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Episode 697 Scott Adams: The Hypnosis Coup Gains an Admiral, Kurds in the Way, Doral G-7 Summit

2019-10-18 | 🔗

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  • All Middle East ceasefires guarantee certain “news” stores…
    • A hospital was bombed
    • Chemical weapons were used by the bad guys
    • Dead children and innocent civilians
  • Admiral McRaven’s NYT op-ed supports hypnosis coup efforts
  • Mulvaney’s point about the Ukraine accusations
  • Kamala Harris campaign accidentally did something right…
    • …They quickly corrected the mistake
  • Trump’s Doral Resort selected for next G-7 summit
    • “Setting the table” and the home field advantage
  • President Trump’s letter to Turkey’s President Erdogan
    • Was the letter an effective threat?
  • What’s the internal thought process of Twitter’s sadistic trolls?

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a double blind hey james bond in here you're right on time if not early ann you could see a dale tyler what a treat we're all together here for yet another coffee with scott adams the best part of your day and what's the best part of the best part i think you know is simultaneous simultaneously it goes like this all you need is a couple of monger glasses lifter istein chalice tanker thermas flash canteen grail goblet vessel of any kind of salad with your favorite liquid i like coffee join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dope
it is the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous up so i just saw your survey online to said that the percent each of men and women who are not having any kind of sex in the past year has doubled in the past ten years so used to be somewhere in the ten percent range of people were not having any sex past year and now for men it's twenty eight percent twenty percent of men haven't had sex in the past year an eighteen percent of women how do you explain that so don't we have a more promiscuous society than ever
we do right seems like we have a more promiscuous society than we've ever had and yet the number of men and women having sex as plunged twenty eight percent of men did not have sex on the past year how to explain that eazy i predicted it many years ago it's easy to predict i was like this the quality of pornography started with well i hope i could find a dirty magazine somewhere and then it went to vhs tape still a little hard to get and then it went to digital online available in infinite quantities for free and you can find exactly what you want you don't have to find approximately what you want because you can find exactly what you want so the
quality of the alternative which is pictures online as going from well this is pretty good as a change of pace to i think this is better than people 'cause think about it the average person cannot attract eh superstar model male or female partner most people can attract somebody who looks sort of like they look and so you would expect that a large number of people would find that the quality the alternative is just better and i think automation has largely replaced human beings for at least through the population literally there's no hyperbole there at all automation in the form of online pornography has
replaced human interaction for twenty eight percent of men and i don't think part of the story is that that they less happy i think that the story doesn't include are they more happier they less happy i don't know they don't say i think that because there's some amount of human contact is necessary for mental health that they're less happy but maybe they don't know it all right let's talk about something else let's talk about that turkey ceasefire that's not really a cease fire so according to the united states there's this slayer between turkey and the kurds according to the kurds there's no cease fire there's just a pause what's the difference between pausing firing people and ceasing
firing at people well i guess the ceasing maybe you seems like it's less temporary than the pausing is there anything i don't know what's the difference i have no idea what the differences here are some things you should know when you have a cease fire or a pause what are the things you can guarantee the news will serve up i ready in that in that area of the world the first thing you can guarantee is that one side will claim the other side bombed a hospital is any chance that you're how to hear that story one one hundred percent chance that if there's a c fire in the middle east
who it is somebody is going to say the other side bombed a hospital now in and of course that's exactly what is being claimed right now that the that the turks bombed a hospital during the siege liar now there's not a report that there's a ton of bombing going on so the report is not that there is widespread bombing you other bob and all over the place but rather there's a report of a specific big bombing now what are the odds that the turks decided to do a ceasefire but also bob just a hospital we're not going to bomb much will just bama hospital does that seem likely seriously of all the things that they could bomb they're not bombing everything they had apparently chose their targets very carefully 'cause it wasn't
much cheating it was just a little bit of cheating and that little bit of cheating they decided to bomb a hospital no so you always expect the fake hospital bombing story every time and sure enough right on schedule i'm looking for it's like ok where's the fake hospital bombings are there it is fake hospital bombing story right on schedule what's the other big story that you know is going to come oh it's already here the fake story that the turkey is using chemical weapons are they using chemical weapons could be could be yeah i think white phosphorus
with the big missions it's entirely possible that the turks are using some illegal chemical weapons but here's the context what were the odds that whether or not anybody used any chemical weapons what are the odds that you would hear report within twenty four hours of the ceasefire there's somebody had to use chemical weapons one hundred percent there a one hundred percent chance that somebody will claim the other side use chemical weapons and so i pick up my my new source my ipad and i say hello spend few hours since the ceasefire where's the report of the god there it is chemical weapons hospital report chemic weapons right on schedule now i'm not saying those things didn't happen i'm not going to say a hospital wasn't bombed and
going to tell you that nobody used chemical weapons i will tell you that there's a one hundred percent chance that both of those things would be reported past twenty four hours whether they happened or not so you determine if a hospital had been bombed or if somebody had used chemical weapons you cannot you cannot there is zero useful information coming out of the area we can't rule it out you just don't have any information do you think that we really have some kind of an agreement meaning do you mike pence has some like an actual agreement with the turks and the kurds and whoever else there's not a chance there's not a chance that there's an agreement there's no chance
and what you should expect is that everybody involved will start telling different stories about who agreed to what you who said what who is going to do and then everybody will wait a few days and go back to doing whatever they wanted to do anyway so you know maybe it gives the curves a little time too you know build some defenses or something but i don't think turkey is going to have a cease fire that lasts do you somebody says isn't the proof in the video so yeah that's funny with little winky face yeah you can't trust the videos you the picture of the mother with her alleged child in her hands
now i'm not saying it's a fake video i'm just saying that child look alive to maine so you should always expect the fake fake dead children to video the fake hospital got bombed in the fake chemical attack story those three are guaranteed as soon as the bullets start flying and they're all there all right um admiral craven's who i mistakenly call general the graven in the tweet add room the grave in a row to the at wrote an op ed in the new york times in which he was saying that the president should be removed or should leave office sooner than later but doesn't mention impeachment per se he doesn't mention an election per se and he an admiral
what does it mean when an admiral writes an op ed this says that the president united states needs leave sooner or later without men well that's a pretty dangerous autism now do you think that the military is getting ready for a to well i think not because there's just no way it would work out but does it help the hypnosis coo coo that will have no weapons but rather people will be brainwashed into thinking oh yeah we have to replace this president does it help to have an admiral retired admiral come out on the side of the hypnosis co of course it does so part of the brainwashing that's brainwashing at least half of the country into thinking that the president needs to changed in a non election way
is really helped by this admiral now there's some bad news here i don't know if you read in the lines there's really some bad news with this admiral will even coming out against the president em really that's just the symptom the real problem is what are the odds now now that we've now that we've stopped supporting the kurds how are the kurds ever going to support us against anti when when the civil war happens and we need the courage to come over and fight with us to do defend against antifa are they going to do it i don't think so i think
the curves are going to say hey you didn't help us against isis we're not going to help you against antifa good luck with that america main so yes there are there's a lot we're losing here according to admiral mcraven i this president has damaged our standing with other leaders and our credibility so so that how could we depend on them in the future for exam so let's say we got into a big war do you think we could you know depend on greece coming to our rescue now greece would look at the situation as say will look what they did to the kurds we're not coming to help them militarily how are we going to win a war without the without the greeks i don't see how what
if what if let's say russia sends a nuclear weapon our way in and starts a nuclear war we're not going to have curves on their side so how are we going to defend again play thermonuclear war with russia if we have no curves no courage at all like not even one curve is going to help us what are we going to do well i would say we're in pretty bad shape in that case zero admiral mcraven is got a good point here who is ever going to help the united states oh who is going to help us because before this before this you can see the other countries were they were forming a line to
give us money and military aid and my god other countries wanted to help the united states so much that we almost couldn't handle all the help they were giving us but now that this current situation is happening there's no line no nobody is offering this free money nobody is offering to help us in any way it's so different than it was two weeks ago very different so here's a question that i asked for all the nervous nancy's such as admiral mcraven who were sure that america is grievously reavis lee wounded by the actions of this this impulse the president with his lack of strategy and all that what would be an example of that
even even even the speculative example i would guess that we don't have any examples of things that have already happened it's more of us speculative imagine very future problem but could somebody described it for me for example what would we want to do in the future that we can do because of the current situation i don't really see an example alright so what's going to happen with that occurred safe space i would say that we have literally no information i got plug in my then i hope i didn't lose you there so we have basically no information about what's happening with this curd safe space we don't know how that's going to turn out i wouldn't believe anything you're hearing out of the area we've heard nothing about
casualties what's the thing we keep hearing is that the turks are slaughtering the kurds that's what we keep hearing right the turks are slaughtering the kurds have we seen any reporting even one dead card i mean i hope there are none but is there even one do we have any credible that even one third has been killed so far i mean obviously the risk is extreme but we don't know anything right we don't know anything about what's happening over there
trump called it tough love and and is claiming credit for solving this situation yeah he's not far off and i i realize that you know when things are this polarized that when i say things like well he's he's not far off then everybody retreats to their safe space and says oscott pressel reasoning stop your personal reasoning you will agree with the president no matter what he does no matter what he does no i disagree with the president all the time i i can give you six examples of policies i don't think are working quite right this just as happen to be one of because you doing exactly what he promised he's getting exactly the kind of pushback you'd want at
fact you kind of want and expect the military to be uncomfortable with this decision right that's our best our best case scenario is that the military says we're not done we don't want to leave our allies ill let us finish the job that's exactly what you want the military but you also sometimes what the the non military leadership to say i know you want to fight but we're going to bring you home so we have kind of the ideal situation little bit of tension between the military and wants to fight perfect that's exact the military want they want to fight the civilian president who says i'm not going to let you get killed over this objective that's spur
right it's right where you want to be all right i'm i don't see any situation in which the united states could have agreed to permanently protect the kurds and we're going to start to see more reporting like that here's my prediction that no matter what this ceasefire or pause turns into and my my assumption is that the ceasefire will fail and that it will fail hard i don't trust turkey and i expect that turkey will just you know wait a few days or just moving more troops in so they didn't care if they waited a few days anyway probably they're just getting ready to do a big push and probably turkey doesn't plan to honor any agreement because our national security is at risk if there if the roles were reversed would the united states make promises and then just do whatever it needed to do to keep
this country safe yeah we would we would if if you change roles and you made us turkey we would miss everything we had to promise and we do whatever we needed to do ultimately you need to do whatever you need to do and turkey has a legitimate security concern you might not agree with it but it's legitimate they they have attacking them who were in this population then they can't have them on the border without having some military cap on it so enough about that
yes that's enough about that so mulvaney did a little press thing and he got he got attacked for his performance but i watched it and i thought it was quite good i thought mulvaney well should be doing more of these actually now the point of contention is that he said that it's normal business and you should get over it talking about any president negotiating any kind of quid pro crow quote with another country that's exactly the right answer exactly the right answer is yes that's exactly what he did he win build some money until he got some yet he knew new so i'm not so
response of this from ukraine about looking into some corruption and the corruption included some biden stuff some ground strike stuff so motivated just as yeah we do that all the time this was normal business to which i say exactly right that is exactly the right answer every time you say yes we did it and that's normal that's the strongest attack the weakest attack is we didn't do it or it's not what you think or it's not real the quid pro quo or they didn't see that way or just don't that say exactly what you did yes checking on checking on corruption and you before we give them a massive amount of money is important not only for the money we're sending but to make we're getting what we want we don't send the money for nothing we're not sending the money the whole
to sell the money is quid pro quo right is there any reason we send the money other than we think it will make them flex when dealing with us mostly i mean we could say it's too i don't defend against russia or something recently we send people foreign aid because we think that'll make them flexible with us quid pro quo so i love mulvaney just going right at it just looking at people and say yeah just get over it that's what we do we did it before we do it all the time we're going to do it in the future you don't want us to stop doing it stop talking about it it's nothing i love that answer the kamala harris campaign accident accidentally did something right but then they quickly reversed it
so they continue to be the worst campaign i've ever seen i mean they're actually humorously bad so what happened was you all remember the famous photo of nancy pelow see at the meeting recently about you oh yeah about ukraine now the meeting about syria and nancy is standing up and pointing out the president and you know some room full of older white men so it makes the even more interesting 'cause the contrast well kamala harris is team humorously replaced president trump where the picture of kamala now sitting buzz handing them you know posing with their arms crossed and the and the caption was you know it's time for an upgrade so they're showing kamilla replacing president trump in that room situation with you no time for an upgrade now currently that was deleted i guess was the campaign manager or somebody put that meme up there
but deleted it because people were changing the photo photo shopping it turning turning it into anti kamala stuff here's what i say it was the best thing that campaign is done so far not because it was necessarily that funny it was funny enough i mean it you know i enjoyed doing it it gave me a little charge of it's pretty funny i like what they did there it wasn't the easiest thing in the world but it was funny it was funny enough so that level as just a meme pretty good but here's the great part about it the great part about it is it allowed you to imagine her as president and working the job and that's one of the biggest persuasion objectives is you first have to be able to imagine
any of these candidates in the job this is what i wrote about and talked about extensively when president trump was candidate trump and he was running for office and you couldn't imagine this you know orange you know force of nature becoming a pro you literally couldn't put it in your brain a trump in the in the white house of my dream and then he did saturday night live and he green green left because of course the candidate has to approve whatever skit that they appear in so he approves get in which she should he showed himself as the president working in the oval office doing the job of the president though there were jokes but we don't remember any of the jokes
we remember the visual now what is the president or candidate trump looking like he was already in the job it was great persuasion what did hillary clinton do she also went on saturday night live and she and she accepted a skit in which she played somebody at a bar drinking too much she she actually approved an image of herself dre trump approved an image of himself as the working president those are not equal one of them did it right one of them did it is wrong as you could possibly do it uh come loose team accidentally apparently did exactly the right thing they allowed us to imagine her working the job and because of the gender things
founded by all these unhappy looking man it was just a powerful medium and and the fact that their campaign deleted it because i guess there were some fun responses that was also a mistake well that was a mistake the mistake was deleting it because the more attention the original picture got even if the subsequent ones were more insulting the better it is for gobbler the better it is so that happened all one of my favorite stories of the week is that trump has decided to select his own door al golf course as a site for the g7 so just when we're talking about hunter biden and conflict install this from a list of out of ten places quinces
out of all those ten places the very best place was trump's own resort i love this story here's why i love it what the president does better than anything in the world is control your attention it's not an accident that he puts us out here just want everybody's complaining about ukraine and everybody's complaining about syria it gives you a new thing to complain about but do you notice how less important it is there on the on the scale of things you should care about where where is your level of caring that he chose his own golf resort golf course i guess resort he chose his own golf course uh which they plan to do at cost so it's going to be a price that cost them they say how important is it they
his own golf course in the world events it's the least important thing that happened in the entire world there's there's nothing less important than that and if it makes everybody talk about that even as a criticism they're talking about the least the thing that they could possibly be talking about do you think anybody to think anybody's going to vote for it or not all forum because he chose the route as the location the whole company cares only cares about that i mean something to talk about nobody cares especially if you prices of a cost or anything close to cost now here's my second part of that take was there a better place to have the g seven because that's really the question right if if there had been a better place than i would say a loon there was a better place so
this is looking a little sketchy but was there a better place now it turns out that the facility apparently is is well suited for it but don't you think that out of that list of ten places is a reasonable to assume that at least one other place was also suitable so there had to be at least one other place that was him as suitable as that so i don't think you can say it was the best physical place you know bar none maybe it was i mean it's possible but there probably was something close here's why it was the best idea ever what's the point of the g seven what's the point of it why do we have it's so leaders can me
i'm socially is that why do we have a g7 so people can get together and have a few drinks and shake hands and go home it's a functional needing it is a functional meeting in which negotiating and suasion and and even your personal relationships are the top ticket you're trying to negotiate to persuade make connections what's the best place in the world for president trump to negotiate persuade and influence people you know to be al and stuff his own house now i say his house meaning his property this president understands that before you walk into the room to negotiate you have you heard me say this before set the table that's right
he uses the phrase all the time it's you talk about it in the art of the deal you always set the table you create a situation so that before you negotiate you've already put variables in your favor what is better than waking up in your own property and walk thing i don't know i mean i assume you will probably stay at his own property right he'll be comfortable it will be familiar he will have everything he wants you will no jet lag and he'll just get up feeling fresh and like a daisy now what will the other leaders feel when they only talking to president of the united states but they're doing it at his luxury resort which i understand is impressive another word the leaders are going to look around and say now only to see the president of the united states but
everything here is think about that the whole point of the g7 is to influence these other leaders the home field advantage he gave it to himself anybody who says this isn't the right decision doesn't really understand how things work now i get the people saying hey it's a bad look 'cause it's going to look like it was yeah you just did it for yourself it maybe you did i'm not i'm not a mind reader maybe he did it primarily to bring attention to his resort maybe he did it's still the best decision for the country because you want your president to wake up in one of his own beds feeling good i'm feeling familiar having everything he wants with no question you know the food he wants the type of
service environment he wants everything he wants you want him walking waking up into that wall all the people he has to influence are also waking up to it waking up to his place it's amazingly smart why am i the first person to say that let me ask you have you heard anybody say what i just said the purpose is negotiating you always said the table the president just set the table better than you've ever seen is that you i've never seen anybody said a table that well you've never seen it is complete outside of our experience how smart that is so it's just an invisible i think if you'd seen this happen even once before i'd say all yeah that's what eisenhower know eisenhower
you say yeah yeah nixon to the same thing as smart yet have your home territory did did that sort of it say that is funny somebody say in the comments that mike surveyed said the same thing and just before i read that comment i was going to say i was i to get a mention him and say you probably said the same thing even though i didn't see it 'cause he you would have noticed the same thing all right there's news that china's gdp is slowing to a near a thirty year low because of tariffs thursday is down to six percent gdp now of course of the united states ever got up to six percent we think it was the best thing in the world but all the smart people say china lies about his gdp it's probably flattered egg
so can you win a trade war remember everybody said you can't win the trade war and the president said a fact of life sure i can watch this they need us more than we need them watch this is he not right it can we not say at this point that china's economy is suffering and ours apparently is not bring it all you're the farmers are suffering and i think maybe more could be done there to move some tariffs in their directions so that they can get some benefits but it looks like it looks like the president called it right there let us more than we needed them now i do not predict that will ever have a comprehensive trade deal with china
because i don't think they want a fair deal and we wouldn't sign an unfair deal so i just don't think it'll ever happen i think they're a condom we will continue to suffer forever and ours ours will probably just keep getting better all right so we're hearing reports about to president do one and how he reacted to trump's let's say way too casual letter which was also a little bit threatening so you all read the letter by now is friendly letter to turkish president in which he basically said hey let's be friends but if if you don't want to be friends i will crash your economy i did it before so don't be a fool playing
and the report is that early one read that letter and throw it in the trash and then there's another report about he's somehow threatened that will pay for this insult know he'll get us back for the insult here's what you should here's how you should respond to that letter or how you should respond to those reports nobody knows what you're to one did when he read the letter do you think we really had somebody in the room or somebody who accurately reported that aired one
read the letter and crumpled it up and throw it in the trash i mean maybe maybe as possible but there's no such thing as an accurate report about what happened in the room in turkey this is stupid report i mean it's possible but nobody knows that that's not a kredible report you should not take that as meaning anything likewise what ever heard one is thinking about the letter we assume he didn't like it but was it letter that was written with the hope that the recipient would like the letter it was not is was written with the intention of threatening him in public the letter was written as a threat should we expect erred want to like being threatened no
should we expect that he would like being essentially insulted by the letter no no we should not expect him to like that but he is a nato ally and he probably need to work with us and we probably need to work with turkey so doesn't make any difference probably not probably not makes no difference so i got a question i noticed that most if not all of my critics on twitter and i don't know if this is any different than it's ever been but they're almost one hundred percent going after me personally now so they don't even so i'll say something about politics or i'll make some point about something that's happening in the news an no longer do people disagree with the point
they just send tweets to say i'm incredibly stupid on the delivery guy and since i'm such a loser because i make a bad cartoon nobody listen to me and i think to myself wow what is the internal processes going on now some of them are just paid trolls they're just there to cause trouble but the people or like real people they wake up in the morning and i was looking at one of them one of the trolls they came after me and i also look at the profiles of the trolls just to have a sense of who they are and why they're saying what they're saying is profiles of something like you know dad deal husband basically use just like this nice guy but i guess on twenty
sure and he becomes a sadist like an actual say this by saying this i mean he did something to hurt a stranger for no particular gain that is obvious other than the pleasure of hurting somebody and i think to myself that's very revealing that somebody would wake up and say huh i have a free pass 'cause twitter is sort of wild west i will go to a stranger and i'll say something deeply insulting in hopes that the stranger reads and and i think to myself what is their internal process for that you don't lose some of them are just political so maybe they're trying to scare people off a twitter or whatever but i don't think most of them i think most of them actual
i get pleasure add of sadism of the of the ability to her somebody at a distance without any risk of being hurt back and i think maybe two attorneys to add another button yes sir right now you can re tweet in you can lie things and i guess you can report a troll but what if somebody's not exactly a troll in the sense but they're not you know a paid troll robot or something it is a real person but they're also say this should we have a button to mark say this so that eventually they only can get to see each other in other words i should be able to a mark that guy not as a troll because i'm not asking that he
we removed from twitter at all it's free speech he said something i don't like that's not a reason to be kicked off a twitter but i'd like to mark him and say oh here's somebody who finds pleasure from hurting strangers why can't i make that part of his permanent record just say oh this guy says he's like a dad in the softball coach or whatever seems like a nice guy here's a perfect example is public here's here's a person who likes hurting people for fun yes somebody saying tom arnold yes people are complicated so tom arnold might like it for the attention and you know there are there are other things going on i'm talking about the anonymous person who only gets out of it the pleasure hurting a stranger or the hope that they heard you 'cause they said something you won't like uh there should be some way to mark say this now
course you don't want people illegitimately marked because then every i would say it's got your the same this time rq's latest song should be some way you can check for yourself something like that i don't know maybe there's no system that would work for that but i don't think say this should be allowed to mingle with non scientists it's one thing to disagree but it's another thing to just insults somebody for the fun of insulting you should be marked as a scientist no i didn't some of you know that i quite often insult the lan line using a million times if you follow my twitter account but i
almost always limited to these two categories it's either somebody was major politician so that's a different category or somebody who started it you know if somebody starts at first as a free slap i always take a phrase slap as part of the entertainment i do a first i do it because other people read it so when i when i respond to people i'm trying to be clever enough that other people will enjoy reading it so that's usually what i'm going for but yeah i i don't go to somebody's twitter feed just to give them an insult this or a random person all right enough about that i think we've the in all the big points
give us a break get over it what's that mean that's all the left has is that homonyms yeah have you noticed that the complaints against the president have turned entirely imaginary now all of the complaints about the president our well things are going well what if somebody sees his personality and then acts on the way in the future that we can't quite protect but might be best cross in some unspecified way that's it there might be some unspecified way that we can't define the something bad might happen to us in the future we don't know what that is could be bad meanwhile economies plugging along alright let me mention again that if you not already purchased my amazing book loser think
you will be way behind because on november fifth when it comes out you can pre order it now everywhere that you can pre order amazon dot com etc and once it comes out to people are going to be using that word loser think a lot and you don't want to be left behind so make sure you get your copy it's going to be very useful for you too debate with people online i did some book signings for this i might do some more ball i'll tweet about that if i do and well thank you for your nice words and that's all for now talk to you later
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