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Episode 718 Scott Adams: China, Bloomberg, Bad Communicators, My #Loserthink Book Tour

2019-11-08 | 🔗

My new book LOSERTHINK goes on sale 11/5. Pre-order: https://bit.ly/2NRammu


  • Bernie’s immigration plan and the recent border area massacre
  • Elizabeth Warren’s health plan challenged by major Democrats
  • Kamala Harris low-budget campaign ad
  • China’s spare parts program and living human inventory
  • Update: Disagreement with Nassim Taleb
  • Don Jr. appearance on The View
  • Dilbert Jake Tapper art auction now, at “homes for our Troops”

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Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump bump bump bump and. Don't don't Bum Bum bum bum boom. Hey everybody come on in it's another early early coffee was God I'm in a different time zone, Jordy, you're, awake all the time, Brian how's it going Kevin, it's good to see all the regulars Well, come on in here 'cause, you know it's coming. I think you do. You know it's common. There's a little thing called the simultaneous ip the best part of your day, and you don't need much to participate. All you need is a cover. A mugger, Glass Stein, cellist, canteen, shot glass, vessel, very kind, fill it with your favorite liquid
I like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure of the simultaneous set. The thing that makes everything better ready, go no. So good somebody says I'm here, I'm too drunk to sleep. Well, you came to the right place, my friend two drug. to sleep- is exactly where you want to be Is there anybody on here named bill anybody named it bill 'cause? If you are- and it you can just screenshot this and You'Ll- have it autograph for your book, and I I just did that just did that for somebody on Twitter all I'll do some more. So I'm still on my book tour guess. How many
views I did yesterday just yesterday taking gas. What what I can't hear you, okay periscope, doesn't work that way. Twenty five, a new twenty five interviews yesterday, yeah, do you think I'm tired a little bit ago more today today, I will be. If all goes well, these things change sometimes, but it should be on the data pre knows show So I'm Fox news today, depending on your time zone, you can find it and I'll be getting ready to take the Greg Gottesfeld show so I'll be on that appears on Saturday, and then someday I'll be able to get home. I some of your guesses are good. I'm seeing your delayed guess here. Somebody guess twenty six
two thousand five hundred and twenty. Those are really good guesses. That's pretty good, pretty good, pretty good, pretty good, pretty good. it's Larry David saying, but I stole it pretty pretty good all right. Let's talk about some stuff, you ready so apparently, Bernie has released his comprehensive immigration platform. So Bernie, apparently does not want to be the president of the United States every once in awhile. One of the Democrats will do something. What do you say to yourself? It looks like they're running to not be president. So, mere days after the cartels who open the border between Mexico and the United, says: gun down web
and children, in a convoy Americans and right after that, while still fresh in the news is still being report, Bernie releases his comprehensive immigration platform and here are some of the highlights he wants to dismantle ice and Cbp, which means, if you can get in, I guess you get to stay. uhm you also decriminalize illegal immigration might as well give it a shot. If you thought, maybe you couldn't get in before well, might as well give it a shot. There's no penalty. Stop all deportations, so even if you came in yesterday and murdered somebody you're good to say except fifty thousand quote climate migrants in the first year and much much more,
So, are there really claim that migrants that we can identify it is it? Does science really say that it might so I I I don't want to be a science to prior here. So I know science as let me change is already changing things so so that much Bertie would be compatible with science, but Science is so sure that any particular area of the earth got worse recently because of it they might be. It is possible that science issue or but that feels like something science couldn't be sure out, it seems you know, is a lot more believable if they say well, we think the average of the planet is changing
time, and we think we know why that that feels like something I can believe If they would understand, but do they now do they know that Iowa is getting hit especially hard, but Nebraska is fine, isn't it you know. I just don't know that that's the real thing, or at least I don't know the science would go as far as Bernie is in identifying specific places that the climate is definitely definitely the culprit, as opposed to any other thing, keep in mind. Here's one thing: I love to remind people of this, especially if they're new to the climate topic. when we talk about rising sea levels, one of the big surprises If you haven't already heard this, is sea level does not rise everywhere in the same way, you think well how's that
possible. If you drop something in the water, you know shouldn't effect all the water. You know if you if you add water to you, know Ellen Jog? Is there anywhere on the surface of the water as you're reading it? Where the where the, where the level is not going up, so you say, there's a let makes no sense how in the world. Could the sea level go up in one place and not go up in another? Well, the answer is that the temperature of the ocean in that local area makes a big difference. So, if is extra warm, let's say on our well. This is actual warm in the Atlantic so The volume of the water would increase because his warm, so you can have a situation where the where the sea level goes up on one coast and your other coast go down as if
something happening with the land land ocean situation, so the land itself can go up and down. Somebody says: could it be that the world is tilted well, the world the world is tilted, but I don't. I don't think science is going to back you on the tilted world hypothesis uh anyway, so mere days after the cartel is shown to be in lawless, lawless, essentially, a terrorist force on our border Bernie decides to for president by saying how this will just let everybody in let everybody up. Essentia Lee 'cause, if you decriminalise and you don't deport and you Don't build anymore, berrier stuff your,
basically saying everybody can come in I'll drink to that I'll drink to that being Bernie's planned, I'm not drinking to doing that. Alright, somebody says: can I ask you something: I'm not going to stop you. You gotta comment. Go ahead. Ask me something I might not see it. So you see Elizabeth Warren with these plans for her health care and taxing that even the Democrats say that looks like not even trying, because there's no way you can become president with those policies and now and now Bernie has joined as joined the crowd of an explicit policy that isn't even slight
not even slightly likely to get him elected, there's just no chance now. Kamala Harris did a new little campaign ad, which uh, I believe the total cost of her. Dad was a zero she put zero dollars into. It looks like somebody just. Phil with a camera on a tripod, looking at a computer and laughing and mocking clips of president Trump. Wow was it a bad look well I'm not saying anything about water commentary was or what the president said or whether it was worthy. of criticism or not.
It doesn't even matter just the the mere fact that she ran a campaign ad with a little headphones on sitting in front of laptop and just making faces, who who who ha ha Ho Lee, and that was her campaign dad yeah. And she said ridiculously general things like he's sold out our values, he sold And our values, let me do a little pole here. Kamala Harris says, President Trump is sold down. Our values did Did you feel any change so feel so my values pretty much the same PETE Tripod was held, but it feels like my values, are the same as anybody change their values.
who bought them? Who bought our values? So he says yes come on art, you have to be the contrarian. So exactly what does that mean when, when Trump is no longer the president won't President have a set of values. It doesn't doesn't mean anything is the best you can do. Is somebody sold out our values? and you can't explain how that hurt anything. So I mean we can negotiate with China anymore. What does that mean? I mean we can't travel overseas. Did my taxes go up? What what exactly happened with mom I'll use? Well, I certainly. I certainly understand that people can disagree. Un specific policies, but
she sold her down our values. That just doesn't mean anything all right. So the rumor is that MIKE Bloomberg is, has not decided whether or not he will get in the race so MIKE Bloomberg, billionaire. Seventy seven years old doesn't like soda uh, which might not be popular with most of the country they like their soda. So I I was on the Kennedy show on Fox business last night and I made a prediction to Kennedy. She asked me about Bloomberg and I said: there's no chance at all. The Bloomberg would enter the race he seventy so
and, and if he's not sure by now it means he's not going to be much more sure in a week from now or a month from now right in order to jump into the race late spend a billion dollars. You'd have so really now, that's what you wanted to do if ambivalent. Up to now. does he really want to be president? So the entrance of Bloomberg into the race would have the effect a first of all adding another US another agent White Guide to the mix. Is that what they need it are. Are the Democrats saying you hello, yeah, I'm trying to imagine the meeting of Democrats, the Democratic Party, let's say. At the meeting of the Democratic Party or they're saying you know what we need
We need a really old white billionaire 'cause that If we put a really old white billionaire on our ticket, that's going to excite the base that gets the base out. What is everybody thinking so here's the thing you've heard the old joke from Groucho Marx. I think so He said it came from somebody else before Groucho, but I'm not sure about that. But the thing is that I wouldn't want to join a club that would have somebody like me as a member, it's a famous, thanks and there's something like that with Bloomberg. Let let me give it to you this way if Bloomberg did get into this race now. That would be proof is not qualified to be. President. Am I right because what could be what could be done
other evidence of bad judgment, then by Bloomberg, getting in the race now now I think if you have been in the race from the beginning or Oravet in the race. When I was younger, I thought he was actually pretty strong. reasonable. You know middle ground cut the candidate with a lot of lot of talents, but if you were to jump into the race now, that would prove he's not cape he's not competent, because it would be such a such an obviously dumb decision and couldn't possibly lead to something good couldn't help the Democrats in any way because he doesn't have a chance of winning. And he would be just urinating all over the people who are already there who put in the work up here,
I don't know what it would do to funding. I guess you would find in themselves, so maybe that would better. How does somebody on C n b C make the same point that if he gets in the race it proves he's not capable to be President It would be such a bad mistake. I don't know if anybody else edit the way I said it. Alright uh. You may remember uh that in the past I have been sceptical of the so called chinese killing of of of prisoners just for their organs to sell them, and the part that I was doubting. In particular, I was not doubting that they execute people and I was not doubting that they used the organs of the executed prisoners. So that part I figured well that's probably true
I mean that doesn't even sound that controversial, because, if you're going to execute him anyway, you know it's China now when I use the spare parts, so that part was completely believable. Because I was a little skeptical. This has attracted much new information to me. It was one of the things I say in my book Lucy. Thank is I say that if you want to know how to do something right, the, but the one of the fast ways to do it is to do a wrong in public. If you do something wrong in public, it the tracks all this good advice, my god, you did it wrong. You should have done it this way. Why didn't you look at this link? I would have done it this way. Can I help you so This is a perfect example, so I in my opinion that it seemed ridiculous to imagine that the Chinese were systematically using
aflam following gun or or the uighurs for spare parts and killing them just for parts mean? In other words they weren't going to die anyway? They were killing them just for parts, and apparently you have to keep the body alive after the brain is dead in order to get a good transplant. The the thought is that they were, you know, shooting him in the brain or were killing them and in some way that keeps the the heart beating so that they can get the organs- and I said well less crazy, there's no way they're doing that in some large systematic way. Well, say that in public attracted many sources of information, and I would like to officially revise my opinion.
It looks pretty clear that there is a widespread Chinese, the program to eliminate the at least the flu. In God we don't know about the weekers yet, but Apparently they are using them for parts, and They are telling them. Apparently there are lesser reports where the guards are actually telling the faloon gong that they're going to use them for parts and they even x ray them and test their blood and when they beat them when they beat them, which they do they torture them. They make sure that they don't hurt their organs and they actually say that, and there are a number of reports from people who are actually in the chinese jails. Now If we had a few reports, I would say I don't, I don't believe a few reports,
there's always someone who's willing to say that country did some atrocity. You can always get somebody to say that any country did it trustee so few people were looking to buy that, but apparently, statistically, it's impossible to I have organs on demand, unless you're killing people on demand, the others there's just no physical mathematical pract, go away to have that many organs and apparently I'm going to China and just get yourself a kidney fresh off the corpse wild guess is not a corpse, so I am now a convert. I revised my opinion. It does seem that China has I'm going full Nazi, full Hitler,
so China is now I would say equivalent. You know this is something that's really it's difficult to say this, in fact, in fact, I just said the other day. You should never say this, I'm going to say something now that I just said the other day in public. One should never say this, and now I'm going It's about bad as the Holocaust know. What I said the other day was one should never compare anything to either the Holocaust or to american slavery. Cuz there's really they they just stand alone. There's just yeah they're there. a special kind of evil. comparing anything to them tends to diminish them, because the thing you compare to them tends to be smaller. Is this small? Do you know how many
there is There- are in China. The Holocaust was what six million they're going to beat that number they are going to beat that number, because there are way more following gung right. I'm saying it right, I'm somebody give me a give me a number and their well hold on a second. I will google this, how many flume gong. How many How do you spell that follow in China. Somebody will probably say it in the say it in the comments. Let's see other sources have estimated the flume Ngang Population in China to a peaked.
Win ten and seventy million practitioners, it's between ten. And seventy million practitioners and China is using them for parts. So the other thing I said the other day is on wellness: there's never going to be anything like the Holocaust, so stop comparing things to it. If you just go by the numbers, if you just go by the numbers, China is gonna, go for the. record, and that seems pretty clear right now. The thing that blows my mind about this is that the
Faloon Garland saying that which I don't fully understand. This is more like a practice than a religion or some kind of a spiritual component to it. But it's more like a lifestyle, self improvement sort of thing. I don't quite understand has something to do with yeah exercises that improve. Energy, or something like that. I'm going to have to look into it, but apparently, if you get picked up and say for being a practitioner. All you really need to do is sign a document that says you renounce it and then you're good And the people who were jailed and beaten do
I want to sign the document that says. Oh I renounce this now. If you were going to be beaten and then used for parts- and all you had to do is sign a document that says I I renounce my yoga, wouldn't you do it so there's some part of this. I don't quite understand. I don't see why people are so insistent on dying four. You know a self help process so clearly there's something I don't understand about what the flute in God and people are getting out of the whole thing. Alright, I have to give you an update, yeah another. They are treated as a cult. So maybe the idea is that there's so many of them that they could be organized or something I suppose, but they could still organize after they say. The piece of paper you still sign the piece of paper and then just go off,
do it in your home, well nobody's looking, so I'm going to give you an update on a weird little story that I'm not even sure. I understand So sometime ago I I often thought that not seen Talib, who most of you have heard. The name was one of the smartest guys around. He wrote the the black swan we which is sort of a brain, breaking idea and totally alright, then good. It was huge best seller and he says other lots of other smart stuff. but he and I had a little disagreement online along with some other people on twitter, and I ended up just blocking him for being a dick right, so I didn't block him from being wrong. I just blocked him for being a gigantic dick ed.
Now, I'm pretty sure, even his friends would agree. Yes, that kind of personality that I think you could ask his family. You know I blocked the theme for being uh, a DEC ad. What do you think of that? I don't know if he has siblings, but I think they'd say. Oh, I did that too. He's kind of a dick had I'm not even sure he would. I I don't even know if he would deny it is, is is pretty out there and in his jerking us. So it's just a preference, let's call it a lifestyle preference to be sort of aggressive online, and an unpleasant yeah. I'm sure he knows it because you smart, so here's the disagreement that he and I
The end to end- and I will just run this by you to see if I'm nuts there was- I think it was. The question- was climate change and this and the sign up process that that some data was collected. Some projection models were created. And then the people who, who did the models went back and they said we've got some
Here's another data, we believe an. We think we can correct it this way and when they corrected it, they gotta prove that was more in line with what they expected and more in line with other peoples models. Now uh several people, including Teleb, said: oh, you can't do that. You can't go back after you've done your prediction and after you've done your model, you can't go back and change the data, so I said, there's no situation in which is a bad idea to turn your bad data into good data, and for that tell
I think it was after I blocked him by somebody showed it to me. A Talib told this little story about the shoemaker. Apparently there's some there's some story of the shoemaker, who saw a famous master of paintings, paint a painting and track down the master, painter, shoemaker said. You know that the part where you have the shoe in your painting is raw. You know the issue doesn't quite look like that in the master painter, listen to the Shoemaker Look, this is she we painted and said well good point the change is the issue, and then the shoemaker goes on, and the source, noting some other things that could be improved, is like well, this part of the painting you don't date, the street or whatever, and then the master painter quipped- and this is the point of the Story- Shoemaker Stick with shoemaking.
In other words, the master Painting Master page was saying I'll. Listen to you when you're talking about shoes that's sort of where your expertise ends. Don't tell me how to paint, but I don't mind if you tell me what a shoe looks like. The point of the story was, people like me who are unqualified in the statistical scientific fields and of course I am I'm completely unqualified- should not have an opinion that is respected. When talking to people who are experts, if we disagree, we should just understand that we're talking to experts in our disagreement is unworthy. That's.
Really the problem the problem here was. I asked for an explanation of why it makes sense to not correct data. If you know what's wrong doubt he couldn't explain it. He just sort of went ad hominem and said it is like basically it in essence. You said it is like me, can't understand this field, and so I should stay out of it. Well, absolute other folks who were who I know to be,
you very smart and rational, maybe even some watching this periscope right now, people I've been following for awhile who, when they weigh in on the issue, almost always they weigh in with good data and good reasoning, and they were backing Talib and I would say to them the same thing. How can it ever be a mistake in science to fix bad data like explained it to me and when they try to explain it. Just comes out as weird word salad, then I read and I go. It doesn't even seem like an explanation It's not even something I can agree with or disagree with it just doesn't make any sense, but here's the best I can the best I can come up with, is that when I was saying, if you know your data is bad and you know what it should be
it can never be wrong to to turn bad data into good data? Here's what I think they were trying to say, but we're so bad at communicating that they could never actually say I was. I was to prompt them to say it right 'cause. I thought I knew maybe what they're getting at, but they were saying it. Here's! What I think so is my best guess of what the people were smarter than Maine we're saying- and it goes like this- you have some data, you do your model and the model doesn't give you what you want If you go back and adjust the data so that you can get the model you want. Well, that's not a science. I agree with that
I completely agree with that. That's not my question. The question was: if you knew it was wrong and you knew what was right. Can there ever be a mistake to fix that, and so I just an hour ago, I I I gave this example. Let's say you, you have that the document from the original measurements so using that got the actual. Let's say you took a picture of the of the thermometer, this just a hypothetical you took a picture of but- and I said the temperatures ninety two degrees, then you check the database that you use for your model, and you see this. Somebody put a typo in there and they changed it to twenty nine. They just reversed it. Now you've got the original. So you know what the all data was, and you can see that it was just transcribed wrong. It's obvious! Under that situation, would it be incorrect.
to change your database, to what you know is right, it's obviously just a typo, I say: there's no situation which that's a mistake in science, the people were argue with me. We're changing the situation too. You've got some data that may be wrong or maybe write a. U roof replaced it with other data. That might be wrong and it might be right, but you don't really know well, of course, that would be a mistake. You don't have to be a scientist to all is there and that if you don't know, you're fixing the data is a mistake, but the old the example was the you know. Let you know what's wrong right now you could argue any given situation, whether you knew in that case or not, I think the situations where things such as there were some. Measuring stations that had been in in.
Secluded areas, but then somebody built an airport next to it, which warms up everything because the concrete So now you know that these thermometers are running hot compared to the other ones. Near is it a mistake once you know for sure? why the running hot I mean there's not much doubt about it. Isn't it take to take them out of the mix or to adjust them so that they are compatible with the thermometers that had not been affected. Doesn't look like a mistake to me, but hey Shoemaker, stick to shoes, somebody mentioned some other topics here year, you'll see the done junior mix up on the view that that was just sort of fun. I don't have much to say about it, but the fact that Joy Behar, I think. You mentioned this. The joy Behar actually has a photograph,
which squishies invented. She even showed it on the view, or somebody showed it on the view of her when she was. thirty years old or something wearing a costume that she called a beautiful african woman. Add you know it's just hard to criticize anybody when you've got that your portfolio yeah so to to to They didn't ask about his book on the view. Well, I just like the fact that putting Don Junior on the view is sort of like a cage fight where you can't look away. Actually, I, like I like putting Don Junior in any situation because he's got the same guessed that
father does, which is he doesn't know how to be uninteresting? I don't think Don Junior could be boring. You know if, if you gave him a if you gamble script and set, he doesn't try to be boring. I don't know if you could pull it off like his dad he's just interesting all the time whether you like him or not, he's just always interesting uh. So there was another issue, so there's some issue about what is that the ukrainian diplomat, too I have perjured herself because there's some documents that showed she knew something blah blah blah. How many people in the United States are actually following this whole Ukraine, letters
situation not many. I try to you know, because I do these periscopes, you I'm going to be on news programs because of the book. I try to follow this topic, but it's so So complicated in a way, that's not worth you know it's complicated, but it's not worth understanding. It out if it were worth understanding. That's it all right, hello, lefort into this, to try that okay, who's who's this player. When did they do this one line who's going to, but it's not worth it because in the end it's still going to be. The president was asking some questions that public water to know too. I don't do you get a for. That is no crime and
Crime is really even alleged by anybody who knows what they're talking about uh. Let's see just look your comments. uh. Yes, I will be on Dana Perino show today, but I can never guarantee that, because the way things work is in the just FY I that the tv business doesn't, It doesn't register time the way regular people do in tv time five seconds. This is a long time. And the fact that I'm scheduled for any show it doesn't matter if it's danish or any other show the fact that I'm scheduled for a show that same day actually doesn't mean much. If it's a new show, just anything can change. So
I think I've had several several hits already rescheduled uh, yes, art I will be on uh Michael Smerconish is show Saturday morning, or at least I'm going into recorded. I think it's running live Saturday. Think it's live so smirk on ash on CNN. I think he he puts the most effort, I think, into making sure that different sides are represented in a in a in a fairly. You know, even away, so I Who respect respect smerconish for having someone like me on his show? You know he has to know his fans. Don't love it yeah the people watching CNN. They cannot be delighted to see me as a guest. So that's why I always appreciate the fact that he invited me out. This is
second time I've been on- and I think I do something with radio with him. Once Where is appreciate it because I know he does it for educating his audience not because they're gonna like it is, you know, and that sort of rare mad tv is followers say's turn to the dark side. Well, Matt is one of those people who can see the whole field
There are many of them. There's a fever, fray interview with MIKE Stern somebody sent me a link to that out. I would definitely watch that yeah. We talked about the couple Harris Video, literally the worst campaigner in the history of the earth, but we'll we'll. Let me say I don't think, there's any chance at this point. The couple Harris can get the nomination if I had to bet today, five to bed today, crawl believe judge, but the thing I can't tell the thing I can't tell is this: the Democrats are serious about winning Can you because they don't act like a side that wants to win? Do they they literally don't act like they want to win because they're not doing things that obviously would be good to win. Now I assume that people said the same thing about.
Right. 'cause, I didn't understand his his. method. I guess, but it looks like they're not trying to win this time. It looks like they're floating ideas. Maybe moving. The public's opinion may be getting ready for next time in some cases, but doesn't look. they're trying to win as a party, so I would say that good judges, the I think, he's polling. Fourth in some polls yeah and the the three that are above and just don't have any chance. I think the judge could put up the best fight. You know here he is the closest to somebody who an independent could like like let lesbian Debate peel awesome, gay Republicans there there may be gay looking through. So you know,
wouldn't normally, but wouldn't it be great to? have a gay president for awhile, so and by the way I don't begrudge anybody who thinks like that, I don't begrudge the black population of the United States who said it's time for a black president, because it was kind of time for a black president. Maybe it's time for an Lgbtq president And I would be happy if we add one, because it's the sort of thing you have to do once right. The fact that Obama existed. Doesn't make it some kind of necessity that the next president is also black or also anything else you would you. We we've shown that that's a perfectly practical thing that the print that
the country. The country can be okay with the not just okay, then he won pretty comfortably. Likewise, would be good to you know, get a few other categories done yeah that would be great to finally have a woman president great, have a gay president, great Abbas spanning present, etc, etc. didn't mean to leave anybody else. All right so he says the Democrats could win if they promised to do everything that Trump promised but be nicer about it. True, it's true. If you had a Democrat who said yeah, I'm going to be tough on China. two and you know all talk to Kim Jong, and I won't change
taxes, and will we want? We want healthcare, but we'll do it by lowering costs or something yeah I'd be pretty strong. Yes, somebody says that no it making sure that you have had presidents who represent the people in the country without leaving anybody out. I think it's closer to. Our national identity than it is to or Are the factions I wouldn't label in affirmative action? I would say it's more: it would be more indirect expression of what the United States is. Not just demographically. Who we are is a country that can do that is, is almost like showing off
we're a country who can do that. We, you can come to this country as long as you obey the laws and you think the constitution. pretty good deal. You could be present everything else doesn't matter, that's that's what makes that's what makes the United States the United States and not something else, did you hear about Rogan's interview with the guy who posed as a drug dealer? I went to China. Thank you for reminding me so I haven't watched the interview, but I can already there are some things you don't have to watch to know what it's going to say. You also the news that some of little. Dealers were sentenced to death or life in prison. There were nine of them in China. Now smart people are saying it doesn't mean anything is just window dressing. They would try to we'll see.
will send us just as much fentanyl, if not more but they'll pretend they jailed some people, so they can get a trade deal. What do you think? Do you think China decided? Oh yeah, we're going to stop that fentanyl or do you think China said let's let's act like we did something and just check that box. So we can get a trade deal and then we'll just go back to doing what we were doing, which one do you think it is Donna, so I forget the name of the guy who's, the top fentanyl dealer, but the United States has identified you officially identified in the documents as the guy who's, the biggest fentanyl dealer, and I don't think it was that guy that got taken down now. It could be that big ones were taken down was based on the United States, putting together a case against these.
people. And then China followed up- and I guess maybe work with the United States and got the conviction. So it could be that the the top fentanyl guy just didn't leave enough. prince. So maybe maybe we're building a case or or can't build a case or something. But here's the thing China knows who this guy is, and it's China if they want to stop fentanyl, they stop that guy. They know where he lives. They know his name. They know he's the top fentanyl dealer in their country if you still. If he's still walking around China is not doing anything about fentanyl right, So that's my current opinion is too little too late and I say no trade deal. I do not support a trade deal. I don't care how close we get the fentanyl stuff it's not real- am my book done Bill Maher? I am not first interview today
With the Babylon be that I'm doing: an AMA on Reddit. so that's coming up today. I've got to get ready for those things. What time is it yeah? I've got to go, get ready for first interview. So do you follow the Babylon Babylon be sort of a satire sort of like the onion except political stuff? It's food is really the funniest thing on the internet, so I followed that have been retweet them quite a so they got their attention that they were talked me from there podcast, but a way of doing an AMA today and see the this is the they make you sign, Hold up a little side to make sure that you're real person when you do an AMA on Reddit, so this is a little sign I held up these
times are eastern time, so adjust accordingly eastern standard time today. So if you run relative, you can come ask me some. And I'll be sitting right here where I am right now typing my answers, all right, uhm. Looking at your comments, I don't know if I'm booked. Adam Carola, I might be. I I know that we were trying to do that I've got a la trip this coming week. So do la periscope, the am as the maybe that would be boring to watch
so the only not the only CNN I was speaking of Jake Tapper, so somebody asked me about Jake Tapper, I'm not appearing on his program, but the the auction for the art that I wrote and Jake Tapper drew as a guest. Cartoonist is going on auction now at homes, for our troops so if you just Google homes, for our troops, you'll see somewhere in the page information that had to be part of the part of that. So Their frames, I framed them myself, meaning I carry them to the store and had somebody framed carry the back mailed.
so there side by be either side by Jake and there are nice frame to the shows the original, the original art that's part of it, and then the the art that actually ended up in the newspapers. You can see the the difference. It's called the homes for our troops. If you just google the whole phrase, their website will pop right up homes for our troops was for the veterans. Of course it. What they do is they build, They build. They find housing for the most badly disabled veterans. So very worthy group is one that Jake always supports, and we've done this before
Christine the Christina and I will not be appearing on the view- okay, all right, that's all for now and I'm gonna go get ready for my all. My interviews today and I'll talk to you all tomorrow.