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Episode 714 Scott Adams: A Simultaneous Sip in the Wrong Time Zone

2019-11-04 | 🔗

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  • My complaint about the framing of the Ukraine call

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a bumper bumper bumpo about me everybody i know i know its not by regular time but i am travelling got meetings stuff to do among my official book to work for the release of loser think sovereignty tearing up the charts tearing up the charts i say if you don't give a copy everybody would be talk about it then you'll be left out i'm said why weren't you get here earlier so that i could at least have this available for replay for those people who are looking for me at my normal time and he had no not an early bird i'm only escape stun in new york city you can you can hear the sounds of garbage outside my room yes the actual sounds of garbage
turns out my room is directly above a gigantic pile of garbage they gets picked up a god awful times of the day while i listen to garbage sounds really does not important what's important was importance the simultaneous up and you know it doesn't take much to participate cup club club what the hell is a glove a copper mug style jealous any anything candy doesnt matter which get ready because it's time for the travel version of the simultaneous up ready good stuff i so i have to tell you what happened to me so well
do these book to urge your publisher put you up at the hotel now i dont know how to tell the story without sounding like a gigantic douche so i'm just gonna go out and sell like a gigantic douche bag the quality of the hotel that you're publishers willing to pay for his little different from the quality of hotel i may have become accustomed to but this morning to the gag have again so that the whole room is the size of the shoe box and the bathrooms about the size of a phone booth and the shower has a half a half wall glass so that there is no doorway into the shower and i look in anything went so far it's really narrow shower and the only way you can get to the controls
to go into the shower into the narrow shower and stand right in front of the water as it comes on you and i think to myself no good because i don't want to turn on my shower and girl this cold water before it gets before it gets warm sun clever this is what i do i say a move these shower head so it's your point the wall your way for me and then i'll be able to turn it on with all of my clothes on and still be able to get out dry and little take my clothes off and it will be nice and warm when i get a good plan right good plan here's how that plan went turns out that the controls are confusing and while i thought i was turning on the shower head which i had cleverly faced the wall when i was actually doing was turning on the little handheld shower device
which was pointing out the door completely out of the shower so another words that have an angle that i could go right out the door and onto the whole wall outside in the main bathroom i realize this after i turned it on so now i'm standing here fully closed and when i say fully clothes i mean i had long johnson cause i went out to get some coffee this morning oh by the way i called room service this morning you so we don't have it this morning because our cooked in coming at no room service in the york city of all things so the water is sprang into the main hallway others quite a bit of it it is running on the floor literally sweating my my thing and i say to myself there's only one way i can stop this i have to go
the shower right now fully closed with long johns so i say to myself i think i can block the stream with a towel so i grab a towel hold it in front of me like a shield that run in and i turn turn off the little handheld thing good plan right block it with the towel turn it off well that was what i intended to do what i actually did was turned the control all the way to the left which activated the shower head now i tried to turn the shower had as i said towards them but it really went a little millimeter you're standing fully clothed in a narrow
little shower and you turn on the shower and turns out you give very wet limit lavishly hold up you say but this is that this is the dry part at all this is completely when i'm not sure if you'd here that decided the microphone railway was completely so
top to bottom after having walk you to get coffee because inhabiting and observe the bottom line is i'll be check yet the so tell right after my meetings today didn't work out so well and all last night literally i'm right next to a garbage operation that's operating through the night at midnight and that's not why you're here you here to talk about the events of the day i did some
very clever this morning on twitter fight you say so myself and i have to read it to you so my complete with the who you crean impeachment thing is that the republicans have allowed the democrats to frame it and the way they framed it is that it set a case of trump quote digging up the other rival with a foreign country now of course that's no good right if if that's how you frame it then the conversations already over so the republicans have failed just measurably and i would say that the president is not having his best game on this either because they allow that framing and what one of the report
can say when the democrats say your digging observed on an opponent with a foreign country they don't push back on that instead they say well i don't think the quid pro quo was there and or doesn't right rise the level of all wrong what's all wrong you got it you got to attack the frame the frame and inheres examples here my two tweets there was funny about the tweets is you have to look the comments from the people who wait in who were sure that their side really had a good argument and you'll see the third completely triggered into cognitive dissonance seriously after yet look at them that they have almost completely give them up even counter argument so let me tell you what i said and you'll see why it was so davis
italy effective swayed to two issues one want we was there were two potential outcomes of the requested ukraine investigation and binding either they would find nothing or they would find behaviour the voters in the united states need to though so those are the two terms right the investigation is if you created it there were other find nothing
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