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Episode 707 Scott Adams: Al-Baghdadi’s Destroyed Compound and California, Basically the Same

2019-10-28 | 🔗

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  • NYT spins Al-Baghdadi operation to be negative for President
  • WAPO headline…”austere religious scholar”
  • Rep. Katie Hill’s resignation
  • ABC’s Martha Raddatz’s BIASED lack of evidence qualifier
    • “YET” tell for bias in reporting
  • Bill Maher’s advice for Dems to win 2020 Presidential election
  • President Trump goes to the World Series
  • President Trump has taken out 2 dynasties and defeated ISIS
    • People are calling all that “lucky”?

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did you do to pom bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump you know the best advice i ever got on these periscopes are the people who said scott move the camera back further further it's like when you watch a movie stars let's say peep movie stars were none their prime anymore and they just add the gauze the other the effects it gives you the wrinkles in stuff well that works for me to every year and this could move the camera but further away i'll never stop doing this i'll just guess so small as i move the camera further for the way that you just can't see be than then i'll just be got well
why you're here is it because of the world series now is that does it because of the killing of l bag daddy we'll know entirely you're here for the simultaneous up you're here frequent who's got atoms and why wouldn't you cause you're smart you're with it you're aggressive and you ve got going on i would say you're more confident and better looking than even the us today and yesterday was pretty good so if you'd like to enjoy the simultaneous it doesn't take much now now much at all
need a copper among your glasses snifter sign cellist tankard thermos flask canteen grilled goblet vessel of any kind to live with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the dopamine here to the day the thing that makes everything better best party your day so far the simultaneous up go yeah it does we better every time it's not your imagination it's actually designed to be better every time you ve bills on itself some about that the soul is like most some things in the news others are a lot of tragedy going around one of them is california
california assorted turned into that prank if ever the prank worried gay paper bag and fill it with feces they put on somebody's porch and you set on fire and they ring the doorbell then a person comes out with others of fire on my part and they saw stopping to fire about their stumbling elam beg of boop we'll california is turned into that prank we're on fire and people are poop and everywhere now there is some chance at the fire we'll burn some of the book but as someone pointed out recently ironically the
the national symbol for california is a bare it's a bare and we actually have a confirmed answer to the age old question does a bare shit words noncom before you know why the woods are on fire in california even the bears are sitting on the sidewalk silly places is no fire and of course i don't like to go where there's the light so late that limit
your options to do so however as you know the whole state is either in a black out or on fire and even if you not directly affected as my house just by amazing luck my houses in this narrow corridor where i'm actually technically in the black ozone but my specific address is in quite there yet so i have electricity so far i've taken christine i've taken some people who don't have electricity i think a lot of california is regularly taken in take it and people so we ve got a couple of a couple of new residents in my house for as long as it takes to listen to the gas and electricity where they live i put in an order not an order but our request
for information from tesla to see about their wall battery thing so they have a product if you didn't know tesla makes a big battery for your home they u can charge up with your solar and then it will run they say for seven days if you have a power outage run for seven days without having to be recharged now my speculation does that i won't even gonna call back because i have to think there are a lot of people calling tussle this week in saying tat hello i don't have any electricity i don't like it i would like to get one in your batteries so that the next time this happens i naturally
does is gonna happen again i would like to have a battery so i'm probably one of a lot of people who called tesla recently were email them and said some version of can you give me some information on your battery i don't expect that will hear from them actually however if i had a way to directly this is not what i'm not giving you investment of advice never taken vestment advice from a cartoonist just remember that i have looked into this but is there any pure away to invest in those tesla home batteries i would think this will be the time to do it because i i can't imagine that they have any left in stock they must be making
things as quickly as a complacent because there's gotta be a lot of people like me who just said maybe now's the time maybe do so we'll see you saw the president trump went to the world series yesterday and because people can find anything to complain about they comply and that he must be a bad father because you didn't take baron to the game to which i said that sounds like someone who's never met a teenager do you know what teenagers wanna do go to a game with their parents is low only the last thing they never want to do a i'd like to spend i night with my parents said no teenager ever so desperate for that anybody thinks that baron would have wanted to do that i doubt it
so anyway i stole the joke about the bare shooting in the woods from dawn hidden done mcdaniel who may or may not be watching us if you are good job done thank you so i asked you yesterday if if you would give matt gaetz congressman matt gaetz a follow on twitter to get his attention so that i could coax him to appear as a guest on the sparrow and we did manage to get him several thousand new followers i don't know how many shy for ten thousand i think we had several thousand as of yesterday and still rising but he did respond and he said yes so i ve got a message to him to see if we can pull i'd get a real schedule together
did you notice that he was he was at the world series with the present trumpet millennia sir say yes yes access so we'll try to schedule him i'll let you know in advance that will be a lot of fun let's talk about l bag daddy used to become a bag daddy but i liked column dag daddy
has his funnier i saw somebody on twitter say that trump is such a bad ass the not only did he kill bag daddy but any he should taught him in public after that that's like the ultimate bad ass right he kills him and then he goes and eat trash dioxin in public to which i said now nope it's better than that is better than that he didn't just kill him the last thing that he made bag daddy do before he died was kill his own children through now you think it's bad the trump didn't take baron to them world series why baghdad he might not be father the year either so that's how bad of bad of about ass drop is he didn't just kill em you made kill his own children on in there in the process
then he trashed autumn so lets the separate complete victory near tyres is reporting that the syria withdrawal was almost ruin are the two syria withdraw almost ruin the bag daddy operation so in their telling the story the operation was a success despite trump not because of him that is the biggest obstacle to success was trump himself so ass the new york times version of the story ok this is a perfect example of the type of story
the eu should take to seriously because there were a lot of variables and might hear the basic part of it might be true it might be true that if we had had a bead on this guy and it might be true that if we brought her ass i said in a too hasty way that we will lose it and it may be true that we decided to act while the acting was good i might all be true but it doesn't make any mistake the trump was trying to pull out because obviously the decision the boy was independence of the decision or the year that the question about bag daddy whether he lived her died we preferred that he died but it was wrong was going to happen anyway it happened at happened somewhere now what we don't know if there was anything about the withdrawal
which made it any easier to get back daddy we know from new york times reporting that there was some thought that we lost an opportunity for an easier way to get him now he were moving is locations we'd get him one is on the move so there was some thought that we had to do the hard way because of terms pollyanna syria but who knows how long baghdad he would stay there who knows who knows if our pulling out cause some extra was say extra intelligence resources to come forward with some light we don't know about that but i just think that as a general rule it's always fair to give the commander in chief the win for when
the windsor win you i gave a obama full credit for getting been love gives the same treatment to trump full credit for getting daddy now a few months from eater what were vastly sorted out the political interpretation of everything i would like to point out an interesting dog that didn't work effect now you're gonna have to fact check me on this so fact check me hard on this i could be wrong but i'm gonna make it like an observation based on just my purse experience it seems to me that the only entity person or organization
was not taken credit for killing bag daddy is the people did it am i wrong the u s military i think if you don't count what trump himself says but the actual military i dont know if they ve taken care it they ve certainly described what they did but isn't it unusual and here too the everlasting credit that our military the only ones who didn't feel the need to try to take credit that's professional is sort of professional not sorted that's very professional sports its impressive in this lack you can easily imagine some other personnel is some other people trying to take credit saying well it wasn't the president
we were the ones we are the ones on the ground where are the ones who almost gunshot and they didn't now of course the president did a very good job of making sure that we understood what risk they rat outbraves they were how capable there where in all that but i just think is notable that the people who were the heroes are the euros didn't say anything i mean it's exactly what you want is the best possible solution or situation i'm gonna question for you and let me just put this idea into the universe i don't think you ve heard this idea before i'm just gonna put it out there purple hearts for the dogs yes or no should the dogs were injured badly apparently at around many dogs but more than one i think was in
injured but lived would you like to see a purple heart ceremony for the door it was interesting about the dogs is that they have the symbiotic relationship with the actual soldier there's so much so that the soldiers won't leave them behind them leave the door behind them he couldn't have been easy you trying to imagine how hard it would be under the year the situation they in to rescue a wounded dog you'll get it here get a cared for and transporting all the way back at all that that country busy so there were some there were some military people who really took a risk and put some some real effort into protecting the dogs and making sure that they came home
oh soldiers but that other people are for the dogs yes or no no i wouldn't want your diminished i dont want to diminish what it means to human beings to get a purple are cause it's obviously one other that is one of the more important recognition you could get cash you ve given almost as much as you can give shore of your life if you get wondered so but i think these particular dogs or not we don't even think of them ass dogs there are basically just part of the military this point so i guess my respect for the military dogs is so high that i don't see it as an insult that they can they could win the war that that a human could win in this specific case and there the other case logical differently
sounds like a lot of people were on board or that the software the washington post to you probably all evolves in story washington post first headline description of beg daddy after use killed was it he was an austere religious religious scholar he wasn't was their religious scholar ok so people complain and said you know if you happen to be the biggest rapist murderer terrorists in the world maybe it all lead with austere religious scholar you maybe lead with it s murderer beheld her terrorist so the wash imposed heard the complaints and they adjusted accordingly in the statement from one of executives in a tweet christine karate cal
he said regarding our l bag daddy obituary the headline should never have read that way we changed it quickly so what is our opinion of this well obviously people having been about how fair were unbiased the reporting is and it almost seems as if they just couldn't give trumpet the wind so they had to soften is now but they did respond to people pointed out and they d j some under the forty eight hour rule the forty eight hour rule do we forgive them is the apology accepted well now because there's no policy where we raise again this is
pieology they said that the headline should never have read that way and we changed it quickly that's not an apology right so there's no apology to accept but there is a clarification and the clarification is that it was a mistake and change the quickly though there is a lot to be desired in this response i would call this a deeply imperfect response and primarily because it doesn't address what it did to trust what it did to the customer there's a victim here there's a victim which
is trust in the media the readers and how they react to it and there are not addressed so a proper apology wooded in this isn't an apology is not an attempt at one but it would address the victims if you only a who who is involving the shoes offended who who thought light had been crossed but they don't do that they do so should it should happen which ancient i'm gonna give that i'm gonna give them a pass on that because they did a dress it and changed it either to things all of you for one is an apology when they make sense and the others
he's exit did he do something about it then they did do something about it i will say this is the weakest way you could respond to a mistake and actually still say that you did something but i'm getting up so i accept it as a clarification that they did not believes that there was a year there in their own opinion they didn't do good work and so they improve it people sometimes don't do good work i would rather judge them by the fact that the improved it that's a standard i would want to be urged by so clearly i have they mistakes will make mistakes plenty of them and i would like to be judged by the same standard did i fix it if i fixed it that's all i'd like you to judge me then i'll do the same for the sort of others katy story congress person democratic
politician in california she get in trouble for well the only thing the got her in trouble ultimately was then she slept with a subordinate on her staff and there's no knossos you resigned like servage is asking and twitter whether he should cast running from that seek to which i said earlier i mean the sunni wants to do that anybody would want that job but if you want to do it be great can you imagine congress with my sort of a gene it come on i'll be the best they ever you will you never stop having fun so yes i say that the only thing the congress seriously needs right now
is a good shot like servage but like if you listening i don't know why anybody would want that life but if you do i'm backer so i hope you so here is my opinion and the katy he'll thing i told we understand why sleeping with a subordinate has to be against the rules i get that when i feel as if that is our standard had always existed and i think we can agree that in some sense the standard as always existed but was kind of ignored it that the meat to movement that makes us actually consider
however serious thing more serious than it has been considered in the past so lots of places have always taken seriously but as a society were we're just sort of catching up to the idea that maybe you should just never do it just about never never is the right answer but here's the problem if you had to guess how many people do you think happily married or happily in a really relationship this started with one of them being the boss isn't that one of the most common ways that people get together and would you want to lose that maybe
look at the number of people who apparently the thought that was their best their best way to build a life a noose people making their own decisions now you and i'm not talking about any kind of coercive situation so i think we all agree that if anybody shelt directly or indirectly any coercion well that's completely back so there's no argument about that but how many babies throwing out with the bathwater and this case baby being literal i'll bet there are literally if i had to guess i would say millions of babies have been born in this country to a couple in which they met when one was a subordinate one was the boss probably millions and then all seem to be victims there probably bring
with their little baby so i wonder is there no way too to keep the good park the people who just said well this person was my boss but it's not my fault that image acted so i acted on it so that there's gotta be a way out rather live in a world in which people have a path that it could be i'm just brainstorming imagine if you well you don't want to go to human resources because that starts a problem seem i want to keep it to yourself but what could you imagine again this is not this a real idea i'm just brainstorming here could there be any kind of private anonymous place you go to the sort of register disorder register and just register
the public eye and both of you come in there in the subordinate says an indirect language this there's no coercion to this i'm totally on board with us i really like my boss i like to keep doing this and then just sort of registering and then if nobody gives you problem for having a relationship for nobody notices why just gone with business melissa you called into hr they say i'm not good you're with a subordinate and that point only you go to your registration place and say i we anticipated this i've got a signed statement from the spa saying he or she is totally on board with this it's all voluntary here's a video of it so you can see that they're they're not being forced to write it there must be some way to solve that iran or no of anything i just suggested is practical but
i feel like we be losing a lot if you take away the ability for people to be attracted to subordinates and vice versa i mean that's just the way people meet i thought it was interesting that apparently the military also killed the isis official spokesperson so we killed the head guy and then just before trump brands this guy as a whimpering dog who died as a coward and a tunnel the person who would most likely contradicts that statement was the ices spokesperson lepers guy killed do so
it looks like killing the spokesperson was really well timed does the last thing we want is for them to have as spokesperson somebody asked me about when it would be a problem for adam chef that here is on record as having visited democrat donor at buck a number of times had book is accused of jail for apparently is accused of murdering a few young men with overdoses
who he planned have sex with other did have sex with an added chief apparently visit said buck and leaves alive every time i was thinking how insulting user to adam chef there he saw one attract is that at book lesson live that's pretty ugly think that's gonna sting so enough about that martha rabbits hosted abc news was talking to adam chef and she she called the martin
his accusations about trump and she said you have no evidence of that yet whatsoever however so people today yea abc news is challenging adam chef for making statements they can't back up so your first your first impression is a step in the right direction because you want abc news be challenging adam chef not just sort of allowing him to speak and then moving on but here's what i
notice you see the day inject that worry yet so she says you have no evidence of that yet yet what do you mean yeah want then played out all of us although there are the same pick one of you out about sarandib elite three or to one his errand happily you know you ve been accused of being a cannibal than eating children but
there's no evidence there's no evidence yet yet maybe i am sure is a mass murder but there's no evidence that there is no evidence that yet yet and maybe president trump is just in it for the money but there's no evidence that yet yet to come in yet
so every time you see yet from a news person or appended you should say to yourself that is manipulation that is now that's not a simple statement of observation the observation is there's no evidence there's no evidence of that that we can see that would be a first statement there's no evidence yet does not an unbiased statement than those biased statement you can ever make joe biden is very healthy there's no indication that he's got major health problems yet yet see how that works so it looks like joe biden has goodies starved out of the race i think everybody agrees that this point that the the donors are basically just gonna start now
by not donating so looks like that's gonna happen delmore had a very funny little monologue thing for michel on friday i tweeted around you can see the maturity and he's pointing out humorously and accurately that if the devil castle wanna be doubled rob all they really need to do is not act crazier than him and then he goes to the examples of how they're not through not pulling off and is spreading i was standing because he's he's unambiguously rooting for their team and and they they of course are great heaters of the president and still with all those candidates they can't find one who can get who can get any kind of momentum and is also not
crazier than drop imagine imagine big a democrat and you really really want to win one i mean you wanna wind so badly man do you want to win people who are living in the poles are unambiguously crazier than trump as the only thing they're trying to fix you one job democrats find somebody who's not as crazy as trump per year view of the world you had one job just find anybody just anybody your neighbor you're you're mechanic somebody workforce can you find somebody in the country to run who's not obviously crazier than trump barely they can't do that now they do have some i'm crazy candidates but they're so low and appalling
it's gonna take while for them to be relevant if ever the sight met more about the world series so that reporting is the trump got booed at the world series in i don't doubt that that's true but when i listen to the video and listens the audio and video i just heard noise due to sound like massive bowing to you sounded more like just some combination of some people were happy some work somewhere gee i guess some people
chanting lock them up but it didn't really come through on the video the audio so i wonder i wonder if that was even important now i would expect that every president would get some combination of buddhism and cheers so there's nothing in that apparently trump decided not to throw the first pitch which is a is a change in tradition wouldn't be the first time he's changed tradition was not a good idea was it a good idea for trump to refuse to throw the first pitch yes that was a good decision if you're over seventy is somebody s you
to do something in the sporting realm in front of a big stadium people dont do do it if you're over seventy do not participate in any element of a sporting competition now if you're andrew yang you can go shoes and baskets and and show the video to law world turns out andrea is pretty good a basketball pretty good athlete he's gotta good
jump shot probably probably other good skills as well but if you're seventy plus do not accept the invitation to do a sport related thing in front of the world so the fact that trump turn their down i think is a credit to his good judgment there was the right decision have you noticed that the list of people their trump has defeated keeps getting longer so started with the sixteen or so geography folks running for
sleep defeated the entire field but farther afield was the entire bush dynasty so trump destroyed the bush dynasty and they moved on and he destroyed the clinton dynasty he took out the strongest field of republicans that i've ever been sealed it took out to dynasties and just defeated isis and indeed autocratic say lucky
lucky how many how many ever hear army is terrorists dynasties and political operators do have to defeat before it doesn't look like an accident anymore like at what point does not look like a like an odd series of events see what else we gotta go around here i was asked on twitter to talk about my daily routine in in the context of baby some advice or how to do things efficiently you have a system and so i thought i do that i'll tell you a little bit about my daily routine with the understanding that the whole point of it is that if there's anything i do that would be useful for you you can pick it up it goes like this
so the first thing is i was giving this talk to a young person i was mentoring the other day there was a young person who likes to it it was going to school but our weakens likes to stay up all night with friends literally all night and their sunday try to get the ban on time and tries to get up on time for school and ice i explained to her i said that the sleep one of the most important things for everything from fitness helped your diet because when you hungry when sleepy you feel hungry and overhead sizes sleeping will help here your mental ability or fitness it'll help your diet it'll help your looks your appearance but most importantly you need like a system so that you can get it
sleep and if you don't get that right you don't get anything right so i was pointing out that if it were this summer and you were staying up all night that would make that much difference it's just summer you don't have to get up to go to work don't have to get up to go to school but during the school year if you're trying to keep a normal scheduled for five days and then on the weekend you're trying to stay up all night because you can say no school tomorrow that you are absolutely sabotaging your health in all kinds of ways you u sabotaging your schoolwork your health your brain you're fitness your appearance and your future is that bad your entire future is at risk because you step and weakens will you friends as it is that is that important so sorry by the way my sniffling this is
the problem with my polyps and when my head i'm still working them so the first thing i would say is that getting sleep on time and getting up at at least a similar time every day is essential to productivity happy life when i see people who mess with their sleep schedule i tell you what how i interpret it here's how i interpret it not even trying to succeed not even try if you're not sleeping right in eating right working on your fitness even if you're not doing a perfectly well but if you're not least working on those things you're not even try so it's hard for me to give advice unless they career or or anything else if somebody isn't even trying and sleep access
eyes and food you gotta be trying on those three things or nothing else uttering want to give you advice you gotta get their stuff right first then you ve got a base to work with but don't ask me for advice on anything if you're not getting sleep get some sleep we'll talk later so the first part of the question of my daily routine is that i go to sleep reasonably early and i wake up without these days without an alarm luck whenever my body says to last night i was busy yesterday and i didn't get to exercise and i have trouble sleeping if i have an exercise that day so about two a m was awake and i knew that i was awake for the day and so i just got up went to work so i started work today i too am that's not unheard of
during a year that'll happen maybe a dozen times over the course of the year usually is closer to four or five a m and i get up in the question about my daily schedule i think had to do with the sub question was whether i do certain tasks at certain times today my energy lasers yes in the morning i am creative and i can focus and so i keep those tasks which require creativity and focus for the morning and i try to make my morning as large as possible because it's my most it's my money may the morning is when i make money the rest of the day is for other stuff you maintenance and sticks and stuff and travel and family and all that
so i usually get up and prepare for the periscope read the news do some twitter answers meals drink some coffee and i absolutely love that time advancement this is this is my favorite time of that you catch me exactly exists the time that most mentally active most friendly most everything so good you wouldn't want to talk to me in the afternoon then so that that's the main thing i do i wake up do my periscopes then i re assess what i've got to do is if it's a cartooning day these days do cartooning everyday i back it up i used to do a little cartooning every day so i didn't have to do too much of the day these days i am i right all my cartoons the week i one day
and then other days depending on my schedule and what else is going on i will do some drawing nigh do the drawing whenever my my energy and my body are ready for it cuz right now i'm amped up on coffee and my energy is too high so if i sat down and tried to draw all right now i would hate it cuz my in my brain would be saying go there's something more active drawing is boring you use your brain used body so i like to do drawing what i'm tired especially if i'd been exercised and then my brain says like sinless chair for while the emily thank you do well or draw something and i want to use my brain anyway so there see the basic bones of it is that i put my creativity in my energy into one part of my day when the energy is exactly right for them
and then i do these things at all require thinking during the times a day when my bodies and so good and thinking anyway what's best a luxury that question what about eating so here's a weird thing i've almost given up on meals you are one point there was a thought to initiate the of five small meals or something today there are used have like a big dinner but if you have several people in your life nobody wants need the same food at the same time in the modern world you don't need to seek a sort of
we can do in ever they won't whatever they want so i find that i just snack all day long so you that protein borrow when i wake up in the banana later maybe another cairo and during the day i stick to things which are unambiguously good for me and i ll do the other do any unhealthy eating in the morning and i stay away from curbs like crazy jobs will probably to sleep within an hour so if i avoid carbs i'm more energy and ask somebody asked me if i'd if i start my sense of smell entail so if you knew my story that for ten years i couldn't speller tasty thing then i found out through some polish problem in my youth station do was i treated it temporarily and my smell and tastes came back completely but you didn't last
after a week or so of having my spell it tastes the polyps apparently went back to the original condition i can not smell or taste to anything and i don't have a plan for home plan for fixing live so i did get my hearing bacco so my hearings i know those of you were saying my god i feel sorry for you you actually don't need to cuz cuz it was a funny thing that happened which was when i could taste and smell everything i was not happier i was not happier because there are more bad smells good and even discovered that some of the main foods i eat alike i measured sushi i'd only learn to resume after i lost my sense of smell a taste
but there are sort of a fake smell and taste they your brain provides for you see you think you taste it and you think you you don't think you spell out what you think you taste it is just that you don't so maybe i can go back eating solution other guests knowledge i that's all i've got for now yet i can get lasers to two lasers polyps but there it doesnt last so that's it does offer now i'll talk to you later by
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