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Episode 688 Scott Adams: California Becoming a Third World Country, Kurds, Bill Gates Saving the World

2019-10-09 | 🔗

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  • There are bad Kurds and good Kurds?
  • Ukraine planned to investigate Burisma MONTHS before the call?
  • We’re pulling out of the open skies agreement
    • What is it and why are we pulling out?
  • Chinese officials complicit in suppressing Muslim minority
  • Visa restrictions issued for Chinese officials suppressing Muslims
    • President Trump is supporting Muslims in other countries
  • Is America interfering in China’s domestic affairs? Is that bad?
  • Bernie announces reduced campaign efforts
  • Bill Gates TerraPower development of SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
  • Eliminate men & women sport leagues…just have skill based leagues
    • Leagues by skill level qualifications, not M, F or T

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Open, bump bump bump, Get in here, while the lights are still on, because I'm I'm in. third world country right now is called California. And then California, we don't have electricity all day long We have electricity. Sometimes sometimes we don't sometimes you can walk down the street and not step in human feces, but not every time. We're not some first world country here in California, but I've got electricity now for untold another few hours. so my electricity is scheduled to go off sometime around noon. My time and here's the catch
There is no estimate of when they plan to turn it back on could be hours could be days. Are you freaking kidding me Well, I'm going to drink coffee and enjoy it anyway and if you'd like to join me, it doesn't take much. All you need is a cover. Mugger glass, Steiner tells tanker Thermas, last canteen, GRAIL goblet, a vessel of any kind filled with your favorite liquid I like coffee and join me now for the simultaneous. Oh yeah, do you feel the dopamine? Can you feel it? It's pretty good, it's pretty good, so we got lots of things to talk about today. Let's jump right in, but before we do, I would like you to join me
a special moment, I've been sort of bringing you along on this journey in which uh been telling you about my whole book writing experience, and I want to share this moment with you. The moment is this: if I got this box from my publisher, which I understand to have it the first printed copies. Of my new book now, if you've never been an author, you don't know how exciting it is. no matter how many books you right, it is very exciting to see for the time and hold it in your hands, the actual printed final book Well, I thought I would open up my package.
And share with you my special moment. So, let's see what we got here, we got bubble wrap, who ha ha ha Ok, oh here it comes with a little note from my publisher. It says Scott! Congratulations on your finished book, Bob Bob Bob Bob here, available for pre order. Now on Amazon and everywhere else that you can pre order book get yours now, it'll actually be on shelves on Nov yes, but if you pre order it now, it's good for Maine. Now it's good for me because it boost it up the best seller list and it's good to get there early. Now compare the final in all this beauty too,
what we call the uncorrected proof. So this is the first version is what gets sent out Two writers and reviewers and people who might say good things about it. this one comes out really it's like ninety eight percent, accurate. And then this one follows: look how much better the final is it shiny? It just looks so much better anyway. I hope y'all do your pre orders of that. Let's talk about. Let's talk about News number one piece of news: is Turkey and the Kurds? Here's what you need to know, We have no idea. What's going on over there. If you have a strong opinion about Turkey, in the Kurds in Syria. you probably shouldn't, because
as we really don't know, what's happening. It seems to me that the biggest problem over there is that there's no such thing as just Kurds. if they were just one thing that were the Kurds: Then we might all have the same opinion, or at least we have wise opinions, but it turns out. You got your bad curds and your good cards did you know that you got your bad ones, who are terrorists or training terrorists? You got your good ones who fight terrorists. Well, we love the good ones. We don't feel. so strongly about the bad ones. 'cause, they were sort of training terrorists or they are terrorists and apparel.
There's! No, there's no dispute about the fact that there are some good Kurds in sub at cards. So let's agree on that now. If we could support all the good cards, the ones that fought with us, I'm sure we would do that. Here's what we don't know exactly going on or what Turkey is exactly doing, or why they're doing it or exactly what we're doing and what God is doing and exactly what the Russians are going to do Apparently, the Syrians have announced that they're are in the fight. Basically, the Syrians are going to oppose Turkey and what we did was get our fifty, fifteen military people out of the way. Now the part that people don't seem to be Grokking, which we're just learning is that Turkey was going to go anyway.
Apparently Turkey was going to do what Turkey was going to do on the border there are fifty people who were not. really important to their plans, or they are not so. President did is not give them the green light; rather they were going to do it anyway and he got out of the way. So, in other words, there was no reason for our troops to be there 'cause they weren't going to stop what was going to happen, but they could get her So there just wasn't any purpose for them to be there. If you understand it in those terms and by the way that could turn out to be wrong, it could easily turn out that what I just said has no factual basis, because everything is sort of still fog of war, and it's all moving parts right now. So there's one there's one future where Turkey simply creates a safe zone
and the Kurds who are already in that area are not too happy about it, but we might be happy that there's a safe zone created apparently He was tired of waiting for the United States to be productive in creating the safe zone, so they just said well, there's going to be a safe zone, you're either part of the problem or you're part of the solution. America, so maybe, get out of the way. So we don't know if Turkey is version of a safe zone is really just a kill zone for Kurds, or are they really just trying to protect their own border and they don't have ambition. of wiping out large populations, certainly people are going to get killed. 'cause it's a military action, but I'm very confused about who's. Doing what and what will happen? Will this pit Russia against?
if it does kinda glad we got out of the way, will Turkey will Turkey cross the line and risk their entire economy to kill x number of Kurds that they can get their hands on? Maybe I did a little unscientific poll on twitter and asked people. Do you think Turkey will essentially sacrifice their
tire economy. Do you have some advantages and wiping out the Kurds just in that one area it wouldn't serve? It wouldn't solve their problem. It would just be a certain group of them with a trade, their entire economy, for a certain group of cards, or are they smart enough not to do that and they might get close to the line that might kill more people than than you know? We think should be killed role. We would want to be killed at my guess, more bad guys and good guys. We don't know what that's gonna look like. Uh or they just calling Trump's bluff. Do they think it's a bluff? Maybe they say to the result themselves. You know we're never going to get a chance like this to kill some money cards. so maybe it's worth the risk of take him take in the calling his bluff. Oh
Let me pause right here for for a conflict of interest statement. I have a large investment in Turkey now it's just a stock investment and it's specifically stock in the turkish mobile phone company Turkcell yesterday, when all the american stocks were down. Turkcell was up of all things. You know what the President Trump was was her threatening to obliterate their economy like he's done before, and the turkish mobile phone company stock went up,
today, is down a little bit. You know it's just a percent here there, so it's no big deal so anyway. The my conflict of interest statement is that I have an investment there, which is the president goes through with his threat to whack. Their economy is going to be very bad for me not changed my life bad, but for that particular investment, really bad. It's investment. I've had for years that I got simply because mobile phone companies always succeed in the long run if they have kind of a monopoly, Turkey is an educated, growing economy, but they've had problems, obviously government problems, and now this so there's a big. I certainly would not recommend that you own that.
stock. Nor would I recommend that you sell it 'cause. You should not take any financial advice whatsoever from cartoonists. So, having said that, my interest financial or opposite of what I'm going to say right now,. Even though I have a sizable investment in a turkish company that would be just Really hit hard, yes, Trump moved against the turkish economy, I'm in favor of it. You know. If we make a threat like that in the United States, does you have to go through with it yeah you have to you have to pay that debt. So the the the challenge has been made. Turkey crosses the line. We will break their economy. That's gonna hurt me I'm not gonna, like that? I'm gonna keep I'm going to hold the investment anyway. It's it's a very long term investment know it's sort of that
two thousand and thirty year investment? But I don't like it, but I still think we have to make good under threat, and I would bet if I had to be a betting person that they will cross the line and then we will up to crash the recount. So so you know I'm not going to say that's one hundred percent, but I'd say They were looking at probably a seventy percent chance, that the turkish economy will be obliterated. probably seventy percent chance, because I don't see them holding themselves back and I don't see Trump not making good on the threat. So I think I think the die is cast in the sense that they will go too far and we will crash their whole frickin economy. That's what I think. Seventy percent chance lab thirty,
so chances in the got anything can happen because once you've got the Russians and the Syrians and they're an array and will be in there who knows, you know, have a couple of different card groups. Turkey anything can happen all right. I'm talking about impeachment. There's a new story today about apparently currently John Solomon, has the scoop that the the US government New Ukraine was planning to look again into Marisma Holdings Another words somebody in the US government don't know exactly who knew that.
Somebody over in Ukraine in the prosecutors office was planning to look into Breeze MA long many months before President Trump brought it up at the phone call brought it up, so that would sort of change how you look at the situation, but probably won't change. That much and here's. Why, when you say that the US government knew what does that mean, doesn't mean Trump new that Ukraine, It's going to look into breeze. Is that what it means? well? It means some at least one person at least one person in the whole world was aware that Ukraine was take,
so I can look at very slow, so it doesn't really change what the president knew or sad unless there's additional reporting this as even Trump new or even as advisors, do and should have told them, but that's not in evidence. All we know is that somebody new, so we've got some dots that aren't quite connecting here, but might you know maybe later they will connect so and what is it means that they were thinking about looking into it or they were looking into brace is that at the same as saying that they were looking into the Biden participation in various MA, it's not it's! and it's probably not that unusual for a major company to be. the target sites of the prosecutor.
In Ukraine, where there's so much rampant bad behavior. So on the surface, it feels like it's important to know that when the President asked Ukraine to look in, where it should be important to know that months ago they had already decided to do it, but does it really matter if the president didn't know it. or if they were what they were going to look into wasn't exactly about the bidens, which was our primary interest, meaning the countries as well as the presidents or that they weren't actually acting on.
Reference to look into it as possible. They said yeah we're going to look into it and just didn't put a resources on it. So I would say that this new reporting is important. It's part of the puzzle good to know and good work by John Solomon. Getting that scoop, but I wouldn't over interpret it as being some kind of a kill shot for, one side or the other. I think it's more of a that's interesting, let's find out more about that until we do it's hard to have an opinion on it, apparently we're pulling out of the open Skies treaty, which I didn't even know existed until yesterday and you're probably saying to yourself what exactly is the open skies treaty- and why are we pulling out of it? Well, it has something to do with sending surveillance aircraft over other people territory and the idea is that we're all safer if we can all keep an eye on
each other. So even Russia, for example, would allow that we would have some kind of high levels: surveillance flights, spying on their country They might be doing the same thing with us everybody's looking at each other. Probably keeps you safer. you know, a watched situation is going to be a little bit safer than if there's something you can't keep an eye on That was the thinking apparently were pulling out. Why but we pulling out. Well, I don't know, beat Spain or something going wrong. I looked at the reporting this morning. I don't see any reason now that doesn't mean. There's no reason why? room? So there is a reason, but I don't know what it is. So if you have a strong opinion about whether we should pull out of the open skies,
really, you might be reading different news, and I am because uh because I don't see the reason yet and then, of course, there's always accusations that Russia is cheating because they wouldn't, this fly over some stone, but I don't know how not having you treat is going to make that better. So I don't quite know how that all fits together all right. The trouble. Now since the US is putting visa restrictions on chinese officials who were responsible for a quote brutal, so Professional of Muslims as losing sanctions are on individuals in China who somehow or complicit detaining the weaker
minority over there now. Could there be any better thing that the president could do for reelection is? Is the president using this issue just to get reelected, because what could be better for the president, Then, to be vocally and visibly supporting a muslim minority pretty good right, because it works It's the whole idea that he is anti muzzle yeah he's putting US interests on the line to protect a muslim minority in another country. I mean How do you explain that if he is Anti Muslim, it's hard to explain 'cause. Remember he's he's a good buddies with president. She, it would seem easy.
for Trump to agree with his good buddy. I better get rid of that problem, but instead use decided to back the muslim minority uh How do how do the I love? The Democrats process that how does that make sense in their movie now in my movie it makes perfect sense, because in my movie he was never anti muslim at any at anytime and she Nothing is acting in ways today on this week or situation, which would test is not anti Muslim, so my movie is completely consistent, perhaps how is the other movie doing where he hates Muslims by his putting America american interests on the line to protect them in another country.
I mean, has no strategic value to us whatsoever and these these putting America America's interests on the line you know to support them, so politically is brilliant. It might also be good in terms of our trade negotiations, but I'll tell you what is really good for you know what is really good for it's really, good for cats on the roof? If you don't know the cats on the roof, I'm gonna use this and that I guess you call it a. eight, it's based on a joke, but it's an interesting concept that the joke represents and the the joke is that you know the brothers as the cats on the roof and well that I'm I can tell the joke, but there is a joke. It's based on and there the reference to castle
is a way to tell somebody without telling them the bad news right away. Your softening somebody up for the bad news later, which is the cat died, but you don't want to say the cat died to see all the cats on the roof. We're trying to get it down of the caps fell center. That's the vents working on it, and then you know the third, you say the cat didn't pull through it didn't like it, and then the punch line of the joke is that you know your mother's on the roof softening you out. To tell you that your mother is going to die. I feel as though, when the president goes hard at China, for the has. It has political benefit
as you know, just moral benefits, because it's supporting a beleaguered group, but it's also a little bit the cats on the roof, meaning that the president is softening up of this country. The United States for de coupling decoupling is happening. I mean we're watching, so you don't have to Ask yourself: will we do from China is happening, we're doing it right now, you're, seeing companies move away from China using seeing companies that, unless they're crazy they're not going to move into China what what? What american company that depends on stock we could move into China. Now it would just be the
worst play ever so decoupling is happening. It may not be cut the cut the cord on day one but It's going to deep? We are decreasing our reliance on China, overtime and, let's decoupling. So when the president throws this weger thing in there, it's good on lots of levels. You know morally, Politically, but it also softens up the the local, you know the United States citizens, it tells us there were leaders, you know, sort of like better, find your phone 'cause. We might be leaving soon, so on the roof. Similarly, I made that joke, because Bernie Sanders came out and give a little press conference where he was. He was not looking too two healthy, but to use.
You know he was a standing and walking and talking, and he said that he was of course going to pull back on some of the rigorous of his campaigning schedule. now, how do you interpret that I I don't see any future in which Bernie works hard and goes all the way and gets the nomination. I can't believe the birdie necessarily season, but he also just doesn't have the kind of personality where quitting even for a reason that other people would say is a good reason. It doesn't really have that quitter personality, This is partly why you like him right. I have a very positive opinion of Bernie for his hard work, his consistency he doesn't seem to have been hit by too much in the way of scandal, and I believe that he is passionate and believes that
What he is promoting policy wise would be good for people, so I have a very high opinion of Bernie on a lot of levels, which is different from saying. I think that plans will work. Please move the entire democratic party in his direction. It's an amazing accomplishment. Amazing. I think, someday, everybody will have health care and education will be. three one way or another, maybe just through normal capitalist ways, but someday somebody's going to say you know, Bernie pushed us there a little little bit faster, made it higher priority, but I made it. We did it and I said the cats on the roof and people unfortunately, temperature that as meaning that Bernie wasn't gonna live that long and that's not what I meant in that context. The cats in the roof meant that When Bernie says I'm going to pull back on my campaign schedule a little bit, of course
is sort of softening us up for understanding that he's going to put you know a maximum fight into it as much as he can, but you should sort of expect him to You know to look at the poll numbers fairly soon it is going to take you. more poll, results, will probably wait until there a few more poll results and then you'll say you know, I'm not pulling well, and I don't have the energy to change it. So this is time for me to drop out. I just think he's. Looking all all I think Bertie wants to do is to go out on his own terms. Now has Bernie earned it as Bernie earn the right to go out on his own terms, yeah yeah. Yes, he put in the work. Bernie earns the right to go out on his own terms, so if he was
aim for awhile and sort of a graceful graceful exit, that's determined by the poll numbers. I think I feel flexible about that. I would not. I would not criticize it for that. I think he earned that right all right when one more thing about Turkey, a lot of people have what I would call one slash two pinion. about Turkey and the Kurds. A half pinion is where you're only looking at either all the costs of something where all the benefits or something. Just ignoring the other half of the equation So the people who say we should we should not be pulling those fifty people out. What are they suggesting instead because remember: there's a four hundred year, history of the Turks and the Kurds being at each other's throat,
It's are we going to stay there for hundreds of years? Is that the alternative? Because if it is, then we should be able to say that so if somebody says, I think it's good that we pulled out, they can say the cost is there's a risk. the Kurds, that's a pretty big cost to the United States as well, because that, yes, if the Kurds get wiped out, it's still looks like we're unreliable as allies, and that could hurt us later. That's a big deal. But the people say we should stay that make first of all the mistake of thinking. It would stop the Turks, I don't think it will. That was the whole point. Our military, as sort of an ounce Essentially. The official word from the government is Turkey was.
To do their thing either way and are fifty people were just not going to be the factor that stop them so better to get him out of the way, but for those who think it would have made a difference to keep him there or think that we should put more people there. So. Turkey really is stopped. What is your full attention? Cuz? You can't say it: let's keep them there until Tuesday, you kind of have to say for HUN, fears, because whenever we leave it just goes back to turkey attacks the Kurds and vice versa. So I don't know that there's a valid opinion this as stay, unless you finish the thought and say stay, probably for hundreds of years. If you can say that with a straight face. Well, that's a full opinion. Now, there's a sort of them on a mid range there. Where you say we should stay until the situation, changes and somewhere.
that we can get out. But if it doesn't change, we will stay there for hundreds of years is that is what we want to do. If it is, people should be able to say that, and just say this is my full opinion. We should stay and if we have two for hundreds of years, that's the other opinion. That's the opposite of we should we should get out of there. Alright um. Let's talk about uh. Let's talk about interfering in China's domestic affairs um. Are we interfering in China's domestic affairs when we sanction people
their treatment of the uighurs. Now I'm in favor of that, I'm all in favor of the sanctions and whatever else we do to China, but are we interfering with their domestic politics like at what point? Do you say? That's not legitimate. Is it is this such a bad situation? That is an exception. is an exception. I don't know. It certainly seems like it's going to make a difference is It seems like it's designed to manipulate their political process. How is that not meddling? It's like the most I'm looking thing you've ever seen in your life and isn't that when we do it we don't even notice that his meddling- it's like it's like. We don't even notice we're we're meddling the best out of everybody and guess what they're meddling right back
the world were a meddling world. I don't think there's any such thing as no meddling. All right, I'd like to tell you know, bill Gates is fixing the world, and I think I'm completely serious about this, but you'll just You should watch this special in that Netscape called inside bills brain so it's called inside bills, brain and says you know three or four part documentary about bill gates and it's very positive presentation of bill gates, and I was wondering why Bill gates gave so much of his personal time to this project. 'cause. It's obvious. He spent a lot of time with the interviewer, an did lots of lots of interviews and the walk around with him and spent all kinds of time with them, and that seem
the opposite of what I imagined bill gates was all about. Now, obviously does lots of public events, but it seemed unusual that he would do one that's sort of about him that seemed completely off Brandon it, and did you wonder about that's like why would bill gates be such a big part of this project? On the thing? That's just about him, just the opposite of how you imagine. If we do just as more about business and getting things done not about self aggrandizement, and then I watched it and then I understood it and so on it's surface it there's way more going on than you think so. Here's here's the deal so most of those focused on his current answer, his current life as a philanthropist and the Gates foundation. There's there's not so much about teens Microsoft. Past. If you want that stuff, that would be.
some other content, so they talk about his spending billions to try to build your toilets that don't need running water for the third world and and and sewage processing. It's it's hard to watch that part of the documentary 'cause? They show you a lot of sewage and it's more than I wanted to look at, but it's important to make. The point important. Apparently there were just lots of people dying in Africa from diarrhea The diarrhea was caused by the fact that their water source and their toilets horse were the same place as awful, as that sounds right there. Their sources of water and their sources of bathroom was literally the same place, so they were picking up all these bugs because that
healthy situation in because they don't have access to good medicine. Just people were dying from diarrhea, so bill gates took on probably the hardest problem in the world. The most disgusting unpleasant, thankless problem. Anybody can ever work on and he's made some progress, but it's a big problem. You did develop a a toilet that met those specifications. They did the hope. They built a waste processing plant that doesn't require electricity or running water, amazing and they've actually installed it in. One one city in Africa and the pearly works. So what it does is it creates its own electricity from the waist, let's put into it, uses that electricity to process. at the end and the only output is a drinkable clean water amazing. But
and then the other thing is working on Bill Gates is replicating polio, which turned out to be much harder problem for a variety of reasons, and but he's you know putting billions into it is his dad sat on get when a polio, it just is way more work than I look like and he's going to put in the work, but that's not what I'm talking about those two efforts are amazing and if it, if that's all you ever did you know he's a are you sure the treasure to the world Bill Gates is, if all he did all. He like, like you- and I are doing that if all he did was was eradicate polio. If all he did was bring clean water to these places in Africa, on that, otherwise, wouldn't because the waste those are gigantic, but there's something bigger,
he's doing something. Much bigger and I didn't understand the Netflix special until I put all the pieces together- and it looks like this bill Gates also has been working on developing. Through his company terra power, a generation four nuclear plant that would fix all of the problems of traditional nuclear power. Those problems are it could meltdown so they they made a design that can't if it this is power. It just turns off it can't meltdown by its design. It doesn't have the ability to mit to meltdown. Secondly, it uses for fuel spent waste from other nuclear reactors, and it could is it for hundreds of years, just the stuff, that's already waste, so it Uses nuclear waste.
it doesn't, have the risk of meltdown by design and you're ready, it's economical, that's the tri factor. Now you say yourself great. Let's start building remember this is completely designed, so it's been designed on super computers and stuff. They have to actually build it. What is completely designed there are there's no stuff left to design So don't gates was planning to build the first one in China, because China is very pro nuclear they're building a lot of their own and he got approval. food in China and then trade war. Then President Trump declared a trade war with China and that nuclear project got build, it just isn't possible to do it in China. Right now is the most.
important thing in the world, if you believe in climate change if you don't believe in climate change as being a problem, it's still the most thing in the world, here's why? If you could bring down the cost of electricity and provided to all the people? Who don't have that special? the poor, then what you do for poor people and for the, I'm gonna be in general, is huge and what it does for reducing pollution, because you could get rid of your coal plants and the ones that are really killing people. This gigantic. We're talking about saving millions of lives, Even if there's no climate change, because if you get rid of the polluting sources, I think there were a one hundred thousand people a year or something or killed by Cole. If you just sort of generally
actually how much extra pollution it is and how many extra people die. There are just millions of people dying from pollution and more millions of people dying. They didn't need to from poverty and having low cost energy would go a long long way toward reducing poverty. So here's our situation and you're you're, probably starting to put some some. You started to connect the dots but but let me finish, the picture so Bill gates does a special, that's unusually personal and completely out of character. Why? Okay so connect the puzzle? Why does he do the special and then you find out that his plan to save the world yeah, I'm exaggerating, but maybe not much by having clean, safe, economical nuclear power has been.
more to it by politics. What is the one thing that bill Gates is really good at it's, not politics. It's not his strength. What he did is what he's good at. He put a ton of money into a risky thing that was entrepreneurial at required, innovation and technology, and damn it You made it work, he actually made it work bill gates, invented clean, economical, safe nuclear power, and he can't get a test site running. Now, just to be clear, we don't know that if he built it would work just the way it was designed by take it iteration or two to get it right, but they're pretty confident they got it right or a close enough that a few tweaks will get you there.
So now. Do you understand why bill gates allowed a very personal that that Netflix Special, for him: he used this to solve the politics. So here's what happened he puts out the special. He simply makes it entertaining and he puts a lot of personal stuff in and so will watch so then I turned it on and I watch. And I say: are you freaking kidding me that the only thing stopping us from having economical, safe nuclear power is that he can't get through the licensing process in this country, and then I said to myself
Well, how can I help, and so I sent a message to Mark Schneider, our resident nuclear experts. Slash advocate- and I said, do you know anybody at terra power I could talk to. Maybe I can help as if all we need to do is convince people to do something differently. Well, I'm going to that. Maybe I can help and so Mark contacted somebody on Linkedin who's, the executive, that terra power and, as with the intention of asking him to connect with me, no, I haven't made that connection. I don't know if I will, but look at all the all the ducks lined up bill gates solve the engineering and the economics,
Of safe nuclear power- and he can't get the licensing in his own country, he had to go to China to even get approval. do. We have a president who can solve that problem. Yup now you say yourself close Kosciusko. Nobody can solve that problem. Even the president can solve that problem, because the problem is just one problem with red tape in this the state. So that's not really a federal problem anyway. It's about the state since the bureaucracy and their reasons and variables, and even the president couldn't solve it- is that hard to solve, Well, we don't have a normal president. We are blessed or cursed depending on your point of view,
with the most unique president in the history of presidents and there's one thing that this president can do that, other presidents can't do what you can do is the stuff. You can't do. who was it who could move our embassy to Jerusalem, nobody and then Trump did it. Who could get elected president with no experience in politics? Nobody well, but then Trump did it. who could remove us remove our troops from Syria? Nobody is impossible. Well, I'm just at a who could start at major trade war with China and convinced this country, that maybe we should stop doing trade with him at all. Nobody except Trump just did it.
How many times do you have to see something that can't be done and then watch strong? Do it right in front of you he's the president who can do it? So here's what it comes down to you and I because you're you're part of my I system right now. You and I are going to try to find somebody a terrible hour to talk to you. Maybe you find so. Maybe I find somebody and we're going to find out if we understand the problem right, 'cause, that's the first thing you know. I want to understand if the real problem is that there's an entity or groups- that are dragging their feet. I can find a person whose job it is to make this happen and they're not getting it done. That person probably need some help. Maybe they need a bigger staff. Maybe they need more freedom from mistake.
Maybe they need somebody to do some kind of an executive order to clear out some paperwork paperwork. We're gonna find the person and it might be just one person, maybe a few, but maybe just one we're going to find the people or person who is stopping bill gates from solving the biggest problem in the world. If you think it's climate change or even if you don't, we out, we just still need clean power, so bill gates. Found a way to weaponize the topic just right the imagine how hard it is to change people's minds about nuclear power. Imagine how hard it would be to break that red tape. The way to do it is the focus, an immense amount of energy at exactly the
right point like a laser. You got a lot of energy, but it's no good and less focused and what Bill Gates did. Was it just by doing the Netflix Netflix thing, I'm pretty. be sure that his real intention was not self aggrandizement. In other words, I don't believe that Trump that gates dead bill gates so that we would have a better impression of bill gates. Now it did have that effect. I mean you watch that special in you come away thinking. He might be the greatest person, whoever lived he might be the smartest to you actually will think that when you walk away, you think I don't know you might be the this human of all time, I I actually went away from the the special thinking that's like. Well, you know it's kind of hard to rank. All human but he might be in the best of us.
And he just created a situation where, if we help in the right way, we can solve his last remaining problem, which is he can't get it approved, United States. I think we can do that for him. He set it up, I mean he set it up. All we have to do is execute so, Let's find a terra power executive will talk to us, confirm exactly where the problem is, and then we'll do what we can to put the energy from the government if President Trump could be helpful, I know that he would at least listen to the listen to the story. Now, here's the fast way to do it put bill gates and Trump in a room together with nobody else. Just you know there could be uh people. But the other point is those two people in room to talk and nuclear power. Don't Do you think
the bill gates, sitting room with President Trump could get a nuclear plan moved I mean, maybe they have to put it in someplace remote. You know, maybe it's the ideal location or something, but don't you think they could That done. I think they could. So that's positive Those of you who are following me on Twitter might know that I keep tricking triggering this cognitive. Dissonance and then watching people fall into it and the trap goes like this Morgan was saying something Twitter, their response to about transgender athletes, and I keep saying the I say: wouldn't it be better if, instead of having leagues for women and leaks from land and then the transgenders are or something we have to fight over,
wouldn't it be better to just say anybody can play at whatever level their abilities allow. so that would mean that the only people who play in the NBA are very tall best of the best men and all the rest of the men in the world. Don't get to play in the NBA, so one hundred percent of woman and would not play in the NBA under that model and ninety nine point, nine hundred and ninety nine percent of men would also not play in the NBA. now there would be? No women's league under this model it would just be leagues, and if you were lower down in the leagues and some them might have men and women didn't transgender athletes etc, and it would be fine is whatever league they're playing in would be competitive with the people on that team. Now what is the biggest complaint that people say when I say what I just said:
which is get rid of mens sports and get rid of women's sports and justice. How is many leagues as you need, so everybody can find a slot where they work? What's the biggest complaint people say Scott, you idiot, I got called an idiot about twenty times this morning alone. You idiot you Idiot Scott. When I have to. I have to go full dale on this. This is what He said to me: when I say: don't have men's and women's teams just have you know as many leads as you need sorry, but I can find one that they fit into. They said to me: don't you know Scott, the men are biologically larger than women Skype. If they're playing on the same team, that men will just hurt them and it won't be fair To which I say that has nothing to do with my idea,
because in my idea you don't join the team except the one that you won't get hurt and the people are roughly as good as you are. They might be, man might be with them could be anything they're just the same level So what do people say when I say no? No! No! There wouldn't be any women's team that has a transgender athlete on it. They would just be teams what do they say: Scott Scott, Don't you understand that men are bigger than women? I don't know what to do with that. I can say one thousand times. Yes, my preferred solution is that everybody plays with people who are there same level. In all cases- and somebody will still say, I'm an idiot because then two hundred pound man will be playing against one hundred pound woman, to which I say no, never
That will never happen 'cause they wouldn't play on the same team. So the reason that I enjoy this topic is because it triggers People like crazy and the triggering I find amusing and educational? Because you watch where they're blind spot is, and they can't see it, but it's easier to see outside and here's the blind spot that triggers people. There has never been any good reason for male and female separated leagues. So that's that's the reason that people can't see what's so obvious in front of them, so they're not disagreeing or agreeing with my opinion. They actually can't see it because they're, starting from the place that there must be Male sports and female sports- and somebody said you know the whole reason for that is so that you know women don't get hurt they're, not
competing in these male sports and getting Hurts- and I said that's not the reason in the common. tell me the reason for male and female sports, the reason. Why is the reason we have it now, because I said we just get rid of it. The reason is just politics. The reason this power and politics women as a group wanted it so they there were enough women to get what they want, and What if all the men who are under five feet, tall, decided to organize and say no every school and every professional sport should, so include people who are under five feet tall and we want our own league 'cause. We can't compete, Large man and we,
element. Compete with large weapons were under five feet tall, so shouldn't we have our own league, to which I say well. It makes as much sense as anybody else having their own league, but you don't have the power. The only reason that short men don't have their own sports leagues 'cause. They do repower they're, not organized. Nobody cares at all, so once you dispense with the fact that there should be male sports, and all sports. There was never a reason for that and now people said to me, but Scott. That means that a woman can never win first place. How is that fair that the only person getting first place, like the best of the sport is going to be a guy? How is that fair? To which I say how is it fair now, I'm not in first place
If I become a professional boxer, do I have a chance of being first place? If I join the NFL do I do I have a first chance of being in the on the team. Ninety nine point, nine hundred and ninety nine percent of all men can't make the team. If we talk about the high level teams, and one hundred percent of women, can't Is there really a problem if men and women are so similar that ninety nine point, ninety nine Ten percent of men are in this situation. That's the same as one hundred percent of women is that it's different, I mean it's different by one, but still there are only a few special people who
to be number one at all. Does it really need to be a number one man and a number one one and secondly, the market would adjust and you would still have the best woman in the world people. I use those Serena Williams exam so use that, let's say we got rid of men's dicks, women's tennis, and it was just one ranking that would put Serena at let's say, let's say she's number, four hundred in the maybe it's a thousand whatever it is. Do you think There would be no interest in watching Serena play if she was exactly the same person. She is now, instead of being number one in the women's league she's number six hundred in the league, I think there's still a market because the whatever reason you wanted to watch her play before was that change. I would think it would be exciting to watch a woman
whether she's competing against the man woman. If you, if your capping it in your mind for the fact that you know you know that were not Dallara man that they would be even better. Now. Let me give you this analogy. When my step daughter used to play soccer in high school, I would go and watch those games and they were super entertainment. more entertaining than professional sports. I loved watching high school. And junior high girls compete, it was great. It was every bit as fun and entertaining as watching a professional man's team play. So why would that change like? I would still enjoy watching them play at any level, so um
It would be. It would be worse for a very small number of women, the ones who could be the best in their sports the worst of them too set of being number one to be number six hundred, but do you care? I mean, if it's let's say better for some transgender folks, but worse for Serena Williams. It's about a bush. I know it seems about the same fairness wise anyway. I haven't seen it yet in the comments, but I guarantee you there's somebody in the comments who's going to say to Maine Scott,
you're so so bad, because that means large men would be playing with small women and hurting them. No, no, not saying that somebody says it would be worse for all women. How tell me one way that it would be worse for all women again I'll use my step daughter as an example. She did not play it on the school team she played in a recreational league, and so, instead of sitting on the bench on the school team, she got to play every game and and do a good deal well against. People who are level in a recreational league was that bad for my step, daughter that she didn't get to be on the school's teams.
The guy on the bench. No, she made friends she had disciplined. She learned sports, yet team work. She got every benefit you can get out at the level she was playing. It was competitive, fun to watch. It was everything there was nothing to see. Sure there are a few few people would not get to be the star of high school on the team. Who cares just the one person and and get that right so yeah, I won't say it's unfair, also you'll be different than some other people would get advantages and some others would not. So we we sort of fetishize sports like there.
Far more special than they are they're, not that special. You can have a recreational league that you play just for fun and you get all the benefits all of 'em. In fact, better benefits, 'cause you're, more likely to play the entire game. Then, if you try to get in a competitive sport, only a few people get to be starters. Alright, somebody says which is better for self esteem. By far the recreational leagues, there are some people who would have better self esteem by competing at the highest level. I know a woman only team, all the rest, are better off playing on a team with people that are friends and the same, So the only reason I like this topic is because it triggers people into a hallucination of what I'm saying so that they can. Maintain their disagreement, but the thing that causes the blind spot
is that they can't see. There was never anything but a political reason that there are ever two different leagues, one for men. One for women. It never made sense from the beginning. It was simply something that people want, so they got it. They had the power they wanted it. They got it and I'm not even saying there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying that you know well let let me be more clear about that. There are things that make sense at a certain time and place I think it was good and beneficial. The women got their own leagues and then got to compete and and got to be athletes and, and all that, so I think the way it is and the way it was designed to be a totally positive. I also think you need to rethink things now and then and we've reached a point where there's everybody understands that women can be athletes right.
It wasn't long ago that the idea of a woman playing a sport would just seem like a place, but we're not in that place. We were way beyond that. Now everybody understands male athletes, female athletes, transgender athletes, they're just athletes, so once you're once you're society has moved past the question of hey. Can a woman play a sport. Oh I didn't know. Women could play sword wo. Once you've moved past that into everybody plays sports, then you can design a system that doesn't have to solve a social problem. Having female. Only sports is solved a social problem that is solved. So you don't need to solve the problem that is already solved. We already understand.
Women can play sports bra right once you get. That is all easy. If that's all I got for now, I've got to go to a lot of work because my electricity skin off at noon. Apparently literally, I live in this stupid third World country called California and I'll tell you we don't know for sure if the electricity would go off, it has to do with, has to this is how much wind there is some other places to stay. But if it does, we have to get rid of our governor. We have to change our government if, if, if my power goes out, I'm suddenly going to be very active in California, politics which I've never cared about, never cared about it,
But if my power goes out today from bad management, I'm gonna get real interested in the governorship not running, but getting somebody in there who can do the work. So that's where I'm at, and I will talk to you all later.