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Episode 716 Scott Adams: Early Coffee to Explain Everything in the World to You, Prepare Beverage!

2019-11-06 | 🔗

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  • A reality penetrating tip about the Ukraine call
  • ABC held off on Epstein story for not meeting their standards
  • We need a border wall between America and the terrorist cartels
    • Mormon family slaughtered by cartel
  • Elizabeth Warren’s $52 TRILLION dollar Medicare for all plan
  • UK writer says, unlike President Obama…
    • …President Trump LACKS a sense of humor?

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Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump. Oh, hey everybody. Yes, this is not my normal time. If you're signing on now looking for Maine you're, probably thinking hey, Mark you're, probably thinking you're at the wrong time- and that is correct, because I am on book tour for Loser- think which is now available, everywhere the books are sold in some places that books or not even sold, but before we get to that, let us enjoy a little thing. I call tiniest sip, You don't need much to participate. No, you don't a copper mug jealous stein, canteen. Anything like fill it with your favorite liquid. I like coffee, and join me now for the simultaneous zip
The dopamine Heather the day. The thing that makes getting better go. Ah So you want to hear the funniest thing about my book and there's somebody I know there's at least one person watching this who had the same situation You know who you are all right. So here's my book, here's the subtitle, but I'm gonna, show you something I do that. Somebody pointed out to me today that is the it's kind of funny, so the subtitle is how untrained brains are ruining America right, Somebody pointed out on the title page on the inside: it's got the title wrong for those of
says how untrained brains are ruining the world. So yesterday I was on, I was on Fox and friends, and one of the questions, about the president's tweeting and is in his. I was talking about his typos that is typos, really just connect people to him. Because they know that it's an unfiltered message, so they feel they feel there is no middle person washing down the message. I don't quite get that same benefit with the book, but I will tell you that I laughed when I saw it not 'cause it doesn't make any difference, doesn't change anything, but I will tell you that the next time we print this will
all we fix that. I don't know exactly when the process the opportunity comes up now, whose fault is it mine? Because I I approve everything I I look at everything before it goes out, and one thing you don't you don't you don't think to, is the subtitle, because if you see it right in one place, we just figured well, it looks kind of the same and because This is the last word is world instead of America, the brain doesn't always read to the end of a sentence. So if you would ask me to look at those, two sentence is and say: are they the same? If I'm in a hurry and I'm looking at a lot of other stuff to see if it's right, I'd probably say yeah, they look about the same
yeah. Maybe world is better and I think there was some probably some conversation about changing it to world for books that are sold outside this country. So there's I think that conversation probably happened anyway. I have never seen this kind of reaction to a book and I've published something like forty five books. If you can Dilbert reprint books. So I think this is my 14th original books that not a deliberate book and I've never seen this response before that. What I'm One of the things that I told you about in a prior book is that when you're trying to decide if a product is good other people like it, you should always look for bodily action. If somebody read your book
and when they're done, they say yeah. That was a good book. I enjoyed it thanks for asking there's nothing there, because people tend to be nice if he ask them, but if somebody actually does something they they're moved to act because they read a book, then there's something special going on There's an x factor sort of thing that the smartest people in the world will tell you they can tell that they can figure out why people reacting the way the reacting. But nobody really knows sometimes it's just mysterious. But if you've noticed on my my twitter feed people are people are posting unboxing photos and and videos. I've never seen that before at least not in the extent it's happening, so I've literally just never seen this much.
Let's do a book and the early readers are delighted. Some people are saying it's my best book and it might be. That's that's possible. Will let the will let the market decide Hey Bill. So I wanted to add a little value. If you've been watching the news, you know that there's a- ukrainian phone calls situation and is starting to get complicated and because I'm a great simplifier. I thought I would take this big. Complicated. Ukrainian phone calls situation that I would sort of summarize for you and so here's the summary there's a there's, a guy who may or may not be a diplomat who said a thing, but he he corrected it later, because I didn't say the thing, but we're not sure exactly what he meant, but another guy who contradicts the guy who said the thing and then there's some people agree, but then there are other people
it's great some of them are mad at the president. Some are not there, you go. I should watch the opening of Tucker yesterday, Tucker Carlson, Carlson and yeah. He dismissed the whole story very similar way, which is complicated. Nobody cares and he just he just skip the whole thing. 'cause there's no way you can make an entertaining show based on but Two people you've never heard of disagreeing about a bunch of stuff that doesn't seem important in the first place So I'm going to give you an a reality penetrating tip. So looking at this situation and you're saying to yourself it was Then going down because of because of this here, ' say: here's a good rule of thumb. If
tv lawyers can't even agree looking at the same information cuz all these stories, people basically have access to the same data. So looking at the same thing. If, if you see tv lawyers and lots of them say I don't crime, but other lawyers who are equally qualified or saying oh yeah. This is totally a crime. Here's the statute, here's here's, what happened total crime and then other lawyers also in public, also highly qualified a look I had exactly the same stuff, they're saying I don't know what you're talking about Ok, I'm here at all, even if everything that is reported to have happened, the worst case, let's let's that you took the word of all the of all, the people were saying the most
Damaging bombshell Y things, if all of it were true, there's still lawyers who say but where's the crime. Now the trap is to say to yourself which one is right is one side right, there's one side wrong, that's kind of a trap, Because people tend to be advocates right, so people are rule little eighty, their opinion Tord their side. In many cases the one exception might be Dershowitz, so Alan Dershowitz might be. You know. I've said this ability He seems to be the one tv lawyer if I can reduce his gigantic career to you know just what we're watching at the moment, you seems to be the only one who's, even cable, I'm taking one side or the other based on where the facts lead.
It's kind of rare, so he doesn't seem to think there's a crime, or at least that's what somebody said I haven't seen him say it live so I'll make that a tentative conclusion. But here's the thing: here's the rule: nobody goes to jail when lawyers can't even agree if a if a crime has been committed. I don't think you'll ever see a situation in which uh the fact that it crime had been committed or not, is so ambiguous and open to interpretation that even the person who committed it have known, it was a crime which is- Different from saying is impeachable because that's a different standard and if I'm saying? Was it a good idea? Those are all different standards, but if you for those people who are saying that the
this is going down because it's obvious the facts have shown. There's crime, I would say the odds of that leading to anything like prosecution. A close to zero. As long as there are legitimate lawyers who can hey, I'm looking at the same stuff. You are, and I can't even tell it's a crime. I remember this is different and this may be confusing you, but this is different from people who are saying a jury or Tensional Juras, who would say. Well, I'm looking at the the argument
from the defense and the argument from the prosecution and I've decided that, based on the facts, uh that this person is guilty in those cases when it gets to a jury uh, I believe in most cases both the lawyer for the prosecution and the defense would agree that a potential crime is on the table. One says: no. Those facts are not true and the other says the facts are true, but they're not really disagreeing on the basic idea of. If the person did these facts that are alleged, would it be a crime both
Defense and prosecution would probably agree, and I would imagine most cases that there's a crime if it if the person did those things, but if you're arguing about whether a crime even exists nobody's going to jail. That's my that's my take on it all right. Nothing about that. Let's talk about Emma Watson, who came up with a humorous new name for being single. She calls itself partnering. They'll often I would make a joke when they're such a good set up. I would be exactly the kind of person who might say ho ho ho. Sorry, I might say, let's say let's say something humorous about that, but it's such a good set up. Then I'm just gonna leave it to you, Europe, it's all yours,
you can take that one alright remember when we first saw the bombshell that there was an ABC News host, I guess. Who said on the hot mic that they're that ABC had the story. She had the story of Epstein and ABC management. Wouldn't publish it, do you remember what I said would be the response? nailed it. So I said the response from ABC would be that the reporting did not meet their standard of of confirmed, Usually they they like two sources for something that would be so volatile and it looks like this one is. Actually. This one's a little more gray that I think most people are taking. It.
Because the news organizations do have a standard that especially for something that's you know so, so volatile- and controversial and you know somebody could go to jail for it they like to have a two sources, and I think I believe it's been confirmed that they at least for much of it. They didn't have two sources so their explanation of why they dropped it, plus the fact that they've allowed they've allowed full reporting on it and apparently There's no specific order to stop the investigation; they just thought it didn't it never reached the level where they could publish it now. Do you believe that people are saying in the comments already lame excuse? Didn't they have plenty? I don't know. I don't know. I think that I think that it's possible.
They didn't have enough. But we do live in a world in which it seems that the news is often based on far less, but it's not always a sexual abuse allegation So since Epstein was not running for president, I think they were treating him like citizen, not a politician and maybe and then the two sources. Now I'm not forgiving ABC. If anybody wants to keep their opinion, that they did have enough information and then they just killed, for whatever personal or monetary reasons, that's a reasonable that would be a reasonable speculation, but there I'm just pointing out that their explanation was exactly what I imagined it would be. Because it's pretty good, if you're going to defend yourself, it's pretty good defense,
I don't think we'll ever know exactly what they were thinking and I've. I read the book. This suggest could, not imagine we know what is in other people's minds and there's certainly some of that happening right now. Alright, the cartels murder, the Mormon families. This story, you kind of wish it were cleaner, but because the families that got murdered were part of a larger group that decades ago left the United States, so they could practice. Polygamy. And there's rumors that some of them still do. That's that's somehow seeping into the story as if that somehow matters to the fact that they were murdered in their children were burned in car seats.
It just doesn't seem relevant to the story. I mean it's interesting, it's very interesting. Tying it to the story is just so wrong that it's like colossal. We rolled away using that done movie. So the question is: did the cartel make a mistaken identity to the cartel think they were killing a rival gang early This cold has had so much trouble with the cartels that they had security against them and threats already- and there was a history so, given that there was a history of this group battling with the cartel, for I think water resources was part of it. Uh
I really doubt the mistaken identity escalation. I think it's still possible. I don't think you can be ruled out, but if I had to place a bet so I'd say seventy five to eighty percent likely that they knew exactly what they were doing and they do Is that the way that we haven't heard from the President of Mexico? I don't believe I don't think I've seen any kind of a statement from the President of Mexico, responding to President Trump's offer of military help and. I've heard. People say twitter, mostly people saying hey, you that bomb away a problem like that. You know the cartels will still exist, etc, to which I say didn't work for ISIS.
And then other people are saying well, they're, probably going to gather or children around them so that we're afraid to bob them, and I was pointing out that one of these special features of the the up in the the killing of ISIS. Is that we, Do you have any press? Don't have any press to report what's happening, you can Bob, the first house and maybe there's some children killed and nobody's happy about that. But it is war in war. There are going to be innocent people killed, but what happens if they do, they bring their human shields around them and they get bombed anyway. The next time do they need to bring the human shields, because once you've demonstrated you're going to bomb them anyway and nobody's going to know the difference that just doesn't help you
There there's no point in doing it a second time if you can't get your message out. Low energy: alright, let's get rid of the stroll block. Uh, so it seems to be the secret to this sort of war with terrorists and I think the cartel or terrorists. At this point the secret seems to be to not let the press watch what you have to do again. I'm not I'm not suggesting it's a good idea that children die in collateral situations. Nobody likes that, but sometimes or adult decisions that are very unpleasant, alright, so so barely Senator Warren is added some details to her plan. That would cost.
Fifty two trillion dollars over the next decade include twenty trillion in new spending with an array of taxes on corporations and the wealthy, and I'm thinking to myself, have they just totally given up of the Democrats just literally given. 'cause that doesn't even seem like a good try. Does it just log it as long as suicide? Note in history I don't see how that's trying, and so I guess Joe Biden.
When, after war in the speech did neighbor by name, but people are talking about the impracticality of of some of the plans. It feels like she's, just self destructing with that stuff. It just seems so unelectable it's hard to believe all right. Here's a new framing for the wall between the USA and Mexico. I said this before, but because of the events in the news is worth re upping if you're building a wall between the people in the United States and the awesome citizens of Mexico that's hard to defend because if you live in any of the states where you have lots of contact with people who came up through Mexico League, the or illegally one of the things that almost
everybody would agree on is hey good people, mexican people, people coming from south of the border? the just. The regular citizens are excellent people excellent character. They're hard workers just want to be Americans, while I think countries have to have orders and border control in the aft, as citizens have to decide who comes in and who doesn't? We don't have that situation, but independent of the things you have to do to protect your borders? It's just a fact. The Mexicans and people from Central America are more bath and are just great people, and so, when you think about building a wall between your great people and their great people, just doesn't seem as compelling as it should be to get to where people want to get it, which is a solid bar border security, but realistically
speaking the cartels owned the border region. So it's not really a it's not really a wall between the United States and Mexico. It's a wall between the United States and the cartels who are Clearly terrorists, do you want a wall between you and the cartel, which is the better sale? I'd like to build a wall between you and Jose by the way, Jose is awesome. They were on this side of the wall, he'd be your best worker build a wall and keep Jose away from us, What kind of argument is that we, like Jos, Jos, is awesome Jose come on over here. We like you, come over legally, but we like you But if you say build a wall between the United States and the cartel that just machine gunned. Well, I don't know if this machine gun, but they just shut up,
Mormon, family and burned the children in their car seats. But You want that wall yeah. I think we want that wall. Let's get that wall. Alright, come here, uh completely different thought. I'm just going to be all over the place today. Have you ever had a compliment that change your life. Said ever happened. You have you ever had a compliment. Stayed in your mind for decades. Every now and then a simple compliment will just change somebody's life completely. And I was I was searching through my my memory of compliments now when you're a pub figure in you produce products for the public. Are you get complimented and insult
the very high volume. So the number of compliments I've received in my. Here- is a zillion times what ordinary people do because they're not in the public eye, but also the criticisms or away. I was thinking through my past. I was thinking you know. There's some compliments. They're just stay with me forever, but the most of them don't most of them. I appreciate it at the time, but they don't have any lasting quality and I saw your comments, so many of you said that, yes, they were. Compliments that change your life. I was thinking of a few of them in my case and I'm not even sure this is a compliment. I'll tell you the one story when I first got an offer to be a syndicated soonest. I had been told by another syndication that had had rejected me at the time
they may be. I could be as a writer, but I could work with somebody who knew how to draw so so one of the cartoons and the guests said basically you're not really an artist. Maybe you should find somebody else to do the drawing, for you now imagine that as you're trying to get your career started as a cartoonist and one of the one of the top three people in the planet who gets to decide who is going to be a cartoonist, you know they're the ones who make the deals with cartoonists and then sell them to the newspapers. The one of the three of them told me. I wasn't even it not. It wasn't a question of whether I was good enough cartoonist to be in newspapers but that I wasn't even a cartoonist So that's the kind of connection I got. But later I got a phone call from the woman
who is the manager for United Media at the time and that company got absorbed by my current syndication company, or at least the Dover product, as and in the end, so she offered me a contract to be a cartoonist soon after I'd gotten. This other advice that maybe I should find somebody to do the drawing for me yeah and when she offered it I said: well, you know long story short. I said yes, but then I said: do you think I should get a real artist to draw it for me and try to work as a team- and this was Sarah Glass Fuses- is her name and she said now, you drawings, fine, just the way it is. And it was sort of this wizard of OZ, scarecrow moment
another wizard of OZ story. He simply the wizard of OZ simply tells people that their brave and then they act that way tells them that they're smarter than the act. Smart. That's what happened. She simply told me. I was qualified and almost immediately the quality of my drawing improved five hundred percent, from the moment she told me I was qualified. I became qualified. She actually turned me from unqualified to qualified by telling me. I was think about that think about the power of that Lee made my career. It's the reason you're here the reason I guess right books it was. It was a one sentence in my life that it was one sentence. They changed. The entire trajectory of my life,
and that was thinking about just a few, though I got to visit the president in the oval office last year and we had a little chat about variety of things. I don't talk about the details. None of it was state secrets or anything it's just. It was a private conversation and there was one point: which he paid me a compliment and I'm not even going to tell you what it is because that's not the point, But I think I'll always remember that compliment because of who set it where I was when it happened. So I think of that one all the time and I realize it's having a bigger effect on me like it's going to last the ages
and- and so I would remind all of you that giving a compliment is absolutely free. It doesn't cost you anything. You can give a compliment and you've lost nothing. In fact, you've gained something because when you compliment people they like you better but here's the Art sometimes when you compliment people just in the ordinary course of your life, you're not trying to change the world, you just you're just giving an honest compliment. If you give an honest compliment to somebody, sometimes they changed the world. And the compliment could be a big part of that. So don't be stingy with couple.
It's part of the one of my systems for a good life. Is that what I feel a compliment? Uhm I try to release it. You know 'cause, sometimes you'll have a positive thought in your head about somebody, but you just keep it there. It's all wasted. If you keep if he keeps those good thoughts, your head is just So if you have a compliment and it's sincere and I'm not a big fan of the insincere compliments, but if it's sincere Lego could change the world could change the world. All right friend of mine, who is a big anti tropper, sent me an article from a british publication and in at a bridge, was x cleaning, why the british dislike President Trump now I don't know that anybody needs to explain it 'cause. He has a polarizing personality and you know the details, don't
where to watch where we know that some people, like him a lot, and we know that some people don't, but it was the weirdest explanation, and here is the that the biggest part of the explanation for why the it's don't like Trump. This is going to make you shake your head 'cause. You will not have seen this coming. Alright, his biggest objection that the British don't like Trump is the trump doesn't have a sense of humor. And that the Brits sort of require that, as let's say, a national personality that they have
the good preference for with the all who have a sense of humor, such as Obama. Right doubt this article I read one day after I think I would say, saying the President Trump is the funniest president of all time and that he uses his humor. Sisterly all the time to great effect. He uses it in his tweets uses the is his rallies, especially he doesn't use it as much when he's doing a press press conference were talking to the press. That's a little more serious uh, but I've never seen a president with a better sense of humor Reagan was pretty funny. So isn't that just a like a a-
dropping head shaker. That's the problem now this is just one author interpreting what he thinks. Other people are thinking but the amazingness that anybody could observe this president. I think he doesn't have a sense of humor Is it's just mind? Boggling, it's mind boggling. Well that's. A perfect example of two movies on one screen were watching exactly the same president. And I'm defining him as the best stand up comedian of our time- who's, not Chappelle. I guess yeah. Bill, Burr Chappelle, funnier, but he is one if you look at- is reach and reach and how often he doesn't how big his crowds are. You can make an argument he's the funniest stand up comedian in the world right now. So that was interesting to me Yesterday then thing happened that I can't explain
and maybe some of you can so, when you launch a book. One of the things you do, of course, is your watching. The best seller ranks and the easiest one to check is Amazon. So from the moment I started doing publicity for the book, I'm in New York right now doing the publicity tour from the moment I started. I would start watching the rank, No, I would normally expect one of my books on the it comes out, or at least the week it comes out to fairly quickly get into the top one hundred, which is pretty good if you get into the top one hundred Eura solidly profitable book and that if you're in the top one hundred, sometimes you you dip down into the twenties or something for a little while would be a real good, showing here's the interesting part Sometime yesterday, Amazon froze my rank at. I think three hundred and eighteen.
And for the entire day. Yesterday the rank never changed. It was. It was dialed in at three hundred and eighteen now my first thought was: oh, my god. We ran out of books, you know, maybe they sold their supply and then they just froze it until they could resupply and then things will start moving again. But my publisher confirmed. They had provided them so many books that there wasn't really a chance that they sold them all in a in a you know a day, the one, how much are slap so I'm left to speculate why the rank would not have moved for a full day now, if you've never never looked at book rankings. Most of you probably don't pay attention to that. They normally change at least every hour. Often
more often so all of the books are sort of moving all the time. It would be unusual for you to check a book rank and then come back the next day and it's the same rank unless it's in the top ten, if it's in the top ten in my stay at the same rank for awhile. But if your number, three hundred and eighteen the difference between three hundred and seventeen and three hundred and nineteen is so slim that there isn't the slightest chance that it actually was at the same ranking all day long. So there's no chance that could have happened. Naturally so what do you think it was? I have I have a speculation, here's my speculation I believe, that the Amazon, let's say the algorithms, are looking for suspicious behavior and they should so. If, if Amazon has done a good job of designing the system, you should be checking for any activity in the
That's unusual because of her find something unusual. It could be. This please gaming the system to try to improve their their author rank or the books rank. So I think what happened? I'm not positive. This. But based on the extraordinary sort of response, I'm saying to the book. Even before people read it, people were excited about it and should be. It might be my best book. I think it's possible. The Amazon flagged it just automatically without human intervention. As selling so many books that it couldn't have been normal behavior. In other words, they have a. They have a a sense of how many books I sell, because they, many of my books have been unable. So if it suddenly was selling for more
or then? What would be normal? For me as an author, I would think if it were a well designed system. It's do this, you know. Do I have banking experience and I know that a bank would freeze anything temporarily that looked like it was out of place. Till humans looked into it, so I think what might have happened is we sold so many books that they they owes it to see what was going on and then this morning it was unfrozen. So an It immediately dropped into one hundred, something you know. I think it It was around two hundred when I looked at it, which is, for this part of the process, so that's my best guess, but it it's it's sad that we're in a time Where I know some of you immediately went to Jeff Basos and said who might be political.
But it's not even a political book. You know I talk about some political topics, but I talked about the left and the right is not really taking sides. Now I got to I got most of the reviews on Amazon or excellent, but one of them which of course is not a verified buyer. So one of them who is not a verified surprise. In other words, he didn't buy his book from Amazon, but he was leaving a bad comment on Amazon appear, to have not ever read the book because his crib, this is some of it said Scott claims a, but in fact the book doesn't do that so his main complaint about the. Is based on something. He says: I've I've claimed that isn't anywhere in the book, so.
That's the kind of review, I'm getting and, of course that's purely personal or political. Somebody is just trying to reduce my Lawrence by the bad review. So this- is sort thing. Authors have to deal with. Thank you Carole, who just ordered my book. Yeah has the way it works now. Is it somebody saying,
comment that if you say anything positive about anything that Trump does your crazy Kool aid drinking cultist fanatic uh. So I guess that's most of us um somebody says I stopped buying books that are above four point five stars. That's actually that's an interesting comment. Yeah, if you can't, even if your book is not important enough to attract bad actors, you probably don't even want need to read So, if there's anything, that's like five stars across the board, it only means that people don't care about it, because if people cared, the bad actors in the trolls would come in and start leaving bad reviews. I've never thought about that rule, but maybe it's a good one
uh yeah? You know, I don't follow the local politics somebody's asking about Virginia the Virginia election and uh. I can't get interested in other states Yes, somebody saying is it I'm ray? How do you pronounce your name? Amber if origin of species was published today, somebody say too complicated too low. Somebody says I relish giving a book called loser thing to all my friends for Christmas, but you know that's a good point. So books are often gift items and How much are you going to enjoy giving a book called loser? Think two. Linear your family and acting like it's a and acting like keep your people completely spray face and say You're sort of literature, I think you would enjoy here's your gift,
it's sort of an insult at the same time, that sort of a perfect gift for a family member is a perfect gift for a sibling. Is that cellular? can't tell if it's an insult or a nice gift this sort of ideal. This is what I've needed to break through Angela says. So. Good luck. So So he says I don't love love the title as much as win bigly. It was hard to it's hard to top win bigly, that's a that was a good title to, but I think loser think is already catching on. Could you see people using it in Twitter already so people. Ask me why, on my books, I do funny, funny. What do you call these, the blurbs so
only when you write a book, you get other famous people to say good things about your book and then you put it on your book, but once become an author. You learn how that process works and then it you sort of lose So the reason I don't ask, other people to put blurbs of my book is partly practical, because you do every one of them will ask you to put a blurb on their next book. Then suddenly all you're doing is writing blurbs for other people, because you slam they can ask you so I've got that going on, but also it tends to be a insider kind of thing. People ask the author that no and then the author, that you know isn't going to give you a bad blurb. So the blurbs are a persuasive but I found them a little bit a little bit.
This year than I wanted to be associated with, because I know I can get people to say, good things about the book without reading it. I know I could do that. It would be easy. I just kind to people, I know say: hey, would you put a blurb on my book. Oh, you want to be easy, so I just don't do that. I opt out, opt out of that process. When does the Greg Gutfeld Tape, his show wealthy Greg Gutfeld show tapes on Friday afternoons so I'll be part of that I talked to him yesterday for his his did. Little the Greg Gottesfeld in one smart person, so we did that. Yes,
yeah. I think it'll probably be live in the day or so will I go in the five. I don't know that the five takes guess the answer is no, but I don't know that the five ever takes guests, with the exception of other other employees, of Fox NEWS who sometimes will join if they have a book or something. But I don't. I don't think they take guess. So that's not really. Venue, I'm trying. I think I'm scheduled for Dana Perino Show tomorrow, but I always hesitate to say in advance for any of these. Any news related shows because they they change the law so it would just yesterday I had two major major media hits that just got rescheduled sort of at the last minute and that's ordinary. So I tend not to make a big deal too far in advance, because I can't
guarantee that there won't be big news. That bumps me off all right. Wow somebody has a collection of my books, all the way back to how to shave how to shave a whale. It's actually called shave the whales, but I'm impressed. You have that book a abc and it would have any ABC, hits I've gotTA, CBS Radio this morning, Joe Rogan, that's up to Joe Right, Joe Rogan, I'm not I'm not scheduled for the show and I don't know that I fall into the category. That would be a repeat guest I think Joe Rogan brings on repeat guests when there you know, the more famous or their comedians or people. He knows but I'm not sure, I'm the ideal person to have on twice. I don't I'm not sure what Policy is on that, but I think some people would say We already saw that one
We saw the one with Scott Adams, we don't need to see another, so it could be personal. I don't know if he's even aware that I have a book or that I'd be available, he's got stuff to do he's a busy guy. So I I I do not presume that you would be interested to tap me on the. Joe may not be that kind of show that has repeat guests of the type that just A new book out he's at Michael malice on three times. Well, I think what I'm saying is that there are guests who are repeats, but it probably has more to do with his connection to them. All right
Somebody says they have my God's Debris book PETE you just joined alright. I have to say again because PETE was fault was I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right in your name right there, W Vogt is an PETE look at this is my new book. You can appreciate this. Here's the title subtitle at one train brains, are ruining America, except on the title page the subtitles. Different brands are ruining the world instead of America,
it does just for you- you know why, because you had you had a similar problem with the type of when you're in your book title recently, so I was saving that for you all right nope. It is not my under trees use an author who has his own book, which had a similar but different. The end of title issue well Alexei thanks for ordering all those books. I appreciate that DR drew I talked to yesterday and his radio show. And I think I'm scheduled for Adam Carolla. When I do a l, I have to confirm that, but I think Adam Carolla is on the list, Somebody says my title page is not wrong. It says America is serious. Do you have a physical hardcover book? This has America instead of world. If you do, you need to send me a
that, because that would be really interesting. It would make her make this with a collector's item. So maybe that's true: are your expenses paid? Well, so the publishers pay? You know a certain amount for the the book tour, but if there are public it it if they happen to have an author who has become accustomed to Let's say a higher level of travel, then I I I'm paying I'm paying my own way for this. The hotel, because it's a high end hotel, but the publisher does typically pay for the travel and they pay for the hotel and a stipend for the meals. I just I just prefer to travel in a little higher style than they're willing to a pay. Um Nick Gillespie should interview you.
I always love talking to Nick, maybe that maybe that could happen. The Kindle version says american both places, as does the audio book. The audiobook had that typo as well, and I corrected that when I was doing the audio recording, but I never caught this one and by the way the I'll say again, the not catching it on the subtitle. Ages is my error because they do show it to me. They show to me- and they say, is this right and I say yes is right, so you know I missed that how many copies a win, big lead and I end up selling. Well, that's always confidential information, but it's sold very well. What about the ten
curse, podcast. I would love to do at TIM, Ferriss Podcast. I did one two thousand and sixteen or so and TIM's always a great interview, but again his other know that his podcast really makes sense to have repeat personalities on it, so that would be up to him Who would you most like to be on with the you haven't? Oh, I love that question. Who would be the best person that I haven't been on with rush Limbaugh? So we did send the book to rush Limbaugh. Now no rush is a controversial figure people on the left him. You know people on the right more often than not think he's awesome, but I'll tell you.
He's one of the most talented of people in the whole entertainment business. By far he he can fill up time with interesting content like nobody else really. You know, given that he's free for Bring it most of the time, I don't think, there's as rare as there ever been anybody as good as him being cold print an interesting for that many hours. Basically just working off notes this. It's remarkable uh yeah he's not the only one who can do that, but maybe the best, maybe the best he's also funny and insightful. So he's reading my work a few times on his show I'll, post and stuff. So I know he's aware of me, but I have not been on that show and I think he would be. He would be interesting. Howard,
turn? You know, honestly, I don't think I'd want to do the Howard stern show. Sorry. I think I would probably turn that one down you know I'm a fan. I like Howard Stern. I like I mean again super talented for the for the thing that he does? But you know his show requires in order to be interesting, creating say. Creating stories that are Embarrassing ones. So it wouldn't be hard for that to go wrong Ben Shapiro. I will be talking to Candace Owens. I need to follow up on Candace Owens, because I I have been invited to be on the show, but not scheduled, and I'm going to note, because I need to follow up on that
thank you for reminding me um, about morning Joe I haven't they have not. I think they've been approached 'cause. I was on morning Joe Beef. Or interesting Lee. When I did my last book tour, rose on morning, Joe on a day that Joe was not on the show us Oh, I don't know how many days more Joe runs without Joe on the show, but I hit the one, so I haven't actually been there. When Joe is there all right? I think the the I have a back from TLC Gabbard campaign, so I don't know if we can schedule that or not due to to to all right
now? Yes, I think I'm doing I'm scheduled already for Dave Ruben. That will be a good one. Always is daves, always amazing, uh. Alright, that's all for now, and I will talk to you later.
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