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Episode 702 Scott Adams: The Winningest President Ever, The Sim Takes Over, Lots of Loserthink

2019-10-23 | 🔗

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  • Steven Crowder reports Google restricting Tulsi in US
  • Angela Merkel says multicultural society efforts have “utterly failed”
  • A list of things where President Trump has been proven correct
  • Hillary’s email server may NOT be a big deal…as I predicted
  • President Trump should push 2 Ukraine call points
    1. It’s his job
    2. It was his top priority
  • Republicans clever response to Tayler’s secret testimony
  • Words that work well together…”Do Nothing Dems”
  • Joe Biden is going UP in the polls?
  • Are Democrats in complete panic mode?
  • Matt Lewis “digging up dirt” comment
  • @Lurchspun has a clever phrase “Shampeachment”
  • The word…”lynch” and other offensive words
  • Hong Kong government drops extradition bill

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open pom pom pom pom pom favors everybody oh there you are hey harry about in good to see you the rest of you come on in he seemed a little slow this morning what's going on what's going on but i do notice that you all look a little bit sexier than usual i think that's probably just from the exposure to coffee with scott adams you can have that effect but before we get going i think you know what you need you need a little thing called the simultaneous sip and you can do that without much preparation at all all you need is a copper mug or glass snifter stein cellist acre third is flash can't
grill goblet vessel of any kind shell with your favorite liquid i'm partial to coffee and joining me now for the simultaneous up the dopamine end of the day and the thing that makes everything better go better than ever whoa whoa let's talk about a few things i mentioned in the title of this periscope that the simulation is talking to us every now and then i feel as though we're just in sort of a simulation where the writer is writing hackneyed sort of obvious plot parts where you say
yeah that part's obvious i saw that cover that's exactly the way i would have written it here's an example kim jong owners decided that the resort that he built with the help of south korea some some years ago is too shabby it was a tear it all down and start over and build himself a new better resort do i have to even finish the rest of this kim jong on needs help building a luxury resort oh come on are you telling me that this stuff is randomly happening there's gotta be somebody writing this this reality because what could be more perfect as an opening for president trump than to say you know i know a guy
let's just get together and talk about you resort would it be the coolest thing ever this is not going to happen but just you can imagine it in this weird world would it be the coolest thing ever if the president invited kim jong on over to the white house just to talk about the resort and then just then that's it yeah we just wanted talk about the resort see if we could help now you saved yourself wait wait wait that would be a waste because what about nuclear weapons and everything but here's the thing you don't have to worry too much about a company or a country that has nuclear weapons if they like you that's how it works people point their weapons that people they don't like so if president trump just
continues to like kim jong hoon as long as he is president we don't really have much of a problem now the next president might be a problem but what are the odds of kim jong moon needs to be wants to build out a quality resort that's just too perfect steven crowder youtube personality i don't want to call him but he's got a youtube show with a lot of lot of followers and he claims that he has discovered that google is restricting search does for tulsi gabbert but only in the united states so apparently if you search in europe you get lots of results if you search the united states you get fewer here's my problem with that i do not for a moment out that the allegation
that is true but is that the only way this could happen and the answer is maybe not this is one of those situations where the other explanation could fall into that big grey category of things you couldn't have imagined things you never thought of things that are caused by other things you didn't know were things so it certainly completely feasible with fits all observed everything the google would be intentionally suppressing some candidates none of that would be surprising none of that would i think even be new but is this one of those cases the trouble is that for every one of these situations where you're sure you use you've caught them got you now
now there's there's no way you can explain this away sometimes there are ways to explain it away there's just not obvious now i don't know if there is one in this case i'm making more of a general statement that when you see some specific claim about a social media platform might be true it might be true but you don't know all the variables involved so it might not be true let me give you an example where i can't imagine anything but bad behavior being a reason i recently got a dm from somebody who follows me on twitter both of us are let's say names you might be familiar with so the
the dm to me is somebody you may have seen on twitter or would know of the person from that person's other work yeah and informed me that he or she had to that just keeping some privacy in the conversation room and told me the here she has had to repeatedly follow me on twitter but i think three or four times now and each time i guess aug fall automatically now i say to myself well first of all this same thing happened to my brother and my brother only follows one person my brother only follows main i said is the only reason is on twitter just to follow up his one person he follows and after months of following main one day got automatically unfall and now do you think there's any chance but that was a fluke or a random accident with twitter
maybe yeah maybe but i can't i can't i see as being possible and then when the the newer one reported it is the same thing when i add a little twitter poll sometime ago which i asked some of the people of i have been the automatically on followed from me and i think i had an assist in other people or something well whatever was was big number so is seems to maine the twitter automatically unfollowing is thing but i don't know why it doesn't necessarily mean everybody's intentionally doing it because if you've ever worked with software you know that unintentional consequences are the most common thing in the world so for example let's say the algorithm couldn't handle i don't know a certain volume of things
you would only notice it with some users who have high volumes of activity because it's a volume related bug so i could i could certainly see this somebody like me was i guess three hundred and forty two thousand followers and maybe if i've got a tweet that's getting a lot of attention this is just a hypothetical i'm not saying this is likely i'm just giving you a hypothetical could it be that there could be a bug that would only affect larger accounts and because i tend to be looking for problems and people reporting them to me because they're looking for problems could it be the conservatives here about the bug while it's happening at the same rate with large left leaning accounts but they're not looking for it 'cause they don't expect there's a problem could it be just selective attention that is a universal bug that affects some people
there are some circumstances but the people on the left have no reason to suspect the platforms are doing anything wrong so i'm just never noticed is that possible totally possible it's a it's completely possible that what looks unambiguously like it has to be bad behavior could have some other explanation so to avoid loser think always remind yourself that the most likely explanation for an event you can't explain is something you haven't thought of is just something beyond your experience but it's not that unusual
by the way if you have not ordered my book lose you think it's available now for pre order and it would help me a lot if you do that so please do because sooner is better all right let's talk about germany so here's the here's more of the the simulation winking at us i i thought this was a fake story when i first read it but i think this is a real story 'cause it was on a real news site was it on fox news i think germany's german chancellor angela merkel said that the countries attempt at building a multicultural society have utterly failed
can you believe that so angela merkel one of trump's biggest critics and of course everybody in the world is a critic of trump for wanting to limit the amount of of or at least amount or even types of immigration because it's a drain on the it's a burden on the country if it takes too much stimulation takes away from jobs etc you know the arguments but angela merkel has just come right out and said that the immigration and the multicultural society utterly failed is that the most mind blowing thing you've ever seen now she does go on and say that they are committed to continuing immigration
and their continued and they are committed to making it work even though it is not worked yet so is shea said fairly unambiguously that i mean utterly failed is as clear as you can say something she's saying that the thing that has been my primary policy one of my biggest differences with the president was doing it the other way my biggest policy almost a signature or you know a vent is it under failure and i'm gonna keep doing it that's actually what you said it's mind blowing and the thing is that with trump
i think trump supporters have always had the following feeling that trump will be excoriated eviscerated and criticized more than you've ever seen anybody criticized for most of his decisions in the short run but that time would vindicate him in other words he's making trump often makes what i would call adult decisions that really really hurt when they happened but the whole point is that later you'll be better off so i would say that trump is indicated on read the goshen asians with china for example when you say it's been in the can meaning that every the critics said don't know you can have a trade war of the economy will plunge it happened trump was right i mean it it had a big effect on some statements which we can do what we can do to help ease such as
farming segment but apparently it didn't hurt our economy at all trump was right and as we learn more about china's bad behavior the country has been purse did by trump from a lease tried alone it's just business two oh my god china is a real problem a lot of different levels from fenton role to you name it and is to stealing r i p to bad bad trade negotiators so now i think trump has been completely vindicated no matter what happens with china if we get a trade deal he'll be vindicated and if we do a couple he'll also be vindicated because remember the starting point is that we don't want those old deals which i know they're not a good partner he's right i would say it's been totally vindicated when trump became president
even before he was sworn in the expert said the economy is going to crumble crumble i say did it no it did not the all the experts who are anti trump were all wrong here's another one just to blow your mind uh it looks like things are going to workout in syria as of this morning so maybe that'll change by tomorrow but as of this morning it looks like russia and turkey have decided to work together to patrol the the safe sounds which will allow turkey to repatriate people it will create a much more stable situation it killed exactly zero american troops to get it done none how many curds got killed have you heard because my news sources
don't tell me i don't know if even one has died do you i mean i assume people have died because his military action bombs are going off i don't know how nobody would die but why if we heard zero estimates with reliable ones you know from some kind of entity that you would trust zero estimates of deaths maybe there were many maybe there were many because it looks like they've worked it out and it looks like the president is going to be totally vindicated again meaning that shaking the box i just saying alright we're out if you can't make a deal with us in make a deal with us out so he took his out i think history is good love him for this let me ask you another question this is for the historians historians please weigh in
is there any american president who has had fewer military troops for our country die during his first three years as in president had fewer military deaths from his own country in his first three years probably actually some periods where we weren't fighting much but he might have the record yeah you might have to go back to the sony said van buren kelvin college you might have to go back a while you might have to go back a while and if you do go back you end up with a lot of accidental military deaths i mean my guess is that if you go back you know a hundred years you had military people dying from all kinds of things that they didn't need to be dying from that were not necessarily
military related so so this is jimmy carter i don't know maybe tell that second simultaneous up without the simultaneity was great too so it looks like we're heading towards situation where the truck might get impeached at the same time he may have the best record of any president for preserving life you know military life on in our country he might have the best economy of all time the best policy about trade negotiations and then i talk
about this before even the left is agreeing that trump made mexico pay for the wall even his critics agree that he made mexico pay for the wall now what i'm talking about is actually paying for their own troops to guard the southern part of mexico to keep the caravans from coming up witcha definitely is a big explanation is a big expense so i don't know it just seems like one thing after another trump is being proven to be correct in the wrong in the long run what do you think of this story that hillary clinton's email server there were a bunch of improprieties by a bunch of people but none of it raises not level illegality i guess so there won't be any legal anything for hillary clinton base
on email server now let's all check our predictions what was your prediction about the outcome of the hillary clinton dale situation once you knew that republicans were going to be looking into it sort of it's not hillary's own insider team that was looking into it was republicans and democrats too but what did you think was going to be the outcome well i'll tell you what my prediction was does anybody remember what my prediction was for the emails no big deal that was my prediction my prediction was it's no big deal it will never turn into anything 'cause there's enough there there are some things that should have been done the way they were done but there just isn't enough there that are well would become illegal
now was that your prediction because one of the things i recommend in loser think is that you track your predictions even if you didn't make them even if you didn't make them in pub as i did track how many times you're right and how many times you're wrong 'cause if you find out that your predictions are consistently wrong maybe do some differently i would say that this is the situation in which my prediction was exactly right yeah it wasn't perfect people did some things some things categorized wrong but not much there just nothing there now what do you think will come of the the ukraine phone call situation well for those of you who say i never criticized the president or this administration let me criticize them
and and the administration right now and this will be a pretty big criticism so again store this away when you are tempted to say scott only agrees with the denton says whatever he does is right and it's all good i am starkly going to disagree with how the president and his staff have handled the ukraine phone calls all right here's what they're doing wrong there should be going directly at it they almost did uh the president has said it was a perfect phone call and then mulvaney did his confusing thing sorry i thought he was talking about one thing but then he tried to clarify it and made it worse so i would say that the administration has completely blown an easy lay up here's the layout number there will be it might be some lawyer who tells me that this is a bad idea but this is my opinion for
the president should have said and still get and his administration should have said and still can and the pundits who support him should have said this and still can that it was absolutely the president's job to look into any problems with the bidens and ukraine's it's his job and here's the here's the key part is his top priority so you need to throw that it don't don't just say well it's the dozens job to make sure that there's no foreign interference of our political system biden is still leading in the polls not just against other democrats but against trump according to all objective measure measures if you take your subject of the end of it for a moment biden is the most likely next president does biden have some things which need some explaining
not be illegal but certainly we need some visibility on it with his connections with ukraine yes on ending useful yes there's no question that because hunter biden had an association there was a lot of money for we can't tell what presumably political connections that alone the stuff that we know the public knows is by far enough for the president to say can you look into joe biden is there any joe biden anything that we need to worry about with ukraine and look into his son
take it off now have you heard the president say that somebody said he said it i have not heard the president say these two things it's my job it's my top priority that's the key part the top priority part is the making you think past the sale part if you just say it's my job they'll say i know it's not maybe that maybe the fbi should be doing that they'll argue it even if their argument is bad so if you just say yes my job to look into these things it's not enough take it to the next level level two it was my top priority 'cause you want them to argue not whether it was your job yes or no 'cause you know they'll say no it was his job but they'll say no you want to you want them to argue past the sale of whether it was his job and into the sale of was it his top priority or just something important top priority
or just something important top priority or just important if you can bring their minds there then you have them exactly where you want them 'cause it's either a top priority or just something important but to hear them let me say i've got a little quote here from somebody on the other team talking about this in the worst possible way so who said this was it in some political piece today somebody said that a bomb doesn't matter who that the trump supporters are being forced into a fall back argument right so this is what the the anti trumpers were saying saying that what he did was inappropriate talking about the
rain phone call and asking them to look into buying agreeing that it was inappropriate but fall short of the standard for high crimes and misdemeanors needed for impeachment this at the fall back argument to say yeah ok he did it but it's not that bad it's not impeachable bad that's not the fall back argument that's a terrible fall back argument how 'bout using the argument instead of a fall back argument it's not a fall back to say it was his job to look into foreign interference there was plenty of evidence that says that should be looked into and this is top priority it's not a fall back argument is the argument it's never been made why am i the only person saying this but does anybody by the way i've said this now a number of times in public maybe not as clearly as i'm saying it now i've not seen anybody arguing
what i'm saying is there any legal reason that he can't claim the keeping the country safe from foreign interference especially when is so blatant in the sense that there's enough there that you need to look into it which is diff from saying it's blatantly illegal or it's problem don't know if it's problem do no i want to look into it um it is a job to ensure the foreign aid is not wasted in corruption correct but off point so those people were saying but he was doing his job by tell them to look into crowd strike in the twenty sixteen election that's not the part anybody is arguing about so you don't need to defend the part that nobody's talking about that part's fine it's only the part about looking into bite and that the left has been allowed to define as digging up dirt on your political
as long as you allow them to define what happened as digging up dirt on your political opponent well let's never right right then he's going to be in favor of that but there are some words that mean exactly the same thing and are one hundred percent accurate he was protecting for and against foreign interference he was doing his job and it was a top priority and we have a deal with with ukraine that we cooperate on this stuff there's no way that my approach isn't the kill shot on this and i am puzzled why the trump administration doesn't take it unless there's some kind of legal reason that's not obvious to me i don't know how it would ever be illegal to do your job and also work on your top priority
with an ally who has an explicit agreement for this that we have a coordination agreement on judicial so it blows my mind that the administration has completely i would say completely messed up on their response to all of this stuff they had a clear kill shot still do not using it they're letting the kill shot just lay there how bad it was my job and it was my top priority and you would be mad if i didn't do it um i'm loving the republicans response to this guy taylor who apparently was one of the
secret testimonies so secret meaning that some of the congress people know what was said but not the public it's all secret secrecy kit so because it's secret the bad people can define it anyway they want so the democrats can say oh ha you would not believe the secret stuff we heard about the president today i can't tell you but man he's so impeached based on what i heard that i can tell you now what are you going to do with that there's nothing you can do with it because you can't prove your case you can't the facts you just have somebody making an opinion so the republicans have gone with this they're saying that his his testimony was totally dismantled by somebody else's is questions
is that true is a totally true that the witness taylor and the case was totally dismantled by a few questions from a republican who knows who knows we weren't there so it's actually diabolically clever to simply make up live the offsets their life because i'm pretty sure it's a lie that something was said that that's you know just as impeachments is sure thank i'm sure that's a lie from the democrats
it's probably a lie from the republicans to say that the testimony was so dismantled and discredited it's all done that's probably not true it's probably some gray area in between that's exactly what you thought it would be a big gray area in between but it's a good strategy 'cause nobody can check it all right the president started calling the democrats the do nothing dems and people have asked me is that good good branding is that effective good persuasion bad persuasion and it's sort of a mixed bag do nothing dems rolls off the tongue really well easy to repeat you know what it means it's on target it looks like they aren't doing anything except
just in the president here's what it doesn't have it doesn't have a visual it is not scary you're too strong guest persuasion techniques are sphere this doesn't really have any fear that the last year the less the congress does you know maybe the better off we are right people are not afraid of congress not do and stuff that's just business as normal maybe they prefer it and there's nothing visual about the concept of democrats doing nothing doing nothing is literally the opposite of a visual there's nothing there so the president's usual persuasive genius i would call it often has something in there there's some fear or a visual the wall center if he doesn't have that in this one but it does have it's got a good sound to it
rolls off the tongue and do nothing dems do nothing dams it's just that i don't know what you would call that musical sense but it the just the words work well together now that's something he does really well i've talked to the belt that was make america great again make america great again almost almost as a precaution beat to it make america great again it almost has drumbeat i mean that is seriously good stuff make america great again do nothing dems do nothing dams it's got a good precaution but i'd say it's not it's not his a plus material because it needs a picture for some fear doesn't have either joe biden is i don't know what to make of this but he's a he's going up in the polls joe biden is actually going up in the polls is
basically a walking advertisement for dementia and he still the top democrat now one way to look at it is well he's got good name recognition another way to look at it is gosh i i guess they really want to win because they think he's the one who could win and that's all they care about that's one way to look at it here's another way to look at it how terrible or the sixteen or whatever people running for the democratic nomination how bad mostly be the joe biden who i don't even know if you'll survive the primaries i mean god knows you may you may just fall apart what does it tell you that he's like has a commanding lead and and what's the what's the other news the other
news is that even the democrats don't think that bind can win against trump they just don't think he has the basic capability of you know showing up in performing and so they're talking about all these speculative people jumping in like michelle obama and hillary clinton mike bloomberg and some governor if your team is talking about is she kidding every person who actually is running in favor of someone who hasn't even decided to run you are in panic mode the democrats are clearly in maximum panic mode what would be the worst possible thing for the democrats joe biden getting the nomination
can you think of anything worse for the democrats because first of all even if he wins they get an old white guy who's got some troubling racial comments in the past he's not a racist but still you know he's he's got a little baggage there what would be worse for them losing i don't know if he'll play winning or losing that one carry the way they're both bad so the democrats have to be in panic mode is gonna be in panic mode so i've said before that none of the top three he are viable candidates against trump certainly not warren certainly not bye birdie birdies keeps falling so what happens if one of the top three drops out let's let's get this okay let's say one of the top three drop7 it depends
who it is it went right let's say that bernie's poll numbers keep going down let's say bernie decides that he can trick number from his lower poll numbers people are too worried about his age in his health and let's say you decide to throw all of his support to elizabeth warren would that put liz with more than the lead and if it did would that be enough for the democrats to completely panic and say okay we got it we got to get somebody else so there is no way elizabeth warren can win so what might they do well one thing they might do they ready for this the my talking to joe biden ann arbor running they might get him to quit because of joe biden quits his
a more middle of the road supporters are going to have to go somewhere will they go toward i don't think so i think they're going to go down to buna judge in harris and depending on whether democrats think that either booty judge or harris have some chance of winning or maybe clover char but she's even down at three percent or something i feel as though eh possible path is that bernie goes first that puts warned in the lead because she would pick up owners and one warren is in the lead over by and he's no longer the the presumptive winner that he will find some excuse with the help of other democrats to leave the race and when he leaves the race all of those voters have to go somewhere if they wanted warren they would already be there
if they wanted bernie they would already be there so i think all those votes go down to the fourth and fifth players and suddenly they're going to be strong number two one of them will so could become lyrics you never know this is something that matt lewis is an anti chopper you said that you guys think of it even for a professional spin meister there is no intellectually honest way to defend pressuring a foreign government to dig up dirt on the domestic political rival
did you see what he did there he said there's no intellectually honest way to defend pressuring a foreign government to dig up dirt on the domestic political rival to which i say well that's true you could not intellectually defend digging up dirt on a domestic rival through a foreign entity could you defend i president doing his job and pursuing his top priority which involves finding out more about binding through a foreign entity sure you could could you intellectually support that not too hard since that would be the president's job so every time somebody says he can't defend digging up dirt on biden you should stop them and say but could he defended doing his job
is that defensible about doing his job can somebody ever defend just doing their job how 'bout everybody can defend those easiest thing to defend alright here's some more word thinking of the day quid pro quo were all talking about what it means and whether it applies but you're seeing more people start to say i think did marc thiessen said this today see more people start to say um quid pro quo is every conversation that leaders have the quid pro quo part
is ridiculous because there's never not a quid pro quo there's no situation where leaders talk to each other and there's not some implied or at least and or at least indirect quid pro quo so the whole quid pro quo thing is trying to win lever latin words because if you can convince people that because it has some words because what the president did falls into the category that those words describe he must be guilty that's a word thinking so the logic was not what is his job was he doing his job that would be good logic the bad logic is we're going to label it with these at latin words were going to say what he did has these three words quid pro quo and then when you say that the words themselves indicated something bad happened there's no logic there
they're trying to use words to replace logic did you see that we're just going to label what this is as quid pro quo quid pro quo and then we're going to use quid pro quo as something that's clearly obviously bad and then says bad because the words we use to label it or what you use for bad things so thinking there but the public is letting them get away with it i saw it at a word today they made up words from user lurch spun l u r c h s p you and if you want to follow birch on his clever calling the impeachment a sham peachment it's a sham impeachment it's a sham peachment it's pretty good isn't it sham peachment because remember people
very influenced by words we don't have a word to describe an impeachment process that's illegitimate well now we do sham peachment hashtag share impeachment and giving words to things actually is good persuasion as you can see with the quid pro quo example is not logic using word thinking but it can be persuasive that's why people do it let's talk about the word lynch it's all in the news so president said that lynch mobs were after him to try to impeach him and then his critics said how can you use such a racially charged word don't you know the bad history of lynching of african americans
in this country and so they accuse them of his racist dog whistle whatever and i feel as though i need to make a ruling on this are you ready here is my rule with a little context if there's a group whether they be an ethnic group or any other identifiable group and there are some specific words used to describe them that they object too i believe we should listen to that for example the n word is offensive it's a word used to describe a group of people and i think that we should all honor that that people hate that word there's a good reason for it
i accepted that i will not use that word in any kind of a you know any kind of a way what about other words here's another one run dissenters once called his opponent who is an african american man as still as by the way you still have african american man he said that he was articulate now when you school and african american citizen articulate would you know that that's an insult and the answer is some people would lots of people would so it's considered a backhanded compliment because you rarely hear it used with anybody else right so it's like suspicious like huh i don't hear anybody saying he put a judge is articulate
but i just saw somebody say it just yesterday literally that cory booker was articulate do you see it i got in there i got a minute you know when i first heard people saying you shouldn't use the word articulate my first reaction was it's just a word you should be able to use words that are just common words that describe an observation but it is a fact that people tend to gravitate toward it more often when they're talking about an african american public figure and i he did not notice that so my ruling on articulate is the people who use it usually are doing it accidentally i think 'cause they don't know that it sounds wrong to other people so i think there's a genuine lack of knowledge that other people are offend
by that word but i agree that you do know that it could be offensive don't use it so don't use the word that is associated with basically an insult 'cause articulate is used as kind of an insult in a roundabout way now let's talk about lynch michigan is a common word meaning everybody knows what it means and it applies to a variety of situations of which means most recently of the the worst possible situation with african american citizen who's being lynched in this country horrible stain on our history bye it's also a common word and i think this is where i'm going to draw the line
i don't think you get to reserve words because this word was very clearly not being used in any sense directly or indirectly about black people the president's use of lynching was about himself i believe that in all cases you should be able to use common words about yourself had president trump called himself articulate well people might argue that point but would anybody say it was racist no 'cause he's talking about himself if he uses the common word lynch in any kind of a context that would suggest that even somewhere in the topic are black people wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
i would not support that and anyway because then you know you should have known better right but if we use a common word about yourself and there are no black people in the story whatsoever my ruling is approved so of course it's just a fun little thing and of course the republicans that took them all of the few hours to produce endless video of democrats using the word exactly the way trump use the word right so it turns out everybody uses this word but not everybody gets in trouble for it so people said well it's because the president has this you know this reputation i've trying to stir up trouble racially i don't think that's enough 'cause that reputation was assigned to him it's not something he went out and got
so my ruling is that you may use if you were a white person any kind of white person and you use the word lynch about yourself totally approved if you were to use that word in some other context talking about other people and there was any connection to the black population of this country not approved that's my ruling all right this see what else we got so the hong kong government formally withdrew its controversial extradition bill do you think that'll stop anything fairly not that that was the thing that got things rolling in terms of the protest but now they have other demands so the protesters of kind of got a little taste of blood and now
they're not going to be happy with just that one thing being changed 'cause they want they want the people who were arrested to be released in a few other things but in the long run i said it before china will win they didn't win right away but they'll win and they will get what they need anna funk on because there's there for one thousand years uh let's see what else we got here alright i see the critics of president trump's decisions about syria saying some version of this that the big winners are turkey russia iran isis and syria meeting assad now does that does that feel true would you say that the big winners
of the us pulling out of that safe zone are these other countries that maybe you don't love so much russia syria isis not quite a country and then turkey who's sort of a friend of maine these days does that sound fair that there are the big winners well let me ask you this it's not exactly free those countries are going to be died so their citizens will die ours won't they'll be paying a lot of money we won't and they will have endless entanglement issues that might last forever we want does it look do you like their wedding that's a weird way to win the so it turns out that the winners are getting everything we didn't want we don't want entanglement expense
and dead soldiers but apparently they do for some larger strategic reason now i don't see isis thriving in a situation where russia and the turks are doing patrols in that region and i'm pretty sure assad is no fan of isis i've got a feeling the isis is going to be in worse shape not better especially since we're still sort of over there you know will still help temple them down so to me it looks like a big victory it was preliminarily we'll see i was laughing i was just watching a clip on youtube this is pretty random in which a comedian writer actor larry david was telling the story about his mother i was suggesting he'd make a good mailman when he was young so she was trying to talk larry david into becoming a mailman
he thought he should should go down there and take the civil servant test get himself a proper job that's what he was saying that maybe you wanted to be a comedian in that didn't look like much of a greer why this is funny is that my my father also gave me the same advice at the same age so when i was about the same age my father was telling maine maybe take these civil service test and work for the post office as he did because i always have health care and the hours are good and the pay was ok so i asked myself what is the value of parental support because it many ways i got plenty of parental support certainly educationally and
it is wise and otherwise but i also have a father who suggested i go work for the post office same as larry david and a mother did and so just makes me wonder you know what how much does the invite affect people's trajectory and how much of it is just some people are going to make it happen and some people are not 'cause i always felt like i was going to make it happened i don't know exactly how but i figured i'd make something happen and so far so good alright that's about all i have for today it's another fun day
the anti trumpers are sure that president trump is on the verge of impeachment i'm going to go all the way to say i favor impeachment not for the reasons that maybe the critics do i favor impeachment because it will give republicans the power of investigation and that my friends will be more fun than anything you've done in a long time so impeachment sure if you want to impeach the most successful president of all time good luck with that i'm good i'm good with that i don't mind he gets impeached he still is going to be if nothing changes he's already on a trajectory to be the best president we've ever had by far that means not even gonna be close my guess is if you could fast forward today to the historians assuming nothing new happened
right yeah there's always going to be surprises but if nothing new happened he would be the best president we ever had by far historians will will say economy war trade deals border everything you'll just be the best president we ever had that's it for today and i will talk to you later
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