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Episode 693 Scott Adams: Coup-By-Hypnosis, Kurds and Fog of War, The Kingsmen Video

2019-10-14 | 🔗

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  • Kingsmen video and political outrage theater
    • Kathy Griffin complains it might incite violence
  • Syria and the Kurds
    • Things we know and things we do NOT know
  • ISIS prisoners escaped…did they really?
    • ISIS prisoner family members escaped…family members?
  • One Turkey objective is returning 2,000,000 Syrian refugees
    • Were the Kurds preventing Syrian refugees from returning?
  • The concept of “sunk costs”, a Loserthink topic
  • Matt Taibbi’s article says we’re in a coup…
    • …and the coup is a bigger problem than President Trump
  • A “coup-by-hypnosis” is happening
    • Psychological tricks are helping make the coup invisible
    • Professionally trained liars and their media allies
    • Influence hypnotized Example: Fareed Zakaria
  • Naval’s question: How can the unarmed overthrow the armed?
    • Answer: Convince the armed that a coup didn’t happen
  • Impeachment 18 months (or less) from an election?
    • Is there some unknown immediate danger?
    • Or is impeachment just political theater to win election?
  • How can we prevent the coup?
    •  The Senate has prevented the coup…so far
    • My coup result prediction

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bump bump bump bump bump bum balm hey everybody come on in here it's good to see all of you it's another wonderful day monday you believe it wow and i know you're here for the simultaneous ip so why would i disappoint you i wouldn't i wouldn't all you need to participate in the simultaneous ip is i think you know goes a little like this a copper mug glass the grill goblet vessel of any kind with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine into the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous ip go
ah let me tell you every since i got this electronic coffee warmer my quality of life has zoomed 'cause there's nothing better than warm coffee let's talk about not hearing much about the china trade deal today i suppose there's nothing to but i am very sceptical that there's going to be a major by the trade deal that covers everything comprehensively we might have some deals on some individual stuff but i've got a feeling that these softer de coupling is going to happen at the same time as whatever agreements we make which i know i went shopping yesterday for some shirts and started looking at labels for the first time ever and i went to the nike section and i want
i really wanted some nike products this is the bad news is nike makes really good products standing in the sort of the nike yeah i was looking for sweat shirts and stuff and i think well i like all the stuff and i thought no can't do it last night i had to look further so how's the stuff made in honduras something made in vietnam and i know some of you are going to say those are just chinese companies have relocated because of the tariffs well maybe but it's still better i would still rather give my business to a chinese entity that's operating employing hondurans who don't need to come north of the border and i don't mind that they're employing local vietnamese and probably paying taxes in vietnam that's ok with maine so from this point on i'm going to be well at least as long as china
involved with shipping fentanyl to this country i will do what i can to reduce my exposure to their products now before you say it yes i know there are probably some number of dilbert products printed in china right i don't know if this one is let me check alabama power then it was probably written here so i don't really know where this was printed but let me tell you that i don't make the printing decision so i made my deal with my comic syndication company they make another deal with a publisher of the publisher makes another deal with a printer so i'm several deals away from that now i recommend for everybody not just me
is that i don't recommend a hard decoupling another word if you're already doing business there you've already got a factory there you've already got a contract go ahead and run it out but you don't have to do new business and you don't have to buy their stuff yeah it if you have options that's all i'm saying it wouldn't take a lot of decoupling which is a little bit of decoupling is going to be a big difference remember you know gdp if it goes up three percent is amazing so so you don't have to have that much of an impact on another economy for it to really feel it let's talk about the kingsman video outrage um i believe it's time to do outrage theater the story is but some supporters of president trump held an event at the doral golf club owned by the president and it was i don't know let's just supporters the president wasn't there it was just supporters use that space and
they showed a loop of some memes videos and one of the numerous memes was this one that was a take off of the movie the kingsman in which there's a super bloody scene where the star of the movie shoots a lot of pull up close you know puts the gun to their head one after another just shoots dozens and dozens of people and stab them in creative in the mean the maker i'm not sure exactly who made this one replace the heads of the people being killed with logos you know the various networks and then there were some celebrities such as rosie o'donnell and kathy griffin now and then the person doing the killing of with superimposed trump's head was superimposed on that character so looked as though trump was killing all of his media enemies and
i'm pretty doesn't is now what do you think was the response to that video race leader well this is no good is to square list me ruffle more russell in reflections perfect release theater i am so outraged because of a video the video makes we have funny things happening in the world today in syria in hong kong in africa in all kinds of places but raised it's a video right about raised eyebrow raised and and then see at some point can we stop pretending anybody really
there's about this little stuff does anybody really care about that video no they do not it's just gotcha opportunity where one side can say i got got it this time you never get away from my mocking of your badness your video is so bad what's the funniest thing about it funniest thing about it is that kathy griffin complained then it might um spark violence against her and people like i suppose meaning critics of the president because it shows violence against critics of the president and that like is condoning or or encouraging at least for crazy people now here's my problem
you might remember that i took a very unpopular stand sometime ago couple years ago when kathy griffin got called out for holding these severed head of the president not a real one the president is still alive for a photograph and the world blew up and what did a lot of people say hello brother about our age fencing so there was fake outrage about kathy griffin now kathy griffin's giving some fake outrage back but there is a kernel of some shoes there which is if we do act as so violence against our political nemesys is somehow funny and entertaining
you can see how somewhere there's somebody who's crazy enough to think well there's my the green light i guess i'll gisele reducing violence and of course you know this triggers a lot of people on the right to show videos of anti fa being violent against trump supporters etc but mostly this is just political outrage theater but the kathy griffin thing i can't get past it there's only one person in the whole world who doesn't get to complain about the kingsman video only one it's kathy griffin if rosie o'donnell complains about it she's also in good point rosie it's not the this problem in the world but i think you're right rosie you can writing about being in that video showing people on your team being murdered i can see
i would be worried about that and i will leave and i will leave and join you rosie rosie o'donnell i will join you and say that that video should be which is a disavowed and i would prefer that it not running anymore i i would also be on the team will say okay i get that the creator was making a certain kind of content for a certain kind of consumer who probably enjoyed it and didn't take it seriously at all i don't take it serious at all but i can see why maybe the world is better off without it so if rosie o'donnell complained about that i'd say you know rosie i have not agreed with you on much but i think we could find common ground on that video that's a little too far but i defended kathy griffin for showing that
joke picture of a severed head even though it clearly encourages people to be violent against trump supporters again in a very small way not an average person with an average brain they know it's just a joke but maybe maybe there are some people on the fringe who were just saying well if kathy griffin doesn't severed head maybe people think violence against trump supporters is ok so you can make an argument that maybe in some small way it made the world worse that kathy griffin held up ahead but i defended her i'm an creative and humor grounds based on the fact that was funny you got attention wasn't meant to be violent wasn't meant to cause violence it wasn't that at all but now she's complaining about the same thing from the other side what is the functional moral difference
between what kathy griffin did with her severed head which i defended and what change limited the oh did with their video what's the functional difference i don't see one do you i mean there not exactly the same thing but functionally there's the same thing so let me revise was and i said there's one person in the world does not have a moral right to complain about that king's lynn video there are actually two on the other one because i also give a pass to kathy in the griffin for her severed at so i'm going to give the same pass to the kingsmen video people and the people who showed it which is not the choice i would have made not the video i would have but it was in this in a creative sense it was being made in other words there were with somebody was an artist i mean martis in this case
it's a legitimate art in my opinion there is an artist who did a piece of art and some people didn't like it if you take it beyond that i think you're not doing a service to society so kathy griffin and i are in the same boat we are the two people who should not be complaining about that video but at the same time i went to done it and i think the world alright let's talk about let's talk about syria and the kurds i've warned you repeatedly that the fog of war makes everything that you hear about this story unreliable so for the first i don't know how long it's going to last but we're certainly in still in the fog of war we don't really know what's going on over there and if we're being rational we don't know if the president made the right decision or the wrong why do i say that
as we don't know the outcome yet we know the initial outcome at least we have reporting that there are kurds dying that we wish were not dying and we know turkey is attacked etc so there are facts we know or at least in a very general way we know that that sort of stuff is going on over there we don't know how it's going to shake out 'cause that's just day one stuff we just don't know how it will shake out so if you have a strong opinion that this is the best thing in the world or the worst thing in the world and i'm talking moving the us troops out of syria if you have a strong opinion on it i don't think it's warranted i think it's a wait and see that's what with the way it looks to me now if you're telling me that the short term ramifications
tearable i would say to you yeah it looks like a way to maine but does that tell you that it was a bad decision not even close because the decision was not meant to solve a short term problem it was a long term decision of which we've seen only the first few days impact which don't really mean much if you look at one hundred year decision so as tragic as it is i don't want to minimize the tragedy 'cause it looks like it's pretty higher over there so i'm not minimizing that at all i'm just saying that countries make long term decisions they don't make short term decision or at so we don't really know how this will work out but we're starting to see some things shape up here's the first thing you should know are you seeing all the reporting about the members of isis escaping do you believe those reports
do you believe the initial reports about isis escaping if you do you should you shouldn't believe him let's say your the kurds if you were the kurds and the us just pulled his troops out what's the first fake news that you create the first fake news you would create is that isis is getting away and it's all your fault right now i'm not saying that isis isn't getting away because i don't know i'm not there i'm not watching all we know are the reports what is what fake news could you guarantee with one hundred and certainly would come out of that war zone right away so whether but there are any isis people being released from prisons risque ping for peasants regardless of the truth of what's happening there would
it also not be true that there's a one hundred percent chance the kurds would say it's happening yes there is one hundred chance the courage would say it's happening even if it's not happen now is it happening let let's talk about whether it's happening well here the reports that i've seen members of isis have escape and then you read further in this family members of isis i was kate another words the reports that i've seen and maybe you've seen other ones because again this is all fog of war stuff the reports i've seen said that the family members of isis who would also be isis but their mothers daughters brothers who were fighting that sort of thing grandpa grandpa the kids so there's some word that the family members of isis escaped to which i
ask you why were the family members in present why would the family members in present and where they going to just in prison forever is it a life sentence to be related to somebody who is a nice do you remember when president trump said he was he was going to kill the family members of terrorists over in the middle east now what did everybody say my god you can't kill the family members you can kill the combatants all you want but you can't kill the family members what kind of monster are you um what exactly is happening over there right now are not the family members in in prison
camps for ever for just being related isn't that exactly what's happening what the president said and then he had to diss al and then everybody said that would be way too far are we supporting the kurds who have put in prison camps or at least guarding the prison camps of family members hello that's that's was open question i'm not saying that we should or shouldn't they shouldn't be in prison i'm not even saying that i this is family member should not be in prison i don't know i don't know i would have to do a lot more what it means to be a family member so i would consider myself too ignorant to have a good opinion on that but i think you have to ask the question are they family members was gaping or other combatants though i've heard reports also that none of the combatants of this remember i said before that if you were the kurds and you
done all that sacrificed to beat isis and you had them in prison if there were any chance that they would escape the actual combatants i'm not talking about family members now but the actual combatants that isis fighters don't you think you would women prison if you thought there was any chance they get out would that be the last thing you did before the turks overran your position you're kinda kelemen present because the last thing you want is for him to get out and i would argue that if if there is a risk of them getting out of prison and like in that risk looks very high and you know that the moment they got out they would try to kill you i don't know maybe you can kill them in prison i'm not even because that would be necessarily a war crime if is that they were going to kill you any minute unless you kill them first
i don't know how that works i guess it would depend on the specifics but what watch for the illegitimate news the very illegitimate news to conflate watch for this today watch how they conflate some family members of isis of ever escaped which may or may not be a big deal versus actual militant combatants have escaped look that distinction because the news isn't making that distinction and i feel like that's a big deal all right now the other thing we're seeing is that the news is that the kurds have get a hasty deal with the russians and syrians so the russians and syrians will come in and push the turks back to turkey which some would say would make the whole the whole or there a waste waste because then u s is gone and isis can reconstitute and all that there
question i ask you how much recons shooting is isis going to do as long as the russian military and a honor in power in syria and the turks are just as just as interested in making isis go away at this point i would think i think turkey was mental in arming them in the first place but at this point i don't think to review once anymore isis i would i could be wrong about that so there's at least one foot there's one school of thought this says the by the us leaving we forced them to reach a new balancing point that had to happen so
long as we were there there was an artificial balance that could never be a a permanent stable situation by pulling us out all hell breaks loose but fairly quickly that all hell breaks loose might turn into a stable location and maybe that's good for the long run now the stable situation would be that the russians and the syrians with assad as as there what leader i'm not even sure assad is in charge in syria are you is assad just a russian puppet at this point i don't know exactly how that relationship works i'm not sure anybody does but i don't see a situation in which syria is willing to allow isis to reconstitute and even if the syrians couldn't do it themselves i think the russians can
i'm pretty sure the russians can beat back isis all day long as long as you're willing to stay there with their military presence so what turkey wanted now here's the other angle that i'm not seeing discussed what he wanted at least partly maybe it was all they wanted but one of their big goals was to repatriate or move back to million syrians who are displaced by the war and came turkey for safety turkey wants to relocate them back in syria to which i say that's a pretty good it wouldn't it be a worthy goal for turkey to move syrians back into their own country what was preventing turkey from moving the syrian refugees back into syria
am i wrong that it was the kurds can somebody fact check me on this was it not the kurds who if they'd carve down a little homeland for themselves in syria were they not the problem resenting two million syrians from going back to their own home fact check me on that so this is not the kurds but if it wasn't the kurds why is it that the turks have to conquer the kurds in order to the refugees back i might be just loop is possible i'm missing some gigantic factual point here so here's my question why are we not talking about the turks moral authority to move refugees back to their own homes doesn't turkey have a moral authority to do that i mean
usually they may be doing it for their own benefit from their internal purposes but doesn't it make sense from a moral standpoint that turkey moving refugees back to where they came from and probably want to return i don't know that that's bad and what was preventing it from happening feels like it was the kurds who is reporting on that and again am i just missing something they might be missing something important here but it seems to me the kurds were a problem even though they were allies you can be both it's a complicated place you can be best friends in our allies and still be the problem there's nothing that would be make that impossible so it looks a lot like what in english this syria and russia are moving in an they're going to team up
the kurds our fingers crossed that doesn't turn out bad for the kurds or anybody else but i don't know it's a dangerous but the idea is that then the syrians russians and kurds working together might be able to repatriate those two million people because then they would be repatriated into friendly political territory syria as far as i know i don't know that the ones who left were necessarily running from the syrian government where they were the ones the refugees were they running from isis or they just from fighting in general there's so many things we don't know about the two refugees an all that so we're still in the fog of war it's hard to have a firm opinion but i would say that the way it's shaping up is that the early reporting is prob cbs meeting the isis escape
is probably family members and i'm not sure how much we care your family numbers get out and secondly i don't know that this hasn't already led to the very best situation it's possible that as of today assuming that this syrian russian kurdish agreement becomes productive and assuming that turkey can still repatriate its two million people but they don't have to be an army to do it they can just say hey in syria russia and the kurds if you want to be in charge of that area here's here's two million refugees are all yours how does that work so would would assad take them back is that even an option and where did the kurds get this homeland somebody says you're fumbling through a genocide scott well
here's the thing i don't know what that means to salem fumbling through genocide i'm saying that is a murky situation is whoever said that do you have a clear picture of what's happening or do you just did you just feel like coming in and saying something about is there something here was a clear picture of all the all this happening now and also everything that's going to happen does if you don't know what's going to happen i don't know how how close you are now the other big question is what do we owe the kurds because we fought together this common enemy isis does that give us some obligation to the kurds forever well it depends how you look at it if what happened was the kurds helped us be our enemy that and that's that's one framework in which you say well we owe those curves they helped us we are loyal to you forever
but is that what happened it's not like we hire them as mercenaries and they were fighting a war that only helped us it looks more to me like we helped the kurds in a problem that was much bigger for them being that the kurds had an isis problem in their territory is their neighborhood and we help them eliminate isis from their neighborhood doesn't don't the courage i was isn't that the way it works we arm the kurds we thought we died to get rid of the risk that was far more of a risk in their neighborhood than it and to us it risk to us but not nearly as much as it was to them don't the kurds i was now i'm saying that just to be provocative i don't think they owe us but what i'm saying is that beyond same team for a little engagement doesn't make you
bound to each other forever in other ways for example have heard a world war two it was big thing it was in the news it was this thing called world war two in which the united states teamed up with stalin stalin was on our team so it was it was the united states an stalin beating the nazis now did that make us indebted to stalin forever now we were just on the same team fighting the same same do for awhile and then it was over and the seems more like that to me there are no analogies that are perfect so if anybody's from the error in the analogy i get it i get it analogies are not exactly the same blah blah i'm just making the case that is not automatic
because you fought on the same side for awhile that either of you all each other anything after it's done after it's and the reason that you were doing it is done and then it's a new decision have you ever heard of the concept of a sunk cost if you haven't you should read i think because there are some things that once you've spent it once somebody is already dead once your money is already spent you can't go back in history and fix it you have to make each decision today based on what today looks like going if you make your decision today you say okay the fighting with the kurds is yesterday we did that nails done now what decision do we make today based on today's variables today's variable say perhaps we did what we wanted to do were not a police force
the locals are in the best the best position to keep isis tamped down it's time to leave that's the decision you would make if you understood how sunk costs work the things we've already done with the turks was great but it's also already done we did not ever make them any kind of a deal for permanent protection it was never an agreement we never voted on it congress never said yes i don't even think it was implied it was maybe expected by then it was maybe desired while certainly desired but we so i think we made any kind of commitment like that to say we will stay with you forever and we will protect you against forces no matter what they are even if they're nato
i don't believe we haven't made that commitment so if you want to learn how to think about some costs and other ways to look at the world that just allow you to look at it the way other people would look at it you don't even have to say this is the one way to look at it but my book that you can pre order now and i wish you would because it'll be available november fifth but helping a lot because the sales in the beginning and then it gets on the best seller lists of not become self sustaining so it helps me a lot of your pre order from amazon or any place you pre order books of and that's one of the topics one of the topics is knowing how to separate the past and call that a sunk cost is a concept from economics but the book teaches you the simple concepts like that so cost would just be you know one tiny part of the book
it teaches you a number of the sinking techniques across different disciplines that are just as easy to pick up is that when this so let me ask you this do you think isis is happy that the russians and the syrians look like they're to take full control of syria back i don't know that isis is happy about that because whatever we were willing to do to isis and it was pretty bad sure the russians or are willing to do it more so i we'll see how that goes the thing i'm wondering now it is whether or not turkey will require a safe sound on the border if the russians and the syrians affectively occupy that land that the kurds were holding with our help if they affect
simply occupy that that would get rid of the safe zone and is turkey okay with having no safe zone because i think part of it was to keep the bad guys from crossing their border right so i don't know if turkey has a way to stand down maybe they do maybe turkey can just say ok russia syria if you're going to take care of this just stay on your on the border and will stay on our side maybe i don't know matt taibbi wrote that great article i think i talked about yesterday in which she characterized the deep state actions against the president as a permanent ku one that is happening right in front of us and what is interesting about matt taibbi's peace and people
i'm confused why i recommended it so highly because he said some bad things about president trump and people said i i can't stand this writer he lost all of his credibility cuz he said that thing about trump but that's actually why he has credibility because he's not a trump supporter is very much not trump supporter and says so in clear language and at the same time says it can also be true that is a coup happening right in front of us i haven't seen anybody do that before i don't know that i've seen anybody who's a legitimate saying you know somebody who well informed and and as a public platform who would say you know it's true presidents got these flaws and i wish he had not been elected but at the same time i'm not blind there is a coup happening and what matt taibbi said is that no matter what you think
the president there's no way that the coup isn't the bigger problem because who is actually replacing the form of government in the country that keeps the entire planet stable it effectively makes the the panopticon if you will makes the intelligence services in charge and the way we try to be i hope i'm pronouncing his name correctly or close the way he describes it is also the way i see most of you see it you see that there's some unholy alliance between current and past intelligence and law enforcement folks and the media you can see for example nbc has been widely reported nbc is essentially yet
an organ of the cia now by the way if you didn't already know that you probably set to yourself scott whoa you the shark i was with you cuz a lot of the things you said so reasonable you sounded like you're saying but you just said that see is basically a wholly owned subsidiary of the cia and that can't be true well look it up turns out that's one of the most well document things on the news a glenn greenwald writes about this and not only is it true it's demonstrated its this is true is anything could possibly true there's nothing more truth this is not like russia collusion it's not like conspiracy theories this is this is one that pretty much everybody under
if they're paying attention so and that's why you know you see brennan and clapper on certain outlets but not others brennan
poison nbc or msnbc person i guess so that they be cause it out there we have a coup that's in progress is clearly a coup and it's far more dangerous than whatever president trump might do with all of his impulsiveness etc so navol rather can't who i mentioned often smartest person in the world in my opinion he tweeted this he said i still don't see how the unarmed half of the country is going to overthrow the candidate elected by the armed half of the country so it was a provocative tweet that there's a slow motion coup happening and it looks like the unarmed half of the country is somehow
to overthrow the arm house and so love all reason last how exactly to work and so i answered by the way and my answer was as bike convincing them it didn't happen what you're watching is the first coup by hypnosis let that sink in you're watching a coup by hypnosis and by hypnosis i like to use the more provocative word for persuasion and influence and dirty tricks and all that but in effect not in effect quite literally the it appears all evidence suggests but the media and the intelligence folks the democrats the people who were
loosely affiliated in the anti trump world are running a that is made partially invisible through psychological cool tricks now those psychological tricks are obvious to some of us those people who sort of see this things can see it see it like you're reading it from a book but those of you who are not steeped in the ways of persuasion it would be invisible to or example do you you do understand that half of the world thinks that the president has already done such fraudulent and criminal things that it's obvious he should be removed in jail half of the world has been hit with a as into thinking that the president has committed actual crimes that not only numerous but proven and that is just right there and you can see it
now i don't know how they explain the fact that he's still in office and there doesn't seem to be any legal action against him other than maybe they're waiting from to get an office or something but have something like half of the country has been hypnotized into believing that the president has already committed crimes worthy of impeachment and that they can see them this is the funny part that they can see them and if you ask them well i can't see them can you give main an example you get easy okay i was doing this yesterday with an old name names but let's say prominent was debating me yesterday privately and saying that it was obvious that president trump was going down for his various financial fraudulent dealings
and so i asked for an example and the examples given were what if examples what if we see in this tax is a problem watt what if the impeachment process allows somebody to find out something about some money laundering or something he is alleged to have done what if he didn't account on his taxes in a certain way that would be illegal to which i say i'm pretty maybe you can what if anybody into jail what if you murder somebody tomorrow what if your house is not really yours and you stole it what if a lion comes into your room and kills you well you can what if anything if that's the best you have but you're believing that the what if is the same as facts you're in some kind of a hypnotized
bubble reality where the deep state's hypnotize you you're actually seeing stuff that isn't there let me give you my best example so it's always more the they this is always more clear when you're dealing with somebody who is under normal circumstances very rational and that's why for read zaccaria is a perfect example i've been watching for reeds content mostly on cnn for years and i'm a big fan so faried zakaria is very well informed very good at his job very smart and i would regard him as one of the more national players in the public eye very rational guy here i'm going to paraphrase so i hope i don't get this wrong because i'm not i promise i'm not trying to misinterpret him to get some kind of
political point i think this is a fair statement of his opinion in part you say that he had done against impeachment of the president or against the impeachment process up until recently and one of the main things that changed his mind just wait for this and remember i'm pointing out for read because he so rational superrational proven in select ok and he said this i think i've got this right if i'm misinterpreting him i will be happy to apologize if anybody points it out but i think this is what he said he said that the problem is that the will inquire that's going on the president is resisting and that is the resisting of that investigation that makes it an impeachable situation to which i say see
but the thing is illegitimate the president knows it's illegitimate and here's the best part his resistance it's completely within the legal framework another words he's resist they're making a legal argument the legal argument will be taken to various courts and then those courts will decide all evidence from this president is if the court decides he has to do something he's going to do it there is no history to suggest that the administration will do anything except follow what the courts tell him to do so here's this hyper rational guy and again i i mean this completely seriously for reads a car it is a serious intellectual force and a very credible in general but he actually said public like it made sense that the president using ordinary legal mechanisms
obeying the law in the sense of following the legal process and resisting what is clearly an illegitimate impeachment process that is only for political purposes the somehow that resistance is the evidence why he should he should be impeached now for those of you who are not hypnotized does that make any sense to you that is not what rational people say it's not opinion of somebody who's brain is working independence of influence he's got a very strong brain and i think this is just my fresh and i'm not a mind reader but i believe that his intentions are to be accurate and fair i don't believe he's saying this just to make a political point i think that he believes when he said that the president has crossed the line into impeachment territory
by resisting through normal legal means totally appropriate legal means participating in a witch hunt is that a real opinion seriously now if you are not a trained hypnotist and most of you are not but i am one of the things you learn is cognitive dissonance and unlike those of you who have just sort of read about it you know it exists you know the people have it hypnotist learned learn to spot it more regularly another words are our framework has cognitive dissonance so built into it that we see it everywhere you know maybe we see it too much but to me this is just a classic example because i believe that for probably saw this as an entirely rational thing to say but when i say it because i'm not
rabidly anti trump i look at it and i say that doesn't make any sense at all resisting a witch hunt using completely legal normal process at the courts is nothing is literally nothing there's nothing there and yet he's decided that would be reason enough to overthrow an election i mean how do you get there except being hypnotized zero are you again i use the word him in hypnosis as again my digital assistant is listening to me so to get back to nepal's point how can the unarmed half the country overthrow armed half and the way that they'll do it is by making the country think it didn't happen then
the the intelligence agencies are experts at this stuff the reason that people are experts at intelligence is because they understand how to hide things out of cool things at a how to fix things out of that secret identities how to be take around all of the things you learn to be an intelligence professional would teach how to hypnotize the public and it looks like now also i i will say looks like this is what's happening statement of fact there are members within the government and the media who do work together we all agree that's a fact right we know that the intelligence people or not at least some number of active ones are and and retired ones are not fans of the present
and we can observe right in front of us that they have created something out of nothing they have created a hypnosis persuasion reality which they're trying to fit into people's heads if they do they will have achieved a bloodless coup and the end they're actually making a really good attempt at it let me ask you this to put this in perspective one of the biggest stories and what everybody's talking about is the ukrainian phone call it's president made and here's let me give you an thought experiment imagine the world just an artificial world in which there is a person who has never followed news has never seen the news pro trump never seen who's anti trump and yet they understand you know what are president is and they know the system works and everything but for some
weird rism they have never watched a single news coverage ok and then you take to that person this story you say so the president was on the phone call with the head of ukraine there were some some reasons to suspect that the guy who's pulling first to be president in the next election might have some serious financial conflicts of interest which would make it very dangerous to be present the president talked to the president of ukraine i said can you help me out with this investigation of this fellow looks like he obviously has some connections that would be a problem if you were elected
and then by the way just with about some background we have a treaty with ukraine for investigations and while it would be may be more appropriate that the sort of thing is handled at the staff level in other words the fbi is the right entity for example it's good if the leaders talk so the leaders were queuing it up to make it easier for the things to do what they needed to do so in this thought experiment i've just described this to someone who's never watched the news they never seen the cnn that never seen fox what do they about the phone call do they say that president is a traitor and he sold out the country for political gain nope
now they don't probably never i'll bet you could have one thousand people in a row and not one out of one thousand would hear that story the way i just described it and say you know that guy you know you didn't mention this but it's obvious from the story that the president's a big old trader and he selling out the country for political gain nobody would have that interpretation everybody i believe one hundred percent of people who had not been exposed to the hip gnosis of the news if they had not been in that would have just heard the story and say all right and then let's say you said okay but i i don't want to bias the experiment i will tell you that some people don't think it's right for the president to ask a foreign power to do something that could have an effect on the elect now what do you think about it and again this is somebody who's never had any
measure to the news no pundit no opinion whatsoever what would they say about it they say yeah i can see it i can see their point how important is it important it was a phone call it's not important yeah i can see i can see why some people are saying you shouldn't do that but definitely not important and by the way it was also job yeah i can see it's just not important do you think you could get one person to say that the president should be impeached you could describe that situation to them without the pundits telling people what to think now i've been telling you this for a long time the public does not form opinions on politics the public does not for hello paul form opinions their opinions are assigned to them you can tell because you just go on social media and all the opinions of the ones you just on the news right
we almost never do you see somebody with a unique opinion that's why matt taibbi stands out the reason the reason that i do that around is not because it's not because i agreed with the opinion 'cause he said some things about trump that i would not agree with some some predictions that i wouldn't agree with what was think about it is you hadn't that opinion before matt taibbi had maybe the first opinion you've ever seen there wasn't a sign to him think about it matt taibbi wrote a public opinion piece in which as far as i can tell you my
could be the only person whose opinion was not assigned him by the media here's another one glenn greenwald their stuff there are things that glenn greenwald says that i just don't like it all don't agree with so he and i are not philosophically compatible i'm not i'm not a fan in terms of his opinions but i'm a big fan in terms of his credibility because he has opinions that you just don't see anywhere else because he's willing to say hey maybe it both sides are bad how about that you just don't see that a little bit similar to matt taibbi's opinion so uh keep in mind you have a situation in which the intelligence agencies with all of their training and persuasion or work with the media and all of their platforms for persuasion and that collectively they're creating a
a hypnosis based reality is sucking more and more people into it such as fareed zakaria and they're buying into an artificial view of the world that is so strong that they could take over the in a bloodless coup completely believing things that aren't true and that appears to be the situation that appears to be the situation as far as i can tell so my my best to the degree that i could be objective my best objective opinion is that you being a permanent situation in which people who have way too much ability the intelligence plus the media they have a lot of ability to form opinion they're using that
to do what guns used to do so that's the situation alright there's some there's some breaking news that the hunter biden is discontinued stepping down from the board of the chinese company now you can imagine what the pundits said about that i was at britt hume said it best i wasn't doing anything wrong and i'm going to stop doing it right away yeah so he why it was never wrong why do you have to step down well that's the problem isn't that it it was ever appropriate he shouldn't have stepped out but if was always inappropriate well thanks for finally admitting it and stepping down
so there was no way for him to win he couldn't stay there and he couldn't step down he had two bad decisions stepping down was the the last band of the bad decisions so that's interesting i think it's hilarious the one of the effects of this election is that trump will cause hunter biden's income to go way down i mean think about how much money hunter biden is going to lose because trump is after him it's going to be a lot i mean millions i'm hunter biden's entire lifestyle probably just completely rearranged now goes however richie thought he was going to be well maybe not so much now i'm seeing the hashtags here so uh i understand that project vera tos is teasing that there's some video coming out from inside cnn is there yet
i have not seen the news on that so sometime today we can see that can i give me an update in the comments as project vera tos dropped yet so we'll be looking forward to that the slaughter meter slaughter meters at one hundred percent unless the deep state and the media working together accomplish their coup ahead of time let me ask you this eighteen months before an election how much i really need an impeachment do you really need that is there can you have any credibility if you're trying to impeach the wall there's lecture on it would the one thing to impeach somebody the day they got elected for their second term 'cause then maybe you could save three or four years of whatever badness you're trying to avoid but if you are trying to impeach them
the wall were in the yeah we're starting to heat up for the actual election there's no way to that can't be supported the only way you can support that is to prove somehow that the president is me get danger that leaving in there one more minute would be bad so if you even get them out of there a few weeks early before the end of his term that would help unless you can make the case that the danger is immediate there is no question that is political if you've bought into any of the things they are saying about the president's behavior that is clearly insane and illegal according to the hypnotist well ask yourself is this an independent opinions because it's not you've been assigned that opinion all right
that's about all i've got for now did i miss anything um somebody says they're not trying to impeach their trying to influence elections yeah well i think they're trying to do whichever they can get away with so if they could impeach they would if all they can do is influence the election they will uh and that's all we got somebody says how do we stop the coup well that's a good question you could vote for trump that would probably do it you know so many that the senate is not willing to go along with the the coup and think about it they said it the only thing protecting protecting us from a coup that's it it is for a republican majority in the senate the
we have already worked think about that if you do they have apple if you didn't have a republican majority in the senate the coup would have already work they would have already removed the president that's mind boggling for nothing the hypnotists and the coup plotters would have already removed the president except for a republican majority in the senate that i that's this mind boggling all right somebody else worry when hub update i'll give you that in a bit i've got a working on some stuff here that baby maybe will be worth talking about real soon lottery is probably the best approach i don't know i don't know if mockery will get him off basic any predictions on the coup
my prediction is that it will because president trump to win in a landslide so i believe that between now and election day the cocoon masters will be lee on that people were going to be really angry that they sell for one phil for one scam after another i mean don't know how people can look at the whole russian collusion situation and come away from it thinking well it was a good try or well i think it was something there it just seems to maine that even some democrats or at least independence are going to say you know i think you've i think you fool this too many times uh
who do they want to rule well everybody wants to rule all right that's all i have for now and i will talk to you all later happy columbus day
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