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Episode 706 Scott Adams: Al-Bagh-Deady and More

2019-10-27 | 🔗

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  • Whimpering, crying, taking 3 children to their death with him…
    • …being chased down by a military canine in a tunnel
    • Perfect, POWERFUL visual persuasion
  • US military forces are securing the oil fields that helped fund ISIS
    • Will the oil help fund our military presence?
  • Elbonia stealing our IP and sending us drugs
    • Will any real country have a problem with that comic?
  • Organ harvesting from living prisoners…is that really happening?
  • Anti-Trumpers recently calling everyone a “grifter”
    • My attempts to stop people from using that word attack
  • Has talk about climate change calmed down significantly?
  • Were the Loserthink techniques I used yesterday effective?
  • If we bump Matt Gaetz Twitter followers by 10,000…
    • …would he agree to be a guest on my Periscope?
  • Ways for US to “go first” and move NK negotiations forward

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bump bump bump bump bump bump about about bobo well i don't know how many of you were good and join me today versus the watching the courage of the president and also the successful operation and guest al bag daddy who like all our bag daddy he's candidate will talk about that but we're going to have the simultaneous up here the simultaneous it is always good the best part your date back but today a little action because we're gonna be lifting are vessels are our containers to a successful operation
to the u s military who carry this out as an excellent day oh i'm sorry your house is about to burn down hell you hillsboro well that's that's a mood killer very sorry about that i will about talk in a minute but first let us capture whatever pleasure we can today all you need is a copper mugger glasses snifters tying cellist april thermos flask canteen grail goblet vessel of any kind shall live with your favorite i prefer a coffee and join me now for the simultaneous the dopamines is the day the thing that like everything better unless you live in california apparently here goes oh well you prefer
we all are aware of the big news ass are forces just took out l bag daddy and we watch the president talking about here is my favorite mark the president described in visual and audio detail alba gaddi whimpering and crying and cowardly taking use regional to their death at the end of the tunnel there's a wind event going on right here i'm gonna take you to show you what's going on california in why we're in trouble but delicate foolishness boyd
an essentially so noisy out there with the wind it's real looks like there's a hurricane going on other so here's by observation about that number one how in the world does anyone including the president know what what baghdad he was doing the end of the tunnel before he blew himself up because we know that no american forces were injured rights are no american service people were injured yet we are aware what by daddy did at the at the end of the tunnel before he blew up of up because the blowings himself up are would tell you that the current demand and the american service people to clip
yes one possibility is that we had a drone or a robot fall followed him down the the tunnel but there's another yes somebody's attributes comments there was a dog was injured the dog probably had a camera so i've got a feeling that the president of the united states was watching the dog care chase l bag daddy down the tunnel and the maybe the dog was ordered to pull back or something just before they at the blast so it got injured but not killed so congratulations to the dog good job dog here's what i love about this we don't know exactly if the president did have good audio and video of the moments before bag daddy dad died for years what else we know nobody else
dead right if the president says bag daddy was whimpering and cry you killed his own three kids literally whose disagree nobody else thought how perfect is it that the president left isis with this level a little farewell gift and the gifts that he left them it's really scary outside right now i'm not joking the wind is dangerous sounding but they the gifts that that trump left ices is a visual description of story if you will of his final moments is there story accurate we'll never now maybe less seems unlikely but i spoke
whose if sunday we saw a video from a dog camera robot or somethin i mean maybe maybe we'll find out exactly what happened but i don't think about it what matters is that trumpet drew a picture for the entire world of the ices leader being chased by a dog into a tunnel i willingly blowing up his own three children while whimpering that's really good that some good president thing for all the things that you want to say about the president that you think he did wrong can you give me this cake
we agree on this this was carried the perfect you gotta nail this not only was the president and gave the order to find out that gaddi amino realistically as the military means doing the heavy lifting its it always strikes me as a little illegitimate that obama to took credit for killing al it's not your much different trump taking credit for at least incense taking gretta as being done
cheat on the other hand the army we also let's be honest is the military the ghastly six dollars not the civilian government they just yes but this is an amazing moment and i think the presidency handled a perfectly in terms of just purringly the final we're relation on baghdad in baghdad is grave by time the story the way he did it's the we don't have a competing story we only have one visual in her head and his what each of us imagined when he told us the story of him going down this dead and tunnel with his three kids and the suicide dress i mean painted a picture for us picture will never leave your head and maybe here's the fun park maybe it's not even true
there might be true it might be exactly what happened you may have seen the whole thing but it doesn't matter because whether it was exactly true or let us say a hyperbolic persuasive version of what he like you to think worth last minutes i not sure that matters because there will be no competing competing story nobody else was there so this president nailed the the description of what happened that's just as hard as you can nail something you can you know you could you could have honoured nail guns and you couldn't nail anything harder than that now i'm already hearing some was a cautious criticism of the president's announcement because there were some worry that you may have gone too far and giving out some details that we give
i know some enemy of the country and advantage i don't know exactly what there were several things he said which i said to myself i wonder for everybody else knew that you're one of the examples was there we knew alarm about the tunnel structure and we necessarily want anybody to know that we knew the tunnels tunnel structure seems to me the only way you could know that you had people on the ground you had human entails and sources but there either gone now or they died in the red so not sure there was a secret to give up ahead to people and industry alike anybody doesnt know you you try to get people on the ground
so i didn't see anything that i necessarily would say the president went too far in describing what we did but ah you certainly on the edge easily take it to the edge what what are the things about trump is it it's impossible for him to be uninteresting that whatever he talks doesn't even matter what's topic is your watch then you are entertained and you thinking gathers google off the rails every minute you can say something that would end his presidency every minute we could say something that will just change the news any minute so many times president is talking the us rule ability to make everybody wonder is something to happen now is there something
really bad or something really good and subtly gonna happen now this doesn't feel normalcy what's gonna happen as all the experts who saying isis of course has more than one leader they can replace them but i always i will say this there was only one guy who had whatever it took two four vices and create a caliphate for a while all those people there was only one guy who pull this off now if that one guy didn't exist would someone else have done it i don't know i mean that i think you have to say to yourself if steve jobs had not created apple with somebody else gonna do it i don't know maybe somebody else will
something like it maybe but you always have to wonder how important talent is gonna be there once you take get rid of the most talented player that the second most talented person who takes over might not be given the same league it could be that the second best isis guy just as a very good way we will now but i would say that it is true that if used are killing them from the top and work your way down the odds of them ending up with an incompetent leader just by action
and yet the normal course of things the odds of them ending up with somebody you just can't get the job done of being ices is pretty good it's pretty good now of course the big question everybody's asking about the death of bulgaria's will hillary clinton get in the race to had isis could resist that there are questions about our allies who helped newton interestingly the kurds are taking credit for being held i think the president has confirmed that to be the case so that's interesting early the kurds in the u s work together productively and
key was either uninvolved were just gave us permission to fly over and and do much about anything but the president had this weird sort of unscriptural moment when he said turkey could have been shooting at us but because we cross their terror you re a gas or we're we're sort of in their sole of military influence he said they could have shot at us but we ve been really bad for them paraphrasing figured out a little uttered off you needed dimension at another in a dimension that is our it is our ally shot at us we would wipe them out but he did what he did i care that is so honest well you are nato ally what if you'd shot in our direction we want to wake you up because it's true
turkey had shouted at military forces we would have taken him out in a hobby so issues funny to hear him say it in indirect language here there are nato ally but we will take it now because it's true i was sort of us another year along with us so travellers are about using military forces to secure the oil fields in in syria and the whole time you say this there was a question that was proclaiming in my head that the news for some reason didn't seem to be interested in answering or even asking which is for whom i'm that's part of the story the u s forces are securing
the oil wells in a part of syria for who for syria four run for the guards for us and then today he gave a little information of this the president it and it was striking but i dont think depress ever ask that question at least i never saw reported you and me i guess as in every report ever made on serious negligence mr but it feels like sort of a big question we're gonna send our military to control some oil assets in another country is a natural question why did we do it just for the kurds now if we did for the kurds that's pretty nice of us because
as the kurds were good allies we let them down in terms of that turkey over the territory but we also have made any promises about that at least in terms of yo turkey in the safe sound i don't think we had promised the kurds are land based hearing the oil and making apparently making some of it are all better something some part of it available to the kurds that's pretty good stuff nothing now the president also said that you might be interested in making it available to an american oil company to which i said to myself what how's our work can we just militarily take over a part of someone else's country and then give it to an american oil company is anything we can do
the president talking about that with a rack he said why we just take the oil and and pay for the war and i remember thinking i can't do that can do maybe again so areas in syria and is just said we're just gonna take the soil and maybe keep it for ourselves now i ask myself if we take this oil and decide that we're gonna continue guarding forever i suppose so the exiled can pump out are we gonna keep eddie is the united states event can use any of that profit to pay for it military in that area could we get to the point where our military presence is self funding because we were on the oil that's
she'll in our military presence if we did it would be one of the cruellest things ever of all of you seen my photoshop work in which i took a picture of james clapper and i turned his famous frown up i downs just to see what it would look like if he smiled for once i think he's got somebody like three hundred and fifty thousand view since yesterday i spent all over a minute and a half on that and it's got three hundred fifty thousand views
i must enter nerve there so i go check my twitter feed from yesterday you see clapper was an upside down smile so i am there's a comic running dilber garlic my sunday comic and features the boss saying that he made a deal with elbow albania is a mythical countries are using the comic strip so i know after referred to real companies humanity ellen dilber points out that steal all of his company is intellectual property and they also ship illegal drugstore country the albanians to killing thousands of our countrymen but we're still doing them a deal now
i remind you of some country you know so i see what happens do you think china will complain about the dilber coming which does mention china is only mentions albania cut it puts them in a spot doesn't it because if they complain about the comic about albania there would be forced to admit that their comic explains what they're doing which i think they prefer not so i think they have to ignore it because complaining about it we draw attention to it right and because it because it draws attention to it now let me tell you that i have some business in china as well indirectly meaning that the dilber comic his syndicates
which means that this indication company sells it all over the world and the last i knew there was at least one the english newspaper in china that that brought the strip so i have some small amount of business in china that unhappy those my life indication company would be less happy to lose it i'm sure but that is ours so maybe an expensive day for me will see and i would not expect and oliver sullen other book in china i absolute books lotta books in china i don't think that's ever gonna happen again so so it's expensive to say what's on your mind but i like to keep the pressure on found an old china or as i like to call them loosely cheat and china so there is also a story i'm seeing mostly on fox news about chinese oregon harvesting that
that they may or may not be harvesting the organs of still living prisoners of a small religious sects sore though they would call it a call probably now here's a they do you think that's real do you think that's real good i leaned toward not real now i would not be surprise i will not be surprised if it had happened at least once so if you tell me that some prisoners have been used for organ donation but perhaps they were going to be executed anyway outside probably why wasted good organ i mean i don't know i'm not even sure i have a big problem with the idea that china was using the organs from people there were good execute anyway
so long as those were real crimes i mean if it wasn't a real crimes and of course its ahead but if they were murderers or whatever they were gonna be executed anyway well why waste some organs so i would guess here's just my speculation based on what i know about the world and things received and patterns we seen before but just speculation that there's probably something to it meaning that even if you were even if the only thing you were doing using the organs from executed prisoners that's all a bad situation because it would encourage them to maybe execute morphine well then they would otherwise because it could be profitable it might be really profitable execute people if you can sell their organs and who knows what kind of corruption payback bribes revolved in the prison system slash medical care
kennedy whatever so there's probably something realtor i just don't know that ongoing keep them live while you're taking their organs out situation so here's a question to you do you remember was alone you that i was talking the word drifter came into heavy usage with the anti first they were calling there were calling me a drifter just about every day there are calling other transport griffith hers and recalling the president aggressor in style my imagination right there was all over social media
everybody's a rift you're a christian drifter and you may remember that i set it as my gold make that word go away and the way i was gonna do it was by just over using the word against my critics and that word just went away have you noticed that it just stopped being on social media amused i'll see it but when you do now is rare and they used to be just sort of every day now here's my question was it because it didn't work so people to stop using it moved on to other talking points because i think it was mostly paid trolls i don't know how many these were real people and how many were charles but that drift word was just used all the time and then just stopped is it because of
me wearing it out is it because of a hunter bind in my view that the hunter binding story is what killed the word drifter big as you know before hunter by you to say tramp tramp tramp drifter grist drifter but after hunter button you had to throw him in the story he had to be part of the story if you're gonna called trump a grip therefore whatever somebody's gonna say have you heard of joe biden the games leading on your side so no if i had anything to do that wide of timed out anonymously talking points change maybe they tested they meaning the left maybe they tested the professionals didn't round and moves the needle but probably the hundred binding thing might be the biggest part so just went away
here's another one that was a gigantic issue there let me ask you if this is your impression doesn't seem to you that the the way climate change is being talked about right now is substantially different then even a few months ago have you noticed that included be because there is now enough there are enough advocates i'm one of them snyder michael shall hamburger bill gates learn but people who were sort so prominent in the sense that they make a lot of noise i don't want to call myself privilege but i make a lot of noise people say that nuclear energy is the way to go well you believe in climate change or not and that is totally
article n and that will probably get there now you think that that come down the hysteria it feels like the hysteria settled down maybe it's because the sixteen year old rather sunburn she eight or tour and then she she laughs and maybe that she was the reason we're gonna more attention but it feels as though there is some kind of a sudden change where the leaving democrats arson talking about climate change of course but it feels like it went from the top priority two well just something you mention so this is something the watch because the nuclear energy play a solution to climate change and even if you don't believe in it you still want as much as possible can still be a clean energy
maybe it is made their story less important will see so am i interested levels yesterday i had a guest on james came on and we were talking about trump and his views jump might just jump and was i want to ask you your opinion because i'm trying to decide to have more gas due to bring james back just trying to get a get a sense of how that went over because when i was talking with him i was listening primarily not watching the comments i didn't have a good sense i found the audience was reacting was it useful to you that i was using the techniques in my new book loser think that's available for pre order right now and i'll be out november fifth so if you
right now you'll get it in time and i hope you do by the way so please by my book negative happy wasn't useful to you for me to point out using the techniques in the book when as i was talking with james when he was worth thinking just tryin to label something you know he's a con man but without debate up here that's the word thinking bar and then the mind reading i called out his mind reading a number of times and you saw that was fairly effective wasn't it whenever i called out there he was mind reading it made him almost necessarily after use able to present a better defence and i think i also pointed out that he was in a bubble bubble he was in one of these bubbles because he actually claimed they you
pretty sure you so sure that there was no new wall being built on the border with mexico that actually challenged me to google it live while we're here and of course to be ten seconds the role that sandia was built a bunch of all since then people treated me a lot of stories how many miles of law have been built but aren't you kind of amazed that there's somebody who is at a political advocate social how'd you get a lawyer harvard trained and very smart guy obviously you don't got a harvard if you not but are you were you shocked and amazed there's something that's a hundred to four hundred percent universal knowledge probably to every single person watching this periscope i'll bet there wasn't one person others periscope another's two point four thousand people live about all too
point four thousand of you were fully aware that there is areas while being built on the border primarily or maybe it was only a but in place is where there were already some kind of barrier but it wasn't a good one so was at now obviously that's where you want to put your wall first because the reason it was a barrier there be or does it was already identified as an important place that people cross superior good barrier where there was a barrier would make sense as the most important place to do it so it's happening hundreds of miles and helped other bees somebody who's watching the news was not aware of that and the answer is if you watch only the news from the left and it works
the way to a few watching only the news in the right you're in a bubble you don't know the news this not being reported on your side so that was interesting so there's a question you i got a guy different comments and that would you like to see james come back if you saw yesterday would you like to see him come back for another topic give something similar in the news or other people with the same kind of arguments i want to get get some kind of an opinion from you now i want to add i want to defend james a little bed from solar your comments number one how brave
is it the he came into unfriendly territory and made his case very brave and how many people could have done that could you ve done it i talking in my book looser think i talk about the importance of being able to use your ego as a tool and not at none description of who you are now if james thought that his ego was who he is what he pulled himself at risk by coming into unfriendly territory where you know what sort of things were stacked against parliament of you probably would not have so you get you can judge just based on this one interaction the jail has the ability to put his ego where a blogs in the toolbox not as an identity of hawaii
has any just use it as a tool and he said today today set of design go into unfriendly territory and mix it up now many of you because you're you're sort of biased in my favour because that's why you're here and spare scope now there's no surprise so most of you thought o scott you got the best of this conversation don't you think he knew that that was gonna be the reaction he knew that i mean i'm sure you didn't think and i can't i can't read his mind but is reasonable to assume that we need go enemy territory politically enemy territory that
you're gonna take some it's gonna take some minutes now what do you think is his reaction because now by now is in lhasa tweet is price is price in the comments are enough he played a back but he's probably seen you covered a lot of them were very negative what do you think he's responsiveness to all the negative comments he asked did you come back on again do it again could you do that ask yourself could you do that could you come on here you're ripped apart by the audience most mostly on it because as a sort of her an unfriendly audience for his point of view could you do that and then come back and say us do that again just ask yourself if you can do that he did it so off without you you don't have to ask now maybe you can
do we not me and i saw the some of you were here entertained and others were but give me a better senseless allow better idea whether we shouldn't do more of it or not speaking i guess i have a request for you is this i would like to see if i could get my gaze looks socrates last week learn i've gotta call up twitter you're well i'm talking because i want to check something as i talk i would like to get back aids to commend my periscope but i dont think enticing because obviously he's a great demand knees on tv all the time probably one of the busiest people in congress way now all the stuff he's doing and in order to get him on here
and because i don't think he would imagine that this will be worth its time if i were him i would be skeptical of it as well i hereby yours i'd like you to do i like you to follow him on twitter you don't have to wait at him you don't have to say nothing i just why whose numbers so he's at two hundred and twenty thousand play for followers i want to be able to say by the end of the under today maybe the ended europe ought to be able to say that his numbers will i'm ten thousand because i asked you to follow him and by the way you should follow you should follow you see on the left you should follow magnates on the right because there is the most persuasive and interesting people on that science so if you now following those do you missed a great show just a great show so mass
and kill you lately with his persuasive ways and he's just the perfect personnel and shouted for a variety of reasons but rather than ask him to do shall directly i'm gonna do it indirectly so asking you gonna twitter and follow him at his at mac gates spelled emerson matt and eighty gates's g a e tc so just follow mac gates and i want to see his numbers go up to over two hundred thirty thousand and then what happens then i'll then i'll send a message i have a way to get him a message and i say we just added ten thousand users could you come talk to us i think that would be enough though you if we get began ten thousand new followers i think that would be enough for him to say hey i'll give you ten minutes
please do that for me it'll be fun to see if we can make that happen and then see what else i got here they were another topic i wanted to talk about so north korea is making a news but there they got sort of overshadowed by all the baghdad stuff and i've been wondering to myself how can we ever make a deal with north korea the problem is who goes first north korea's it seems to me that the bottom line is north korea wants us to go first by withdrawing some troops or something like that and of course we want them to go first by giving up their nukes but then i want to do that because the refrain there will attack them in and kill them so i would like to brain swarm of views solutions
for the problem that nobody wants to go first i think we could go first but the trick is to go first with something that looks like going first and does have some real value but still leaves lots on the tables another words will still go first but we still maintain let leverage let me give an example we could say how about we go first
it will declare that the war is over we will just did you we'll just declare that we are not a world with north korea now what does it cost you nothing nothing does a push anything but it goes first now if you're north korea are you justice afraid as the united states if they if they ve if congress le say congress as it declares the end of the war are you just as afraid of congress the weekly declared and of war you not it is going first so somebody s go first now that alone would not be enough to make it happen you there's a second part here and i'm gonna offer this as a clever persuasion slash negotiating technique but i'm also get a fully disclose it
because it's a sort of persuasion slash technique that is fair to tell the other side this is exactly what we're doing others that there's no secret trick here that this is exactly why you think it is and it looks like this say to north korea there since there there are concerned about their security there their milk ray security that the united states would be willing to draw down some of its some may be all of its military assets under the following conditions and watch how clever this and the following conditions are that north korea is secured military security
can be guaranteed by any combination of the u s russia china and south korea neither the magic of this technique is the any combination park so in other words we would say to north korea we don't get we don't care if you d with the chinese military solution did you get ready nukes you can invite the chinese military to set up a shop in your country have some kind of a joint military support thing with them as long as you get ready of because we have we ever risk with china this not really gonna change if they also have some more control over north korea we care about this looks like it that's all we care about so we say to them here's the deal you can
a military agreement with us to protect against china russia these are some some got him your way we could say look how about instead your enemy wealth will form a military alliance with you north korea to help you in case china russia that you now doesn't have to be sending troops but we can say no will sell you weapons or whatever now allows amount suggesting that north korea would accept any these deals that's not the point remember this the persuasion technique it does not it does not rely on being factual and does not rely on anybody actually like
these techniques fellas i use item is another choice north korea you can make a deal where where the u s russia and china the three of us endlessly south korea all all agree to protect eu militarily from the others in other words if china gets busy with north korea and tries to take over the u s and russia and south korea well protected if russia tries to take over north korea china south korea in the u s will help protect them so the idea here is if we give north korea a choice of what their own security situation would look like and then we tell them we will support all of them we don't there was one they back will support all is losing your red eunuchs because were we are committed to not wanting to attack north korea we have at present
who can make that case pretty penny precisely so the the magic of the persuasion is that you give north korea several choices that they have complete freedom what kind of security situation would you be happy with you tell us we only want one thing guerrilla nukes the news and by the way if it'll warm things up for you would like to declare the end of end of the korean war so i think going first to break the logjam we should probably declare an end to the war going with the second thing is to have a serious discussion of all the options and maybe it's public even all the options for protecting north korea's territorial integrity now the other thing is interesting is you heard that
kim jeong hoon said he was going to tear down a resort that they built in north korea and just rebuild it to make it better because it just wasn't good enough since somebody saying so he's got a problem with matt gaetz do you think i care about whose somebody's parents were i don't care about that that's not a standard that i would care about here things i don't care about i don't care about you related to somebody your associated with somebody
are you did something long ago when you are young and doubt those are all the things i don't care about but if he does something will that counts but if he does it as a mature adult accounts are less my idea for north korea we gotta give them something that doesn't mean much which is the end of the war finally just so psychologically we had ended and then open it up to say you tell us how to secure your europe oratory and were open to pretty much every one of those ideas we just don't want nukes that's it that's all hold it right there i think we can get there i don't know exactly was holding things up maybe has nothing to do with it but we'll find out
all right that is all i have heard today the wind actually just died down so i'll give you well since you asked i'll take over the winner you'll go inside you to bear with me apologies if the so called barrier girl when this pretty strong uttered off that smokers mark in the distance doesn't look to cleave
anyway it's not too bad out here earlier it was way windy here but not terribly bad here all for now
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