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Episode 7: President Trump’s rising popularity, North Korean train, and gullible kids

2018-03-27 | 🔗

Scott talks about President Trump’s popularity at 42% in a recent poll, the secret North Korean train that went to China, and gullible kids protesting.

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Do you do to do dot, dot dot, but. Hello. Everybody get in here. get in here with your freshly brewed coffee, your hot tea, beverage of choice for the simultaneous ip available. to those who come fast? Who are I fast? Let's put it that way? Oh Well, that's good if you're in the gym, even better somebody just said they're working out You know. It goes good with coffee, with Scott Adams Exercise So here are some stories that I'm not seeing in the news. When was the last time that President Trump.
But we did about N Korea think about it. And by the way, I don't know the answer to the question, but how long has it been It seems like it's been a long time right since the last time the president said something about North Korea. At the same time, we know that lots of conversations are happening. Things are happening in Switzerland There's a mystery train which may or may not have had did Kim Jong on on it who went to Beijing. And then went back and no tweet no tweet from the isn't about any of this stuff. What There is no news mean everybody what does no news mean? Who president the most? Pugnacious, president of all, social media. what would it mean that he's not
complaining about anything about North Korea, nothing he's not threatening them. He's not complaining. He's not giving you anything unusual? Isn't it. Now there are some things which you can take away from this non none community That North Korea. One of them is that they're to be some more discipline in terms of leaks, because must be something happening that the United States government knows about that. The the private citizens don't know about now finding out the and that's good news right. It's good news that there's something there should be a secret and it Apparently we're not hearing about it at all. So that's great. The next thing
If things were not going the way the president wants them to go, or at least potentially, I feel like the president would be said, in the table, for our disappointment, am I wrong Things were not going the way the president wanted them to go wouldn't. We already see tweets that sort of look like this. Well. going to try as hard as we can with North Korea. Don't get your hopes up? You know we might have to get tough, something like that. That's the bad example, but don't you think the president would be softening us up. So that we were ready when we're disappointed. and then he's sort of broadcast. What the next step will be that's missing and I only think of one reason it would be missing and that is there. Things are going our way or
I think they will so this no news about N Korea, Yes- Probably the best news we've ever had about North Korea. now. I know some of you saw a Thomas wicker thread in which he he that there is already been military action and we've already defeated North Korea militarily and is theory is that we use the rods from God Weapon and that's where they, Drop a giant titanium tube from so my outer space vehicle and it travels so quickly that its impact has Nuclear nuclear, like impact without the radiation, and that the theory is that we've already destroyed their nuclear testing mountain and maybe kill the lot of their nuclear experts. At the same time.
And then it wasn't an accidental just an accident collapse of their of their, testing mountain, but rather that we were behind it I'd like to go on record saying that I believe none of that alright, so people keep asking me hey? What do you think of Thomas Wicker? and I haven't followed all of his stuff. So I'm just going to I'll give you my my in just on this, because it's a big topic my opinion is. We did not drop a rods from God on North Korea and that We have not beaten them militarily in the traditional way, I think we've we've beaten them economically, certainly. So here you have a clear difference in prediction, so Thomas Wictor says We have rods from God and their mountain. I say we did not use that weapon
I I'm not willing to say we haven't done something behind behind their lines, but I don't think we've used that weapon. We would have known the collapse of all the scientists happened by accident too you're saying, Well, I don't believe all the accidents. I don't believe all the scientists were inside the mountain when it collapsed. So you know it's possible, but yeah. He actually said rods from God in his speculation. Alright, so enough of that, I think is good news happening with North Korea that we will find out Let's talk about? trump's rising popularity uh. So apparently A number of polls show President Trump's popularity is rising at the,
in time. The news has been saturated with his. His personal life stories. So. I'm. Always one to look for patterns, and things so Is it that the more we hear about Stormy Daniels and the more we hear about his other girlfriend. A higher. His popularity goes now. I I don't know if there's a connection but Makes me wonder what is the hypothetical number of porn stars there? have to have sex with our president to get popularity up to say fifty percent. So right now stormy, Daniels plus one playmate, God from the the thirty percent into the four days, so that's sort of improvement
but how many more porn stars would it take to get him from forty two to fifty I'm thinking three, three more. right so so I think we're just three porn stars away from him having the highest popularity of any president ever maybe I connected- I don't know, but it seems like it uh huh It also seems to be that there's some kind of. Glass ceiling that just got broken you never. Talks about Hillary, was going to break the glass ceiling becoming president? I've argued that she did break the glass ceiling even in losing because Nobody nobody voted against her for it really wasn't. Wasn't issue at all and, as people often say she got the she got the popular vote. So I would say that Hillary did break that glass ceiling, but Trump is breaking a different glass ceiling
which is the glass ceiling that says your personal, a behavior which is legal as long as it's legal Your personal behavior just doesn't factor into into being. Now here's the other weird thing. have we ever had a president who is so close. Being completely unblack available, he's not there yet but don't we have the most unblack available president you've ever seen in this heading. That way. So on the on the sex side of the equation. What we possibly here. Change anybody's mind about anything right, with court sort of going through it We now lived it. proven beyond a shadow of doubt. No one cares. No one cares.
No one cares No one cares and so if Russia knew that he had, hooker to piano, mattress or something imagine if it turns out. every that ridiculousness or anything like it. What is true Suppose you found out that Russia had a secret about President Trump, and you learned about it, was like he did. Something with some women when he was on a business trip, the I would change what we don't care. We just don't care no He still has his financial world that one imagines is big enough and complicated enough that there. If something in there, that could be a little black right now we have. Now we have Muller looking into that stuff, not sure how far bowler will go.
I use a meal at least find the international transactions and take a look at him. So it happens. A smaller takes a good look at the Trump organization. And you should imagine that they come back with. I don't know a few little live things to look at because that would be moving any large company working internationally? I would think that you'd find a few things that raise an eyebrow- and Look at him and we'd find out that lawyers argue about this sort of stuff and it's not clear exactly illegal other people do it. going to be one of these. Well, it's not so clear, that anything bad happened. That's you know super bad, so we can actually get to the point where Trump's alleged bad behaviors in his personal and business life come in. Asset in twenty twenty and here's. Why
whoever ever Runs against in twenty twenty doesn't matter who it is no matter who he runs against. Will be more black mailable, then drop now. That might not have been true or at least, Actually it was not true a few years ago you might have Let yourself low, if you put prez trump in there you can have all kinds of black mailable stuff. You I hear about his porn stars and you could hear about his, international bill This deals with shady characters, But what happens if we've heard about all of that stuff by twenty twenty? What is it's just nothing left or at least nothing. That would be different enough. That is likely to bother anybody you could be running against a Democrat who has at least public a clean, a clean reputation,
Whoever that person is is be pretty vulnerable to blackmail, because you know there's something there Oh there's something there, whoever it is doesn't matter who it is, there's always going to be something in their background Trump will now be the least assuming that the Muller Investigation looks, is financial stuff and there's nothing terribly damning in there. I think that will be the case you'll be least blackmail. Iblees candidate we've ever had uh. Let's talk about those kids and they're protesting for gun control. One of the things I feel I can't tell if I should, good about it or bad. There's a side of this both ways. I think it's good the kids, are getting involved in becoming informed and. trying to exert their
so their power or their voice in our semi democratic process. But the other thing happening with these kids is that there starting to learn a very harsh lesson. What is the harsh Yes, that all of those kids who are pro testing guns are to learn. I will take you a simultaneous SEP. Well, you tell me what is the harsh some those kids, are learning right now No one cares and nothing changes right Yes, those kids are learning that caring about something really hard, doesn't change anything. so what did those kids do to try to make things different?
how did they try to change things? They? add in front of us and they cared really hard. They care with their tears cared with their their words. They care their bodies they cared with, science. They here hard with their marching? They cared landed, take care hard. They really cared. How much did the caring change anything, Well, they think it will. The kids still think. I think we care that that topic right off of the page will we all care? Will care all the way to gun control, yay. And then they're, going to wait a few weeks and they're going pick up and they're going to say, hey? Where are all the stories about the new gun control laws? In the and the NRA disbanding We cared as hard as we could. How
nothing changed with all that Karen we cared in public, damn it we a day off from school the care we cried in public. We made passionate speeches. How come everything is base play the same. why did it work well turns out The caring is not enough to overcome just, for example, the constitution of the United States. It turns out that you could care very hard and the actual words on the constitution, they look Exactly the same today I haven't checked, but I think if you At the constitution, although. Words would be the same as before the protests likewise
They're learning that money it might be a little bit more important than caring That's the one thing that kids don't have money. oh they've got the caring. They got the marching. got the tears. They got the words they got the science, but I don't have money. and there are about to learn that money makes policy. It's it's going to be a harsh lesson and I feel A little bit sorry for him, but on the other hand, I also feel it would be good that they. yeah. They learned might as well learn early now. What is it? that the children are doing wrong for persuasion. What's the most, the most powerful sounding thing that the they're saying in their speeches about guns so
this is the thing that gets a lot of pickup and the news is repeated 'cause. This sounds good, and here but the kids are saying: if you politicians don't add some more gun control. Someday, we'll be older. We will vote you out. We will hello, you out what's wrong with that persuasion, tell me what is the persuasion mistake with kids saying if you don't something we're going to grow up and vote. You out I'll tell you what the mistake is so far in the future, too vague. There's, no, there's, no visual persuasion. It's a concept. Not only is it a concept? There's no picture there
voting is just sort of a concept, and it's later so here's what. Saying if you don't change the constitution or the law, This is land to add, more gun, control Sometime later, we're not sure how much later, but sometime in the future, a concept is going to happen later in the future So how about that you politicians, you'd, better face your current career right now, the one that pays you money and allows you to eat and be on television and do all the things that you like you better. Price all that stuff now because later, maybe something like the concept will happen right, so their persuasion is terrible
I thought somebody was asking me if I'm stoned right now. The answer is now, but to get outside question almost every time. I'm on periscope. How many of you saw the clip on Colbert of Sean Penn Looking two cigarettes: during his interview, which apparently is not allowed. An admitting he was an ambient and looking sweet person. They see that clip uh I'll. Tell you They're sending their best all right now have you also noticed. there's a real lack of news in the news.
Poor CNN got no purchase with their stormy story. they got a lot of ratings and that's good, but but it didn't really capture the clicks imagination, the public didn't care, they just watched it 'cause. It is interesting. I don't watch Colbert, the article about. uh. What do I think of Kyle? Whatever is approach? Well he's a kid. I'll, tell you what I think of all the kids who are approaching right now on gun control. I Like their attitude of involvement, they won't make any difference, Have you ever done on periscope high? Can don't answer that question.
Have I ever been stoned while doing a periscope Question for me all I talked about North Korea in China. Right off the bat, so some of you were joining late, but I'll summarize my point, which is that no news coming out of. store out of our government is probably good news because Something bad was happening with North Korea, bad meaning that it didn't look like we get. A good result would be hearing about that already. we would be having people say, get ready for get ready for next phase or were talking to him You hear the president saying something like well. now they always lie, but we'll talk to them, but it doesn't change what we're doing you we're just talking to them.
but you're not hearing that so silence only means good news, that's my prediction! Now, let's talk about two thousand and twenty now, let's look about twenty eighteen, two thousand and eighteen. The only answer the question, because I see a lot of speculation going by here so he said. Have I ever been stoned, While doing periscopes, and the answer is yes, but if you can't tell the difference, doesn't matter, does it But not right now at this moment. No so. Well, I was just gonna, oh yes, there's a story about the pulse: nightclub shooter, who Father was an FBI informant allegedly according to the news
Was being handled by a and call me I don't know that that's a big story yet because the Association with Mueller and doesn't This is mean that there's anything about about the kids that is anything to do with that. So it's sort of a it's an almost story. Uh and he pushed back from my Anderson Cooper of criticism, I haven't seen any I don't know if anybody else has now somebody who shall remain nameless Message to me that the the best thing you, say about Anderson Cooper you wanted him to not cover these sex scandals
is that it's just not classy and I thought to myself that's probably really powerful. So let me say that. Anderson Cooper, who I had respected a great deal until this stormy Daniels stuff, I think he's sacrificed class. It's the least classy thing you're ever likely to see anybody do in the news business. So I don't know how he's happy about that. I I have great curiosity about that, so my curiosity is when Anderson Cooper realize that he could get this story and he would have the special was it his idea. No you. Under did TH the Cooper go to his this is CNN, say hey. I got a great idea. let me do a full
Special with stormy Daniels was that his idea, because it and feel like it doesn't. It feels like something that the bosses wanted to do and then they look. the right person to do it and they I thought he would be. He would be the best fit for this, pray for whatever reason. So it's those to me like in Christian Cooper, maybe hookah, an assignment that wasn't his idea. I hope that's true because My impression of him was a little bit classier, then what we saw with that interview- and I'm not talking about his performance, I'm talking about. in he was associated with that with that in any sense whatsoever. So It was not classy, and so I hope
that his boss is sort of pushed him into it. Um. Yeah and then there's a photojournalist. I can tell who's reading Fox NEWS and his reading CNN. so. These are stories that just don't exist on CNN there. The in the photo journalist who is captive by ISIS. I guess, and He was abandoned according to him by I don't know here? Somebody um does add some higher priority. I don't know it. I can see why he's unhappy- I'm not convinced it's a story do you think Roseanne Barr's show will persuade voters. Thord trump maybe maybe when does Roseanne's first show come on, it hasn't come on yet has it.
I know so it's tonight I was tonight. Well I'm I'm definitely going to watch you. recorded or or life it already has. Some people say tonight. Let's talk about the spelling of the diplomats, so here's the interesting thing about poor CNN and the other anti trumpers thinking, what their their biggest complaints about the president were. All let's do his biggest Biggest complaints about the presidents were not too long ago. He approval ratings were in the toilet, Well, now, they're heading up there, as high as other presidents, clearly heading up, and if I've taught you nothing,
were more affected by the direction of things than where they are and the The things is, is Trump's. Approval is improving Of course there would have been some fodder if the economy had been bad or if the stock market kept going down, but they didn't the the stock get sort of bottom and then bounce a little bit so they don't have the stock market or the economy or jobs. They still have that chaos thing and there's lots of turnover, but the trouble is you don't see any of that chaos turnover stuff, in any obvious way. Turning the bad decisions or bad policies. You could imagine sort of conceptually that all the chaos is causing some kind of inefficiency that we Seven scene play out in specific policies, not very persuasive right, it's not pursue
this is to say well, there's this concept going on of chaos. but we don't really see how it's playing out in the real world. It's not much of a complaint. There is There's North Korea that's unambiguously heading in the right direction. We don't know if it'll be the good result, but is heading that way something that no president has had before skews me. We see we've seen the Russia investigation. The collusion and obstruction story go from. Oh it's the biggest thing in the world, it's. The end of the world down too might be some unrelated people get in it for unrelated things might be about it. Okay, so they don't have that to use against the president anymore then they had their. Why do you love Russia so much it's like. Why
love Russia, so much where's. All our sanctions, hey butler sanctions, and then he puts which is out on the thirteen russian oligarchs etc were involved with the troll farms. So the best they had left after after he did in fact put sanctions on Russia was well, he could have done that sooner. That's all you have could have done it sooner Then they still had hey. But what about that? That alleged russian murder of the of the russian spy on british soil. What about that? How come the president not anything to Russia about that. Well, it turns so that we were waiting to do but at the same time as all the other countries to show a sign of solidarity. Great Britain are good, buddy and
so not only did he do something about that, he did it exactly right. Not only did it not leak, that's a big deal right, we're planning to do something for awhile apparently, and it didn't leak. and then, when he did it yeah. I'm talking about kicking out the russian that's he not only did it at the right time, meaning that he did it when the other countries did it. So we showed that solidarity, but he chose to to solve an unrelated problem at the same time Apparently the Where is the consulate that he closed Seattle somewhere up there, but he closed eight he closed a russian facility in the United States that,
was a known dead of spies? So you basically solve those spy problem. Am and work with the other countries in solidarity and punish Russia. He did everything that his critics wanted him to. Do he work with the allies. They kept a secret and then he solved it unrelated problem at the same time just because he could is like well. If we have to kick out some Russians who are the first. Russians in the country, ok! Well, we wanted to get rid of them anyway. Well, that's good for let's get rid of some russian spies aren't all Russians. Soul aspires yes, but they're, not all in the part of the country, extend the most dangerous, so I was something about the location near facility. Military facilities, maybe near our high tech that probably made a difference.
Ok, so the russian White, love. Russia story is fading. they'll have that as much anymore, then the Stormy Daniels saying so for awhile it like they had ha we've, not only stormy. We've got this, Playboy playmates, here's, the thing with the Playboy playmate. Uh in the process of hearing these stories, one of the things that came out was that. the president and Melania, had separate bedrooms and separate lives which opens the question. Was there actual cheating in the literal sense, or did they have an understanding seems to me that having a separate life is very, close to having an understanding and You could debate while understanding means, but
if your bologna, just hypothetically, you've married a trump. Let's say Donald Trump in particular. and you stop having a physical relationship with them and you're sleeping in another bedroom. What do you imagine he does in his free time? Alright, I have to have an actual conversation about it. You know. There's still an understanding there, so I think the public it's a different impression when they hear oh ok, they were little. You know opera bedrooms anyway. So but we don't know what the situation was. therefore we don't know if there was a problem that Violated any kind of trust, we don't know that We also heard that stormy, only got with the president once once,
no, when I heard the story of for some, you know it was like nonstop, stormy, Daniels story, stormy, stormy story. I sort of imagined it was some kind of long term thing, and as soon as the special came out and said, oh yeah, something happened once I thought to myself once. That's way less important than I thought it was so wonderful, big story too. Well, that's a big! Nothing! Well! You know now there's that the CNN tried to make something out of the random, not random, but some guy who sounded like shredder in the parking lot now. I think that would be important if it it happened recently, or there was some way to find out who it was or anything like that but it's sort of inert 'cause, it's could be proven, there's no evidence can figure out who it was it's one word
one person's opinion so that just sort of died on the vine. The. Yeah? So I think what happened was people so all the president as a real life person, as a person whose wife was sleeping, a different room and he was Make the best of it. That doesn't mean the Malattia was surprised right, so he just Well to me, it seems a little bit of sympathetic in the sense that His personal life was not going well, and just making the best of it? He was doing they could with what he had to work with and probably didn't want to be divorced, how do I know I don't you're saying that the Patient we're looking at painted drove him as more of a human being, who
problems that are not that different from everybody else's problems. Just not that different. then shut up, if you don't know I'm telling you I don't know, I'm just saying that the evidence in question does not does not give us a story that people care about. Alright, let me ask the question: how many of you will confess. to looking up on the internet Stormy Daniels, work related videos how many will admit that you look at a Stormy Daniels, video, to see what all the all the this was about. It's ok you're with friends here you could
whether you looked. somebody said I will you haven't yet? Nope lot of people said. No. How could you not look? I'm amazed. all right. Well, let me just tell you that If you haven't looked. Then you don't understand the story. Yet that's all I'm going to say. I would never look goes. I of course, don't look at things like that. Alright. So let's talk about the stunning lack of news,
Now it seems to me that there's no news happening today, which means which means uh, that there's something coming right, so we never have slowed. who's for long were not those days are over so there's, something coming. Probably something really interesting in something big. we'll be good or bad. But probably by the end of today, you're going to see a new story. It's the people who create stories for entertainment are also noticing in slow news and. the Tuesday Tuesday is do. You know what Tuesday is in the world of people who do stuff like this Tuesday is the best day to promote anything.
And so you'll see something something coming in today. I've got my podcasts up on my blog now, so the podcasts are they'll be on. Sometime this week, maybe today, but see all the podcast and download them at Dover dot com hit the blog menu. And then you can look for the there's, a little podcast menu. In soft launch, but it's you can find it there. Alright I'll talk to you later bye.