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Episode 698 Scott Adams: Russian Asset Tulsi Gabbard, “GET OVER IT” Shirts, Hunter Gatherer, Syria Delusions

2019-10-19 | 🔗

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  • President Trump is suing CNN for fake news
  • Mick Mulvaney’s press conference was genius
    • All talks between world leaders are quid pro quo
  • The persuasion value of “Get Over It” tee shirts
  • The persuasion value of holding the G-7 at Doral
  • Elizabeth Warren’s plan to fundamentally change our system
  • How did Gregg Jarrett guess the title of Tiger Woods new book?
  • Hillary says Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset
    • An embarrassing day for Don Lemon
  • Tulsi’s persuasion phrasing: ”personification of the rot”
  • Huffington Post struggles financially
  • Ivanka Trump’s Chinese trademarks
    • The strategy behind Chinese trademarks
  • Mexican police outgunned in shootout with cartel paramilitary
  • Funnier than usual FOX News headlines
  • Who’s lying to America about the cost of universal healthcare?

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a bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump open about bump bump bump on everybody while in here i didn't notice your ear tell just now hulu of every twenty twenty sure roller can scan asea grab it it is time for a coffee was gonna best part your day and if you want to really maximize it really enjoy the moment time to come together in a little thing that i think brings the left and the right together brings the the people from all over together that's the one fighting thing that happens in the world and is called the simultaneous up how
who participate you ask simple simple you dont need much all you need is a copper among your glasses snifters time cellist ankara thermos last canteen grail goblet vessel any kind shall it with your favorite liquid i'm partial to coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine end of the day the best parts that makes everything better the simultaneous up go ah could possibly be any better than this whole thing so i don't think so well well once again we are blessed thank you president tromp for all you have done for us to entertain us thank you once again for your birthday
yes harvest of news that is not just enjoyable but there i say delicious yes the news is delicious let us enjoy some news number one the trump administration is suing cnn for after all fake news or somethin this is probably one of the funniest things i ve ever done so cnn for five years now i guess they're using the project very us inciter hidden camera reports assorted led the trigger for this so now there's a visual now did project very task tell us anything than a hundred per cent the didn't already now while not really but putting it in a visual sense input in the
putting it in pictures having national face to go with it what the insiders sat with her own words as different is than just knowing it so took it to another level and the brother the president apparently is taking advantage us i suing cnn for miss reporting or or news or something along those lines uttering think it matters so here's the best part of that's not the best part the best part is not that the president pursuing see them through fake news let's just set up here is the best cnn care report it say it i can report it because of the report it it just makes them look terrible
if they are you out of here you're probably had a me right but if they dont report it invalidates the clay as they dont report it when the presidency as well see there was big news they learn unreported fake news obviously i can't even tell i can't even tell it's late or even the little bit serious about this the lawyers will get they see men were prior based on lawyers to but i heard author serious about this because it seems like every news organization could be sued for bias
one way or another but the hilarity of it that they can report it and its national news care report it that's just the funniest thing maybe the funniest thing you ve seen a month there remember i can tell you that reality and entertainment did the government and entertainment just urged the funniest thing that's happening almost every day is whatever tromp was doing am i right or sometimes is whatever crazy hilary is doing will get but there is nothing what there's nothing if you go to netflix right now and say i'm in no mood for some funny entertainment good luck good luck find a funny movie in twenty nineteen you can then use easier
reforming this as even the directors who is the director of the law is the least of the joker movie he used to make funny movies this i just can't make them anymore nothin's funny yeah see end up with bilbil sir and dave chapelle and then you done this is like nothing it's like the world is in producing funny content except for those two guys anymore and then the troubled inspiration here's the thing they oh you probably saw the news about neck mulvaney chief of staff so he did a press conference which pearly didn't go so well which is funny because in my opinion it was genius so part of the problem with any administration is there is a lot of different people with competing opinions and it looks
maybe they're not all in the same page about how to describe what happened with the ukraine phone call mixed mulvaney did so far in my opinion the best job any of them have done except for maybe the president himself because the president has his own way in and he i think the president also handled it perfectly i thought nick mulvaney also handled it very well but it looks like maybe there was somebody in the white house who disagreed him sort of put pressure on them to walk it back in some way the geneva makes sense so what mulvaney originally said was genius and i will paraphrase it to improve and even more basically what mulvaney said is if you're having a conversation with another world leader it's always quid pro quo
that is exactly the right framing if you took the quid pro quo out of the equation for any two leaders were having a get together or a conversation what would you have left no reason to talk if you took the quid pro quo in here i'm talking about the implied quid pro quo this always does does remember the president is not being accused of directly saying if you do this will do that everybody agrees he did not directly say that but everybody also agrees that there is always an implied with broke a little something here waiting for you there's a little somethin i want later it's always there so what would be even the point of meeting with another world leader unless both leaders came to
it was an implied quid pro quo cloak and the the implied part could be in general which is hey if you play with us play nicely with us on this topic all sort of oh you something for later right doesn't have to be dragged but if you took the quid pro quo out of the meeting there's no point in talking that's the only reason the dark am i wrong there's literally no reason to have a conversation if you take that up some ovine got close to what i said no let me be immodesty may i be a modest the way i said it is the under the conversation
if you put me on the stage with somebody was the other the other view that is the end of the world and he should be abused and i say that you know there's no such thing as a conversation between leaders that doesn't have an implied quid pro quo if you were to take that out there is no point in having a conversation ever any leader no point aki about anything even socially is wasted time what is the other person say after i say that while they better change the subject because as the engine the conversation i'm more valley was right their usual right on the edge of saying it is clearly as i just said it is still good i'll say he's still day one of the best jobs except for the president and in making that case now the president
britain is it's a perfect call here's the transcript see for yourself there was no bread quid pro quo in the sense that i did not directly ask for something as pretty good it's pretty good but then everybody finds all this little evidence of conversations before and through their tracks the timeline and all that so the president's approach which is pretty good pretty good just come round saying yes that's exactly what i did i had therefore go see yourself but it did leave him open for a little bit of criticism because they find the timeline doesn't match and who knew about the funds being withheld and all that whereas the way i did it there's nothing left i removed all of the opportunity for work cynicism because i just said yeah every meeting between leaders you couldn't take that if you wanted to you couldn't removes the quid pro quo it's not possible
and then on top that you'd want to say it is a top this is also something already didn't quite safe but he couldn't write think he added araby to do better then it is a top priority for any president to find out if anybody's compromised in our government and burdens certainly is only at least paul wise he's on the cusp of looking like he could be the next president so finding out that guy hasn t entanglements with foreign countries is pretty close to the top priority for the sitting president you gotta look into it so totally appropriate call the funniest part is that after the mulvaney thing i guess mulvaney used the phrase get over it meaning that year leaders leaders talk this way just get over it so the trump campaign which is the funniest campaign of all campaigns ever brad pascal i think probably
behind allowed they did a teacher the searchers get over it in and there's a little trouble erika sitting on one of the first letter of get to skin over it now but they get over it sure is again right on message because year you hurry everything i said which is that this is just how leaders talk you couldn't remove this even if you want to do is always quid pro quo well get over it get over it sort of the summary after you ve said the others just the way the world works yeah thanks for wake you up a billion adult and noticing that everything is quid pro quo even if you know still yes welcome to the adult world get over it it's pretty good it's funny it probably raises money i have to admit the moment i saw that wanted it soon as i saw that t shirt i was like
china wok that i'm not going to wear it cuz i don't want to get punched in public it's too dangerous but i wanted it so that's pretty good that it's not often i see a t shirt where i say our aid i would like to talk about loser think it's a little thing which i have to show you the cover the boy don't go anywhere don't go anywhere stay that you don't get it right now want to give you three examples of loser thing which is cause updated my new book which you can pre order now the best book i've ever written
probably the best thing you ever read in your entire life dope dont let other people read thus before you do you just going to be well you be honoured you'll be going into debates without knowing how to do it right i wanted the concept that i talk about europe and the idea behind loser think is that if you have exposure to different fields you can see around corners abc situations more clearly suffering apple if you had experience let's say as a lawyer and then you also new economics unless they you also lose psychology you'd be way ahead of somebody who into one of those things and in loser think i don't eat you everything that those fields would teach you just the important concept i'll give you some clear examples in this i got three examples of people either exhibited loser think or did not let's take number one
the rail decision the decision to hold the g7 at the derail country club what do people who have only lets say either only is government or a reporting was either no the news they know history and there are good at report governments stuff and the nation this story about president chose his own his own property darrell country club for the g7 what were they naturally think about that they say that's a problem right if that was your experience if you if you knew journalism government in history and that was that was your main focus and he looked about you say this is terrible this is terrible it looks like you is just an inside job
he's looking to profit from it ensure disabled do at a cost but you still saying to you so here but it brings attention to his property rights now what if you had an additional skill let's say yours he'll snack included journalism in the media a little bit about government and a little bit about psychology history etc but suppose you also understood negotiating suppose you understood persuasion which negotiating are sort of the same same general area if you do and i do and the president does you would say that this is the brilliant thing you ve ever seen in my life well i'm exaggerated globally but you know i do though sometimes here's the thing when you are negotiating you always want the whole court advantage you want
be somewhere where you are most comfortable your own property and you you want the other people to be impressed by your surroundings you want something about you you yourself your personality but also your property to literally surround them enveloped them and become part of their world you can set the table better than this so much so i would say that every time that a president of our country hosts someone in this country they should always take the home field advantage let me ask you this question would be better for the president of the united states to meet another world leader at a hotel ballroom or in the oval office you see now right if you meet with the president of the united states in the
of all office the president has a huge advantage in this situation cause you're in the oval office your literally surrounded what by that president's power and prestige that makes it difference if you mean i'm at a restaurant and have lunch will then here the table is being set by just randomness yes just somewhere else you have no advantage in that situation so that's my first example of loser think i remember loser thing doesn't mean that the people who are doing it or losers nothing like that i'm saying that as a method of understanding world it takes you daily unproductive path it's a losing path it's better to increase your tail stack so you can see around corners little bit better so what was missing for the direct story was an understanding when negotiating it is a magnificently corrected
the decision to do that the rail isn't just pretty good it isn't just now he can get away with it it's magnificent is one of the best smartest cleanest wins you ve ever seen reported by people who don't have a full understanding of the world because they ve got a blank spot there in the negotiating partner there their brain yes it is visible to them are yours another one so lisbon warren plans to fundamentally change the system and she uses words like that works
fundamentally change our economic system if you did not have a degree in economics as i do i've got into green economics and i've got in the nba a school so i have i have that part of my mental map is largely filled in sewing elizabeth warren says something like this i want to fundamentally change the system people were my background whether they sat in these words are not or having the following thought when is a good time to make a radical change to your system is a good time to do it when is working great or what is not working great now some people say hey scott you said to me that it was actually a really good time to do a trade war with china
because you said that our economy a strong that's a good time to take a risk does your call me so strong that if that goes wrong you still ok does economy started so strong that is correct the trade war is a change within the system so the system didn't change at all where tweaking one variable within the system that's normal business now the china trade war is bigger than normal variable but still within the system no matter what we do with china the system will still be the system while worn wants to do is take the system throw it away and replace it with something we have not tried in this country in quite the way she wants to do it that is a radical and unpredictable change she's way beyond the level of risk anybody you add a degree in economics will accept
there's almost nobody who if they were being honest with you in a political sense you will of course find people who take any position on anything right because its politics but even somebody you pretended to disagree with what i'm saying if i could take them privately and say look nobody will ever hear what you're going to say to me this is just between us i swear trust me is just us nobody else will hear european do you think it's a good idea with your degree of economics to change it higher system whenever one agrees the system has never worked as well as its working today three point five percent unemployment i mean really that's just crazy and you don't change your whole economy when it's the best his upper ban ever this is the dumbest thing in the world now let's say that you have no experience
economics and no experience in anything else in which you would do risk management decisions let's say you are journalists the same a degree in history say you entered wins anthropology in which are those in which those don't and would you have learned risk management none right risk management wouldn't be part of what you do but less i you're a doctor would say you were an emergency room doctor or even most extreme case a battlefield doctor you work in a war zone well in those cases you doing risk management decisions all the time do i worked on this patient this one might die but this one's eighty five participants twenty so you doing all this risk management decisions that might get you
the point where you will recognise that warns plan is completely the worst risk management decision you can ever make is the worst now compare that with helium castro who was asked about you be during the last debate what do you remember what the hooligans response was he you just gave a sort of that dismissal one sentence and he said that might be worth a pilot a little test programme a pilot programme did you catch that was one of the smartest things said it debate and it was just he just mumbled it in one sentence because while you maybe to a pilot programme on that really on castro showed you how to do it now i dont know what his background
it was the same a lot to be utterly julian castro's background is but maybe somebody can tell me in the comments on doing this but based on that comment the fact that lillian said less still pilot programme what does that tell you about william castro it tells you really understands risk management that's exactly what you do if what if psmith worn had been saying look i know this is a radical thing we can't do this all at once but i'm gonna pick out this part of the economy and just gonna work on this one thing listless do a pilot let's try small it was tried in one state listlessly what we can learn and then will decide later if we want to do a bigger if elizabeth word had said something like that well maybe she wouldn't be getting as much attention as she has caused us
but to normal being extremely little more attention but i would certainly say to myself oh there's a leader i could trust because they understand risk management here is another example of loser think and this is this is a positive example i was watching meaning i'm gonna give somebody a compliment here so i was watching talking girls and last night and he does a little game show thing i think on fridays or something which he has other hosts or personalities from fox news compete in a little trivia contest in one of the questions was the name of a tiger woods
upcoming autobiography and a great jarrett was competing against care i wish i could but use could be to get somebody else and probably even talk about the brig jarrod part so neither neither the competitors had heard the name of the book but it was multiple choice so not julian turn sorry yes it was julian tour and neither knew the answer but there were four choices and grandeur looked at the fort choices rang again and said the answer is back one word just back and he said i and he said i don't know the answer is but the other three titles are hackneyed
disorder writers term nobody room but nobody but writers every uses the word and yet he is the best selling author he's got a new book surpass all right now last book best seller so gregg jarrett i believe has a legal background he has a media background those that are right you so he knows publishing world so he knows how words work right is an attorney he's a tv personality and he's an author so when he looked at the list the word back jumped out as obviously the title that anybody would have chosen under that situation goes back referred to title was come back but also had a problem with his back and also a one word title is very strong if you could make a title with one word one word loser think
it's not an accident that my titles are good if i do say so myself because i work with professionals who really know how to put titles on books right it's not like i come up with one title and everybody says yes it's a whole process lotta people get involved in fact the other the subtitle was differ from the title lose the people involved in that amused the whole process to come up with a title julian turner as far as i know not of her having a best selling book probably didn't have experience in getting a book published and picking a title gregg jarrett had an extra skill he is a best selling author he has had i know go specifying others all have this
our long conversations with editors and publishers about what the title b so when he looked at the list he and i said the same thing at the same time because i did not know that i love tiger woods but book but as soon as i saw the less list i said is obviously back no question about it in my opinion it was clear as day then multiple joyously ezra answer was gonna be back grand jarrett speaks almost like it's coming out of my mouth the top three or hackneyed in back sets a couple of different ways is clever nessie answer so that's my point gregg at having a deeper talent stack they happened to be just perfect this question because he knew puddle it shows you the power of having the extra talent now he didn't have to be the most experienced publishing person
in the world you just had to have a little exposure to picking titles and there would have been obvious to you which on the one which those choices jumped out enough about that more about the funny day so let's talk about hillary clinton saying that tells you gabardine essay her russia s it i don't know where to start this is all this is over the funniest news ever less start with don lemon i turned on the radio as was dr yes her done lemon say this and i've been laughing to my sulphur hours he said do you think's maybe hillary clinton is playing three d chess pause point
for effect let s think in the lemon says he thinks hillary clinton is planks reedy chess by accusing tells you gamble to being a russian asset because what she's doing is making it more difficult for tall see to mount a third party run by making tolls he go on record as saying she doesnt plan to do that we had to hear alive to hear him say it and i felt ass though i could i get here it was almost like he was talking and knowing it was ridiculous at the same time because nobody has been rougher on terms supporters for that three d chasin forty chestnut energy because we are always saying that the presidency is thinking at the fact i did it today talking about derail i said the president is out of everybody does he
you notice those important avenant his space just makes a difference you saw hearing down lemon resort to these three d just analogy for something which is clearly not three nature i'm pretty sure they hillary clinton was not trying to prevent all see from a third party run a guess what if she had been trying to prevent it and want to make any difference do you think tulsa gabert would have said you know i was really planning to do a third party run but then hilary said something that one time it's not going to change that living if tulsa gathered planned a third party run she would have a third party wrong there's nothing the health risk to say this going change it this is the most ridiculous comment from somebody who
i think have an embarrassing day here's why was embarrassing imagine if you had been fighting to get hilary elected sir for many years imagine two though you are sorry that she elected for three years the transponder what do you say to yourself after hearing hillary clinton go full falcons conspiracy theory and blame it also gabardine also who was a jewel style of being russian assets after you heard that if you were clinton supporter hilary supporter right up to that day and then you heard that news what did you say to yourself how did you assess that did you say to yourself well i've been right all along this hillary clinton is on the ball
her mental game her mental stability only where i wanted to be and it looks like she's playing three teach us again look at her without radiator maybe maybe you do that but don't you think and this is just a question because i carried mines but don't you think they're all over the country there are people who in their own quiet moments are hearing hilary accused people being russian assets tolls he gathered and jill style do you think that her supporters in their private moments are saying to themselves who shit looks like we're dodged the bullet there sure maybe i dont like president tromp or his policies i don't think i all that either whatever that is
whatever were seeing what it is that worth seeing hillary clinton do now remember that's who she would have been in office that's crazy leslie you're saying that would have happened even while she was president could use could you possibly watch hillary clinton performance this week in her private life and say to yourself i wish you'd been present i don't see how anybody could have thought i think they would all have to say as much as i dont like president trump i have to admit there were two bad choices that election i don't think there's anybody say man if only we ve gotten her under don't you think you would have some effect on their confidence
about how right they are about anything should shake your confidence to watch the candidate that you ve been fighting for four years go bunkers exactly a time when she would have been in her third year of the presidency do you want that making decisions thinks out so low moron tells me so tells us quite cleverly took this opportunity to boost her visibility i'm pretty sure it will help her i think tells you will get a bond for this debate biggest problem that tells gabert has is that republicans liker have you no set from the very beginning been literally annoying me how many people have said to me what about also jabbered scotty you don't you never talk about elsie and i didn't just because i wasn't talking about people with one percent
sport just never seen relevantly but the number of republicans who were in love with her and that's the best way i can say it she's because i don't think it's like it doesn't feel like some kind of a loss they just think she's attractive kind of thing the way the way republicans talk about her is lighter and love not like their last really looks different there's something about the mixed men crazy and normally i wouldn't even talk about that right i mean is this not my thing and i'm trying not to be sexes about this
strange bead observational my observation is so i'm not making any comments about tells his appearance that's not my deal i'm not about that but my observation is that people keep coming to me tell him either love other and the republicans i've never seen anything like it literally i've never seen anything like it so she has some effect on people mostly men as far as i can tell that earlier mormon that is hard to deny there's some kind of x factor thing going on there that i can't say i see it exactly i mean i can i can see it but i don't have the same reaction to it so she quite cleverly useless to boost her exposure i think her rank will go up i don't office enough but i think a rank will go up
and i love that she said she talk to buy tweed she talked ailer equine clinton and said you the queen of war mongers embodiment of corruption and personification of the rot less second the democratic party personification of the rot that's good stuff now i had not seen anything from tolls he prior to this that made me think ocean you gonna this persuasion stuff there was something he was doing right the exact or stuff but i didn't really see your persuasion talent but then the sweet comes out and i'm thinkin them this is fire area you kind of expected from somebody in the military
don't you expect a military personality somebody's been shaped by experience the military is that they would be extra controlled until they don't need to be right when that these sort of a basic characteristic that you would learn it would be like hold old old hold hold old kill that's why you learn right don't kill until you ready to kill don't pull the trigger unless you re the kill it looks to me like toll see in my opinion just a spectator in this process hold all the said debate much to go on hold
and there's clinton she picked clinton the popular had early the fertile suddenly tells he says now now somebody's as we told you so i'll give it a plus for tulsi for the week i think she won the week easily easily won the week of the democrats and i'd be surprised if she doesn't hit five percent on the next you know she's she's going to be in the sex i think probably because this just gives you a little more attention so there's that so i hear they huffington posters foresail by verizon ah ah the poor huffington post minded mrs for years the the organization which has been
bring me for years they're not making a financially oh oh i feel so sad for them so i put in my bed i bid one dollar for the happened imposed and i will take it over in fire everybody surfer i would like to get rid of this this financial simple i will take it also has for one dollar and i'll do what they don't want to do which is all fire everybody else go in there and say i'm u new boss i just what you company for one dollar you're all fired earlier you stinkin news people i did you watch oh you let me give you another example of losing when people are looking at the hundred by thing the other team likes to say oh yeah well you can make fun of hunter but what about the vodka
an example that people keep giving me on social media hunger was granted a bunch of trademarks and china recently now if your deepen loser thank you say to yourself my god china is giving a vodka trademarks not just one but multiple trademarks has she sold out if you were
for china china now because i gave her a bunch of trademarks no let me explain how trademarks work i have trademarks and china where if you do you know what do you know what it takes to get a trade mark in china let me show you the process for getting a trademark in china it looks like this i got some paperwork to get my trademark paperwork it says what do you want what i want to have a trade mark on this name or product what categories this will be just for ashtrays and automobiles those are the only categories i need my trademark are you using the trademark actively yes i am now i put this in the mail
or my lawyer does and he sent it off to china in china in some some office gets here get your trademark request who says that the sea and my database if anybody else's using this nope nobody else has a trademark called vanka trump granted done that's it i just described the entire process you fill out some paperwork china looks at it says the somebody already have this one nope we don't have somebody called of worker trump in china trying to sell things with the name of armed could trump on it approved that's it that's a long process and why did somebody get a train work in china it's because the chinese will otherwise steal your product the reason you get a trademark in china even if
you never want to do business in china is because you don't want the chinese dilber comic to emerge if i did not have a trademark in china vacant make dilber products and just call it chill bird or billboard gilbert burn raising they wanted they could actually gonna delmar if i had already taken the trademark same with copyright so the people who don't understand a little bit about intellectual property here the story that vodka tromp got trademarks and china and they say my god there in bed together their embed together is like president she and vodka they got some kind of unholy deal together now somebody in advance as organization probably a lawyer filled out some paperwork somebody at the lowest level of chinese government looked at the name
paperwork looked at the database said no we don't have any vodka trump approve the entire process is like a big deal to people who don't understand what a trade mark is not about that have you seen the video of the mexican police shooting it out with a cartel and lose losing a shoot out to the cartel and euro there's a bunch of phone videos at so you don't see any of it too well but you can tell that the cartel actually has these fairly large trucks which they ve rigged up with armor on the sides and they ve got these military grade machine guns military grade handheld machine guns as well and they
they just l gun the police and the police as a break the guns but nothing like that and and they're just driving down the streets of the mexican city with a mountain machine gun in the back of a truck this is the civilised were allegedly civilised country right other border with a paramilitary that's clearly owning the police and burning them i will now is a question at what point as i get our attention at what point does the united states say well it would be nice to deal with it government of mexico on a variety of things and we will win when it works but there are other things there are other things that we just have to do our self i wanted a things that we might have to do our self
is the star something some snipers and some drones to just start up start picking away at the cartels i dont know why were not murdering them like actually murdering them what what would stop us from sending our seal teams and drowned its neighbours and whatever else we have to just put him in place and have them start picking off the cartel just actually murdering them wherever we can finally what are we bought them do you think we don't know where the cartels facilities are my we just carpet on the whole thing whole damn thing just just kill everyone why not i have my williamson what prevents us there must be reason i think there is reason but i would say that we could declare the cartels a i think they have to be declared terrorists and i think we ve
close to that but i haven't and i dont understand why we will act unilaterally is it because we are afraid of the mexican military what what exactly stops us from attacking terrorists right on our border turkey does it we're letty turkey do it with the kurds in turkey can do with the kurds why can't we do it with the cartels remember there's something a sentinel no were not part of the equation i say well done you're gonna get here anyway blah blah blah sentinel is just right up weapon of mass destruction and the chinese the chinese were sending it to the next and cartels than the cartels are shipping it in so really we should look at this as a chinese attack on the homeland and if the chinese are using the mexicans as they go between their attack on our homeland we can kill him
we could just kill their entire if we found out that some of the drug cartels people had a mansion or facility somewhere we can blocked the whole thing kill everybody was anywhere near i think we're worry about anything i think we have a full i think we have a full full free shot it's a free pass away so there's more to their story than i understand so probably some smart needs to explain to me why were not already acting militarily against cartels here's the an interesting question for you find somebody who has a strong opinion on the syrian situation doesnt matter which position they take maybe they're protract maybe aunt i jump but they have a strong opinion on it and then ask them to draw a map of syria and the neighbouring countries
as just a little experiment to see how much they know about the region just say ok doesn't have to be to scale or anything but could you draw the a conceptual map and then draw turkey and the neighbouring countries i just want to see if you know what the neighbourhood looks like very few people can do that but there was still have a strong opinion about what should happen over there sorry to have to see it on a map and be able to conceptualizing mapped ever to have a strong opinion same with yemen in saudi arabia you preside yourself why is saudi arabia messing with yemen have you seen a map look at the map if you look at the map you'll know exactly why saudi arabia is massacring people in yemen because they can't accept
an unfriendly entity right under border nobody again once the united states apparently we left the cartels shippers weapons of mass destruction every fucking day and we let them live sorry does legal doesn't sound like i have a little bit of blood thirst when it involves the sentinel being shipped to our borders because i do i do have a little bit of a bloodthirsty i can't do that size watches and video of syria in which dead bodies were being paraded through the streets oh how awful the turks are and even the new said we can't quite can't quite verify that these people our first all really dead and second of all that they died because of turkey
so even the news is saying we think people are dying but we don't have any confirmation isn't that a hell of a what what kind of a massacre has no confirmed deaths i mean i assume people are dying khazars military action but we don't have any confirmed this is the big is the biggest that the biggest thing going on and we can get a decent news because everybody is talking about the kurds being left to be massacred and obviously that's worth worrying about but is anything like that happening anything i just don't know if anything like that is happening yeah and only in the kurds are illegitimate threat to turkey if the
the rules were reversed is this for the united states and we had known terrorists on our border who are working with people were not terrorists but but some of them were would we act the same way turkey is acting course we would if you reverse the situation inside ok now you're turkey you you ve gotta take care of the turkish people what are you gonna do you ve got terrorists on your border were creating a homeland you don't let us stand the turks are doing exactly what we would do in that situation exactly what we would do so it's hard for me to come down hard on the turks for doing exactly what we would do its part of the same reason that supportive of israel in general even when there are some water let will say somewhat militarist
this is why we would do if we were in their situation will act allow likely act so i try not to get into the hypocrite territory by acting as if we would do anything differently might take on this is that the president's shook the box probably some people got killed probably some people would gig old under every scenario there's probably know scenario in which nobody gets killed you got that right people who are saying hey the president made a big mistake the way you did this because some people are getting killed while nobody wants people to get killed but what was the plan where nobody guy killed nobody has that planet there were only plans in which people get killed the present chose a plan which americans didn't get you but other people dead
i sort of his job that's the president's job now of course all the people like romney and and the people were complaining about our are the united states is losses honour and that's a valuable asset is it is it really in what imaginary world where other countries dealing with us based on our honour that is a complete imaginary since you situation sure there are other countries where pause the feelings the united states and pulling out of this current situation might make them think less of us there's somebody not gonna do a trade deal with us because of it if somebody going to leave nato because that is there anything anybody's gonna do in any way that makes any difference because of that now no is there any fighting force the wooden
wanna join up with us if we had a common enemy now because five a common enemy it always makes sense the team up with the united states why wouldn't you so i you're not identify anything in the real world there isn't any way even hypothetically damaged by what the present it and i think that the out his his choice got x number of people killed every other path no matter what he done would get acts other people killed do you think turkey was gonna wait forever and just let occurred set up a homeland and be able to export terrorism across the border now oh now that path was not available nobody have that option you think the kurds were willing to be
flexible before we said we had here now if we had said we're thinking of pulling out we're gonna give you lots of time you have all the time you need to work something that will work with you we don't want to just pull out can you be flexible well with the kurds i know we're not gonna be flexible do you think that they were ready to deal the president shaking the box and say you're on your own is the only thing that made the kurds flexible shorter that nothing good was gonna happen so yes because lives to be lost but every path ahead that downside wonderful ever find out who got killed in that area for four andrew he's kind of a gather having a good time watching fox headlines their funnier than the usual so they
they use my poland a headline now it's my another that they got it from me because as an obvious one there's one you heard me make i said hunter biden was more gather than a hunter for four entourage he's kind of a gather and so fox headline today is hunter gatherer talk about onto biden because there's there's a report so sir fox news saying this that hundred binding was paid eighty three thousand dollars monk even more than we thought
by bruce mob since twenty fourteen to be quoted ceremonial figure with a quote powerful name a reports and friday so i read this and i thought were our reports and friday ok where's the link to the report what exactly report was that i think the story says now maybe a says that i missed it by looked for it do you believe any news organization the says a report said and they don't mention what the report is or who did it or where it came from i'm not so sure that's a report that i find credible he got a name the report and maybe some story like in a footnote or something i just couldn't find it my guess is that it has to be there i can't believe an editor and fox would let somebody write a report said and then quote it without telling us
whose report it was so maybe that was just that and the editing error or maybe it's my son like and saves flax they're all say that i can see the least obviously where the report was designed by now nobody else nowhere that report came from if you if you if you do know say so in the comments somebody said the john solomon reported this weeks ago but they don't need him so they also said it here's another headline on the fox to stage is a long time trump critics comments start frenzy at president bashing network who do you think is the president bashing network so so far to do this refers and a headline to a president bashing network
you all know who it is a pretty funny if you think about it now as i've said the news is our new form of humor and i think fox news embraces this far more than the other networks when i watch fox news wishes but the primary thing i watch i always make sure that i sample see then all the time to make sure i see both sides but more time i spend on fox news by far now partly the reason i do an is that is so well produced and is so well staffed the the talent and the way they produce it fox loses run parallel there's a reason their number one just just professionalism at every level from the human talented
the way they produce it the technology it's the best in the business but they certainly understand that there's a humor element of the news and any you see them playing to wither headlines here because when they say the president bashing network you know that for sale they know you know what you're talking about but secondly that sort of with a wink as lip service the president bashing network wink and you spoke to laugh likewise with hunter gather that's obviously intentionally to make you laugh so fox news understands who there's audiences really well and they understand that that the humour of it is part of the entertainment so i always appreciate this so the brooklyn nets and brought some pro on council signs at james get him i guess brooklyn s replaying
must be the lakers where lebron place at bartley centre and so i think this is can be a thing now the the protesters i think you're gonna to follow lebron probably or at least as long as ongoing problem goes on which is probably also so that's fun imagine trying to be leubronn and trying to concentrate on your plane basketball when big chunk of your audiences hey up signs about hong kong and now you must up you know even leubronn even leubronn is is he must stop don't you think i'm not reading his mind but i'm just saying if you are a or any they were leubronn you're in his position would you
well i had a good week or what do you think it looks like i messed up this week i think he thinks you messed up so these signs get to remind him of one of his maybe its biggest public unforced there he has to feel bad about it you think because it's all negative attention in its taking away from the team sport its taking away from everything he cares about so after thank you thinks it wasn't a good week and reminding of it her mother with these signs and teachers that's gotta effect displaying i would thank you effective his mental game but to be fair we awhile weaken weaken this
with him on his political statements i think we all agree lebron james is probably one of the most mentally solid athletes of all time so it could be that he's one of these rare people who could maybe even raises game even likes it maybe he likes you against the protesters so might actually making better you never know the bronze not like other people he's he's a super fleet and mentally superstore as well sports wise he thinks people disagree with them are misinformed whale i dont believe he thinks he email that this week i think he knows he must lay up this week
i don't know about the cat has she's usually in here because you got a better offer today our aim is reveals gonna sell somebody says are you still left bernie and warren yes but i'm better in math so where bernie and worn wanna do some things where the math doesn't work i can still like their goal so i share bernie and warns goal of making education widely available for cheaper for free and i think healthcare is a basic right i don't know how to get there if i knew how to get there i would tell you cleverly how my plan is better than their plan but i don't know how to make the math work but nice others before there
there's somebody in the news whose lying to you badly and i am not exactly sure who let me give you two facts and see if you can make them makes hence there are two things we are told reliably that there's something like eighteen percent of the united states does not have healthcare right so everybody s healthcare healthcare insurance and suffer eighteen percent no the country so what would that tell you about how much extra each of us would have to pay whether its in taxes or some other kind of way how much would each of us have to pay to make up for that eighteen percent ten twenty percent extra because if if you add the exit
extra eighteen percent maybe there's some extra economies of scale because of size or whenever maybe not but somewhere in that eighteen percent range right if eighteen percent don't have insurance then the people in those presumably there also the people who are poor so there paying any taxes so have eighteen percent of the people are poor and paying taxes and don't i've healthcare what would it cost the rest of the people who were not ass for and have healthcare however isn't it around eighteen percent
so if i were to raise my healthcare expense by eighteen percent it would be the same three four hundred dollars a month i don't i'm somewhere and outrage now keep that in mind that it might cost you a few hundred dollars per month more if you were asked to cover the eighteen percent i don't have it ensures there how does that work with the fact that i turn on fox news and you'll hear experts and an even worse herself and buried themselves tell you it's gonna cost a thirty trillion dollars and that there is not enough if none of money in the entire country even if every rich person gave up all their money there is none the money to pay for covering their extra eighteen percent do you see what i'm going with us somebody is lying to you by trillion and i dont know who it is
i don't know it is it's either true that we have only eighteen percent something some i see people saying is no higher than eighteen percent but the math was the work in the way it's either true that eighteen percent dont have healthcare or its true they're giving everybody healthcare what was trillions and trillions and there's no way we have that much money you're not both through the candy do you see that do you see that those two things which are both reported as uncontested fact can't both be true somebody is lying to you in such a massive way it's trillions is trillions dollars they're lying to you and i don't know it's i'd i actually dope because both of those things can be true at the same time here's my suspicion the eighteen percent
one is true because i think you can measure that fairly accurately what the what both work burn and bernie are doing in competently like sewing competently i almost one you like give up and boarding trump go to bernie gotta elizabeth warren say please dear god can i fix your message because you are so ruining this year you're you're actually making a hard
for more people to get insurance because you ve totally ruin the message here is the message that elizabeth warns us elizabeth warren how you gonna pay for this is the middle class gonna pay more ah there costs will go down now we didn't ask you their cause we said will their taxes go up elizabeth can you answer that question their costs will go down elizabeth the other hearing problem cause i'm asking you are the tax is going out for that their cause we'll go down what the hell is wrong with you what the hell is wrong with you here is the correct answer allow me to be elizabeth one and not african area this is what you would say yes
the whole point is the people what we have to pay their own cause employers will have to pay for it so they'll be less they paid into the healthcare the government will do that and the way that looks is that your total costs will go down even though your taxes will go up a little bit so yes what we plan to do is have you taxes got a little bit but the savings that you'll have overall gobble up that's our plan so
watch it save a lot of money if you're in the middle class a lot you taxes will go up but you can save a lot but elizabeth warning can you guarantee that there will be true for every voter whose in the middle class now there's lots of different situations probably somebody in the middle class will pay a little bit more but no luck there i just fixed it if you take if you take that message to the people and say the middle class a little bit more taxes save a lot on healthcare that's my plan already knows that could be accomplished and not even saying is true but the message is better where that to elizabeth weren't are you going to raise our taxes go costs will not go up what is wrong with her and even bernie who does bernie doesn't better job because he leases lou be honest about it can be real extensive
i'm gonna i'm gonna really screw the rich people elysees honest right like i don't need to know the exact numbers he's telling me he's gonna screw me to give healthcare to other people i get it you don't need to give me an exact number for that i don't know what that looks like so so that your assignment for today's here's your assignment i know who is lying is a lie that we only have eighteen percent who don't have insurance or is it a lie that it will cost trillions of dollars to ensure them they care both be true tell me which is true and get back to me that's all i got for today i hope you priority in my book loser think that's what makes me come back
for the fun of it well i'd come back anyway because i enjoy doing this but it does make it easier for me to do this when i feel it i've got some support so that's that seal seal ate her so awkward trying to sign off on these things that bundles
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