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Episode 704 Scott Adams: Grumpy Old White Men of the Deep State, Human Scum T-Shirts, Schiffing the Bed

2019-10-25 | 🔗

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  • “Human scum” tee shirt by never-trumper Matt Lewis
  • MSNBC views don’t know our economy is doing GREAT?
  • Katie Hill…a popularity increase or decrease?
  • The #Shampeachment stunt and undelivered goods
  • Durham investigation is now a criminal investigation
  • Schiff and his SCIF
    • Lots of old white guys are now the face of Democrats
  • Is “Cheatin’ China” business worthy or flat-out criminals?
  • China vs. South Korea: developing country status
  • China’s fentanyl connection to Mexican drug cartels
    • President Xi, international terrorist
  • Russia’s effort to sell more weapons to 30 African nations
    • The next Middle East…is Africa
  • Kanye West says he has overcome his pornography addiction

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bubble bubble bubble bubble bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum hey everybody hey kevin come on in here good to see you tyler you're always so fast and caffeine two thousand and twenty nobody has faster fingers in you do hey jack good to see you thanks for inviting your followers well welcome to coffee with scott adams and today will be probably the best simultaneous if of your life i feel as though they just keep getting better you don't need much well you need to participate in the simultaneous hippies say it please sing along a copper mug are glasses snifters time cellist anchored this thermas flash canteen grill goblet vessel of any kind and fill it with your favorite liquid i like
enjoy join me now for the doping mean hiller the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneously go well let's talk about all the news we got a lot of funny stuff happening my favorite story i don't think there's anything funnier than people who were on the other team making mistakes i don't know why i find that especially funny 'cause you get the you get the humor element but you get these schadenfreude at the same time it's not just funny it's funny and it's bad for
hold on the other team so matt lewis who is apparently very vocal never trumper proudly tweets that they have decided to turn president trump's comment that never trumpers are quote human scum they decided to cleverly flip it around turn it from negative into a positive because you've seen other people do that right remember when hillary clinton called trump supporters deplorable well within minutes there were hats and t shirts that i'm a deplorable and adorable deplorable were all deplorables and it worked really well didn't it turned in we live into a positive and so matt lewis and the never trumpers i'm not sure exactly who was behind the shirt decided to do the same play except it was the
play without understanding what makes the play work which is the funny part when hillary clinton said trump supporters are deplorable consider that word deplorable
we all know that what it means is somebody who's got bad qualities in some sense but does the word itself have much baggage with it it is not the word the word itself is just kind of cute deplorable you know you're a little deplorable too you know who else is deplorable my spouse were all deplorable just the word sounds cute i don't think i don't think there's one trump supporter who heard the word deplorable and never thought well that's bad it just sounds funny so when the trump supporters almost universally said
yeah let's make a shirt out of this business they were accurately and correctly saying to themselves this word doesn't really work as an insult but it works really well as a as a rallying cry and so they flipped it around turned it from a negative into positive and may actually have been a one of the important keys to trump's victory because it certainly painted hillary in a bad light and so we see the never trumpers seeing how successful it is when i think there's some other examples that don't come to mind where people have flipped around something like remember when fake news was a term used against president trump and against everybody on his side and then the president took their fake news and he he
flipped it around and made it something that was an insult to his opponents and sold it and branded it now you barely remember that it was ever used against him 'cause he flipped it around successfully so once had never trumpers love to do that wouldn't they like to take something and just flip it around so they tried to do this by me by making a t shirt there no you're making this up i swear to god and they actually did this this says on the front of the shoe hurt proud to be
this is a mature how to be human scum proud to be here was go never trump twenty twenty oh no no no no forget about the fact that never trump two thousand and twenty includes in it as the operative part of the phrase trump two thousand and twenty it actually says trump two thousand and twenty are there shirt there was his never trump but if i've taught you anything
the brain doesn't process words like not and never it just sort of flush those upon delivery so so the opposition to trump is producing a sure that actually says chrome twenty twenty on it and that's not even the worst part the worst part of it is if you haven't seen it the lettering you have to see the lettering so look it might my twitter feed i look at my twitter feed and see the
actual pictures they made the lettering look like sperm it actually looks like a sex accident happened on the shirt and it just happened for for from the letters humans come on an adorable gray shirt best day ever that's not even the funniest thing that happened today let's get one apparently there was a study that found that the people who watched the far
news think the economy of the united states is doing pretty well and people who aktion msnbc mostly don't think the economy is doing well hold people watch msnbc don't even know that live in the country with the world's strongest economy of all time of all time whirls sh august economy in thirteen point eight billion years of of the universe there's never been a stronger economy than ours right now and the people watch msnbc don't even know their living in a country with the strongest economy in the history of civilization ah so that was funny now what about this katie hills
or are you watching that so katie hill i guess she's a politician california politician and she had an interesting personal life which included some then some women and a husband and a girlfriend at the same time an apparent it was ok with the husband and there's some other i don't know some other rumors around that but the fun part is that there are photos of her one where she's naked and brushing the hair
a woman she has some relationship with another one where she is naked and doing a bomb and i was looking at this and i'm thinking i'm pretty sure this was designed to make me like her less but i think i don't think this really works as a negative in california you know as a californian i can speak to this with some authority the fact that there are naked pictures of somebody smoking a bong or having a relationship with a woman having relations with another woman and another man at the same time there's not a single negative in that at all there's not single negative now there are other you know other complaints about are they have some substance but i don't think this hurt at all i've got that her earnings potential went up
now there's some people who were saying we don't want to tweet the pictures because it's is revenge porn but i've never seen revenge porn their work to the benefit of the alleged victim i pretty sure she's going to come out of this ahead one way or another one way or another i think she's going to come out of this ad anyway i have nothing negative to say about her i just think that well i think that she just got a little more interesting and as a california politician i don't know if it'll make any difference at all let's talk about the shift skiff coup ships gift to this him ph meter if you will that's right this hashtag she m beach mint it's a shell of an impeachment
here's my persuasion take on that today it was announced that there was going to be this impeachment i don't know inquiry or whatever they're going to call it so it doesn't sound like impeachment the day it was announced was a bad day for president trump the second day was another bad day for president trump third day another bad day for president trump everyday this secrets gift impeachment thing was a story seems like a bad day for president trump but here's a little trick about human a perception and this is one of the i talked about this in my book win bigly is one of the most useful things you can ever learn about how people think and it goes like
this people can get used to anything we can get used to it so the fact that there are people in this secret thing talking about things that they say are bad for trump we're cutting is it going to get used to it but you know we're not going to get used to azizah lee is they can continuous news stories about how the process is counter to do receive the constitution or whatever the critics are going to say so i feel as though the early part of this shift schiff coup was successful for chef but it seems like and here's the main point i want to make i believe that time has started to shift the story so that the longer it goes without producing
play meaningful and that's the key if it produces a story that has some substance will that changes everything but the law they go with doing something that looks sketchy without producing the goods the worse it is for the democrats and that worsening will continue to worsen it's going to get really bad now if you see that the government is doing some investigation on something and there are people complaining about the process of the investigation you're not going to care too much about the process complaints even if you agree with them a little bit if it turns
so there was the investigation files israel and there's something there that really matters if that were the case nobody is going to care too much about the process maybe that will enter into the legal the legal elements but not to the public but what if the process continues day after day after day and it doesn't produce anything at least nothing we didn't already know at the same time the people like matt gaetz who are very cleverly turning this into a story about the abuse of power in the abuse of the system and the abuse of this is that again whether or not those are valid complaints or invalid complaints is not relevant to what my point is my point is not the factual accuracy of any of this
or rather how does the public feel about it so i think we've the mac gates stunt as the components are calling it his stunt of bringing all the republicans to march down to the skiff and you know sort of protest and do a sit in and eat pizza and stuff the critics are saying though it's a stunt its a stunned well it was exactly a stock not nobody i don't think meg gates would disagree that it was a stunt for the cameras and for the purpose of you know political perception that was exactly what it was it's not like anybody's hiding that that it was a start if you will a ten need to get attention to their side of the of the story and it worked wonderfully i thought that it probably was a turning point between shift winning everyday 'cause he's got this story there
bad brewing here too why is it done so long and we're not hearing any of the goods or at least nothing that seems reliable at this point but the assess is still krooked so time has now on the president's side the longer shift does this the more he becomes the face of the democratic party which is not a good look it also smells of desperation again if the if the process had immediately kicked up some big story you wouldn't care about the process so much even if it was imperfect but as long as it doesn't it starts to smell overtime you know it's like this good card to mill day one moon fresh milk yeah
my serial day thirty your milk is turned your milk has turned so i think the milk is turning for chef and there are some funny context going on here one is the biggest context is that we have news that durham and his investigation have they've evolved it into an actual criminal investigation now we don't know any details of you know who he's talked to exactly at least in terms of the total number of people he's talked to but it starts
james the story doesn't so now we're going to have the the stories that are competing for your attention will be chef's skills producing nothing right matt gates and people who are poor complaining about the process probably creating new news everyday so the people complaining about the process i have a little bit of advantage but their advantage just went into another level because their story starts to fit in with wait a minute not only is this prof this crooked but the whole way we even got to where we are might be because of another crooked process it might is involved you clapperton brendan and call me in some way who knows you know we'll we'll find
if if they did or did not do anything illegal but it's the question people are are asking is what the news is talking about so now you've got to shift with his little skiff producing nothing well the mag gates people are producing story after story about the process being rotten well the durham story just took a new level of interest it's also talking about people being rotten at the same time we're waiting for the horowitz report on the fisa abuses which is more about that side being rotten so the the news has turned into what does shift have well we don't know it's in that little skiff and if it were anything important we prob we would have heard about it by now so his thing went from a pretty good play two rotten milk
he's just sitting there in that rotten milk thinking i better come up with something new 'cause what i'm doing is getting old really fast so there's a timer running on shift everyday it's getting worse for him if he doesn't produce meanwhile these other news stories about horowitz and durham are probably going to produce story after story about wait for it here's the fun who would you say is the face of the democratic party well during obama's administration you would say obama you might say it's the candidates running for president now but they're so diluted you know you can't really say elizabeth warren is the face of the democratic party can you because
i don't know that she's going to you know get elected she's sort of more radical than the party is so who's who is the brand other than the democrats well i'll bet you didn't see this coming but who do you think of when you think of the chef skiff chef who do you think of when you think of the big stories about impeachment nadler chef nadler who do you think of when you're thinking of the durham investigation clapper brennan comey are you seeing any pattern yet look for the pattern who do you think of when you hear about the horowitz report on the fisa potential abuse is call main brennon clapper shift toddler what do they all have in common
all old white guys the exception would be palosi and what is what is polo sees rolling all this well has anybody ever accused policy of being part of the deep state machinations against trump surprisingly no right am i right or wrong do a fact check out maine as anyone ever accused palosi of being part of the deep state i don't believe i've ever heard that the deep state which is now becoming sort of the yeah accidental face of the democrats only because of the stories that are being told you know the sheer scale of impeachment horowitz durham it even the people doing the investigating are all old
guys so if you're the democrats how are you feeling about your brand being identified because of the news sing a bunch of old white guys who you may not have been playing straight so i've got a feeling that the democrat brand is just circling the drain right now because turned into an old white men breaking the law brand which is literally the opposite of what i wanted to be you could not be more opposite me tell you this if you're a if you're a a typical democrat let's say you're in ordinary democrats now with the what i say in ordinary democrat and say you're you know you have a high low
likelihood of being female and we have a pretty good likelihood i don't know what the percentages of being a person of color so if your democrat there's a good chance you're one of those two things woman person of color both something like that and you're looking at the story and saying there's an awful lot of old white guys who seem to be breaking the law how do you feel about that is that your team are you going to stick up for the old white guys breaking the law i don't think so i got a feeling that biden clapper in call me my get thrown under the bus hard by the rachel maddow's of the world should they should they be identified as having broken any laws that is still short of the case but there are people looking into stuff we wonder we gotta wonder anything happening
um bars also said that his review would include uh an examination of former british intelligence officer christopher steele's thing how do you think that's going to go do you think that bar looking into the christopher steele thing do you think there's any chance that will not the surface terrable stories about the behavior of old white guys in the democrat party democratic party now let's talk about something else let's talk about cheating china cheating china that's that's what i'm going to call him now fentanyl china wasn't catching on as well as i'd hoped but if you notice the china cheats on everything recently they got disqualified in some kind of military world games some kind of athletic event of people who were in the military and tiger chinese team got disqualified for cheating then i guess
it doesn't matter how but they cheated how would you like to be china and they care so much apparently they care so much about winning this activity but they they cheated and it wasn't just some individuals it looked like it was organized cheating on the china side well that's not so good yeah that's not a big deal if it were all by itself you say yeah it's a irrelevant competition nobody cares but we also have in the news today that s korea decided to remove itself
from the designation by the world trade organization as a developing nation now what that means in practical terms is that they don't get some advantages of being labeled a disadvantage company a country so if you are a developed nation if that's your designation of the world trade organization i understand i'm just learning this today you get some trade benefits that you wouldn't get if you're a more developed country the idea of course is to help the developing countries get a get a little boost so s korea i don't have been part of this developing nations thing forever s korea just said well it was getting a little embarrassing to be one of the which countries in the world and also taking these benefits of being developing nations so they voluntarily took themselves out how much do you love s korea
have you notice that s korea does a lot of good stuff like every time here's story into s south korea i feels like nine are ten stories out of south korea or something awesome where you say wow that felt like something they did it for us wright didn't doesn't it feel like s korea removing itself from that designation they felt like they did that for us and what i mean is it puts pressure on this is where the story is being told it puts pressure on china to do the same thing and that's going to be really expensive for china i don't know how expensive but apparently it's a big deal so china is sorted cheating on the wto
which we could not have said well s korea are al i was doing the same thing it would have been hard for us to criticize china while our bodies s korea or taking advantage of the exact same system south korean just pulled themselves out of it voluntarily 'cause they said it was basically they said it would be embarrassing to continue using this advantage and when they no longer really qualified for it china or cheat in china just will do it cheap in china made a deal with with hong kong to give them autonomy and then they they tried to cheat on that deal cheat in china makes deals with companies from other countries and then tries to steal their ip every time
cheating china cheating china tries to send us fentanyl and act like they said they were going to do something about it but then they don't well gee vagina is proving itself not worthy for business i've said this before but there needs to be i think needs to be some kind of global designation for countries this says whether their business worthy just that's just it as matter what their government what they're doing to their people those are separate questions important but separate uh i think there should be some kind of rating that says a country can be depended on to do what they say they're going to do or they're just flat out criminals and if you get involved
well they're just going to try to steal your stuff there should be a rating for that for international for countries not just companies but countries and i would say that china has very clearly uhm identified himself as a country that you should not do business with because you don't want to get in business with somebody who intends to cheat and that's the difference it would be one thing if people you know people have different motivations but you figure everybody's going into it with the right intentions but if you know for sure there's somebody intends to cheat why would you do business with next a sense that we have ongoing plans to do more business which i so de coupling i think is going to happen one way or another we're starting to see people i acknowledge that the connection between china and the next
chicken cartels is so strong now because the china's government is allowing and i say allowing meaning intentionally allowing their drug dealers to ship fentanyl in large quantities to mexico where the mexicans turned it into products and ship it across the border and killed people like my step son so i think it was on tucker last night somebody was talking about how you really have to start seeing this as uh a crime syndicate you have to see it as sort of a terrorist crime syndicate meaning that the chinese government and really if there are allowing their companies to do it you have to put the responsibility on the government
because they can stop it they obviously choose not too and they've been asked to and promised they would and still chose not to so that's the government you can't just say there's some bad actors in china yes the government so the government of china partnering with mexican drug cartels to ship weapons of mass destruction into the united states to kill americans by the 10s of thousands every year maybe fifty thousand this year fifty thousand dead from chinese terrorists and by that i mean the government of china president she who i think has to be called a terrorist at this point let me be the first to say it president she is willingly and intentionally an publicly publicly allowing companies that they could easily stop shipping fentanyl to this country a weapon of mass destruction
with the intention that the mexican cartel will weaponize it ship it across our border and killed 10s of thousands of people what does that make president she the terrorists is a terrorist there's no way you can soften that is an international terrorist prove me wrong there's not one thing i said that one a fact agreed by every observer every observer trees with what i just said president she is intentionally and publicly allowing his chinese companies to ship fentanyl to mexican cartels for the purpose of shipping it
the united states and knowingly killing 10s of thousands of people he is actually a terrorist and i think we could just designate them as such or at least threaten to designated as such if he keeps it up here's the thing if we signed a deal with china for trade alright let me say this clearly i would let me go on record right you're not gonna like what i'm going to say next let me say that anyway if president trump the trump administration signs a trade deal with china of any kind prior to the obvious stop of rental
i'm going to change my support taboo to judge and i'm going to go full buddha judge right so you can lose maine on that if we sign a trade deal with china before fencible completely stops and it's obvious that stopped i'm going to back buddha judge assuming the primaries are still on as a promise all right uhm because he's the best use the best on the other side because there's no in the fucking world i'm going to support a president who supports an international terrorist if obama said hey let's throw in with al qaeda let's say let's make a trade deal with al qaeda would you support obama if he made a trade deal with osama bin laden of course not
of course that if you are a democrat and you loved obama and then he made a trade deal with osama bin laden would you say well i don't like that but i'm still on his side no you wouldn't of course you wouldn't you say what freaking craziness is this let the president just made a trade deal with an international terrorist how many people did bin laden kill what three or four thousand how many people has president she killed in this country couple one hundred thousand not even close not even close al qaeda didn't come close to what china is doing every day right now today china will probably kill more people this week in the united states then al qaeda arrogant so president she is an inter national terrorist i support no deal trade deal with china
and if we sign one without fentanyl i'm going to switch sides let's talk about something else by the way i don't think it's going to happen i don't think we're going to have a trade deal with china because and there's just no way to get there i don't see any way to get there for a comprehensive we might have some deals on small stuff alright russia had some big convention where they had a lot of african nations meet with them uh mostly it was about was selling them weapons so russia is decided one of their main sources of income going forward is selling lots of russian arms two african nations what could go wrong now are we a little
there are responsible for that 'cause i asked myself is that if russia had a choice of how to make money is this the way they do it would they say yeah let's sell weapons to africa 'cause you know those weapons are going to get used we also russia it was like any country they're trying to make money they need money i'm including needs to have a good economy in order to stay in power even though he's a dictator who still needs a good economy and i wonder if if the russian opportunities for income are so constrained now partly because i don't baby sanctions have something
with it but maybe has more to do with the russian government is so corrupt that they don't have you know a regular economy it's just these oligarchs so it might be that there are some all of burke's who make so much money from the arms industry and the arms industry is so important the economy it could be that that's all rush it has maybe that russia's best play is to kill millions of africans i thought i don't think that's an exaggeration right if if russia is planning to sell weapons to thirty african countries do you think they're all the same side i think so feels like it feels like the obvious long term implication of that is that russia will he
killed probably millions of africans who may not have had such a large war or such a destructive war without all those awesome russian weapons uh so i asked myself what could fix that and i don't think there's anything because you would have to put the russian weapons makers out of business and i think there's any way to do that is there is there anything that would stop the russian weapons maker oligarchs from selling weapons to africa i can't think of anything now well unless i suppose if we had some way to put immense pressure on the country
you said you're buying it so that they didn't buy it maybe there's some way or something you can do there but i don't know what to do about that but i would say if you were to if you were to project forward what does africa look like in ten years probably completely a war by this is that the next next middle east is going to be africa meaning that you know the middle east might actually settled relatively speaking war wise whereas africa is just getting started you know there's tons of violence there but once they get the good weapons goes to another level alright let's so we talked about cheating china let's talk about connie w he was converted oh
he said that he had a conversion in april after he went to coachella and apparently god helped him beat his addictions to pornography and sex so kanye west is eddie he's not there pornography problems since his first playboy he saw as a as a kid and he i was going to say he just but that's probably the wrong choice of words yeah i'm not going to say you beat it i'll say that he discontinued his addictions and he asked some people working on his project do not have premarital sex pretty sure that went over really well that's a good way to get your get your team on the same page uh i i wonder about his conversation with his team don't you wonder what that meeting look like you know connie calls
meeting of all his team production team or whoever is working with him on his project is like hey team you're the best team for the team is like wow yeah our our next product people are going to buy it they're love it yeah team you guys are great you're smart you i work hard i love everyone of you and they're all yeah kanye one other thing just just one other item before we end the meeting
this is one thing i need you to do for me what is it what is it will do anything for you i just need you to stop in premarital sex quiet sorry i think i heard that wrong kanye what what were you ask yes i'd like you to not have premarital sex because it's not good for you and god i am god insists alone how long is this project in the last few months just a few months can i put my resume together now so i got a feeling that that at the suggestion didn't go over so well with the staff but anything the company does is we
i was watching and his conversion to full out god loving is probably more interesting than you think because on the surface you say to yourself pretty traditional right somebody who's born again in some sense maybe not technically born again but somebody who's just decided to commit themselves to god and you say to yourself well i've seen that a million times i kind of know what it looks like somebody says is muzzle next no i don't think he's going to turn to islam i wouldn't worry about that but he he he i saw one phrase this suggests that there's something bigger coming like much bigger
and he talked about god being sort of everywhere in everything and in some sense that's a typical way to speak of god that's everything and everywhere and i don't know that this is going to happen but keep in mind that connie is not normal and i mean that in a good way he is he's a greater creator so if you take your religion this existed forever and you take a normal person and they become a religious convert the person it gets folded into the religion and then the religion stays the same but the person changed
because he is not like that ordinary person who changed and became more like the religion kanye is as big as the religion as powerful as the religion now that is a is more powerful than god i'm talking about just the way we think khan is ability to change the way people think about stuff is sort of unparalleled you know maybe there's trump maybe but it's got that world class quality so here's what i'm predicting if you take a con and you put them into a a traditional religion he changes the religion that's the story the story is not that religion changed kanye
that's what it looks like in the beginning right because he is not going to leave religion the way it was at the very least he's going to elevate it to an art form yes you see them doing that already right you see in a number of famous people are recently attended his is outdoor sunday service they have music and you know this is more of an offense and if you think about it the people who attended that event we're certainly thinking about god and maybe you fell god in their souls and stuff like that but it really was about the the people at that moment in that place well here's the here's religion i think you know in a in an honest way to make a change that affected just humans in their actual life at that moment while they're standing at this event we're seeing their communing with each other
another meeting good people are just having a good time i think what you should look for this can't need to redefine religion not in any bad way but actually to improve it and actually great i think he's going to literally upgrade religion from something that maybe was functional but had its rough edges choose something better just a better design he's going to redesign religion change god or the bible rate that i think redefine it by his his personal leaves charisma and his creative force that's a somewhat unparalleled ok not about that
all right uh well that's all i got it turns out it turns out that's all i got so i would like to ask you again to take a look at my book lose i think it's available now and if you were to pick this up amazon dot com one click and it's all yours why wouldn't you you should buy this because because it's really the thing that the fuels everything i do here so if you like these periscopes if you like me to do more of this stuff buying them is the way to show that the that you're on board with that
and i would certainly appreciate it very very much if you did thank you to all those who have already ordered it i know a number of you have uh so just so he says no thank you it's called loser well it's loser think so it's not about people it's about unproductive ways of thinking so it's not about any particular people thought suddenly fight over the seven year old transition from boy to girl no no i'm going to recuse myself from that debate that debate i just think needs to be something that the family works out and i hope the law is compatible with whatever they do i just don't feel like that's my business so i'm going to recuse myself from that thank you thank you to all
you who i have already ordered the book there's quite a few of you here i say i really appreciate that thank you why blue and orange cover i don't you think this is best cover i've ever done i don't know how many of you are aware of my other books but i would say just in design this may be the best cover i've ever done that that's my opinion i think it is alright i will talk to you all later
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