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Episode 695 Scott Adams: Losers of the Democrat Debate, The Hypnosis Coup

2019-10-16 | 🔗

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  • Topics the Dem debate candidates did NOT talk about…
    • NO mention of RUSSIA COLLUSION?
    • NO RACIST accusations?
    • NO “Destroying the economy” fears? 
    • NO CLIMATE CHANGE emergency talk?
    • NO Charlottesville HOAX accusations?
    • NO China discussion?
  • Massive accusations President Trump is “corrupt”…but NO examples?
    • The Coup by Hypnosis and its effectiveness
  • My review of the each candidates debate performance
  • Age and health questions by CNN
    • Is CNN telling us they don’t like the top 3 candidates?
  • Syria…why do we care if Russia has more influence?
    • Is America worse off if Russia influences Syria?

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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bum bum bum bum hey everybody quiet in here you know why you're here and i know why you're here as a little something to do with coffee and if you like to enjoy a i know you do i know you do that's why you're here you don't need much all you need is a cover a mugger glasses snifter to stein chelsea thank you sir miss flash canteen grill goblet vessel of any kind filled with your favorite liquid you know what i like and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine today the thing that makes everything better at the simultaneous step go ah
that's the good stuff right there wow all right uhm let's talk about the democrat democratic debate i never know what's the correct way to say that is that the democrat debate because they're all democrats or is it the democratic debate 'cause it's the demo craddick party i never know which one is right so the coup by hypnosis continues to go strong if if you don't know what that means there's a there's an active coup attempt happening but it's not using weapons is using actually the most modern and powerful methods of hypnosis two instantly the country that nothing like that is happening so the hypnosis is
convincing at least half of the country there's no coup there's nothing to see here no there's just horrible crimes our president we can't really in by the way you might be confused by the fact that president is not already in handcuffs in and in jail how do you explain that how do you explain the fact that it's not already being arrested and taken to jail with all those crimes well it's because they're not real it's a hypnosis coup and it's working really well i mattered often will succeed in long run but they have definitely set their sights on brain washing the public into changing the form of government amazingly and that actually they actually have a good chance of pulling it off i don't think they will i think trump will prevail but you got to
it's a heck of a try i don't know that we've ever seen anything like this we have certainly seen politics and persuasion and lies and hyperbole and all the usual stuff but but at this point at this point is more obvious that is a legitimate coup attempt by some combination of unhappy democrats who may or may not be called the deep state and the media we saw the project veritas under undercover recordings about cnn and it's pretty clear that jeff zucker just cares about impeached maybe not out not much else so i don't think we can call this uh anything else at this point it's a coup by hypnosis and it's
it's moving along pretty well if you like cuz president trump's comment about the democrats debate last night this is such a great tweet so his entire summary of the democrats is in this tweet our record economy would crash just like in nineteen twenty nine if any of those clowns became president it out he said he's probably not wrong so that the one of the reasons that it works is because you know your first your first impression as well as a true economy is not going to crash just because you elected elizabeth war oh yeah i guess it would crash if you like to elizabeth warren but she's just one of the candidates maybe things would be fine and if you elected to well ok
elected bernie the economy would crash but she always had biden no that would crash the economy damn he's right if any of those clowns get elected the economy might actually just crash that's not fun but it's just funny that he summarizes things so just think lee um i've noticed a trend and it looks like this republicans hate bad systems such as it's a bad system democrats seem to hate people have you notice that go after people they go after personalities go after individuals it seems entirely hatred of people where is the republicans
i'll do a little bit of going after people two of course you know the president is thank but it doesn't it seem generally true that republicans talk about systems an and democrats seem to just hate people if i go onto twitter and the the anti trumpers come after me the it almost never come after me for anything that i've said or any points they almost never criticize my opinion they almost always criticize me personally and it's what it's what the democrats have started to do with trump so it seemed to me as i was watching the democrat debate that they all looked small because there
because it was just on one guys personality and here's the kicker they couldn't say much about what he's doing wrong they can only talk how they hate him did you notice that was conspicuously missing so here's what you would have expected to hear the president has all these bad character flaws according to them and therefore what we've observed are all these problems 'cause remember he said three years to create problems they must have plenty of things to talk about where is the problem sure they don't like him i get it message received you don't like him you don't like his character his personality you don't like his ethics so you don't like his style
i get it now now finish the picture and because of that character and because those problems what what would be an example of something that we wanted to do but we couldn't do because of his personal what was something that went all wrong because of his character can you think of economy is roaring you know or whatever you want to say about serial let's take cereal for example the closest to anybody got to an actual complaint meaning that the things about the president's personality translated into the real world was put judge at i think he was the only one who actually even took a stab at it and buddha judge spoke entirely speculatively
even he didn't have an actual problem to talk about his best point which i consider invalid but his best point just you bet if lee is that he said that the soldiers were demoralized by having to pull out of syria and leaves their allies to distraction but here's the thing use the thing can you think of any situation in which our number we have a volunteer military so this is important to the story of volunteer military so everybody who as in the real fighting forces i'm reading the marines etc the ones who are actually seeing combat they they joined voluntarily and probably had a pretty good idea where there are going to be deployed and who they were going
be fighting 'cause you know the al qaeda things been going on for a long time or some version of al qaeda isis etc so what would you expect would be the attitude of the military the professional military volunteers when they're asked to withdraw wow what were their under any condition you asked this set of the bravest people in the world wall tiered to put on uniforms train hard and go over there and fight fighting not only against the enemy but fighting for their comrades fighting or their allies fighting for their people what do you expect them to say when the civilian leadership sm to withdraw only one thing we're not done if if the militaries
said anything except no we don't want to withdraw we will 'cause we respect you know the the channel command will do what you order but so we are not happy about leaving a fight if we had soldiers who under any conditions we're happy about leaving the fight we didn't do a good job of training them or selecting them or the wrong people our soldiers should want to stay in the fight and finish it no matter what the civilian leadership says is the better idea as well as they go ahead with the civilian leadership if they were bucking orders i would say that would be a big problem but i would say that as a class of people i
the military is always going to say let us finish the job let us protect our allies lowe's finish the job so that doesn't change the fact that there may be situations in which a someone is asking me if serve of the answer is no so i'm open to correction for somebody who served two as a more clarity on this but i think it's fair to say that the the hero type personality who volunteers to go over there and fight they mean it they're they're not just punching a clock they went there to fight and i think if you pull the the fight i don't see how they could ever be happy about that because it's just too much baked into who they are so what's your perfect situation let me describe a perfect military slash civilian situation
the perfect situation is when the president cares more about the troops than the troops care about their own safety that's the perfect situation do you but the other way around would you want the president to care less about the troops then they cared about their own safety i mean obviously they care about their safety but these are people who are not like regular people these are unusually brave people these are people who signed up to do this so they're not like us right now like me anyway they might be like you but it's the perfect situation a seville the young leader who cares about this whole there's enough to pull them out of harm's way if there's not an overriding national into and what you would want is that those soldiers obey number one yes they are a bag
number two don't want to leave that's your perfect situation you can't get better than that you can describe the situation this more perfect than what you just saw now there's it's not perfect in terms of impact because one of the that the downsides is at the the kurds are at the mercy of the turks and of course the way the democrats explain that as they say we've abandoned our allies well did we or where there two sets of allies and we had to choose there were two sets of allies the turks and the words we didn't have a choice of and raining and ally you got that right there were two choices and both then involved abandoning an ally you can either abandoned turkey
nato ally or abandoned kurds ally in her fight against isis those are your only choices you couldn't back both of them if you just got out of there you left one of them to the mercy of the other i saw an interesting video yesterday that i would not say is kredible so take this with a grain of salt but i'll put this in have question we haven't seen that much damage or military fighting coming out of the area some of it might be that just the lack of reporters maybe it's just too dangerous but i have a sneaky suspicion that there is poor curd that were left to be slaughtered number one the most effective fighting force in the region everybody agrees right that's a that's a fairly standard opinion from everybody that the
are the most effective fighting force in the region and they're tactically strong as well as just brave and willing there tactically very good do you know what else i have do you know what else the kurds have i'm just guessing now this is elation my guess is that the kurds have some really good weapons do you think we left them without weapons do you think we took all our good ship and just loaded in trucks and took it away probably not how long do you think a turkish tank would last in kurdish territory about ten seconds i don't think the turks can control the ground i think they can bomb forever but we know that bombing
thing doesn't get you to controlling the ground you know it it's it's good stuff if it's in support of ground troops but bombing doesn't get you to to control the ground you got to do that on the ground an i don't know if the turks even with their full military can beat the kurds who are again really good fighters yeah they might have some really good weapons right now like i'm talking about the really good stuff things maybe you don't even know we have i'm just guessing i don't think we left them on armed that's that's my guess now that's pure speculation but wouldn't to expect by now there would be a lot more reporting about how it turkey over ran a kurdish unit turkey has
captured three hundred kurds turkey has slaughtered these currents it's kind of missing isn't it isn't isn't today the day we're supposed to be hearing about how turkey is crushing the military my not be going the way the the way the turks expected might not be going that way there is some chance that the kurds are kicking the turks ask right now on the found now in terms of the error i guess the turks probably
all the air i don't that's just speculation that maybe the fight is not knowing the way everybody thought it would go because kurds current turn seem to just defy the the military calculation because they just tend to be good all right here's a let's talk about the democrat debate i thought the biggest story of the debates this is the they didn't talk about which includes russia collusion wasn't much about russia collusion was there how would you feel if you were a democrat and a voter and you've been watching your game push russia collusion for two one slash two years and then just stop talking about it yeah just come up would you say to yourself my team
i was really wrong for two one slash two years maybe i shouldn't trust the next thing they bring up what about the fact that for three years or more the primary attack from the democrats is calling this president a racist where did you notice that was just missing last night used to be their primary problem if the democrats believed that this president it was an actual racist which is the things that they claim or they used to claim all the time wouldn't that be grounds for impeachment i mean really if the if the democrats had in fact anything like obvious evidence that they claim is all over the place the president united united states is an actual racist and racist things and obviously signaling to people know that
if any of that were true isn't that grounds for impeachment because impeachment is called political act it doesn't require a crime impeachment requires that the politicians just decide you know you're being all racist we gotta get rid of it so if your democrat what do you make of the fact that the biggest complaint from your team racism just sort of stop talking about it wouldn't it make you wonder if it were ever real in the first place now to his credit president trump has been chipping away at that let me just talk to you there's something about funding the historically black colleges there's the first step program prison reform is always bragging about unemployment being great for the african american community so
an easy sell the events with just you know scads of of black people who seem very happy about the president then there's kanye west who sang still loves the president he doesn't like his policies in some cases so i've got a feeling that the whole racist complaint wasn't getting traction they must test this stuff so minecraft so they must have figured out that the public was over it it was the biggest thing and then they just let it go moving on what about um they don't really talk about president trump destroying the economy do they where is that that used to be a big problem right trying the economy yeah don't have that anymore what about climate change now i realize that climate change they had and then had a whole seven hours of just climate
each topic with these these candidates but was conspicuously missing from the questions i think at some of the candidates mentioned and but it was never a part of the question i don't think the climate change works anymore as a as a topic why do you think it doesn't work as a topic anymore yeah and i didn't didn't mention the charlottesville hoax why do you think the show is full hoax and climate change stop being good targets for the democrats i don't know but i'll give you some speculation i think the racist thing wasn't working and i think that the that the find people hoax being consistently debunked by by people like me and others
steve cortez and joel pollak doing a lot of the heavy lifting on that i think that maybe we made that look like it wasn't valid anymore uh now about climate change i think the fact that there are at least two other three democrats running who are pro nuclear it makes the top not work anymore because if you start asking about it kinda raised the question of nuclear yeah this administration is pro nuclear so it kind of it kind of makes climate change look like not the wind topic because the best thing do about it is what the administration is already doing or trying to do which is promote nuclear as one of the many things that you do it's not the only thing i think the
the bill gates brain us special on netflix may have actually move the dial because you think about it how many people in the let's say the press are likely had to have seen a netflix special about bill gates and you know those big things is doing for africa and ash water and sanitation and and and nuclear all of the i mean that's the sort of special the you would expect in due time that and nearly a hundred percent of the people who work in the press would have seen so what happens when one hundred percent of the press gets form for the first time that there's some thing called generation four nuclear and that people as smart as bill gates some of the smartest people in the world say yeah we just we just need a place to do this we already know how to build it
we already know how to solve some of the problems in the world just let us build it just figure out how to get past the red tape so i think maybe the combination of of people like mark schneider and michael shellenberger and all of you and talking about nuclear and bill gates i think it's just making climate change look a little bit solved now not solved as in we already know how to do it but there seems to be so many approaches to handling it that it went from this big problem that we don't know what to do about it two oh ok i guess we sort of know what to do about it we kind of do and then there wasn't much about china so with all those democrats on stage
they mostly we're focused on the coup by hypnosis and the by hypnosis says that you just keep saying things about trump personally until people think it's must be true so how many people just said well he's obviously corrupt president trump how many times was he was the president called corrupt okay a lot right now give me the best example of that what is it what's the best example that would support the claim that he's corrupt was it a phone call that he did in front of witnesses that happened to be perfectly the top priority of his actual job description which is make sure there's no foreign interference or influence on the biden family because they are leading in the polls
top priority so i don't know it and to me the the s the slaughter meters at about a thousand percent right now i don't see i can't imagine the president losing to anybody who was on that stage and i don't see anybody else joining the fight let's go down some of the individual performers i thought warren looked weak and invasive obuda judge sort of nailed her down on health care and he totally that exchange because by pointing out that she didn't really she couldn't even speak her own plan well at her own plan was actually bernie's plan so first all it's not even her own plan and second of all she was unwilling obviously unwilling to judge really
brought that out she was unwilling to even talk honestly about her own plan which is actually bernie's plan i mean she she died one thousand i mean i thought that was a dagger i thought that she can't possibly win by having you know that being her signature i would say it's probably your signature policy and she not even willing to describe it in public that's that was a hard fail let's say booty judge stuck by him he was the closest thing to the adult in the room and it seemed to be that's the channel he's trying to carve out is the one who doesn't say crazy stuff so he was saying that for health claire healthcare since we already know the public will never go
or a solution where they lose their private health care that they like booty judges saying exactly what i said a few months ago when i did a white board thing which is what's wrong with keeping the private ones for people who want it making a public option short of the medicare for all or the meta care for the ones who want to sign up for it let's say uh as the most practical way to get to something like full average that's maybe hard maybe we can get there but it's a reasonable thing to say so booty judges carving out this this reasonable sound and he's carving now in guns and healthcare so on guns he looks a better and he says you're not going to go to people's homes and get all their guns the best we can do and this is best meaning if you're of this political asian not not my purse
opinion best but the you can do is to stop the sale of new ar's you know the new assault rifles as they would call them and i thought myself yeah that might be a good idea or it might be a bad idea but it's adult idea so buddha judge took the role of the adult by saying it's great that you love candy before dinner but you can't have candy before dinner right so it does that on both guns an healthcare i thought it was very effective so i'm seeing some people saying that there was no clear winner last night and there was nobody who stood out and i disagree i would say the buddha judge if that didn't move him into the top three and i doubt it moved in that much you should put him in a solid fourth
play as if he's not already there maybe is already there as the top three start to falter so uh so he says would pet will piecko scott scott thinks highly of him of course that's exactly what i'm doing when he agrees with me and i think you're smart that's how about that's how it works that's how it works for all of us so i think buddha judge had a great night i would be surprised if he doesn't at some point get into the top three and it depends which of the top three falters first i think let's talk about bernie once again impressed bernie looked healthy and vigorous do burning you're impressing the hell out of me with your your anura and your
i and i thought he had a good debate two now i don't think it matters and i don't think it matters that you're seeing in three of the four squad endorsed him that lets the other news because i think the hard problem and the fact that he's so completely on a actable in the general election i just i don't think bernie can get to the cross the finish line but performance was great health look great he hasn't had a good debate it won't be enough let's talk a buy biden is being a by both sides so even the liberal pundits are walking him for his word salad so whoever used the phrase first it might have been bred bear you said that at biden was talking in word salad now that's especially word salad about somebody who has a cognitive decline
old age now i don't know the brett baer was intentionally trying to that connection but in my brain is automatic if you hear the somebody of a certain age is talking word salad your brain automatically goes to cognitive decline and it looked like cognitive decline to me have you noticed that brought biden smile was upside down and he knows that here's what a smile should look like here's by the smile i know i can't even do it but he somehow looks like he's smiling while his smile is actually inverted i i i don't know how to do it like that somehow he makes it look like a smile wall he's frowning is the is the freakiest thing i don't know if that's because of all the
the face lift for what i don't know but biden still looks like they get off my lawn guy did you see do you that he looked at two angry for the situation especially when the there was a moment when in turn to warren and he got angry he was sort of gesturing and there were two camera angles on that open camera angle was straight on with a straight on angle you could tell that there was enough distance physical distance between biden and that would was gesturing toward her with his hand it was getting right in her face he was gesturing toward her but he wasn't really in personal space or anything but see then instantly changed from that point of that angle which was fairly innocent looking
two one in which it was over the shoulder of warren and she's looking a biden and from that camera angle you see by this hand coming right toward the camera which is toward and it looked like he was right in your face so that camera angle he look like a yelling old man getting in the face of a woman it looked it looked too much but if you saw that exact same camera angle from the front and you could notice the distance between then it doesn't look like that at all it just looks like he's making his point so beware of camera angles i would say that maybe cnn's choice of that camera angle could have been just a producers voice on the fly i'm not going to say that there was any intention in that but it certainly made him look bad he had no answer for the hunter biden thing that made him look like he's already given up his dentures were slipping
was fumbling his words he was rambling there is not the slightest chance he will the nomination there's isn't any chance now wondering how biden would get out of the race in a graceful way like what would he claim there was a health issue would he say maybe he would just fall in the in the polling and that would be enough is a feat if you were no longer polling a solid number one that his argument that he's the only one who could be trump well just doesn't have the same power so the the i think where it was going to happen as you saw the reporting about this fundraiser so biden has less than ten million dollars the other candidates are like twenty thirty million so there are three candidates just performing outperforming in fund raising i think that the answer to how biden gets out
i think biden will be starved of money and that's all it will take so in other words by didn't will not choose to leave the race and he might even be a leading in the polls when it happens which would be the weirdest thing you might run out of money at number one in the polls that actually happened it could easily happen because he's number one in the polls for name the among the general public who is not really even paying attention at the same time that the people who are attention and one win the general election no he's not the guy to do it so i think the funding since it's mostly big donor fund i think the funding will shrink to nothing and then biden will just have to quit he just won't have any money so i think the big donors are going to starve him out of the race
you think it looks like that's where it's at it right they're just going to start him out of the race all right uhm here's the other thing that biden said i was just shaking my head 'cause he does these old timy references that are sometimes don't make sense like the record player he mentioned last time and he said why should someone who's clipping coupons in the stock market blah blah blah something about tax rates it doesn't matter but you don't really clip coupons in the stock market that's not a thing if you have bonds there there's something called clipping coupons when it comes to bonds but there's
such thing is clipping coupons in the stock market that's not actually thing but he doesn't know now i have a guilty pleasure watching the biden campaign have problems and i i probably should leave it in the mail much i enjoy this but prior to biden running cnn had an analyst who was one of their most frequent guests simone sanders who is now i think the senior adviser for the biden campaign so she's either the top or among the top of his advisors and i was watching her be interviewed after biden's performance oh my god it's fun what she is in such pain because is watching her candidate just die right in front of us i mean literally just lying on the floor decomposing
is on television trying to trying to put up appearances that maybe everything's fine and watching him decompose wall she's trying to defend him and you can see in her face that she wishes she were doing anything else in the world now i may be reading too much into it i'm not a mind reader but she looks like she's really uncomfortable support the guy who can't put two sentences together it must be a terrible place to be because you can't really leave you know that would be bad for him but you can't win so i confess to a guilty pleasure she was my least favorite pundit on cnn and the angry one who just thought that president trump was the
devil and anything you did was bad right um why is it that we care of russia has more influence in syria alright let me talk about some of the other candidates just rounded up i thought yang was interesting got a lot of attention but i just don't think he's not he's not going to catch on with the general voters so i don't think that mattered i thought toll cd gabbard has her fans and if we're being honest a lot of her fans just sort of in love with her i mean i think that's a real thing tulsi gabbard has male fans just sort of want to see more tulsi gabbard i'm not i'm not i'm not promoting that and i'm
giving you my own opinions on the situation i'm just stating as a fact that i hear from a lot of men including republicans who say wouldn't mind seeing some or tulsi gabbert on my tv screen though i don't think she's going to win but it's interesting that she has almost uh like falling of the people i think were in love so it's the stock players so you my biggest complaints about here is is performance where does she laughed at her own jokes and she had unpresidential body language did you notice that during the campaign she did not laugh at her own jokes and there was a moment where she smiled like like she could have left but she she kept it down
and her body language is pretty good i thought she fixed her body language she fixed her presidential let's say a man resumes i she didn't laugh at our own jokes now what i've been tell use from from the beginning that was different about kamel harris is that as big as her flaws have been there the easiest ones to fix how hard is it to fix your body language you just watched her do it you just watched her do it she faxed it now i don't know
to be able to do it consistently but in the context of the debate she fixed it how hard is it for her to remember not to laugh too hard at her own jokes not hard right that's not hard she did it last night now i don't know if there was really a trigger for laughing at her own joke but i thought she had enough of a trigger looks like she had learned to hold back now let's talk about her main topic she got attention for saying that the president should be kicked off of twitter my first my first impression was all god going you know you don't run for president arguing against freedom of speech i couldn't think of a worse way to run for president i think freedom of speech is overrated maybe my political
i should not have freedom of speech and i'm thinking that might be the worst attack anybody ever thought of and then i watched i get a lot of attention as the second time she's done it 'cause she did on line and then she brought it to the debate i thought she is actually getting a tent from the and then i thought i wonder if this could work i don't feel like it's a good idea yeah my first impression but then she got attention and why do i always say half of persuasion is just getting attention and i think she was four through fifth in how much time she got to talk you saw push elizabeth warren on the question of whether that would join her in asking for trump to be banned from twitter
elizabeth warren simply was avoiding the question which allowed to to sort of press her and make her look weak 'cause she wasn't answering the question no could be the both of them lost in that exchange karl malone may have lost because the the issue is so weak and there's literally probably there's nobody in the country who thinks the president should lose freedom of speech there may be nobody might literally be nobody in the world who thinks a president should lose the ability to use a major communication platform i just don't think that's the thing but elizabeth warren looked as well so i think they made each other look weak that said if kamala harris can figure out how to have some policies that people care about is she may have fixed her previous problems the laugh in the body language the big deals that don't seem like big deals but they really are
so i'm not going to change my prediction uh some of me about her little catch phrase dudes gotta go so that's the second time she's use that in public dudes gotta go i think everyone of us who heard it or almost said some form of a list of presidential let's let's just let's just not presidential it and we of course we watch president trump do non presidential things all the time but he seems to do them in a way that makes you laugh where you can tell what he's up to were there some hyperbole involved or something or is just punching back you know as he does so somehow it's it just feels different when the president when president trump and
x amount of presidential he makes it work when kamala did it because that's not her brand her brand is not i can do anything and be non presidential if i feel like it it is more prosecutors straitlaced on the center so when she uses that phrase it feels little not genuine to us i think that's you're feeling it's like and feel but what are we talking about it made news right the main news so both times she said dudes gotta go she got attention for it and if there's one thing you can learn from me is that never underestimate getting attention it's not nothing so it's not enough but it's not nothing alright next question
on syria why do we care that russia has more influence in syria i would care if assad were in charge in syria i don't know that he is right doesn't seem like i'm just sort of own syria is military is the dominant military if you have the dominant military you're sort of in control if you're not the one doing the garbage pickup and stuff you're sort of in control here's the thing are we worse off with united or even the middle east worse off because russia has more control over syria are we worse off doesn't feel like it to maine does russia want the syrian army to use chemical weapons again
probably not probably not 'cause that can't be good for russia does russia want us syria to get a nuclear weapon of their own probably not probably not to syria want isis to get a foothold in syria probably not probably not so and then does does russia want iran to have a greater role more power in the middle east well their allies ishe sort of sometimes but probably not so if you if you look at the you know the you and i did states objectives and russian objectives you can say oh they're all these places where our objectives conflict but in the middle east and in syria do they conflict do is there anything we want out of that area
that is incompatible with what russia wants there might be i mean i'm speaking out of anger because there might be something we care about i i've heard it said that russia's big players but a pipeline warm water ports and all that and access to you know through this to which i say do we care do we care if russia has a good pipeline do we care if russia has a reliable warm weather report really i mean do we care i just don't know that we care so do we care if russia or turkey is controlling the safe zones on the border with turkey i really don't care so i think we do care a lot that russia doesn't invade turkey is then it activates nato
we don't want that but does it look like russia is going to invade turkey now this last thing they'd so the idea that russia has more influence in that area uh it looks to me like their their interests are pretty compatible with ours and at the same time it's going the there expenses not ours the best situation is to have somebody else pay the tab and do the same things that you would have done destroy isis this keeps the rear from getting a nuclear weapon it looks like it's all the same stuff but maybe i just have a gap in my knowledge there all right in the debate cnn asked directly and then they can
that at about age and health if cnn along with the new york times who cohosted if there focusing because remember they didn't ask anything about climate change i don't know if they ask i think about china i don't remember maybe they did but and then gets to influence how the public is thinking by what questions they ask and why the questions was about age what does that tell you what it tells me is cnn is not too excited about the three leading candidates because they're all too old 'cause i don't think they would ask the question unless they thought that it mattered and that their own team would be better off wrestling with the question so it seems to me that they were there they were
painting a little laser target on the top three candidates because they're the older ones so what happens if the top three go away who's left if the top three fail what do you got got your booty judge you got your calmly paris uhm you got your clover char but she doesn't seem to be catching on there's something about global char that just i don't know it's not connecting these people even though i would say objectively she's the other adult in the room with pete buddha judge who did you now let me ask you this if you had a choice let's say your the democrat you're a kingmaker on the democrat side so your big money person your big let's see
you're closely or you're somebody wants the democrats to win and you're given this choice you only have two choices hypothetically and your choices are kamel harris or put a and you can have one of them as your candidate which to you back don't don't tell me about vice presidents 'cause nobody votes for vice president which of those two if you're a democrat which of those two do you say is the better choice but a judge or kamel harris go in the comments tell me stop saying tell say we're not going to talk about her all right let let me just say i don't have any interest in tulsi gabbard because she doesn't have a chance of winning and this is not just no point in talking about her ok so just forget about commenting about her for awhile so i'm looking at your comments i'm seeing pete kamala pete kamala harris pete harris
neither stay home pete pete peach too young uh something homophobic a mayor pete hard pass comma kamala somebody says harris you persuaded maine harris harris harris harris harris girls booty judge so it's pretty split so i'm looking at your answers and from most of you are probably trump supporters and republic so you're not really the voice of the democrats you'd be guessing what they would want it looks like it's pretty split between harris and booty judge
all right let me let me give you this you're ready for it camila harris for president pete burns judge for vice president huh think about it the judge for president we might not be ready for and when i say we i don't mean to me i would love a gay president honestly it would be it would make happy everyday if i woke up with a gay president i honestly it would just make my day better 'cause i'd be thinking i can't wait till he meets with saudi arabia can't you know i can't wait till he you meets with foreign leaders just to see what happens what do they do
what what is saudi arabia do with our gay present so i would love a gay person i'm the most pro gay guy you'll ever meet pro lgbt q in general but just in the same way that i thought that it was good for the country to elect obama just to get us over the hump you know just to say this is who we are you know you can be anybody in this country if you have the qualities will elect your president so i think obama's election was way bigger than just the administration that he
presided over way more than whatever the performance was was just historically it was important and we had to we had to get to that point i'm glad we did same thing with people to judge i love to get to the point where we have a gay president if not him some day i'll be i'll be on track for that but are we ready in twenty twenty are we ready for a gay president because we're still largely homophobic country right there's there's way too much of it and especially if the question is leadership 'cause the people who are most homophobic are probably also going to have the biases like well is that the brand we want to lead with will other countries take us seriously and other homophobic thoughts i don't think any of them really matter so i think people to judge would be a great president
if the public elected him he would do a great job i don't think any of that would be a negative and it would be great to crack those feelings and finally just get past that but i think the public doesn't believe were quite ready now let me ask you this suppose you seasoned mayor pete is four or eight years as vice president after being seasoned he's older experienced in the executive branch of the government because right now it's a matter and we have eight more years to just move grow as a as a society is he ready then yeah yeah the judge plus four years or plus eight years
is a whole different people to judge remember his just practicing right now he's really young and he's already gotten a whole lot better on the campaign trail is getting better he's got some serious game and he would have a whole lot of rich backers some of them will be gay which helps you know it's good to have a look at them into cs stick bass less money so here's what i'm suggesting the strongest package for the democrats which they might come to believe on the rhone is it the top three in the polls warren biden and bernie or too old and too extreme once you've gotten rid of them and i think that the people with money and influence will work on doing that should they be successful in getting the top three into the mix oh
kamala harris booty judge team wouldn't look bad that would not look bad if you were trying to attract women people of color lgbtq can you beat that seriously could you beat harris and put judge as just a a package that describes the democratic party in the way that the democrats say oh yeah that is us that you know that combination gets everything like we've got we've got some straights and gays and males and females compute personal colors and white all and they're young enough so i don't think i've convinced you that my prediction of kamala harris as the nominee i don't think she'll win against trump
but as the nominee doesn't sound so bad now doesn't sound so bad does it you got pretty quiet when i said that didn't you because it's first time you could imagine somebody who would be competitive with trump harris plus buddha judge would be pretty compact compared to the others would be non competitive rental fee all right that's about all i got for now i would like to remind you that my book lou i think which is already screaming up the best of the best seller churches number one in its category and it's not even on sale yet let's just pre orders category being business and political humor and also most most anticipated i think number one on amazon so yesterday i did some some personal sightings of my book if you're wondering how i did it i
just add people call me on my app let's see if you see this i you can see it but on my white board i had a drawing and i just add people's name to it and let them take a screenshot there a they were using the interface by when how app contact me personally and i would just their name on the whiteboard and hold up my a phone and they would have three of me with their autograph and they can just print that out and stick it in a book now here's why this is you could get my autograph for the book without actually having it on the book and then you can read the book keep the autograph and give the book as a gift best of everything i think of it all alright thank you for
hurting all of you who preordered that makes a big difference and i appreciate that the most because the pre orders are what give it its buzz when it starts and what does it has when it starts tends to be very protective of how it's going to do you just said the vice presidents don't matter nobody votes for the vice president but as a package it gives people a reason to show up and what's different about booty judge as a vice president candidate is that i think people would understand that he needs to get a seasoned in that kind of a job he's the only thing that peed is lacking is seasoning and i feel like everybody sees that so you season him you get you get him as an
central president later this is strong play and so we had to and if i were to move all right that's all for now i'll talk to you later
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