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Episode 700 Scott Adams: Beto’s Nazi Training, Kurdish Ethnic Cleansing, Buttigieg Surging, Tulsi v Clinton

2019-10-21 | 🔗

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  • Pierre Delecto 
  • Robert Schiller, expert on economics psychology…said what?
  • Beto goes full-Hitler and references Joseph “Gurgles”
  • X-Men theme, women are awesome, men are idiots
  • Pete Buttigieg: smart choices promoting his campaign
    • It’s hard not to like genuine
  • Lindsey Graham coming around on President Trump’s Syria play
  • CNN’s diabolically biased headlines
  • Hillary’s humorous parody letter
  • Is anything happening, ANYWHERE in the middle east…
    • …that is NOT ethnic cleansing?
  • Safe zone and flare-ups in the Turkey/Kurds cease-fire
    • Entrenched positions and shaking the box
  • A funny Halloween costume suggestion

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oh boom boom boom boom boom boom pop pop pop powell hey everybody come on in here happy monday it's time for coffee with scott adams and you're in luck 'cause you came to the right place it's another wonderful day and the only thing that could make it better is the simultaneous step i think you know that and all you need to participate is a copper mug are glasses snifters stein cellist anchored thermas flash canteen grail goblet vessel of any kind of solid with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled
measure dopamine hit of the day the thing that makes everything better this simultaneous step go oh oh i feel all of my pleasure circuits fired up so let's talk about some stuff let's talk about tulsi n verses hillary clinton their war of words this is working out really well for both of them would you say so tell c gabbard gets a whole bunch of attention because hillary clinton says she's a russian asset so suddenly told c gets tons of attention she gets to hard against clinton that's always popular at least was some of the public
and i think it works really well for tulsi but it's also working really well for clinton because hillary is just trying to stay in the headlines sell some books keep her speaking fees up to stay relevant and i think the funniest thing about this story is that clinton used trump's style of hyperbole against well in this case against falsely but i guess indirectly it might be against trump so now and and i thought to myself well you know there's a few things you know i i've never i've never the one who's completely negative about hillary clinton because she has some strong characteristics she has a lot of game and i don't think you can diminish that and she's doing it again there because you know
now you watch the clips of her talking about you know any of this anybody being on a russian russian assets to me it's obvious that she doesn't believe that in the literal sense you say you because you know saying that will gather all kinds of attention and it's sort of very trump like probably i think i think what she means is that there are some candidates that russia per first of maybe they'll send some trolls to support them which is very different from being a a russian of papa to russian asset it might just mean that russia prefer some candidates over others and even less i'm good for so good play hillary clinton for getting people all worked up about something that clearly you don't read seriously
but she said that once so that worked there's a funny little story about lee mitt romney has the a fake twitter account in which she goes by the name pierre dialect now which is uh apparently spanish for delicious peter make of that what you will delicious peter ok now there's no real story there because i i think celebrities certainly are it's
understandable they would have secret accounts so they can monitor the social media without being spotted and turning into something else so i'm fully in favor of mitt romney having a private account he's apparently admitted that i think is very clever there's somebody tracked it down and found it it was very clever let's talk about nobel prize winning economist robert shiller now here's a behavioral economist in other words he studies not just economics by how people psychology drives economics so he was famous for making some great predictions in the past and so it's notable when he says i'm he believes a recession may be years away due to a
bullish trump effect in the market now here's the interesting part you can't really go on tv and say good things about trump right but on the other hand you also can't make bad economic predictions and expect to stay credible as an economist so you have this famous economist who doesn't want make a bad prediction but also doesn't want to directly say something positive about trump what do you do here's what he did he attributes the his prediction that the economy might stay strong for several years to the fact that people see trump consuming a lot as a billion
they see his type of consumption and they tried to emulate it by buying things does that sound even a little bit kredible's supposed ridiculous thing but it's somewhat transparently ridiculous to the point where it almost seems honest because the neo seems so obvious that why he's really saying is it trump is good for the psychology of of the market but again if you're a famous economist you want to sell books you want to be invited places you want to stay incredible you can't say directly folks i'm a nobel prize winning behavioral economists and i'm also
famous for good predictions and this is exactly my expertise and i gotta tell you that president trump is really really good at the psychology of economies and his very very good performance at managing our collective psychology causes people to feel good about the economy and act that way so we can say that right but he has to say something so he says people might be copying trump to consume a lot and that's driving the economy i mean isn't that a little bit funny that the best he could come up with is that 'cause that doesn't even pass the most basic sniff test but still it's something it was it's at least a little bit of a speculative explanation about why the economy will likely stay strong
now this is a perfect example of what i talk about in my book losers like i have a chapter in here about how to learn at least some of the the easy stuff then in a communist knows and i just gave you an example economists know that economies run on psychology how many people in the general public understand that the economy is driven almost entirely by psychology unless there's some kind of a shock like a war or a shortage of something important but we don't have any of that going on right now so under those conditions when there isn't with them when there are no shortages and we have perfect communication worldwide is really a psychology engine how many people do that well if you
red loser think you would know that and you know a few other similarly basic easy ideas about economics there's somebody like robert shiller already knows so why is it the robber schiller see clearly that the economy is likely to stay strong what other people can't see that is because he has an extra vision he has access to another another industry and other domain of college economics and behavioral economics meaning the psychological elements of it specifically now i have the same training uh i'm sort of the bad version of the nobel prize winning economist meaning that i majored majored in economics i've worked in a lot of businesses etc so i have a lot of experience but i have the same training so when i looked at
trump as a candidate i said to myself very much like any behavioral economist would what would president trump's approach to things due to our collective psychology and our belief about the economy and to me it was obvious it was obviously he had these salesmanship the cheerleader of fact and the he understood trump understood that these are active ingredients they're not just some fluff it's not just the frosting on the cake it's the cake right the the psychology of the economy isn't the frosting it's not the candles it's looking eric trump understood that he said it plainly and clearly a number of times he demonstrated it and everything he does
cheerleading the economy uh schiller could see this a mile away and so could i 'cause i have access to the same training so loser think can train to be able to see around corners without having to be an economist you'll just get some of the tricks in different fields not just economics but that's just one example all right in the hope you buy that book in pre order now because that would be good for me if you
your order there is a story did you see the bellow interview with on msnbc in which he goes full hitler however is only now bennett was talking about trump in the end he's talking about the idea of the big lie in these comparing this to joseph goebbels which i believe was referred
to an interview as joseph gurgles so that was funny but hello goes on to explain that a small live might not be believed but if you tell a big lie can you tell it often enough you can convince people of basically anything and he demonstrated that by them telling some of the biggest lies in the public domain so you tried to press the specifically the the fine people hoax now if you think that the president all the leading racist as phil find people well then you've been hoaxed you can i would recommend that you google a hash tag find people hoax and then follow the links to my blog and you'll see why it's a hoax even though if you're listening to this and you're saying to self my god scott what are you saying
there's no way that's a hoax i heard it with my own ears i saw with my own eyes i saw the president say that no you didn't you do if you're watching this and this is the first time you've heard this year you're really going crazy right now your saying scott you apologist you crazy trump support sure i heard it with my own ears i saw the president say it no you didn't go look at the transcript go look at the full video what you saw in what you heard is a edited version which does make it look like you saying that but if you see the full version it's crystal clear that he specifically excluding the nazis from the fine people he says that indirect language so you don't have to wonder about it anyway so bad oh is pushing the fine people hopes at the same time
that he's saying that you shouldn't believe the big lie and then he gives the big lie and people believe it 'cause they're watching msnbc and they don't know any better is there in a bubble and the people in them miss msnbc gannon their bubble yes they can if they read this book it's not likely they will so you might have to read it and help them out of their bubble i tried to watch i tried to watch a movie or a little bit of it last night called x men now it's the latest one you know x had a number of movies but it's the latest one in which of course the those in the latest x men are all women so the women are the strongest superheroes
your watching any sci fi or superhero stuff lately you know that that's the trend for the last several years the strongest character the most badass best fighter strong is mentally is always a woman in that sort of a a reaction to the fact that there have been x decades of male heroes in the genre and so now i'm fully fully on board with adding diversity making sure that women are well represented making sure that use you
your movies look a little a little bit more like the world right so i'm okay with that those are good thanks but i think the overshot the mark a little bit i find that i can't even watch these this content anymore it's so over the top in trying to be politically correct that is just sort of insulting to man at this point now maybe women felt the same way when it was they were all male dominated roles they may have felt exactly the same way and that's not good
but uh x men is unwatchable because they just added this political element of women are better than men and i just can't watch a lot of it i just can't watch a lot of it i'm fully ok having some movies with female stars and throw in any kind of ethnicity want that's great but they don't all have to be that do they they don't all have to be women are awesome and men are idiots do they i mean we have enough car commercials for that try watching watching a car insurance commercial you'll poke your eyes out alright that's enough that will talk about people judge people judge is outperforming and impressing the country but he's impressing me and i want to call out a few things that he's doing right
number one my big complaint with him early on is that he looked too young yeah such a youthful you know look they just looks like a young guy i thought that was working against because when you're picking a president you need a little bit of seasoning and but i think the the campaign process is aging him because the last time i saw him you know at the debate i did not have the feelings that i had the first number of times i saw him which is that he looks a little too young need some seasoning somehow i don't know exactly how it could be just the pressure of campaigning it could be just 'cause he's smart he's changing his demeanor a little bit i don't know exactly what it is but he's not registering as two young anymore
is anybody else having that feeling that he went from all clearly too young and inexperienced two somehow he's moving that he's moving that dial and i didn't think he could 'cause my just subjective opinion is maybe i'm just used to them but he doesn't look too young anymore are you anybody saying that besides maine there's some things different i don't know somebody say here that is make up maybe but i'm i don't know how that would work you're the other things i love about people to judge he is a gay guy running for president without saying vote for me because i'm gay that was also what president obama did so brilliantly present president obama never said vote for me because i'm black
and people love that people said okay i actually will vote for you at least in probably partly because i'd like to even up things in the and maybe i will maybe i will value the fact that you're black i'll make that a variable
but obama allowed people to think they were doing that on their own in other words he didn't ask you to elect the first black president had he asked people to elect the first black president i think people would say i'm not about that no thank you run on your qualities and just be black and then i'll vote for you so obama did the smartest thing you can do he ran on his qualifications on his proposals on his optimism hope and change an he let other people decide that they also liked him because he was black and i'm including myself in this category i also liked him because he was black 'cause i thought that was something the country needed to get past and what a great opportunity to do it 'cause he seemed qualified
so judges is making the same play it's so so easily he could have made the hillary clinton mistake he could have said vote for me because i'm a woman you know that's why hillary and these making that mistake and sometimes you don't notice how how well somebody's performing until you ask yourself wait a minute other people are making this mistake what do you know what house he avoiding it well he's smarter is is playing it better is elizabeth warren of waiting that mistake no she's not elizabeth warren is very much making her gender part of the decision what do you think every man in america says about that every
men in america privately into themselves and says some version like this i like the idea of electing a woman for president eventually you know some day i would like to see a woman president i think most men or say you're not a hundred percent for anything but i think most men are saying to themselves absolutely let's get past that let's let's have a female president republican or democrat some day we're ready everybody's reading weather's this time or next time we're already what what we don't i want to be told list of all for her for her gender if your mail and you hear that and that's essentially what warren is saying it's essentially what some of the others were saying is essentially what clinton and as soon as you hear that you can't really vote for anymore
takes it off the table and my this is just my opinion i think other others would agree but as soon as you're pushing that is your part of your qualification you're not qualified so buddha judges doing right by not making his you know his game this part of his qualifications not asking anybody to vote for him because of it uh that's the right way to play it it makes me say oh yeah i'd love to have a gay president i've said this before i would literally love having a gay president whether it's him or somebody else weather's now or later just in general be it would be a nice and they say thing to push through but here's the other thing i love about booty judge i don't know if you saw this please having a money
the money raising that event in which you can if you donate money you get in a your name gets put in a hat too maybe go to a broadway play of hamilton with to burn a judge's husband chess is a chest in her chest pain i don't know how to pronounce his name justin
i think that's it now here's what i love about that everything i love everything about that now some of you are going to say i would not want to do that but i gotta say as soon as i saw that i almost donated money to be checked i'm not even kidding i almost donated money because i thought to myself i would love to go see hilton with christina and people to judges osborne i can't think of a more fun to borrow more fun thing to do that would be totally a great night and i literally paused and said i could give a little bit of money to boot a judge it wouldn't change the wouldn't change the result but maybe i could get to go see hamilton with justin and chest pain or chest and i don't know
now if you've seen a booty judges husband chastain or chastain somebody needs to tell me how to is that you know that he's a he's an interesting character and i kind of like him i mean i just kind of like his act because both judge and his husband are not trying to be anything except who they are they seem so completely genuine that it's hard not to like genuine and and i think that obama a and bhutta judge are finding that the secret and i would say i'm gonna throw in tell city too have you where is the tulsa is popular among republicans which seems unusual i think that all three of them oh
register is honest and i think that that goes it goes a long way with conservatives and republicans republicans can take a lot if you're completely honest am i right republicans will put up with a lot of different opinions a lot of different lifestyles a lot of different everything as long as you're completely honest about it at which point to service go all right well it's not my choice but i got to respect that always respect honesty so i'm i think the judges doing that right are also canceled let's talk about lindsey graham seems to be coming around on this
whole situation with the curves and he actually said this this is lindsey graham on on maria barta romo's show he said quote i am increasingly optimistic that we can have some historic saloon things in syria that have eluded us for years if we play our cards right so lindsey graham went from my god this was the biggest mistake in the world i oppose this will all of my might to you know i'm starting to feel like this might be one of the best things ever now you can't really trust anybody in the little domain and the political season but i think you have to admit that
graham has demonstrated he is willing to go against the president and really hard when he when he feels that that's the right thing to do for whatever reason and so this turn around is more credible than it would be they had been someone else right because grand has i think he's earned some credibility in the sense that he's willing to be on which side of the issue he thinks is right independent of party allegiance uh but you can't be completely sure this isn't just a political change it's hard to do
uh but here's the thing that here so cnn uh here's how cnn characterized lindsey graham's recent interview i think they're talking about the same one that the one that was on maria brown aroma uh here's what they said cnn says and i quote in the headline lindsey graham does not rule out the possibility of trump impeached if new evidence emerges there's another funniest headline you've ever seen lindsey and does not rule out the possibility of trump impeachment if new evidence emerges do you know how do you know who else has that opinion everyone
is there anybody in the world we think that you could rule out impeachment if you had new information new information you didn't know about the suggest we should impeach there's nobody is a different opinion that turning this into a headline is so cleverly diabolically biased that i had to laugh here's some here are some other things i don't rule out i do not rule out the possibility that that elizabeth warren keeps the bodies of dead salesman in your basement i'm not
she does but i'm not ruling it out i'm not going to rule out that if bernie sanders shoot somebody on fifth ave that uh i don't that i think he will go should go to jail for that i can't rule it out so all of cnn does this a lot they do the the what if and the hypotheticals hypothetically is it sybil the joe biden is a it is a lot of murder rapist or whatever well hypothetically hypothetically if i found new and new evidence that that joe biden had committed serious crimes i would change my opinion of them hypothetically
i say so what else we out here hillary clinton tried to be funny by tweeting around a letter apparently that was created by the jimmy kimmel no there was a humorous parody showing allegedly a letter between jfk and gorbachev talking about the cuban missile crisis but using sort of trump like language to show how funny it would be uh and then hillary tweeted that around and it was actually very funny letter i have to say you know funny is funny and that was in my opinion quite funny but she got in trouble for not for not specifying the source
hours at i'm sorry it was crew chef not gorbachev i get my russian leaders confused yeah so his letter from allegedly let parody letter from kennedy to khrushchev zero the it clinton can't do anything right ken she does one thing right which is forward around something that's actually quite funny and then she doesn't give proper attributions so she gets in trouble ben shapiro is saying that the demo battlefield is so weak that now is the time for hillary clinton to jump in and take advantage of the weak and fractured field i don't take any of any of these somebody's going to jump in the race stuff seriously i don't think hillary's going to do but i don't think she's even thinking about a little bit i don't think michelle obama is going to do it and i don't think mike bloomberg is going to do it
i don't think any of them are going to do it because the trouble is if you don't have traction already the odds of getting it at this point are not that good so i also disagree that hillary clinton could get the nomination i think if clinton jumped in she would just be absolutely eviscerated by the democrats forget about the republicans republicans would be all for it let's talk some more about the curves there's a kurdish military leader who says that there is ethnic cleansing going on that the turks are involved in ethnic cleansing to which i say is that is
stay in the middle east is there anything happening in the middle east let's not ethnic cleansing if you were a if you were a jewish person can you go live in saudi arabia if you belong to isis are you allowed it to become a the end of israel is it is of the entire region just one big exercise and ethnic cleansing now the ethnic cleansing in this comes in this context does mean killing it means relocating and not allowing certain people in certain places well that's exactly what's happening the entire point of a safe zone the entire point of everything that's going on over there is ethnic
and indeed i don't think there's anybody over there who thinks all the other this they should stay together cuz it's just going to be war the whole point of a safe zone is that all the smart people in the area said alright we get bop it just turns out we can all live together we're gonna have to do is to let the cleansing i think people would ethnically cleanse themselves over there so i go yeah i don't want to be in that group i might get killed so i think all ethnically cleanse myself and go hang out with my own people so the the claim of ethnic cleansing is both a whole one hundred percent true and one hundred percent irrelevant 'cause there's nothing but ethnic cleansing happening anywhere in the middle east that's all they do they have it they don't do anything but ethnic cleansing
if you see people walking around they're probably doing some ethnic cleansing you see then wake up in the morning they probably say themselves huh what can i do today to ethnically cleanse my town a little bit so that has to be seen in contexts now the military leaders name is muslim i believe he says that there are more than five hundred civilian casualties so far right the head of the kurds military says there are five hundred more than five hundred civilian casualties so you you make some civilians what do you make of that estimates number one he is the head of the military for the kurds so whatever number he gives for how
many people have been killed on his side you gotta zoom is high right 'cause he's not going to be a very good military leader if you see lowballs the estimate of people who were being ethnically cleansed and golden woon did so of course he's going to round it up a little bit but also says casualties so a casualty includes woon did plus kilt how many do you think
of the five hundred were killed it generally speaking if you saw that five hundred people were casualties what ratio would you back that up to to the number of people who were killed the fatalities if it if you took that as a true number of five hundred people got at least woon did what does that imply about the number killed tell yeah i'm seeing in the comments one thousand and twelve something like that now here's the question apparently the ceasefire is sort of holding most of the time meaning that there
there are some flareups but the flare ups don't seem to be turning into bigger things they are flaring and then disappearing if the if the ceasefire holds in the sense that apparently four hundred thousand kurds have been displaced but that was the whole point they're trying to create his own that safe and the kurds we're not safe from the perspective the turks the kurds we're not safe to have on their border from the perspective of the turks zero ah i'm so here's the question that i ask you if you knew that the safe zone was going to work let's say you could look into the future and say wow there were a lot of lot of missteps lot of you know there are people who got killed it shouldn't have been killed it was very imperfect but
it's a few years in the future and you look at it you say yeah kinda worked of worked the media prevented a bigger war turkey turkey doesn't need tell me more people that are happy that they have some safe the other border the other found some situation that's politically stable working with syria maybe it's not perfect but at least stable if that to be the future what would you say about let's say twelve deaths they bought that future would you say that a ten or twelve people got killed in the service of creating this safe zone which kept everybody saying for a longer period if
and would it be worth ten or twelve deaths now of course every death is a tragedy and the families of those people are never the same so i'm certainly not going to say that for anybody personally involved that it was worth it because for them it's not alright so let's be clear on that the people who are victims are just victims but in the bigger picture of war and peace people do die it's always a tragedy but they do die would you say that it worked out maybe as well as it could have if ten or twelve people die it we get these safe zones that create some stability i and he would i think you would say that that was worth a few deaths now
do you believe that we could have gotten to the whatever lindsey graham thinks could be this potentially historic good situation could we have gotten there without the president saying i'm done talking screw it i just made a decision work it out probably not because if you don't say screw it i'm out work it out yourselves if you don't say that and then actually move your people out and say look we're out work it out if you want to kill each other knock yourselves out i don't think we could have gotten here and i think historians are going to say the same thing and it feels like lindsey graham is coming around to that point of view
there's sometimes you just gotta grab the box and just shake it 'cause otherwise people are just entrenched in their positions and they're never going to change he changed their positions it might be one of the greatest things that we've ever seen from the president way too early to say that right so if so if you're jumping on me if you're pouncing on me for saying a scott way too early these things never workout you're not wrong 'cause this is the sort of thing that you don't really expect is going to workout too well because just the players involved in the dynamics there but if it did and it certainly sort of edging in the right
action if it did it could be one of the great things the president ever did that possibility still exists with the facts that we have right now all right um that's all i got not much going on today i feel like i feel as if the president didn't create enough news this week uh i'm just looking at your comments here for a minute canadian elections today oh yeah alright so there's something that i've been wanting to say about the just justin trudeau situation that i kept telling myself don't say a scott don't say it because you're going to be misinterpreted somebody's going to take this out of context i'm going to
and anyway so we've all watched the justin trudeau black face saying we also that he apparently dressed in that costume several times at different times the funniest comment came from cold in a man who noted that the election was happening before halloween and he said that was a good move by trudeau because hey why tempt yourself and how's the election after halloween is one of the greatest jokes ever but here's here's what i would like to add to the discussion somewhere in the world there's an african american man who needs to go to a halloween costume event as justin trudeau can i please have that
i don't ask for a lot i just want one african american man to wear a what is the genie costume from what was the movie and nothing else just put on the the aladdin costumes that there we saw the famous pictures of trudeau just don't do anything you're an african american man just put on the eleven costume and go as justin trudeau a please please just one person has to do it and produce the picture and put the picture on social media so we can all just laugh this thing away all right can we all agree if there's one thing that we can all agree on be white be you black bu brown person of color of any type bul gb tqbu but bu american bu any other ethnicity there is
one thing we can all agree on there is an african american ghost wallowing costume goes with all although in the vent in in aladdin costume but goes as justin trudeau it has to happen please dear god just somebody do it and and send us the the photo now if there's an african american man who was to take it to the next level of putting on a suit like justin trudeau and maybe somehow the hair cut guess you need a week or something and uses white face to go is justin trudeau also funny that would also be funny give a give you us a lot of a lot of credit for the
but that one might be perceived wrong that just because the act of putting something on your face to change your fs they just people are rub people wrong so that one would be funny an i promise if i saw somebody do that i would laugh and take it good naturedly but it's a little bit better just actually be black put on in aladdin costume and go is justin trudeau please somebody do it somebody do it that's all i asked i asked for one thing this year just one thing alright yeah somebody's agreeing don't don't do it with the white face that just that doesn't feel right the field yeah that feels like the ruins the joke takes a little too far right you did a little bit of subtlety to pull this off alright that's all for now and i will talk to you all later
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