description and he was doing it this is a top priority that's a that's also a fair question yup what what was a bigger priority than that not much the the democrats just spent one two years convincing us that foreign interference was our top priority because it's all there were two
talking about now the president treats it like it's a top priority and they want to impeach him for it so it's the priority inversion point alright did you see so i think the mole is looking for the biden campaign now if you're new to this the mobile with capital letters to and m for the mall is a fictitious character that i invented during the twenty sixteen election in which i was mocking hillary clinton for having a bad communication game and her tweets and some of her statements were so bad that i joked that she must have a mole you know a trump mole working for her who was giving her bad advice to
yes i want to call mall deplorable walls that were killed i think the electrical deplorable you know so that was the idea that we're ever bad advice came from it was from the mall so the mall is not a real person is more of a funny concept and i think the mole is working for biden because they designed who somebody designed a logo you know i by didn't campaign logo for i off the featured aviator glasses now sunglasses now when you think about if you theater style sunglasses what do you think a
they were trying to make people think about and i guess he must wear aviator sunglasses that's so the most the most the most positive thing that anybody could think of for joe biden was something he bought on the store shelf so apparently this this this is so amazingly pathetic it's i don't know if i can even finish talking about it you're so funny so when you do you see those sunglasses you think of somebody concealing their eyes that's good you think of the unabomber that's what i treated you can see the comments you think of the unabomber when you see those glasses but you certainly
if somebody who's trying to conceal their their real intentions with the sunglasses and then and then here's the other thing if you can't think of anything good about your your candidate accepts are sunglasses you know how much to work with president trump he was trying to make america great again and i'm thinking ok that works make america great again joe biden sunglasses let me say that again here are the two approaches to campaigning just to see if you can tell which one is the good one make america great again that's president trump and now will compare that to joe biden wear sunglasses
one is a little bit better than the other one sunglasses literally tell you there's there's something shady going literally but it gets better did you see the clip of a joe biden the must been talking to some i don't medical group and he said that yes there's a yes there are angels in heaven they're all male and female nurses did you see that you have to see it all right maybe i can find it on my phone and quickly enough
but it would not bore you while i wait see how quickly i can do this with my fast fingers alright where are you joe biden there is see if i can play it i want you to concentrate on how incompetent now i think joe by needs to find a find a respectable way to leave the race but if he doesn't i think we can stop being nice too whatever is going on with him cognitively i mean that at some point you just have to say ok we can't we can't ignore this anymore i just want you to see if you think this sounds like a competent person who's at the top of this game alright let's see if you can hear this if there any
angels in heaven there all male and female nurses and they're not getting paid enough could not getting treated enough not getting treated enough they should be trained how to increase their capacity to serve everything i mean we can do this now the death sound like somebody who is in his right now any angels because i i don't know which part steven tevin criticize but where he feels he needs to specify that nurses can be male and female i think to myself is this the 60s is there is there anybody watching this pair
scope who didn't already know there are male nurses did he really need to specify there is such a thing as male nurses i will think so i don't think so joe biden i think he's lost in the 60s i'm pretty sure every single citizen of this country knows that nurses can be male and female and guess what joe this may surprise you 'cause i know joe biden is not keeping up with the latest but have you heard joe biden there are women who are doctors now actual doctors can you believe it can you believe it
there are women who are doctors now and i'm going to blow your mind joe but if you have you been in any kind of a commercial aircraft lately and i don't know if you notice this but there are now pilots who are female can you believe it can you believe that joe biden there are now book there are both male and female pilots of airplanes of actual airplanes and what about college did you know that there are college students and this may shock you but there are college students now that are both male and
gmail have you heard about this is incredible yeah and this will blow your mind but i once met a woman who is a computer programmer so now there are men and women and women who can use computers can you believe that joe biden i mean it starts with this nurse thing first thing you know there are men who are nurses there are women who are nurses one thing leads to another and every gender is going to be doing every job wow what's happening all right so parity inversion uh how can hear something i ask you when you watch president trump do a rally speech for example isn't it
easy for you to understand why you might like it but you can kind of understand why people who don't like the president would find something problem you know some problem with the way he's presenting yourself you could kind of understand that even if you don't agree with it but here's my question do you believe there is any democrat who's watching joe biden's performance and is saying to him or herself because it turns out at to shock you again did you know the democrats can be male and female and and every other gender as well yeah that's a new thing yeah and voters did you know that you can vote if you're a man or a woman and doesn't even matter what you identify as you could you know any any other
any other gender you want you can still vote does joe biden know that this is amazing this modern these modern times but is there any democrat who is looking at joe biden saying yeah that looks right to maine yeah that looks good i think he's i think he's the guy i don't think so i don't think there is one democrat who are saying that privately i don't think even one so we're down to elizabeth warren because by bernie bernie's pretty much done because the heart attack i think the citizens here heart attack and suddenly his age matters it was easy to imagine his age didn't matter when he looked up at the top of health now bdo technically correct this heart attack was so minor
and handled so routinely that you really can't make a judgment about his ongoing health except that he's a certain age up but still the way it with the way the voters feel about it that's sort of the end of the story so warren should be blazing up to the top pretty soon and that will free up biden to drop out biden needs warren to have a commanding lead in important polls in order for him to say okay people i gave it my best shot but the democrats the democrats you know plurality prefers a different kind of candidate and i'm going to respect
voters so you need you need a warrant to get like a really seriously ideally in national polls verses by then and then biting is free to leave the rex because his entire argument is electability and if it and it looks like he has no chance of getting the non nation then there's no electability argument so warren can take by men of the race simply by demonstrating she's more of popular among democrats now that that would be sufficient for for by that have a respectable recently and he could say well
i give it my best shot so he he can say you know i tried i did what i could for the country the voters have spoken i respect what they say so he has an off ramp so war is going to give him that offramp what do you think war is going to get the nomination what happens to biden's of folks when biden leaves where did they go did they go to elizabeth warren because she sort of the opposite of mine do they go to bernie sanders now now is bernie on the decline where they go well i think you're going to see booty judge yang and harriss i'll get a little bump from that so we'll see what else we got going on oh the the other funny thing happening is that so there's some rumors
rick perry who is secretary of the department of energy i think that he's he's talking about moving back into the private sector at some schedule to be determined is not an error apparently so there are two stories about rick perry one is that he's going to leave government two trump threw him under the bus for being the one who suggested that he make the phone call about ukraine i tell you it's a priority inversion how perfect is it that the one guy who is the government it is the guy that the trump was turning the phone call and you know i wasn't going to make that phone call but rick perry said maybe i should and coincidently rick perry's leaving government how lucky is that
anyway that just seems like such a corporate thing to do all right i think that's about all that's happening right now right so watch for the civil war the the dark forces aligned with the democrats who will be sending one whistleblower after another all presumably shake to confuse things the yeah she you know how there always these indicators of who's going to win the election so you know there's always dozens and dozens of variables and there's always some expert who says you know this indication means that the you the president will get reelected let's talk about a few of those all right one indicator of who will get who will win the next election is incumbency so the incumbent and always has a big advantage so that advantage goes to trump
another way to predict the winner is who raises the most money and that predicts trump another indicator is how well the economy is doing and that predicts trump another indicator would be how good you are a campaigning that indicates trump another indicator is your policies right if you policies that are generally compatible with the public then you have more chance of getting elected assuming that war and will will take the lead pretty soon if you're looking at warren just hypothetically warren versus trump which one of them has policies that are closest to what the american people on average want
trump because even though the free health care situation is popular among the people who would get it all the people who would have to pay for it in addition to their own healthcare are going to say uh i kind of liked healthcare i have with my company where they pay for it and i don't i don't really pay much or anything so warren has the kind of policy is that for every person who loves it there's going to be a democrat who was not in favor of it does is just going to cost them money to pay for somebody else so if you look at policies drop he has a policy is there a closer with the american people what are the other variables well what are the other things that predict
if you think about it 'cause it seems to me that literally everything that predicts all those variables people say well you look at this variable and that's the one that tells you what's going to happen it feels like every variable is going trump's way am i wrong am i missing one because you know even if you were to oh somebody saying scandal i think scandals go look similar both ways the thing that the president has going for him is that we are well let me put it this way imagine trump against any democrat so it could be any one of the whoever's left dozen or so that left so imagine is trump versus anybody else now let me ask you this question which of those
two you know one person whoever is your favorite from the democrats versus drop the two of them and let's say one of them becomes a precedent for the coming for years the next the next which one of them is more likely to have an undiscovered scandal that comes up after becoming press think about it is trump likely they have additional scandals that we haven't figured out or is whoever gets elected likely to have something bubble up there we didn't know about which one of those is more likely well trump has been analyzed by everybody who can analyze in a thousand different ways
he might be at this is the ironic part trump might be the cleanest president we've ever had and let me explain that by clean i don't mean he's ever i don't mean he's never done anything that people would say that looks sketchy i'm not saying that i'm saying that we know it all we know it all what would happen if there's some like sex scandal about trump what would you say is there well you wouldn't care what happened do you think there's any like additional russia collusion or any russian interference with trump's that we don't already know about will probably not you spend you know he's had a scope up is colon for three years probably not what about transparency as somebody said in the comments
he's probably the most transparent president we've ever had now let's say we don't find out about his taxes war over it moreover it uses the irs doesn't care about his taxes you know i think most people you know if you took them out of the political mode and you just said look if the irs doesn't have a problem do you have a problem because we're watching him you know every anyway you can watch somebody if if the trump's were putting together some new land deal in russia today i think you'd know bout it wouldn't you wouldn't you know about that so completely by accident the president has become the most transparent understood president of all time probably nobody nobody will ever come close i would think and now no matter who you put in there with
it's you know warren or booty judge or anybody else what are the odds that we know as much about them is really low the odds that we know enough about any of the democrats is really low the one that we should know the most about is by and he's got a ukraine problem so i would say that the president has has a weird i know how ironic the sounds but because we know so much about the president and because he's never hidden as he put it when he was running for election he said of himself i'm no angel and so when people voted they were voting for the guy who said he's no angel and that's what they got they got exactly that guy so in a weird way he's sort of teflon has anything
anything that comes our way that's sort of in the same range of things we've already mentally discarded it's just going to get mentally discarded again that's the problem democrats having with this you create bunkall thing if trump or some other person some other politician you would say my god we thought he was perfect but yours is phone call thing and now now our impression of him is all changed but when trump makes that phone call you say to yourself yeah of course it was self interest it was also his job so he's perfectly is perfectly allowed to do its job to do is hide top priority of protecting the republic at the same time he's taking care of himself that's our system so as long as he's following the system the way it was designed as
long is as transparent as long as is moving in a direction we're we're generally happy with a connie looks better than sarah i don't see how he doesn't get reelected unless the revolution is a success but i'm sure that all of you will make sure it is not all right just looking at your comments yeah rebel castro said he wants to phase out nuclear power and i would say that that that's a case of role cast crew castro phasing himself out of the election because
if you're not if you're not in favor of the newer generations of nuclear energy you know the the newer technology if you're not in favor that you just haven't done your homework and you don't care about climate change i mean that's just disqualifier there is even democrats are pro nuclear you know cory booker yang by leaving behind yeah is pro nuclear all right if you would like to learn how to avoid losing my book is ready for pre order you can get in all the places you pre order books amazon etcetera and this book will have how you defeat the people you are arguing with because i say right in the book you have permission so permission is granted in this book to take your phone and take a picture of any page and put it on social media to win your argument
is what i do here is i i detail bad thinking styles do you know how to how to how to think incorrectly and then how to think correctly so that you can get out of your bubble so you find somebody in a bubble and you could say ho there they have a half opinion or they you are using the mind reading illusion one of the classic problems of thinking you could just take a picture poop put it on social media you have my permission if it's just a page and if it's just page and you can win your arguments by referring to and
social book one of the things about books is it if you're lucky enough to get a book published we'll take you seriously so just the fact that is in the book makes it seem like it's more a sore taters so that's that's part of the the magic of this all right that's all i got for now let's watch for a whistleblower two three four and five as the revolution continues in slow motion and outrage theater continues and i'll talk to you later
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