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Episode 719 Scott Adams: Democrat Candidates Self-Immolating, #Loserthink, China’s Mega-Holocaust

2019-11-09 | 🔗

My new book LOSERTHINK, available now: https://bit.ly/2NRammu


  • China assigns men to live with wives of detained Uighurs
    • Re-education of the wives and Uighur family members
  • Why is Bloomberg faux-running for President?
  • Is Bernie TRYING to get out of the race?
  • Buttigieg…the sleeper, dark horse candidate
  • Saudi spying on Twitter users…and also subtle influence?
  • The new insider anti-Trump book
  • President Trump’s special skill that nobody talks about
  • Kanye, accessible spiritual leader and 2024 possible candidate

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twenty two thousand two hundred and twenty two man this is a good book wow i can't put it down but solely because i glued my hand too and i actually can't put it down it's just not land well i hope you have your copy i'm still in new york city on a weird time zone but i'm flying back today so tomorrow's coffee with scott adams at the correct time thank you very much this time zone stuff is difficult but there is one thing that could make it back if your day isn't perfect yet try the simultaneous sip it's coming up and you can get ready for it by grabbing a cop bug glass starring jealous tankard
shot glass canteen vessel of any kind filled with your favorite liquid i like coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure the dopamine the day the thing that makes everything better the simultaneous sep go she'll the connected this with everybody around the world our energy is connected it is one that is one so as you know i'm i'm in the middle of my book tour for loser thank that just came out it's the it's
making a big impact so far it's the weirdest experience i have to say the odd thing about my life is that i've got three or four different things that people are independently becoming fans of or consumers of so when i travel now people would come up to me and say oh i love your book god's debris from teen years ago or i love dilbert or i love one of your new books where i live your periscope but the weird thing is there are a lot of people who only consume one of those things so i'm having this weird semi rockstar experience here when i meet people who like one of those things so some of somebody saying is a humblebrag it's not a humblebrag
let me point you to a chapter in my book loser think see this is a perfect example of how to use this book so somebody just said brag i know you're half joking but let me show you how to use this book so you look up in this case the section on ego which would be on pages like do all right here it is looks like page thirty five and if you went there you would find out i have a chapter called the ego problem and how you should treat your ego as
the tool you should treat it as something you can dial up and dial that one it's not who you are so i'm not the guy who brags and i'm not the guy who is sometimes says horrible things but i do both of those things is just that the situation calls for one sometimes it calls for the other and let me tell you what you're on book tour should you dial up your ego or should you dial it down wells delicate you don't want to go too far but book tour is no time to be
modest it's no time to be modest you're not going to sell a book if you're modest you gotta say this is a good book now the fact that those people are saying it's my best book so we'll see let's talk about some other things by the way you will be seeing me on greg gottesfeld show tonight uhm yeah i can guarantee you it's lit it's going to be a good it's going to be i think i could almost guarantee you maybe the best show ever so watch the grey
got filled show tonight fox news so done junior on the view i only saw some clips from it you know i i look at something that's meant for entertainment such as a show the view and they know how to produce entertainment so if you mix the hosts of the view with don junior throwing a kimberly guilfoyle that's a good show that is a really good show that's remind me to answer your question or your teeth real simply just asked me um so i don't know what they did they think they were going to get you throw don junior into that situation and he's not going to roll over he's not going to be
it is going to give him a shower so the whoever books the guest on the show great job great job on that because you got to some good entertainment you got lots of viewers and can't take any of it too seriously all so when don junior zone promoting his book which by the way is out at the same time called triggered i believe triggered i think it's probably the number one book probably if it doesn't i'm sure it will be and he puts on a good show and the the hosts of the view put a good show and he put him together and it's just a good show there's nothing else that's important about what they talked about in my opinion but they're all talented they put on a good show let's talk about the world oh about my teeth so i do sometimes
public get complimented for my teeth now there's in years which means that wires being is a basically something put over the original tape they are expensive but if you can afford it there pretty worth it because they they do have a big impact one of the things that straight teeth do especially if they're white is that what of the things they do is they make you look a little younger does your teeth are kind of a giveaway for age so it's a good thing to do if you're in the public eye it's just part of the job all right let's talk about china
the store is the national review and when you just when you think china can get worse it's like hello john this great country yeah we should be friends yeah sure they they seven sentinel over here they killed fifty thousand americans year with their friends and all but you know otherwise the other pretty good china is pretty solid well you know there there are reneging on hong kong and they're looking to oppress them when they said they wouldn't but yeah yeah you can let that got us a small thing otherwise china is pretty solid well unless you count the fact that they're massively trying to steal everybody's intellectual property yeah that's not cool but but otherwise
good solid country now well when i say a solid country i'm not counting the fact that there apparently using the full on full faloon gong um followers for spare body parts and killing them on demand and selling organs but if you don't count that china is a very respectable gray place well not counting the fact that their to their rounding up the uighurs minority and putting them in concentration camps but if you don't count that and the sentinel murders weapons of mass destruction the the oppression of hong kong the user with the flu and people for body parts tend to seventy million of them
we don't know how many values but you know that plus the concentration camps plus that much today we learn they apparently china is assigning an ethnic chinese a replacement husbands for the wives of the uighurs who the mail has gone off to a concentration camp do you even hear that that's right the and it is a signing a rapist for the families where the where the father has been taken to a concentration camp let me say that again china is a signing a rapist to every household where the of the
here's where the man has been put in a concentration camp so they put in this room this assigned ethnic chinese right past and he sleeps with the wife and he tries to re educate the family so the to re educate while the husbands in the concentration camp possibly being used for parts now somebody says show me the proof that's exactly what you should say it when somebody says something like i just said show me the proof right that's a fair thing to say that's what i've been saying for i don't know couple years when people said i was using the flume gung folks for parts and killing them on demand and selling their organs i thought or that's not true that's ridiculous
your baby is based on some anecdotes who were they used to do it or something but the evidence apparently is pretty pretty solid and when i say pretty solid it's a hundred percent there's no doubt about it they're doing that so when i see the story that there is signing a rapist a full time rapist not not one rate not one rape is assigned to live with the wife of of the the whose husband we're off to a concentration camp it's mind boggling and so that's that's the situation now is that worse similar to or less than the actual holocaust because remember i always say don't compare anything to the holocaust because there's nothing like it
don't prepare anything to american slavery nothing like it they just stand on their own as as distinct evils you should never compare anything to but i know is using for body parts a group that has ten to seventy million people in it plus the entire uighur population i don't know how many there are but there a lot and i would think that in the long run china is going to set the record and i don't mean in a good way so that's bad all right let's talk about something else that's what everybody else is going to everybody else is going to look the other way and say yeah i hear there's a mega holocaust going on and tried it but i'm hungry let's go to lunch so bloomberg is teasing about getting into the race i'm going to continue my prediction that bloomberg will not get into the race in the end
but you might ask yourself scott if you think he's not going to get into the race why is he making so much noise about it he could easily put out a statement no i do not want to get in the race but he hasn't why would bloomberg want to tease that he's getting into the race without actually getting into the race what would be a strata where that would make sense now if you were someone else i'd say all it's just to get attention yeah maybe it's to build up his business or something but that really wouldn't work in this case in these your multi billionaire he doesn't need any of that so why would he do it i'm sick of watching your comments and see lots of pretty smart guesses but i haven't seen the right one yet
no if it's the right one i'm just gonna give you my speculation all right when when you hear me say at a single also guesses but nobody's quite hit the what i'm gonna say at they're ready for this is doing it to take by now because bloomberg and biden would be somewhat close to the same positions what's the one thing that will take by the now will it be the he falls in the polls baby but you can't really count on it because biden just keeps floating up there no matter what he does so if you're a bloomberg and you said yourself my god we care send biden out against trump it'll be a slaughter don't you think bloomberg knows because
all the democrats know at this point that if they send bine out against trump there was no point in even having an election there would be no point in having the election they would just be a done deal so how do you take biden out you can't really ask him to quit because it's just up to him and obviously wants to run listen i think somebody said it funding there you go somebody got it if you were a a money purse and you were thinking about giving money to joe biden but at the same time there was a serious rumor that bloomberg was get it get into the race you still get money to joe biden now you kind of delay why did the end but as long as bloomberg is teasing run why would you waste your money because of bloomberg
you'd probably say okay there it goes by and because bloomberg sort of an improved biden same age but you know he's a little bit more in the ball so now i'm not saying that let me be clear i'm not saying that the people who donate money would donate to bloomberg instead i'm saying they would just not bother donating biden because he wouldn't he wouldn't be as attractive a candidate and i think buying this is kind of teetering on the edge if it is funding goes down another i don't know ten or twenty percent just pick a number that might be enough to say okay this won't work the moving in the wrong direction so by then the only only needs to see his funding shrinking every week it doesn't have to shrink by a lot to know that it's not going to work
forum so it could be the bloomberg's play is just to freeze the donors so they don't support biden while they're waiting to see what bloomberg does so blue route might be just tried today by end of the race because that would be i suppose a good play now bloomberg doesn't want worn or bernie sanders to win but apparently bernie sanders and warren are trying really hard not to win this race so i think that part is going to take care of itself did you see bernie's latest plan on the border so bernie looks at the news and is it third you know this slaughter of this mormon family americans living in mexico by the cartels and
before the before the family is even buried he announces that he wants to open the border with mexico and basically get rid of ice don't deport anybody and give free healthcare to anybody who comes across so you would decriminalize the cross and not reported anybody and if you get any get a reward for health care and the job so i was wondering what the breeding look like was there a meeting in which bernie said you know that heart attack really got to maine i really don't want to be president anymore can anybody think have a policy that would guarantee i could possibly when the when the election because i've been telling people i'm gonna you know tax the hell out of him in there and i'm still one of the top pulling people what can i say to make people know vote for me is there anything i can do to guarantee that i can you know for
on the poles and get out of here somebody be like idea over here yes you you could say open the border of the same week that americans were slaughtered by the cartel bernie's like that's good well that's good i'm going to try that so i think barney bernie bernie is just self emulating he has no chance of being president with a policy like that no chance umagine running against trump with the policy of letting the cartel in and giving them free healthcare i'm not even joking bernie's policy gives free healthcare to the mexican cartel all they have to do is drive on to our side of the border free healthcare
it's just mind boggling the the i can't even figure out if it's in confidence because it just looks like somebody intentionally trying to not win it would be the very you would do if you wanted to lose and of course warns plan is scaring but it was money and that's no good way to win so we'll see what happens but judge still looking like the sleeper dark horse in the date you notice a nobody really talks about except to say that he seems to be moving up in the polls so good a judge continues to not big news but the reason is not making news is he's not being batshit crazy so what is it that the democrats want in the candidate right now they've kind of like someone who's not bad crazy
and judge keeps delivering that i'll just reasonable things about healthcare care i'll reasonable things about the border i'll reasonable things i'm just not trump i'm sort of democrat policies and a reasonable he can't get any news coverage with that kind of a play but eventually people will catch on oh yeah need somebody reasonable in the comments somebody saying african americans know support footage that it's hard to know exactly if that's true because biden's is still there
i think the way to know who the african american democratic voters would prefer would be after biden leaves which we all expect so once finds out where those phones go to elizabeth warren probably not bernie not so much but a judge i know him i get a share in i think the whoever gets elected is going to get a you know a healthy healthy dose of the african american vote just for being a democrat alright let's talk about harris so you might hear me making this same joke on the greg gottesfeld show but i can't i can't help pointing
note that when you're looking at the democrats and there's the sort of this press of level of incompetence that we're seeing in the whole field that is just sort of head shaking stuff and that my favorite example is that there are some democrats who want to lower the voting age to sixteen that that's an actual thing people are talking about at the same time harris announced that she wants school day to be extended to a few more hours so that it matches up when the parents get home now if you're a sixteen year old and you just got the right to vote are you going to vote for the ones who want to put you in school for a few more hours you're a vote for trump wants you to go out and hang out with your friends so somehow the democrats
well the only way if you live a self canceling policy it's like i've got an idea will let the sixteen year olds vote because they they're so heavily leaning toward democrats clever at the same time we're going to jail them in school for three extra hours it was we'll see you live for so i think they're creating a generate a generation of trump supporters and they don't know it so that was hilarious somebody has a bloomberg campaign logo that i'm trying to decide if i think bloomberg had anything to do with it or is it just something supporting him
and is it bad and likewise if you saw saw video video was a campaign video it was so bad it looked like it was made for somebody was running to be in a cubicle in the 80s she's listening to her laptop and she's got headphones on recorded the you know at least at least give us some wireless headphones will you if you're doing it president if you're running for president in twenty nineteen and you've shown listening to a laptop go wireless go wireless so she looked like she was run to be i know an executive assistant in a in a cube or environment in the 80s or something it was it was most unpresidential thing you've ever seen it's amazing that she allowed people to even see that but
my point is the you don't realize how bad other people are at messaging until you see trump's campaign do it you know when you see brad park scalps operation you see the the quality of the video they produce you see the they hit every note you anything that comes out of the trump campaign is perfectly produced the logo is always great the visuals that the composition the color the sound the message the order of things the length of it all of it from top to bottom the trump production the best we've ever seen would you say maybe the best we've ever seen and then you see any of the other candidates it looks like they made it in power point or something in their spare time
it's it's insanely there's quite a difference there highway saudi arabia reportedly bribed a twitter employee to spy on users so that's cyber security experts are saying that now is that true the something cyber security experts are saying we don't really know that's true this is in the category of things they you should not necessarily automatically assume it's true or even that you know the context first of all i
i don't know what it means to spy on users i assume that means looking at their direct messages because everything else is public by design right i don't know so maybe some maybe maybe but this raises the interesting question uh how hard would it be to influence any of the social media platforms if you could find an employee who had the passwords i'm simplifying it it's harder than just having a password if you could find the right employee or employees and bribe and how much would you be willing to bribe somebody to influence an entire platform well millions yeah five million dollars if you there's probably somebody who would pay enormous amounts of money if they could find the right employee or employ
he is who could somehow manipulate the algorithm without getting caught no i don't know enough about the platforms of the algorithms and the security of the courtroom to know if that's even possible i also don't know it's impossible so i would love to dig into that i've invited jack dorsey to come on the periscope sometime yeah and he said yes but and as we have learned from my other invitations there's a big difference between somebody saying yes then actually getting is scheduled so i don't know if i'll do it but i'd love to ask him that and jack if you're watching this alaska now so that you can think about it it is really a way that we in the public could understand the process and system that goes into creating the algorithm and for example how many people understand algorithm was just take twitter for an example how many people
know the ins and outs in the code and who's got control of that and if you change this variability you get this how many people understand the whole thing if anyone or is so enormous and complicated that everybody has their little module and they become experts in module but that's all they know they don't know how what they do is influences the rest of it except by guessing i suppose or common sense so i'd love to know that because it would tell you in sort of general terms how susceptible they are to a bribe and you know do they have process is in place to make sure that the only people who have the access to be able to change the algorithm have multiple people watching them the other controls
one password is and i feel that sort of thing then i ask myself who are the potential people who would want to bribe an employee at a corporation and the list is so long as crazy first of all as you know every billionaire who has a dog and the dog in the race every campaign every intelligence operation of other countries plus around the cia our own cia they have a lot of reason to to try to get a control of the social media platforms so i think we need a lot more visibility into that even if the visibility is sort of on the concept level alright the funniest thing lately about trump is there's a there's a new book out and i don't know the i'd it doesn't matter so there's a new insider book a
probably by some anonymous person about the inner workings of the white house and trump and it tries to make the case that he's impulsive and he decisions are and if that he won't read the briefings and stuff now these are things we've heard before but what's different about it is this what's different about it is that trump has been president for three years so if you're looking at trump's
writing style and it's so consistently reported that i will say it's probably true that when people say he is impulsive there's sort of reading his mind you don't know what's going on in there but let's just say yeah he brings up topics that you weren't expecting now to other people that might look impulsive but but what they don't know is how long is he been thinking about it as he talked anybody else about it if it's just the first time you here and come up with an idea hey let's do acts and you've never been part of the conversation what would you think of it would you think well we've never talked about this you just sort of this in the conversation impulsive but how do you know this could be something you thought about for twenty years could be something he's had meetings with he's talked to his casual advisors could be something he's been
email for a long time you don't know what's in his head you just know it's the first time you heard it so to call that impulsive is mind reading which is one of the things i talk about in loser think and we get we get so accustomed to stuff like this then we start to believe that this mind reading is somehow illegitimate part of the news religion it part of what we know about people is not nobody knows what's in his head all we all you know is this the first time you heard the idea you don't know if it's impulsive but then the other the other charges that he doesn't read the briefing materials the background stuff now is that a problem well you imagine a situation in which it would be you know it's easy to imagine that's a problem but it's been
three years what problem has a call us to name a problem you tell me one for all of that cost i've never heard one so the three years into it is is still valid to talk about his management style think about it before he was president was it a valid to talk about his management style of course of course in fact it would be it would be one of the most important things you could talk about you do want to talk that is character personalities management style in his impulsiveness whether he looks into the details terribly important and you want to look at those things to say ok i personally those qualities is likely to do a good or a bad job in your opinion but there were three years in
those questions are relevant now because you can tell that the combination of his personality and his characteristics is either working or it's not and obviously it's working unambiguously is working so you have to ask yourself how the heck does that work hey how can you get good results being all impulsive and not looking into the details well maybe that is the reason that maybe that is the system so here's something that i've always said about trump i guess in my mind i don't know if i ever said this out loud so fact check me on this the virus this on a periscope one of the best qualities of trump in terms of strength of technique so this is just a technique
a statement one of his strongest strengths is simplification and that's how he simplifies his messages so build the wall you know push china you know stuff like that so you just use a really good simplifier that's what makes you get a branding and marketing is what makes you a good persuader so simplifier a there's but there's a there's a skill into goes into simplifying and the the skill and the end i've never seen trump get credit for this and when you hear for the first time you going to say oh that's actually important here it is if somebody is a good simplifier they can tell what's important
that's the skill the skill isn't the simplification the skill is knowing what's important so that when you get rid of all the other stuff was left is what's important and you see that in everything trump does so when he was running people said hey you can't you can't spend this little money and run for apparently he knew spending a lot of money wasn't important in his case 'cause he got a lot of free press hillary clinton did not campaign enough in the battleground states she didn't think that was important at least
context of recanting trump campaigned in the right places to win the electoral college because he knew what was important so trump consistently looks into complexity and pulls out the stuff that's important that is such a super power it also in visible to people weren't looking for you know all you see is sort of what he says and what he's doing you don't you don't have any sense that just before that was all the the smart stuff the smaller stuff is what's worth talking about and what do i throw away do you think is decisions would have been substantially better if you read background reports
probably not get your what would have been different about the way we're negotiating with china nothing what would be different about the way were dealing with north korea what would be different about the way he handled taxes what would be different done anything he apparently knows how to get to the central truth of things without all the garbage so uhm let me put it in starker terms the people who are complaining about the president not reading their little background reports are people who don't know how to tell what's important that's why they have those jobs 'cause they can't tell what's important not at the same level that
top leader again they think everything is important so they put it in the report and they put it on the leader's desk and the leader who's good at it who can tell the difference between what's important was not just picks it up and says ok yeah china i got it i got it covered back to me so we have never seen any specific problem that's caused because trump did not read document one assumes that every time the trump trump says in a meeting with his advisors he says hey i've got an idea let's try x at that point when the president tosses out an idea the smart people who have read the background material because they showed their the advisers say oops there's something you don't know that idea won't work there's something in the background report this is why it's because of
and then the president presumably i'm not in a room but i'm just this would be the normal way that anybody would manage and the i would hear that and say are you sure about that advisor says yes president makes a judgment about the person is that a person who tells me the right things as the person with good judgment is the person who knows what he's talking about yes just give me a good reason that makes my ideal not practical yes let's move on he doesn't need to read the background materials indeed his ability to avoid the details probably one of his best qualities because he seems to be able to run things with any of that an example of selecting supreme court justices
the way other presidents did it i gas as they looked at each justice and they listen to peoples arguments or whatever and then they picked one what what did is he found an organization that is respected for selecting potential supreme court people and then he told the public i'm going to pick something from that list definitely you know eventually that was his message he said it's definitely going to be from this list who's on the list mister president i don't know that's not quite true 'cause he actually knew some of the personality the list from here is known for a long time heard about them etcetera so you did know something about a number of people on the list but he didn't need to know much he just needed to know that everyone agreed
when being conservatives they agree that the organization the made the list does a real good job of picking judges that are conservative and qualified for the court that's all i needed to know hey there's a respectable company or organization they make a list i'll pick from the list so you can't get can't get much simpler than that and how is it yeah really really well for conservatives so my point is that it looks it just looks well say it looks in experienced for somebody to look at a book about trump's management style and characteristics his impulsiveness and stuff
and judge that is not working 'cause it's clearly working and it might it might even be the the model remember they said the same thing about reagan and i think reagan had the same quality which is reagan might not have been the smartest guy in the world we could sure tell what was important he had a knack for forgetting to the harder stuff all right uhm i believe that's what i wanted to talk about anybody have any questions did you notice what i didn't talk about today i didn't talk about ukraine because it's descending into ridiculous boring you know just stuff we don't care about oh matt taibbi had a could article i read it what was it
all right let let me say this is full this will be the weirdest recommendation i read matt taibbi's piece in rolling stone there's a new one and i remember thinking it was sensational what was the topic something about the ukraine basically it was a it was very anti democrats the thing is about you great totally worth reading was about the dossier some about that but i i think matt taibbi who correct me if i'm wrong i don't think he associates or ever has with the right right isn't
is sort of a left reliably left leaning guy but he's going is going full independence on what's going on with ukraine and russia and stuff like that another words he's a smart guy whose actually looking at the actual facts and and it's it's jarring because he's so good usually is one of the best writers you'll ever see just yeah just a sentence that he writes is really delightful you know you'll you'll enjoy reading his actual just the words are just great so anyway you should google that read it somebody says debbie has perspective yes
good thank you all for getting my book somebody else just tyrus back yes yes thoughts on daryl davis i don't know who he is somebody says do see eye to eye on most things yes astonishingly were we're on the same page about most things
go under rogan again it does look like it's i've got a l a trip coming up and i haven't heard from him i would of course i would course go on his show anytime you wanted but but i don't think that necessarily the kind of guest the u needs to bring back more than once so what happens after trump i don't know that's a long time from now twenty thirty years from now thank you all for you in trump are number one best sellers on amazon today i think i'm number one in my in a couple of categories not number one overall but yeah let me let me tell you
some of you like hearing sort of insider things about the author process i i hear that all the time i'm gonna assume this of you do i would tell you look an interesting thing so what when you're writing a book in my case because i have other things to do who takes me maybe a year to write a book and get it all edited and designed the cover and everything so it's about a year and that means that i write when i start writing i just start writing to get volume and then i do a lot of being in the sergeant and stuff so there are things that i wrote a year ago that we're in one form and you know that i keep right and then if i know i've written the same chapter twice and then i have to get rid of one so there's a whole bunch of editing and rearranging and and reading when you writing a book and then you rewriting it and reading again
you're not reading it like a reader you reading it like the person who wrote it so you can't really tell what you're creating while you're creating it because you can't yourself in the in the independent observers mind you can't be a customer see your own writing as the customer the reader would say it because you're you're into it too much but the first time even i as the author can read my own book as a reader is when some time is going by and it's in its final form because there's a big difference between my raw first draft and then the rearranged and admitted and you know i've
the order of things in there in good categories in the chapters makes sense and one chapter leads to the next and all that and the first time that i got to do that was actually last night uh this is strange to say
just say it anyway i got so many good comments about the book at this week i mean like insanely good comments that i wanted to see what they were talking about like i actually got curious about my own book is again until last night for all practical purposes i had never read it i wrote it but i've never experienced it as a consumer so i thought well let's see what's in there 'cause i really didn't know and so i read it for the first time not all of it but a few chapters last night and i thought to myself pretty good so the part of the cycle of being an author is when you first write a few chapters you might read them and say these are good you come back a week later and you read the same ones you know these aren't good
so you go through this it's good it's bad that's good that's bad that's good and well you could hope the only thing it hope is that the last thing that you read is good and so i was quite delighted with this one i must say yes i am tooting my horn during book promotion week i hope it's not too obnoxious i do it for for good purpose i think this is the sort of book that people can get a lot out of start with bragging and end with dragging so said that's right i'm book ending it have i hypnotized christina well not in the formal sense oh kanye kanye runs he's not going to run in twenty twenty but he did say is going to run in twenty twenty four
but something just said i got an audible version of the book and i need a hard copy now i've heard from dozens and dozens of people this week that they bought two versions of my book for themselves people would buy you know a kindle and a hard copy so that they've got a one the travels and one for home and then by the audible for the car but then they want to buy the hard copy for reference i've never seen and i don't know if this is never happened before and i just didn't know but i've never seen so many people by two separate versions of a book at the same time is that common do people do that do you do that for other books 'cause people are wildly doing that for this book somebody says they bought three versions of win bigly yeah somebody else i bought three formats i bought hard copy in kindle and audio i've never seen that before
somebody says i've done it uh love being read to while reading all somebody says i love being read to while reading that's interesting and other people are saying they routinely do that somebody says i usually buy both sorry is audible kindle in the collectors version as world and at the typo so he says well what made me put essay on the inside cover and what you're referring to
is is this i just took the cover off and there's little embossed essay here i don't know what that is i sought to know happens to be my initials but i don't know that i don't know if that's why is there i have no idea doesn't stand for loser thank all right yeah there's a i guess challenge or is it the others some of african american rapper is running a a challenge for people to
make raps about the president and the president said he would invite the the final list of the white house so the president is very good at knowing what's a good show and so it was brilliant of him to say if somebody is creating wraps for the president obviously the president would like to bolster his african american voting base is just brilliant because it's just fun is just plain fun compare compared trump inviting probably african american rappers to the white house how is that now fun right because they be doing probably humorous and clever raps about about the president that's just nothing fun no compared to you can have a beer with elizabeth warren or something whatever the other candidates are offering
they don't have a sense of the show they don't they just don't have a sense of what people want to consume they're not rappers is that true am i using a outdated are they hip hop artists and by using the wrong term i think somebody's give me a hard time all right it looks like we got a cuddy eight seems to be serious but running in twenty twenty four and as you all know he is a force of nature and you certainly would not want to rule him out for anything if kanye said he was going to
they compete in the olympics i'd say what he doesn't seem like in inexperienced athlete as far as i know maybe is uhm but because it's guardian ad saying well maybe maybe i don't think he can bench press five hundred pounds but yeah if he trains maybe so i say that jokingly but i think you kanye has maybe something more important to offer and will buy more important i mean maybe something more like a spiritual leader a spiritual leader who is accessible and there are lots of spiritual leaders but they're not all iaccessible meaning they're not for everybody you know maybe there cultish maybe it's not your religion maybe it's just not your ethnicity maybe
there's something about it that you say well that's somebody else that's not maine but kanye has this he started developing a also your brand of spiritual religious experience this seems to be a completely accessible stop laughing bill is this more accessible so meaning that who likes who likes connie basically everybody who likes jesus in the united states well almost everybody is a chris in and and anybody who is not a christian doesn't disagree with jesus right you don't have to be a believer to say at the same time well the jesus stuff is good stuff whether you think because you know historically exactly accurate or not all the jesus stuff is good stuff so
connie is managed to find a way to appeal to you the left to making them a little bit uncomfortable about how friendly years with the right well the right is a little bit uncomfortable but you know because maybe they were fans before but everybody is kind of seeing him do the jesus stuff and then suddenly both sides are like well that's good we like that part and then he goes and he creates i honestly didn't know if he could do this so he created this what would you call a christian music christian i don't know what it is i don't know the right terms but his new album is all about jesus and religion and i thought to myself is he going to find an audience for this is this going to be good
in other you know it's it's not exactly my kind of entertainment but apparently it's hugely successful well done his usual amazing creativity so we did again you know every time you every time you think to yourself well maybe you should stick to music not fashion oh ok fashion work made a billion dollars with that you know don't do religious music stick to your regular music and stick to your fashion stuff ok i guess he can do gospel music too so it seems to be doing anything you want but my point is that his i believe his strength is not in the details so it feels like he would be wasted if you got ground up the regular political process
now maybe not you know once again i might be making an assumption this unwarranted but i hate to waste what he brings by putting him through the grinder 'cause i i don't know what you're like when you come out the other end of that but if he keeps doing what he's doing in every way not just the music the inspirational stuff but if you just keeps talking in public about things that matter to him i don't know he's he could be one of the most well i've maybe already is one of the most powerful figures in the country on for all the positive stuff and then he doesn't have to deal with the you know the potholes in the the details and stuff so i say use more powerful as not a president
and that the president experience would take away his power you know it it would add a different kind of power you'd be in charge of the military and stuff but i just think he'd be more powerful than even the president in his own way if he just continues doing what he's doing so running running for president or putting your name out there is a good strategy even if you don't run for president so i'm sure he is smart enough he's definitely smart enough to know they're just putting his name into that conversation improves his his power and his power is being used for good he is clearly is clearly decided to spend the rest of his productive life do making the world better instead of just making money
so i'm a big fan anyway that's all for now i'm going to go pack and head on home and i will talk to you all later
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