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Episode 690 Scott Adams: Ukraine, China, Iran, California, and Where is Hunter?

2019-10-11 | 🔗

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  • Sometimes associations matter…sometimes they don’t?
  • CNN’s LGBTQ town hall
    • The popularity of changing pronouns
    • Social media unhappy with Chris Cuomo
  • The Kurds that associate with recognized terrorist groups
    • Nuance and details matter
    • Turkey’s mortal enemy was massing on their border
  • If your Governor can’t keep the lights on…you need a new Governor
  • President Trump says towns should have a say in refugee locations
    • CNN says he singled out Somalian refugees
  • “This is not normal” sounds like an out of ammo surrender
  • TerraPower’s new type of nuclear power plant, SAFE & economical
    • Mark Schneider contacted CEO, to see how we can help
    • Chris Levesque, President and CEO of TerraPower
  • The zeitgeist has turned sharply against China in the last year
    • Will there be a trade deal with China today…or ever?
  • Whiteboards: Transgenders in Sports Proposal
    • Capability based teams
    • “Gender Equality” has evolved in modern society

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pump only along hey everybody come on it's time for recall he was got adams yeah there's luck would have it that's me she came to the right place so far your day is perfect perfect you wanted to watch koffee with scott adams you are watching coffee with scott adams nailed it and now it's time for the simultaneous hip it's not very hard to do all you need is a cover of monger glasses time the cellist attacker to service alaska cantina grela goblet of vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid i am partial to coffee and join me now for the simultaneous up the dopamine hit of the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous set go ah
one of the best just keeps getting better so uh there's a story in news that a couple of people associated with giuliani got arrested for campaign violations something like that and and here's how cnn puts it but the question of whether that relationship overlaps with criminal conduct isn't mystery for now so they're saying that giuliani has some relationship with these guys the guys were not giuliani
did some crimes but the question remains is there any overlap with the people who did crimes and giuliani doesn't everybody in washington know everybody else it feels like it feels like every time somebody commits a crime they have friends who did not commit crime oops people they worked with business people isn't the most normal thing in the world that if any bud at that level gets convicted of a crime that they also are closely associated with hundreds of people who have committed no crimes at all why is it that sometimes somebody's association matters and some times it doesn't there an interesting little game that the democrats like to play
sometimes it matters who you're associated with unless it's a switch case that's just different people do another other stuff different people doing other stuff alright did you see that the trump campaign is now offering t shirts that say where's hunter and they advertise that the t shirts are not made in ukraine and not made in china okay there's never been a funnier campaign or a funnier president or a funnier administration just the fact that they have where's hunter shirts how do you not love that come how do you not love that president trump at his rally last night he that man knows how to own the new cycle so
think of all the ways that he could have said boring things but instead the president very intentionally in obviously this was not a spontaneous thing very intensely the president said during his big rally last night by did was only a good vp because he understood how to kiss barack obama's that so what do you think that the were do you think the headlines were about other things well not so much you knew how to focus all of his attention on his little naughty sentence the naughty sentence in addition to being provocative and naughty remind you that the biden was good vice president only 'cause it is association oh there it is again sometimes associations matter and sometimes they don't
could we just agree sometimes either they matter all the time or they don't tell you anything maybe we should agree but you see trump using the same concept that basically vitamins are only a good vp because he was so nice to obama did you see did you see the counter programming so last night fox news was carrying the presidents rally speech at the same time cnn was doing an lgb tikku town hall in a lot of people were flipping back and forth who who won the night the most famous bet that came out of these even in town hall the part they're talking about of course the news focuses on what's unusual or what doesn't go as planned
so cnn zone news or was it on fox but anyway this happy and i'm not sure if cnn reported it or just fox news promise fox news so chris cuomo introduces if you didn't see this is just classic kamala harris now you know com larris she's famous as being the worst campaigner in the history of campaigners honestly i've never seen worse and she's so consists of at it she is bad yesterday she's bad bad today she's terrible so she gets on the stage and of course she's playing to the audience and the first
first thing she says is my pronouns are he she and her and chris cuomo tragically quipped mine too now the joke that chris cuomo was trying to say is that well i got don't even do explain it he thought it would be funny to mock her for getting up there and in front of the lgbtq crowd she says he she and her and he decides to make a joke out of it now granted the attempted joke was sort of a on himself he wasn't he wasn't making a joke about other people but harrison new enough at least ten don't let her crowd wanted to hear this the he she her what she may be miscalculated is that new
only one hundred percent of the audience watching it didn't like that at all 'cause there perfectly happy with the pronouns the way they are no matter how much they support the lgbt community that's just a separate so i imagine most most viewers of cnn or fully supportive of the lgbtq community but they may be less supportive of changing pronouns that's the i would imagine that's a little less popular with the general public so harris played well to the crowd that was there but at the expensive probably larger audience it was watching so is that a good move probably not probably not 'cause i don't think the lgbtq queue commu q pretty was going to necessarily like her more or less because of her early the statement on pronouns but we certainly would be people watching who
thought it was unnecessary or their fully supportive of lgbtq but just the pronoun things like you know you take into too far suthers differences of opinion on that anyway social media didn't was not pleased with chris cuomo so in some ways cnn at town hall backfired a little bit goes one of the most newsworthy were these things was chris cuomo no accidentally insulting the community they were serving so not ideal so speaking of associations about you
so i didn't even talk about it yesterday i i think you would agree with me there's a something like an almost total blackout of of reliable reporting about what's happening over in syria with the turks coming in and attacking the curves we don't really know what's happening do we but the thing that i that i keep obsessing on we've learned that there is that there are two groups of kurds roughly speaking at least in terms of this conversation there are there's a kurdish group who both the united states and turkey consider terrorists right so some kurds are considered terrace there are other kurds that we've fought with the us troops against isis and are considered more allies but the allies
are closely associated or so the reporting tells me who knows what to believe are associated with the other kurds who are literally terrorists so let me ask you this how much responsibility do we have to a group that closely associate's with harris does that make you feel different about the kurds that we do like well we like them but their mighty chummy with terrorists even even people that the united states has officially labeled as terrorists so that's a that's a little nuances and remember where i was just talking about how why is it this sometimes you are you are painted by your associations and other times it doesn't matter is because we
choose whichever of those versions of reality fits the thing we wanted to say anyway so if you wanted to be pro kurd which would be anti president trump in this context you would say well i'm talking about the good kurds not the bad kurds not the terrorist kurds and if you wanted to support the doesn't you're more likely to say well you know how good could those other kurds be sure they helped us in the fight but that was also for their own self interest where those kurds fighting for us or were they fighting for their own self interest and we we're helping them because remember isis wasn't in our backyard isis was in the kurds backyard been killing kurds so of course they're going to fight isis isis is fighting them so the fact
we were also fighting isis was just us helping the kurds was it the kurds helping us well yes 'cause we also warned isa's dead but they were doing us a favor the kurds were not doing us a favor by fighting isis they didn't have any choice this was in their backyard they needed to defeat isis so how much responsibility does the united states have to a four hundred year conflict between kurds and when even the good cards were some pursuing their own self interest by fighting isis with us and our close
they associated with terrorists i i have no remember there's a there's still a fog before and what do you hear maine simplistically explain it you have to say to yourself well is there a whole bunch of nuans in detail that would change everything if you do it yes yes if there's one thing that you can guarantee is true that my simple explanation of good courage and bad kurds and you know and and the the way i very simply laid it out probably is completely misleading if you actually had you know the full
knowledge of what's happening there that the history of the players probably would completely change your mind all right so if feels the need to like president trump's decision is again what all call an adult decision it's an adult decision meaning that somebody was going to get killed and the president decided who that's an adult decision that's a decision you don't want to make you want to be the person who criticizes them because being the criticizer is safe hey president trump you made a decision which absolutely gary the death of some kurdish people that we didn't want that and some
they were civilians and minding their own business that's bad but what was the other the other path well the other path was turkey was going to do it anyway you know that's the one thing you don't see in the reporting the reporting consistently says that the us moved its troops and gave a green light to turkey to attack the kurds is that exactly what's happening because i've seen the reporting was said turkey was just going to do it anyway are people would have been in the way but they were going to do it anyway i'm sure they would have given us a heads up as him hey we're going into this area maybe maybe pull your us troops you know fifty ish people something like that maybe pull them out of the way but i heard reporting this as they were going to do it anyway because they couldn't tolerate the current situation and nobody else was doing anything to change it so i think turkey just said
damn the torpedoes either in that phrase means but i think turkey just said we're going to you can leave your people there or you can take him out those are two choices were going it 'cause it's a national security concern and here's the thing if you heard turkey say that to you let's say here the night united states your mike pompeyo you president trump and he says to you here's was never going to be allowed were never going to allow groups that we think are terrorists to have a sanctuary right on our border so you can kick us out of nato you can sanction our economy you can complain all you want but if your turkey are you going to just sit there while your enemy groups on you're not many world are you going to do that
there's no world in which turkey was going to let the current situation stand now is that the way it's reported now i i may be getting ahead of myself a little bit 'cause i'm imagining what you know turkey the leadership is thinking but would you think anything differently your turkey you're a nato ally this is important you're a nato ally and you're watching your mortal enemy massing troops on your or who is alied with the terrorists you let that stand in no world do you let that stand united states says don't do it turkey were we're going to be bad to you in economically or whatever we will do something bad to you if you attack the kurds is that a reason not to do it only if you're dumb
are the turks really really stupid i see no evidence of that i see no evidence that turkey is a country filled with stupid people indeed they seem to be a very educated country you know relatively speaking that they have a educated population and they seem to be making rational decisions what was the rational decision for turkey you gotta get rid of your mortal enemy that's massing on your border there's no way you let that stand in no world e let that stand so every time you see the reporting this says that moving are small number of troops is what allowed turkey to attack i think you're ignoring the fact that turkey was going to attack under every condition they were just
getting ready so i think the president just said i have two choices turkey attacks and i leave my people in danger or turkey tax and i take my people out of danger which one was the smart decision there's no question i don't i don't think there's any question whatsoever removing our troops was the only smart decision it was an adult decision and now he's he's of course put some pressure on turkey to not cross the line but where is the line where is the line if turkey a nato ally is attack sing a group closely associated with terrorists who were on their border and this is situation they can't allow to stand where is the line uh can you describe where the line is i don't see any way that you could realistically decide where the line is
is it killing civilians well if that's your line then they can't do anything 'cause of course civilians were going to killed goes there in there in the area is it attacking the good kurds instead of the bad cards well if your turkey there's probably not much difference the good kurds who are alied with an supportive of the terrorist bad cards if your turkey they look like terrorists to you that's the way we would see it if the shoe were on the other foot we would do a turkey is doing no question about it all right but i i emphasize that is still fog of war
and we still don't really know everything that's going on over there and maybe we never will and maybe that's good let's talk about california let me say this as clearly as i can if your governor can't keep the lights on you need a new governor i don't know who's going to run against uh ave some in the next election but how do you lose how could you run against gavin newsom and lose all you have to do is you say i'm running for governor all keep the lights on i'll keep your lights on that's that's that's the whole race you don't even have to say what you run their policies are i could run for governor i could run for governor tomorrow i'll just say one thing look
i'll keep your lights on what it what about all the other stuff scott what do you do for the other stuff well i'll do the best i can but mostly i'm going to keep your lights on i'll just make it that one promise i'll keep your lights on how do i lose do i lose the governorship i can promise to keep the lights on 'cause that's better than the other guy i don't see how he could possibly get reelected at this point but stranger things have happened let's see what else we got going on here so the president in his speech singled out the somalian refugees now that's the way it's being reported by some pundits that he singled out the somalian refugees for special
condemnation or something yeah in a way he did that's not that's not untrue it just lacks context the context was that the president thought it was not the it should not be the federal government's job to decide whether there's a massive refugee resettlement in your town the president would prefer that your town decides if they can handle the infrastructure of the you know the expense of a large number of refugees now does that sound the same
your here is the anti trump media the president singled out small yin refugees for special commendation kind of a little bit if you ignore all the contacts it with it that's roughly true but it's more true that the president said well you're in minneapolis the small un refugees had a big impact on your community this is how i would handle it i would not let the federal i'm gonna make those decisions i would rather your town make that decision and if you decide you don't you can't handle it your infrastructure your tax base your whatever can let you get to decide that sounds pretty different sounds pretty different uh
a i'm i'm seeing more and more that the anti trumper's are using this word as an insult to the president and this is a quote from sweet this morning this is not the behavior of a normal person have you heard that a lot on cnn especially the pundits they run into bad things to say ok and they say this is not normal at everything trump doesn't like this is not normal this is not a normal situation two which i say that feels very surrenderee to me it if you tell if you're saying that the other the other candidate is not normal that's all you have that is why he got elected cuz he's not normal do you know what a hundred percent of trump voters didn't want
normal 'cause normal wasn't working who who wants a leader who's normal if you get a normal leader let me sell the stock in your company right away was steve jobs normal nope is bill gates normal nope not even close none of them were normal name somebody have a heel on mount musk is e lawn musk normal nope not even close uh so so what does it mean when that's the biggest complaint lately is he's not normal you just out of them all right throw the gun at the monster you're here and available you're not normal like the bad people who used to be normal okay
um so here's a little update on nuclear power so this is sort of a public experiment or demonstration and i was calling my shots before before i did it just so you could play along so so part of it is that this is audience participation and it goes like this i told you that i saw the netflix special called inside bill's brain about bill gates and one part of that some multi park series but one part of that focused on his one of his bigger investments in nuclear energy it is one of his bigger investments it happens to be a nuclear energy in a company called terra power and they have design land with their super computers and geniuses a new type of nuclear power plant that they're looking to build that what's special about it is
it it eats old nuclear waste that already exists as fuel that's good will be economical as far as i can tell that's good and here's the best part is designed so can't meltdown even if even if things go wrong it can't this designs so that's not even an option in the design so they were looking to build it in china and then the trade war started and then they couldn't do it in china but they they also can't get it built in the united states only the licensing and approval process can take decades there's something wrong with the licensing approval process and and so i made this offer i said i'm going to try to reach somebody at terra power and see if we can help see if someone some amount of public attention or persuasion that can get the right i love energy to the right place
x whatever the you're the bottleneck is and in the last twenty four hours mark schneider who you know as seamus nuclear power advocate reached out to terra power and got older there's cl hi i had a conversation with the ceo and now we're talking with another member of the staff to see how we can be helpful now well i'm talking about it possibly having as for the ceo of terra powers chris look back and chris lack is one who reached out and actually talk to mark
uh an maybe we can get him on the periscope now so far that's the easy part right the easy part just finding out who to talk to that part is complete now remember the plan that i'm pursuing is not my plan this is the fun part what i'm pursuing is bill gates plan bill gates plan involves people like me seeing the special and activating it the obvious to me that the the real intention of the bill gates special because bill gates was very involved in them and he was very generous with his time so obviously and a motivation for it there was beyond just getting some attention for himself which he doesn't seem to care about too much because all the just that the reason the bill gates participated in that special about bill gates
is that you wanted to activate the public opinion on a number of his projects but this one seems to be the one that the public opinion would make the most difference and so his plan is working so bill gates plan of exposing people to this nuclear power plant and telling us that it's kind of stalled because of really the government is working perfectly so now i'm involved and some of you were involved and i got it note from somebody else who would also contacted somebody at terra power who is more directly involved in the government interaction part but now we have three contacts at terra power we don't know if any of this will lead to something good but here's where i'd like to take it so i'd like to continue my conversation with them or at least have a conversation with
which i can understand in their words as specifically as possible what's holding them up from doing their first build here in the united states is it that there is a person or an entity it needs more resources we can fix that is it there's some approval entity this simp needs more manpower or human power let's let's do sex size it is there somebody who's afraid somebody who's in charge of approving things but there too cautious is there somebody who needs more information would require just the president of the united states saying hey you guys need to change what you're doing and i'll help you do it but you need to you know is that the public that needs to be persuaded where exactly is that bottleneck because we're pretty close to finding it and i think that when we find it
with your help remember this is a public project this isn't just something i'm doing with mark this is your you're all involved 'cause remember the world is a steak civilization is literally on the line whether you believe in climate change being a big risk or not there is no scenario in which we don't need lots of clean power we need a lot of it even if if all you think it does is clean the air and clean the water that's great we did that 'cause remember we need a lot more power and if we use the dirty kind you're not going to be happy about it so we're on the verge of changing the world here or at least trying to help uh somebody tweeted today and i thought it was provocative so i'll mention it um somebody tweeted that have you notice that these i guys which is a fan
the word for the way people feel about things at the same time every notices the zeit geist has turned sharply against chow in the year since i started moving against them in other words about a year ago my step son died from an overdose fentanyl was part of that and fentanyl china is almost certainly the supplier of that drunk so that's about a year ago is when i started going hard against china and one of my followers on twitter noted that the attitude to public attitude in this country anyway about china has completely changed in one year now that's not all main there's a trade war going on but i'm certainly going to do my part and
you haven't seen anything yet somebody asked me if there would be a trade deal today no no there will not there will not be a trade deal today which either nor will there be a tree deal tomorrow there isn't any chance of having a trade deal because they don't want a fair one we don't want an unfair one you can solve that that's not a problem you should even try this all can be solved we have to do a couple it's already happening now you don't have to make a decision to do a couple all you have to do is keep going the way we're going because i can't imagine any major us company deciding today to move into china to do manufacturing there can you can you see any major corporation that would take that risk today i don't see that i don't see
now are you going to be watching as much nba this year as you did last year now that the nba has bowed to china i'm not i will watch less nba basketball than ever before because i have a bad feeling about the nba now i feel like they saw i did with my mortal enemy so maybe a little less of them would be good for my life i don't expect most of you to watch any less basketball but what i will alright i keep getting in trouble about this trans
under question and i'm going to give you a white board talk on it those of you who are tired of the trans gender in sports conversation feel free to bail out i might want to cut this part out later and put it as a separate video i keep saying that transgender athletes should be allowed to play sports but we should we should simply get rid of mens sports women sports and just let everybody play at whatever level there capable now what do people say when say that they say lots of things that don't have to do with that so i wanted to do a better job of explaining my point of view and i need a white board to do it because all of the people who think they're disagreeing with maine or actually disagreeing with a misinterpretation of me so so far zero people have disagreed with maine but a lot of people have disagreed with what they
imagine i think not with what i actually think so this will be the first time that i've explained it completely so if you think you have an opinion about my opinion of trans gender and sports you you don't 'cause you haven't heard it until you hear it now ok here it is let me give you two views of the world this is what i call the double staffing idea in the world all right the dumb list idea in the world would be allowed to allow any athlete for whatever reason it doesn't matter if there are trans gender athlete or any other isn't it doesn't matter why there's there a big athletes and there are small ones but they dumbest i think idea in the world is the let a really powerful athlete play against someone who is smaller and less powerful and has no chance of winning
would you all agree so far that this is the dumbest effing idea in the world are we on the same page because so far everybody who's disagreed with maine believes that i think this person in this person which is should play in the same team in the same sport i don't believe that it is the dumbest effing idea in the world so could we agree on that now i'll tell you my actual preference alright here's my actual preference whoops my double sided white board oh yeah i got the technology here house wait for it wait for it so what i suggested was this that the the days of having gender separated leagues maybe antiqua
did and suppose you just ranked all your sports by capability if you did well most of the top nfl nba nba would be mostly men maybe all men but you know you might have a kicker or something you know so so you might have a woman or two that would be fine if they could play in that league that's fine and that if he went down the capability list you would find some band where there would be some men and some women and then you might find at the bottom of this continuum some leagues that are mostly now this is this would be the way that would make sense to get rid of gender as a consideration just do probability it doesn't matter what your gender is now you have to workout things like locker rooms plus a separate question so under this you would separate by capability and then you would use your technology
here's the key in the old days we didn't have the technology and the capability to watch anybody we wanted whenever we wanted with our current technology if you want to watch women play with you go to your device and you say give me women playing women and then it takes you here and you can watch the best woman in the world let's say it serena williams playing tennis you can watch her playing another woman just like today no difference is just like today what changed is serena still a star or yes she done she doesn't become less of a star because she can't beat number one male player in the world just like today there's no difference today serena can't beat the number one best male player in the world under this system we also can't beat the best male player in the world
nor do you wanna watch it so you don't did you go to your search engine you say i'd like to see the best female players play and up pops serena williams and why rivers of two player do watch them play and you're happy and you paid money and you buy products etcetera suppose you said and this would be maine suppose you said you love to see a really high level of female player play a male player but that would be a low ranked male player because you're only allowing people who are roughly capable to play each other i would love watching this i would love watching serena play a low ranked male player who was roughly equivalent server that would be very interesting to me now you don't have to watch that you simply don't watch it you want to watch women play women and you want to watch men play man
so you do no problem alright gender equality in twenty nineteen is a whole different thing than it was when originally women leagues were set up when when we originally said hey we should have separate leagues for women the world was different place in those days it was a radical idea the women play sports it was actually something that society wasn't entirely ready for are you kidding me girls playing sports what kind of a world this but that's not the world where it now there's nobody nobody in modern society in nobody in the united states
thing so women couldn't or shouldn't play sports that's the other thing so we're at a point where you can just let your technology match the audience with the games and the sports they want to say and everybody gets what they want now what exactly is the problem with this well one of the problems that people say is limit let me give you the worst criticism i heard the worst prism is that what you went to the event and you're watching the players it would take you forever you'd be there for like four months and months watching the same event until you saw it and saw the first woman play to which i say no you would just only go where you wanted to to watch women play 'cause you would know what the schedule is nobody would watch anything except what they wanted to watch could be
schedule you would just watch what you want to watch would the market rewards reward serena williams as much as it would reward the top man i don't care do you care does the market is the market it's just going to adjust to whatever my my assumption is my assumption is that the top female athlete in every sport would still be the top athlete female athlete in the the sports would nbc wanted broadcast serena williams if she was in is some some sort of long continuing where she played people of equal capability of course they would why wouldn't they want to broadcast one of the most entertaining athletes of all time why would the market would guarantee somebody saying this is hilarious all right you might be new here so i'm going to give you one pass
you are allowed to criticize but if you're just saying i'm stupid with no no reasons that you get locked ok you're allowed to have any different opinion i like that alright serena said she won't play men she already said that well serena actually also said that she would like to play man i just i literally just read a quote from her in which she was saying it would be fun but she wouldn't win this she played andy murray so she said she'd be up for it this will be fun yeah the audience would love it but she doesn't think she'd win a point lead seems fair to me all right doubt sure your seven no if you're dumb all right if you just watch this and you're saying to yourself but scott don't you know
that a low ragged command could still need beat serena that has nothing to do with what i'm talking about so if you're saying that you're not you're not paying attention right does every now does anybody have a complaint with my actual opinion because i want to reiterate what my opinion is not better technology here's if you're joining now this is what my opinion is not a huge dominant player would not play against a smaller less capable player regardless of gender for you
about gender under my situation where everybody plays in the capability that their that their talents allow everybody plays the same size what's wrong with that all right now now that you've heard my actual arguments tell me your objection somebody is somebody here saying you finally finally makes sense well i'm actually not any disagreement somebody says i'm thinking will exclude women from scholarships why why would it why would a college stop giving scholarships to women why would they do there's no reason there's if they're doing it now there's nothing would stop
lots of boys would read and be bullied why would a boy be bullied i don't i don't see that point no one wants to watch men play in the wnba that's a stupid comment alright so whoever said nobody wants to watch women play in the nba right nobody wants watch men play in the wnba either you joined late or you're stupid so you can decide which it is because i just said my system says there's no times that the big person you know the big talented person is playing in the same league as a small one you just said scott nobody wants to watch men play in the wnba under my scenario there would be no wnba it would just be people playing the level they can play
and there would be no case where the man plays the woman if there's a big difference in size if they were roughly the same capability then there would be some cases in which they play and i would watch it personally i would that interesting you would never see upsets yes you would sports would always have upsets boy who gets beat by a girl would be made fun of have you ever have you ever seen what happens to a boy who is not good at sports against other boys you know people loses course they have to get used to that and losing to a girl if your a boy and talk about young kids you should just get used to it you're going to have to toughen up if losing to a girl is what's going to make you cry you need to toughen up uh women would be too low on the totem pole
another one alright you weren't paying attention if you said women would be too low on the totem pole you weren't paying attention because nothing in my suggested plan would make women less important as subjects of sports because you would search for women if you want to watch them and then you would watch them just like today serena williams would still get all the sponsorships 'cause she would be the best female playing who who is born no born with her equipment however you want to say it that's not offensive and by the way i don't know exactly the right way to say these things and non offensive ways but i promise you i'm not trying to offend anybody so if i did it accidentally that's not intended
if it's not separated by gender women will look inferior does that comment make sense somebody says if if you don't separate sports by gender women will look inferior as farts um is there anybody who doesn't know that the best female athlete can't beat the best male athlete who who exactly is going to have a new understanding of human beings that does make sense the transition times your system is ten years yeah it would probably take while i'm very fascinated in your comments solve title nine problem or you are serious well i title ix is part of a current system and i'm not entirely sure anything would change what it why would anything with title ix chain
does women would have every every opportunity as men so if you're thinking that my idea suggests that the only money goes to the people who are at the top of the list i'm not saying there i'm not saying that all there you could have title ix with this idea the women would get just as much support people who wanted to watch women only sports would you know when they're playing and they would show up and just watch that somebody says women are physically inferior what the hell does that mean what the hell has nothing to do with this car station you are eliminate ing choice women might want to watch only women play are you even paying attention under
i propose theory everybody watch is whoever they want to watch if you will i will watch only women play it's easy you go to your device women playing women and then you watch it ok alright so one of the things i wanted to demonstrate with this is as you know i have a book coming out called loser think and this this topic surfaces a lot of user think accidentally and one of the things that are services is an i talk about in the book a failure of imagination so failure of imagination is one of our biggest traps in the case of the transgender athletes when i argue that we should allow everybody to play at the level that
they can compete what do people criticize me for in almost every case maybe every case they criticize me because they can't imagine how that could work i'm saying it couldn't work your your inability to imagine how something could work is not the same as they can't work and so you saw a fairly graphic example where when i went to quickly say well just let people play at the level they can and the market will adjust that's the summary of it people couldn't quite image asian how that would work and then i explained it and so i give this caution to help you get out of your bubble or to find out if you're in a bubble sometimes the problem is you
own imagination and you have a problem with your imagination might be that you don't have experience across different realms so if you have experience with lots of sports and co ed sports in particular as i have i played every sport block not every sport but most for slot a lot i mean i was just immersed in sports for most of my younger years and older years to and a lot of coed sports if you've never played a coat sport you probably have a little less appreciation from much fun that this is really fun is really fun yeah i don't think he gives up everything that's my experience yeah and if you have not had experience in economics in creating business models and marketing and technology it might be less obvious to you that we can simply use our technology
change the business model a little bit and everybody gets what they want right so if you didn't have at least a little bit of experience across those broad categories it would be in able to you you would not be able to imagine that there would be a way to fix the system and you would be in your little bubble and so this book teaches you little tricks to get out of your bubble and you can see a an excerpt of it pinned to my twitter if you'd like to read a free chapter of the book go to my pinned tweet and you can see it a link to it there and that's all for now and i will talk to you later
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