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Episode 69: How to Guide a Victim out of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

2018-05-17 | 🔗


  • Whiteboard discussion
  • TDS Escape Route
  • “Animals” comment hoax
  • Charlottesville hoax
  • Judge Curiel hoax
  • Arm mocking hoax
  • McCain joke hoax
  • Mexican “rapists” hoax
  • Russia hoax
  • Reasons are rationalizations
  • What do Gaza people want, first thing they mention?

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bum hey everybody i'm a little bit early today why don't you jump in here and grab your beverages because it's time for what i call a crossfire hurricane of truth yeah i said that and it's coming to you live from pleasanton ca grab your beverage it's time for the simultaneous sip ah i had to get an early i couldn't sleep because there was so much to talk about might be a pinprick of hope that the the trump
arrangement syndrome bubble could break now it's unlikely i know it's unlikely i'm not going to predict that but for the first time you could see the possibility and it starts with this laurel ann yanni thing i think you all know it but i'm going to play the play that little audio clip and once you see what name you here ok i'll just hold this up to my phone and the what do you hear yanni or laurel here it is scott scott can hear scott scott i do this so like laurel oriani to you here one more time scott
adam scott alright just kidding speaking of jokes so yesterday i forwarded some games without comment and one of the memes i don't know if you'll see it here it's a picture of can you see let's see if i can get a good picture here it's hard to say it's president trump hugging an african american woman who is the mother of one of the slain police officers at a at an event and of course the president trump and the grandmother i assume she was ninety years old were huh each other and they were all over each other and and having a moment so rather than the mainstream media are reporting that as a tender moment
one of the memes was and this is a fake meme all right this is not real this is just a funny meme and it shows anderson cooper on one side shows the president getting the african american ninety year old grandmother then the fake hand says analyzing trump's history of aggressive hugs alright so the joke is that it's like cnn would play this at with the headline analyzing trump's history of aggressive hugs now it's very funny and i thought well that's pretty funny because you know they they turned it around so i i for with this thing do you know how many people thought this was real you see the comments so the people on the on the right who already have a mental picture of cnn being ridiculous believed that this was real if you think i'm making fun of the
who believed it that is not my point no if you if you run a news network and people can't tell the difference between an obvious hoax headline and something is will you doing something wrong you're doing something wrong here right so just to be clear i'm not in front of the people who believed it was real because they had a point making fun of the fact that here exaggerated enough to make it clear that you're even joking all right now a few of the things that are happening and i'm going to get to a bigger point here there's a there's a white board talk company casual case you're wondering so i was looking at the south china morning post
now i don't know much about this publication i don't know anything about this publication except that it's south china morning post they probably don't have the same type of bias against president trump as you might see in this country both pro and con right so this is uh country talking about north korea and the us s and what's happened recently in the us you can see that the coverage of north korea's recent recent huntsman's that they maybe we won't give up our nukes what's what's up with john bolton now in ark it's largely being reported as man our president is stupid what is stupid president we have here solve word again they're flattering him there again got everything they wanted and now and now they're just going to poop
pull the football away and they never really been to president trump's terms of dope he believes that are that's the u coverage how do they cover it as soon as you get out of the united states right so in the s the s china morning post here's how they covered it oh it looks like kim jong on is holding out for better economic package now that was my first thought is that he said was oh we're not give up our nukes for nothing now i don't think kim jong moon was thinking that the us and the rest of the world would give up their nukes at the same time even though they've said something like that it seems to me there holding out for something what more economic promises so as soon as you get out of the united states the way they cover this is like oh it's a negotiation
the thing he wants more of more economic aid that's probably what is holding out for that's probably what is holding up for we'll find out right i want to talk about the hole in the fabric of reality that just opened up and it might give you a way to talk the folks who are who are in the trump trump hysteria you know the trump derangement syndrome bubble we might see a way to help them out and i'm going to talk you through it all right shall we go to the whiteboard yes we fell but all right here's what i call the other tvs escape route this is possibly i i'm not going to predict that this can work yet but we're seeing for the first time a possible escape from the trump derangement syndrome bubble for those people were
trying to help out and it goes like this and i've arranged this in in order of roughly and escalating hoax order right so on the left are the things that are hoax is or illusions that are the easiest ones to talk yourself out of talk yourself out of the easy ones you've got a chance it might it might take you on a journey to talk yourself out of the hard ones right so let's go through them the world watched in wonder as people the same room listening to the same recording at the same time could hear two clearly different words some people listening at exactly the same time to exactly the same device in the same recording you can stand right next to somebody and they will hear yanni while you hear laurel now for some people that was a big deal
it was like mind bending was like my god how can two people look at exactly the same thing and have a completely different impression of what what movie there watching it was like you're watching two movies on the same screen which is what i've been saying since two thousand and fifteen this is that hole in the universe i was waiting for it but i told you i was going to happen and you saw it most easilly in this because people people did not have to doubt whether they were living in sort of two movie on one screen situation 'cause they can see alive they could in real time they could repeat the experiment as many times they could see everybody's having the same experience this was like a little pin in reality alright by itself small story it will pass
but it's not by itself the very same day we saw the media hopes in which you're seeing clips taken into contact in which the president of the united states is alleged two of called the immigrants animals but that didn't happen and four surely this was really easy to show that all of them media not all of 'em but see you then you see i think npr a few others clearly misrepresented his story and it's also obvious it was intentional because all you have to do is look at the full full clip and you can see that he was talking about ms thirteen gang members as animals something that we all agree with and you can also see that it's very easy to demonstrate to yourself you don't need anybody else to explain it to you just google it
and you can see that he's talking about animals and you can see that the media quite intentionally misrepresented him and the intentional part is the important part of the story if it were accident you might say to yourself that doesn't mean anything accidents happen oh this was no accident now if you look at this and you look at it you realize crap i totally believe that i believe he actually called immigrants and animals and now i can we see that the media intentionally do to me this ones easy right and then you say to them i've been trying this on line a few times just just to watch the reaction you say well if you fell for this one did you so for for the charlottesville hoax and so you are saying right now little hoax what the hell are you talking
that was real that story the president actually said that the people carrying tiki torches and enchanting you know anti jewish logans he called them find people that really happened what are you talking about why is it even on this list of oaks is that didn't happen it was reported but it didn't happen let me tell you what did happen in case you haven't heard this before there were not two sides there were four sides people against confederate statues people for confederate statues that was what the it was about the whole event was four statues against statues but within the event there were also another two sides antifa and the races for the tiki torches
when the president said there were fine people on both sides he was talking about obviously the people on both sides of the confederate statue issue now if you believe he meant the actual roll races with the tiki torches or anybody who is agreeing with them you have to explain why israel doesn't have a problem with it is israel thinks he's the greatest guy i i think they would have noticed this whole charlottesville siding with the anti jewish marchers if it were real here's why israel is not bothered by it because soon as you get a little distance it's obvious it's not real it's obvious right so charlottesville is an obvious hoax the both sides or both sides of the confederate statue question i'm anti statue
by the way but i would agree with the statement that there are some good people who like it three i don't agree with them but they're not bad people they're not racist percent then there was the judge curiel hoax in which he called the judge a mexican oh no oh my god what a racist he called a sitting judge who was born in country who is an american cities so so he called next weekend do you know well who else all american citizens who have some mexican heritage do you know who else calls them mexicans those people that's how they call them that's what they call themselves but i told the story about be extended family member who is i think one slash eight mexican and he calls himself mexican because it's just
refer to themselves if you go to your neighbor whose third generation american but his relatives you know his you know his heritage is italian and you say describe your family what's he going to say we are italian american now people don't talk like that they'd say well you have to know we're italian and we like we talk with their hands or whatever they're going to say the normal way that people talk is like that that's the way the president talked there was never a story there and in the context he was talking about you talking about weather to be biased and certainly your cultural heritage the feelings you your family you could reasonably expect in a legal context that would be great for saying well maybe we should take this person off the jury maybe this person shouldn't be a judge
the weather was right or wrong it was a perfect legal strategy totally with in line referring to the judge as mexican is the way everybody talks who is not a racist no racist my talk with that way also but it is also the way everybody else talks it's just the way people talk in the united states do you remember the the hoax about president trump by doing the i i'm not going to do the gestures but his his hands were up in and he made a a mocking gesture to a new york times reporter who has a bad arm if you only saw that you would save my god what a terrible person he's mocking a guy with a bad arm but if you saw the context which is that trump uses that same mocking expression to anybody he thinks is dumb then you would see that this is normal way of mocking people now did he go a little extra with this guy i believe so
but i believe that probably there was a subconscious thing filtering in there and that he uses normal is normal mocking motion he may have exaggerated a little bit but i doubt that was intentional it seems unlikely all what about the mccain joke people said saying mccain you prefer people who didn't get caught that's not a joke well you could show them the clip of al frankin telling that joke or maybe it's just a new story or you could tell show them the two thousand and eight video of chris rock telling that same joke now people say to me oh yeah well ok i get there was a joke when they professional the inside it but when trump said that he was serious he was trying to he was just trying to diminish mccain to which i say right
he was in an insult contest in which everybody was insulting each other we're calling him a racist he was calling them low energy jeb he was in the middle of an insult contest it's what everybody was doing and he insulted one of his critics which is what everybody was doing now was his his insult of mccain nice or proper or polite no we know what else is not nice or prom or polite calling somebody racist it's pretty bad now the reason that some people say well that's not bad they say well that one's true is it is it true uh let's go on of the mexican this hoax remember when president trump announced you said there
they're sending their criminals are rapists etcetera little vague and of course people took him out of context to say he's saying that everybody coming from mexico illegally is a rapist was he saying that the babies who are union with the parents are the babies race rapists was he saying that the women who are carrying the babies are rapists no it was like that nor is it even slightly reason to imagine that he was saying that all the men were rapists would it be more reasonable to assume there's some of them are rapists some of them are not and that he was using his normal hyperbole to make a point just like every other time he talks he uses verbally you may have exaggerated to make you feel like there was a little more danger than there was is that racist know that somebody trying to protect the border it
not a matter of if they were canadian or anybody else if it was the same amount of danger he would have exaggerated damn those canadians look at them trying to get into the country i didn't put on the birther the birther hoax some people i'll say well it must have been a racist thing that he had that birth thing because why else would you make why else would you somebody's birthplace well as ted cruz he questioned ted cruises eligibility to be present for being maybe canadian which is not but he questioned it do after watching president trump operate for a few years we imagine the president trump ever leaves any line of attack unused he does not if your father has been linked to the kennedy assassination do you think he'll bring it up they will do you think there's any
rock laying on the ground that he will not pick up and throw at you if there's a rock on the ground right in front of them no the pattern is very clear you will use every single rock the good rocks the band rocks the sketchy rocks you know the the the quote the the rocks that don't make any sense rocks iraq's he's gonna throw mall you seen that as clear as day the birther thing you would have done to anybody doesn't matter about what the what the ethnicity was now let's get to the russia we're seeing some reporting now about is it crossfire pain was the name of the actual operation to overthrow the united states from the inside so the coup attempt is seems it's being reported this way is that brennan and clapper and komi and struck a number of other people we're all in on sort of a explain or at least understood effort use semi
legal methods with hoax is together to get rid of a sitting president by far maybe maybe the okay wars probably biggest story in the last fifty years in the united states not counting war the biggest story is this internal coup in the united states which is largely being soft pedaled by the media whose wanted you to believe that the problem was on the other side but we don't know if smaller will have something we haven't heard about maybe we'll be surprised but i'm suspecting that it won't be long before people realize that the russia stuff was always a hoax and that operation crossfire hurricane was was a real thing and that you've been bamboozled now if you start with this one i'm at imagine
if you convince somebody that they're hallucinating about all the trump stuff man starting with the russia hoax you say well so i don't see evidence and then the other side says well look at all these indictments of these unrelated well there's somewhat related to president but not in the terms of the crimes people are going to see yanni here and some people going laurel and there's just nothing you can do about it if you start here right if that's where you start trying to i'm having somebody there hallucinating you're not going to get very far you gotta back down the tube you got to start with one where they agree they can see that they can feel it and they can start to doubt the the ability of their own ability to see reality to be fair i'm showing you how to get the people who are in trump derangement syndrome out of their bubble i am not
i'm not pardoning anybody on the right for their own bubbles right so the rights have been in their own kinds of bubbles in different times for different reasons i'm only talking about you know side right now but i'm not ignoring that the other side is just as easily fooled just in different ways so so just running through this again if you can convince somebody that is easy for people to hear to completely thing different things while looking at the same stimulus yanni and laurel you can show them the videos of how the animals quote that's the big news today is obviously a hoax sure but still i think that's obviously a hoax if you watch israel's reaction to this president i don't think there's any question about what happened here the two sides are pro statue anti statue this was always the worst of them the hoax wise this was the worst by far the judge curiel thing everybody everybody uses
same kind of language it's just normal way that everybody talks were bet you one million dollars that this judge has referred to himself with the word mexican privately at some point the are mocking hoax you can just see the there are videos that show he uses that mocking thing the mccain joke was it a joke well it was a joke when was a joke when al frankens edit it was a joke when chris rocks at it it was a joke when president trump said it but he did also mean to diminish mccain which was sensible because they were in an old competition called called election we already we just talked about the mexican rate host of hoax obviously nobody in their situation thinks that all mexicans are rapists it's a ridiculous thing to believe and it says ridiculous
let me let me let me give you the example so just to make this here i started out this by showing you the you can see it a little bit the fake meme there was a fake cnn story showing the president hugging in elderly black women in anderson cooper on the side and then a fake title the said analyzing trump's history of aggressive hugs now just as the people on the right were fooled by this all of them but the number of people the number of people who are pro trump believe this was real because they were primed to believe it was real right this is rich oculus there's no way that this could ever a real headline but it was so easy to believe because i believe the you'd believe the sea and there have been so bad bad for so long the you just said all man they just when they just want a little extra for this time
so as easy it was for the right to be fooled i that hoax that's how easy it is for the left to be fooled by these hoaxes that i present to you in increasing levels of hoax the believability all right now i'm not going to suggest know that this is enough to convert people but you're starting to see it starting to see it a little bit alright what else are we missing yes the ms thirteen animals comment we already talked about that how that's just taken out of context and another hoax now here's the interesting thing with with the animals hoax the one that's going today
it's really really clear that the media has miss reported of that since cnbc's john harwood is is is trying to defend it as really saying animals it's mind boggling bubble but there's no more mind boggling laurel or right if you hear that there's somebody an msnbc who you think is leslie trying to report and they're not even hosting the like yeah i know he really said animals about every immigrant he really said that i think that they might actually believe it but is quite objectively clearly obviously not the case us somebody says so should we ignore everything he says so in my book win bigly i teach people how to
benefis cognitive dissonance and one of the forms that you can identify is this it starts with the word so and then there will be a misstatement of what you said that's in an absolute right so somebody just left a comment so are we supposed to just not believe anything he says so that was the form starts with so and has a ridiculous absolute like believe anything he says so that so whoever answers it asks the question you've just discovered yourself experiencing cognitive dissonance you have read my book and you see that i do i describe that very exact pattern that you asked the question as a clear tell for somebody who's whose brain is just flipped into an uncomfortable place now the reason that you asked it that way when you said so or are you saying that everything
the president says is meant to be a joke on the surface can't you tell that nobody would in other words everything that followed the word so is so obviously not true and would do to anybody because it's it's created as an absolute that's just absurd so were you saying everything that the president says is a joke now i you say that nobody would say anything everything he says so that's that's how you know you're in cognitive dissonance if you find yourself if you find yourself saying so followed by a ridiculous restatement to an absolute then you know that you might that you're on this this path here but you're not getting that far you've been blocked all right
yes so some people are calling the some people are calling it a hoax news that that that the israelis killed a bunch of citizens as a phone as opposed to a bunch of hamas fighters who were trying to get in for bad purposes here's my take on all of that the sand business first of all you know what let's say that the victims are it's a tragedy and we we wish that had not happened but let me say this both sides got what they wanted right hamas did this event so that there will be a death toll that
support the the the wasn't any other point except to inspire some violence creates some losses on their side because that's the the p r went so must got what they wanted you know and i'm sure that whatever numbers reported dead you can assume over there that everything's an exaggeration so if if israel said we only killed two people it's probably five and if the law says you killed sixty people let's pro play some number less than that so we can't really entirely trust anything that comes out of there it's all going to be exaggerated for effect us got what they wanted they what they i want that day with some of their people dead because that sacrifice was one that they thought would be advantageous what is real wanted was to defend the border the way that was unambiguously that as an that they
they wouldn't allow any wiggle room when it came to the border which they accomplished so i same for awhile that the israeli palestinian peace plan is always been sort of a fake out because neither side really wants peace you know you can find individuals who say they want it but in terms of government to government neither government really wants that i mean israel would prefer their strong position they've got kind of uh
grip on everything and the palestinians prefer the victim role because it keeps their government in place you know as long as they've got a cause than whoever their governments are they stay in place um now i saw i saw an interesting article yesterday in which is said that the primary motivation of of the gaza tins so here we're talking about the the citizens of gaza who are the ones who are protesting so let me ask you if you can even tell maine what do you think was the primary motivation in an article by somebody who spent a lot of time over there talking to a lot of folks and had it wasn't guessing it was a writer who actually was in gaza recently talking to folks and ask
then you watch your issue what it what is it you're trying to accomplish so tell me your opinion what do you think was the biggest issue according to one reporter who talked to a lot of people in gaza what is it that is their biggest issue what's your biggest complaint i'll none of you will get it because we don't see it reported that way here oppression not in play economy not exactly land not exactly economics no no the land stolen from him no food no no palm os truth no jobs nope bad comma nope existence of israel land housing freedom living conditions education not one of you oh my god i'm going to swear not
have you got the same answer as the reporter who actually talked to the people in gaza not one of you self determination nope voting no race nope nope nope humiliation the answer is humiliation and i don't know that this is true so i'm going to to put a little i'm going to put a little skepticism on this but somebody actually a reporter who actually spent a lot of time there just recently and talk to the actual gaza citizens and said what what is the issue here with israel they did not say economy they did not say we must all the jews they didn't say that now they might think that also but their top reason was dignity and the feeling that we're continually being humiliated do you want to reminded me of remote
the very of of of black lives matter in the feeling that the problem with the police is not just in their view right forget about what is true and what is not true we're talking about how people feel about stuff right now but in the view of black lives matter the police are you know targeting them and there's there's a a humiliation element to it and you know there's just more to it now do you believe that do you believe that the primary motivation of the protesters not the not the fighters not the hamas people who actually want to get rid of israel but do you believe that the crowd it was mostly motivated by a feeling of humiliation 'cause i'm not
buying that's but i'm not ruling it out so my my opinion is there might be a whole bunch of different motivations i think a whole lot of people had to the motivations now people have said today wait if you have all these different motivation over there how could you ever have one plan that makes everybody because they're not even complaining about the same thing so and plan is unlikely to make all these people happy with different opinions of what the real problem is but i think i think there is a way with persuasion that you can convince people that what their problem is that they thought it was with something slightly different so let me say this 'cause this will be one most important things i ever say but because it's in the wrong context here it'll probably just go right by
you have a whole bunch of people with a whole bunch of different opinions of what the problem is your problem is you can't is one plan and say here's my plan i solved all of these different problems there's probably no plan that doesn't so the first step is to make them think that all these different things there leaning about are really all one thing so there's there's a step before the plan so before the peace plan the first step is to persuade people that all these different ways they're expressing their concern p size the humiliation some people say it's our historical homeland some people say you know it's economics whatever they say you have to find something that they all agree is the one best way to convey their problem and everybody else is and then when we're down to one problem this gotta name and you can say ok here's the one problem it kind of captures
all that other stuff then you've got some hope of creating a plan that deals with that one issue but first you have to collapse the prob and we haven't done that yet we will figure out all the things that people are worried about over there and try to collapse them into one or a few things that you can make a plan to deal with scott you sound like a christian somebody says i'm not but it wouldn't surprise me that i sound that way so i see somebody saying in the comments that they want victory over the jews here's my question that i give all the time to a lot of people in different contexts almost never people only want one thing for one reason on one variable sometimes but it's kind of rare so when somebody says all they want is to defeat the jews
probably true that most of the people in the pilot palestinian side have a problem the jews and would like they probably enjoy that i enjoy if there was a way we can have a victory over the jews share but is it their top concern or is the humiliation the economy you what's happening with my family how do i get water you know if we if we had a piece would be fair with access to electricity and water rights and and highways and everything else this important you know if you could take away if you could solve the physical stuff would the average person say well okay i have i got a good economy i got my own country my family's doing well i've got water i've got electricity but i have to do the jews some sub word for some that might be their top issue but
no feeling not most that's just a feeling but and it's based on the fact that people aren't that different under the hood all right everybody cares about their religion and their feelings until they're hungry and then eating is just more important somebody says siri do you even understand the issue my starting point for anything in the middle east as that i do not understand the issue the so that's number one hi i scott adams do not understand the issue well enough to speak about it in public the way
i'm speaking about it in public so that's the first thing that i take as true and i hope that you'll accept that as true as well the second thing then somebody says well then stop discussing it while that gets me to point two point two is nobody else understands it either on that i'm completely convinced alright now you say to yourself a hoe scott my how did your ego how could you believe that there's nobody who understands this issue how you believe that people who are there who live at that the scholars to people who were immersed in how can you say they don't understand the issue laurel aniani laurel an yanni
sure there are people who know way more than i do way more than i do do they know what they're talking about nope because now the bias there's probably nobody over there who knows a lot about the area who doesn't have a pretty clear bias they have a bias there here and laurel some of them are hearing ani but if you think all of their knowledge all they're all of their you know their scholarship all the xperience if you think that gives them a leg up on my opinion which i just told you just completely uninformed you think that they have an advantage on me because they have that deeper understanding
you don't understand anything about how the world works because the people with the most understanding are also going to be the most the most biased and the least likely to actually you know analyze information object so the the window that i taken this is persuasion world of persuasion is relatively simple meaning that you know a person can learn field easier than a lot of other fields the middle e is very complicated but the overlay is persuasion and so the all things i'm saying which is that we probably don't have a good understanding of why people are doing what they're doing that's safe to say that's that's fair to say is also
and i can say this without being an expert in the middle east i can say that if you went and talked to somebody and said tell me your biggest problem about your situation or about israel let's say you're talking to a palestinian and they told you they said my biggest issue is a if you know persuade you also understand that that's not necessarily true there this issue might be bc or d but they're going to tell you hey for whatever reason they might even believe it so the the persuasion filter on this says that people know why they think what they think they don't know why they're mad exactly they're giving rationalizations for their reasons and if you're a big ole expert if you know a lot about the middle east you're going to listen to what people say and you're going to listen to their rationalizations and you can say well that's the reality i guess there's nothing we can do
but if you know persuasion you're going to listen to their reasons and you can say oh those are just rationalizations just like everything else world they're they're no different from everybody else they are rationalizing something that is probably just a feeling so if you find a way to deal with the feeling you can get them to rationalize things differently too so an understanding of persuasion is a useful
overlay to this conversation i don't want to present myself as knowing enough to speak as an expert i'm never going to get there but we're all trying to to raise our understanding at least to list to get to a better level of knowing the landscape over there all right the ig report is coming up pretty soon people say somebody says fail i can always tell the people were in cognitive dissonance why i said listen if you disagree i think it's useful to know what people say even if you believe that they're they're rationalizing okay that's enough for today i'm going to check out for now and i'll talk to you later
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