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Episode 689 Scott Adams: Ukraine, China, California, and Other Basket Cases

2019-10-10 | 🔗

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  • Powerful Democrats and their offspring/relatives on Ukraine boards
  • President Trump, can EASILY solve climate change
    • License TerraPower and let Bill Gates do his thing
  • Existing nuclear plants in US were designed BEFORE computers
  • Every day that Biden remains in the race…is a bad day for Dems
  • A brilliant tweet from Eric Trump and President Trump’s retweet
    • President Trump…the King of clear comparisons
  • Democrat candidates and the challenges each face
  • FOX News impeachment poll
  • The secret kangaroo court currently doing pseudo-impeachment

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Hey everybody, Scott did not make it. It was too dark in California, I'm Dale, I'm Dale and I'll be doing today's periscope or Scott who was charged a dope is sort of an idiot my whole all. Oh, I love the way. I said that, oh so clever so morning will be, will be coffee with Dale Scott couldn't make it is too dark in California 'cause. We don't have light in California. Lots of lots of big countries like Ukraine have things like electricity power. We've got electricity and power in places like Honduras, and you know other place. Where people think they're coming to a better place, well ha ha ha jokes on them. They had power when they left. They came to California, no power.
So I'm Dale and I'd like to lead you through a very dark California, coffee with bail. And all you need is a copper of Megara Glass, some kind of studying or maybe or possibly us a possibly attacker, a grail, thermos flask. I a vessel of any kind outlet with your favorite liquid.
I, like the enjoy me now for the simultaneous up. It's terrible. It's terrible! You can have a terrible day today and so as they'll. I would like to talk about all the bad things happening in the world. Wait a minute all the second somebody's calling me hold on hold on don't go anywhere.
Oh there it is Dale, Dil, dil Dil, it's hard to tell the difference between jail and whistleblower. Three. They look a lot alike, but let's do it right? Will you join me in the proper, simultaneous sip bill? Just can't do it right All right join me now for the simultaneous up the dopamine hit of the day. They think it makes everything better go. That's the way to do it Dale can't do anything right so.
Let me give you an update on California. So yesterday, the the schedule in California is that I was supposed to my town was supposed to lose. Is electricity potentially or probably, or something at noon yesterday. So at first, I thought it was going to be a midnight yesterday. You know that Part of the day and then that it was noon so I couldn't really do much yesterday because, as you just sort of sat around waiting for the power to go out, I tell you one thing most: the people. I talked to had no idea that there was eve. A potential for a power outage of that type where they just turned out the lights and wait. Until the day before, or the day up, the people were found out about that. The day up, including me, I thought it was a joke status at all the they're going to turn off the power, for you know twelve hours,
I thought no they're, not what kind of weird conspiracy theory are you falling for Christina, and then so it is real and then I thought wow. We really need another governor limit Let me tell you if you live in a state where you wake up and that same day you learn for the first time ever they you might lose electricity for the whole day. 'cause, your state does not have an infrastructure that can support, electricity and you're just finding out about it. You have to get rid of your governor right away. You shouldn't! up yeah. I hate that we even have to wait for an election now had our governor said. You know, we've got this problem, it could happen any day now we're working on it, we're doing what we can, but
I have to warn you sometime in the next several months. We might have to do this thing now. If that had been the case, I would feel a little bit diff ITALY about it. I'd feel well, there's a problem. It's a hard one. Somebody is communicating with us there there working on it. They have something like a plan. Nothing like that. I mean at least I haven't noticed. Maybe I don't watch enough local news, but we desperately need to get rid of our governor that there aren't too many things that would make me say that, but sitting around waiting for the frickin lights to go off. There isn't the slightest chance this guy can get reelected. Is there. Can you get reelected when you just made all of your voters sit there waiting for the lights to go out in the most technologically advanced place on the frickin planet earth. Have you heard his cell
click on valley? Is here you get that Silicon Valley? That's here the smartest technologists in the universe. They're here you can't figure out how to keep the lights on on the state. That includes Silicon Valley. You can't make that way. There's nothing in your head. That says you know: what can we do technologically to pray? to properly prepare to have electricity in the state of California. Is there anybody we could talk to Anybody who's got some ideas. Anybody's got some money, my god, if you can't keep the lights on in California, just leave
you know. Gavin Newsom should just wait until the lights go out and then just slink away to another state. I could not be more embarrassed to be the governor of a state if it's California, the kids, keep his lights on. Now. If you told me that New Mexico was having a problem with their grid, I would say well for New Mexico. New Mexico doesn't have as many resources doesn't have the money doesn't. Maybe not even the you know the the the human capital to keep the lights on. I would say to myself man: maybe we should do something to help New Mexico because they don't have the same resources as big states. Maybe they need some help, but if you can't keep the lights on in California and you're not going to tell the public, you know heads up not going to tell us what you
I'm not going to tell us how you're working on it time for new governor. Alright, that's enough of that wow, oh by the way, the lights don't go out yesterday and I don't have an update about whether or not they went out in other places that maybe they did but my town lights didn't go out. I don't know why, but I don't know I still go out today, so maybe lapping today I don't have any information. I don't know doesn't surprise you. How many sons of Democrats have worked for ukrainian oil, unless there's one of forgetting- but maybe you can fill me in so is polo- see Song Kerry, son and Biden son, and there was one other right who was the other? The other democrat son
Somebody tell me in the comments, but really what are the chances that all of those Democrats would have a family member working for a ukrainian uh, a ukrainian company? What are the odds of that really an? I was. I was asking myself: if is there something wrong with Chelsea Clinton that she wasn't on the board of a ukrainian oil company I mean really what's wrong with Chelsea Clinton is his sexism. Why can Chelsea get him? want to see it at a ukrainian oil company? I feels like she's Qibya Natural, given the pattern. Here's an interesting thing: coal usage in the United States is expected to decline. Fourteen percent this year, which would be on top of large declines, going back to the
Obama administration, mostly because of alternatives, cheap gas, uh and some renewables. So it turns out that the market is working. The market economy is solving what the government can do anything about or doesn't know it's real or whatever, in terms of climate change, so the United States, simply by waking up and going to work, is solving one of the biggest problems in the world, which is Climate by just some natural reduction in the amount of coal. This used, because the market has less demand for coal, then it has for other things that are cleaner and in some cases cheaper. So
This is another one of those cases where a capitalism just sort of takes care of business. If you wait long enough yeah, sometimes the problem is you don't want to wait, then you add, on top of that, as I said before, Bill Gates, his company terra power, just just just one example: uh has a fully functional design for a generation for nuclear plant. if they can get it permitted to that, they can test it. And if you don't know, generation four means that there's no danger of meltdown 'cause. It's designed that if it loses power it just stops working, whereas the current versions, the ol versions, if they lose power, there's a danger of losing containment the the new designs that we have that risk at all and they also eat nuclear waste. That already exists, so it reduces waste and it could be economical. If you
them, not a standardized way. So we've got that sitting out there, that the market economy makes possible, because there are people who are willing to invest in it is just sort of sitting out there. The only thing but it needs- is President Trump, probably so. Weirdly President Trump's the person who believes that, or has said many times that climate change is a hoax. Now I don't take that literally, but I do think that he's talking about China and getting one over on the rest of well getting one over on the United States was China would not have the same restrictions in the Paris climate Accord says the US, wouldn't it would be unfair thing. So, in that way. It's clearly not a good deal, but whatever the president believes about the actual risk of warming. He is you sort of the face of climate denial and
given that use the face of climate denial, it is the weirdest thing that he is the one person on earth who could simply go on television and sold all of the risk of climate change. How do how did this simulation get to the point where there's the one person in the world who just has to go on television? Basically and say you know, if you let bill gates, get licensed, will probably take care of all your problems about climate change. ' 'cause we'll have a a working robust generation for nuclear plant will probably have to tweak it a little bit, but then we just clone it. An we've got free, clean, a free but economical, clean risk, free power for the rest of eternity, or at least until fusion kicks in and.
All the president has to do is say, look is really hard to get a permit, but we're going to put all of our attention on making this happen. So if somebody can't get something done, give me their name like literally give me their name. The president of the United States, who is it who stopping bill gates from getting to build the first prototype of this generation four plant 'cause he has the money, is fully designed. Oh here's, a fun fact. Listen to this fact. Do you know that
All existing nuclear power plants in this country were designed before computers. Just just hold that thought for a moment. All existing nuclear power plants, the ones that are operating in the United States, were all designed before computers slide rulers now. Does that feel safe to you so feel safe? Well, not so much bill gates is design which he is looking for. A place to do is designed and fully simulated with super computers. Supercomputers, so they've got a pretty good idea. You know how this thing is going to operate. Do you still have to build it to be sure? So imagine a president Trump saying look I'll just find a way to get this done faster than it should take it. I think it would take
forty years, to get something approved in our current system. Just bring me the name of the person who is not not doing the job. Who is, it was dragging their feet who, who doesn't have the resources, give me their name This is a guy named Bob Bob call me Bob: why can't you get your part of this licensing thing Bob? What are you doing this more important bob then getting this done maybe work a little longer today, Bob you're saving the entire planet. Now maybe the president doesn't think that, but certainly the president would be in favor of the United States beat. Being the leader in a new form of nuclear energe? Do you think President Trump would enjoy being the President who initiated a whole new era of clean, safe nuclear energy bill gates, blessed and funded to get it going. Do you think President Trump would like to be the
president well? He should I don't know what I would like more than that may be the only thing cooler than that would be one space force. We know he likes that. So how weird is it that the entire really the entire climate change risk has come down to one person? Doing one thing: one person is This is Trump and the one thing is figuring out a way for bill gates and terra power to get licensed in a expeditious way for some place in the United States. Now I don't know what their limitations are about where they need to locate. Maybe they need to be near an existing grid or something so maybe some limitations. You can't tell me there's any place in the whole United States. They wouldn't allow bill gates to put the safest nuclear power
plant in the world at least we assume it's safe is based on design. Alright uh New York Times is obviously turned on Joe Biden, which is sort of all. You need to know right if you're wondering to yourself hey, will Joe Biden get the nomination? Well, consider this factoid, the New York Times just ran a giant a giant I guess sort of that? He had that opinion piece written by the guy who wrote Clinton. Cash Schweitzer is the author. Now the person who wrote Clinton Cash is obviously a major anti demo. rat and he did a big opinion piece calling out to Biden for not doing anything illegal, but for b,
Basically it raging himself with you crane. Now, I'm not saying this is credible or not credible and that's saying is true or false. I don't know you know the whole you can. Anything I don't know if any of us don't really know what's going on there, but the fact The New York Times highlighted it to the point where the the by in complaining about it. They officially complained and publicly. I guess about the New York Times coverage. that kind of tells you that the Democrats are not going to support line, and it also tells me that they'd like him to get off the stage is quickly as possible. Every day that Biden is still in the race is a bad day for all Democrats, and I think that they're all starting to realize that,
Biden is becoming their brand and I think he even a Democrat. Would it would it knowledge that the following facts- we're kind of damning, as expressed in one of the best tweets you'll, ever see in your life? No, I I say this lot right when talk about President Trump, I say well, this is the best tweet you've ever seen, or this is like a legendary tweet or something I stand by that, I don't think it's hyperbole to look at the body of President Trump's work and say that not every tweet, of course there are some of them there that are just legendary. I mean you couldn't even imagine in designing better communication nuggets of news, here's one
This is just so beautiful, just the construction of it. It just makes me just makes me happy to see how well this is done. So it's a two parter. The first part of the tweet is that Eric Trump. Does a tweet, then the second part, which is what makes this powerful, is what the president did in his the retweeted comment all right, so it's a two parter which makes it beautiful. The first part is Eric Trump. Now keep in mind that this is the president's that's important to the story. So President Trump's son, Eric Trump tweets, this board members of Exxon Mobil, one of the world's largest and most prestigious energy companies, makes three hundred and thirty thousand dollars annually. Hon better buy with no industry, knowledge or duties was being paid six hundred thousand dollars annually,
All of this, while the average annual salary in Ukraine is one thousand seven hundred dollars per year. So first of all, Eric Trump's tweet is brilliant. but clean it's easy to understand. There is no opinion here, there's no opinion right. He gives you three facts that you could check yourself is the fact that Sun, one of the in one of the richest countries in the world is paying people three three hundred. three thousand dollars to be on the board- probably I mean imagine if you check that that's going to be true. Is it true that Hunter Biden with no industry, knowledge or duties was being paid? You almost twice that by the poorest country around Ukraine looks like that's true, looks like that.
True and then is it also true that the average annual salary just to give you some context in Ukraine, is one thousand seven hundred dollars per year. Probably that's probably This is a really strong tweet, but it gets better. The president retweets it with his own comment. Now here's the beauty of it. This is this is why this is like forty chess, the president is retweeting his son, who doesn't have any of these problems Eric Trump doesn't have any of these Hunter Biden problems. Eric Trump is just somebody that seems to be trying to make a better world. Has you know great kids, you know this is family, looks strong just solid supporter of the president doesn't have any of the problems that Hunter Biden you right
so that's the first brilliant part about it. So Eric Trump has made three comparisons. The fact that a really strong, when put together just boom boom boom, three bullet points them that's wrong and he's Eric Trump. So is not just that. He said something that was concise and well organized. Is studies Eric Trump right. That's the important part that makes sense next level. So then, the President retweets his successful and respected son and says: where is Hunter Biden? He has disappeared while the well, the fake news protects his Krooked, daddy. Now this just couldn't be any better, so that what the president does so well is comparisons he's like the king of comparisons and comparisons are really the the key to.
persuasion right, because everything that you do or want to do or think about or or your priorities. Everything is compared to what so you know you like things compared to other things. You hate things compared to other things of the world is a come The president treats it that way and always gives you really good comparisons. So
is giving you the comparison between Hunter Biden, who's literally hiding and Eric Trump, whose literally tweeting so Eric Trump is in this example he's in public. Here I am America trunk. If anybody looking for me, I'm right here, Eric Trump I'm doing, and then the president throws in his comparison so now you're on the fourth comparison. All right, Sir Trump gave you three things to compare all yeah. That's all a plus persuasion technique. Comparisons are strong and then the president Throws- and just at the closing comparison
that was saying look at a good Eric Trump is compared to Hunter Trump. He doesn't have to say it is just right there. You can see it right. So that's the beauty of heat. If he'd compared it would have been going too far. You would want the president to say Eric drums doing great to you under Biden's. Not doing so great. You would want to do that, but just the fact he put some out there at the same time, you can't help you can't help saying to yourself: okay, Joe Biden's produced Hunter Biden, but President Trump produced Eric Trump who wins. Not not biting all right and now. The other part I love about this- is the president likes to focus the news where he wants it to be focused.
and so he's focusing on. Where is Hunter Biden so he's bringing out the fact the Hunter Biden is literally hiding is hiding. Now. I wasn't completely aware of the fact that Hunter Biden was sort of invisible in the I just thought well he's keeping his head down, maybe hasn't commented or something, but I'm not even sure. We know where he is do. Does the press even know where he is physically because they're not are they camped outside his house? No one's seen him somebody says is: is hang around with the delay in July Maxwell. I don't think so, but well, okay ruled out, but the. But the fact that the president is using the power of the presidency to say where is the sky subdivide
How do you ignore that? How could you possibly ignore the president of the United States saying? Where is he Biden? So what is What is the news? Do now say we don't care How do they ignore that is so beautiful. So again, I don't think I'm overstating how perfectly constructed both of these tweets are Eric Trump nailing it, the president, nailing the comment and nailing the focus of the press, creating perfect context without going too far about saying my kids better than your kid, but that's what it says. That's really well done. Who else is doing that right? Let me let me let me give you a comparison, I'm a little unprepared here but and we go over to Twitter and I had
You know how this will workout, so I'm going to do a little live experiments, so I'm going to look up. Kamala Harris is Twitter, feed and say that might be a pinned tweet. So I don't want to do the pin tweet. So here is so you just heard a tweet from President Trump that I would consider like a hall of fame. Tweet totally big league right- this is a serious knows how to communicate hits every note. Bam, bam, bam. Now, look at Kamala, Harris's latest tweet, I'm just randomly picking this I'm putting Donald Trump and members of his cabinet on notice, followed by a video of her talking to some MSNBC guy, with no credibility. And looking worried with the worried eyes, oh I'm talking about
well, I was while my eyebrows tell you that I'm so concerned. Burn because of the eyes are you very concerned, this is how not to tweet. This sentence I'm putting Donald Trump and members of his cabinet on notice. That feels like a legal deposition that you received in the mail, but it wasn't really for you and doesn't have any power or importance. There is nothing in this tweet she's talking a DMV employee, Kamala Harris tweets like a DMV employee. Now I take it back out of one and sold the employees, but what I mean is somebody who is just sort of a bureaucrat who's
following a set of rules. It's like. Let me write a memo. I must leave found anything interesting. I cannot be interesting in my memo. I don't know how President Trump loses reelection. I really don't all right. So there's the story now that poor Hillary Clinton is being dragged into this Matt Lauer story and Weinstein. Have you heard the latest Matt Lauer accusation? Well,. I don't want to be the one who doubts women. Let let us just acknowledge that of all the accusations that women make a bit about men. Probably most of them are true, I know more than half, but I think we'd all agree that there are sometimes accusations.
It may not be as true as other accusations trouble is we don't really. You can't really tell can always tell just by looking at the accusation so it is good form and probably good for the world. All things considered the you err on the side of trusting accusations. it being credible until you look into it and- and could you find out? It's not credible change your mind, but at as a starting point as a starting point, I think we should all agree that somebody something you know so horrible happened to me- you should take that quite seriously and look into that said The way that at all I'll, take the I'll take the pressure off of the Hughes. In this, the way the accuser is described. In Ronan Farrow's new book- I guess this is all coming out in his new book.
The way the encounters and the relationship, if you can call that between Matt Lauer and his accuser is described, I wasn't there, so I don't have an opinion on what's real and what's not, but the way it was described doesn't look real, All which doesn't mean it's not real could be one hundred percent. True, you can't. I can't no I'm just saying that the way it was described if you were an objective observer and you would hear the description and I'm not going to count it by the way you could have to go research it yourself, but the way it was described does not.
Pass the sniff test right? I don't think anybody is disagreeing with that anybody who's read what the accusation is. There are some details of the accusation that make you say: oh well best stretches credibility quite a bit but not impossible. I would certainly not say that the evidence you it I am. There are enough accusations against Matt Lauer that you know I would take anybody series but that last one. This latest. One is a little bit cavanaugh issue. If you know what I mean, but in any in any event it's looking like, That Hillary Clinton got dragged into the store for Hillary Clinton. Do you know anybody who's been attached to more stories of me doing than Hillary
I mean the first of here only Hillary obviously, is the Bill Clinton problem and then she gets. engine to the winds, dean story and now she's been she's being attached to somehow to this Matt Lauer story. As you know, somebody who tried to protect him over staffed in or something- and I don't care about the details, but for Hillary Clinton. How many times can you be pulled into the same sort, sounding scandal and I'll say again: there isn't any chance that she's going to enter the race must not happen. All right, the who is next after the top three. So my belief is that Biden and Bernie are going to fade before the primaries are over. And that that would put the Elizabeth Warren solidly at the top, but
there should be enough Democrats with money and influence and experience and all that who are going to say. Oh, we actually can't win with Warren, and I think that you can't win partly because Trump's, just a better campaigner and partly because she doesn't come off as authentic, partly because she doesn't seem to excite them. Code, which is pretty important, so suppose they give up on Warren, because I know she can't win put its most. The biggest problems is policies. She has a kind of policies there for everyone who says yeah I would like to get some free healthcare. There's gonna, a Democrat who has healthcare through their employer doesn't want to lose it and they do on a pay for somebody else's health care. At the same time,.
While they're losing their healthcare and paying for somebody else, is that's a tough proposition for your own party, hey guys on my team, I would like you to lose your good health care Be put in a pool with people who have marginal health care and by the way it's going to cost you more. She doesn't have a plan that she can really sell to her own team and without that, what he going to do. So let's talk about some if moving down line, let's talk about to judge, I think the judges fourth place in the polls that true, but you somewhere in that range I and I I'm trying to figure out how to talk about this without me. Looking like I'm saying something bad, so let me start by saying I'm very pro gay,
I'm as pro gay as you can get without actually being gay, so I would actually be. I would be interested in amused and somewhat. Happy about having a gay president there's something about that in the same way, that Obama's presidency was interesting and useful Beyond the fact of his personal abilities, because it marked a sort of an important point, in the country. You know it was a psychologically electing a black president was just one of the best things the country ever kind of dog independent of how you know how well you think he did his job. It was just good to you know, get the country past that little obstacle. I would love to see the country. Have a gay president because of what I would say about who we are. You know your president does do a little bit about defining who you are as country
but let me ask you this: if we're being fair, would big judge be received the same in Saudi Arabia as President Trump ask yourself? That would The judge get the same level of respect when people are talking privately. You know I I in public, of course the President United States will be treated with respect where ever here she goes so you could be. You can count on the fact that publicly he would get all kinds of expect, but weird would put in behind closed doors. And we're, assuming that Russia is not so pro gay and we're, assuming that China's not to pro gay Saudi Arabia not to roggae how many other allies do we have not pro gay.
would do the judge a handicap, the United States, not because of our opinion of our president, which I think would be positive. I uh on average, but would it become a problem in dealing with other countries people, are dealing with Trump. What does their prejudice tell them about Trump. Their prejudice, tells him that he's sort of a strongman dictator, impulsive guy right does that help us or hurt us? Well, it's hard to sort that out, but it might help us in some cases. Don't you think it helps us that people have a a bias that President Trump is a strong personality? Who's going to you know strongly act on things and get things done and be a real, powerful personnel. now. That may not be true. It may simply be
their own biases that they're real projecting onto our president, but likewise because people are human. Would some of these foreign leaders also project something that's not true onto a booty judge presidency? Would they because they're biased or prejudice, hey, he's gay? So therefore, whatever you know, maybe he won't be as tough, which would not be true You spend in the militaries he's plenty tough enough, I'm sure, but would other countries take him seriously now? I think you have to ask the same question about a woman, but I don't know that it's the same problem, because we've had enough strong female presidents of other countries
you know. Margaret Thatcher comes to mind at all golden my ear, for example, so there have been enough examples of strong female presidents and leaders and countries that I think other country is my say: well, you know maybe we're a little biased, but we've seen this work. You know nobody is questioning whether Margaret Thatcher was a tough personality, so there's some history. Warren or a Hillary Clinton? I think they would be taken pretty seriously by foreign leaders, even if they were primed to be biased by their culture for eggs, but because we don't have that same track. Record of gay leaders being successful and strong leaders and other countries historically and they'd have to make up their mind for the first time and you
if they ask yourself, no matter what you personally think and no matter what the United States thinks about, whoever it likes her, and I think Buddha judge Smart enough. You know I think he's got a lot of qualities, so I would not have any, negative opinions about him as a leader except whether I liked his policies but other countries, other countries doesn't matter, would Kim Jong Moon have exactly the same feeling about booty judge as he has about President Trump. I think you have to factor that in and so and then, of course, you have enough homophobia in this country that it might, make some impact on whether he gets elected in the first place. I don't know how to judge that. Have you ever seen any kind of Have you ever seen any kind of a poll about whether that would affect booty judges chance of getting elect '
'cause? I don't even know if it's positive or negative in this country do I don't know what to work in his favor, and it might so so I don't know, I am, I think, the blue to judge the biggest problem with him is that he looks too young. He doesn't have the the physicality that we expect from the president has nothing to do with. Being gay, of course, is just his blessed with a very youthful appearance. Is a good looking youthful looking guy, and I just don't know if that's the the list, I don't know if the signal strength in a way that american voters tend to be drawn to it. So I think, with the judge, has some weaknesses blonde streaks. I have a lot of respect for him as a candidate and obviously uses these over performed. I mean, I don't think
anybody, so I'm getting this far. Really I mean that's pretty good performance, so you have to say: use is wrong. What about hearing I think hearing is a one trick. Pony Yang is popular until he has to talk about things seriously policy. Is as long as Yang can answer every question with hey how about one thousand dollars a month or maybe something about technology, you know, robots taking our jobs or something as long as you can stick to that stuff. Is that cool guy who's, smart and likable in these skateboards and stuff, but I'll? I doubt that the demo
but the Democrats who have the power and the money in the influence of the party. I doubt they see him uh as as being there guy. So I don't think you can get Democrats on his side. Harris we've talked about forever her her her communication and campaigning is the worst I've ever seen. I've just never seen worse. She is the lowest.
The worst of all the Democrats and maybe the worst I've ever seen, but, as I said before, she also has the most to fixable problems cook, because she could hire somebody who could teach her how to tweet. She could fix her body language, that's not hard to do so, and she could improve her rhetoric and stop her nervous, laugh and stuff. So there are things she could do that are easily fixed. We don't know if she will, but they are the most easily fixed and then once you get past, the judge in heresy, condemned to the one percenters Booker apparently Booker just doesn't have enough support, so I don't know what the problem is with Cory. Booker.
Are you smart enough he's experienced enough he's he's passionate he's pro nuclear? If I were a Democrat, I'd be looking pretty hard. It Cory Booker the farmer Democrats, but for some reason they don't. I don't know exactly. Why is this just not connecting, and I would expect that to change so whatever that, whatever it is, that makes him a one percenter that's not going to change now. Obviously, Beto is not going to get in there. It doesn't look like Delaney has a chance just because he seems to Republican. I thought I think Delaney just looks like a Republican. If you're, if you happen to be a Democrat, then what who else you have for the klobuchar. Club, which are also is just not exciting people. I don't know exactly what's wrong. She seems solid, she seems pretty solid, but she's not exciting people, and I don't expect that to change then have Tulsa
he gathered right. Everybody wants me to talk about tulsi every single day. People are tweeting at me. What about tulsi? What about Tennessee and here's the thing, I've avoided talking about her until she gets something popularity. You know if she started going up in the polls and we could talk about her but she's down with the one percenters and somewhere in that neighborhood and as she can't make more of a dent in that, then I don't feel the need to talk about her yeah. This tire doesn't have a chance. You just looks like the Gollum. A sty are just as a physicality about him that is so off putting that he couldn't. He couldn't possibly make a dent. So, let's, let's put it all together so far, which of those candidates could possibly beat Trump. None right, there's no boy.
in that group who would have even a even a little bit of a chance against Trump. You know all of our elections are going to be close in age. Because Democrats will, just you know, back their team for the most part, but none of them could get over the line, but which of them could come the closest and also get Democrats support. I hate to tell you I hate to tell ya it's still Kamala, because all she has to do is fix the smallest easiest to fix problems. Just ask some to help her to eat as somebody to help her with some quotable lines, be a little more provocative fix their body language, all easy to do, and I'll bet I'll bet her. There must be somebody in her campaign who telling you what to do, and maybe maybe she's listening to him, but she
still the best, the best chance they have a winning 'cause. If she cleaned up her communication act, she hits she hits a lot of checklists. she is a senator. Should her policies are close enough to what Democrats could get behind and she might have to modify them a little bit. She's she's, a woman she's, the person, the color she hates President Trump. She she's the only one who could be turned into a viable candidate. She still lose, but she's the only one who could be crafted into something the rest have fatal flaws, yeah it if you dump them all in an island and and they were fought it out, harris- would actually win 'cause. She has the most solvable problems, all right. That doesn't mean she will, but I'm keeping my prediction just because it's fun what else is happening? Thoughts.
The Fox news, impeachment poll yeah. So Fox NEWS did a poll about whether the president should be impeached. I think more than half of the people responding said some version of the S and other people complain hey the way that poll is worded seems to be biased. In other words, is it looks like it's not questions created by professional pollsters. Maybe it was, I don't know, but I'm no expert I've had a little bit of experience. Designing poll questions when I was in the corporate world. I've worked with professionals where we would try do some kind of survey, and so I would ask a question and have the experts would say: that's not how you ask it that would bias people. This is how you fix it. This is
so you random answer questions. So I've had a little bit of exposure to how proper survey questions should be written. I'm not an expert, but I've seen it done. You know I've been around it enough to suspect that those questions don't look like they were. They don't look to me like professionals, does name them or if they did, the professionals wanted them to be biased. So I wouldn't say that we're learning too much about these now keep in mind. You've got you've, got two things going on: you've got Democrats who say impeach him, because that might help get rid of President Trump, but I think you now have a new thing, which is republican, say impeach him 'cause we'd like to see it come on, admit it. Wouldn't you like to see it efficient? You know you would because it would get
the Republicans a subpoena power right now we have this secret kangaroo court thing going on with the Democrats, where it's not quite in remember it's, it's impeachment like, but it's not an impeachment and his secret, and we're not going to you were talking to her what they said. Well, we'll tell you what they said, but it will be our version of what they said. So that's sort of a nothing if you go me a choice between doing more of that verses, an impeachment process where the Republicans control back. Imagine you know your Jordan and Maggie it's in those guys, I imagine and freeing them. To investigate the other side and question them right now: you've got your top attack dogs on the republican side. This is sitting there like on the leash, like
this mental image, of all the all the best attackers on the republican side. They're just sitting there like, let me Adam, but they can't attack 'cause. It's not an impeachment process. They don't get to play they get to an outside the building. While something secret is happening that we don't know what's happening with people don't know inside the building. If you give me your choice of more of that, whatever that is secreted processes or taking the leash off the republican attack dogs which What do you want to see come on? Which one do you want to see? You now? so which one you want to see you now, which one do you wanna see you wanna see Matt Gaetz rip a hole of the universe.
Watch the other, the other side, but just being shattered 'cause. I gotta say that skill wise, the Republicans, also have the better attack Dogs now, when I say attack dogs, I mean that the positive signs that they have some really good people on camera there. So- and you know the the the Democrats, chef and Adler and Lucy think of their performances on camera. Chiffon camera hello, see on camera. Nadler on camera just hold those new minds now Jordan and you know and Matt Gaetz, and you know it's too bad. Trey Gowdy isn't there anymore. But just just imagine you know any of the Democrats. It's sort of a slaughter.
You know in terms of ability to control the camera, ask a question, etc. It's sort of a slaughter yeah, Jim Jordan yeah. So I don't know: what's it mean when republicans say they are in favor of him an impeachment? Does it mean What you think it means doesn't mean that you know whole bunch of Republicans want to get rid of President Trump, some of them, probably some of them boy. I gotta feeling it doesn't mean what you think it means I thought Am I mean that they want a fair fight, an I'm ready for one now, if in a perfect world, I would not want any kind of impeachment, I wouldn't want it for the other team either. I didn't like impeachment against Clinton. Nixon was different, but I wouldn't want. and against Clinton, wouldn't want it against this president uh, it's just a waste of resources and attack. But here we are,
we didn't have a choice of web. To be where we are 'cause? We're now were there. So now we forget about the past. That's the sunk costs. Let's, let's look forward and ask ourselves um ask ourselves: would we like to see it flat out publicly and I kind of what kind of wood. Alright, let me remind you that my book loser think is available for pre order. An would help me a lot if you preordered it instead of waiting a few weeks so it's ready use a pre orders, allow it to hit the best seller lists. So if you like to support these periscopes, that's the way to do it and you get an excellent book. At the same time, the beauty of this book is designed for you to pick out the parts that will embarrass your opponents. Take a photo of it. Put it on.
Line? I expressly give you permission to do that in the book, so you won't have any copyright problems if it's just the page and their arguments for destroying other people's bad, keep them in a bubble argument and you will enjoy closer. The written to be very approachable and fun so generally, if you were to buy a book to tell you, have to think it would be boring to the point of unreadable. It'll be like here's, my mental model and here's my construct in my framework and all that I don't do any of that, I'm giving you the friendly easy to digest version of how to think better. It might not be as important to you. There are certainly people on this periscope who don't need any help at all who you have experience across lots of different fields, know how to analyze things,
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